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Defeat and Domination
Part 11 - The Pits part 2
By Scorpio

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The Pits Part 2

Swimmerlad is tied to the PleasureTron and defeated by a group of handsome and horny acolytes who learn how to dominate the mighty helpless superhero.

Scorpio had announced the arrival of Swimmerboy to the Pleasure Pits.

Swimmerlad was jolted out of the pleasure funk that the presentation ceremony had created. He heard Scorpio announce the arrival of Swimmerboy and he was jolted back into reality. “What the fuck? Swimmerboy, No Noooooooooooooooooo,” he demanded as he pulled on the restraints holding him, but this set off the sensitiser which quickly energised his bulge, he thrust his hips and moaned deeply as he watched the doors at the end of the temple open and Swimmerboy’s stretched writhing body emerge inside a similar round bondage device, it moved forward slowly before locking into place several meters away from the foot of the PleasureTron Altar which was patiently waiting for him.

Swimmerboy was still wearing the powder blue nylon speedos that he had been recently pleasure drained in, the ceremonial speedo thong was tightly holding the nylon around his hips and up through his buttocks, his bulge magnificently showing off his penis and the curves of his testicles encased by the wet, sticky fabric. He was still covered in the remnants of his cum, his juices still moist on his rippling muscles and his speedo offering was musty and moist with the scent of his jism.

“Juicy Swimmerboy, gentlemen!” Announced Scorpio. “He was pleasure drained earlier in my Pleasure Parlour and has since been restored to full speedo power, he is covered in his cum a token of his defeat, his sacred jism, it’s yours to enjoy while we drain Swimmerlad in his own sensual pleasure draining ceremony.”

Orgasmo jumped up and down with glee looking at the faces of the acolytes beside themselves with lust and desire.

Scorpio continued to describe the sexual defeat of the two heroes, “Swimmerboy will have a front row position, to watch his deliciouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus boyfriend’s defeat as he is pleasured into his own oblivion. You boys” he motioned to the acolytes, “Will have full access to Swimmerboy as you desire. It’s your choice, enjoy Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream in your pod or spend some quality time with Swimmerboy, unless of course it is your special time to attend and worship Swimmerlad!”

Electro had arrived at the Pleasure Pit and stood alongside Swimmerboy’s bondage frame, he was standing in front of Swimmerboy, scooping up a little of his remaining cum from Swimmerboy’s left nipple. He licked it off his finger, before running his hand over Swimmerboy’s exposed buttocks. He turned to the acolytes looking across and stared toward them with a sexual depravity.

Scorpio continued “Oh Electro, don’t be greedy, you have already fed, leave some of Swimmerboy’s remaining juice for these hungry young men!” Electro motioned to the writhing Swimmerboy and with an evil smile he invited them to enjoy his plaything bound and helpless “He is yours to enjoy boys!”

Swimmerboy thrashed in the bonds stretching him helplessly. “You fucking sick fiends” He screamed to the depraved group of horny men.

“Silence!” Scorpio demanded, looking across to Swimmerboy’s thrashing body and with that an electric charge fired on each of the restraints sending powerful shocks up Swimmerboy’s legs and down his arms. Swimmerboy was not prepared for that onslaught and he applied his speedo strength as best he could as he twisted and cried out in pain.

Swimmerlad thrashed in his bonds, he was helpless in the presentation frame and his writhing was rewarded by a divine wave of subtle energy which caressed his loins courtesy of the speedo sensitiser, it fed his growing sexual build up and he threw his head back, moaning in a deep throated utterance ‘Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.” His twisting body, sensual and sexual only served to power the anticipation and the growing sense of sexual anticipation in the Pleasure Pit, fuelling Scorpio’s plan for the day’s erotic proceedings.

“So then gentlemen,” Scorpio continued, his fingers were toying with Swimmerlad’s sensitised bulge, it caused Swimmerlad to thrust his hips slowly, muffling a delightful moan, “not only will Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream flow to you in your pod, thrilling you with delicious energy, it will also power Swimmerboy’s torture frame.”

He let the situation sink in.

There was a moment of silence as the news dawned.

Swimmerlad looked at Scorpio molesting his bulge and he cried out again, “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” as the realisation of Scorpio’s evil plans dawned.

“Yes Swimmerlad, your pleasure will torture Swimmerboy, you see he has had his wonderful pleasure session, he lapped it up, as it consumed and raped his beautiful body, he moaned and cried out indescribably, he can’t be a pleasure hog, it’s your turn, so he must now be tortured!” Scorpio put on a comical sad face and looked first to the acolytes and then directly to Swimmerlad, “His ordeal is not over! You dear Swimmerlad,” He put on a big comical happy face to taunt Swimmerlad, “will be the catalyst for Swimmerboy’s torture and as your pleasure stream builds, and as these horny young men molest and toy with you, their goal will be solely to enjoy your pleasure offering and to enhance your holy pleasure stream. Your slow defeat into the pit of sexual depravity will not only power and fuel their own pleasure in their pods, but your deep moans and cries of desire will compete with that of your delicious boyfriend here, as his torture intensity rises with every increment of your pleasure! So use your speedo power to resist as you see fit, but remember the longer your enjoyment, the longer Swimmerboy’s pain.” Scorpio, caressed his raging hardon as he surveyed Swimmerlad’s helpless body, oiled and waiting to be enjoyed. Scorpio continued: “Just think of how your extended orgasm, its long sensual raping power will not only drain you decisively but drive Swimmerboy to the edge of his existence in such magnificent agony! But look on the bright side, his speedo system will be manufacturing his hero cum once again, it’s like the circle of life dear Swimmerlad!” his depraved look was intense and menacing.

Swimmerboy thrashed in his bonds, he was helpless and exposed as the frame pulsed around him, he had just felt a touch of the power the device was capable of. He looked up to see Swimmerlad, fighting his bonds, his green speedo pushing outward; his writhing had spiked his sensitised pouch. The scene was electric and filled with sexual tension. One acolyte was already close to his orgasm and had to close his eyes, the sight of these two handsome, exquisitely sexual heroes tied and bound before them was overwhelming his lusts and desires. His pleasure moment passed as he gained his composure, Orgasmo embraced him and whispered “Yes, this is magnificent, but you will learn to control your lust, your time is soon.”

“So then gentlemen I wanted to give you a background of how I came up with this delicious group pleasure session, then we will install the gorgeous Swimmerlad and tie him helplessly down to the Altar to accept his fate. After that we will run through your pleasure options and the torture options for Swimmerboy before finally giving you an orientation to your pod. Does that sound ok?” Scorpio smiled as he surveyed the room of expectant horny young acolytes. They each nodded in agreement and Scorpio took that as his que to provide his Pleasure Pit background.

He looked over his shoulder to the struggling hero, stretched, his body slowly twisting as the sensitiser continued to tantalise and stroke his bulge. Swimmerlad moaned in low discreet surges as the insistent sensations continued to entice his delicious speedo pouch, building a store of divine sensations licking at his penis incessantly.

Scorpio addressed one of the cameras and the group of expectant young men. “I was told this story by another villain one night after we shared our stories, he told me of the fable of a mighty barbarian warrior in ancient times that roamed the countryside looking after villages and protecting the good people from the army of an evil sorcerer. He was a big, sexy young warrior and he wore a skimpy loincloth, so delicious and sexual, that his heroic efforts became known to the sorcerer. Well the sorcerer set about trapping and capturing the mighty barbarian and after a long battle, he succeeded in overpowering the young hero, his captains of his army used the sorcerer’s magically infused swords to overcome the hero and used evil ropes infested with the sorcerer’s incantations to bind and disable the mighty warrior hero. Well to cut a long story short, the sorcerer kept the mighty hero bound helpless in his castle dungeon and every new moon, the barbarian was taken to the sorcerers Pleasure Pit, it was filled with the captains of his army and other high officials and their sexual slaves and play things. The barbarian was paraded through the Pleasure Pit by strong guards, and his body was subjected to the lustful hands of the elite as they enjoyed their time with their slaves on the main floor of the Pleasure Pit surrounding the central Altar. After tantalising the Pleasure Pit, they took the warrior, and his magnificent body was stretched and tied to a central Altar with strengthened ropes powerful enough to withstand the mighty hero’s strength. The sorcerer removed the hero’s loincloth leaving him exposed in his thin leather pouch. The sight of the mighty barbarian stretched on the central Altar turned the sorcerer on immensely and every writhe, every fight with his bonds was erotic as he, struggled helplessly exposed on the Altar. The sorcerer conjured powerful sexual incantations that raped the mighty helpless hero and filled the pits with his pleasure, the captors and their slaves were intoxicated by the incantations and pleasure the spells caused to erupt in their loins, the ceremony continued all night. The hero was denied his orgasm though after hours of sexual, pleasure torment and he was taken away to the sorcerer’s private rooms and tied to his milking Altar high in the castle and the screams of the hero’s orgasmic ordeal, as his mighty hero juices were teased from his body slowly and extensively, his moans of submission at the whim of the sorcerer’s powerful magic filled the surrounding lands as a testament to the sorcerer’s power and a warning to those that defied him.”

Every man in the room was spellbound at the thought of such a sexual triumph over a mighty hero and the analogy to the plight of Swimmerlad was not lost on them.

Scorpio continued, “Well we don’t have magic, but what we do have are two sexual, helpless heroes and powerful technology to direct and control their powers, to torture and pleasure them and to share in Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream with each of you. The Pleasure Pit project is the fulfillment of one of my domination lustful desires, and today we experience it’s power to thrill and control our two helpless heroes and to share his pleasure stream with you boys!”

“Let’s get Swimmerlad tied to his Altar, the mighty hero will thrill and feed you, my delicious acolytes.”

Nylon had also arrived with the unveiling of Swimmerboy and he joined Lycra and Mike, poised waiting for the temple’s emitter array to fire, they stood to the left of the presentation frame and were ready to transfer Swimmerlad to his pleasure fate.

The emitters glowed orange.

“Stun level one gentlemen, we want Swimmerlad just disarmed enough and pliable, he must be conscious and fight deliciously as they strap and restrain his magnificent body to the Altar.”

Both heroes thrashed and twisted in their bonds violently as their speedo powers inflamed and disabled their powerful bodies. This devious evil session was too diabolical to contemplate, they both needed to break free and end this madness, but Scorpio’s systems were too strong, the emitter array cutting them down like weak invalids. Swimmerlad’s bonds released and he fell forward to the waiting arms of Lycra. Mike and Nylon lifted his body off the floor, and they descended to the Altar level of the dais with the struggling, weakened hero. Swimmerboy’s cries and pleading fell on deaf ears, he thrashed as his power attacked and crackled through his very core, the emitters were unforgiving, but through the fog, he could see the three henchmen carrying his writhing partner to the Altar and to their ultimate fate.

Orgasmo was so excited, he was jumping and clapping, and Electro stood by Swimmerboy’s torture frame with his hands clasped together, his raging hardon pushing against his tight black shiny spandex suit, his suit had his trademark lightning bolt that pointed dutifully to his erect cock. The scene was pregnant with expectation, 10 young horny men stood looking up at the Pleasure Pit Altar as the henchman arrived with the deliciously weakened hero, they placed him on floor between the Altar and his tormentors. Swimmerlad was too weak to break free from the vice grip of Lycra and Nylon, they held his body facing the group.

“Wait here boys.” Orgasmo stated, walking across to the Altar. “I just have a little job to perform, I love this job!” he said turning his head to them as he ascended to the Altar’s dais level. He took up position at the head of the Altar and Electro arrived and stood between the ends of the Altar designed to accommodate the mighty hero’s athletic and powerful legs.

Scorpio arrived down to the Altar also, and stood between the acolytes and the writhing, hissing Swimmerlad. He ran his fingers over Swimmerlad’s heaving chest and lifted Swimmerlad’s defiant face to look directly toward the group of expectant lustful eyes all, excitedly sizing him up, their own speedos (required for attendance and admission to the Temple) were moist and ready for hours of sensual excitement. They each quivered with anticipation and excitiement.

Scorpio gazed into Swimmerlad’s returning glare. “Are you ready dear hero boy?” He then addressed the acolytes and the camera following the proceedings. “I present Swimmerlad, your Pleasure Prime, a sensual offering for your lust and deep-seated fantasies. You must pleasure him. I demand his pleasure! I demand his long defeat at your hands gentlemen. Do you accept your task?”

He looked to the acolytes, who nodded and with their gaze fixed on Swimmerlad’s heaving green nylon speedo offering and they enthusiastically looked up toward Scorpio’s power drunk, lustful, delirious gaze and responded.

“Yes High Priest!” in unison.

“Good, thank you acolytes!” Scorpio turned his gaze back to Swimmerlad, he still held his grip on Swimmerlad’s handsome chiselled cheeks and he forced the weakened hero to look over toward the waiting pleasure Altar!”

“Priests, spread Swimmerlad on the Altar, tie him down. I want him stretched helpless before me!”

Swimmerboy’s head was spinning, his power mighty power reversed and striking through his helpless body, weakening him with every second, spread helplessly in the torture device, he pulled on his bonds, but the emitter onslaught meant he was severely declining, he cried out as he watched them lift his beautiful, struggling boyfriend up and onto the Altar, he knew very well the evil power of the device and what it was about to inflict on his gorgeous boyfriend’s body, “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, please, please!” He hung his head and could smell the musty scents of his own juices lingering on his body, it was another reminder of the ordeal facing Swimmerlad and himself. Fuck, now they have him on the Altar, they will milk him slowly, drain him of his power, fucking bastards, cannot free myself, speedo power making me nauseous, Fuck them, Fuck, FUCK. His thoughts were dark yet defiant and he knew they were both completely helpless.

Swimmerlad writhed and twisted but he too was weakened by the array of power reversing his speedo strength, He felt the smooth shiny Altar under his body, its tiny vibrations, its warmth as his tight buttocks rested down onto the device, he looked up as Mike lifted his right arm to the restraint device which Orgasmo ordered to close, it clasped over Swimmerlad’s wrist, it was tight and he felt the slight tingle of energy on his skin under the restraint. The same for his left arm. Lifting his head, he looked over his heaving body, Lycra was holding one leg down and Electro had his other leg held tightly. The Ankle restraints obeyed Electro’s voice command to secured Swimmerlad’s ankles. They obeyed and Swimmerlad could now feel the tight devices holding his legs securely to the pulsating pleasure Altar.

Emitters went to standby once the final restraint device locked into place and both young superheroes were securely bound and helpless.

Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy, both moaned deeply as their speedo power reversed back to normal and resumed nourishing their bodies, they both felt their speedo sense screaming danger, but they had no avenue of escape, they were helplessly bound at the mercy of their captors in Scorpio’s Pleasure Pit!

Swimmerlad looked up over his bound body, Swimmerboy was so close, he admired the beauty of his powder blue speedo pouch, it was sexual and inviting. He remembered the nights of their love making and how he loved to dress his boyfriend in that colour speedo. The sensitiser had made him naturally horny, and the bondage was secretly feeding his own speedo and bondage fetish. The sight of Swimmerboy bound in front of him was an evil masterpiece by Scorpio. He needed to break free save Swimmerboy and find a place to make love, his sexual desires had been deliciously tantalised for hours, Scorpio had worked his evil magic on him as preparations for this moment, his sexual tension was manipulated to ensure his part in this erotic ceremony was carried out as a complete mind fuck. His head said resist, but the sexual stimulation fed his inner desires, his body had been prepared meticulously and he was full of his juice, they had him where they wanted him!

Swimmerboy could not keep his eyes, off his beautiful, struggling boyfriend, he too was taken by the exquisite green nylon garment draped over Swimmerlad’s helplessly stretched body, he purred at the beauty of his boyfriend’s bulging mound, he was close enough to see the nylon fabric caress Swimmerlad’s magnificent anatomy, the way it bunched around his balls it caressed every curve sensually, he enjoyed how the nylon tent curved at the apex of his bulge and the folds of the soft light fabric fanned across Swimmerlad’s pouch to each of his hips. The whole green offering presented between his spread powerful and tanned legs with his muscles twitching as Swimmerlad pulled on his restraints was an erotic masterpiece. He wanted Swimmerlad so much, he remembered the tastes and smells of his boyfriend after their days of crimefighting and how they would make love to use up their extra speedo power. But now, their captors had taken that away from them, they had taken control in an evil power play to defeat and humiliate them with constant regularity of pleasure and pain.

Scorpio stood next to Swimmerlad, he faced Swimmerboy, stretched helplessly at the feet of Swimmerlad, but looked across to the acolytes, “So boys, don’t say Scorpio doesn’t deliver! Swimmerlad is restrained deliciously and helplessly as your pleasure toy, your offering to enjoy and defeat. He looked at Swimmerlad’s struggling body, his handsome face and short blond hair made him irresistible. Scorpio looked back to the group and shook his head in jest “brrrrrr” that’s just too gorgeous to contemplate, you lucky young men!”

Swimmerlad moaned softly behind Scorpio as his speedo strength continued to flow back, it felt good as it swirled in his nylon pouch energising his body with power.

“Over to your left at the feet of his boyfriend is the equally ravishing, sexy Swimmerboy, covered with his cum offering from his recent milking, his delicious speedo offering is moist and warm, his remaining juices await your enjoyment, he smells of sex! Torture him today, make him beg your mercy.” He let out a huge laugh, his arms pointing to each hero, magnificently bound before them. Now before we proceed. He looked at the struggling young Swimmerlad, testing his bonds, helplessly stretched, he was looking up to his beautiful boyfriend looking back toward him lustfully admiring his lime green mound, his desire to free himself raging, he knew that his pleasure would be intense and Swimmerboy’s pain excruciating, his mind worked overtime, he was helpless. Swimmerboy was helpless, they were pawns in their captor’s devious sexual powerplays. He looked up at Swimmerboy, twisting in his vain attempt to escape their fate. He spoke directly to him “I’m sorry Swimmerboy, I will do my best to resist their pleasure, can’t give in to their fucking lusts.” He pulled strongly on his left arm and left leg, twisting his magnificently oiled body, his muscles shimmered and flexed as he vainly fought the restraints.

Swimmerboy, looked directly into Swimmerlad’s eyes and comforted his boyfriend, “I know you’ll do your best Swimmerlad, they have engineered this to defeat us, hold on, resist, I’ll do my best too, we are both at full power, it’s not you torturing me, it’s not you. I love you.” He thrust his speedo forward to Swimmerlad in a kind of sign that he wanted him so bad, the sight of him stretched on that Altar was so sexual and inviting, but the thought of watching him being raped and molested by the evil device and the lust craved acolytes was filling him with anger and trepidation.

Scorpio interrupted them. “Silence!” He then queried the Pleasure Pit Systems.


Occupant – Swimmerlad Speedo Signature

Speedo Strength – maximum power

Lifeforce – Strong

Pleasure Level 2%

Connections – Pods 1-10 online - Status Idle

Connections – Torture Frame – Swimmerboy detected – Online – Status Idle

The Pleasure Pit Altar spoke in an evil low artificial voice, the temple lights dimmed, however the Altar remained illuminated with discrete lighting, illuminating the two magnificent writhing heroes

Scorpio looked over toward Swimmerlad and their gazes locked, the captor and captive shared a glance, one filled with power and lust, the other defiance and resistance.

“PleasueTron Altar, re-commence sensitisation of Swimmerlad’s pouch, 15%.”

Swimmerlad’s eyes flared open his gaze diverted from Scorpio as he lifted his shoulders off the Altar and gazed at his nylon offering, it had exploded in enhanced sensations, long delicious tingling energy shot through his buttocks and explored deep into his ass, they exploded with every movement of his body touching and brushing his anatomy against the nylon speedo draped across his body. It felt delicious, his hips lifted forward so he could view his bulge and speedo better, it was tantalising him with excruciatingly targeted busts divine beautiful energy, thrilling him and toying with him.

Oh my god, sensitiser is ramping up, intensity strong, use your power Swimmerlad, but ration it, concentrate, focus. He used his abilities to counter the delicious sensations exploding in his pouch, he looked up to Swimmerboy, who pulled violently in his frame, he needed to free himself and free Swimmerlad from the impending pleasure pressure, he knew all too well himself. Thankfully, his torture had not commenced, he had these moments of desperation to try and break the bonds and mount the rescue.

Scorpio, looked over his handy work, “Enjoy that Swimmerlad, while we orient ourselves with your pleasure stream, just a little sensitisation to get you in the mood!” he smiled at the writhing young hero, fighting in his bonds. “We’ll be underway soon, so very soon, so lay back, my delicious young hero and prepare yourself for your sumptuous pleasure feast that will drain you slowly and deliberately and will torture your delicious Swimmerboy. I demand your pleasure!” he turned his gaze to the acolytes and invited Orgasmo to explain their pods and the rules of the pleasure session. Scorpio remained to admire and toy with Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy, it was irresistible, his insatiable lust was consuming him in these final moments of anticipation.

Orgasmo took them to Pod 1, it had Kyle’s name glowing on the side.

“Now where is Kyle?”

Kyle stood forward, he was a handsome young man, early twenties, a tall strapping young man, his short-spiked hair shone in the lights surrounding his pod, he looked up at Orgasmo expectantly. Orgasmo looked him up and down, “hmmn you are tall handsome strapping young man Kyle!” He looked at Kyle’s bright red Arena speedos, he had left part of the nylon tie cord knot sticking out the top of his pouch. Orgasmo stepped over and ran his finger over Kyle’s abdominal muscles, Kyle had looked after himself, that was clearly evident, he felt up Kyle’s moist lycra speedo pouch, the tight fabric displayed his generous cock nicely, it felt soft and sumptuous to Orgasmo; Kyle could not believe that the evil Orgasmo was playing with HIS assets.

“Now let’s focus!” Orgasmo removed his hungry hands from Kyle’s ass and speedo pouch. “Mmmm very nice Kyle! Now,” Looking down at the pod, he began to explain its workings. “You have two operations. Internal and external. For privacy, you can jump into the pod and lay inside, it will light up and display several screens from the cameras capturing our two delicious heroes. Just say Pleasure Stream on and your desired intensity between 1 and 10. There is space inside for you to play with bondage, place your wrists and ankles on the pressure points,” he pointed to one of the pod’s spots, “just say restraint or to release say release.”

They all nodded.

“When your body is on the pod’s special transference surface,” he motioned to shiny surface inside the pod, waiting for Kyle to lay down on. “Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream will be delivered into your speedo. It’s an extremely erotic and beautiful experience, believe me, my engineers have been working on this project for months!” he smiled at the young men gazing back to him.

“Pop in Kyle!” Kyle obeyed and slid into the pod, it lit up inside and Kyle adjusted his horny body into position on the pod’s pleasure transference surface. He placed his arms above his head and spread his legs to the points displayed and gave the order “Restraint!” his pod quickly detected his presence and strong restraints circled his wrists and ankles holding him tight.

Orgasmo smiled in a devilish manner, “see Magic! Who needs a sorcerer?”

“Yum,” one of Kyle’s new mates purred.

“The commands are displayed on one of the screens in your pod. Now, if you want to share with a friend or friends just say “Open”, Kyle do the honours please.

“Open!” Kyle said it with an authoritative tone. The pod opened across the top of the device and the two halves fanned open, disappearing into a slim cavity surrounding it. Kyle was now displayed bound for the group to view.

“Yum!” his new mate piped up again.

“So,” Orgasmo looked at the group, “You can choose private pleasure or enjoy showing off your bondage or share with each other. Why not role play hero and villain, captive and captor, master and slave, the choice my dear beautiful young friends are yours. Now important! LEDs surrounding your pod will illuminate Green when you are called to pleasure Swimmerlad, the Altar will announce your authorisation by saying your name. Please move promptly to the Altar, you will be in control. You are Swimmerlad’s tormentor, speak to him in a tone of power and domination, you get the gist boys, dominate the hero! Make his pleasure sing, drive it, push it, the stronger Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream, the more for us all to enjoy and the more Swimmerboy will scream and thrash as Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream powers the torture intensity of the delicious hero.”

“Each pod has aroma and ropes, in case you want to role play, there are NO cum wipes here, wipe your cum on your body or someone else’s, hahahahahahahahahaha. You are free to mount Swimmerlad as you enjoy your time with him in case you want to feed him your bulge and your own juices. He will be horny, believe me.”

Orgasmo directed the acolytes to locate their respective pods and they fanned out around the Altar as they each excitedly located and tried out the controls and various screens around their pod and around the floor of the Pleasure Pit, they had fantastic views of Swimmerlad displayed on the various screens and they could also select views of the helpless Swimmerboy.

Orgasmo let them orient themselves for 15 minutes and several of the acolytes had already met their new-found, horny friends, they enjoyed learning the roles of master and slave and played with the bondage functions of their pods.

“Ok Boys!” Orgasmo had ascended to stand next to Swimmerlad’s stretched helpless body on the Altar, Swimmerlad was doing his best to deal with the stronger sensitiser waves, his hands clenched in fists as the sensations rolled over his speedo pouch every 30 seconds or so. “Gather around your delicious offering!”

The acolytes stood around looking expectantly at Swimmerlad, his body stretched and waiting for them was excruciating, the very sight of him made their cocks twitch in expectation.

“So gentlemen, Swimmerlad is vulnerable, his powerful body is bound for your pleasure.” Orgasmo ran his finger across Swimmerlad’s pecs, the muscles flexed and shimmered in the Altar’s illumination system. “He is such a divine offering, don’t you think?” They all looked in awe of the erotic present they had been given. “He will begin his ordeal with a pleasure current, such a divine source of pleasure energy will germinate between his buttocks and it will flow over every piece of his nylon speedo thong, through his buttocks and across his hips, down the front of his pouch, the current will meet up with flow, emerging between his delicious legs and enveloping his bulge from his balls over the apex of his bulge and fanning over his pouch, within 10 minutes, his speedo garment will be consumed by the current. Delicious unforgiving pleasure energy, will tantalise and rape him, it will co-habitate with the speedo sensitiser.” Orgasmo ran his right index finger over the top of the soft nylon fabric encasing Swimmerlad’s bulge. Swimmerlad twisted and hissed as the sensitiser erupted across his nylon pouch, he hissed and breathed deeply as the sensations teased and tormented him. “See how he responds to such delicate and sexual touch boys! - He will be your toy, so make his body sing, make him moan in delight as he fulfills your fantasies.”

Swimmerlad looked at Orgasmo, “You fucking sick piece of shit, you fucking fiend! I will resist with all my might!” He looked at his tormentors’ faces, but he saw their desire and their lust.

Orgasmo, removed his finger from Swimmerlad’s sensitised junk, “We expect nothing less of you Swimmerlad!” he looked at the young hero with gloating authority, “Swimmerlad will resist, but one of you will spark his pleasure stream, he will resist, but it will be too strong and once the PleasureTron Altar detects his personal pleasure signature, it will lock onto it and begin its distribution to your pods and to the delicious Swimmerboy, more on him soon. But for now, I want to re-iterate your options with Swimmerlad. You have several, they will last a short while but will deliver extreme levels of sexual power to Swimmerlad’s helpless speedo pouch. Your delicious options will be:

  1. A pleasure net procedure, this one is set for 5 minutes. It will rape Swimmerlad with such power, he will tremble and shake as you caress his body.

  2. A pleasure beam, the energy in this beam will fill his nylon pouch with a magnificent, sensual energy intensity humming before exploding violently, throttling is penis with powerful spikes of energy. The source of the ultrasonic beam, is our speedo AI, it will deliver a snippet of the recording of Swimmerboy’s recent pleasure drain on the PleasureGEN Altar. Quite a diabolical way for Swimmerboy to torture himself though his boyfriend’s raging pleasure stream. It is a favourite of mine! So fucking erotic!

  3. An intensifier, this will take his pleasure stream intensifying it, compacting it and then deliver the condensed pleasure energy in waves of energy across his pouch and bulge, this will really get his hips thrusting as you worship his bulge, his pouch and his quivering body.

“Fuck you all!” Swimmerlad directed his anger and disdain to his tormentors, he knew they would rape and molest him, with hungry sexual fantasies, they will do their best to ensure his pleasure stream is elongated an strong, he had no option but to use his power to resist their sexual advances on his vulnerable body.

Orgasmo shuddered with joy as he surveyed Swimmerlad writhing and pulling on his bonds in vain attempts to free himself.

“Altar, stretch Swimmerlad a little more, spread his legs wide.”

The Altar obeyed and Swimmerlad moaned as he was stretched and pulled four ways, his bondage had become extreme, his legs spread further for easy access to his speedo bulge and pouch, he was laid out for their pleasure, their sexual fantasies.

Orgasmo moved between Swimmerlad’s legs, “Here is the hero’s most vulnerable place, the holy consecrated bulge and pouch are easily accessed here, it is such an erotic place of dominance, he will tremble in anticipation as you toy with his loins here. Take a moment to look at his stretched body, his powerful legs open for you to access and his piece of nylon heaven, its curves and folds of soft delicious fabric clinging to his loins as he writhes and thrusts for you in his submissive dance, Mmmmmmmmmm Swimmerlad is so delicious from this perspective!” Orgasmo, caressed his own red lycra speedos draped over his white spandex suite. He then spun around and faced Swimmerboy, he walked over to the defiant writhing hero and invited the acolytes to move over toward the waiting hero.

“Swimmerboy, is covered in his cum, he was drained earlier as you know, so feel free to enjoy his juices, you will be torturing him as you pleasure his boyfriend, Oh Fuck, that’s so hot!” He let out a loud satisfied laugh, and looked down to his red speedos, “Hmmm my cock just twitched, hahahahhahaha.” His evil laugh added to the atmosphere, “Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream intensity will determine the pain levels experienced by his delicious boyfriend! “So, boys, no mercy ok! They will beg you for it, they will cry out and beg, but your determined actions will defeat them! Hahahahahahahahahaha” He moved close to Swimmerboy who moaned quietly, the bondage stretching him, left minimal room to wriggle, the bonds pulling him and tingling his ankles and wrists with diabolical energy, he had no way of anticipating what they could and when they would inflict pain upon his body, but he knew that incessant painful connection with his wrists and ankles was not just there for effect. He thrust his hips and pulled on the bonds but this only served to intensify the energy charges, his muscles flexing as he pulled valiantly on the restraints stretching him in the frame, “Fuck you Orgasmo!” he hissed, his head thrown back as he pulled with all his strength but this invoked an energy spike down his right arm, he twisted as best he could in his tight predicament, gritting his teeth as he looked up over his arm, pulsating in the painful afterglow of the energy strike. “Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck!” he whispered through gritted teeth.

“Try as you might, my delicious young hero, your bonds are too powerful” Orgasmo smiled at Swimmerboy as he gave the order to his torture frame.

“Stretch him!”

The frame holding Swimmerboy complied and Swimmerboy was also stretched in four directions, his body taught and delicious, his moans as he took the stretch, reverberated across to his helpless boyfriend, waiting for his fate to ramp up. Orgasmo enjoyed toying with his captive heroes, playing with his prey before he consumed them. The scene before them was charged with palpable sexual energy.

The acolytes were spell bound, it was a lot to take in, they were the lucky ones to have Swimmerlad stretched on the Pleasure Pit’s PleasureTron Altar, waiting and moaning as his sensitised speedo deliciously prepared him for his pleasure drain, and to power their very own private pods to experience Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream and the mighty Swimmerboy, stretched for them to access and torture. They were all horny as fuck and excited, their favourite speedos were full of raging hardons as they contemplated their delicious options and erotic responsibilities; they were never more ready for action!

Orgasmo, moved over to Swimmerboy, his stretched body so inviting and sexual, he gently ran his forefinger across the moist, powder blue nylon speedo pouch, he traced over and around Swimmerboy’s deliciously inviting bulge. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm gentlemen, another piece of speedo heaven to enjoy today, your options for enjoyment are growing! I know you are all eager to kick off this orgy of sexual dominion, but you must be made aware of your options with this sumptuous offering. Orgasmo, bent down and placed his arm between Swimmerboy’s stretched legs, he placed his finger on the nylon emerging from the top of Swimmerboy’s buttocks and traced the fabric through his buttocks, pushing slightly on Swimmerboy’s man hole as he approached it. Swimmerboy moaned in anticipation as he felt Orgasmo explore him. Orgasmo, looked up to Swimmerboy’s face, his own face so close to Swimmerboy’s moist speedo pouch, Swimmerboy could feel his breath on his loins as he spoke, “Swimmerboy likes that!” he said in a powerful lustful voice. “Enjoy ALL he has to offer boys” he said with a devious smile as his hand emerged as he continued tracing the nylon fabric encasing his anatomy so invitingly, his finger enjoying the moist, soft nylon fabric and the sounds of Swimmerboy purring, he added the rest of his fingers as he enjoyed the fabric fanning out over Swimmerboy’s balls, caressing the underside of the holy speedo bulge. He looked across to the acolytes. “Swimmerboy has been drained of his cum, so we need to manufacture some more, so make sure you pleasure Swimmerlad over there, so this piece of speedo heaven over here is tortured, he has no choice, his system is programmed to produce his sacred juice as he endures pain and agony, Swimmerlad is such a beautiful offering and his pleasure will fill his boyfriend with a new load of sacred jism for us to extract. This so sublime, so perfect!” he purred, rubbing his red lycra briefs.

He stood up, smelling and licking his fingers. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Swimmerboy tastes sweet and sexual boys!” “let’s get down to details, Swimmerboy will be tortured in a containment field, it will envelope his delicious body, his torture frame will create the field and his restraints will fire up pulsing powerful energy into the field, his body will be bombarded with microscopic energy probes exploding on his skin as the field envelops him, he will feel his body burning as the relentless torture consumes him. He will writhe, as much as the restraints allow him to, and his screams will be delicious. As Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream increases and builds to his majestic orgasmic peak, Swimmerboy will be enduring the same growing exquisite and dangerous levels of pain.” His evil smile was punctuated by the cries of Swimmerlad, helplessly writhing on the Altar, “Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, you bastards, you fucking sick bastards!”

Orgasmo smiled and “Yes Swimmerlad, we are just that, and you’re in the perfect position, to inflict it on your boyfriend, I hope you have enough power to save him, my beautiful young helpless hero!”

“Now, as you approach Swimmerboy,” he motioned to a control panel on a plinth to the left of Swimmerboy’s torture frame, “press this this disengage the containment field, Swimmerboy will be grateful, for a break in his torture, play with his body, enjoy all that this mighty young sexual super hero has to offer, suck the cum from his pouch and very inch of his sumptuous body. Fucking cum all over him if you want to, he will probably need a drink, hahahahahahahaha!” “When you are finished enjoying his delights, you can re-engage the field and enjoy his screams again, or choose one of the three torture options, firstly you can choose a powerful and painful version of the pleasure net, we have called it a power field, it will form and buzz across his pouch, and it will target his bulging manhood deliciously in a glowing red light show that will become brighter and intense, it will hover millimetres from his pouch and build and build, Swimmerboy will be able to watch his next tirade of pain form and develop, he will beg, he will fight his bonds valiantly until the power field pulses and flashes and absorbs into his delicious speedo offering, exploding as it passes the nylon and reaches his anatomy, he will feel his penis peel, he will feel his testicles explode and his screams will be spectacular, of course his anatomy will be left in perfect order, we all want to enjoy him for a long time, but to him, it will be excruciating, his punishment will be divine. Your next option is the array! The array are twenty laser heads pointed at his body, several will emerge from the frame and shoot directly down onto his body, one will target his anal hole, the laser energy will envelop his speedo immediately attacking his bulge and other lasers will pinpoint spots on his body indiscriminately the entire ordeal will take several minutes and Swimmerboy will writhe for you, his screams will be disturbing, but remember, his metabolism is creating his sacred juice, like a factory with every agonising hit his body receives. Our final option is to re-engage the containment field and turbo charge the torture, you can dial it up several notches and watch as Swimmerboy’s body convulse in the sumptuous energy. Just remember, if you are using option one or two, to reengage the containment field so that Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream continues to torture his boyfriend as they reach their powerful crescendo of pleasure and pain.”

Both heroes, writhed and fought their bondage with all their powerful energy at their disposal, but the restraints held them helpless and powerless to escape their fate.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” they both screamed.

Swimmerlad looked over to Scorpio as he approached the Altar, Swimmerlad’s eyes were pleading for mercy, he pulled on his bonds twisting as best he could in the tight bondage. Scorpio, just smiled and ran his finger across Swimmerlad’s soft nylon pouch, his fingers followed the fabric around the magnificent curves of the hero’s soft bulge, he pushed his finger between Swimmerlad’s legs feeling the warmth of Swimmerlad’s buttocks and the soft nylon fabric tightly hugging the young hero’s anatomy. Swimmerlad lifted his body, he felt the sensitiser envelope his bulge and dazzle his anus and buttocks with delicious sensations, He moaned deeply his eyes closed and his teeth showing as he was raped deliciously by the evil program.

Scorpio just smiled and walked around the Altar to face his delicious captive, spread helplessly before him. He Purred, “I think my sumptuous hero, it is time for your pleasure drain to commence! Your nylon offering is draped perfectly over your magnificent body, the fabric is soft and inviting to the touch, irresistible to say the least, we will so enjoy your bulge, your speedo is like a siren calling us to feed!” He lent down to lick Swimmerlad’s heaving abdominal muscles as they lifted and dropped in time with Swimmerlad’s deep breathing, He enjoyed watching the young hero fight his bonds, he bent down to toy with and nibble on Swimmerlad’s left nipple. “Shall we begin?”

“Fuck off, I will fight your fucking pleasure drain, fuck you all!” Swimmerlad lifted his head and directed his fury to Scorpio in a final act of defiance.

“Gentlemen,” he turned to the acolytes, find your pod and set yourself up, Swimmerlad is ready to share his delightful pleasure stream, you don’t want to miss out on that first pulse of his beautiful offering, it will drive you wild with its erotic splendour, your speedos will explode, hahahahahahahaha.” They were finally ready to commence and they each of the handsome young men positioned themselves on their pod’s transfer surface. Several engaged the restraint option immediately, others tended to their own hard-ons, surveying their neighbours for potential playmates; the energy in the Pits was pregnant with erotic expectation.

Swimmerlad felt his power surging, his powerful speedo strength was gurgling in his system, it felt majestic, he felt invincible despite the bonds pulling him apart in four directions, He threw his head forward and breathed out intently as a huge pleasure spike shot through his penis, he looked over his heaving body, trying to deal with the pleasure spike, it felt spectacular and set off unrelenting tingles of energy as the sensitiser continued its unrelenting molestation of his junk, he moaned, pleading with Scorpio, “Please Scorpio, please no, just torture me, leave Swimmerboy out of this?” he tried reasoning, he gallantly fought, but Scorpio just smiled. Cupping Swimmerlad’s bulge in both hands, as he spoke:

“We worship this offering, this speedo offering. I demand Swimmerlad’s pleasure, I, High Priest DEMAND it!”

Swimmerboy screamed out in defiance, “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Scorpio ignored Swimmerboy and calmly addressed the PleasureTron “Commence pleasure current!”

PleasureTron welcomes Swimmerlad

Pleasure current initiated!

The Altar felt hot on his buttocks, he could feel the current as the Altar connected and shot streams of energy into the nylon pulled tightly between his buttocks, the sensation was exquisite, the energy radiated into his flesh he felt the current moving slowly enveloping his balls as it emerged through his legs, it felt divine as it explored his anatomy. Swimmerlad let out a muffled moan, his head turned to the left he could see the several acolytes, expectantly waiting, he looked up over his body, his bulge was being consumed and the current was licking across the nylon fabric as it twisted across his hips.

Oh my fucking god, this is beautiful, it is exquisitely filling my balls with such beautiful pleasure, oh god, it’s moving across the base of my cock, it is fanning across my speedo pouch from my hips, oh fucking fuck, fuck, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me, oHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. His thoughts were racing, his speedo thong was being erotically coated in divine pleasure energy surging and swirling, delighting him, the current took 10 minutes to envelope every millimetre of his nylon speedo, and when the current finally connected and the flow continued to move deliciously across his speedo offering, he felt the pleasure spikes as they explored his arse, they coated his anal walls and wrapped his balls and penis in a powerful grip. His hips slowly turned and thrusted as his body accustomed itself to the devious energy raping and molesting his delicious speedo. “Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck please Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck…”

Scoprio looked at the helpless young hero, “Enjoy the first throws of the pleasure current Swimmerlad, resist its delights, because once your pleasure stream is detected by the Altar, it cannot be stopped, we have control dear boy, your erection is inhibited, we can’t have you cumming too early, in fact, the Altar is programmed to kill Swimmerboy first and then when he is dead, it will kill you, should you somehow break free of the inhibitors and cum too early! So you must endure the pleasure build, your journey will take hours, so lie back my delicious erotic young man, feed us, give us of your pleasure.

Swimmerlad tested the bonds another time, he fought desperately to break free from the evil device which had commenced it’s devious work, his arms and legs ached as they stretched in the four directions, his speedo felt superb, the soft fabric, brushed against his anatomy as his hips slowly thrust and turned, the sensitiser made his loins dazzle and fiz with delicious sensations that danced and mingled with the current of pleasure energy that was now engulfing and flowing slowly across his pouch, he felt the warmth of the energy and the tingles of sensitised energy on every part of his anatomy touched by his nylon speedo. The PleasureTron was tuned perfectly to his speedo signature, it hummed and pulsed beneath him. He felt a mild spike of energy erupt deep within his penis, it made its way through his cock slowly leaving in its trail divine warm pleasure, he moaned as the spike made its way through his penis, his hips lifted as he tried to look at his bulge, it was sumptuous and intent on its mission, he looked across to see Scorpio and Orgasmo as they purred and watched the first of the penile pleasure spikes make its way through his junk. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what is that? Fucccccccccccccccccccccccckkk!” his head turned and lolled from side to side, he was helpless to stop it, he needed desperately to reach down and squeeze the worm like sensations out of his cock, be all he could do was pull desperately in his bonds. The sensitiser diabolically obeyed the PleasureTron and delivered a burst of energy that enveloped his bulge, it swirled and attracted the pleasure current, the three delicious pleasure energies were raping him erotically and perfectly.

“Very nice dear boy,” purred Scorpio, “Feel my pleasure devices as they molest and devour your beautiful body Swimmerlad, the Altar is just warming up, it is tantalising you, stroking you as it purrs and enjoys your body, that penile spike, is one of Orgasmo’s latest upgrades to the Altar, it will emerge from your cock head soon and form a lasso around the base of the head of your penis, your sensitive glands will be tantalised as the energy pulses out across your pouch, fanning and caressing your body as it mingles with the pleasure current.”

Swimmerlad was in a rapture, his speedo was singing, his body alive with pure erotic energy when he looked up to find his first acolyte tormentor approaching.

“As much as we want to stay and devour your sumptuous body, my dear delicious Swimmerlad, these boys have been patiently waiting,” Scorpio waved his hand around the room as he spun around, theatrically pointing to the pods surrounding the PleasureTron Altar. “They are hungry for your pleasure, Swimmerlad, so thirsty and its only a matter of time before your speedo strength falters enough for your Altar to detect your pleasure signature, you can’t resist for ever!” Scorpio smiled, as he stroked Swimmerlad’s handsome cheek bones, his fingers caressed his head as he ran his fingers through the hero’s short blonde hair. “They say your body is a temple Swimmerlad, well yours is a holy, consecrated vessel of pleasure today, you remember Draco, he gets to play first, he gets a nice reward for torturing you perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfectly, our speedo AI computers report a mother load of cum, waiting in your body and your pre-cum delights gurgling and ready to ooze from your magnificent green mound of heaven.” Resist and enjoy these sumptuous delights Swimmerlad, it’s a matter of time my dear beautiful boy!” He smirked as he welcomed Draco ascending to the Altar.

Swimmerlad could only moan at this juncture, he could hear Scorpio’s gloats, but his loins were on fire, the lasso of pleasure was squeezing his cock, just as Scorpio had said and it was sending delicious and subtle pulses of pleasure energy up through his bulge and across his pouch. His wrists clinching his feet pointing as he stretched and tried to deal with the erotically divine energy lapping at his body. Another penile spike was forming deep inside his penis and he desperately looked down to his green mound of pleasure, fully knowing this spike was growing and pulsing deep within his anatomy. He cried out loudly as a pleasure spike shot through his buttocks and up his arse, causing him to writhe deliciously twisting his hips to the right, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff” and this only caused the sensitiser to pulse and send a mass of tingles through his pouch, his moans filled the temple and the acolytes were glued to their screens watching the initial stages of Swimmerlad’s subjugations emerge, their anticipation of their pleasure treat was electric.

The original penile spike was fading but Swimmerlad could feel the next wave of energy begin to creep through his cock, this was way more dense, the energy pushed outward engulfing his cock with sublime energy, he cried out as it made its way upward through the most private reaches of his body, stroking and tantalising his penis unforgivingly, his head twisting and turning as he dealt with the sensations, the pleasure current was also flowing over and around his bulge targeting his mound - he was captive to the process raping his bulge and he looked up to see Draco stand between his legs, poised to play with him.

“Hello Swimmerlad!” Draco stood tall, his big body was ominous, he wore a pair of powder blue nylon speedos with a white section sewn into the garment on each of his hips, the garment sat loose on his body and his semi erect cock pushed his bulge outward fanning the fabric across his speedo pouch, the front of his speedo was wet, he was ready to enjoy his delectable offering.

“You piece of shit!” Swimmerlad shot a defiant look at Draco, his teeth clenched in defiance, he remembered the “workout” and Draco’s deranged face as he tortured him hours earlier, he was now here to drain him again, sensually, and sexually, but this time, he wasn’t manufacturing Swimmerlad’s cum, he was intent on cooking it ready for extraction.

“You are so beautiful Swimmerlad, I meant what I said just before you passed out on the HyperGYM, I will have you privately, there is so much unfinished business between us, but for now I will play my part in your Pleasure Pit downfall!” he smiled and ran his hands across Swimmerlad’s stretched legs, he looked deeply into Swimmerlad’s eyes as he massaged the hero’s inner thighs, “So sumptuous hero boy,” his gaze then fixed on Swimmerlad’s green speedo thong, the illumination made the young hero’s bulge glow, it was alluring, it was calling him to worship, Draco watched as Swimmerlad lifted is hips slowly, the pleasure current was stroking him, it raged in his pouch, his stretched body, fighting the bonds was just too delicious.

Swimmerlad’s eyes widened, as Draco reached out for his first touch of the majestic mounding green bulge set before him, the nylon was soft and tactile, he felt the tingles of the current as it swirled and pushed toward his touch, the energy reacted in magnificent ebbs and flows attracted to his touch, Draco Purred, his gaze fixated on the heaving green soft hero bulge, he was mesmerized at the beautiful heaving hero offering.

Swimmerlad felt the energy react and flood the region of Draco’s touch, it was erotically attacking his balls and penis, Draco was not letting his touch and grip ease, Swimmerlad moaned deliciously as the energy shot into his penis, he felt its delightful tendrils wrap and whip his cock, his head thrust backward, he was using all his power to resist the evil energy vines raping his loins, he HAD to resist, he needed to save Swimmerboy and NOT allow the PleasureTron to detect his pleasure stream, but it was exquisite, he needed to calm his thoughts, focus his power, but Draco was relentlessly squeezing has mound sensually, his mouth descended on the tip of his bulge and Swimmerlad felt Draco’s hot breath and his tongue explore his bulge, he felt Draco’s lips engulf him, sucking the nylon and his junk erotically. The sensitiser, the pleasure current erupted in sync and Draco moaned as he felt Swimmerlad’s bulge vibrate and surge as a pleasure spike erupted across the head of his penis encased in the delicious soft fabric, it attacked him viciously.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Swimmerlad was taken, engulfed in spectacular sensations, his body helplessly pulling and writhing, his moans deepening with every lash of Draco’s hungry tongue.

Draco stood up and licked his lips, his mouth felt residual tingles of the powerful pleasure energy vortex he had created on Swimmerlad’s bulge. He shook his head and looked at the expectant acolytes, he looked over to Swimmerboy, struggling in his torture frame”

“Now Swimmerlad, you can’t hog all this sublime erotic power to yourself, I’m intent on getting your pleasure stream going, the Altar is waiting, these gorgeous young horny men are waiting and Swimmerboy is feeling left out of all the action.” He made a comical sad face.

Swimmerlad was panting and looking up from the Altar as best he could, his green nylon Aussiebums were pulsing with pleasure but he was resisting his own pleasure, the synthetic energy was spectacular and he knew it was wearing down his speedo strength with every spike, with every deviously sensual penile pulse, it was eating away at his power to resist.

Draco wiped his lips and mounted Swimmerlad, his speedo was wet and musty with gooey pre-cum, he lowered his nylon bulge into Swimmerlad’s face,” lick it Hero boy, suck my bulge.”

He then gave the order, “Sensitise him 50 percent, three spikes rapid formation delivery”

Draco knew some special commands for the PleasureTron devices!


Pleasure Energy Spikes Initiating

Powerful, Sumptuous energy attacked Swimmerlad in three quick rounds, and Swimmerlad’s screams were muffled by Draco’s bulge forced into Swimmerlad’s mouth like a gag. Swimmerlad’s breathing was intense, he tasted, he smelled Draco’s loins as his body thrashed and trembled in the intensity, his hips lifted and twisted deliciously, and from the Altar, then he heard the first stirring of the acolytes.

“Oh Fuck”


“Fuck me”


Swimmerlad’s Pleasure stream had been shocked by Draco’s Rapid spike strike. Swimmerlad had been taken by surprise and ambushed by Draco’s command.

The PleasureTron announced the detection as well

Swimmerlad Speedo Pleasure Stream Detected

2 Percent – working

Increments of pleasure current initiated - 5 percent every 10 minutes – Orgasm inhibited.

The pleasure current ramped up as Draco dismounted Swimmerlad.

“Good boy, I knew I’d get that flowing”

Swimmerlad’s look of horror was displayed on every screen, he had commenced pleasuring his tormentors, he had commenced torturing his boyfriend.

“Oh fuck, no, Fuck, Fuck!” Looking around the Pleasure Pit as best he could, his tormentors were in raptures, his pleasure felt smooth and sumptuous to them as the speedo AI transformed the Hero’s pleasure stream to a safe level for the acolytes to enjoy, those who had taken the bondage option looked down at their speedos, they couldn’t believe the constant delicious flow being delivered magically into their pouches, others not experiencing the bondage feature, lay back and caressed their pouches and bulges as the delights of Swimmerlad erupted and took control of their loins.

He twisted as the current’s frequency loosened , the pleasure had become warm and like a bass subwoofer, it was pounding his bulge it was engulfing him, his mind was racing, his body fighting his bonds, his pouch filled with spectacular warm pleasure and spikes of sensitised energy raped him unforgivingly.

He looked over his speedo engulfed in a hurricane of energy, his own pleasure stream was alive it was being fed and building slowly, he could resist, but it was now impossible to stop it, even if he could, the PleasureTron would kill Swimmerboy immediately, they were, after all not invincible, something Scorpio was enjoying with their every defeat. Swimmerlad looked at his boyfriend, stretched in front of him, Swimmerboy was being molested by Electro.

Electro stood behind Swimmerboy’s stretched exposed body he pushed his raging hardon into Swimmerboy’s tight buttocks and leaned over Swimmerboy’s shoulder to speak, his hands caressing Swimmerboy’s chest and nipples.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” nice tight buttocks, hero boy, they caress my cock perfectly, shame they will never again enjoy, what Draco is enjoying now, Swimmerlad is fucking HOT doesn’t his green nylon Aussiebums turn you on Swimmerboy?”

“Fuck off Electro!” Swimmerboy retorted to his tormentor. In fact, Swimmerlad looked amazingly erotic, spread-eagle, his legs stretched outward, his arms puling outward, his green mound was secretly turning on and enflaming his sexual desires, yet he was denied the pleasure of Swimmerlad. Scorpio’s power over the two heroes was unforgiving and cruel.

Electro withdrew his rock hard mound from Swimmerboy’s buttocks, and bent down, he licked the fabric pulled tightly between the hero’s butt, he tasted Swimmerboy’s sweat and lingering cum, the sweet and salty flavour of a defeated hero, was turning him on. He stood up and moved around the torture frame to face Swimmerboy. “Fuck Swimmerboy, you are exquisite in your bondage, I have so enjoyed torturing you, and have so many plans for you, your screams make me tingle, your defeat makes my cock happy, and look at you now, helpless, your delicious boyfriend here, has succumbed, and his pleasure stream has begun, so your torture frame, is eager to get started!” Electro bent down, he worshipped Swimmerboy’s light blue offering, his fingers caressed the roundness of the hero’s bulge, it felt soft and moist and he leaned in and breathed in the scent of Swimmerboy’s spunk. “I so want to suck your left over cum dear boy, alas, I need to let these beautiful acolytes attend to that, they will clean you up nicely!” Electro looked upward, still lightly caressing Swimmerboy’s sumptuous mound of nylon, he caught Swimmerboy’s eyes as he looked down at him.

“Ugggh, you piece of shit, you are all sick, you have had your share of my cum, let Swimmerlad go, fuck you.” Swimmerboy pulled in his bondage, it had stretched him sufficiently to restrict his ability to move, he threw his head back in desperation.

Electro gave Swimmerboy’s bulge one final caress, he toyed with his cock and cupped his balls, the fabric was just too irresistible, the helpless hero, too magnificent. He finally stepped backward.

“It is time! Torture Frame, initiate torture sequence.”

Occupant Swimmerboy – Welcome!

Containment field initiated

Pleasure stream confluence conversion complete

Swimmerboy looked at Electro standing directly in front of him, his tight body suit, sporting a massive erection beneath the lycra. Electro smiled and squeezed his cock, looking with evil intent into Swimmerboy’s eyes, he gave the order, “Initiate particle array”


Swimmerboy’s restraints illuminated red, he felt the energy build and moaned as the pain began to creep up his legs and down his arms, it was moving to envelop his entire body, he looked around the device and the array of diffuser head also fired up, illuminating red. Swimmerboy pulled and twisted his helpless body but the first round of charges bombarded across his chest and back. He cried out as they erupted covering his exposed skin and like tiny knives giving thousands of paper cuts in unison, he madly surveyed his body looking for blood, but the torture was delivering an illusion, he felt the pain, excruciating and devilish, it was proving to be unrelenting. His legs were on fire and his arms pulsed as the power ravaged his body.

Elctro, smiled watching Swimmerboy, come to grips with his torture, the pain suddenly emerging and controlling his delicious body.

“Nice, you look so sexual as you writhe Swimmerboy, now you can turn Swimmerlad on as you writhe in front on him. He can watch you struggle in your bondage as his pleasure rages in his delicious green mound of heaven, Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexual, you boys are just too erotic. Now I’m going off to watch from our control room, we have orgy of young men in the Pleasure Pits to watch. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.” With that he turned and took a final look of the two helpless speedo clad heroes writhing uncontrollably.

Swimmerboy pushed his hips outward and twisted trying to escape the torment but it was useless, he watched as Electro ascended to Swimmerlad’s Altar, Draco was just finishing off, his head buried between Swimmerlad’s legs, his tongue exploring the writhing hero’s arse and his fingers caressing Swimmerlad’s heaving hips.

Electro looked down into Swimmerlad’s pleading eyes.

“I think Draco likes you Swimmerlad, he is molesting you so erotically!” he looked down to his hardon and found a glob of his pre-cum. “Fuck you boys, you’re making me horny!” Electro scooped up his pre-cum from his lycra costume and wiped it on Swimmerlad’s lips. “You must be parched dear boy!”

Swimmerlad moaned as Draco’s tongue extended deeper between his buttocks, sparking a penile pleasure spike to form, this one was huge, it felt as though it was exploding his cock with its huge mass of energy as it moved decisively through his pleasure racked loins, his Speedo was filled with the pleasure current flowing unforgivingly in torrents of energy, the sensitiser erupting and raping him and now the penile spike was exploding out of his cock head, the pleasure energy this time coating his cock as it fanned backward over his member, emerging like an erotic garment covering his penis in a cloak, squeezing his member. Swimmerlad looked across to Electro, his mouth open and dazed as his speedo pouch, his magnificent bulge was being raped and molested by the Altar’s array of sexual energy and power. He concentrated his speedo power as best he could; the barrage of delight engulfing him was too erotic, too overpowering. He flung his head from side to side and then upward to see Swimmerboy spread out in the devious frame, it was glowing red, illuminating Swimmerboy, helplessly writhing. Fuck this feels amazing, Draco is driving me wild with sexual desire, Swimmerboy, my beautiful boy, looks fucking hot, but I must resist to keep him from their fucking torture. Pleasure is magnificent, must hold off, must resist, must break free, but Swimmerboy’s bound body is turning me on… His thoughts were scattered, a mix of defiance and enjoyment, a pure mind-fuck orchestrated by their insatiable captors.

Electro smiled as he turned to Swimmerlad’s huge green nylon bulge. Electro patted Draco on the back of his head and pushed him further into Swimmerlad’s lower bulge, Draco’s hungry tongue exploring Swimmerlad’s buttocks, Electro caressed Swimmerlad’s cock, it showed beautifully through the light, lime green nylon. His touch set off the sensitiser and invigorated the penile spike which now encased Swimmerlad’s cock. It pulsed and erupted pushing, its powerful erotic energy in all directions, filling Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch with waves of sumptuous force. Swimmerlad cried out as the waves erupted, his loins were encased in such mind-bending spasms he lifted his body deliciously, crying in delight as his pleasure stream increased by several points.

Swimmerboy screamed as the new wave of power erupted in his torture frame.

Acolytes writhed and squirmed as they felt the pleasure in their own speedo’s magnify.

Kyle, looked at his screen, he needed to get a better view of Swimmerlad, and to his delight, his transfer pod glowed green, his screen flashed, “Swimmerlad access approved” He released his self-bondage, and immediately squeezed his bulge, it was on fire with furious pleasure energy and it felt amazing, he was so excited to be given his first chance to worship the helpless Swimmerlad. He stood up, shaking with expectation, adjusted himself in his speedos, he wanted Swimmerlad to enjoy him too, he adjusted his hard cock to the right a bit, his red lycra Arena speedos caressed his body perfectly, he was already wet and as he made his way up the stairs, the sight of the helplessly stretched helpless superhero struck him with its erotic magnificence, his entire body tingled expectantly as he approached the Altar.

There was a slight humming sound, but it was definitely a backdrop to the moans and of delight emanating from Swimmerlad, Kyle approached Swimmerlad, his tall body and strong broad shoulders showed off his red lycra swimwear to perfection, he had been chosen as one of the ten for his handsome features and tight ass, he had already taken the attention of Orgasmo earlier, and he approached his prey with confidence.

Swimmerlad looked up to see Kyle approach from his left, he was moaning and clenching his fists, the pleasure current had just increased in intensity and he was lifting his nylon mound deliciously off the Altar, he looked at Kyle and was struck with his handsome features, he had similar short blond hair and Kyle’s raging red speedo displayed his thick cock.

“Hello Swimmerlad!” Kyle said as he approached, “I’m so fucking horny, I have tasted your pleasure stream and I can say it is fucking awesome, it’s delicious, don’t try and reason with me hero boy, I’m here to ensure I get what’s mine and to ensure you get to enjoy a little extra pleasure goodness, he rubbed his pouch, Mmmmmmmm, look YOU have made me all wet!” Kyle, surveyed Swimmerlad’s magnificently oiled body and enjoyed the beauty of his mighty muscles flexing and contracting in his vain attempts at freedom. It was an erotic and monumental sight to behold.

Kyle toyed with Swimmerlad’s restraints, standing between his stretched legs, “Oh look, your powerful hero legs, are stretched, you’re so delicious laying there, my beautiful Swimmerlad.” He could hear Swimmerboy, behind him, defiantly telling him to fuck off punctuated between cries of pain. Kyle quickly looked over his shoulder and viewed the mighty Swimmerboy, stretched between the confines of his round torture frame, he was glowing red as the containment field delivered the mind bending sequences of pain, yet he turned his attention back to Swimmerlad. “Fuck bondage all around, superheros abound,” he chuckled to himself, Swimmerlad was looking up off the Altar to Kyle defiantly, he could feel the current flowing around his nylon speedos, the fabric so devilishly sensitised was caressing his anatomy and delivering bursts of tingling energy with every movement of his body, his penis was pumping now, bursts of pleasure energy radiated from deep within him and it was blistering out across his lime green pouch, carried along in the currents of the pleasure flowing, swirling, invigorating him, it was draining him slowly and decisively, he let his chest release some pent up air and hissed. ‘Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss’ as he dealt with the magnificence of pleasure consuming his loins and dancing deep into his arse, his hips thrusting to the left and then the right, he pleaded “Nooooooooooo Please,” as Kyle approached his exposed and waiting green speedo.

“Now let’s see what I have been offered. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum squared!” As his hands made out the shape of Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch from about an inch above, Swimmerlad looked up in horror knowing that Kyle’s mind was erotically sizing him up and was about to drain him with an intensity that would attack Swimmerboy as well. “I think I will go straight to the motherload, your bulge is too fucking delicious, don’t get me wrong, Swimmerlad, everything you are offering me is spectacular, beauty, so erotically packaged, but your cock and bulge is sublime.” He bent down and smelled Swimmerlad’s bulge, he felt the warmth of Swimmerlad’s body, and he felt the micro vibrations of energy field coating Swimmerlad’s penis, his green bulge was radiating intense warmth, he savoured the warm air lifting off his prey as he let his fingers glide over the smooth nylon surface of the beautiful bulge, he looked straight across to Swimmerlad, smiling with evil sexual dominance, he felt the softness of Swimmerlad’s pulsing penis below the fabric and followed the contours of the nylon as it fanned out along the to the extremities of the speedo pouch, Swimmerlad clenched his fists, his toes pointed as the pleasure current and the sensitiser flared with Kyles’s erotic touch. The pleasure current’s flow was diverted to Kyle’s fingers and again to his tongue as he opened his mouth and began to worship Swimmerlad with his tongue. He applied a sensual mild suction to guide his hungry mouth over the mountainous green bulge, his tongue exploring the curves and contours of Swimmerlad’s most private region. Kyle’s hands explored Swimmerlad’s heaving torso as he sucked and worshiped taking in the salty taste of the hero green mound. Swimmerlad’s offering was pure perfection and elegance. And the hero’s moans of submission fuelled Kyle’s lust.

Swimmerlad was in raptures, Kyle’s gentle sucking not only set off the sensitiser, it was drawing the pleasure energy across his pouch, it tantalised and raped his body as Kyle continued to suck and eat him, the pleasure pulses pumping his penis also obeyed and it as though Kyle was sucking them into powerful existence and commanding them to rape and attack him deliciously. Swimmerlad threw his head upward, to see Kyle’s hands exploring his chest, the top of Kyle’s head sucking and driving upward and downward as he consumed his speedo bulge in hungry bursts. It felt sublime and his cock was screaming, his entire speedo system was a flood of spectacular driving energy, he wanted to run with it, accept it and enjoy its magnificence, but the screams of Swimmerboy kept his speedo strength actively resisting the delights of this erotic worship of his junk.

Kyle lifted his head and stood up,”Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck” his mouth watered and he took in a huge breath, shaking his tall body, he spun around quickly and excitedly. “Wow, Wow, FUCKIN WOW.” He smiled with evil intent looking down at Swimmerlad writhing in his spectacular erotic sexual funk of sweet sensations swirling and raping his manhood. Kyle then announced, “I choose the Pleasurenet Swimmerlad, I loved that at your consecration, it made me cum violently at that time as you and Swimmerboy here screamed in divine defeat at its hands. We have five minutes left together, so I want to watch you enjoy the Pleasurenet procedure close up, hear your breathing, feel you tremble and then I will cum in your face as it absorbs into your speedo and fucking rapes you with intense divine pleasure, I want to drain you of your speedo strength with huge ferocity so that Swimmerboy screams across the Pleasure Pit.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Pleassssssssssssssssssssssse, you fuckin sick shit-head!” Swimmerlad thrashed in his bonds, he cried out in pleasure as a sensitised pulse spiked between his buttocks and erupted, it was beauty, it was intense, his tight buttocks trembled and the tingles of divine energy cupped his lower bulge caressing his balls squeezing him in a delicious frenzy. Kyle had moved around the Altar by now and Swimmerlad felt his breath on his left ear. Kyle whispered, “I hope you like cum, I’m going to pump my load into your face soon.”

Kyle gave the order, “PleasureTron execute pleasurenet procedure.”


Swimmerlad tensed and looked up in horror to see the familiar energy cloud forming above each of his hips, he could feel its presence as it sucked up the pleasure current, intensifying it as it raged and caressed his delicious bulge, the energy was warm and sensual, it stroked and fed on his pleasure, and the growing energy field above his pouch was hungrily feeding on the torrents of sensual energy raping his speedo, it was driving him mad with delight, he concentrated his speedo energy resistance energy as best he could, he could hear Swimmerboy calling out in pangs of pain, “Hold on Swimmerlad, hold Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh on” but the Pleasurenet continued to form and was now hovering directly above Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch, it hissed and buzzed as it fed on the pleasure energy directly below it in Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch. The pleasure current then performed an incremental increase and Swimmerlad was taken by surprise, his penis throbbed and pulsated unrelentingly, it was consuming him, his body, his strength, his power, draining him deliciously.

Kyle was ready to cum, the sight and sounds of Swimmerlad responding to the pleasurenet’s devilish assault was pure erotic mastery.

Swimmerlad moaned deeply and pleaded “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”

Kyle climbed onto the Altar, he was facing the pleasure net, almost directly over it, he could see Swimmerlad’s heaving speedo, his bulge shimmering through the blue cloud of pure pleasure energy as it buzzed and clung to Swimmerlad’s speedo offering, it was a matter of time before it absorbed into Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch and exploded with colossal power, raping the magnificent hero, in excruciating and torturous intensity. Kyle lowered his hard speedo bulge into Swimmerlad’s face, he looked up to see Swimmerboy trashing in his torturous bondage, Swimmerboy’s angry and desperate glare was sexy and powerful.

“Your boyfriend is enjoying my wet mound Swimmerboy!!” he smiled looking up at the torture frame and Swimmerboy’s helpless tortured body, he moaned, as his orgasm was rising, almost ready to erupt in Swimmerlad’s face. “Ohhhhhhh, nearly there Swimmerboy, I’m Gonna cum soon, trying to time it with this spectacular Pleasurenet, I’ll scream soon, Swimmerlad will scream, and you will scream, in exquisite pain!” Kyle’s face contorted as the Pleasurenet absorbed perfectly on que. Kyle cried out as his pent-up orgasm erupted, his red speedo, filtered his jis into Swimmerlad’s face as Swimmerlad erupted in the magnificence of the Pleasurenet absorption.

He tasted Kyle’s hot spunk as it invaded his face, but it was merely a distraction as he felt the pleasure in his speedo, magnify exponentially, it was shocking and disturbing, his body trembled as his loins succumbed to the enormous explosion in his pouch, he screamed in complete exhilaration and his mighty speedo power felt obsolete as his body succumbed to the evil draining powerful explosion.

Swimmerboy’s frame instantaneously pulsed and the containment field bulged as the powerful energy surged, he felt the restraints buzzing with energy and his arms and legs felt as though they were about to explode, his entire body writhed as the particles exploded indiscriminately across his entire body, his torture was consuming him, draining him, he was helpless. His screams resounded around the temple and they merged with that of his boyfriend’s moans of disturbing pleasure and the sounds emanating from the pleasure pit pods. The air in the Temple was explosive and erotic. It smelt of men’s spunk, Scorpio had increased the warmth and the humidity in the temple and the sounds and smell of the sex hung heavily inside the Temple.

Kyle’s spunk coated Swimmerlad’s face, and as Kyle dismounted him, he was still trembling at the sensory overload of the erotic moment he had just enjoyed, Swimmerlad lay weeping as his hips thrust and pulsated dealing with the residual pleasure pulsing in his sex, he was being played and toyed with, he was their sexual play thing and he had hours to endure. He looked up to see Swimmerboy, pulling in his bonds feverishly, he was sweating profusely. The guilt that Swimmerlad felt as he witnessed boyfriend’s suffering was excruciating.

Kyle chuckled, panting and rubbing his wet sticky speedo pouch, “Fuck me Swimmerlad, was that as good for you as it was for me?” he laughed as he surveyed the writhing hero, helplessly fighting his bonds, “Time for me to go, I need to compose myself and get me some more of your pleasure stream, thanks Swimmerlad, you are just too delicious!” he turned and left the Altar moaning and rubbing his pouch as he passed Carter on his way to the Altar. He also noticed Jesse on his way to play with Swimmerboy.

Carter ascended to the Altar, his red nylon speedos were wet with his precum, he was trembling from the power of the pleasure he had just experienced and the spectacular sight of the mighty Swimmerlad, stretched out and helpless, in a state of pleasure oblivion, being drained of his powers mercilessly. Carter realised that this was now his own opportunity to contribute. The moment was sublime, and he felt his penis twitch inside is red speedo pouch. Carter played footy, he was well built and handsome, his dark hair was cut semi short and spiked at the front, and like the other chosen acolytes, he exuded youthful beauty, he was sexually primed and hungry for his piece of hero offering, he longed to play with Swimmerlad, to feel his helpless body, taste him and toy with him. He was hungry for Swimmerlad’s pleasure and his juices. He approached the hero, his mind racing his cock humming.

“Fuck me!” was his first words, as he reached the Altar level. Swimmerlad was panting, his abs rising and falling, his head pushed backward, Swimmerlad’s legs shimmered in the lights as he twisted his stretched body and his green Aussiebum pouch lifted and descended as the pleasure current swirled and caressed every millimetre of his loins.

Carter requested a status, “Status Please?”

Occupant Swimmerlad

Pleasure level 37 percent

Speedo Power 62 percent

Life Force strong

“Thank you,” Carter purred.

“My turn hero lad! Let’s see if we can get some of that power down and that pleasure level up, your moans and Swimmerboy’s cries are turning us all on so much, you sound so sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxual Swimmerlad. I’ve tasted your pleasure stream and it’s like a fucking drug, it feels so smooth and sensual. Let’s make some pleasure magic, shall we?”

Swimmerlad looked up to see his new beautiful tormentor, he was struck by his well-formed body, his ass was pert, and his red speedo pouch was dominated by a semi erect cock pushing the fabric outward. He was confident and driven and he ran his fingers over Swimmerlad’s abs and across his heaving chest, Carter looked down to see Swimmerlad’s green nylon pouch, he was struck by the sheer magnificence of the hero’s bulge, he had seen him on TV so many times, wanked over pictures of him and other heroes in magazines, but the real thing was presented to him now. It was hot, steamy, and erotic, a moment to cherish.

Carter had been given a secret instruction before he was called to his Altar duty, he bent down and opened a hatch on the side of the white Altar and pulled out a red and orange musty smelling nylon speedo. “Guess what Swimmerlad, these were Swimmerboy’s consecration speedos, they still have his cum scent in them.” Carter waved them over Swimmerlad’s face and rubbed them into the hero’s face. “Good boy Swimmerlad, taste Swimmerboy, breath in his scent, hero lad.

Swimmerlad was intoxicated by the feel of the fabric, the tactile fabric made him horny, Carter was definitely fucking with him. He tasted the familiar flavour of his boyfriend as Carter withdrew the stimulant and dropped the garment on Swimmerlad’s chest, he rubbed his body lightly and sensually, letting the garment lightly brush his skin. Carter made his way to Swimmerlad’s heaving green mound of unrelenting devious pleasure energy, there was no escaping what Carter had in mind and he braced himself as Carter started to brush the garment over his own pleasure wracked pouch and bulge. The nylon fabric of his own speedo was being brushed by Swimmerboy’s consecration speedo and the friction caused Swimmerlad’s sensitised offering to scream and pulse. Pleasure spikes erupted at his hips and shot directly into his bulge, they were ferocious and powerful the sensations erupted on his pleasure points and his body trembled, his wrists clenching, his legs pulling on the powerful bondage holding his helpless body. And the pleasure current gripped him and squeezed his balls, his green speedo was ablaze with divine energy.

Carter withdrew the garment and placed it back in its receptacle. He made his way between Swimmerlad’s legs to worship his offering. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, So divine, so sublime Swimmerlad, by the way, Swimmerboy’s speedo was also laced with Orgasmo’s Aphrodisium, you will become very horny as I worship your divine green speedo pouch and your fucking spectacular bulge. Swimmerboy will so enjoy his torture as we RAMP UP your pleasure.”

Carter’s hands felt Swimmerlad up, he needed to have both hands on the magnificent pouch, he needed to enjoy all that Swimmerlad offered to him, he let out a sexual sigh as his hands encased the beautiful hero’s loins the fabric was warm and soft, Swimmerlad’s body strong and sexual, Carter’s hands rubbed and caressed the speedo for several minutes as Swimmerlad’s moans and cries enveloped the pleasure pits, the pleasure current squeezing his penis and his balls, the sensitiser driving him wild and now the Aphrodisium was igniting in his chest, the cacophony of sensations erupted in a sexual frenzy as Carter expertly cupped and squeezed and caressed his hero bulge with exacting precision, the pleasure current’s flow was diverted to his bulge as result, it swirled and tantalized him, he was a captive the exquisite power churning his most private region, the force of the pleasure so erotic, so intense, the drug took over and he screamed for Carter to suck his speedo dry.

Swimmerlad was taken in the moment, his chest full of desire, he was overpowered by the horny desires inflicted by the Aphrodisium dose, “Fucking do it man, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkking lick my bulge, suck it, you fucking sex whore, just do it pleaseeeeeee!”

Swimmerboy thrashed in his bonds behind Carter, he cried out “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

He was being circled by his tormentor. Jesse was taking in the majesty of Swimmerboy’s torture, he was surveying his prey before disengaging the containment field to approach the helpless hero offering.

Carter smiled, “Now that you have demanded Swimmerlad, how can a guy resist such a perfect offer!” His hands were in love with the feel of Swimmerlad’s pouch, he was in a frenzy, his hands rubbing, feeling, caressing the sensual fabric encasing and presenting Swimmerlad’s sexual offering to him, he bent down and smelled in the scent of the mighty hero, pleasure erupted in Carter’s red speedo as well; he moaned deeply as he enjoyed the magnificent, sublime Swimmerlad stretched out and heaving, his body thrusting the green pouch upward and downward in a mesmerising flow of sexual depravity, it was a moment of pure fantasy for Carter. Carter’s right hand followed the green nylon as it cupped below Swimmerlad’s balls and entered and sensually caressed his body between his buttocks, Swimmerlad felt warm and inviting, his hungry hands worked and gently pushed against the tight fabric as Swimmerlad’s body responded to the sensual toying with his private anal reaches and he arched his body as the sensations raped an tantalised every cell in his speedo. Swimmerlad cried out in a deep sexual husky voice:

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck man” “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“What are you doing, it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice?”

He was unable to control the Aphrodisium, it was too strong and was controlling him, his body had become a mass of sexual need, his bondage was feeding the sexual desire, looking up over his heaving spectacular green pouch, over Carter’s head , Swimmerlad could see Swimmerboy, stretched out, his head thrown back in submission to the intensity of the pain, but the drug fuelled him, it over-rode his instincts to resist and free himself and Swimmerboy. Swimmerboy’s torture was even more erotic in his sexually heightened state, the drugs fuelling and controlling his deep seated sexual fantasies. He then noticed as Jesse came into view. Jesse was surveying Swimmerboy and had been circling the hero as he thrashed in the evil containment field, his body twisting and turning in the constantly evolving bombardment of evil pain invoking explosions attacking every millimetre of Swimmerboy’s skin.

Swimmerboy looked up slowly, his body was on fire and the frame pulsed red and orange all around him, its power was diabolical and they had worked Swimmerlad in to some kind of sexual frenzy, he could hear his beautiful, sexual boyfriend’s moans and cries of delight through the constant hum of the torture frame around his body, yet the cloak of pain enveloped him and he knew that it would only intensify as they bring Swimmerlad’s pleasure levels higher and higher, he was helpless and he had to fight the wicked pain being inflicted on him, draining his strength. He also noticed Jesse as he came into view, Jesse was working on the control plinth to Swimmerboy’s right. Suddenly the world came into focus, the containment field dissipated and the red haze of the field scattered, the relief from the torture was instant and he could now see the lovely Jesse as he approached. Swimmerboy quickly surveyed the restraints above his head pulling his arms upward and outward. He quickly checked his speedo, they had tightened this speedo thong and the powder blue nylon felt delicious on his penis, the tight fabric pulled between his buttocks was turning him on as Jesse arrived with a smile on his face.

“Look at what we have here! The fucking mighty Swimmerboy; the fucking delicious sex toy now!” Jesse rubbed his tight royal blue Areena branded speedos. He felt his own smooth bulge and his semi-erect cock twitched in the tight neoprene fabric caressing his body. “Hey beautiful hero boy, I’m a swimmer too, I’ve got hundreds of pairs of speedos, but these ones make me feel erotic, do you like them?”

Swimmerboy looked over his tormentor standing directly in front of him. Jesse was average height and 23 years old; his strong shoulders indicted his swimming credentials and his toned body looked beautiful. Behind him he could see Swimmerlad’s helplessly stretched body and Carter’s arse pointing at him, Carter was now hungrily dining on Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch and Swimmerlad’s moans of depraved desire were broadcast around the Pleasure Pit. The other eight Acolytes were laying on their pod’s in sexual displays of submission to Swimmerlad’s pleasure current invading and caressing their bodies. Their own outbursts of desire and subjugation to the pleasure transference devices joined with Swimmerlad’s constantly evolving cries of depravation. The air was warm and heavy, the scent of sex intoxicating.

Jesse, looked at Swimmerboy’s light blue nylon pouch, they had fashioned his pouch to lift and enhance his sublime, inviting bulge. Jesse stood in front of the stretched helpless hero and looked down as a glob of precum formed on the front of his own speedos. “Mmmm” you look soooo fucking hot Swimmerboy, and look at your boyfriend, his pleasure is just flowering and coming into bloom, as he travels to his orgasm, we will suck him dry, just as you were milked dry, I so wanked to your latest milking!” he smiled as pulled his own speedos, up his arse, he pulled them tightly and twisted the sides. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” That does feel erotic doesn’t it Swimmerboy, it must be a complete mind fuck while they elongate your orgasm for extended periods…” Jesse adjusted his pouch and arranged himself, he made his bulge adjust to the new tightness of the fabric encasing his sex. “How does that look Swimmerboy?” He turned around in theatrical spin to show off the garment and his own delicious buttocks to the captive Swimmerboy, “I hope you like it, does it turn you on as much as your hero boyfriend over here,” pointing to the Altar, “being devoured by Carter?” Jesse laughed confidently and reached over to small hatch on the side of the torture frame encircling Swimmerboy. It was pulsing green, now that the torture field had disengaged. Jesse opened the hatch and produced a red and orange speedo. “This, my dear hero boy, is Swimmerlad’s consecration Aussiebum speedo. It has his cum still over it, its dry now, but his scent is there. He waved the garment in front of Swimmerboy and rubbed the tactile fabric over Swimmerboy’s chest and Abs. Swimmerboy was mesmerised by the feel of the garment as it brushed his skin and he moaned softly to himself, “what’s, that little sigh I hear Swimmerboy?” Jesse played with him and his desires, Swimmerboy looking down, he watched as Jesse wrapped the garment over his powder blue pouch, he was playing with him, tormenting him, Jesse covered Swimmerboy’s bulge and pouch with the fabric and he rubbed it over Swimmerboy’s loins expertly, the feel of the fabric’s friction on his own moist speedo bulge and pouch was divine, a massive sexual turn-on. Jesse was playing with his hero toy, enjoying the domination of the helpless, powerful hero spread-eagled before him. Jesse withdrew the speedo and his mouth opened to gently suck Swimmerboy’s bulge into his mouth, at the same time his hands moved to Swimmerboy’s buttocks and he rubbed the fabric over Swimmerboy’s butt as he pushed Swimmerboy’s body toward his hungry mouth. Jesse sucked gently and the taste of hero cum, the feel of Swimmerboy’s soft inviting bulge intoxicated Jesse with intense sexual fever, his tongue exploring the delights of Swimmerboy’s speedo bulge were sublime. He stood up slowly but his hungry mouth and tongue stayed connected to Swimmerboy’s body, his tongue feeling and exploring Swimmerboy’s heaving abs, scooping up sweat and moist cum residue as he continued ascending and worshiping the perfect hero’s body slowly and sensually. He swallowed his fair share of sweat and cum before he arrived at Swimmerboy’s face. Jesse stood back, licking his lips. “Oh how rude of me Swimmerboy, here I am getting my feed, and you must be so parched!” Jesse cupped his own inviting pouch and filled the palm of his hand with his sticky pre cum. “This is a little warm, Swimmerboy, sorry but you’re making me hot with desire!” He smeared his palm over Swimmerboy’s face and then used a couple of fingers to push some of his juice into Swimmerboy’s mouth. “That’s it Swimmerboy, have a little drink, it will help keep your beautiful lips moist, you have so much further to travel today.” Jesse bought the red and orange speedo to Swimmerboy’s face and rubbed the garment over his brow, and he covered Swimmerboy’s face completely.

Swimmerlad looked up desperately from his bondage to see Jesse administer the Aphrodisium to Swimmerboy.

“Swimmerboy breathed in the scent of Swimmerlad deeply into his lungs, it was the closest he had been to Swimmerlad in the weeks of his captivity, his tongue tried madly to grab the fabric into his mouth to taste his boyfriend’s dried spunk and Jesse laughed as he pushed it to his face excitedly. In the background of the moment, Swimmerlad’s cries of “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” filled the temple.

Jesse remove the garment, and he stepped close to Swimmerboy, his right hand fondling Swimmerboy’s delicious moist bulge as he whispered “That was also a dose of Aphrodisium Swimmerboy, we can’t have you missing out on all this sexual desire, can we?”

Swimmerboy had minutes to prepare, he fought the restraints valiantly trying to release himself from the bonds, but this just served to turn Jesse on even more. Jesse bent down and breathed in the scent of his speedo pouch one more time. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you are so sexual Swimmerboy, so helpless and you will soon be so fucking hot and horny as your beautiful boyfriend over here, time to re-engage your torture; Scorpio wants more and more of your Jism, so we better get back to the task at hand, now how will I torture you? Such a wonderful set of options!” He stood in front of Swimmerboy, who was starting to feel the effects of the Aphrodisium, Moaning softly and thrusting his speedo forward toward Jesse. Jesse smiled and play acted his decision making, “Mmmm, I choose the Power Field!”

Swimmerboy could feel the drug as it invaded his body, he was sexually alert, the bondage was taking on a sensual and erotic role and he pulled and swayed his horny body as best he could. Swimmerboy, looked at the beautiful Jesse, he watched as Jesse played with his own Royal blue speedo, Jesse had created his own thong, and Swimmerboy’s heightened desires craved for Jesse to molest and pleasure him, he wanted to enjoy Swimmerlad stretched out on the Altar in front of him, his heightened desires were electric and consuming but Jesse played the torment game expertly, he smiled at Swimmerboy, caressing his own inviting pouch sensually as he selected the Power Field option on the torture frame’s controls. “Enjoy the Power Field Swimmerboy as it punishes you and ignites your cum production, I can’t wait to hear you scream, Fuck this is just too fucking hot!”

Swimmerboy looked down at his powder blue nylon offering, the drugs fuelling his erotic desires, and just the sight of his own bulging blue pouch was igniting his sexual needs, but he watched as the red glowing field formed at each of his hips, he watched as it grew and covered the surface area of his nylon pouch, it glowed, it buzzed and pulsed, he could feel the electricity jumping and arching into his speedo, its tendrils lashing his anatomy with growing vigour and force, it was somehow sensual and intense, his bondage and inability to free himself charged his sexual desires, the drug was sinister, evoking his deepest fantasies. Swimmerboy’s desires were being replaced quickly though. Horror mingled with his erotic desires as the power field continued to build its menacing ferocity whipping his bulge in agonising pain, he looked down and the evil field had latched onto his pouch with such force, his screams and cries began to echo throughout the temple area, around him the pleasure pods were delivering sublime pulses of Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream, yet the Power Field was inflicting on him the same pulses, inverted to electrical power so malicious and so evil, he felt his penis slicing he felt his testicles squeezing the tendrils of the power field were raping his loins with such force his vision was beginning to blur, one of the tendrils powered between his legs and punished into his arse and between his buttocks, he had become enveloped in the powerful energy field, he had no escape, he was helpless as the diabolical field began to expand and pulse, he cried out in desperation, looking down at the punishment, and to his horror, a flash of red energy pulsed through the temple dispersing outward powerfully from his speedo and immediately following the flash the field absorbed into his powder blue pouch and for an instant that felt like an hour, there was calm, but the explosion erupted with magnificent force with immeasurable pain shooting through his body from his loins. Swimmerboy’s body twisted as his speedo strength warped and he felt his body explode with such merciless force he threw his head backward, his speedos thrusted toward Jesse standing in awe of the moment, Jesse came immediately! The sight of the mighty Swimmerboy being raped and tortured with such power was erotic and sexual, he filled his royal blue Areena speedos with his jism, moaning and trembling with his feet stretched wide, Jesse was satisfied, he re-engaged the containment field, leaving Swimmerboy no time to recover from the evil power field’s torturous grip.

Swimmerboy’s body convulsed and shook as the containment field took off where it had left off, yet the evil unrelenting beams attacking his body, the powerful electricity feeding into his pain wracked body from his restraints was more powerful, he looked through the haze of pain diabolically torturing him, the agony and beauty of his bondage, entertaining his captors as a symphony of sexual expression surrounded him, he was but a mere beautiful pawn in the devious plans of Scorpio and he was helpless. He noticed Carter descending from the Altar, Carter was covered in sweat and his red speedos were dripping. Fuck aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck the pain is stronger, must use my strength to resist and push through this, Fuck Carter has had his fill of Swimmerlad, Fuck look at him, he is wracked in pleasure, his draining is electrifying their desires, fuck, fucking hell he was thinking as his body convulsed and shook as spikes of pain erupted in his buttocks and shot through every inch of his body touching his delicious powder blue nylon offering. His screams rebounded throughout the temple Pleasure Pits in concerts of dissonance as they competed with Swimmerlad’s cries of delight.

Swimmerlad was fighting the opposite, the Aphrodisium was raging, he was undergoing a mind bending, horny mix of desires, his body wracked in waves of delicious pleasure energy as the Pleasure current throbbed and cascaded around his green nylon speedo thong with its next incremental upgrade, the sensitiser deployed to his speedo pouch was also reacting to the increasing pleasure pressure energy and Swimmerlad’s penis, his balls, his bulge were singing with divine sexual tingles that added to the delights attacking and raping his delicious body. He looked up and moaned with raging sexual desire “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…” as he looked across his own delicious body to Swimmerboy as he writhed and contorted in his bondage directly in front of him. The Altar was powerful, the drugs were powerful, his body itself a writhing temple of pleasure, wracked in a powerful hurricane of delicious energy and sensation.

Swimmerlad was served up, the main course for Jasper as he approached and ascended the steps to the sacred Altar of pleasure and its divine captive.

Flashes of green took Jasper’s attention immediately, Swimmerlad’s writhing body, his sexual thrust of his hips, created an erotic display and dance as he watched his prey’s speedo thong rise and twist, it mesmerised him, his own pouch still invigorated by the intensity of the pleasure stream to the transference slab in his pleasure pod. His body felt alive and his lusts and desires consumed him; before him was his fantasy stretched out for him to enjoy and control, and just to the left, Swimmerboy’s writhing body, his sexual, erotic blue pouch was just as spectacular, the discord of pleasure and pain of the two delicious sexual heroes helplessly bound and writhing in their powerful bondage was overwhelming and the expression of pure evil and dominance.

“Fuck, now this IS a welcoming party!” Jasper approached Swimmerlad slowly, taking in the beauty, the bondage, the eroticism presented to him, he stroked his semi erect, moist nylon bulge. The light pink fabric draped over his narrow hips and down over his cock, it cupped his balls and the fabric tented across to each of his hips. He too was especially chosen, another beautiful young man in his sexual prime, his desires and lusts fanned by the display of sexual frenzy tied to the Altar, he too, a beautiful athletic track and field champion, played his part in the dance of desire and lust. He caught Swimmerlad’s eye, as he turned his head from side to side, helplessly trying to deal with the pleasure energy furiously attacking him. The sight of Jasper, his tall athletic body, the pink speedo bulge, and pouch approaching him set off the drugs. His desires, his bondage, the excruciatingly delicious tingles of the sensitiser bombarding him and the delicious pleasure current, now attacking and squeezing his bulge with uncontrollable delights erupted all at once. Swimmerlad trembled in anticipation controlled by the clutches of Aphrodisium drug, he longed for Jasper to touch him, his desires overwhelming him, the expectation was driving him wild.

Jasper did just that. He had one hand on his own bulge, his other hand toyed with Swimmerlad’s chest and right nipple. His touch fuelling Swimmerlad’s drug induced state, Swimmerlad pulled and twisted in his bonds, he lifted his head to watch Jasper, commence his sexual bombardment, his worship of his body. “You are the perfect offering my dear Swimmerlad, look at the mighty hero, not so fucking mighty now, you are captive to the delights of this sinister Altar, to MY sexual desires, I am your master, hero lad and YOU will submit!” Jasper purred as he walked to the head of the Altar, he caressed the short blonde hair on Swimmerlad’s head with sensual, erotic perfection, Swimmerlad purred as tingles of energy shot through his upper body, he felt Jasper’s breath on his left ear and his body contorted as the pleasure current erupted in a tidal wave which pulsed throughout his speedo pouch. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff” Was all he was able to express as Jasper began to explain his intentions to him.

“I am going to worship your sumptuous man bulge, hero! It will tune and explode as I caress and taste of your offering, I’ll suck that pleasure epicentre, we call your speedo bulge, so that the pleasure current magnifies and rapes you, then I will release you pre-cum, it’s first pulse will be orgasmic hero lad, it will engulf you in beautiful spasms as your silky pre-jis erupts from your cock, I’ll suck it through your bulge, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sweat Swimmerlad nectar will erupt in my mouth and your body will shimmer and tremble as these divine pleasure sensations grip and take you to the next phase of your subjugation. I’m going to choose the pleasure beam next as I mount your face and you revel in my bulge; the pleasure beam will descend from above the Altar and your defenceless body and shoot directly into your oozing bulge. The ultrasonic device will deliver a five minute snippet of Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream recorded just hours ago as he was drained on the PleasureGEN in the parlour. His pleasure stream will rage and syncopate with your own pleasure stream, the Altar beneath you will heat up and I will have the perfect view of your raging green mound of erotic pleasure as it oozes your pre-cum in shots of exquisite almost orgasmic pleasure. If you’re lucky I will try and ensure I control myself and cum in your face as my time with you comes to an end.” His desires overtook him as he surveyed Swimmerlad’s heaving body, his legs stretched outward, Jasper ran his hungry hands over Swimmerlad’s shoulders, his arms restrained out from his body, were twitching and flexing as the bondage pulled unrelentingly on his body. “Shall we start Swimmerlad? These boys all around here are counting on us to RAMP up their enjoyment, and we also want to hear Swimmerboy’s desperate cries increase too! Hehehehehehehe.” His laugh was sarcastic and evil. Jasper was playing his villainous role perfectly.

Swimmerlad trembled in anticipation as he watched Jasper’s arse, wrapped tightly in the pink nylon speedo move past the Altar toward the other end of the device to his legs and he was soon in position between his legs, at his holy consecrated green pouch and bulge offering. Jasper lifted himself slowly and sensually and dropped his pink bulge lightly onto Swimmerlad’s pleasure wrapped bulge. The two men moaned deeply as the energy raping Swimmerlad exploded as the two sets of nylon touched in a confluence of energy. Swimmerlad cried out as he felt the pleasure spike across his pouch, Jasper convulsed as part of the spike shot through his own cock. He dismounted Swimmerlad trembling, just that short burst had infiltrated his bulge and had tantalised him in divine energy, it was a mere glimpse of the power that the mighty Swimmerlad was experiencing as he Altar maintained its determined drain of his speedo powers..

“Fuck that was awesome, epic.” His smile was full of desire as he bent down his tongue extending to Swimmerlad’s green mound.

“Fucking suck it slut!” cried out Swimmerlad in his drug induced frenzy. He was lifting his shoulders off the Altar as best he could, his body shimmered in the Altar’s illumination system, his abs flexed as Swimmerlad used his remaining speedo strength to pull on the restraint system.

Jasper’s tongue lapped up the delectable green bulge with such exactness, he could feel the bumps of Swimmerlad’s erotic cock head beneath the silky smooth green nylon fabric and he could feel the trembles and vibrations of pleasure current and the sensitiser as they swirled and invigorated the mighty hero’s pouch. Swimmerlad dropped back down onto the Altar, his head thrashing as the pleasure energy spiked inside his penis, he could feel Jasper sucking each of the penile spikes into existence and as Jasper used his mouth and his suction to draw the exquisite pleasure through his penis with precision and fervour, Swimmerlad cried out and moaned as the current’s next incremental upgrade erupted.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Swimmerlad cried out in desperation as the pleasure’s frequency adjusted as well, it was moving from a low thumping pulse to a higher frequency, bombarding and erupting through his sex, from deep in his body and coating his penis and balls in a casing of energy which tantalised and unrelentingly shot tiny spikes of delicious energy into his loins, his cock was engulfed in the powerful and diabolical frenzy of magnificent, beautiful energy.

“Now that is beautiful thing, isn’t it Swimmerlad. This Altar, is designed to thrill and drain you in so many delicious ways, you cannot escape that pleasure sheath squeezing your balls, cooking your juices for us, it is encasing your cock, it feels delicious, I bet.” Jasper’s fingers were caressing Swimmerlad’s bulge he felt the warmth of Swimmerlad and the softness of the consecrated bulge. Swimmerlad’s body trembled and twisted as the new divine power gripped and added to the layers of pleasure raping his beautiful body.

Jasper withdrew his mouth from the delights of the Swimmerlad’s bulge. His fingers were hungry too, the green mound was irresistible to the horny young athlete. Jasper caressed Swimmerlad’s pouch in its entirety, his hands covered Swimmerlad’s loins entirely and he caressed and rubbed the green offering with sexual, sensual fervour, Swimmerlad, twisted his entire body as Jasper’s sexual ministry worked the pleasure current and the sensitiser into a frenzy of sensation.

Swimmerlad threw his head backward and moaned deliciously, the depravity of the moment not lost on the other acolytes enjoying the sudden spike in the pleasure transference. The Pleasure Pit was alive and Swimmerlad’s writhing, contorting body was being captured on several cameras, the moment was being beamed to the four corners of the underworld and the dark web was once again alight with activity.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph”

The sheath of pleasure energy around Swimmerlad’s penis had developed and evolved as the PleasureTron Altar continued its diabolical control of Swimmerlad. The PleasureTron hummed and pulsed in an erotic display, its illumination system pulsed green as its captive, screamed in delight and subjugation. The drugs were strong and Swimmerlad’s body was now engulfed in typhoons of swirling intensified pleasure, Jasper looked up from his hero bulge devotions, his mouth watering and his face alight with energy and sexual depravity, he was overdosing on Swimmerlad’s erotic bondage, the trembling hero, sprayed out before him, trembling in an erotic explosion of sexual expression, his fingers trembled as they caressed Swimmerlad’s heaving Speedo, every movement of his fingers over the soft bulge offered to him caused Swimmerlad to flinch and twist, his mighty muscles shimmering as they flexed pulling and resisting the powerful bondage. As Jasper looked up, he cupped Swimmerlad’s bulge carefully and erotically, he smiled and licked the magnificent bulge.

“Time to start feeding us!”

Jasper looked into a camera that was focusing in on his speedo bulge worship. “This people,” he knew it was being broadcast live by the blinking red LED, “Is the most beautiful sexual experience, fucking awesome,” he licked Swimmmerlad’s balls and fondled the green fabric as it fanned out from between his legs and clung to Swimmerlad’s hefty testicles. “This hero is full of cum and full of precum.” He licked Swimmerlad erotically, “just listen to him purr and moan, this fucking PleasureTron Altar is a superb device.” He continued to lick and devour Swimmerlad’s nylon encased balls. He worked his hungry tongue upward, enjoying the tastes, the softness of the nylon, the way Swimmerlad trembled and vibrated in the pleasure onslaught his tongue was conjuring to the helpless superhero was feeding Jasper’s lust with insatiable desire. Jasper reached the apex of Swimmerlad’s bulge and withdrew his tongue, but quickly replaced it with the tips of his fingers, caressing the offering delicately. He looked into the camera and then into the eyes of the drug-induced horny hero and gave the order,

“PleasureTron, release Swimmerlad’s precum flow, Authorisation SCORPIO6969.”

The order was broadcast around the world and amplified to the Pleasure Pit.

Complying, Swimmerlad juicing process approved.

Swimmerboy was thrashing in exquisite unrelenting pain, the torture frame glowed and pulsed in unison with the Pleasure Altar ravaging his boyfriend, he cried out in desperation and defeat as he heard Jasper’s order and the PleasureTron’s confirmation of the authorisation.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Please, No!” He shed tears in his desperation, he was bound so close to his beautiful boyfriend, he felt the helplessness of the situation but had to focus his remaining speedo strength as best he could, it was about his survival now, all thoughts of breaking free of the bondage were dispelled from his mind, he could only work on surviving this evil control of his body, this evil pleasure draining of Swimmerlad, he looked across, he could see the back of jasper as he bent down between his boyfriend’s, magnificent powerful legs, stretched outward and restrained and their muscles flexing and twitching. Jasper was devouring Swimmerlad, and his boyfriend was captive to such immense pleasure energy, his body shimmered and vibrated as the Altar continued on its trajectory, Swimmerlad’s moans, his cries, were erotic, as his powerful muscular body contorted and writhed as the evil Altar continued to drain its captive.

Swimmerlad looked upward and thrust his hips into the waiting face of Jasper, “you fucking sick slut,” his voice was possessed by the demonic drugs which were now synchronising with the pleasure raping him so powerfully, controlling his loins, his body tingled all over as the pleasure began to creep over his skin. His bondage was feeding his sexual needs, it was powerful and commanding he pulled and twisted but this served to fuel the erotic moment, he then felt from deep inside the hurricane of pleasure, the emergence of his first juice load. Crying out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy FFFFFFFFFFFFucking…” he thrust his head upward and peered desirously at his magnificent speedo bulge emerging from his pouch, he was turned on by the sight of his own speedo, by Jasper’s hungry face, and his fingers which were massaging his offering sensually. It was driving his body deeper into the erotic sexual frenzy engulfing his every fibre. He needed to grab his bulge and squeeze as hard as he could, but the denial of this just fed into his erotic bondage and denial of freedom.

Jasper smiled, his tongue waited patiently, as he caressed his prey, his fingers moved to the base of Swimmerlad’s bulge, they encircled the hero’s mound pushing delicately inwards causing Swimmerlad’s penis to move slightly inside the Nylon encasing and clinging to it so majestically, the sensitiser obeyed powerfully and Swimmerlad shot his mouth open, his eyes wide and wild in desperation as his pre-cum started to glisten on the apex of his speedo bulge. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” He moaned in that same possessed tone and then the PleasureTron initiated a pre-cum pleasure pulse which germinated in Swimmerlad’s penis, energised by the pleasure sheath already squeezing and tantalising his junk, it was pure sensual energy compacted and released in a powerful explosion erupting through Swimmerlad’s cock as it gathered its energy, pushing his first juices outward through his cock head. Swimmerlad cried out in a high pitch, it was eery and powerful! He watched as the nylon encasing his bulge was engulfed in his first powerful pre-cum ooze, it was instantly wet and shining in the lights illuminating his helplessly trembling body.

Jasper smiled, “Good boy!” His hungry tongue lapped up the sweet hero nectar as the second pulse of juice oozed powerfully through the nylon out into the illumination.

“Fuck me!” Jasper whispered into Swimmerlad’s bulge, he had one eye on the camera capturing the erotic moment. “Fuck me! This is just too fucking hot!” he whispered as his tongue theatrically lapped up the next globule of sweet Swimmerlad juice as it emerged into the light.

Jasper smiled at the camera, he licked a globule of translucent hero juice from Swimmerlad’s heaving pouch, sticking out his tongue and smiling at the camera, he lifted his head enough for the sweet nectar to string between his tongue and the tip of green nylon bulge. Jasper sucked the pre-cum into his mouth and licked his lips, “Yummmmmo, this superhero’s juice of silky smooth, warm and sweet!” his fingers smeared the goo, caressing every millimetre of Swimmerlad’s sensitised bulge.

The pleasure in his bulge, reacting to the Jasper’s touch, swirled and raped him, his hips thrusting and trembling as Jasper’s fingers caressed and squeezed his bulge mercilessly. He pulled valiantly against the powerful bonds, but he was helpless, his body was being consumed by the growing intense pleasure, his skin was tingling all over as the pleasure continued to rape and tantalise him, Swimmerlad’s moans were deep and guttural, his body a vessel filling with the evil draining pleasure hurricane exploding deep in his loins.

Jasper stood up to survey his prey, he had several minutes left to enjoy the incredible sight of the mighty Swimmerlad, stretched, writhing in immense pleasure, his speedo pouch oozing with his erotic juices with every penile pleasure pulse pushing the goo outward, coating his green bulge and pouch in glistening sweet goo.

“Such a sublime sight to behold, Swimmerlad, I am totally in need of some private time; just you tied to an Altar and me. I fucking can’t get over how sexual you are, so helpless! Anyway, I’m going to give you my parting gift, you beautiful play-toy, you!” Jasper ran his index fingers down the sides of Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch, where the elastic clung to the top his legs, as he approached Swimmerlad’s bulge, he caressed the gooey green bulge, smearing Swimmerlad’s pre-jis in circles. Swimmerlad moaned and trembled, looking up from his bondage at Jasper. Jasper continued. “I am selecting the Pleasure Beam Swimmerlad. Its ultrasonic properties will deliver a new layer of exquisite pleasure to you, so sublime, beautiful and majestic, the beam will deliver a condensed splice of Swimmerboy’s recent pleasure stream, recorded hours ago when he was pleasured by the Speedo High Priest on the PleasureGen Altar!”

Swimmerlad fought his bonds gallantly, he looked at Jasper, his face wet with sweat, his eyes wide with the realisation of what he was about to undergo. He desperately tried to get the words out, as his body wracked and shook as the pleasure throttled him.

“I saw what they fucking did to him, sick fucking deviates!”

He looked up to his bonds, in a vain attempt to free himself, he pulled and thrashed, but this only served to invigorate the evil speedo stimulator to erupt across his delicious green offering and his moans of submission peeled outward from his Altar. his eyes were wide at the thought of this new development in his pleasure drain, He looked up and pleaded for Jasper to stop, but Jasper merely caressed Swimmerlad’s bulge more fervently.

Swimmerlad’s body pulsed and trembled as the next increment updated, the tingles over his body were enveloping him in a cloak of sensation, his penis felt explosive as the pleasure sheath squeezed and shimmered around his cock feeding the penile pleasure pulses pushing he pre-jis, out of his body in mini-orgasmic eruptions. He moaned and attempted to respond “Oh fucking fuck fuck! Please, help me, stop this draining pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Jasper looked Swimmerlad in the eye, “but don’t you want to feel Swimmerboy’s pleasure? Wow, that’s an amazing opportunity to feel your boyfriend so intimately, his pleasure enthralled and drained him so completely, hahahahahahahaha, it’s just too delicious, you really must try it my dear Swimmerlad - I insist!”

“PleasureTron, deliver Swimmerlad the pleasure beam, source Swimmerboy pleasure file”


“My time is up dear Swimmerlad, and I am doing a tag team with my fuck buddy, Brayden. You’ll like Brayden, his cum is so fucking hot, he’ll want to fuck your face while Swimmerboy’s pleasure is layered into your own pleasure stream. Mmmmmm, I can’t wait to experience your pleasure upgrade.” Jasper scooped up a handful of Swimmerlad’s pre-cum and walked around the Altar, he smeared it over Swimmerlad’s face. “There, you go Swimmerlad, Brayden will love to rub his own speedo bulge all over your lubricated face. Enjoy mighty hero, he is really horny for you!”

With that Jasper left the Altar but another young blonde man appeared, his huge bulge straining to keep his erect penis inside his tight yellow Lycra swim briefs.

The laser device was slowly descending as Brayden approached his prey. Brayden kept his tight body in perfect condition, a former gym owner and personal trainer, at age 27, he felt like the grand dad of the group of acolytes chosen to enjoy the delights of the Pleasure Pit, he intended to join forces with Draco and work on new and devious ways to play with the two mighty heroes, he was also a speedo freak and horny as all fuck! He arrived at the Altar to find his captive writhing in spectacular submission to the Altar’s delicious pleasure systems, Swimmerlad’s moans, and hisses were driving Brayden wild with anticipation as he watched the mighty hero twist and writhe, his eyes captivated by the glistening delicious green speedo pouch and its delights which awaited him, the scene was depraved and libidinous, it was erotically charged and the sight of the pleasure beam’s diffuser head descending from above the Altar was just too delicious even in his wildest sexual fantasy. Brayden stroked his rock-hard cock straining in his tight yellow lycra swimmers, he felt a globule of his precum as it oozed out through the sumptuous fabric clinging to his loins. Brayden shuddered wishing he had a video camera to record the depraved scene as he circled Swimmerlad, he took in the sight of Swimmerboy stretched unforgivingly in his torture frame so close to Swimmerlad’s spread legs, his beautiful body contorting in diabolical pain in perfect syncopation with the hurricane of pleasure sensations raping his beautiful boyfriend. His powder blue nylon Aussiebum speedo thong was drawing Brayden’s attention, his desire erupted as he turned to his prey, his divine sexual offering.

Swimmerlad’s trembling, stretched body was his to enjoy!

“What a fucking delicious sight my dear superhero, you are not so mighty now, look at your delicious body, shimmering in the lights, your powerful muscles flexing in your bondage, you’re too fucking HOT with that speedo pouch full of spectacular pleasure, raping you. Enjoy my dear beautiful young friend. I’m going to mount your face just as the pleasure beam begins to deliver the ultrasonic payload to your bulge. It looks like Jasper has left you in right old state” he snickered and laughed with a hungry tone so sexual and needy. “Those drugs are working nicely Swimmerlad and, looking at the Altar’s control panel, this little pleasure experience will bring you and your fucking beautiful boyfriend to the edge of your speedo strength, fuck we will have to top you up, your orgasm is a while a way and we’re all so enjoying ourselves in our pleasure pods. Your pleasure stream is, let me say smooth and sumptuous! Its delights are beyond words! Mmmmmmmm!”

Swimmerlad could hear Brayden, but his mind, his strength were being focused, he had to keep up his resistance to the powerful pleasure ravaging his body, the cries of Swimmerboy were painful to hear but the Aphrodisium had a unique way of overtaking his powers, polluting his consciousness and controlling him. He cried out as a mighty pleasure spike erupted from the pleasure sheath coating his cock and squeezing his balls, his pouch was hot, the micro-pleasure vibrations of the current coupled with the sensitiser were ravaging him, it was heavenly and delicious, his bondage felt erotic as it pulled his powerful body in four directions and his pre-cum oozed in orgasmic proportions with each pump action welling up deep inside his penis. He was helpless and captive to the erotic desires of his captors and the devious PleasureTron Altar he was tied to.

Swimmerlad looked up to see the diffuser head lock into place.

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkk!” he moaned in a deep demonic voice, his body tingled and sang with every wave of the pleasure current, the diffuser array head had halted its descent and hovered about a meter away from his helpless green speedo pouch.

Brayden was standing at the end of the Altar he was rubbing his speedo mound on the smooth round edge surface of the Altar, it felt warm and inviting and he ran his fingers through Swimmerlad’s wet short blond hair. Swimmerlad shuddered and trembled, his head and shoulders shimmered as the pleasure effect enveloped and attacked his sensitised skin. His moans were distorted and erratic.

Brayden had the mighty hero where he wanted him.

The pleasure beam is ready Swimmerlad, you are now going to experience a new dimension of delights so amazing and erotic; your boyfriend was drained only hours ago, his pleasure nearly killed him, so fucking torrid and horny, it will be delivered directly into your delicious speedo bulge, my beautiful young hero, it will take a moment to sync with the Altar’s pleasure current and then commence its explosive attack, the hurricane will creep up your torso and down your legs, Swimmerboy will start to caress and hug your delicious body as his powerful pleasure stream rapes every cell in your body. The Aphrodisium will kick in too so I expect you to fucking suck my speedo bulge and every drop of my cum out of my body, do you understand? You are my sexual toy for the next eight minutes we have remaining; I want your speedo strength to drain as we enjoy your conquest. He laughed as his fingers kept tantalising Swimmerlad’s head, holding the beautiful hero in his hands.

The diffuser glowed red and began to pulse green, slow pulses indicated to Brayden that he had time to mount Swimmerlad’s face.

Up in the Scorpio’s control room.

The control room was a buzz. Scorpio stood at the huge screen showing different angles of the two hero’s speedo pouches, he came in his tight lycra suit for the third time and Orgasmo lay rubbing himself, his signature red speedos over his suit were wet too; he had to compose himself as the control panel was flashing its warning. The screen displayed “speedo power, low 20 minutes to death” flashing in red across screens and the main huge control screen. Scorpio smiled, “Yes perfect gentlemen, they are both running low on their speedo power, let’s let them play a little longer and then drop into the Pleasure Pit to survey the scene. We’ll top up our delicious heroes with moments to spare, just in time for Swimmerlad to ascend to his orgasmic precipice. I want to watch his face contort as his orgasm arrives, his screams will reverberate around the temple and around the world and we will become gods in the world of evil, we will be able to name our price, fuck, we have Seed arriving soon and the Boy Wonder weeks later. Gentlemen, this cornucopia of bondage and domination is just a start of what we can achieve. Huhauhuuuuuahaaaahahahah!” he composed himself taking deep breaths and smiling with a wily twist forming on the edges of his mouth, his villainous mind was flooding with ideas. “But for now gentlemen, it’s time to enjoy this little pleasure transference of Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream directly into Swimmerlad’s delicious body.”

On the Pleasure Pit floor

Miles had pulled himself from his pleasure transference pad in his pleasure pod, he wore a loose well used and faded pair of orange nylon speedos, he had worn these for years, creamed himself fantasising about superheros in bondage for many years as he progressed through his adolescence into manhood. He too was the subject of other’s sexual desires and fantasies, having pursued a career in modelling and acting. The worn fabric allowed his cock to hang evocatively and the head of his cock produced a spectacular bulge effect that caused the garment to fold across to each of his lovely hips. He was covered in his cum and his speedos were moist and tactile, the scent of his cum exuded from his muscular body. His cock was no longer erect, he had literally drained himself of his juices for the time being as Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream invigorated his body over and over during the preceding hours of the ceremony. His shoulder length dark hair dropped onto his broad shoulders. He approached Swimmerboy, wrapped up in the majestic sexual frenzy of pain surrounding him, the moans emitting from Swimmerlad were demonic and possessed, Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream was raping him expertly as Scorpio’s systems transmuted the powerful pleasure stream into evil, consuming torture; and Brayden was only getting started. Miles wanted to enjoy the mighty Swimmerboy as he writhed and screamed as his own pleasure stream recorded in his recent pleasure drain was delivered directly to Swimmerlad and erupted in Swimmerlad’s green mound of heaven. Miles looked across to the PleasureTron Altar and reminisced of his time spent earlier in the session with Swimmerlad, the taste of the mighty hero’s speedo bulge as he dined feverishly and enjoyed the beauty of the hero’s warm anatomy filled him with sexual delight and satisfaction, his every fantasy coalescing and playing out. But now, the sight of the two heroes thrashing and contorting, their moans, and cries of submission to the evil devices sapping them of their powers, so completely was beautiful and sublime. Swimmerboy’s beautiful tanned body and his bulge was erotic and inviting, his torture in the containment field was such a turn-on and Miles could feel his cock fill and his erection started to re-form, Swimmerboy was just too hot and sumptuous with his powerful body stretched out like that before him.

“I want to have some special time with you Swimmerboy, you are so fucking hot in that state of torture, fuck me, I’ve already come twice and now, you are making me so fuckin horny…” Swimmerboy’s face contorted as the chilling, unrelenting bombardment of the torture beams erupted across his helpless body, the Aphrodisium was making him horny, his bondage feeding into the powerful drugs erupting in his chest and deep in his penis, but he was stretched helplessly, bombarded with the agonising pain as he fought valiantly with the remains of his depleted speedo power, he felt his powers starting to weaken further and he could hear Swimmerlad’s moans of pleasure and submission filled the temple, as he too was drained expertly at the mercy of the PleasureTron Altar.

Miles chose not to retract the containment field, Swimmerboy’s torture was just too sublime to interrupt. He moved as close as he felt safe to Swimmerboy. Miles could feel the powerful buzz of the field and the sounds of the explosions crackling all over the stretched hero. Miles smiled and called out to Swimmerboy.“ You’re about to torture yourself Swimmerboy, hehehehehe “he yelled through the red haze of the diabolical field in a cocky tone of voice and he turned to rub his delicious speedo evocatively in front of the writhing hero staring at him, through the haze.

“Plleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Make it stop, Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?” Swimmerboy spat out, trying to get his words out coherently.

“Not on your fuckin life Swimmerboy!” Miles rubbed the worn nylon encasing his loins, he felt so sexual and powerful in the moment, his cock tingled as he stroked himself. “Mmmmmmmmmm, your pleasure stream from your recent visit to the Pleasure Parlour will be delivered to Swimmerlad very soon Swimmerboy. You my dear Swimmerboy are about to molest him, and your pleasure will supercharge his own powerful pleasure stream. That means, unless he can resist the ravages of your pleasure stream, which I doubt at this stage in his speedo drain, his pleasure levels will increase powerfully. Your very pleasure will deliciously torture your magnificent body, via your delicious boyfriend so magnificently stretched on that remarkable PleasureTron Altar. So devious, so all consuming, I am afraid there is no escape hero boy, I’m going to have to cum again too.” He smirked and rubbed his mound erotically as Swimmerboy writhed, crying out in pain in front of him, twisting his shoulders vainly attempting to break his restraints.

Back on the PleasureTron Altar

Swimmerlad felt the stretch as the Altar pulled another millimetre in four directions, his bondage fed into the Aphrodisium drug deliciously, the pleasure caressing his cock and squeezing his balls was pure and sumptuous, he was being drained so expertly, his bulge oozed globules of pre-cum in pleasure pulses erupting deep inside his sex and emerging from deep inside his penis, enlarging and growing in strength as they pumped and swelled inside his cock pushing outward and firing the pleasure sheath surrounding his penis as it fired powerful pleasure spikes back inwards into his penis. There was no escaping the evil pleasure drain. He was engulfed in the power of the Altar and his body tingled and shimmered as the sensitiser carried tendrils of pleasure throughout his body. He threw his head backward in abandonment to the pleasure raping him, and came ‘face to bulge’ with the musty and moist, speedo bulge of Brayden, who was climbing up on the Altar to drop his Speedo pouch into Swimmerlad’s face. Brayden intended to watch the ultrasonic pleasure beam as it delivered its sensual payload of Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream directly into Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge.

“Look up Swimmerlad, as much as I can’t wait for you to suck my speedo bulge dry, I want you to witness the power of the pleasure beam, it will transport you to a sensually spiritual plane of reality and fantasy confluenced in a mind and body fuck! Don’t worry I’ll pump your face with my cum to help you through the majestic sensations, I’m getting closer and closer.” Brayden reached down to Swimmerlad’s oozing bulge, he caressed the beauty of its delights turning him on powerfully. He let go and licked his hands full of Swimmerlad’s pre-cum as he felt Swimmerlad’s body writhe beneath him, his handy work set off the sensitiser perfectly to precede the arrival of Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream.

Moans of delight around the Altar erupted as the pleasure spike hit their pods at once and Miles, standing by Swimmerboy twisting and writhing in pain almost came as the incremental increase in pain hit the hero, Swimmerboy’s cries peeled out, consuming the temple and filling Miles with tingles of excitement. “It won’t be long Swimmerboy!” he peered through the haze and hum of the containment field engulfing Swimmerboy, “Your very own pleasure stream will bring Swimmerlad to the edge of death, drive us all wild with delight and you will be adding to your own torture! But think of all that delicious cum your body is manufacturing, we’ll have to extract that somehow soon!” He laughed and gloated as Swimmerboy’s body thrashed and contorted.

Swimmerlad’s moans were suddenly muffled as Brayden’s rock-hard yellow Lycra mound descended onto his face in a moment of sexual fantasy, Brayden, moaned and gave the order. PleasureTron, deliver the pleasure beam, five-minute duration intensity at your will!” Brayden had full and perfect view of Swimmerlad’s heaving green oozing pouch and bulge from his position above Swimmerlad’s head, he watched in an erotic trance as Swimmerlad’s pouch lifted and dropped in the sexual frenzy of the moment. Brayden’s orgasm was starting to form and he wanted to release his cum directly into Swimmerlad’s face as Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream raped and exploded in his magnificent green oozing offering as it pumped pre-cum in tune to the waves of pleasure the Altar.

Green flashes turned to red and their pace increased until a strong constant red light on the device’s diffuser lens announced the beam’s firing sequence. Three blue dots appeared on Swimmerlad’s bulge. He looked in horror as Brayden laughed and rubbed his hard bulge on the top of Swimmerlad’s head. Swimmerlad felt the pleasure tingles across his head erupt, his body was alive with delicious sensations, his pouch was a tornado of pleasure as his cock engulfed and filled with exquisite, consuming energy draining his strength too quickly at this point in the session, he felt his hold and control of his speedo powers beginning to wane, but he knew he had to hold on if he and Swimmerboy were to survive this diabolical ceremony, his eyes were wide open as he tried to lift his head from the Altar as he watched the three beams come to life and slowly descend to the three targets on his speedo bulge. “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFuck Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” he moaned in complete submission to the sensations engulfing him, it pulsed and delighted his body beautifully and he felt the nuances of the pleasure beams beginning to form. His body shimmered in the Altar’s illumination system and his muscles flexed as he pulled with his remaining strength on the tight bondage restraints pulling his helpless body in four directions.

They reached their target, his nylon bulge stood proudly, over two inches above the rest of his saturated green nylon speedo pouch, the top of his cock sat proudly pushing against the glistening fabric and the outline of his penis as it sat encased in the delicious nylon clinging to it so magnificently. This was the pleasure beam’s target. Immediately his bulge was engulfed in an iridescent power that caressed every millimetre of the nylon encasing his penis and balls, the beams set off the speedo sensitiser and Swimmerlad watched as a hazy field formed, caressing only his magnificent hero bulge. The Aphrodisium drugs were erupting and his body was fast becoming a temple of pleasure, his skin tingled; every millimetre of his body, every cell engulfed in the powerful sensations and the volcano of pre-cum erupting in his speedo was electrifying and satisfying his sexual desires enflamed by the drugs. The added experience of the flow of Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream was starting to power the pleasure field created by the trio of beams as they intensified and hummed. Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream sat above and humming and pulsating in the delicious and insidious cloud of energy pulsating ominously just above his oozing green speedo bulge. It was pure and powerful and sumptuous pleasure energy created in Scorpio’s speedo computers, and it soon filled the field surrounding and clinging to his oozing bulge. Swimmerlad’s body tensed and twisted, he felt the intensity of the pleasure explode violently energising the pleasure sheath and penile pulses with extreme power. Swimmerlad’s bulge was engulfed by the Altar’s power and the pleasure raging and consuming his anatomy from inside the confines of his speedo and now the unrelenting sensual power sitting above the tight wet green fabric was creating delights of such richness and complexity that he almost blacked out. He managed to hold onto his consciousness as he watched the sumptuous haze pulse and throb, it caressed his junk and he could see flashes of bright blue, tiny tendrils of energy as they began to fire into his bulge. He cried out as they enlarged, they had a life of their own and they began to encircle his bulge latching on and reaching into the torrents of pleasure already engulfing him below the nylon fabric.

Swimmerlad’s depraved, demonic sensual moans filled the temple, they were potent announcements proclaiming the mighty hero’s submission to the power of the PleasureTron Altar. Scorpio’s plans of domination and defeat had triumphed again, and the moment was punctuated with a symphony of pleasure resonating around the Temple as the Pleasure Pit erupted in delight. Sounds of men experiencing the delicious pleasure stream were a new triumph for Scorpio and his band of villainous cohorts. The scene broadcast to a dark world of depraved evil voyeurs and potential clients.

“Good boy!” whispered Brayden, he was mesmerised by the sight of the three beams delivering their formidable payload into Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge. He watched as the evil blue energy tendrils caressed and stroked their prey and as Swimmerlad’s body twisted and writhed, his hips shimmering as the energy engulfed and consumed his remaining speedo strength. In a husky laboured demonic tone Swimmerlad muttered “Aphrodisium, so strong, need more sex, fuck, oh godddddddddddddddddd!” He was taken in the moment, his sexual needs, his every fantasy, his reality were colliding into one as he felt the hot hard bulge stuff his face. He opened his mouth hungrily to accept Brayden’s delicious speedo and he felt the warmth of jism pump into his mouth. He heard Brayden’s cries as his orgasm exploded into Swimmerlad’s hungry face, his mouth feverishly sucking Brayden’s cum. Swimmerboy’s screams punctuated the deafening moans of pleasure as the entire Pleasure Pit array of pods lit up.

In the control room above the pleasure temple

“Oh my god Scorpio, look what we have created, this is magnificent.” Orgasmo and Electro embraced each other, and Scorpio stood at the large glass window surveying the scene of complete depravity and sexual fervour below them on the floor of the Temple. Every screen in the control room was flashing “W A R N I N G - C R I T I C A L “ yet they seemed oblivious to the warnings that the two heroes were reaching the brink of death, without their speedo power, their bodies would be consumed by the pleasure and pain forces being inflicted on them below in the temple.

Scorpio finally spoke. “It’s time gentlemen, each acolyte has proven his place in ‘the ten’ and we will develop and nurture this group of horny young sexual deviates” He said with a wry smile. “BUT we have less than 5 minutes before our delicious young heroes are dead. Electro, powerup Swimmerboy and Orgasmo, you take our delicious pleasure prime and top him up a little too. I will then address the Pleasure Pit as Swimmerlad writhes, engrossed in his ongoing subjugation ordeal. We can announce the arrival of Seed and how our delicious hero cum will be used in his experiments and then invite Swimmerlad to accept and embrace his orgasm, announcing the winner of the afternoon’s festivities, Hahahahahahahahahahaha. We will then add enough speedo power to our heroes for them to survive the orgasmic pressure that will drain them powerfully and completely. Our defeat of Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy will be glorious gentlemen! Hurry we must act fast!”

They descended the stairs into one of the temple’s stage wings and Electro and Orgasmo quickly moved to their positions. Scorpio arrived clapping and laughing taking in the glorious sexual frenzy he had created, he thought of the story of the mighty hero bound to the Altar and the Sorcerer that inspired his conception of the Pleasure Pit configuration of the temple, and marvelled at the sights and sounds of beautiful men bewitched by the power of bondage and pleasure.

“Beautiful, my delicious friends, such an awe-inspiring spectacle” he announced as he arrived and walked between the two writhing heroes, on the brink of death. He breathed in deeply and theatrically, “The smell of cum and of sex is invigorating my dear friends!” To his left Swimmerlad’s stretched body writhed and moaning as the pleasure beams maintained their erotic hold on his delicious green speedo bulge. To his right, Swimmerboy’s body englulfed in blue flashes of energy and his restraints were glowing as they delivered their painful payload through his limbs, his body engulfed in excruciating pain.

Miles felt a little out of place, the arrival or Electo, Orgasmo and the Speedo High Priest was a moment to savour and remember, he rubbed his hardening cock and his cum soaked nylon speedo before surveying Swimmerboy for a final time. As he began to leave the dais, Electro took hold of his arm and smiled, “Stay dear boy, we have a surprise!” Miles smiled and allowed Electro to feel him up and enjoy some of his spunk filled speedo pouch.

“Gentlemen!” Scorpio stood by the helpless Swimmerlad and spoke outward to the pleasure pod array, filled with moaning men enjoying the sexual frenzy. “You have done a spectacular job today; our heroes are near the edge of their lives! Electro, Orgasmo, quick provide our delicious young heroes with an extra little speedo power.

Speedo strength flowed into each of the helpless hero’s speedo offerings, they felt the nourishing salve as their speedo strength began to energise and replenish their depleted stores, it energised their muscles with crucial energy and fuel.

“They will not die today, gentlemen!” There is much to do; our speedo research is just beginning. Very soon, the evil Seed will arrive to this secret compound, he has two beautiful speedo toys, he likes to play with and experiment on and he will be installing his “research” equipment to join with our two heroes. He requires lots of hero cum for the next level of his work and we have two delicious powerplants here that we will milk to provide Seed with the power he needs. Your work is therefore just beginning, my gorgeous young acolytes. You have all delivered outstanding speedo worship today, I trust our delightful heroes have supplied your fantasies with delicious ideas and desires. We therefore look forward to magnificent, explosive times ahead. I hope you’re all up to it! Hahahahahahahah, get it, up to it!” he laughed at his own joke stroking his hardon through his black lycra tights.

Swimmerlad’s writhing body and a deep powerfully primitive moans took Scorprio’s attention. He turned purring as he took in the beauty of the magnificent Swimmerlad engulfed in unrelenting majestic pleasure, the pleasure beams had just finished delivering the splice of Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream and Swimmerlad’s oiled and sweaty body pulled and contorted in the powerful bondage ripping him apart, his hips and oozing speedo pouch, erotic and sexual as the defeated hero thrust and twisted on the Altar. The tendrils of Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream morsel had whipped his bulge and shot bolts of pure hero juiced-up erotic energy through Swimmerlad’s body. He could feel the powerful energy still, even after the laser had retracted, his body shimmered and trembled as the layer of erotic energy coated and caressed him.

“Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, you’re just too sexual Swimmerlad!” He exclaimed. “So divine and perfect as you enjoy your descent into the depths of depravity, it’s time for you to give of your offering today, your juices have been cooking and will be extracted today. We will milk you dry. Your sacred jism will flow mighty hero, you will feed your hungry masters in this temple! I Scorpio, High Priest demand it. I demand your pleasure Swimmerlad! I demand Swimmerboy’s torture, you will be drained of your powers in this ceremony and your helpless bodies with thrash and writhe in perfect bondage.”

Swimmerlad looked up from the Altar, he welcomed the influx of his speedo strength as they recharged his body for his orgasm, however the torrent of pleasure continued to invade and thrill his loins, his body buzzed and tingled as the tendrils of pleasure wrapped and coated his penis, his body pumping pre-jism with every delicious thrust of his hips.

“Please Scorpio, disengage Swimmerboy from my pleasure stream, can’t resist this powerful pleasure build, he will die if I can’t resist the orgasmic power of this Altar, please you have me tied and bound for your fun, I have to endure this, please don’t torture him any further?” he pleaded, taking time and effort to form his words slowly and deliberately. His body twisted and his head thrust backward as the sensitiser shot a pleasure spike across his drenched speedo pouch and a secondary spike attacked his arse reaching into the depths of his body. He moaned as his twisting body recoiled from the intensity of the sumptuous energy attacking his anatomy.

Scorpio addressed the acolytes.

“Gentlemen, our heroes are being refuelled with sufficient power for us to deliver Swimmerlad’s orgasmic defeat. He has endured 4 hours of your devoted worship and I trust he has delivered you a sumptuous stream of pleasure energy. You can thank Orgasmo and his group of engineers for delivering these delightful pods and we will develop this transference technology as a priority. You see the evil Seed will soon arrive with his two speedo toys, he has subjected them to powerful mind control and conditioned their bodies to serve his evil desires. He does so enjoy a helpless man to serve his powerful sexual desires, he will fit in well here and I’m sure you will enjoy his two speedo toy boys as well. They will soon be subjected to DNA splicing and force fed the juice of our two delicious heroes bound before you.” His evil laugh mingled with the cries and moans of the two heroes stretched helplessly before the group, their defeat and subjugation, their helpless speedo clad bodies an offering to the depraved sexual desires of their captors.

Scorpio stepped back toward the defeated, writhing Swimmerlad, hissing, and moaning as the pleasure continually raped his body. “You have all enjoyed the delights of this sumptuous sacrificial offering, his body so delicious, so helpless, racked in the delights of the PleasureTron! He tastes, feels and looks FUCKIN hot as he tortures his boyfriend here!” looking across, his gaze fixated on Swimmerboy’s magnificent powder blue speedo thong as he writhed within the buzzing and crackling of the torture frame’s evil power.

“Time to milk Swimmerlad!”

Swimmerlad looked up and over to his evil captor, between his moans and thrashes he pleaded with Scorpio, “Please, no , please disengage Swimmerboy, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Mmmmmmmmph” his body contorting deliciously and adding to the erotic theatre that Scorpio had orchestrated.

“He pleads for mercy, the mighty, cocky hero is defeated! The offering of his cum must be extracted today in this temple, I DEMAND IT!” He toyed with Swimmerlad’s wet gooey bulge with his index finger in a theatrical show of evil power, smiling at the helpless hero, he felt the majesty of the Swimmerlad’s anatomy encased in sensual, wet fabric as his captive trembled and moaned at his every loving lustful touch on his bulge.

“He so enjoys our worship!” he said smiling and looking across to the torture frame, his hand still worshiping Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge. He looked at both of his helpless heroes, stretched out before him, and smiled looking at Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy in their eyes, his head darting between the two helpless young men. “Mmmmm green bulge here, powder blue over there, our sexual fantasies so perfectly fulfilled. Now, Miles come over here and join me…”

Miles couldn’t believe what was happening, he was being invited to the PleasureTron to join the high Priest, was he going to be the one, the chosen one to bring Swimmerlad to his orgasmic precipice? He made his way, the short distance between Swimmerboy’s torture frame to the Altar, the sights and sounds of pleasure, pain transfer on the dais was exceptional and intoxicating to him. As he arrived at the Altar Scorpio put his arm around him, embracing his sweaty body and admiring his semi-erect cock as it flopped inside the worn orange speedos draped over his body. Miles smiled and looked up to meet Scorpio’s gaze.

“You my dear boy are the one! This majestic hero is writhing and contorting in his delicious pleasure drain and we so enjoyed your worship of his speedo pouch earlier, in fact Swimmerlad’s pleasure levels fluctuated aggressively during your session with him, your devotion and worship of his speedo offering was second to none, Miles!”

Miles bowed his head in acknowledgement of Scorpio’s approval, and he nodded toward Swimmerlad to acknowledge his worship of the magnificent hero and his speedo offering.

Cameras descended to get a close-up of Scorpio’s instructions; they were being beamed globally!

“Miles here,” Scorpio motioned to the model, and peered into the camera, “Is a beautiful young man, a worthy choice to bring our delicious Swimmerlad to his erection and to supervise his ascension into the realms of orgasmic beauty, or should we say his descent to depths of orgasmic depravity, hahahahahahahahahahaha. We are re-filling our heroes with sufficient Speedo Strength to allow our helpless Swimmerlad’s ascension to orgasm and the maintenance of this orgasmic pleasure for 40 mintutes before we disengage his jism flow inhibitor systems, Miles will taste Swimmerlad’s first orgasmic cum explosion as his ejaculation delivers his payload of juice!”

Miles was shaking with excitement, his penis was becoming more erect with every erotic word Scorpio uttered, Scorpio’s authoritative, gloating tone was a huge turn on, and to be chosen as his vessel for this important part of the pleasure drain ceremony was an honour.

“I will soon direct Miles to worship Swimmerlad’s bulge, his hungry hands, his mouth and tongue will worship the pleasure offering driving our hero wild. I will disengage the erection inhibitor and Swimmerlad will fight the erection with his might, but he is tired, and he has been drained for hours, his defences will of course be overridden by Miles and the PleasureTron. No pressure my dear boy!” He smiled looking at the handsome young model and admired his gleaming new hard-on in his beautiful well-worn loose speedo. Scorpio bent down and fondled the young handsome acolyte and looked out to the Pleasure Pit floor. “As Miles worships, the PleasureTron will increase the pleasure levels incrementally bringing the helpless Swimmerlad closer and closer to orgasm. By this time, our lovely Miles will have acquired Swimmerlad’s erection, he will toy with it and caress its majestic throbbing beauty, tightly encased in the saturated green speedo, he can do nothing but worship its beauty and dominant presence. Miles will have the honour of worshiping Swimmerlad to the orgasmic precipice. Swimmerlad will scream in delight, his pouch, his bulge – his very soul will be consumed by the orgasmic pressure and he will beg for the release of his juices, but his orgasm will continue to ravage his body, the pleasure reaching through to the ends of his toes and the tips of his fingers. His moans will be disturbing and sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxual my dear friends. Each of the Pleasure Pods encircling the Altar will be energised with unspeakable erotic energy and you will be enthralled at the beauty and purity of Swimmerlad’s orgasmic pleasure flows. An unforgettable experience afforded to you my horny, delicious young men.

Swimmerboy will also ‘enjoy’ the orgasmic delights as they rage and torture his body, aggressively and completely, his mighty power draining with every delicious minute of Swimmerlad’s orgasmic defeat!” Scorpio spun around in delight, his tall body and white hair looked formidable, this powerful villain was exacting his vindictive revenge, draining his two heroes to the edge of their lives in this demonstration of pleasure, pain and dominion.

Scorpio looked across at the writhing Swimmerlad and then to Miles, your hero awaits your worship Miles. Take your place between Swimmerlad’s stretched legs and behold he majesty of Swimmerlad stretched out before you, worship his speedo pouch, worship his oozing bulge. I demand his orgasm!” Scorpio threw out his arm pointing in the direction of Swimmerlad, directing the delightful Miles to his worship position.

He obeyed his High Priest and caressed Swimmerlad’s powerful legs as he approached his target slowly and sensually, he felt Swimmerlad’s mighty body shuddering as the sensitiser and pleasure current raped his loins, the glistening green pouch and bulge were calling him, drawing him to worship and he fell into a sexual trance as his hands made contact with Swimmerlad’s quivering bulge, the pre cum juices were viscous and thick, and he instinctively licked his fingers covered in Swimmerlad’s pre-cum. Miles stood tall and the apex of Swimmerlad’s speedo offering, his delicious bulge gyrated and twisted in front of him, he took a moment to take in the sexual beauty of the green mound awaiting his worship and devotion, Swimmerlad lay stretched before him, his body a temple of pleasure, writhing and twisting, his head lolling from side to side as the Altar ravaged him with its unrelenting power, he looked at Scrorpio, standing to his right, Scorpio’s lustful gaze was haunting as he walked to the opposite end of the Altar to Miles and caressed Swimmerlad’s head, Swimmerlad’s body erupted in delicious sensations and tingles as Scorpio ran his fingers through his short blonde hair. Scorpio enjoyed this moment, his sexual domination of this defeated mighty hero was making him drunk with power, he turned his attention from Swimmerlad’s handsome face to a camera, “Time for this spectacular hero to give of his juices, his sacred cum will sustain these acolytes! I demand his cum!”

“PleasureTron, disengage erection inhibitor!”


“PleasureTron, bring Swimmerlad to orgasmic pleasure pressure - commence at 750 pleasure cycles and maintain for 15 minutes then increase to 1500 pleasure cycles. Maintain ejaculation inhibitor”


The PleasureTron’s illumination sequence displayed its evil orgasm sequence, it lit up with pulsing LED’s that ringed the device, they travelled up its smooth white surface to the captive’s surface where they converged to points beneath Swimmerlad’s head and beneath his buttocks.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssseee, Swimmerboyyyyyyyyyyyy Please I beg you Scorpio” “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph”

Swimmerlad’s pleading fell on deaf ears.

“Miles begin your worship, your speedo offering awaits you, your fellow acolytes rely on your speedo devotion and enjoy as you torture the delicious Swimmerboy behind you!”

“This is your moment Miles, own Swimmerlad’s rise to orgasm!”

Miles smiled, his fingers caressed the extremities of Swimmerlad’s heaving speedo pouch, he enjoyed the tight fabric taking in the majesty of what he had been assigned to worship, his hands caressed the green pouch lovingly, respectfully, it was pure sexual beauty, he enjoyed the convergence of Swimmerlad’s warm precum as it soaked into the garment and his hands began to caress the speedo bulge as it rose from the pouch, his hands and fingers sliding in the viscous pre-cum juices of the hero; Swimmerlad’s bulge was substantial and erotic, he could feel the next penile pump extract the next globule of hero pre cum into the palms of his hands as they caressed the hero’s penis in unforgiving erotic power. Swimmerlad was hissing, his breathing labouring and his muscles flexed and shimmered, his oiled body now mixing with a sheen of sweat, the hours of his pleasure drain were a monumental strain even to a hero of his power and fitness. He writhed and twisted as Miles continued to caress his loins with a devotion so pure, yet at the same time depraved and evil. Swimmerlad’s body shimmered in all consuming tingles as his devoted worship of that delicious bulge evolved into a frenzy of devotion.

Miles gloated over his helpless prey; “the PleasureTron and I will bring you to your orgasmic precipice my dear handsome boy, your body, your speedos will sing as the orgasm erupts filling every cell in your fucking majestic body with extreme orgasmic delights, the like, no man should ever endure, but you will my dear defeated hero will. Hahahahaha and the world is watching as you writhe in superb heaves of submission to your pleasure drain, and as you succumb to your orgasm, Swimmerboy’s screams of pain will consume us and join your screams of delight in a symphony of defeat. Now I want your erection, resist as much as you like, with your new influx of speedo power, but as the pleasure current increases, you will break!” He spoke with authority, it felt amazing to own the defeat of such a magnificent hero. “Status?”

Occupant Swimmerlad

Speedo Strength 24 percent

Pleasure level 79 percent

Life force holding

“So some left in the tank!” his gentle squeeze on the Swimmerlad’s bulge tightened as Swimmerlad arched his back and the sensitiser erupted across his speedo pouch, the pleasure spikes shot through his pouch and erupted in tiny explosions at the base of his cock energising the pleasure sheath surrounding his cock. Miles enjoyed watching Swimmerlad’s body pull frantically on each of the restraints holding him securely to the cruel pleasure drain sequence.

Pleasure levels in orgasm mode, increasing 5 percent each minute – sensitiser increase synched

Miles looked at Swimmerlad’s handsome face as it contorted, showing the strain of power ravaging his body. “Good we are on our way, now how about that erection?” Miles lowered his face to Swimmerlad’s speedo offering, le licked the wet sweet fabric at the base of Swimmerlad’s balls, the fabric was delicious, he could feel the micro vibrations of the pleasure current as they caressed and molested Swimmerlad, they tingled on his tongue and he could only imagine the power of the sensitiser as it broadcast the sexual energy through his body, the sweetness of Swimmerlad’s pre-cum and his salty sweat mingled perfectly, he tasted awesome, he felt awesome, he smelled awesome and sexual as Miles hands cupped and caressed his junk. Miles licked and sucked, he used his hungry hands, he squeezed and caressed the desperately writhing hero and as he lifted higher, ascending to the top of Swimmerlad’s bulge he could feel the roundness of the hero’s cock head, his penis was starting to fill with blood and Miles smiled looking across Swimmerlad’s heaving body.

“Good boy, that’s right, give me your erection, submit to my desires Swimmerlad!’ His hungry mouth sucked and his tongue caressed Swimmerlad’s growing cock as it continued pulsing, the pleasure sheath buzzed as it expanded continuing to coat and caress Swimmerlad’s majestically growing penis. Miles squeezed lightly through the wet nylon, directing the erection as it traversed the speedo pouch to is full position, it stretched the fabric causing a huge arching bulge in Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch and his substantial cock head strained against the wet nylon tied tightly around his waist. Miles admired the beauty Swimmerlad at full erection, his mouth bit down sexually on the majestic piece of hero meat now throbbing and pulsating in the grip of the pleasure current as it continued to increase power with every passing minute. The sensitizer synched with each incremental increase in pleasure pressure. Swimmerlad progressed through the 90 percent pleasure level on his way to the orgasmic precipice, his screams and moans were unintelligible and demonic, a perfect offering to fill the pleasure temple.

Swimmerlad was unable to form sentences, his vision was beginning to blur, unable to escape, unable to competently resist the power of the orgasmic generator that had locked on to his helpless body, his bulge, his pouch were being bombarded with diabolical power of majestic proportions and Miles’ hungry mouth and his lustful hands worshipped the hero’s speedo offering with complete devotion that energised the evil pleasure sensitiser sending pleasure spikes outward from his throbbing erection, reaching into his head, his hands and feet, his body was becoming a raging inferno of energy so divine, so outrageous, it consumed him. His moans were loud and deep as his body thrashed and writhed in submission to PleasureTron and Miles’ devotion and lusts.

The taste of Swimmerlad’s pre-cum intoxicated Miles, the mighty hero’s body was pumping his offering in hot globules that filled Miles with sexual fervour, he ran his open mouth up and down the length of Swimmerlad’s erect member, sucking his sweet and salty juices from the tight nylon encasing the throbbing hero cock. Miles’ tongue lapped up the beauty of the offering, as it pulsed and vibrated inside the green speedo, he looked up to watch Swimmerlad’s heaving body and flexing muscles contract and flex, his body was caught in a sexual vortex of passion, it was an erotic dance of doom as the mighty hero found his voice.

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I’mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm going to cum, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffucccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.”

Miles moved his head so that his mouth could take in the tip of Swimmerlad’s throbbing erection, his hands feverously working the extremities of Swimmerlad’s green speedo pouch, and he sucked with all his might, his mouth and tongue could feel the evil pleasure sheath tingle into his mouth and he sucked and sucked, slurping as he took each breath.

The mighty Swimmerlad was defeated; he had endured hours of pleasure worship and his pleasure stream had delighted his captors and yet, delivered excruciating pain to his beloved Swimmerboy, who thrashed and convulsed within the evil torture frame directly in front of him, he could not escape the vision and sounds of Swimmerboy’s torture; Scorpio’s mind fuck was ingenious and evil.

“Come my dear Swimmerlad” Miles looked up from the Swimmerlad’s heaving loins, his face dripping with Swimmerlad’s juice, his offering was pure and plentiful. Swimmerlad did his best to mouth the words “Fuck you” but his body was engaged, his mind engaged in the delicious orgasm he could feel forming deep in his speedo. Miles purred, his mouth full of hero juice, “you’re almost there Swimmerlad!” Even Miles’ shoulder length brown hair glistened in the lights impregnated with Swimmerlad’s pre cum. Miles was worshipping with all his might, the moment erotic and powerful.

Around the Pleasure Pits, each pod glowed and flashed in pulsating lights, each Acolyte screaming and moaning as the pleasure transference commanded their speedo bulges, most had engaged the self-restraint systems and they writhed in the bondage as Swimmerlad’s developing orgasm delighted and exploded with delicious pleasure inside their favourite speedo’s.

Orgasmo clapped and embraced Electro, the moment was sublime, it was a testament to sexual dominion and power, they had triumphed over the cocky young heroes tied helplessly before them yet again!

Swimmerlad felt the huge penile pulse form deep in his loins, this was the one! He knew it! Miles also felt the power as his tongue and mouth wrapped around Swimmerlad’s heaving erect cock, he positioned himself at the tip the hero’s bulge, sucking with all his might, he could feel the energy erupt deep within the mighty young hero’s sex.

Swimmerlad moaned in a primeval, sexual tone, possessed by the rising orgasmic tide, he felt the pulse enlarge inside his penis, it pushed outward growing and exquisite tendrils of pure pleasure shot though his cock energising the pleasure sheath surrounding his penis, the pleasure pulse kept growing and Swimmerlad lifted his head slowly off the Altar, he stared at his mound and Miles’ hungry head eating, sucking worshiping his possessed cock, it felt as though the pleasure was going to rip him apart and his cum explode across the Pleasure Pit’s floor, his hips lifting, trembling, his body wracked in the divinity of pleasure filling his entire body and soul. The pleasure pulse was unforgiving, and it swelled, escalating its power with every second and it moved through his penis upward toward the head of his cock like a slow moving tide, taking him, devouring him, defeating him.

Swimmerlad’s body pulled and twisted, his muscles could not free him from the pleasure torment and the explosion of orgasmic energy finally erupted. His screams reverberated around the temple, the sights and sounds of his orgasmic defeat broadcast to the wealthy underground on a global scale. His body arched and quivered as his orgasm possessed him and controlled his very being.

But he did not cum.

Swimmerboy’s screams mingled with Swimmerlad’s – They were being defeated so completely so divinely.

Orgasmic precipice reached

Ejaculation inhibitor engaged

The Altar announced Swimmerlad’s pleasure status.

Miles maintained his worship, his fingers caressing Swimmerlad’s tight buttocks and his fingers exploring the tight nylon buzzing with the pleasure current between the hero’s butt cheeks, the mighty Swimmerlad’s breathing was erratic and laboured and his body vibrated, fingers and toes flexed as the ravages of the orgasm whipped his body without mercy, every cell controlled and possessed by the ravages of the orgasmic pleasure pressure being inflicted on his erotically stretched helpless body.

Another penile pleasure pulse formed deep inside him and Swimmerlad cried out desperately seeking the conclusion to the pleasure torturing him, it was sapping his remaining speedo power levels, his pre-cum continued to flow, it had become a stream and coated the surface of the Altar and every movement of Swimmerlad’s defeated body squished as his warm sticky juice flowed across the surface like a creeping river, his buttocks were saturated with his pre-jis.

The orgasm was unrelenting and consuming him.

Scorpio arrived at the Altar, drawn by the sexual display and frenzy, he was wet and he wiped his mouth, he had been enjoying Damien as he thrashed in his bondage device provided in the Pleasure Pod, Damien had cum for the third time, the pleasure current flowing from the Altar was just too divine and his rock hard cock fed Scorpio with his spunk to the sounds and rhythm of the hero’s cries of defeat stemming from the PleasureTron.

“Our heroes are defeated gentlemen! He spoke loudly to counter the sounds of submission filling the temple. Great work, each, and everyone. Swimmerlad has reached the orgasmic precipice, he must ration his remaining speedo strength, all,” he looked at the status screen on the edge of the PleasureTron, “10 percent!” He announced with an evil smile. “Swimmerboy’s torture frame has been synchronised to Swimmerlad’s pleasure levels, so he should be about the same!” He glanced toward Electro and Orgasm, they nodded in agreeance, Swimmerboy was at 10.6 percent remaining speedo strength. “He is cooking nicely, manufacturing another load of his delicious semen for us to extract!”

“Enjoy your orgasm Swimmerlad!, you have another 15 minutes of this to endure. Your orgasm is at 750 pleasure cycles, delicious isn’t it, the Penile Pulses will continue to ravage you, and prepare your cum for it’s eventual eruption, we have so enjoyed your pre-cum, so delicious, a real treat, dear boy, but we’re still a bit peckish and we want our main course! Swimmerlad looked across to Scorpio in horror, he was being consumed and possessed by the Altar, his face contorting, his breathing erratic. “We’ll ramp up the pleasure cycles soon, and your speedo pouch and your spectacular hard throbbing super cock will be under enormous and amazing orgasmic pleasure pressure very soon and when the PleasureTron releases your final inhibitor your magnificent member will explode with heroic force and power your sacred offering, my beautiful, delicious superhero will shower this Altar and these horny young men with juices.” He laughed with such an evil possessed tone…

Swimmerlad’s stretched thrashing body, wriggled, writhed and thrashed but the restraints were powerfully stretching his body helplessly. His head whipped up and down as his orgasm rocketed through his speedos with powerful currents of pleasure, tornados of sensation raped him, it reached deep into his anus, his tight buttocks, wet and coated in his precum juice buzzed with orgasmic tingles as the nylon speedo encasing his anatomy conducted the evil pleasure current, and beneath the green nylon pouch caressing his penis and balls, the pleasure sheath was electrifying, its tendrils reaching inward attacking every pleasure in point in his loins mapped into Scorpio’s evil speedo AI systems. The sheath tightened and loosened its grip on his raging hardon in a rhythm of pure ecstasy, reaching deep into the anatomy of his penis, and joining with the penile pulses, pushing through his cock, engrossing his cock with unforgiving power. The pulses erupting and broadcasting the pleasure to the reaches of his speedo pouch, only to be devoured by Miles’ hungry mouth, tongue and hands, his worship of Swimmerlad’s offering was possessed, he could not resist the lure and pure perfection of his mighty hero, stretched out before him in the throes of pure erotic submission and bondage.

Cameras captured the eroticism and pure sexual depravity from several angles, long shots provided the entire scene including Swimmerboy’s torture at the feet of Swimmerlad’s PleasureTron Altar, others provided the world with close-ups of Swimmerlad’s beautiful head as it thrashed and strained in the orgasmic pressure ravaging his powerful body. Two cameras captured the saturated green speedo thong, the centre piece of the ceremony as the flows of pre-cum prepared the path for the eruption of Swimmerlad’s consecrated cum flow.

The Temple’s Pleasure Pit configuration had been tested and had proven a successful addition to the ongoing torment of the two superheroes, it proved the power of pleasure transference and Scorpio’s plans for Seed’s toy boys and the eventual arrival of Robin, the Boy Wonder were beginning to take shape in his mind. He planned a conference with Seed and his conference table had been prepared by Electro and several of his engineers, it could accommodate one helpless hero strapped down on the centre of the table, and other bondage devices around the conference room could easily accommodate other captives. He wanted to give his friend a meeting worthy of his evil conquests and a taste of what he could enjoy once he and his entourage had settled into the secret compound.

Electro and Orgasmo, stood either side of Swimmerboy’s thrashing body, his screams were powerful and engrossing as his super body’s speedo power defences depleted more and more. The containment field haze, buzzed and hummed, but it obscured the beauty of his helplessly stretched body and it somewhat blurred his view of Swimmerlad as his stretched out body jerked and convulsed in the throes of his extended orgasmic experience.

“It’s ok Swimmerboy, I know you want a better view of Swimmerlad’s orgasmic demise!” Electro smirked as he surveyed the magnificent hero convulsing and writhing in his torture. “My torture frame is such a wonderful piece of kit, don’t you agree Swimmerboy?”

Swimmerboy heard him through the buzz and hum of the containment field, but he was unable to break his concentration and attempts to exert his remaining speedo strength to resist the unrelenting bombardments on his body.

“Look I can’t hear you properly, dear boy,” laughed Electro and he quickly turned off the containment field. The humming stopped and the field dissipated into globules of energy that sparkled and flashed out of existence. Swimmerboy’s wet body, covered in sweat was left stretched mercilessly within the torture frame, his head lay backward looking up to the ceiling of the temple past the top of the frame surrounding him and holding him. Crackles of energy ravaged his body still, and Electro approached him, bending down to enjoy his powder blue speedo pouch. The nylon was moist and salty from his sweat, it clung to his spectacular cock, his bulge majestically formed causing two folds of nylon to reach from the apex of his mound to each side of the speedo pouch. Electro caressed the hero offering delicately and respectfully, electricity crackled where his fingers touched the charged speedo. Swimmerboy looked down to watch helplessly as the villain molested his loins, he cried out as the powerful electric shocks reached inward torturing his balls and penis as the evil villain caressed and worshiped him. Electro stood up and was face to face with the defeated Swimmerboy. “Mmmmmmmmmmm you are divine Swimmerboy, your next delivery of cum is moving along fine, we’ll need lots for what Scorpio has in store, so your torture is not over yet!”

Swimmerboy whispered, his voice breaking as he tried to speak “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse make it stop!” Sweat dripped off his forehead “Let Swimmerlad cum for god’s sake, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese, this is cruelty beyond all humanity you fffffffffffffffucking evil bastards” His speedo crackled loudly as more residual powerful energy erupted in a round of excruciating torture, Swimmerboy contorted and twisted within the confines of the torture frame as best he could in the tight unforgiving bondage stretching him. “Aaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” He cried out.

“Sorry hero boy, Swimmerlad’s orgasm has not ravaged him completely. He has a way to go, and for that matter so do you!” Electro’s voice was pure evil, his dominance of the mighty Swimmerboy was clear and concise! As he worked the controls of the device, you both have 10 percent speedo power left and we don’t want to waste a precious drop, he as will you, will try and resist, well actually you must, but he will also try and instinctively conserve his power, so gallant, so heroic, but the orgasmic power produced by that PleasureTron is playing with him, toying with you both!” His evil smile conveyed his pure enjoyment of Swimmerlad’s defeat as he pressed the final sequence of commands into his torture device. “Now, that about does it! Better stand back Orgasmo!” Orgasmo had been licking Swimmerboy’s buttocks and enjoying the speedo fabric as it caressed his body between the hero’s athletic buns. Orgasmo stood back, licking his lips, the sight of the powerful, handsome hero stretched helplessly, and his nylon speedo thong made his cock twitch and his body fill with pure lust.

Swimmerboy, looked across to his boyfriend, Miles was in a sexual frenzy, caressing and squeezing, Swimmerlad’s muscles as they flexed and contracted in the raging orgasmic power possessing him, Miles’ mouth and tongue sucked and chewed on Swimmerlad’s exquisite green raging bulge and the Altar beneath his writhing body pulsed and buzzed, the lines of LED lights erupting from the base of the PleasureTron and climbing the sides of the white Altar like possessed Christmas lights. Swimmerlad’s orgasmic moans were resounding around the confines of the temple as his orgasm continued to evolve and transmute moving between high and low frequency waves of pleasure energy broadcasting from the evil penile energy pulses forming inside his cock and the pleasure sheath coating his cock and powerfully driving tendrils of evil pleasure into his penis exploding with the internal pulses the explosions of energy radiated outward tormenting his entire green speedo pouch and reaching down his legs and upward through his torso. Swimmerboy understood exactly what Swimmerlad was experiencing, but the torture frame kicked in and regained the focus of his attention.

With no containment field, he was able to see clearly, but the evil, powerful restraints stretching his beautiful body erupted and glowed red, they shot electrical currents of energy down his arms and up his legs, their lightning like blue arcs of energy surrounding his arms and legs as he contorted and screamed his head thrust backward, he could see Orgasmo’s evil smiling face, standing behind him and his screams mingled with his boyfriend’s desperate cries intertwined filling the temple with pure orgasmic defeat.

Two magnificent sexual heroes were in the grip of carnal, erotic defeat, the sights and sounds of pleasure and pain, the sensual erotic presentation of their bound and beautiful writhing bodies was pure art to the priesthood, the attending acolytes and those worshiping, from the far reaches of the globe. Video footage, and thousands of photos were being produced of Miles as he worshipped Swimmerlad’s oozing green speedo thong as his precum flowing and coating his abdomen, covering the surface of the Altar and Miles’s hungry hands smeared the juice as far as his arms could reach, Miles was drawn to the green speedo throbbing bulge, a captive to its sexual beauty, he could not, would not leave his place at the throbbing hero speedo pouch, Swimmerlad’s bulge, erotic and sumptuous as the beautiful Swimmerlad arched and twisted in the purity of the orgasm raging in his loins. I was pure sexual art and beauty.

The vision reached Gotham city.

Joker purred and stood affixed to the huge wall panel screen in his bondage rooms. He turned to face Robin. He was stretched with his arms restrained directly above his head, his ancles held by shackles attached to the floor. Robin was stretched between the floor and the ceiling of the concrete bunker. He was wearing his full costume, and his green briefs caressed his athletic body perfectly and his delicious hero bulge inviting and sensual. Batman had dressed his young ward in the sexually evocative suit for years, he enjoyed working and fighting with him secretly waiting to get the mighty young hero back to his bat cave, to enjoy all the delights that the young boy blunder had to offer. Robin was made for bondage, he had been conditioned by the bat and Alfred for bondage almost daily as they drugged the young athletic man and enjoyed his sexual delights, bound and captive to their sexual whims. Joked had seen it all, his secret surveillance system installed in the bat cave revealed all the secrets of the mystical bat!

“Your such an icon of sexual beauty Robin,” Joker turned from the scenes of pleasure and pain displayed from the Speedo compound broadcast, and he turned down the surround sound system, the screams and moans of Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy were erotic and consuming. Robin twisted his youthful body, but the bondage was secure, he was helpless, he looked down past his utility belt and surveyed his hero bulge, it was wet, the scenes of Swimmerlad’s pleasure ordeal were turning him on, Batman’s sexual conditioning were strong and powerful, and the scenes of Swimmerlad’s stretched helpless body, his delicious speedo clinging to his beautiful body, his handsome face and blonde hair were turning him on, but Batman had also taught him how to resist sexual torture, how to use his mind to resist a hard on at the hands of a villain such as Joker, but he was powerless to resist his precum watching the erotic scenes on the screens in front of him. His cock twitched as a huge clear globule of pre-cum emerged from his green hero bulge.

“I see you like that Robin, Swimmerlad looks so fucking delicious, erotic and helpless, he is one stunning young man! As are you dear boy!” Joker bent down and ran his fingers over Robin’s green pouch, the young virile hero, was warm and inviting, Joker admired Robin’s bulging manhood as the curves of his hero bulge formed in the Lycra fabric. “Such beauty, Blunder boy, I’d go as far to say perfection! Batman has designed your suit perfectly; it shows off your assets so well. I know what he does with you Robin, and really, I can’t blame him.” Joker burst out in a fit of laughter. “But Riddler has the Bat now and I can only imagine the sexual depravity he will be inflicting on that bat cock…” Another burst of laughter erupted as Joker stood up to face Robin’s glare. Scorpio has developed the world’s finest hero juicers and let’s just say, I’ve made a booking on your behalf, how exciting!” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I can’t wait till Riddler plays the vision of your pleasure torture to Batman, I’d hazard a guess he may even want to join the fun!” he laughed and caressed Robin’s green lycra speedo briefs and he felt the virile young hero’s cock beneath the delicious fabric, brushing his fingers delicately across the delicious mound as Robin looked down and attempted to stifle his moan.

“We’re going to make a visit Robin, wont that be nice, you’ll get to meet Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy, in the flesh! How exciting! And I mean that in every way possible. You will be tied to a PleasureTron thingy too, I’ve made certain of that, I want to see how long you last in the throes of pleasure, Batman’s work on you will be tested so deliciously. In fact I’ve made a deal with Scorps to work on your heroic endurance. Oh my delicious young man, we have some very nice plans for you.

Robin finally spoke through gritted teeth, his eyes peering through the little mask covering his face. Joker left the mask on his toy boy, it turned him on! He understood Batman’s enjoyment of this little bird so well.

“Fuck you Joker!” He said with his best insolent and defiant tone of voice.

Back in Scorpio’s Pleasure Pit

Tears of submission flowed down Swimmerlad’s cheeks, he had failed to keep the torture of Swimmerboy at bay, he had failed to resist the PleasureTron, he was deep into an orgasmic torture that was possessing him, Miles was his master and his speedo pleasure epicentre, his magnificent green bulging manhood was being played and orchestrated by the horny young man, he was totally defeated. He screamed and threw his head back in abandonment as a huge penile pleasure pulse expanded inside his raging hardon; it was the most extensive and consuming diabolical orgasm burst yet, he screamed in pure sexual abandonment as his arms and legs pulled desperately on the bondage, he was in a hyper, metasexual world of existence within the confines of the orgasm and he heard Miles’s slurping on his bulge it invigorated inhuman sensations reverberating from his bulge throughout his speedo pouch, between his buttocks and into his body. The pulse was huge, and growing, it energised the sheath of pleasure caressing and attacking his cock with such unimaginable delights, it was shooting its tendrils into the growing penile pulse energising it, powering it as it throbbed and lashed the inside of his penis with pulses of energy reaching to the tip of his cock head and then retracting back into the evil pulse glob; it was reverse fucking his penis from inside and the resulting pleasure erupted across his green speedo pouch. Miles could literally feel Swimmerlad’s penis throb and the vibrations of the current were delicious, he watched how the pulses worked up and down Swimmerlad’s raging substantial hardon, it was like a demonic force pulsing deep within the hero’s bulge. Swimmerlad was crying in desperation his beautiful face, his chiselled cheeks clenched as he used his final speedo strength reserves.

Orgasm 1500 cycles reached

Swimmerlad pleasure level critical

Lifeforce critical

“Time to shoot Swimmerlad!” Miles’ face was covered in Swimmerlad’s precum and a bubble appeared and burst from Miles’ mouth as he spoke the words, he laughed at the shear lunacy of the situation, wiping his face. “I’m going to suck as hard as I can after I mount your face, I need to cum in your face as you start your cum flow, I want you to be my sex whore and caress this hungry monster!” He rubbed his loins on the edge of the pulsing Altar as he stared across the defeated hero’s body in the throws of his massive conquest, his heaving body the throbbing and magnificent hero hardon encased in the drenched green nylon pouch was such a spectacle to behold and he shared it with several automated camera devices that circled the scene recording the sexual display form every possible angle.

The acolytes had to be removed from their pods, the pleasure stream just too strong, they needed more exposure to this level of stimulation to gain enough stamina, they would need several exposures to this orgasmic level before being permitted to enjoy the hero orgasmic flows. It had become too consuming at this extreme level, even on the lowest transference level, so the pods automatically stood down and released the acolytes safely. They were now standing in a line, shaking and unsteady, their bodies still dealing with the extremities of pleasure they had just experienced, they were waiting for their taste of Swimmerlad’s spunk, and they played with each other, sucking fondling each other’s speedos, the moment was too erotic not to be overwhelmed by the sheer sensually, erotic displays of pleasure and pain of the two magnificent superheroes bound and tortured to the edge of their existence before them, their new masters. They had become the powerful captains of Scorpio’s sorcerery and his developing army.

Miles had left his place of worship, he was covered in Swimmerlad’s pre cum juices, his cock hard and throbbing, he was hyper aroused by Swimmerlad’s exquisite green pouch and all the glorious erotic feelings and lusts that it evoked in his soul, he too was trembling incontrollable with the excitement of the moment as he made his way around to the head of the Altar, the sounds of Swimmerlad’s defeat were magnificent and as arousing as the sights, the squishing of his juices under his writhing body as he thrust his twisting body and hips sexually, the inhuman utterances emanating from deep in his drug induced state were pure eroticism and he was captivated by the climax and irreversible explosion of the situation, yet he knew he must play his part and he was determined to be the hero’s master in the moment. He mounted Swimmerlad from the head of the Altar, he had difficulty holding himself on, Swimmerlad’s slippery juices were plentiful, but Hunter and Brayden ran to the Altar to assist Miles from sliding. Miles fucked and pumped Swimmerlad’s face in deliberate, sexual, slow movements, he could feel his orgasm erupting in his trusty nylon speedos, he had wanked off countless times to pictures of juicy heroes like Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy but to be in the moment fucking Swimmerlad’s gorgeous face and with the view of Swimmerboy’s outrageous torture so close, his beautiful light blue speedo thong, that fucking hot bulge was inspiring, Miles was in ecstasy and a world of pure fantasy. He lowered his face onto Swimmerlad’s saturated straining bulge, his eyes darting between the two magnificent defeated heroes and he latched onto the throbbing hero cock beneath him, he sucked the length of Swimmerlad up and down, harder and harder, as hard as he was able! He could feel Swimmerlad’s mouth sucking his own raging pleasure filled cock through the worn light nylon of his speedo, it was too much for his mind and body to take, and he felt his orgasm explode as Swimmerlad cried out reverberating into his speedo with such erotic power, Miles felt his load pump into Swimmerlad’s face and his body shudder.

Swimmerlad was helpless and as soon as Miles’s delicious speedo filled his face, the Aphrodisium took over, he needed that hard cock in his mouth, the nylon caressing Miles’s penis felt exquisite as Miles pushed and rubbed his hard mound into his face. The sounds, the smells of the horny young man fucking his face were intoxicating his mind and the pleasure pulses raping and fucking his penis inside his pouch were excruciating, the orgasm was now 40 minutes into its evil draining process and his body tingled and screamed as the orgasm outbursts were broadcast from his Speedo pouch to the extremities of his body, he was consumed by the crescendo of sensations and Miles hungry mouth transmuted the pleasure current into so many facets and layers of delicious pleasure, he was consumed by its power. Miles sucked decidedly and intently on the tip of his speedo bulge so hard, he could feel the evil pleasure pulse as it was being sucked mercilessly through his penis and the pulses of orgasmic power engulfed his speedo with such power, he could feel his explosion building consuming his every cell and then he tasted the hot flow of Miles’s semen shoot on his face and into his hungry mouth and his body tensed at the very same moment, his feet tingling and his toes curling, his arms flexing and straining in the magnificent bondage erotically stretching his supine helpless body spread-eagled on the PleasureTron Altar.

Swimmerlad’s screams of defeat were muffled by Mile’s pumping loins in his face, but Swimmerboy’s screams of the climax of pain ravaging and bringing him to the edge of death peeled around the Pleasure Pit, the temple was consumed by the orgasmic moment. Miles felt the taste of hero cum almost at the same time of his orgasm, he pulled away momentarily from the beautiful roundness of Swimmerlad’s throbbing nylon encased cock head and he could see the white jism forming, Swimmerlad’s screams of delight reverberated through his own speedo encouraging his orgasmic pumps of cum into Swimmerlad’s hungry desperate face. The first pump of hero cum was powerful, Swimmerlad’s body trembled, his hips thrust upward as the torrent of cum emerged and drowned Miles’ face, his entire body was suddenly awash in Swimmerlad’s hot cum flow, sacred offering. Miles was exhausted and slumped onto Swimmerlad’s writhing body, Swimmerlad’s jettisons of cum spurting wildly and his screams of depravity and descent into the depths of sexual defeat made every person in the temple tingle with erotic sensations, except Swimmerboy, he pulled and thrashed in his bondage ferociously, trying to break free form the torturous electrical power filling his weakening body, his screams were just as erotic and explosive as Swimmerlad’s

Brayden and Hunter slipped Miles off Swimmerlad carefully, Miles was covered from head to toe in Swimmerlad’s divine offering of cum, his own afterglow of his orgasm was delicious as he lay on the dais floor next to the base of the buzzing and humming evil PleasureTron Altar, he just lay there, exhausted, as hero juices oozzed and flowed from the Altar down onto his exhausted body, he lay and laughed out loud, in a possessed sexual frenzy.

Swimmerlad’s body thrashed and his hips thrust upward powerfully as his trusty green Aussiebum speedos filtered the torrents of his cum as he spurt his juices in showers of jism across his body, he was completely drenched, the Orgasm was relentless several penile pulses shot through his penis and the sensitiser ravaged his body, his cock felt as though it would explode and split and his balls were being squeezed by the pleasure current energising the pleasure sheath, it was extracting his juices dutifully, his sacred hero cum, an offering to please the High Priest, who stood supervising the acolytes as they each approached the sacred speedo pouch, each taking their time to suck and worship Swimmerlad’s erotic speedo dining and scooping as much cum as possible before making way for the next in line. Swimmerlad’s cum offering took more than ten minutes before he was spent. Scorpio, Electro and Orgasmo dined as Swimmerlad’s heaving body shot the last litres of his jism into their hungry waiting mouths. The mighty Swimmerlad had been pleasured for over 4 hours, he had endured an orgasm extending beyond 40 minutes, begging for his ejaculation, his pleasure stream delighting each acolyte in erotic pulses of pure delicious pleasure. His Sacrificial offering was perfect. He had tortured Swimmerboy into the depths of agony and as the PleasureTron powered down, leaving Swimmerlad’s exhausted body stretched out and lifeless except for twitches and spasms of residual pleasure, he lay helpless, in the afterglow of the massive orgasmic crescendo, his penis no longer erect lay to the side inside his drenched green speedo pouch it oozed the remnants of his spunk and he lay moaning quietly in his exhaustion and defeat. The mighty Swimmerlad had become a sexual toy to behold and enjoy.

Swimmerboy’s agony was now finally over, hours of tantalising sexual torment leading up to his pleasure milking on the PleasureGEN Altar and now hours of his second speedo power drain in the agony of the torture frame were over, he hang in the tight bondage, his body crackled as the residual blue electrical flashes exploded on his body, his pain slowly dissipating, he was exhausted and near death. His next load of cum was well on the way.

Scorpio ascended the Altar dais, satisfied and elated, his conquest of these two magnificent young super heroes, these sumptuous speedo clad men was inspiring and powerful and the day’s public pleasure event had proven his fantasy of creating the pleasure transference technology to match the power of the sorcerer in the fable of the hero and the evil sorcerer bent on erotic domination and his sexual desires, he enjoyed contemplating in his private moments. It was no use addressing the Pleasure Pit, the beautiful young men he had chosen for the ceremony were continuing to enjoy each other and their new-found friends and sexual playmates, they were naturally inspired and remained horny, who wouldn’t as they enjoyed each other, covered in the juice of the mighty Swimmerlad.

Scorpio and his priests surveyed the temple. They were satisfied.

Scorpio looked at the two defeated heroes, lifeless and spent, their bondage was exquisite, their defeat and domination had become art and a lifestyle he would never tire of. He had new plans; new conquests percolating in his mind. He was powerful and becoming a god, that powerful sorcerer in his own right.

Scorpio looked to his fellow speedo priesthood as they stood on the dais, surveying the sexual and erotic scene they had created.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, each one a delicious morsel in their own right!” Orgasmo purred, as he watched the sexual acts taking place around him. They had plans for these horny young men and Seed’s imminent arrival with his research was an opportunity to enjoy to its full.

Scorpio, ever planning, ever moving to the next conquest gave his next orders.

“Electro, take Swimmerlad once his speedo power energises back into his body and he begins to stir, play with him for a while, enjoy some priestly private time with our delicious young hero, you know - nice and slow, play with him as you will, I’m sure you have some nice toys to play with in your evil private play rooms. I want him toyed with in the same speedos, his cum is yours and your henchmen to enjoy as you so desire you have full permission to extract some more if your desires go that way. But we should make a start on his next load, so torture him nice and slowly, hahahahahaha. A little thank you for your work and efforts lately.”

“Miles will be coming with me, I want to enjoy this beautiful acolyte and prepare him to torture Swimmerlad, he has earned the right to dominate our delicious hero, he is so good at worshiping, he must also learn the power of torture, did you see the look of lust in his eyes as he surveyed Swimmerboy thrashing in agony an hour ago! Inspiring, I’m going to like this young man!”

“Orgasmo, I think you should take Swimmerboy directly to the milking chambers, let’s extract a couple of litres of his fresh new cum, just a morsel, but milk him powerfully and quickly, and yes in the same speedos, we will have defeated him three times in the matter of a day. Leave lots of cum left in him, after he is milked, we will clean him up ready for our meeting with Seed. I have prepared the conference table with a place for Swimmerboy, but he won’t be sitting at the table! He smirked, embracing his fellow priests and departed the Temple his arm around Miles and his mind awash with new opportunities to develop. He had important visitors to welcome and prepare for and a delicious acolyte to play with and develop.

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