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Defeat and Domination
Part 10 - The Pits part 1
By Scorpio

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The Pits part 1

Swimmerlad is presented to a group of horny speedo acolytes intent on pleasuring him into oblivion.

Scorpio took the call and pressed the accept button.

The control panel directed the call to the massive operations screen in the control room. He could see what was occurring in every room and facility of the secret compound from his control room. The emitter array throughout the facility also served to house several miniature, high powered camera lenses which gave him his eyes over the operation. Right now the Joker’s evil smiling face appeared on the a part of the screen and Scorpio’s eyes were directed to the evil arch villain.

“Scorpio, so nice to see you” was the greeting from the smirking Joker, “That was some show Scorps, I so enjoyed the way you toyed and played with your beautiful superhero!” Joker erupted into a fit of laughter and looked over his shoulder to one of his goons and barked an order to him, “Ok you’ve had your fun, the show’s over go n wipe up, I’ve got business to attend to.” Joker’s face was back on screen and his evil eyes were scanning Scorpio’s control room. “Sorry Scorps, one of my men are in love with Swimmerboy, I let them enjoy the show and this one was still playing with himself. I must say the overhead shots of Swimmerboy, and that gorgeous piece of nylon wrapped around his succulent body, stretched like a piece of meat were fucking - FUCKING beautiful! I bet Riddler would have loved that, but he’s a bit occupied now, h has just captured a bat.”

Scorpio looked at the famous arch villain and put forward his most business like look, deep inside he was still high on life after draining his magnificent captive, his body still tingled from memories of Swimmerboy’s defeat, his body suit was wet with hero jis and he was anticipating the next event with the delicious blond Swimmerlad. He composed himself and spoke toward the huge face of the joker hogging the gigantic screen.

“Yes a triumph, I wish Orgasmo was here to meet you, that altar and the other pleasure devices we employ here are part of an array that is built not only to study and understand our two heroes, but to torture and drain them like you have just seen, we like to do it slowly Joker, it’s all about our control of these beautiful young men, they thought they were so ‘it’, so special, invincible; a law unto themselves. But I’ve put a stop to that!”

“Indeedy do, you have!” The Joker’s evil gaze was penetrating, and he affixed his eyes on Electro.

Scoprio introduced Electro, “This Joker, is Electro, he heads up torture and pain at the compound, his devices ensure our young cocky heroes are given exacting doses of pain stimulation the process is ingenious, it works directly from our growing control of what we have called Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s speedo essence, that mystical power that flows into their bodies and gives them super strength.”

“Sumptuous, do continue, I’m intrigued Scorpio, tell me some morrrrrrrre please” the Joker’s wry smile was evident beneath the painted smiling makeup on his face.

“Well we watched them for two years, you’d be amazed at the places you can install micro cameras, we found and infiltrated their secret “speedo pad” and watched them every day. They had their own bondage playroom, they loved to play together, after a day of crimefighting or whatever they did, we watched their public activities on every news reel they appeared in. Anyway, we realised after a while that their strength only built up while they wore their swimmer briefs and, they had to use it up, they have no way of controlling it, if they don’t use it up they will pass out and it will consume them. Fuck, we thought, how special, such opportunities. Then Orgasmo worked out that they always had sex in some way or form wearing their swimmers, he realised their pleasure was just a good a conductor or drain on their super strength. Swimmerboy enjoyed ‘being captured’ by his boyfriend, they cos played roles of villain and captive and played roles of sexual dominion, they enjoyed their sex play morning and night tying each other up in rope and different positions, but they always ended up with one or the other subdued spread-eagled. We thought fuck if the world knew that little ditty of info! Millions of people lust after them, I mean look at how handsome and sexy they are in their little nylons or lycras. They scream SUCK ME, play with me!”

Joker let out another spat of laughter “You hit the nail on the cockhead there Scorps, so you managed a way to capture the little sexual dynamos?!”

“Yes, I just had to have them, it was as simple as that! I must own and dominate them; their power and the majesty of their helpless powerhouse bodies must be mine to enjoy!”

“I like you Scorps! Do continue.”

“I recruited Electro and Orgasmo, Electro had engineered a prototype device that he used to capture Swimmerlad several years ago, he managed to capture him with his prototype broadcast device that seemed to weaken the young hero and he was able to inflict some pain, but the beautiful hero was able to overcome the signal by tuning himself to another frequency and he overcome the restraints, and destroyed the subjugation device and escaped.” “Electro went to ground, and his henchmen left no trace of his lair and came directly to this secret compound. Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy never found him.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, interesting boys!” Joker was enthralled, but wanted to get to the point, “So sometime later, you guys worked out how to develop these controlly thingys and you deployed them on your young heroes!”

“Correct!”, was Scorpio’s reply. “We now call them emitters, they are now developed into a mature product which feeds from our computer controls and ‘tunes in’ so to speak, locking into their speedo power signatures, we control intensity and frequency modulations that tap into their speedo pouches and then direct their very energy, source to reverse and either inhibit their power or turn their power into a disabling force that can cut them down like a torrent, leaving them helplessly weak and incapacitated.”

“Very impressive and I see their bondage restraints are more than capable to hold them.” Joker laughed again before composing himself. “Sorry this is so delicious and devious; I get a little carried away!”

Scorpio and Electro laughed along with Joker’s infectious merriment. But Scorpio composed himself and looked intently at huge image of Joker, “Yes of course, we can’t allow another escape, we applied our engineers to develop the restraint systems and to engineer special strengthened rope to bind their sumptuous bodies for our delight and lusts to enjoy. We have captured and subdued two of the most sexual young heroes this earth has to offer!” Scorpio’s evil smile spoke volumes to Joker.

“Yes, I can see that gentlemen, first of all, it looks like your starting to get excited in your suits, just talking about their bondage has you going, I’m very perceptive you know and a little sensitive.” He erupted in laughter again and then returned his villainous stare. “AND, you’re both still wet with the dear boy’s cum, wow what a show that was. Your delicious Swimmerboy writhes and thrusts that bulge of his so sensually, his bondage is pure majesty, his power being drained as he helplessly fought his restraints was a massive turn-on, so congratulations on such a triumph!”

“So, then gentlemen, let’s get down to business, shall we!” Joker gazed through the screen, he set forth his sales pitch to Scorpio and Electro, “A little birdy tells me that Seed is joining forces with you soon and he will be bringing his two little play things with him along with his research equipment. He tells me that his little experiments on his two captives are coming along nicely, and he wants to tap into your dellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllicious array of devices, take his research experiments that step further. Mmmmmmmmmmm, given what I’ve just watched, I think his two gorgeous subjects will thoroughly enjoy what you have to offer. He tells me that he is extending their endurance levels nicely, but he wants RAMP it UP, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” Joker’s laugh was one of excitement and anticipation. “A little super speedo cum should do the trick and I’m sure you could work your delicious magic to extract said hero cum and force it into Seed’s delicious play toys, and then his conditioning machines would go to work, who knows what you will be able to create. Mmmmmmmmmmm, sounds like a perfectly sumptuous process to me!”

Scorpio felt his cock twitch at the mere thought of the possibilities of up to 4 spectacular young, sexual men at his disposal, yet he knew Joker had something else up his devious, villainous sleeve. “Well yes that ‘little birdy’ is on the money Joker! Seed is due to arrive in the next weeks. So, what exactly do you propose?”

Jokers face exploded in another fit of laughter, evil, intense laughter…

“I know you boys are busy and we have to get ready for your next broadcast of Swimmerlad, so I’ll get to point Scorpy – Talking about little birds, just so happens, I have a little birdy in my possession right now. The boy blunder, Robin is in my hide out!” Joker jumped up and down, his laughter was becoming a little irritating to Scorpio, but Scorpio kept an open accepting stance to Joker.

“Hmmm sounds interesting Joker, do tell!” Scorpio replied.

“Well how about, I deliver you the little birdy for a while, I want him back, but I want to play with him like you play with Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. Robin is so fucking hot, but he doesn’t have superpowers, I want to give some kind of edge, some special power to complement his athletic strong body!” What do you say Scorpy?”

“Well let’s see what Seed has created so far with his Water Polo toy boys and see what we can do to, as you say – RAMP IT UP! We have systems designed to learn and evolve and once our systems are integrated, we can torture or pleasure them, sorry condition them , mould them to new levels of strength, endurance and possibly power!” It was Scorpio’s turn to let out an evil villainous laugh, and the three villains erupted in a concert of laughter.

“So, did you know?” Joker’s look was happy and light. “The Bat has been conditioning Robin for years! He is in co-hoots with Alfred, such a dirty old man!” he erupted in another fit of laughter.

“The bat thinks his cave is impenetrable, stop the madness, I’ve had it bugged and installed cameras for years, So Batman leads robin down a bit of a corridor, which he and Alfred call the Bat Belfry, a so called place of rest and relaxation after a busy night of fighting crime, but as Robin follows Batty down the corridor, he is subjected to an invisible batty drug that works almost instantaneously to subdue blunder boy. Batman and Alfred subdue him, tie him up and subject him to various conditioning processes. Batman wants his little birdy under his control. Robin is subjected to lots of batty devices and when compete, get this!!!!! Batman pleasures the gorgeous young man and drains his cum. Alfred has his feed too. Fuck it’s so hot.”

Scorpio looked amazed and dumfounded but realised the possibilities.

“Well sounds like our beautiful boy wonder will be the perfect addition to the compound! How long can I have him?” Scorpio was full of excitement!

“let’s agree on six months, what do you say Scorp? After that I take blunder boy with me, and you let me take some of your tech, so I can keep enjoying Robin. No license fees?”

Electro sat out of camera, nodding vigorously, his face and eyes said “Fuck yeah, go for it!”

Scorpio replied, “On one condition, you deliver the masked boy wonder to me every three months so I can drain him of his cum, say over a naughty weekend?”

“Perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect, and I’ll throw in a stack of Robin’s costumes and lots of his red and green nylon and lycra swim briefs, I know your penchant for helpless speedo clad captives, I’m sure these will get your juices pumping, they fit his tight athletic body like a glove, they show off his boy blunder sexual package perfectly and they have his wonderful “R” printed on his right hand hip. He looks really super-sexy wearing these with his little mask. You’ll cream your tight suits when you see Robin tied down in one of these little numbers!” Joker erupted in the next instalment of laughter.

“So it’s a deal then Scorpy Boy?”

Scorpio made one final request, “Can you show me the merchandise?”

“Shit yeah!” Joker picked up the camera and carried it through his hideout, Finally making it to his special play room, he opened a door leading to a room lit by heating devices, the room glowed orange.

Joker let out a huge sigh and produced a theatrical rub of his brow…

“Phew its hot in here Blunder Boy, hot enough to melt my makeup”

Joker looked into the camera “Oops forgot to turn on the microphone”

The sounds of Robin’s moaning and attempts to free himself from his bondage filled Scorpio’s control room. “Here you go!” Joker slowly moved the camera around, and Robin came into view.

“Ta dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Joker motioned to his prize catch. “Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrobin, the Blunder Boy!”

Robin was wearing his full costume, it covered most of his upper body, but the short sleeves showed of his straining muscular arms. His athletic legs were pulled apart by ankle restraints, and his arms were hoisted directly above his head. He was sweating profusely, and his green lycra speedo wet with his sweat, showed off his magnificent hero bulge. It shimmered in the radiant heat surrounding the young hero. Robin was surrounded by large radiant heaters, they circled his helplessly thrashing body, he had a gag in his mouth which stifled his words. A round heating element below his stretched athletic legs glowed strongly. Robin was suspended helplessly in an evil heating device. His clothes, his speedos were burning his young delicious skin as he twisted, in his bonds trying desperately to find a way of release.


Robin mumbled other unintelligible words and then the heaters turned off.

Scorpio smiled, enjoying the show; I see you have things in hand, that little birdy is cooking nicely! He exclaimed.”

Joker gave a smouldering look “But as you see I have to turn off the torture now and then, Blunder boy will die if I don’t, it takes such memory power to remember to shut it down now and then.” He erupted in laughter and ran his hand down Robin’s green speedo pouch and cupped the hot fabric encasing Robin’s Bulge. Robin cried out in pain as the hot fabric squeezed his balls and penis.

“That’s HOT that fabric” Joker smirked at his prey and then at the camera.

“I need to condition this little toy boy Scorpio, maybe some of Seed’s conditioning and some of Swimmerboy’s and Swimmerlad’s cum will help develop his stamina a little more, give him a super edge or even a super power, who knows what you gentlemen can cook up in six months with my little bird brain…”

Robin thrashed in his bonds.

“Looks like Batman has created a perfect sexual toy Joker. I will do that! It is a deal!”

Robin looked down over his exhausted, athletic body, he was helplessly waiting for the next heating cycle to sap him of his energy, he pulled vigorously on his bonds, but Joker had him nice and secure.

Joker let out an evil screech, “Hear that Blunder Boy, Scorpio will take you! I know how much you enjoyed Swimmerboy’s pleasure session, I noticed the pre-cum on your skimpy Lycra brief, Batman has conditioned you nicely…”

Robin thrashed and moaned more unintelligible words as Joker left the sauna room to make arrangements for the transfer. Gotham city was quite a distance and they needed to deliver Robin discretely to the secret compound on another continent in another hemisphere.

In Swimmerlad’s cell

Swimmerlad was motionless, he glanced up at the controls of his recovery table he had a healthy store of speedo power, he was 99 percent. Shit I’m about to reach full power, can’t stay on full too long or it will kill me, fuck it’s quiet, what the fuck are these goons up to. Swimmerboy is drained, they fucking nearly killed him and I bet they want to drain me some devilish way too. Can’t break these bonds, I must work out a way to evade these emitters, they control our powers so efficiently, too strong, his train of thought was interrupted by the swooshing of his cell door, Swimmerlad glanced across to the entrance of the cell and to his surprise Orgasmo walked into the cell and the doors closed behind him quickly.

Orgasmo was still in his pleasure parlour outfit, the white coat, the white body suit and his own red swim briefs were still wet with remnants of Swimmerboy’s juices. He stopped in his tracks and locked his gaze on the magnificent Swimmerlad restrained safely before him.

“Ohhhh yesssss, you will do perfectly Swimmerlad. Draco has prepared you well, your muscles look magnificent in these lights, Lycra has oiled you up nicely. Yes perfect, a beautiful offering to today’s group of acolytes waiting to experience what sexual delights you have to offer.”

Swimmerlad came to life, he twisted in the bonds holding him down, but the neck restraint tightened on his windpipe. He gritted his teeth, his eyes looking directly at Orgasmo, he hissed as the sensitiser erupted in his pouch, he felt the device caress his loins delicately and completely, there was no escape from the sensations invading his speedo and tantalising his balls and his sumptuous penis. They also danced across the entire green nylon pouch.

“Ffffffuck, you prick, what are you up to now. Where is Swimmerboy?” Swimmerlad demanded before another round of sensations erupted. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ffffffffffffffuck”

Swimmerlad had to resist a hardon, he had to show composure before his captor.

“Lycra and Nylon are just finishing up some other duties, they’ll be here soon dear boy. We have had a delicious evening; did you see the show?”

“You fucking sick fiends.” Spat Swimmerlad, he instinctively pulled against the restraints and the sensitiser provided a wave of sensations to his speedo once more. “Fffffffuck youuuuuuuu ohhhhhhhhh.” He was being toyed with and he knew it.

“Swimmerboy was fucking gorgeous, he was pleasured on the PleasureGEN altar, such a versatile device, it stretched his delicious body helplessly and then delivered a long pleasure field followed by a dose of deep tissue pleasure that mingled together, added with that delightful sensitiser your enjoying. So fucking hot. He writhed and moaned so deeply, he was ravaged and raped for hours. Did you see the look of despair on his face, but also so the look of depravity as he descended into his pleasure?”

Swimmerlad glared across at Orgasmo, he also noticed the start of Orgasmo’s next hardon, appearing in his cum socked speedos. More sensations erupted causing Swimmerlad to slowly thrust his green nylon package upward sensually.

“Yes keep that sexual slow thrusting up Swimmerlad, where you’re going you will be a huge magnificent hit,” Orgasmo smirked as he surveyed Swimmerlad’s helpless body twisting his green Aussiebum branded briefs displayed his magnificent junk nicely, his tent lifted off his body sending ripples of nylon fabric across the front of the nylon pouch. His bulge was spectacular, and it caught Orgasmo’s attention, it had generous curves as the fabric lightly clung to Swimmerlad’s gorgeous hefty cock. “Fuck, I can’t stop looking at your perfect speedo offering Swimmerlad, you are too beautiful for words.

Orgasmo looked down and pointed to his own speedo, “look what you’ve done, I’m getting excited. I can’t get enough of you both.” He laughed and stroked his wet hard cock, scooping up some of the left over gooey cum left on it from Swimmerboy’s pleasure session. He sat down next to Swimmerlad’s helpless body, one finger toyed with Swimmerlad’s left pectoral muscle as it flinched, his other hand wiped the spunk across Swimmerlad’s lips and his finger hovered below Swimmerlad’s nostrils.

“Good boy, Swimmerlad, yes, that’s Swimmerboy’s spunk, he juiced nicely, fuck he sprayed everywhere, we priests showered in his hot juices as the PleasureGEN milked him violently and completely.”

Swimmerlad felt and tasted the juice on his lips, Orgasmo had forced some of it into his mouth, he tasted his boyfriend, he smelled the scent of Swimmerboy’s juice as a spike of pleasure erupted in his pouch, the sensations were delicious, he was super horny and Orgasmo knew it! He stifled a moan as Orgasmo cupped his beautiful face in both hands.

“That is waiting for you now Swimmerlad. Swimmerboy has already given his offering, but you will feed many today, your pleasure will be extracted and elongated, it will feed in so many ways, I will explain that once you arrive at the temple. We have modified the temple and I think you will like what we have done. It is a temple devoted to magnificent shows and spectacles and you dear, beautiful hero lad will be centre stage. Your juicing will take a long journey and you will delight others as your pleasure stream evolves and rapes you.”

Orgasmo ran his fingers across the green nylon fabric of Swimmerlad’s pouch, his fingers fanning across the nylon pouch and he lightly traced the bumps and curves of Swimmerlad’s bulge. Swimmerlad’s body tensed as he fought the sensitiser’s diligent eruptions in response to Orgasmo’s delicate worship of Swimmerlad’s speedo offering. He thrust his hips sideways as he dealt with the divine tingles and micro spikes of energy piercing like tiny nails into his sensitised penis. He gritted his teeth in defiance as he hissed and grunted through the sensations delighting him.

“You fucking sick cu..”

“Language Swimmerlad, we can’t have that sort of thing around here!” Orgasmo caressed Swimmerlad’s short blond hair caressing his head carefully and lovingly.

“I think we must be ready to go soon. They will be assembling soon and learning about how to approach their sacred offering, how they will pleasure you dear boy.” He smiled and bent down to lick Swimmerlad’s nipples before rising and moving to the door, turning to the beautiful hero, still dealing with his sensitised speedo pouch and testing his bonds in a vain attempt to escape his fate. “fuck you are so sublime fighting those restraints, it’s hard to leave you, but you’ll understand, my priesthood duties call. Nylon and Lycra will escort you to the Temple Pleasure Pit.”

With that the door swooshed closed behind Orgasmo and Swimmerlad was alone with his speedo pouch delighting him, he used his speedo strength to resist but he knew much more was in store for him. Fuck I hope Swimmerboy is OK, they fucking drained him, sucked him dry. What the fuck is a Pleasure Pit? What the fuck!

The restraint device came to life and spoke in an evil monotone male voice.

Sensitiser increase to 5 percent

Swimmerlad contorted in the bonds as the sensations thrilling him increased in depth and length, he let out a long deep moan, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” his head was held tightly by the neck restraint, but the other restraints allowed more, but limited movement, they were playing with him, allowing his body to react and twist in response to the delicious sensations and in turn attack him further with every movement of his body parts under the nylon garment. This was designed to fill his pouch with a lingering pleasure sensation for his presentation to his tormentors for the session. They let this build for nearly 10 minutes, Swimmerlad using his powers to resist and deflect the sensations as best he could, he was well aware that he was close or at full speedo power and he needed to use his strength before it turned on him. They were fucking with his mind on so many levels.

In the wings of the speedo temple, which had been configured as the Pleasure Pit.

Nylon found the exhausted Swimmerboy on the PleasureGEN, his body exhausted, it was wet and sticky with the remnants of the torrents of cum that shot and spurted over his magnificent body. He laid still helplessly spread-eagled on the altar.

“Mmmmmm” someone looks delicious laying helpless like that, you smell and taste exquisite Swimmerboy, I told you they would milk you dry!” Nylon gloated over the exhausted young hero. He ran his finger over Swimmerboy’s sticky, clammy skin, and scooped up a portion of the hero’s gooey juice. “Fuck, me, Fuck me, that’s so fucking hot Swimmerboy.”

Swimmerboy lay helpless, he could hardly lift his head, the smell of his jism filled the room and he looked up over his body quickly, he could see his wet nylon speedo glisten in the lights, his bulge was in-tact, that orgasm felt as though his cock had disintegrated in the intense pleasure pressure that overcame him for that extended orgasmic experience. They had milked him with precision and ease. He felt his power slowly returning but he was way too weak to fight, his power was barely keeping him alive.

Nylon secured him into a drone, and he was transported to his next engagement.

The round torture device was set up in a closed off section of the venue, Swimmerboy was still delirious from his pleasure drain, he had no idea where he had been taken, but he instantly knew his ordeal was not over. Lycra arrived to assist Nylon and they hoisted Swimmerboy’s magnificent sticky body into the device, they extended the wrist restraints downward and lifted his limp arms to each restraint. The devices recoiled into the device lifting Swimmerboy and pulling his arms outward and upward. He let out a groan as his arms took his weight. The henchmen then spread Swimmerboy’s legs to each of the ankle restraints. The device adjusted each restraint to ensure Swimmerboy was safely spread. In the middle of the round frame.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph” “Please” he begged, “So week, please let me down.” He begged the two horny henchmen.

“Sorry Swimmerboy, no can do, orders are orders and our orders are to ensure you are spread in this device and your strength is restored!” was Lycra’s reply.

Nylon gave the order, “Restore Speedo Strength, deep cycle, increased flow 10 percent.”

The device came to life.

Occupant Swimmerboy

Complying deep cycle speedo flow initiated.

Swimmerboy felt his power store commence, he moaned deeply as he felt the power rush in and invigorate his speedo pouch, he thrust his hips and swayed in the bondage as the power also erupted in his chest. He felt life return to his system.

“Enjoy that Swimmerboy”, Lycra smiled as he walked around surveying the beautiful hero, spread deliciously, he tightened the twisting fabric around Swimmerboy’s waist, pulling the nylon tighter between his muscular buttocks, Swimmerboy looked down as the nylon caressed his bulge sensually, he felt the coldness of the wet fabric caress his junk, the tighter pull on the nylon served to pronounce his bulging pouch exquisitely. Lycra shuddered at the beautiful picture of the magnificent hero helplessly displayed, sporting the sensual cum soaked nylon g-string.

“Fuck me Swimmerboy, I want you now, I fucking want you!”

Swimmerboy was coming to life, he lifted his head and moaned, “fuck off!”

Lycra laughed as he left the room, looking back over his shoulder, he surveyed Swimmerboy’s tight ass with the sliver of blue nylon protruding at its apex. He replied with a deep sigh, “One day hero boy, you will be mine to enjoy, but for now I have to bring your hero boyfriend to the venue for his show! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! More fun in store Swimmerboy!” with that Lycra left Swimmerboy in the custody of Nylon and departed to the cell holding section to obtain Swimmerlad.

In the Pleasure Pit

The favoured young acolytes arrived at the temple, excited and anticipated what it would be like to taste and feel the magnificent hero offering they had been chosen to enjoy. Their invite set out the conditions of entry to the venue and they arrived complying completely with the requirements, they all wore their favourite speedo, the one garment they loved to cum in and pleasure themselves in. The one that the mere sight of made their cocks twitch and ooze.

On arrival they surveyed the Pleasure Pit space. At the centre of the room the public pleasure altar captivated their lust and anticipation, it was lit from lights overhead and from around the perimeter of the central dais on which the device took centre stage. It was made of a white carbon composite material and it pulsed with LED lights which surrounded the device about a foot above the dais floor.

Fanning out around the room a series of pods were the next attraction for the handsome acolytes. They looked like fun and it didn’t take long for them to work out there was one for each person in the group. The room was lit subtlety, there were no super bright lights, just the glowing altar centre stage. Another frame looked across the altar and it too was illuminated with red and blue LEDs, also drawing their attention.

They stood in the assigned space waiting for the presiding Priest, they were enthusiastic and excitedly talked amongst themselves.

Orgasmo entered the room from the opposite side.

“Phew Hope I’m not too late, it’s been such a busy period, but as it looks like you’re all here and checked in, let’s make a start, gather round young men.” Orgasmo ushered them closer to one of the pods, he had barely enough time to shower and put on a new white body suit with his trademark red lycra speedos. He had ditched the lab coat for this session. His athletic and taller, strong body gave him authority and the group of excited young men assembled and listened intently to their orientation and instructions.

“This is the Pleasure Pit configuration of the Speedo Temple. The Temple is a sacred place where heroes are dominated and defeated. Swimmerboy and the magnificent Swimmerlad were consecrated in a dual ceremony here a while ago. They were drained of their jism and of their special powers right here, consecrating us in their juices as Priests and you gorgeous young men, as devotees. As acolytes, your duty is to worship these beautiful your helpless heroes. Their speedo offerings and their beauty and the majesty of their powerful bodies, tied unforgivingly to implements of pleasure and pain. We will worship their offerings as we drain them of their power. They in turn struggle and resist, their fight is their offering. Worship them!”

They stood around in awe and expectations of something powerful and sexual.

“Today’s session, we offer you lucky gents’ access to the spectacular Swimmerlad. He has been tortured by Draco, who is amongst our party today – A little thankyou to him for his magnificent work and his continued work, keeping our two young heroes nourished, their muscles worked to exhaustion and their bodies meticulously tortured in sessions of muscle stimulation, designed to keep our merchandise in top condition. You should book a seat in one of his sessions if you want to hear our superhero’s screams of pain and cries for mercy as his torture devices attack their helpless bodies. Now you are keenly aware that our systems are learning their mystical speedo power, we understand it enough to control them and keep them safely powered up. We also control their sex, their juice production and have programmed their spectacular speedo systems to produce their super cum, their sacred juices form as they endure and resist spectacular session of pain. Their torture is as sacred as their pleasure.”

“So that out of the way, Swimmerlad has undergone hours of torture, he is therefore all juiced up with cum and juiced up with his speedo strength. Our, your job today will be to dominate him as he is pleasured for you on the central pleasure altar. This central device will house the helpless magnificent hero and his speedo offering, he will be tied to it to endure hours of long pleasure and you will each have equal access to him for a given period. When your assigned time arrives, make your way up to the central dais and He will be waiting and writhing for you in a state of pleasure bliss. Enjoy him, tantalise him, how you like, make him writhe as you stimulate his speedo bulge. It is yours to command while your allotted time is underway.”

They gasped at the excitement of such an opportunity, looking at each other excitedly, playing with themselves and their mates.

“Focus boys!” Orgasmo laughed and then continued. “I see you are all wearing your favourite swim briefs, lots of Nylon I see, mmm my personal favourite, some spandex and some lycra. You can be assured that whatever you are wearing, you will fill it with your own cum, probably several times over, and you will also get to eventually dine and enjoy the Swimmerlad’s juice offering. It will be a caucus of cum in the hours to come, hahahahahahahahahahaha” “And that dear boys is the purpose of this sacred temple and the Pleasure Pit!” He looked around the temple. “You’re all expected to undertake your sacred duties here – worship the offering, dominate it and make Swimmerlad your sexual toy, make him sing and make him tremble. The altar will pleasure him exquisitely with your command.” He smirked and looked around. Most of the acolytes were sporting delicious hard-ons and Orgasmo had to contain his building lust. He wanted each of them, their handsome faces looking at him expectantly. He could feel the rising levels of lust as he looked into their expectant eyes.

Orgasmo had to focus on something else, his lust was powerful. “Around the room are pods, your name is displayed on your pod. These devices are connected to the central pleasure altar; as Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream grows and builds, the altar will distribute an equal portion of the stream to each pod. It will be filtered, as you would not survive the pleasure pressure these two heroes are capable of enduring with their speedo power, however you can experience the pleasure sensations in your pod and dial up or down the intensity of it. The pod will allow you to activate your own bondage restraints with your voice control, We know how we all get off on their bondage and you will experience what it is like to be restrained, like him, helplessly being fed exquisite pleasure. Or you might like to visit a friend and enjoy the stream together, there is rope, a bondage table and everything you need to enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of Swimmerlad’s sacrificial pleasure draining. Personal screens ensure you don’t miss any of the altar action.”

They were immediately looking for their own pods like excited children.

“Once again gentlemen, focus!” Orgasmo laughed as he waited for them to return their attention.

“Swimmerlad has undergone immense torture, his loins will produce 30-40 litres of hero cum as a result, it will be the resounding climax from the hours of his sensual pleasure build. His writhing and moaning body will feed your lust, and stimulate your own pleasure experience, this temple will become an amazing Pleasure Pit, hot and noisy with the sights and sounds of sexual expression and Scorpio will explain how he decided to create such a majestically sexual experience as the sacred ceremony kicks off.”

“So he is ready, he has been undergoing a sensual appetiser as he awaits his fate, he will arrive in a green nylon garment, his pouch is beauty and art, his bulge so delicious, your mouths will water in expectation. The Nylon drapes across his athletic body, inviting your attention and devotion. He is being prepared and has been sensitised for hours, his speedo pouch has become a container of delicate and subtle sweet pleasure, it has been tantalising him with every movement of his body causing his penis to brush the light, soft nylon caressing his loins is creating and adding to the delicate pleasure toying inside his penis.” Orgasmo smiled and smirked and then continued, “I know exactly how to pleasure him, long deliberate and delicate for now.” He burst out in an evil laugh.

“Swimmerlad will arrive, bound by special rope. His arms tied behind his back, his power adjusted by the emitter array, he must be conscious as he is introduced to his fate and the altar that awaits him. It will be such a sexually charged moment as he understands and anticipates his impending pleasure drain, and we will enjoy his struggles as he is tied helplessly to the altar. But first he will be restrained in the frame overlooking the altar while you get a chance to meet him and Scorpio provides his welcome. He will be helplessly bound overlooking his waiting fate, his pleasure altar! Delicious don’t you think?”

“Fuck Orgasmo, this is fucking awesome, erotic, doesn’t come close to feelings I am experiencing now!” Hunter, one of the acolytes responded. “My cock is tingling just looking at the altar and the bondage frame.”

“Enjoy gentlemen, this is your special treat, maybe you might like to rent a torture or pleasure room with one of your heroes, you can play out your fantasies in your own private room, just think of the possibilities, we can option it to your specifications, the only restriction is your imagination and of course you cannot allow him to cum. You must obey that prime rule, however you can choose to attend his milking session to see the fruits of your labours, that may be a further charge – we’ll keep you posted!” he smiled around the group. “Definitely worth the extra! Hahahahahahhahhahaha.”

“Of course, master priest!” Hunter’s reply was obedient and respectful.

In Swimmerlad’s cell

Swimmerlad was still almost choking on the tight neck restraint, it was a different story for the rest of his body though, his speedo pouch was filling with inescapable delicate sensations, he felt them slide and gurgle delicately inside his penis, the sensations were also captivating his speedo pouch, he felt sensual as he rolled his body as best he could dealing with the pleasure enticing his sex. He also felt the exhilaration of his speedo strength, it had been returned to him and it powered his muscles and invigorated his body, his old friend was back. The other sensations in his loins were of course his screaming Speedo sense, warning him of some impending danger.

Fuck me, this is driving me wild, they are filling me with sexual tension, tantalising me, my penis feels fucking erotic, Oh God waves of pleasure in my penis are fucking delicious, can’t stop them, but my strength is resisting hardon. Must not show weakness, must hold on. Concentrate Swimmerlad. His thought pattern was interrupted as Lycra arrived at the cell. He could only glance up to see Lycra, his head was held tightly by the choker restraint.

Lycra stood over him looking down at Swimmerlad lying helpless and twisting to the pleasure stroking him. “Yum Fucking YUM.” Lycra exploded in delight looking at Swimmerlad’s helpless body. Lycra bent down and caressed Swimmerlad’s handsome jaw, he caressed Swimmerlad’s face lovingly. He then spoke with lustful intent. “Scorpio has prepared the Pleasure Pit for you Swimmerlad, hehe.”

Swimmerlad struggled against the restraints, choking and moaning at the same time as the sensitiser spiked a pleasure hit across his nylon pouch. “Mmmmmm, so sexy Swimmerlad. They are going to fucking milk your body of your Jis slowly and intently. Your pleasure will be outrageous and feed every member of the Pleasure Pit, hehehehehe.”

Swimmerlad pleaded with the henchman, “Please Lycra, please help us” “No, Please?”

Lycra ran his other hand across the drawer string of Swimmerlad’s green nylon Aussiebum swimmers, causing Swimmerlad to moan as the sensitiser reacted to the henchman’s light touch across the top of his garment. Swimmerlad clenched his hands as the sensations fanned down across the nylon and attacked his magnificent tenting bulge. “Ohhhhhhhhhh, God!” Swimmerlad choked out through another moan. His hips slowly lifting sensually.

Lycra laughed, and whispered “Not on your life Swimmerlad, there is so much sexual tension in the air, and you are the pleasure prime for the ceremony!”

Swimmerlad spat out a “ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck you all!” He was helpless to resist Lycra’s touch.

“Now time to go Swimmerlad!”

“Stun level two!”

The restraints opened, but Swimmerlad had very little chance of getting a breath in, his super power ignited in his pouch, temporarily overpowering the sensitiser’s pleasures and filling his body with raging pain sensations, before he could work out what had happened, Lycra had rolled him to his side and tightly tied his wrists behind his back. He heard words.

“Stun 1”

Everything came into focus, he felt woozy for a second or two, but then regained a consciousness and found himself writhing on his side on the recovery table. Lycra called another henchman in and strong arms lifted him to a standing position.

“Get moving hero boy!”

Lycra forced Swimmerlad out of the cell and they commenced their journey, man handling and forcing him through the corridors of the facility toward the fate awaiting him in the speedo temple Pleasure Pit. He was bound tightly, and the emitter array was keeping him conscious, and slightly off balance as they thrust him through the labyrinth of private corridors servicing the various torture and pleasure facilities. The emitters flashed at every corner until they arrived backstage at the Speedo Temple. Lycra stopped him outside the rear stage door entrance.

“We wait here now!” Lycra checked the closed-circuit visual system while the other henchman (one of many taking up residence at the secure facility. He had a pair of white shiny spandex swim briefs, his name MIKE emblazoned across his ass. Lycra then knelt down to organise Swimmerlad’s junk, he caressed and toyed with Swimmerlad’s generous and warm cock head which only fired up Swimmerlad’s sensitised junk, the sensations were persistently hanging around and Swimmerlad moaned and twisted in his bonds as Lycra’s expert hands toyed with him.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph,” Swimmerlad let a deep moan escape as he involuntarily pushed his hips toward his molester.

Mike looked down at his own bulging manhood. “Stop it boys, you’re making me hard and we’re about to be called on stage in front of a stack of horny guys, hahahahahahahahaha!”

The door slid open and the three men found themselves in a dimly lit backstage vestibule, Lycra knew exactly where to stand as he pushed Swimmerlad to one of the stage wings.

“Keep your mouth shut Swimmerlad, we wait for the signal, he found the green gag, the colour matched his lime green swimwear briefs, the gag was hanging on a special hook by the entrance to the stage. They wrapped it around Swimmerlad’s head and stuffed it tightly in his mouth, they tied it tightly. Swimmerlad muffled a moan as the fabric tightened in his mouth” Lycra checked his work, “Yes that will turn them on!” he took hold of Swimmerlad’s shoulder, Mike had his strong grip on the other shoulder with one hand holding Swimmerlad’s tied arms. They were poised for the entrance.

Back in the Pleasure Pit orientation

Orgasmo had arranged the group to their positions on the first rise to central dais which housed the waiting and glowing round presentation frame and the delicious public altar device.

Scorpio arrived at one of the far end access points to the temple and walked across the stage toward his next majestic triumphs of hero defeat, he clasped his hands as he arrived to stand next to his priest, Orgasmo.

“Great to see you all here, sorry I was delayed with an important call and had to wash off all of Swimmerboy’s cum!” He faked a sad over-acted look, and then burst out in a fit delight. “Wow, Orgasmo, Electro and I milked Swimmerboy in a long delicious pleasure session, Phew I hope you got to catch some of it on my Speedoflix channel?” He looked around for a positive response.

The group of horny acolytes smiled, nodded and rubbed their own delightful packages.

“Your turn today boys, I hope you’re up to your task!” his evil devious look was not lost on any of them, neither was his corny joke. “bru hahahahaha.”

Scorpio continued, “We have unbelievable delights in store for you all. Your offering is the spectacular Swimmerlad, his body has been worked hard and he has been tortured by Drago to the edge of his speedo strength existence. So! This draining session will in one way, be a treat for him, but in reality, it will be an ordeal of horror proportions. Your job, you bunch of delicious deviates is to ensure Swimmerlad is pleasured to the edge of his life.”

Scorpio walked over to the altar and brushed his hands over its shiny surface. “She is fucking beautiful, isn’t she?!”

The acolytes were beside themselves with anticipation.

“This is a public variation to the Consecration Pleasuretrons. Built into the device are a number of controls for you to enjoy, with your bound young superhero offering. The altar will detect his pleasure signature and will, as you are aware, distribute a piece of that pleasure to your pod. Swimmerlad will be sharing his defeat with you. It will become extreme as time goes by, so careful boys, don’t overload yourselves, you know what they say about too much of a good thing!” he smiled and laughed.

Scorpio, leaned back against the altar, both hands holding onto his little baby, he faced the acolytes and announced. “Swimmerlad will be subject to the invasive pleasure current, it has been tuned and enhanced to thrill his body exquisitely. His bulging green speedos have been sensitised for some hours, so his loins are primed for your enjoyment.” Scorpio, rubbed his own bulge lightly. “We are here to partake in a pleasure ceremony, enjoy your offering and enjoy each other, a kind of a fucking intense get to know each other - intimately!”

He continued, “Your options are:

  1. A pleasure net procedure, this one is set for 5 minutes. It will rape Swimmerlad with such power, he will tremble and shake as you caress his body.

  2. A pleasure beam, the energy in this beam will fill his nylon pouch with a magnificent, sensual energy intensity humming before exploding violently, throttling is penis with powerful spikes of energy.

  3. An intensifier, this will take his pleasure stream intensifying it, compacting it and then deliver the condensed pleasure energy in waves of energy across his pouch and bulge, this will really get his hips thrusting as you worship his bulge, his pouch and his quivering body.

Each of these will be enhanced by your fingers and mouths as you worship his offering, your touch, whether it, soft and gentle or heavy will direct the pleasure energy, it will thrill our delicious Swimmerlad into heights of majestic and spiritual pleasure, just you wait and see.” He looked at each of the acolytes, they were in awe of the task ahead of them…

“Now you should each have a couple of sessions with Swimmerlad, use your time wisely, the more you stimulate him, the greater the pleasure stream directed to your friends here directly to their pods, get the gist?”

“Swimmerlad’s juices, his erection, are all inhibited so we can all enjoy his offerings, there will be plenty of hero juice to share. His eventual orgasm will be intense and long, his cum flow will be denied for more than thirty minutes as his raging orgasm rapes him, therefore you can all enjoy a long orgasmic intense pleasure flow to your pods.”

Your priesthood will choose their favourite hero tormentor, one of you will be chosen, we will be watching closely! And the chosen one will be the one to bring Swimmerlad to the orgasmic precipice, his screams as he reaches his orgasm will fill you with power and majesty, believe me, Swimmerboy’s orgasmic defeat earlier was fucking powerful and hot! That person will be rewarded not only with Swimmerlad’s ultimate defeat but will also have the opportunity to torture him in a private session after he has recovered from his milking. I therefore encourage you to defeat him sensually and with power, we are looking for your ingenuity and lust as you molest your captive hero.

Scorpio trembled in pleasure at the thought of one of these beautiful young men bringing Swimmerlad to climax. The majesty of his drenched speedo offering writhing in spectacular depravity, stretched helplessly on the Pleasuretron altar.

“I thought you would like what is on offer gentlemen!” his devious smile surveyed the beautiful young, horny men surrounding he and Orgasmo on the dais. “Should we get our pleasure offering in for you to view? He will be displayed quickly here and then will be presented helpless in this frame, his speedo pouch will be sensitised subtly, so as you make your acquaintance, feel him up, he is yours to enjoy boys, make the most of it. He will writhe in his bonds as the pleasure in his pouch tantalises his loins in delicate ebbs and flows, he is at your mercy. Pleasure him!

“Bring me the offering!” Scorpio’s voice was loud and firm.

Cameras and microphones descended from up in the temple’s roof cavities.

In the Wings

Lycra laughed out loud as he played with Swimmerlad’s erect small nipples, “Your on, hero lad, they are going to fucking rape and milk your powerful cocky body, get out there!”

Mike and Lycra took deep breaths and pushed Swimmerlad forcibly out into the stage lights, Mike held Swimmerlad’s bound wrists as he kept him on a close leash. Swimmerlad was slightly disoriented by the temple’s emitter array, controlling his powers with ease and precision.

They arrived at the central dais, the alter and presentation frame behind him, they forced him between Scorpio and Electro, Mike pulled Swimmerlad’s feet apart but held onto the struggling beautiful hero, Swimmerboy fought against the ropes binding his arms behind his back, but he was held deftly in their power. He muffled defiant words, but the gag made him unintelligible.

“What’s that Swimmerlad?” Orgasmo asked in a sarcastic tone, “can’t understand a word”

“Mmmmpphhhhhh oh mmmmph”

Orgasmo shook his head theatrically, mocking the powerful Swimmerlad struggling in front of him.

“No nothing…” “Lycra get rid of that gag, let us hear what our offering has to say.”

Lycra pulled at the knot he tied which allowed for the quick release of the fabric from Swimmerlad’s mouth.

Swimmerlad turned his head quickly from side to side, as his mouth was released.

“What is going on, you are fucking fiends, a fucking circus show?” He looked down over his oiled body, his lime green speedos showed off his manhood perfectly and he looked up to see every set of eyes sizing him up lustfully and purposely.

Orgasmo spoke, “Gentlemen, the lovely Swimmerlad is your pleasure prime, your offering today. He is your play-toy and he will be drained of his powers, by the execution of pleasure implements designed to thrill and rape his magnificent body at your command. This magnificent hero, once proud and powerful, is delivered for you to fulfill your lust and desires. Do you accept his offering?”

Every set of eyes looked intently at Swimmerlad’s shimmering body, struggling in his bondage before them. In unison, they replied – “Yes High Priest!”

Scorpio approached Swimmerlad, he surveyed the mighty hero, his fingers caressed his pecs and explored the bumps and mounds of Swimmerlad’s abs, Swimmerlad was under the power of the emitters, half dazed as he looked down, clinching his teeth as Scorpio’s hands toyed with the nylon garment, pangs of subtle pleasure stimulated Swimmerlad, who, throwing his head up slightly as Scorpio’s fingers molested the soft green nylon garment tenting from the apex of his generous speedo bulge across his pouch to each of his hips, he moaned discretely attempting to hide the sensations attacking his junk. They played with him, they tingled as they circled his balls. Scorpio’s hands then moved sensually around his hips and he caressed Swimmerlad’s pert tight athletic buttocks.

“Gentlemen, today, as speedo ceremony demands I will create Swimmerboy’s delicious thong, I hope no one disagrees?”

He looked up to see Swimmerlad’s defiant face and then across to the horny acolytes. They were in raptures of excitement.


Scorpio grabbed the nylon fabric and pulled it tightly between Swimmerlad’s buttocks, he twisted it tightly across each of Swimmerlad’s hips. He then proceeded to enhance Swimmerlad’s bulge by adjusting the tight elastic clinging to Swimmerlad’s loins. The result was a masterpiece, Swimmerlad’s bulge stood out, the curves of the soft green nylon shimmered in the lights showing off the enhanced bumps and folds of fabric. Swimmerlad moaned as he accepted the swirling subtle sensations Scorpio’s work had produced. He felt amazing, his speedo was caressing him, he felt sublime as he looked down to survey Scorpio’s finished product.

Oh fuck, my speedo bulge looks fucking amazing, the fabric feels soft and sensual on my cock, feels sensational, pleasure sensations are toying with me, fuck, my cock head is displayed for their enjoyment. Fuck, help, must escape, ropes and bondage are turning me on, speedo sense is screaming danger. His thoughts were coming fast and strong as he dealt with his situation. He writhed trying to break his shoulders free from Lycra and Mike’s strong grip, he struggled pulling at the ropes binding his wrists, but he was held fast. Looking up from his bulging offering, he looked into the eyes of the young men, horny and full of desire.

“Your pleasure toy is ready gentlemen.” Scorpio announced.

Tie Swimmerlad to the presentation frame

Lycra and Mike, turned Swimmerlad toward the altar and proceeded behind it to the frame, this gave the acolytes a perfect view of his tight athletic buttocks and the nylon green thong emerging at the top of his buttocks, tightly pulling up and across to his hips, the nylon curled deliciously around his hips before fanning to create his erotic pouch. Swimmerlad looked up at the pulsing round frame, it was on a taller dais and overlooked the waiting pleasure altar. The dais had room for several people to ascend and access the bound captive.

As they reached the top presentation level, wrist restraints opened and descended. They turned Swimmerlad to face the altar, behind the altar, his captors gazed upward, playing with themselves and each other, he moment was electric, they were binding, restraining the mighty Swimmerlad, dressed in a ceremonial nylon speedo thong for their enjoyment.

Mike checked the emitters were glowing on stun level as he untied Swimmerlad’s wrists, Lycra kept a strong grip on the weakened hero, as Mike lifted each of Swimmerlad’s arms and attached the wrist restraining device, they closed with an evil high pitched whir and Swimmerlad felt them tighten, holding him securely. Lycra bent down and spread Swimmerlad’s legs to meet the ankle restraints, which clasped onto the tanned skin of Swimmerlad’s ankles with the same high pitch whir. The restraints took up the slack, pulling the helpless young virile hero into the middle of the round frame. He was held spread-eagled as the frame around him pulsed with green LEDs to match his lime green nylon offering.

The emitters powered down.

Swimmerlad moaned quietly as his speedo strength returned to normal, his speedo offering was swirling with sensations as his power pushed outward through his body energising him, he then felt his speedo sense tingling, it was screaming danger! He pulled in different directions, but the bondage was secure, and his efforts were futile, his rippling muscles shone in the lights illuminating him, they shimmered and rippled as he accustomed himself to his bondage position.

Welcome Swimmerlad!

Sensitisation resumed, 3 Percent

The presentation frame welcomed Swimmerlad and he immediately felt the gentle flow of sensations energise in his pouch, his every movement caused the program to stroke and tantalise him. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god, mmmmmmmmm.” He accustomed himself once more to the sensitiser.

Orgasmo had risen to the presentation stage and stood next to the mighty Swimmerlad. He looked at Swimmerlad’s nylon pouch and admired the bulging curves of Swimmerlad’s anatomy, showing perfectly, sensually as Swimmerlad’s hips slowly twisted as he dealt with the sensitiser’s delicious molestation of his loins.

“Welcome Swimmerlad, we’re so glad you could make it.” He looked Swimmerlad in the eye.

Swimmerlad’s teeth were clenched, his head lolling up and down as the sensations teased and tormented him, he looked at Orgasmo defiantly. “Fuck off, you sick bastard. Mmmmmmmmm.”

“That sensitiser has been priming you for some time now my dear boy, have you enjoyed its subtle delights, just enough to tease your cock, stimulate your juices. Enjoy its delights, Swimmerlad!” He turned to the acolytes. “Your pleasure toy is presented to you! Enjoy the delights of his body and his speedo offering, you will pleasure him long and hard.” Orgasmo held out his hand to them, “gentle strokes will fill him with exquisite pleasure!” He moved over to Swimmerlad, writhing and looking down to his helpless pleasure filling pouch, “No Please!” He was powerless as Orgasmo felt the warmness of his bulge, his fingers explored the bulging sensual fabric, he could feel the micro-vibrations erupt through Swimmerlad’s penis in response to his touch and gentle squeezing of Swimmerlad’s offering. Swimmerlad thrust his hips slowly and let out a deep moan, his head turned upward. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god” he hissed, looking back down to his gyrating speedo offering, sensations licking and pulsing, it felt spectacular.

Orgasmo looked at his captive and then back to the group of horny young men.

“See how he reacts, he is captive to the pleasure devices at your command, he will resist the power of the devices and he will weaken, drain him slowly and intently.”

Orgasmo invited Scorpio to the presentation level.

Scorpio arrived up to presentation dais, he approached Swimmerlad and immediately ran his fingers over Swimmerlad’s helpless body in a sensual and authoritative way. “Such a divine offering, your pleasure will be long and demanding Swimmerlad. Below you and waiting is your altar.” Scorpio took hold of Swimmerlad’s handsome face with strong grip and forced him to look down across the glowing altar. From their position, overlooking the device, Swimmerlad could see the pulsing lights, each of the restraints waiting to hold him securely, a special set of LEDs glowed where his buttocks would rest and the leg sections fanned out so his tormentors could access his speedo offering to pleasure and molest him as he journeyed into the pleasure abys. His fate awaited him on that shiny sensual device. Their intentions were clear! Scorpio continued “The public pleasure alter will deliver unforgettable, intense, exquisite pleasure to your body, your screams and cries of delight will fill this temple, the Pleasure Pit.” Scorpio’s left hand returned to Swimmerlad’s warm soft nylon pouch, he ran his finger across Swimmerlad’s bulge and followed the line of nylon folding across the front of Swimmerlad’s pouch to his right hip. Swimmerlad pulled on his bonds as the sensations erupted once more and a pleasure spike shot through his penis. Swimmerlad writhed and moaned deeply. “Your altar is a refined public version of the Pleasuretron, it will feed on your pleasure stream, and this little wonder, Swimmerlad will deliver a portion of it to each of the pods surrounding your central altar. These young horny men will experience your pleasure, albeit in safe levels for a normal human! They will each be given on-on-one time with you, their pleasure offering, and they will enjoy your helpless body, pleasuring you deeply, building you to your delicious orgasm.” Scorpio cupped Swimmerlad’s bulge, feeling the softness of the fabric, the warmth of Swimmerlad’s magnificent anatomy so deliciously encased in the tactile fabric, his penis twitched slightly as Scorpio’s expert hand squeezed and molested his most private region softly. The pleasure spike pulsed through Swimmerlad’s penis, it caressed his pleasure points with tantalising pangs of energy. Swimmerlad, looked down to his package still in the grip of Scorpio and moaned slowly, his lips pursed as the pleasure sensation invigorated him. He looked up into Scorpio’s eyes and found lust returning his gaze. Scorpio purred, “Your orgasm will form after we have all pleasured you, so it will be a while, don’t worry, we will manage your power levels, so that you can experience hours of pleasure build and an orgasmic climax of such spectacular proportions, your juices will gurgle and cook as they are squeezed and processed by the orgasmic pleasure pressure raping your magnificent body. Your long anticipated cum flow will provide for this hungry flock of your speedo worshipers as they feed on your hot flowing juices.” He Looked closely into Swimmerlad’s defiant eyes. You’re just too sexxxxxxual Swimmerlad!”

Orgasmo had assembled the horny acolytes in a que and a small plinth began to emerge from the floor directly in front of the spread-eagled writhing hero.

Scorpio moved away from Swimmerlad to the side and looked across to the helpless hero, “Your worshippers want their introduction, they will kneel before your speedo offering and kiss your bulge in worship.”

“Hunter you are first.”

Hunter, a 25 year old swimmer, almost 6 foot moved across the presentation dais, he wore yellow lycra swimmers and his hardon was raging at the sight of Swimmerlad’s body stretched out before him. He Knelt in worship, looking up into the eyes of the bound hero, who was looking down, pleading. “No, no!”

Hunter smiled and lent into the green piece of speedo heaven, he kissed the apex of Swimmerlad’s bulge and felt the tiny tingle on his lips. Swimmerlad’s head shot to the side as the sensitiser raped his penis.

“Next!” Scorpio welcomed Tyler.

Tyler, another handsome 23 year old, footy jock, walked across the presentation dais, his grey and yellow nylon swimwear was moist, but he had been able to control his hardon, his bulge was soft and delicious, Swimmerlad admired him as he approached and knelt to undertake his worship. He kissed Swimmerlad’s bulge sensually and slowly, looking up as Swimmerlad’s abs flexed, the tingles on his lips and tongue and Swimmerlad’s flexing muscles captivated him with anticipation. Mmmmmmmmm” he moaned as he arose and departed, the taste of that magnificent hero offering lingering in his mind.




They each knelt and worshiped Swimmerlad’s consecrated speedo offering over the next 15 minutes, their lusts and desires growing with every passing moment, the waiting and the teasing were building an explosive bubble of sexual tension in the Pleasure Pit.

Orgasmo assembled the horny acolytes back down on the Pleasure Pit’s pod level, looking up to writhing hero.

Scorpio moved back to Swimmerlad and stroking his jaw, Swimmerlad felt Scorpio’s fingers tremble, he was shaking with delight as he announced Swimmerboy’s arrival.

“Bring me Swimmerboy!”

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