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Defeat and Domination
Part 12 - The Pits Prologue
By Scorpio

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A Pits Prologue

A Tasty End to the Pits; Swimmerboy’s ordeal is milked a little more and Swimmerlad is enjoyed in the playrooms of the evil villain Electro.

“Swimmerboy, Swimmerboy, hey Swimmerboy, you in there?” Nylon was tender and patient, he had released the defeated young hero from the torture frame and had installed him into a transport drone. Nylon was careful not to activate the recovery speedo energy flow too intense; Swimmerboy was still fragile and motionless. The drone was not as powerful as the recovery devices in the heroes’ cells and it needed some extra time to nourish and help restore the ravaged delicious Swimmerboy.

Scorpio had ordered Swimmerboy’s milking, the Pleasure Pit torture had been a massive and explosive event and the two heroes were completely drained and close to death. Scorpio enjoyed the public draining ceremonies, it fed into his lust and deep seated sexual need to dominate his captives in delirious displays of power and authority. It was also making him a fortune in secret block chain funds which flowed into his online coffers. The world was searching for the two missing heroes, but the underworld was awash with excitement and awe of their captivity and erotic displays of defeat. Scorpio’s need for revenge had so many levels.

He took 20 minutes to stir, and he moaned quietly, taking slow deep breaths, his eyes began to flicker open, but his head was still too heavy to lift upward. He saw powder blue and took a short while to realise he was looking down and directly to his speedo pouch. Thank god, I am still in one piece, felt like my body was exploding, such intense pain. My speedo is still intact, I thought they were going to devour it, mmmmmmm still tight between my arse, feels so nice. Fuck where am I? Swimmerboy’s thoughts were still a bit fatigued and disjointed.

Someone had lifted his face upward, tenderly pushing his chin upward slowly. Swimmerboy noticed Nylon’s speedo as his field of vision widened and soon Nylon’s smiling face came into focus.

Fuck, it’s Nylon, my nightmare does not end! He thought to himself.

“Glad to see you are back with us Swimmerboy, your recovery is going well, I’ve been careful to nurse you back gradually, it’s been half an hour, we’ll get going when you’re a bit stronger.”

Swimmerboy came to the realisation pretty quickly, that Nylon had restrained him to a drone, and he was expecting a trip through the corridors of hell to his holding cell. His body felt tired, his muscles were aching, he had been suspended in that torture frame for hours and it pulled and stretched his powerful muscles in unforgiving ferocity for hours. His speedo strength was starting to flow back into his system with every passing minute and he felt it nourish and energise his muscles, his speedo pouch tingled as the power inflow began to surge stronger. Swimmerboy looked down to survey his speedo, his pouch was still intact, his bulge looked pert and he could tell that his penis was intact, he felt the moist fabric caress his junk and he also noticed Nylon looking intently, his eyes darting between Swimmerboy’s face and his perfect speedo pouch. His beautiful body was energising again.

Nylon was so turned on by Swimmerboy, his beautiful face, his spiky dark hair, his powerful chest, abs and legs, and his speedo thong was erotic and luxurious. “One day Swimmerboy, Scorpio will allow me to play with you, I can’t fucking wait! I want to eat you, and that fucking awesome bulge of yours until you pass out!” Nylon rubbed his own Lycra encased junk as he sized up the beautiful young hero restrained in the drone.

“Good twenty percent speedo strength! That’s more than enough, we’ll make a start now!” Nylon activated the drone, and it sprung to life, powering up its motion controls to follow Nylon as he headed toward one of the wings of the Temple’s stage. Swimmerboy surveyed the temple s they got underway, Swimmerlad had already been removed from the Temple and the PleasureTron was now powered down and awaiting it’s cleaning. One lucky acolyte or two would get that job probably.

Swimmerboy had become more aware of his surroundings, his eyes followed the large N printed on the backside of Nylon’s speedo, he noticed the blinking emitters on standby and he tried his restraints valiantly, but the drone held him secure. He was becoming acutely aware that he was being taken somewhere other than his recovery cell. He knew his ordeal was not concluded yet.

“Where is Swimmerlad Nylon, what have you fuckers done with him?” Swimmerboy struggled valiantly and his determined face, his teethe gritted in defiance of the bondage and helplessness to the evil desires of their captors.

The drone held the beautiful hero secure. Nylon turned to check on his valuable cargo, “I’ll fill you in once we arrive for your milking!”

Swimmerboy’s defiance was a real turn on for Nylon, Orgasmo’s treatment sessions with him and Lycra were progressing perfectly, he and Lycra had been turned into lustful drones in their own right and Orgasmo was simply playing with them and toying with “his boys” during his therapy sessions with his prized creations. When Nylon turned to check on his captive, he was taken by the sheer magnificence of Swimmerboy as he writhed and twisted in the drone, his vain attempts to free himself, that look of determination, his fucking awesome speedo pouch so soft and delicious was an amazing site. It stirred something deep in his programming, deep seated desires percolated, but his obedience training kept him and Lycra in check. He enjoyed his job in the secret compound, he enjoyed his status as Swimmerboy’s attendant and loyal henchman to the priesthood. He enjoyed his front-row seats to public bondage spectacles and the private playtime his villainous bosses enjoyed with their prized, helpless heroes.

Nylon longed for the playtime he had been promised by Scorpio. His lust was growing with every session he witnessed. Scorpio and Orgasmo promised he could have Swimmerboy for a night, for a session, but Swimmerboy was in hot demand, he knew he was in the line. But he waited patiently and obediently.

“They already pleasured me, they have tortured me, for fuck sakes, Nylon, this is fucking lunacy!” Swimmerboy struggled vainly as the corridors passed by, they were travelling in a labyrinth of passage-ways designed to transport the heroes to venues and play-rooms without the prying eyes of the compound’s occupants.

‘Milking Room,’ the sign on the rear entrance stage door, it was pulsing slowly and ominously. Swimmerboy knew he was not going to get any rest just yet.

“We’ll slip in here on our way back to your cell Swimmerboy, Orgasmo has the chamber prepared for you.”

Nylon placed his hand on the access panel and the door swooshed open into the wall cavity and Swimmerboy soon found himself in an ante-room, it’s LED lighting flicked on around the room, it lit the walls from lighting panels in the floor, the room was clinically clean and smelled crisp and ominous. A single pole descended from the ceiling and locked into place and the ankle restraints appeared, ascending from the smooth floor and once the pole locked into place it was encircled by a series of small LEDs.

Nylon opened a panel on the wall and Swimmerboy watched as he punched in commands.

“Stun two”

“No” Cried Swimmerboy, he was well aware of the ‘stun two’ voice command and evil transmutation of his speedo power that followed immediately.

Three emitters flashing directly above him went from flashing blue to a static red colour. Swimmerboy cried out and thrashed in his bonds, the drone releasing its precious cargo and ejecting Swimmerboy upward and outward, Nylon so loved this part, the mighty hero falling into his hands, he loved holding both Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad in their weakened state, he was holding the beautiful young hero, his muscles felt strong and sexual as they flexed and contorted, the look of agony on Swimmerboy’s face was such a massive turn-on.

The pole’s wrist restraints deployed along with the emitters and Nylon lowered the setting, he had Swimmerboy where he wanted him and felt safe to lower the energy levels disabling the young hero.

“Stun one”

Swimmerboy was no longer incapacitated, he could stand, but the world was fuzzy and he felt like he was in a bubble, he realised that Nylon was working quickly and he felt cold titanium restraints encircle his wrists behind his back. Nylon had pulled his right leg outward and the cold titanium encircled his ankle, his left ankle was soon in place and safely locked into place.

The emitters immediately powered down and Swimmerboy’s world began to clear up, his thinking became acute, the fuzziness had dissolved. He was held to the pole, his legs apart and the restraint system ensured he was safely secured. Small LED lights surrounded him. Swimmerboy looked around the room, the transport drone had docked into its cradle and he and Nylon were left in the eerie blue room waiting for the call to his milking.

Welcome Swimmerboy

Speedo strength enhance sequence initiated.

His speedo strength was displayed on a wall panel, he was at twenty five percent power level.

“We’ll get that Speedo Strength up just a little Swimmerboy and then I’m going to stun you again, tie your arms behind your back and deliver you into the Milking Chamber. Scorpio has ordered your cum, he has plans for you. I can’t wait to see the look on your face as that pleasure ignites your speedo. Oh yeah talking of that, I better sort that out. They really did a job on you during Swimmerlad’s milking. So many hungry mouths to feed, but I can’t blame them, you just too fucking delicious, who wouldn’t take advantage of your beautiful body, so helplessly offered to them, to feed their lust.

Swimmerboy fought his bonds, his legs flexed and he tested the restraints but he was secure, he pulled on his wrists and twisted his shoulders as he thrashed and fought, his teeth gritting in defiance.

“Calm down Swimmerboy” Nylon laughed as he knelt down in front of the hero, he caressed the hero’s powder blue nylon pouch enjoying the fabric as he brushed his fingers across the speedo V, Swimmerboy looked down defiantly, pulling on his wrist restraints as Nylon worked to tighten the thong, he twisted the fabric further and Swimmerboy felt the eroticism of his nylon speedo pulling tightly up his ass. He moaned as he felt the tight elasticized garment fill between his buttocks. Nylon turned his attention to Swimmerboy’s pouch. He adjusted his prey with surgical precision, ensuring the hero’s balls were cupped nicely inside the inner gusset of the garment. It served to lift and display the wearer’s male assets. Nylon’s fingers caressed Swimmerboy’s penis as he placed his cock deliciously inside the pouch, he pulled on the tight elastic surrounding the top of Swimmerboy’s legs allowing for his anatomy to fill its nylon tent comfortably. Nylon removed his fingers and Swimmerboy looked downward intently to view Nylon’s handy work.

He looked awesome, his bulge looked delicious as it arose proudly, emerging from his speedo pouch, Nylon engineered his garment so that it had one delicious fold of fabric reaching from the extremities of his bulge to his right hip. It looked so erotic and sumptuous, his bulge formed perfectly, rising from the pouch, Nylon had placed his penis so that the underside of his cock and the exposed sensitive glands were pushing against the elasticised fabric clinging to his body. He knew what coming next.

“Sensitise him, five percent. Maintain level”

Swimmerboy was still looking down at the artwork Nylon had created, he felt the remnants of the Aphrodisium still lurking in his body and the sight of his bulge, his powder blue speedo pouch were turning him on. He tried as he might, but the first movement of his body allowed his penis to brush delicately inside his nylon bulge and he felt the sensation immediately, smooth and generous tingles shot around his bulge, coating him in a soft blanket sumptuous energy. He looked at his manhood, so beautiful, so proudly displayed, he felt the tightness of the speedo thong and the tactile fabric clinging to his loins, the sensitiser enhanced this immensely and he instinctively moaned, his hips slowly and erotically twisted. The sensitiser responded deliciously, once again coating his bulging manhood in divine licks of energy. Swimmerboy looked up and into Nylon’s smiling eyes, the drug was working and Swimmerboy could feel his desires igniting, he let out a deep, sexual breath of air.

“Mmmm, very nice Swimmerboy, you are coming along nicely.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, please Nylon, please no, must not give them my jism, must hold on.” Swimmerboy’s gallant defiance, his strong will power, trying to fight the emerging drug and the sensitiser caressing his bulge was such a turn on to Nylon. This magnificent, sexual hero was his only company in the anteroom, Nylon shuddered at the sheer perfection, writhing and moaning, waiting for his milking. It was just too sexual and powerful. He needed to wank, he needed Swimmerboy’s bulge in his mouth, but his obedience programming denied him that pleasure.

Swimmerboy’s power levels increased strongly in the five minutes following the commencement of the sensitiser, Nylon had after all ordered the Speedo Strength enhancement process. The sensitiser had also worked its deliriously devious work on Swimmerboy’s pleasure preparation, he was helplessly captive to his speedo pouch, his every move responded to by Scorpio’s pleasure computers with sensations so sexual, so enjoyable, that Swimmerboy, moaned and breathed deeply as he succumbed to the sensual program, preparing his magnificent body, tantalising him.

The device was insistent and his body twisted slowly and evocatively, Nylon was beside himself, his conditioning inflamed inside him, the sight, the sound, the proximity to Swimmerboy’s delicious sensitised body, his delicious speedo thrusting erotically was outrageously spectacular, yet Orgasmo’s powerful hold on him held him back, his conditioning and that of Lycra was a masterpiece and Orgasmo, knew it. Orgasmo couldn’t wait to show off his two toys to Seed when he arrived soon.

Nylon sprang to life, his lycra speedo was wet, the erotic show of Swimmerboy writhing in his powder blue speedo thong had driven him wild with desire. But the emitters began to glow and Nylon knew it was showtime. Swimmerboy will face his milking session and Nylon looked forward to the show. He opened a compartment below the control panel and pulled out the piece of strengthened rope, he smiled at Swimmerboy, sizing the beautiful young man up.

“Show time Swimmerboy” The emitters flashed red.

His restraints disengaged and Swimmerboy’s moans of pleasure were replaced with cries of agony, the emitters had delivered a pulse of evil disabling power. Swimmerboy stumbled forward bending over in pain as the central pole retracted into the ceiling. The emitters then adjusted, reducing their evil attack on Swimmerboy enough for him to straighten up, he was no longer nauseous, but he was groggy, his head was dizzy and before he could understand what was happening, Nylon had his rope expertly wrapped around Swimmerboy’s wrists, binding him for his presentation to Orgasmo, the presiding priest. Swimmerboy stood his legs still apart, attached to the ankle restraints, his torso leaning forward slightly as he twisted in the bondage holding his hands tied behind his back. Nylon had him helpless, the emitters had him dizzy and weakened in a state of compliance. Nylon surveyed his handywork, he was satisfied, and he knew Orgasmo would be pleased.

The villain and his two henchmen assembled to witness his milking will also be pleased.

“They will be aroused beyond their wildest dreams!” Nylon commented as he positioned Swimmerboy facing the presentation doorway into the milking chamber, the floor had rotated. Nylon pulled the mighty hero upward, by his spiky dark hair. Swimmerboy was groggy, but he fought his bonds, he fought Nylon’s strong powerful grip. His magnificent body, his erotic speedo thong, his spectacular, sensitised bulge was presented as the doors opened to the chamber.

The first glimpse was Swimmerboy’s white teeth as he grimaced, the next they saw was sheer speedo hero eroticism. MantaRay stood up from his chair, his two henchmen stood to attention behind him. MantaRay had a sting! And Swimmerboy had recognised him almost instantly, even in his weakened groggy condition, and he remembered rescuing Swimmerlad from the villain’s clutches a year earlier. MantaRay had Swimmerlad suspended in a tank of water, charged every ten minutes with mind bending shots of electricity. Swimmerlad, at the time was in a weakened state, he had succumbed to hours of the torture, weakened by some kind of evil venom shot into his shoulder with a voodoo dart launcher, MantaRay’s venom had Swimmerlad’s powers controlled, and he administered the torture as the tank slowly filled with water, every powerful electric shock ravaging his body a little more as the tank slowly filled in the hours before Swimmerboy could work out the clues to find and rescue his boyfriend.

MantaRay was beside himself, he had within his clutches the powerful Swimmerboy, the hero that thwarted his plans of slowly torturing Swimmerlad. He looked forward to a future session of agonising pain, as he extracted his revenge for rescuing Swimmerlad from his clutches. But for now, Swimmerboy was the rightful and delicious property of Scorpio and the Priesthood, he understood that; he honoured that unwritten code that villains seemed to follow.

Orgasmo picked up on the chemistry immediately.

“So you boys have met! I suppose introductions are no longer required?”

Orgasmo looked at Nylon, bring him closer Nylon, be a good boy will you!”

Nylon disengaged the ankle restrain system holding Swimmerboy’s legs apart and thrust the magnificent young hero forward out from the anteroom into the main chamber. The milking chamber was very familiar and Swimmerboy could see the usual milking pods situated in the clinical milking section, they were pulsing with orange lights, their ominous restraint systems were open and waiting. The chamber was dimmed more than usual, the shiny walls of the chamber refracted diffused light from the illumination system, and the room had an eerie glow. But it was configured differently for Swimmerboy’s milking this day. A central podium had been erected in the middle of the chamber, between the two normal milking pods, the dais was made of shiny stainless steel and three seats were arranged, one in the front and two situated close behind. The audience were placed intimately close to the central podium and their seats raised in a platform so as to provide uninterrupted views of the central dais. Behind the dias and behind the milking pods was the normal bright control section and two large screens displayed views of the empty central dais. The milking pods were arranged facing slightly out from each other in a V shade either side of the podium.

The whole room had been dimmed from its normal luminance, except for the podium ablaze in several stage lights.

The look on MantaRay’s face as Swimmerboy was forced out into the main milking chamber from the anteroom was one of delight and anticipation. His two attendants, his henchmen Remora and Sucker stood up behind him, they wore loud Hawaiian board shorts and tight t-shits with R and S printed on the front. The trio were taken a-back by the eye candy that was being thrust toward them. Swimmerboy moaned and hissed as his weakened and sensitised body was thrust to the central podium. Nylon’s strong arms urged the mighty hero forward and Orgasmo moved to direct the hero up the small set of stairs to the dais.

Swimmerboy felt the sensitiser licking his loins, but it was kind of fuzzy under the influence of the emitters, he was being forced toward the lights and he instinctively moaned as the pleasure tingles enveloped his pouch and shot through his buttocks, he knew they were preparing him and the dais was meant for him. He noticed MantaRay from the moment the presentation doors opened, and his mind was busy with memories punctuated by shots of delicious tingles attacking his loins. They arrived onto the podium and Swimmerboy stood tall fighting his bonds, twisting his shoulders and grunting to himself as his wrists twisted and tried the expert ropework binding his powerful arms behind his back.

Nylon went about his duties without instruction, he was well aware of how the session would proceed. Nylon smiled at the small audience as he bent down and positioned Swimmerboy’s legs apart and as the restraints emerged from the stainless-steel floor, he went about securing the hero’s powerful legs apart. Swimmerboy’s legs secure, Nylon stood up and grasped some of Swimmerboy’s spiky hair pulling his head upward to face his audience. Orgasmo looked at Nylon with approval, the hero was deliciously presented to newest villain and his henchmen.

“Gentlemen, do you like what you see? I think by the look on your faces that this delicious young man here is acceptable. He has been through quite an ordeal over the last couple of days, so I hope my small orientation recap will bring you up to speed. Now I also noticed that you have met before, the reaction of Swimmerboy and MantaRay at his revealing tells me there is unfinished business, no?”

“You fucking fiends!” Swimmerboy did his best to annunciate his words under the duel influence of the emitter array and the speedo sensitiser. He looked at Orgasmo first then across to MantaRay, who was sitting down to enjoy the show.

MantaRay looked at the delicious shimmering hero, his muscles shimmering and flexing as Swimmerboy fought the bonds, his magnificent speedo thong and his manhood bulging through the delicious fabric was the big drawcard the attracted MantaRay to the compound. Swimmerboy looked fucking beautiful, sexual and erotic as he stood in front of him, his teeth clenched and his head forcibly held upward in his direction, his legs spread apart. MantaRay felt his thick cock push outward in his shiny grey lycra suit, the decision to join the compound was going to pay off.

“Bondage gentlemen, hero bondage drives lust and erotic desires. This delicious hero and his beautiful boyfriend are our prime attractions; however we will have more delicious menu items arriving very soon. So without further-a-do, we need to bring our delicious Swimmerboy back out of his torment, those emitters cut him down so nicely, but they take their toll!” Orgasmo, stroked the side of Swimmerboy’s defiant face.

“Don’t they my dear boy?”

“Let’s secure him,” Orgasmo then spoke in a loud commanding tone “engage restraints!”

Swimmerboy couldn’t look downward, Nylon had his head held forward, but he heard the high pitch whir and felt the dais vibrate sightly as a special plinth arose between his spread legs, it was shaped fit between his legs and rising behind him, two wrist restraint poles arose synced with the rising presentation plinth. He felt the plinth nudge into his body, it was angled so as to push Swimmerboy’s pelvis slightly forward, presenting his speedo pouch and the ankle restraints pulled tighter, pulling his legs downward and outward slightly more. Nylon removed the rope and threw it onto MantaRay’s lap and he and Orgasmo went about attaching Swimmerboy’s arms slightly outward and back from his body to the wrist restrain system behind his back. Once in place the whole system tilted him slightly forward. The result was a clear view of his mighty body bound and stretched on a system designed to focus attention on his powder blue speedo thong ‘V’ and his beautiful hero penis displayed proudly inside the confines of his nylon garment. He was presented as an erotic piece of art, his muscles flexing, his bulge an erotic fascination to the three gasping villainous men.

The emitters disengaged and Swimmerboy, pulled and tested his bonds, his delightful moans fuelled by the inflow of his speedo power, and the ever-present sensitiser were a perfect welcoming gesture and a Segway for Orgasmo to deliver his introduction.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmph” Swimmerboy moaned as he felt his speedo strength energising him deep within his speedo pouch and the sensitiser program delivered a fresh round of delicious spikes across his pouch, causing him to slowly gyrate his hips erotically and pull on his wrist restraints.

A welcome gift to the audience.

“Oh the sights and sounds of a deliciously bound and helpless young hero in his sexual prime, of such beauty are a moment to savour don’t you think gentlemen?”

Swimmerboy was pulling his bonds and twisting, his defiant face and eyes darting around the room looking for escape were such a magnificent turn on to those enjoying the private viewing.

“Welcome to our milking chamber!” Orgasmo’s wry smile as he looked around the room and then toward Swimmerboy, was evil and lustful, he brushed his hands across his own red speedo and across his lower abs, Orgasmo’s white lycra suit and his speedo were still moist from the recent public pleasure session.

“Our two delicious heroes need this place! They are relieved of litres of their juices here, he motioned to the two pods behind the dais, “Were not going to use these today, Swimmerboy will partake of an intense pleasure session here before you as a presentation and welcome gesture to you MantaRay and your two handsome attendants. Welcome!”

Orgasmo continued his welcome dialogue.

“He looks sumptuous, doesn’t he? So powerful, so magnificent, dressed in such a delicious morsel draped across his body so evocatively. He is consecrated, his speedo is a consecrated offering and as you are aware, you are required to revere and worship at his offering!”

“Do you gentlemen agree to this prime compound rule?

“Yes!” MantaRay spoke on behalf of the two attendants and himself.

“Good, we will confirm you with both his precum offering and in a little while and later, with his cum! As a prime villain, MantaRay, you will have unlimited torture access to our sacred heroes; agony and pain are the catalysts that produce Swimmerboy’s juice production. So as long as you do not kill our beautiful heroes you have free reign to enjoy their bodies.”

He continued. “Now talking about bodies, I present to you the delicious Swimmerboy!”

Swimmerboy pulled on the bonds, they were pulling him downward and the wrist restraints situated behind his back caused him to push forward with his Shoulders, he was presented to MantaRay and his henchmen perfectly and his personal moans of delight resulting from his sensitised bulge were intoxicating to MantaRay. The villain’s eyes darting over the delicious sexual hero presented to him, his eyes always diverted back to beautiful and erotic speedo pouch and the curves and bumps of Swimmerboy’s bulge.

“I see what has tickled your fancy MantaRay” Orgasmo smiled “It is the drawcard of this compound and you will do well to worship his speedo offering!” Orgasmo spoke with authority. He walked over to the helplessly struggling young hero and cupped his manhood delicately.

Swimmerboy tensed and hissed, his breathing increased.

“We have sensitised his speedo pouch!” Every touch, every movement of his body will case the speedo fabric to brush against his anatomy and this will result in delicious sexual sensations delivered across his speedo. When he is under extreme pleasure pressure, the sensitiser can be configured with other delicious devices to drive him wild with delight.”

Swimmerboy looked across at Orgasmo and then back to MantaRay, “Fucking deviates, you get off on it!”

Orgasmo smiled at his captive, “We most certainly do!” Swimmerboy.

“So let’s get down to business. Who wants to taste this hero’s bulge before we begin, I definitely recommend the entre here!”

MantaRay stood, “That Orgasmo, will be me. These boys get to watch!” He motioned to his henchmen Remora and Sucker.

Swimmerboy looked into MantaRay’s hungry eyes and then he followed the Villain’s hands as he caressed his chest and abs, MantaRay breathed out deeply as his hands traversed the top of Swimmerboy’s powder blue speedo pouch. Swimmerboy could feel delicate pleasure spikes erupt across his pouch and he let out satisfying moans of delight, MantaRay’s hungry fingers caressed and felt the beauty of Swimmerboy’s loins, the bulge was soft and warm and he traced his fingers over ever millimetre of the nylon bulge. Swimmerboy’s hips thrusting slowly and sexually only turned MantaRay on with every moan and delicate movement of his pelvis. MantaRay knelt down and breathed in the scent of Swimmerboy, he could only imagine that speedo soaked in cum. He had watched the milking session several times and to touch and smell the hero offering was making him drunk with desire. His tongue caressed Swimmerboy with delicate and exact precision. Swimmerboy’s head thrust backward as his body was attacked by the sensitiser.

“Phew that is just fuckin delicious hero, too fucking hot, I’m going to dream up ways of draining you slowly and painfully, I’m going to enjoy your hero meat so much.” MantaRay stood up licking his lips.

“Let’s see him pleasured, I want to see it in the flesh!”

“As you wish, please take your seat!” Orgasmo smiled at the villain and then toward Swimmerboy.

“Fuck you!” Swimmerboy fought his bonds, but they had him secure and vulnerable. His struggling body was a complete turn-on to the new arrivals, it was a turn on the Nylon and Orgasmo too, but they composed their lusts, they had a show to orchestrate!

Orgasmo provided a verbal order to the Milking Chamber AI. “Extend the milk frother.”

MantaRay smiled and caressed his hardon. His henchmen sat at attention, their eyes on Swimmerboy’s beautiful speedo offering.

Swimmerboy looked down he could see some extensions beginning to protrude from the front of the presentation plinth he was restrained over. His pouch and more importantly, his fucking magnificent bulge sat to the front of the plinth, it was displayed deliciously in front of the restraint device, he was after all being presented as an erotic offering to the evil MantaRay and his assets were on display.

The extensions whirred with an evil precise, high-pitched sound and they unfolded as they extended forming what was something akin to a three pronged claw, they pointed inward, directly facing Swimmerboy’s bulge. He could not escape them, he was restrained tightly and expertly, immoveable in his bondage. He could only look down in submission to what Orgasmo had in store.

“Normally a milking is a quick intense burst of pleasure! Powerful extraction of hero cum is one of Scorpio’s prime enjoyments.” “Extracting cum and intense pleasure is an efficient way of draining their power and reinforcing our dominance over the hero!” Orgasmo motioned to the milking pods, “We like to tie them spread-eagle too, its just too erotic when they writhe, helplessly as their pleasure surges and rapes their delicious bodies.” “We have presented Swimmerboy to you like this as a piece of theatre, a presentation if you will.”

Swimmerboy pulled ion his bonds and moaned throwing his head backward in exhilaration as a pleasure spike caressed his penis. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph” his twisting shoulders we inviting and delicious as his bound body presented erotically in front of the new villain.

“We do enjoy a pleasure current combined with the speedo sensitiser, and these pods behind us work exceptionally well and precisely, they bring our heroes through the levels of pleasure quickly and we establish an orgasmic precipice. Swimmerboy will cum, but we will inhibit his ejaculation. Now, I’ll call you up to worship him on two occasions.” An evil smile crept across Orgasmo’s face as his eyes darted between the delicious hero and the gawking villain enjoying his little show. Orgasmo continued:

“Firstly, when I disengage his precum inhibitor. He will deliver strong flows of his sweet pre-cum. I will anoint you in his juice and then you can feed. Then when I disengage his erection inhibitor and his ejaculation inhibitor about 5 minutes into his orgasm, he will spurt his jism powerfully. You will each be able to enjoy his cum flow as his deliciously sumptuous moans and cries echo throughout the milking chamber. It’s extremely enjoyable!”

“We will extract several litres today! Although our speedo monitoring system tells me he has much more available!”

MantaRay and both henchmen looked up at Orgasmo.

“Wow, Juicy” MantaRay smiled, as Remora and Sucker, his henchmen embraced, they had heard stories of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s cum production and they would experience the hero’s juices soon.

Orgasmo continued, with Swimmerboy fighting his bonds behind him, “He produces much more, gentlemen, again, today is a mere presentation for you.”

“The milk frother is new, in-fact you gents are the first to witness it. Swimmerboy cannot escape the three prongs, they will deliver a flood of pleasure energy into his nylon bulge. High, mid and low frequency pleasure energy will flood his loins, his bulge will heat up and the confluence of these raging energy beams will engulf and fill his manhood with intense pleasure sensations, his speedo sensitiser will be synched with the trio of extensions delivering the pleasure energy. His Cum will cook and gurgle and when we decide, he will deliver spurts of divine smooth jism, milky and sweet.”

“Swimmerboy’s enjoyment will explode, and just to let you know, he is still enjoying my Aphrodisium drug, which the milk frother will energise, the drugs will ensure Swimmerboy becomes a horny sexual whore, he will beg you to toy with him and give him pleasure.”

“Now he is at thirty percent power, and we must wrap in 30 minutes! Let us begin?”

MantaRay nodded his agreeance.

“Nylon kick us off will you!”

Nylon was at the control panel and set the configuration for 30 minutes.

Welcome Swimmerboy

Speedo power 32 percent

Precum, erection, ejaculation inhibitors engaged

The audience was spell bound as Swimmerboy looked down to his loins and cried out “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

The extension claws lit up with an eery blue hue and Swimmerboy looked downward toward his speedo pouch, his delicious powder blue speedo bulge was engulfed in the blue energy whisps, and it was starting to glow with a deeper blue light hue, he felt the first pangs of pleasure licking the base of his balls and the extremities of his bulge, his eyes wide with trepidation and expectancy, he knew the Aphrodisium was still lurking in his system too. Increments were strong and powerful, and he used his speedo strength trying to resist the flow of the energy circling his bulge. His hips began thrusting, slowly and evocatively as he twisted his pelvis in the erotic display and his moans were becoming insistent and sensual, his body writhed and trembled as the powerful sensations grew and grew, they were raping him and he could only look downward and watch on as his body, his speedo offering was infiltrated with the evil pleasure, they were milking his remaining strength, quickly with immense power, they were milking his loins in an evil display of power and sexual dominance.

“Take the pleasure Swimmerboy!” Orgasmo, caressed his cheeks and played with his pert nipples, Swimmerboy was being eaten alive, his speedo bulge, his manhood had become a hurricane of divine sensual power. His moans were powerful and soulful.




His body flexing and writhing, his hips moved sexually, in unison with the waved of delicious pleasure swirling inside his speedo, it caused his body to twist in the restrictive bondage forcing his body downward on the presentation plinth. He felt the drugs fire deep within him, he was incredibly horny and looked down wad to MantaRay with eyes pleading for sexual enjoyment.

Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck, so fuckin horny, my bulge feels amazing, pleasure so exquisite and beautiful

His thoughts were becoming clouded in the sexual desire and deep down he knew he needed to fight the forces of the milking process.


Mantra looked up and stood up slowly as he watched, mesmerised by Swimmerboy’s subjugation by milk frother device, it was pure, artistic, evil genius. The mighty Swimmerboy bound before him as a private pleasure offering was exceptional and erotic his display of sexual submission to the powerful devices inflicted by Orgasmo was powerful display of level of control Scorpio’s team had acquired. Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad had definitely become the sexual playthings in a new world of enjoyment and fantasy created by Scorpio.

“The milk frother is an exceptional demonstration don’t you think Mantra?” Orgasmo smiled at his bound hero, writhing, his head looking upward as he used his strength stores trying to resist. “He looks so ravaging, so sexual as he struggles, his bondage is pure eroticism and worth way more than money.”

Orgasmo ran his hand down Swimmerboy’s torso presenting him as merchandise to the new villain.

“He is sheer beauty, his perfect body kept in peak performance for you and to fulfill the lusts and fantasies of our growing compound population. I hope you enjoy what like what we have to offer MantaRay. Now we work their muscles in sessions of torture and muscle fatigue and we’re learning so much on how their bodies interact with their speedo strength. It is still mystical, but we are progressing well. Hence our need for cum, their storehouse of DNA. Now we could always obtain it by other means, their DNA I mean, but where is the fun in that? Their hero juices are much more enjoyable to extract, don’t you think?”

“Release his precum”

Precum inhibitor disengaged

Swimmerboy was being consumed by the milking process, this pleasure was intense, it was determined, it was priming him for an orgasm and very quickly! He was helpless, they were milking him with powerful forces beyond his abilities to resist, they were just too powerful. He looked downward moaning loudly and deeply, the torrent of pleasure was buzzing, and forcing strong waves of low frequency pleasure deep inside his penis, he felt them throb and pound inside his pouch as they evolved, the pleasure tightened and elongated, thrilling his penis as they pulsed and caressed him, he felt the first of his pre-cum erupt through his penis with a throb of delicious pleasure that reverberated outward from his speedo bulge to each of his hips, his entire speedo pouch felt like it was making the deposit.



His body trembled and his face looked up from staring at his raging speedo bulge right into MantRay’s eyes.

MantaRay watched in sexual delight as Swimmerboy’s speedo became instantly wet, his pre-cum oozed through the powder blue nylon and glistened in the illumination provided by the three pleasure extension arms delivering their power on Swimmerboy’s loins.

“Would you like to try the merchandise?” Orgasmo gloated over the beautiful scene of the mighty Swimmerboy, presented as a piece of meat, providing a sample of his offering.

MantaRay’s mouth was open, he was in a trance as he watched the powerful young hero perform for him. “Mmmmmm, what? Oh YES of course!” MantaRay took a while to digest the question.

“Gentlemen, be my guest”

Orgasmo paused the display momentarily.

“Suspend milking”

The devices powered down and fanned outward allowing access to Swimmerboy’s speedo, but Swimmerboy’s speedo remained flooded and swamped by the powerful delicious pleasure created by the milk frother.

Orgasmo, smiled as he spoke, “Come and try the delights of Swimmerboy, his bulge is presented to you, his perfect sexual offering, his pre-cum, is warm and sweet, smear it all over his speedo pouch, he is still sensitised, he will really enjoy that and the residual pleasure engulfing his speedo bulge will thrill him as you caress his divine manhood.”

MantaRay stood eye to eye with the mighty hero.

“Now Swimmerboy, let me try your offering”

“Ffffffffffffuck you MmmmmantaRayyy” Swimmerboy was completely absorbed in the pleasure swirling and tantalising his loins, his jaw clenched as he defiantly looked back into the evil villain’s eyes, he was valiantly fighting the drugs working on making him horny. He felt his speedo pouch awash with erotic power, his penis was singing, and the sensitiser licked and tantalised him ferociously.

MantaRay, descended enjoying Swimmerboy’s trembling abs as he descended to the speedo.

“Ohhh fuck me drunk! Such exquisite beauty” MantaRay was enjoying the sights of Swimmerboy’s loins, his oozing speedo bulge at close up. His fingers touched the fabric encasing the hero penis and his balls, the bulge was delicious and curvaceous, it sat proudly extending the nylon fabric deliciously as Swimmerboy’s body trembled and flinched. His body writhed and he moaned out loud with every movement of MantaRay’s fingers across his now pre-cum soaked speedo.

Swiimmerboy cried out as a penile spike of delicious pleasure pumped out a large delivery of pre-cum into MantaRay’s hungry mouth.

Orgasmo moved closer to speedo worship display and proudly pronounced “MantaRay, I hereby anoint you in Swimmerboy’s juice offering!”

The villain stood up, his face covered in Swimmerboy’s nectar and he smiled at Swimmerboy, his face close to Swimmerboy’s, he glanced over to Orgasmo, but his face remained close to the horny, sexual, yet defiant Swimmerboy and he gave his order after diverting his evil gaze back into Swimmerboy’s posessed eyes.

“Please proceed with his milking, Orgasmo!”

Swimmerboy looked upward in an attempt to free himself from MantaRays presence, but the villain grabbed the helpless hero by the hair, pulling his head back toward his face.

“I want to see him cum for me, give me a show hero boy!”

Orgasmo loved the powerful commanding tone of the villain, MantaRay was a worthy addition to the compound, he wanted his revenge and his motivations and his lust were powerful and commanding!

“With pleasure MantaRay, please take your seat, gentlemen”

Swimmerboy shook his head away from MantaRay’s grip as the villain retreated to his viewing position.

“Ffffuck Please nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” Swimmerboy desperately pleaded with Orgasmo, the pleasure drain had taken a toll and he knew his power levels were being consumed with each incremental increase in the milking process.

“Re-engage Milk Frother, bring Swimmerboy to his orgasm!”

“Disengage erection inhibitor”


MantaRay, looked up into the eyes of Swimmerboy, he was still defiant and pulling on his bondage valiantly, his struggles were erotic and a massive turn-on. MantaRay, rubbed his thick hard-on as he watched the mighty hero’s valiant struggles.

The extension arms returned to their evil positions, whirring with their precise robotic movements and Swimmerboy looked downward to his beautiful glistening speedo and then around the milking chamber looking desperately for a way of escape, but the powerful pleasure ignited with such power and force. The Milk Frother arms lit up and continued to invade his loins with their powerful emissions.

“His erection inhibitor is now disengaged gentlemen, he will of course use his remaining twelve percent of his Speedo power, but as his power level declines and the pleasure pressure increases, he will succumb. His moans will be disturbing. As you can see, the Milk Frother is not pussy footing around here, I have pre-set it to pleasure him powerfully and quickly, our purpose in the milking chambers is to extract hero cum efficiently. We like to enjoy his pleasure in other parlours and settings, in his pleasure session, we inhibit his erection for hours, he enjoys exquisite delights, writhing and moaning for hours as we enjoy his delicious speedo bulge and pouch in ceremonies of pure speedo worship.

Swimmerboy was suddenly moaning, his trembling body captive to the thrilling powerful forces inhabiting his speedo, he could feel his body weakening and his speedo power being consumed with every passing minute.

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

He felt his penis twitch, the resulting pleasure spike erupted and overpowered his senses, his head thrust backward, and he screamed in delight.

“Aaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” “P lll Eas Urrrrrrrrrre Soooooooooooooooooo, goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!”

He felt his erection form, his speedo strength was too depleted to resist, he had absolutely no say, no defence, the Milk Frother arms moved in closer to his speedo bulge and as his erection grew, the extension arms shot deliberate targeted orange micro beams onto the length of the hero’s throbbing hard cock. His body was awash in sensation as a magnificent orgasm erupted from deep within his anatomy.

Swimmerboy’s screams peeled around the chamber, his body presented to MantRay as a beautiful and private speedo offering, his huge straining erection pushed upward and outward against the drenched and glistening pre-cum soaked speedo fabric and orgasmic pulses began to work his throbbing cock with exacting precision. The Aphrodisium was flaring and his body became a horny pleasure temple his face displaying the beauty of the sensations erupting in his speedo pouch.

“He has reached an orgasmic precipice and ejaculation is denied!” Orgasmo talked MantaRay and his henchmen through the delicious display. “I’m sure you can understand the powerful mind fuck of his extended orgasm and his cum denial. Now those juices pumping through his speedo are pre-cum, he has stores of the stuff. His sacrificial torture sessions produce his juices for spectacular moments like this.” Orgasmo felt his own cock twitch as he felt his own pre-cum emerge on his red speedo. “Look what Swimmerboy has done, I’ve wet my suit” Orgasmo laughed and rubbed his raging hard-on.

MantaRay and his henchmen enjoyed themselves, as Swimmerboy’s orgasmic show performed for their sexual fantasies.

His orgasm was consuming him, he felt the spikes form, they were controlled by the evil extension arms of the Milk Frother as they commanded his raging hardon, they commanded his orgasm and they controlled his pleasure with powerful tendrils. Swimmerboy looked downward in desperation, his orgasm was raping him, it was consuming his speedo strength stores hungrily, he had no defence to the pleasure pressure wrapping his bulge, the pleasure radiated from his penis throughout his speedo pouch, he was their toy, their plaything. He was desperate and he looked toward Orgasmo, his face contorting, pleading for the release of his hero cum…

“Cancel ejaculation inhibitor”


Orgasmo, looked at the defeated hero, “There you go…”

Swimmerboy looked back downward, desperately willing his cock to shoot.

He cried out with immense force as he watched the creamy white jism appear on the tip of his straining pre-cum soaked speedo bulge.

He exploded with immense force, jettisoning shards of hero cum upward.

His face was hit first, and it was thrust backward with the powerful blast.

His body trembled his arms desperately pulling on the restraints holding him.

He felt the hot juice as it emerged from the head of his cock with every wave of orgasmic power pushing his spunk, it was being filtered by the nylon encasing his delicious throbbing cock, his abs contracting with every deep breathing motion he needed to control the forces erupting and engulfing him.

After several minutes, the dais was drenched, Swimmerboy was drenched and milking chamber consumed with the scent of hero cum. The erotic scene had cemented MantaRay’s lusts and desires. He needed to have Swimmerboy in his clutches. His fantasies were fuelled and plentiful.

Juice limit reached

Swimmerboy’s ejaculation was cancelled immediately!

He cried out, “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

“Musssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst shooooooooooooooooooooooot my Jisssssssssssssssssss”

But the denial was final.

He thrashed in his bonds, his erection still powerful and he tingled all over, but the orgasm was cancelled, the pleasure was denied. Leaving the mighty hero panting and crying, begging for more, begging to release his remaining juices.

But they were denied. Scorpio had plans for these juices, he planned to top them up.

In another part of the compound, in the private boudoir of Electro.

His body was still intact, he was still wearing his lime green nylon swimmers, his bulge was intact, his speedos were pulling tightly between his buttocks, he was alive, but he was restrained on a bondage table, facing the ceiling of whatever room he was in. All he knew of his whereabouts was that he was in unfamiliar territory. He felt his speedo power, he wasn’t at full tilt, but his stores were enough to sustain him. His shoulders and legs ached like fuck, but his speedo power was filling him, restoring him. Swimmerlad was back from the dead.

“Hey Swimmerlad” Lycra’s smiling face was beaming at him, looking down toward the helpless hero. Lycra was wearing light yellow Lycra speedos with honour, a large “L” printed in black on his arse.

“Feeling better?”

“Fuck off Lycra, you low life!” “Where is Swimmerboy, is he alive? Is he ok?”

“Question, questions” Lycra looked down and traced his fingers across Swimmerlad’s tanned and well-formed chest. His smooth skin and the bumps of his muscular pecs and pert small nipples turned Lycra on immensely.

“So Swimmerlad, you’re in the private apartment of Electro! Scorpio has left you in his care for some playtime before you are rested in preparation for Miles to torture you. You remember Miles, that stunning model boy, he fuckin has a thing for you, he worked you over with such lust and force. Do you remember? He ended up fucking your face, just before your orgasm. Remember? Hahahahah!”

“Mmmmmmmmmph” Swimmerlad tested the restraints, he was secure, but he kept twisting and pulling his helpless body.

“It’s no use Swimmerlad, you will never break the bonds. Calm down!”

“What are going to do with me?”

“Well good question! Scorpio did give Electro permission to extract a little more jis from you, or what’s left of it, hahahahahaha, but Electro wants to make a start on your next cum load, so we will torture you, my dear beautiful Swimmerlad, Electro loves his special play time!”

Swimmerlad twisted in bonds, he was helpless, but he had to work out how to release the bindings, he’d fucking kill that cute Lycra if he could get his hands on him!

Lycra, unlike Nylon had shorter blonde hair, he loved using the surf skis, so his arms, shoulders and back muscles were strong and powerful, he was a well know lifesaver at some Australia’s iconic beaches and he was well versed in first aide. Swimmerlad knew of him, so his sudden evil streak, this sudden lustful need to capture, control, and impose cruelty was way out of character for him. Somewhere, behind those lovely green eyes, a very personable and caring young man dwelt.

Swimmerlad looked around the room, it was lit with sufficient lighting, the walls glowed and there were several bondage devices, several against the wall and two Altar-like devices filled the main central area of the room. Swimmerlad was restrained on a presentation slab, he was awaiting his fate. He was being held in the private playrooms of Electro and he knew the next hours would be painful.

Lycra bent down and leant on the side of the restraint slab holding Swimmerlad. He had a close up view of the young beautiful hero his elbows resting close to Swimmerlad’s hips. His view of Swimmerlad’s green nylon speedo bulge was magnificent. Lycra breathed in deeply, he loved the smell of musty hero cum on a moist speedo and the sight of Swimmerlads nylon swimwear was just to erotic, this close up for him. Lycra felt his cock stirring inside his own tight speedos.

“Yum you smell so fucking hot Swimmerlad, you smell as sexual as you look! Wow those guys fucking cleaned you up perfectly as you lay unconscious on the PleasureTron, like buzzards picking at a carcass, they left very little of your delicious cum, but your speedos still smell of your juices.”

Lycra ran his finger over the moist nylon surface of Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch, his fingers toyed with the hero bulge causing Swimmerlad to look upward to watch as Lycra molested him.

“Get your hands off me Lycra” Swimmerlad was insolent and defiant. But Lycra was oblivious, he was allowed to play with the hero while Electro prepared, and this was his opportunity!

“By the way, Swimmerboy is alive and well! In fact, Nylon and Orgasmo are showing him off to a new villain, a quick 30-minute milking session!”

“Fuck you!” Swimmerlad, twisted in his bonds but it was futile, a token struggle, Swimmerlad knew their bondage systems were powerful and more than capable of holding him at full strength levels and he knew he was nowhere near full strength.

“MantaRay” Lycra gave Swimmerlad the new villain’s name.

“WTF” Swimmerlad thrust his head up to look Lycra in the eye. “Did you say MantaRay?”

Lycra smiled, “Yeah, and two of his goons, nice loud boardshorts, but I much prefer speedos”


“His goons wear Hawaiian boardshorts” Lycra replied incredulously, “You know them?”

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffuck yes!”

Lycra smiled and wanted in on the gos, “Do tell Swimmerlad?”

“What are they doing to him?”

“Swimmerboy is being milked in front of him as a trophy, so fucking delicious! More hero Jis spurting like a fountain, yum!”

Lycra caressed Swimmerlad’s curvaceous moist bulge, he felt the hero’s warmth and his cock head through the light nylon fabric as hey toyed with his captive, Swimmerlad felt warm and erotic and something deep inside Lycra, Orgasmo’s evil programming, fired up pumping lust and sexual desires that overwhelmed the delicious henchman.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph” Swimmerlad stifled a quiet moan, he felt traces of the Aphrodisium drug spark inside his chest, but he used his speedo strength to stifle it.

“Yum Swimmerlad, you are just sex-on-a-stick, fucking yum, now tell me how you know MantaRay?”

Swimmerlad grimaced, Lycra was expertly molesting his most private regions, smiling back into his eyes, waiting for his answer, his eyes demanded the answer.

“He captured and tortured me a year ago! Happy now?” Swimmerlad spoke through gritted teeth, his tone was defiant and full of annoyance.

“Swimmerboy finally worked out the code and rescued me just before I expired.”

Lycra bent over and kissed Swiimerlad’s bulge, he licked every delicious bump and curve of the hero’s beautiful nylon offering delicately with his tongue, he was horny, very horny!

Lycra looked up from his speedo devotions, his mouth watering, “That’s just too hot, too romantic, sexual and heroic – you boys are fucking awesome!” Lycra continued toying with Swimmerlad’s junk enjoying the special moment. He really wanted Swimmerlad alone, he needed to devour him and take his cum from him!

“He electrocuted me for hours suspending me in a slowly filling tank, as the water rose, the torture rose with it, fucking fiend, I was so weak, so drained by the torture, Swimmerboy had to hide me to allow my speedo strength to revive me to my senses.”

“MantaRay must fucking pay!”

“You surely jest Swimmerlad, you will be top on his list, sounds like he has unfinished business!” Lycra smiled and looked up to welcome Electro as he arrived at his paly room. Play time he thought.

“Welcome my dear Swimmerlad, that was quite the show, quite the draining and your pleasure transference was one huge success. Swimmerboy’s torture was also a raging success, he almost got as many hits as you on the dark web. Your popularity is soaring!” Electro had changed and showered, his other suit was well used and he was freshly suited up and ready for his play time.

Elecro let Lycra stay where he was enjoying the delights of Swimmerlad, Electro was enjoying the view of the defeated hero stretched out on his presentation slab, being worshipped by the beautiful henchman. “Hmmmn looks like those naughty young acolytes got their fill today, I can’t blame them, you are just too fucking sexy, you look like you have been cleaned up well.” Electro smiled and looked into Swimmerlad’s eyes as he bent down and caressed his hands across Swimmerlad’s musty and moist speedo pouch, he let out a deep lustful sigh as his hands enveloped Swimmerlad’s speedo, he caressed and squeezed the hero’s bulge respectfully and carefully. Sighing and purring, “Now that is just sexual perfection, your body, your sexual presence is just fucking hot beyond mere words, the feel of your manhood encased in that speedo is powerful and erotic, I must say you are a treat to enjoy Swimmerlad!”

Swimmerlad pulled on his restraints, the touch of their hands, the touch of Electro’s delicate worship of his speedo was igniting the remnants of Orgasmo’s Aphrodisium deep inside him and although the pleasure sensitiser was not engaged, he enjoyed the feeling of their hungry hands. He didn’t show it on his face though, he shot Electro and defiant look as he lifted his head up from the slab, watching Electro’s expert hands molest his speedo and toy with his bulge and then into Electro’s eyes.

Electro was so turned on by Swimmerlad’s reaction, he knelt onto the presentation slab and positioned himself straddling the delicious hero, stretching out below him. “Mmmmmmmmm, such perfection, such beauty, such power restrained and helpless, you are pure purrrr-fection.” He was much closer to Swimmerlad now and he ran his hands over Swimmerlad’s hips, he was bent over the hero, surveying his body, taking in the beauty of the bound, mighty Swimmerlad. Electro’s hands followed the edges of Swimmerlad’s Aussiebum swimmers as the elastic clung tightly to the tops of his magnificent legs, he traced across Swimmerlad’s hips, feeling the twisted nylon traversing the hero’s hips and pelvis, and his hands caressed Swimmerlad’s buttocks, he moved his hands slowly, enjoying the tactile delights of his consecrated speedo clad offering. Electro was in heaven, as he looked down into Swimmerlad’s wide defiant eyes.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Electro purred, reaching his left hand and caressing the hero’s pecs and finally cupping Swimmerlad’s chin. Electro’s right hand was now fondling Swimmerlad’s bulge. He was completely engaged in his priestly worship of his hero offering. “Mmmmmmmm, now what are we going to do with you my dear Swimmerlad? We don’t have lots of time, and you have such a packed agenda! But I will have my little piece of you!”

Electro climbed up off the presentation slab, he cupped his face in his hands and breathed deeply and for as long as he was able. He turned around theatrically, returning his gaze to the beauty of his captive, spread, and presented to him on the low presentation slab, and as he concluded his turn, he threw his hands away from his face. “Fuck me, you smell so fucking hot and erotic too!” “Such a divine holy hero package!”

“Take him to the electrocution room!”

“Stun one”

Immobilised and moaning in desperation, Swimmerlad was released from the presentation slab and Lycra assisted him as his stunned and uneasy body was lifted off the slab, Swimmerlad could barely lift his weight, his arms felt heavy and lethargic. The emitter array in Electro’s playrooms were working exceptionally well and his speedo strength was being controlled and transmuting its power against him, he was captive to the emitter’s diabolical forces acting on his speedos. Yet he was able to comprehend that Lycra was directing him out from the main playroom, down a corridor to another room, illuminated outside the entrance by a pulsing orange beacon light.

They entered the room, it had been set into intimate mode and the lighting was dimmed slightly, the centre piece of this smaller room was an ElectroTable, it was illuminated by powerful lights and it shone in the dimly lit playroom. Its powerful restrains were glowing red and pulsing and even in his emitter array stupor, Swimmerlad was well aware of his destination. Lycra was holding Swimmerlad upright and Swimmerlad surveyed the room as best he could; dark walls with lighting panels every meter or so, the lighting panels were giving of an eerie yellow illuminance that made the edges of the play-room glow.

Electro entered the room, his hand clasped in a villainous gloat and stood in front of the sapped hero, his hands caressing Swimmerlad’s arms and across to his chest, down his sides, he reached the hero’s sacrificial speedo thong.

“Let’s adjust this shall we, before we tie you down, hero!”

Swimmerlad could not form words in his state, he did stifle a murmur, “Mmmmhhhhmm” He was well aware though that he was standing in-front of an implement of torture and it was patiently waiting for him.

Lycra spread Swimmerlad’s legs and Electro bent down and tightened the nylon fabric pulled deliciously between Swimmerlad’s buttocks, his fingers and hands caressed Swimmerlad’s smooth delicious ass, his fingers traced the nylon as it clung tightly against Swimmerlad’s anatomy. He twisted the thong slightly to ensure it was tight and secure. His attention was now on Swimmerlad’s pouch. Adjusting the fabric and pulling it out slightly to allow Swimmerlad’s penis and testicles to adjust and form exquistily inside the deliciously light nylon of the garment. He finalsed his work and cupped Swimmerlad’s package, feeling it up, enjoying the sensation of Swimmerlad’s penis settling into its new position.

“Fuck me Lycra, this hero is just too fucking erotic, just look at that bulge, that speedo makes me need to cum instantly!” Electro surveyed his handy work and stood up to look Swimmerlad in the eye. He knew Swimmerlad could understand and comprehend what he was saying, the lower level stun was keeping the mighty hero in a lethargic daze.

He looked Swimmerlad in the eye and moved his face closer to the dazed hero, glaring with power, he gave his order.

Tie Swimmerlad to the ElectroTable!”

Lycra complied, he pushed the mighty hero forcibly toward the waiting torture device, Swimmerlad’s desperate moans were unintelligible, but high pitched, he struggled and stammered forward and had to use his weakened arms and hands on the edge of evil device to stop his forceful arrival. Lycra had used sufficient force, keeping Swimmerlad stunned and compliant. Electro moved to the ankle restraints and Lycra positioned the mighty hero on the device facing upward toward the dark ceiling and the illumination system. Lycra positioned Swimmerlad’s wrists and Electro took care of Swimmerlad’s ankles. The glowing restraints closed tightly and Swimmerlad was once again helplessly bound to a device intent on stimulating his anatomy, on draining his powers.

His speedo strength reversed as soon as the emitters powered to standby. His mind cleared of the fog and he desperately wriggled and pulled on his bondage.

“What are you going to do with me, you fucking fiend!” Swimmerlad looked up from his bondage to Electro as he stood surveying his beautiful captive.

“No cameras, no prying eyes, Swimmerlad. Just you and us, I mean Lycra and I and one of my original creations, my concept device so to speak, the ElectroTable! You are tied to one of my original devices, had you not escaped me those years ago dear Swimmerlad, you would have enjoyed the likes of this delightful machine, I have made some adjustments and have fine-tuned it to be one of my favourite play-toys. That is why I have kept it and given it its very own playroom status in my private parlours. So welcome Swimmerlad, the ElectroTable has been patiently waiting for you for some time. Now that it is hooked up to Scorpio’s Speedo AI, it has a new lease of life, and I’m sure you will understand what I mean very soon.

Swimmerlad’s strength had returned, he was now at thirty five percent, his speedos were dry at this stage of his ordeal, the acolytes had cleaned him up of his cum, his body picked clean, by the hungry, horny young men. Scorpio’s pleasure session had whipped the acolytes up into sexual frenzy, his plan of sexual domination of his two, star captives was coming along swimmingly! Swimmerlad’s speedo was dry, but the scent of his juices, his jism remained in the garment, it sat on his attractive body, proudly, his hero bulge pronounced, lifting upward and outward from his body, they had made his sacrificial thong and it felt tight as the elastic and nylon pulled up tightly between his buns. He looked ravishing, he looked sexual, he looked fucking awesome and Lycra and Electro, circled the ElectroTable with glee, sizing up the delicious hero, tied helplessly, a piece of living erotic art at their mercy.

Swimmerlad pulled on each of his restraints, trying each one for weakness or any way of escape he could find, he had been tied down mercilessly for hours now, drained of his power and drained of his cum, by sexual deviants and he was now awaiting the next instalment of the horror his captors had in store for him. He lifted his head up as high as he could, he could view his ankle restraints, his legs were spread, his lime green nylon speedo thong looked fucking awesome, but unfortunately, it was this honey pot which was attracting his captors like bees. His beautiful body was spread once more for his captors to worship his offering.

“We have some very special guests arriving at the compound in a matter of days, dear Swimmerlad, and they will need lots of your semen, we will need lots of Swimmerboy’s cum too, in fact, he’s just been milked for some of his cum, he has lots onboard, and you pleasure tortured him so perfectly Swimmerlad, as you writhed in your spectacular throws of pleasure, your pleasure stream delivered your boyfriend agonising pain punishment and he is now full of fresh hero jis.” He pretended to look at his wrist for the time, “and by now he should have given several litres of it to Orgasmo! You played your part in that erotic ceremony so well, and the sights and sounds of your delightful body writhing in superb pleasure for those hours, truly inspiring! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

“Fuck you Electro, I fuckin know what you deviants did to me! I know you forced me to torture Swimmerboy!” Swimmerlad shot a defiant glare toward Electro. Electro was standing to the side of Swimmerlad now and he reached across to enjoy the delights of the majestic young hero’s speedo pouch, he ran his hands and fingers across the soft nylon fabric, he felt every millimetre of Swimmerlad’s sex organs, Electro breathed deeply as he looked across to Swimmerlad, “So magical, so beautiful, your body is exquisite, your speedo offering, a rapture of erotic beauty. My dear hero!”

Swimmerlad writhed in his bonds, he was powerless to stop the evil villain’s enjoyment of his loins, he breathed deeply as Electro squeezed his junk, he was feeling every piece of Swimmerlad’s bulge, he was enjoying the power he had over the beautiful and powerful, young hero, stretched out on one of his favourite torture devices.

“We only have limited time today, Swimmerlad, so I’m going to torture you carefully and with precision! You will be back, after you have endured what young Miles has in store for you tonight. He has a thing for you Swimmerlad, I loved his devotion and worship of your speedo thong, he was chosen because of the lust in his eyes when he approached you on the PleasureTron. Miles is being prepared by Scorpio now, he will get to decide your torture, the speedo’s he wants you to wear, your next torture session will be about Miles and his blossoming lust for you and Swimmerboy. Your system is programmed to produce your sacred jis, as you know, when you are under the influence of pain. Hahahahahaha, you are so sexual when you are tortured! Watching your body writhe and twist in agony, is just too hot, Swimmerlad, so with that in mind, let’s make a start, shall we?”

“We will kick off your jis production now!”

Swimmerlad’s speedo sense was running hot, he felt his power running through his system, he was nowhere at full speedo strength, but he would fight Electro with every ounce of his strength. He thrashed violently, but the ElectroTable responded by clamping his restraints tighter and pulsing spikes of electricity into his wrists. Swimmerlad cried out as the first burst shot through his arms.

“Now Now, dear boy, we haven’t started yet so don’t get so worked up!” Electro caressed Swimmerlad’s bulge with one hand and with the other, he traced Swimmerlad’s beautiful face and clenched jaw.

“Such erotic majesty!” Electro announced in soft and firm voice, “Now you will experience agony Swimmerlad, I will torture you without mercy!”

“Nooooooooo” Swimmerlad looked left and right, he pulled on his restraints valiantly. “Please Electro, noooooooo?”

“As I said, Swimmerlad, your torture is too erotic, you are the sacrificial offering, you must endure pain, dear delicious Swimmerlad, then you will appreciate your pleasure so much more. You must be bound helpless and tortured without mercy!” Electro, caressed the delicious lime green hero speedo, with tenderness and respect, he felt the hero tremble beneath his touch. He continued, talking to his helpless captive in his evil possessed tone.

“The ElectroTable has three main coils beneath the torture surface, You are so deliciously tied to that surface now, below your beautiful body the three coils of death, well if I permit them to operate a full capacity, will charge the surface of the ElectroTable and your body will be engulfed in a flood of electric current, We’ll let you get accustomed to it and then we’ll dial up some more delicious agony.”

“Begin! ElectroTable commence”

The buzzing sound filled the torture room with sounds of electricity and the torture surface beneath Swimmerlad began to glow blue.

Swimmerlad felt the electricity immediately, it crackled beneath him, his buttocks were buzzing, his body tingled all over as the torture commenced. “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Swimmerlad twisted in his bondage, he was captive to the power brewing beneath the surface of the device, he could feel the vibrations of the coils, as they created the evil electronic field that was grabbing onto his body, he looked up over his writhing body, his breathing laboured as he accustomed himself to the diabolical current.

“Increments of ten percent every five minutes”

“That will help you adjust Swimmerlad”

“Ffffffffffuck!” Swimmerlad took the first incremental increase badly, he screamed out as the pain began to rocket through his body, the tingling sensation was becoming powerful and diabolical, it was changing and his skin crawled with rivers of electrical current sapping him of his strength as the painful torrents enlarged and cascaded across his flesh. He thrashed, twisting his body vainly trying to escape the encroaching torment.

“I wouldn’t pull too hard, dear boy,” Electro smirked, his fingers caressing the hero’s nipples, “Those restraints are programmed to deliver punishing shocks that will pull at your remaining speedo power stores, best you reserve your strength dear boy, there is another layer of pain I’m going to introduce very soon, as soon as Nylon arrives.

Swimmerlad, looked puzzled as he glared into the eyes of his tormentor, his body was beginning to quiver uncontrollably, and his moans of defeat, were becoming deeper and deeper. He cried out as the next increment attacked his body.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffucking ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccunt.”

“Language dear boy!” Smirked Electro as he surveyed Swimmerlad’s squirming body, his speedo looked erotic and so delicious as Swimmerlad twisted and begged for his relief.

The Sound of Nylon’s arrival peeled throughout the torture room, Electro turned and smiled as Nylon approached Swimmerlad’s struggling delicious body on the ElectoTable.

“Hmmm your making the next batch of cum Electro!” Nylon smiled as he handed Electro a small golden goblet.

“Yes Nylon, so beautiful to watch this magnificent hero, squirm in agony, Now leave us, you have sacred duties to perform preparing Swimmerboy for his next engagement, Lycra and I will be perfectly entertained here for a short while.”

With that Nylon obeyed and turned away from the erotic scene.

Electro put the goblet down on the side of the ElectroTable, well within view of Swimmerlad. It was safely positioned in a locking device.

“Now, sorry for the interruption Swimmerlad, now where were we?” He put on a comic puzzled face. “That’s right, we are creating your next sacrificial cum load, dear Swimmerlad, weren’t we!” Well now that you are enjoying the delights of the elctro-torture current, and before your speedo strength depletes too much, I wanted to share a special addition to your torture session.

Swimmerlad looked up with gritted teeth, his defiant look screamed hatred, his body was being controlled and drained by diabolical forces, his breathing laboured and erratic, he tried forming words “Whaaaaat arrrrrrrrrrrrre you uppppppp toooooooooo…?”

“Lycra, if you will!” Electro looked into the eyes of Swimmerlad as he twisted and cried out in pain, he glanced at Lycra who delivered another larger goblet to Electro.

Electo poured the solution of warm viscous liquid onto Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch and over his delicious speedo bulge, it was thick and warm and Swimmerlad, looked through the fog of pain wracking his body and numbing his soul, the liquid cascaded down over his speedo bulge and Electro then proceeded to massage to solution into Swimmerlad’s speedo, he paid special attention to Swimmerlad’s bulge, his fingers squishing the thick shiny liquid into every protrusion and curve, he squeezed the solution ensuring it covered every millimetre of Swimmerlad’s balls and penis, the solution had now soaked completely into the nylon clinging erotically to his cock and balls. Electro fanned his hands out, caressing, and worshipping Swimmerlad’s entire green pouch and he wasn’t satisfied till he could feel the solution squish beneath his expert handywork.

“Phew, did you enjoy that Swimmerlad, I fuckin well did!” He looked at his tight body suit and surveyed the huge wet spot. “See, look what has happened, you fucking erotic boy-toy! Now I have just coated your sexual organs and your entire speedo thong pouch in a very special solution.”

“I could tell that, you fuckin diabolical fiend, the question is why!” Swimmerlad’s body twisted as his bondage tightened slightly, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph” Swimmerlad threw his head around in abandon as his body felt the next incremental increase in the electo torture current.

“That sweet boy was a solution consisting of Swimmerboy’s consecration cum, a gel solution impregnated with special chemical designed to conduct electricity and to attract it. It will absorb the current and then release it over your penis and balls with ferocious force, your whole speedo pouch will be afire very soon. I’ve made sure your entire sex organs are coated and drenched in the solution. We keep your semen samples in a stasis container, so I have used some of Swimmerboy’s cum in the solution, he won’t know, but I want a part of him to pay a part in your torment, it just adds to the sexual enjoyment of your defeat!” His wry lusty smile conveyed his enjoyment.

Swimmerlad fought violently, his body was under immense pressure from the ravaging current, he looked at Electro, his face contorting, he mouthed the words “Fuck you!”

Electro then picked up the smaller goblet, which Nylon delivered.

“This is very fresh, dear Swimmerlad, Orgasmo has just milked Swimmerboy for the enjoyment of MantaRay, a bit of a welcome gesture. Anyway,, I have ordered some of his warm fresh jism, he screamed so well as he gave MantaRay his welcome show, that’s the second time we have milked him in those powder blue numbers, so fucking erotic. You are both just too sensual.

Swimmerlad looked down to his lime green bulge, glistening in the torture solution and watched Electro scoop up some of the warm semen from the goblet and coated Swimmerlad’s bulge sensually and respectfully, he looked up to find Swimmerlad’s trembling head surveying his handywork.

“Does that feel nice and warm, Swimmerlad, nice and cosy, in Swimmerboy’s juices? So fresh and wholesome. I want you to be tantalised by the very purity and essence of Swimmerboy, that cum has been filtered through the holy, sacrificial speedo pouch that Swimmerboy was wearing when he was milked, hahahahahahahaha. You must be parched!”

Electro took the remaining cum and smeared onto on Swimmerlad’s mouth, he pushed his cum soaked fingers into Swimmerlad’s trembling mouth.

“Drink up dear boy, you will need your strength! Its full of delicious protein - Swimmerboy speedo protein, hahahahahahahahahaha!” His evil laugh was full of lust and power.

Your cock and balls will be consumed by the device Swimmerlad, I want you to smell Swimmerboy’s cum as it fries on top of your bulge, his delicious semen consumed by the power my torture array.

Swimmerlad looked in horror as Electro’s array lowered. Electro stood back to admire his handywork and to lick his fingers, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, delicious Swimmerboy cum, so yum!”

This will now fire electricity into your divine magnificent speedo offering Swimmerlad, feel free to scream as much as you need, Nylon sealed the door on his way out.”


The device was sitting about two feet above Swimmerlad’s writhing, helpless body, it was a red coloured circular device with two tendrils about 30 centimetres long, hanging beneath it, they squirmed and twisted slowly in an evil display and began to glow red, pulsing and flashing, it dazzled Swimmerlad but its force took him by surprise, violently!

The evil tendrils sent two beams, one focussed on the base of Swimmerlad’s bulging ball sack as the nylon caressed his anatomy as it emerged from between Swimmerlad’s legs, the electricity immediately engulfed Swimmerlad’s speedo fabric and it merged with the evil conducting solution that had been coated earlier by Electro’s massaging, Swimmerlad’s balls were consumed by electricity, so evil, so malicious. The other tendril shot directly at the apex of Swimmerlad’s bulge, the electricity fanning out across his speedo pouch instantaneously and it enveloped his cock in a tirade of agony.

“Aggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh”

Swimmerlad’s cries were demonic, they were possessed and his powerful body, vibrated and crackled as the ElectroTable continued along is torturous trajectory. Swimmerlad was being consumed by the unbearable and evil intent of Electro and his favourite play toy, the ElectoTable.

Swimmerlad screamed as he exerted his remaining strength to lift his torso off the Device’s torture surface, he was being tortured by the evil conducting coils beneath his bound body and now, by the evil tendrils slowly gliding around and shooting their evil beams directly onto his speedo from above, he was enveloped in malicious electricity. He was helplessly spreadeagled, his muscles twitched and contracted as he pulled ferociously on the restraints, his hips thrust sexually and erotically in sync with his cries.

“Stooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt”


“Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ME!”

“No one can hear you scream here Swimmerlad, let it out, dear boy, accept the agony accept the holy torture of your beautiful body, you are defeated, you must experience the pain, it makes you understand your pleasure. Enjoy the bondage as it holds you helpless, as it binds you to your fate Hero Boy”

Electro was consumed in a fit of power and rage, he was full of evil power as he watched, listened, and inhaled the smell of the intoxicating torture event unfolding before him. Swimmerlad’s speedo was glowing red, the torture solution was activating and releasing all-encompassing evil electricity on Swimmerlad’s most private of regions, he could feel it ravage, he could feel it burning his anatomy.

Swimmerlad screams did not abate, he looked up over his wracked body, his muscles were starting to give up, he was becoming weak, his speedo bulge was pulsing with the evil glow as the conducting fluid continued to react with the powerful electrical energy.

Swimmerlad took a deep breath, he figured it to be his final breath, he was done for, he was immersed in pure agony.

He screamed with such force, he noticed Electro laughing and holding his ears. He lifted his body valiantly off the ElectroTable, his wrist restraints pulling him backward, but his last outburst was a vain attempt at release.

He blacked out, slumping backward onto the torture surface of Electro’s toy.

It was over? Swimmerlad defeated and near death a second time in a matter of hours.

Electro shuddered and came in his new clean suit; his smile was almost as outrageous as that of Joker!

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