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Defeat and Domination
Part 1 - Capture
By Scorpio


Swimmerboy Age 22, 5’8”, muscular swimmers build. Dark short spiked hair. His super strength is linked intimately with his speedos. His super strength builds whenever he wears his lycra or nylon swim briefs, it can be fatal if he doesn’t exert and use that strength and he must use it or remove his speedos to avoid the power overtaking him. He first felt the power in his mid-teens, but to date he has not been able to control his powers other than exerting his strength or removing his swim briefs. His strength is like a battery that drains with use but can be recharged quickly. He spends his days protecting the community and acting as a private investigator, fighting evil. He is totally devoted to his boyfriend, Swimmerlad.

Swimmerlad Age 21, 5’9”, blonde, short hair, defined muscular build and like Swimmerboy, he is also intimately connected to his swimwear, a private detective in his own right and lover of Swimmerboy. His sexual fantasies include exploring bondage and enjoying his “helpless” bound speedo lover. His sexual energy builds, like Swimmerboy’s and they bask in the enjoyment of their sex. Often on their arrival home after a day of crime fighting, Swimmerlad can be wet with his precum, glistening on his bulge and just thinking of Swimmerboy could make him almost cum sometimes thinking about the bond they feel as their bodies connect…

Both young men enjoy a life together, but normally work apart, they exert their strength during the day fighting evil and protecting the innocent. They are, well known and sought after strikingly handsome young heroes. At the end of the day they return home and enjoy each other, both turned on by their respective speedo bulges, and their bubble butts perfectly tuned to their nylon or lycra hero attire. Their pleasure works to drain any extra speedo strength. They maintain a speedo connection, with the ability to contact each other subconsciously when they both don their nylon briefs and become handsome, breathtakingly good-looking superheroes.

Several years earlier, Swimmerboy apprehended Dr Scorpio working closely with the local police. After testifying in court, Scorpio was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences – “never to be released”. His Swimmerboy grudge infiltrated his evil mind and he set about a plan to exact his revenge that very day as he was taken, screaming at the beautiful young hero in that packed court room.

Scorpio’s escape was swift, his villainous contacts worked perfectly to free their evil master from the useless bounds of the prison system that could have never held a villain of his caliber. Just like that, Scorpio disappeared without trace. His disappearance baffled everybody, including Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad.

Both heroes sought him out, but without success, they followed lead after lead, but each line of investigation led to a dead end, it had become a cold case. They stopped investigations two years after Scorpio’s disappearance and they knew deep down that they would not have heard the last of the evil Dr Scorpio.

Little did they know that Scorpio, consumed by this lust for the young heroes and motivated by his need for revenge had become consumed and had worked tirelessly to capture his two hero enemies, to exact a revenge so evil, so sexual, Scorpio was consumed by his lust for their magnificent virile bodies draped in skimpy nylon fabric clinging to their intimate bulging manhood. He will have his revenge and defeat their speedo strength over and over; his two heroes were destined to serve his lust and exact that sweet revenge. Scorpio studied every news reel of the heroes, he bugged their apartment and spied for two years, his lust building, and his need for revenge was consuming him every day, yet he persevered and plotted his vindictive plan. Scorpio recruited the evilest minds and they set out to develop magnificent bondage devices to hold and withstand the speedo strength of the two heroes. They built and developed devices of torture, they planned ways to drain the two heroes slowly, painfully, to the edge of death, only to recharge their strength to repeat their painful defeat. They needed to learn how their superpowers develop and fuel their strength, their driving force. All this was taking place in a facility deep in depths of the earth, away from the world, a subterranean vault built purposely for the domination of superheroes.

Hours of spying drove Scorpio to the extremes of lust, watching the magnificent heroes, enjoying each other each night, as they played together, experimenting with bondage and making each other cum in their speedos, he learned that pleasure was a way that each hero could ease the build-up of speedo strength, his eyes lit up when he realised how his revenge could be developed even further and administered to the virile, gorgeous, young heroes. Their capture, bondage and defeat were all that could satisfy his mix of lust and payback.

The compound was created to capture and hold the two magnificent heroes in perfect captivity and bondage, his lust and need to own and dominate their strength had become the driving force of his existence. Their capture and future lives as his sexual toys were timed to ensure that the facility was ready to hold such power and would be developed to become the perfect hero temple. Altars of sacrifice were developed and connected to an artificial intelligence that would continually learn and control the symbiotic speedo strength that both Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad enjoyed when they wore their nylon and lycra briefs. Their bondage and helpless bodies will pay dearly for the day Swimmerboy put Dr Scorpio behind bars.

He will defeat his two young enemies over and over, in delicious pain and pleasure and their helpless bodies straining in their bonds will be broadcast on the black web to paying customers. His plans were grandiose, magnificent and consuming. Scorpio recruited villains of the highest caliber and they developed their instruments of domination; they would enjoy the two young heroes. A temple of bondage devoted to two helpless, sexually charged heroes and a shrine to sexual domination, of torture and pleasure in such perfect syncopation.

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad had a morning play. Both wearing powder blue speedos. Their sex was hot and steamy that summer morning. They lay on the bed together, their sticky cum soacked nylon bulges glues together. They lay basking in the aftermath of their huge orgasms. Their strength nicely bubbling deep in their bodies as they lay in their wet nylon Aussiebum briefs, they were at the perfect strength level after that orgasm, ready for a day of crime fighting and investigation.

Scorpio enjoyed their final love making session, which he viewed it from three hidden cameras. He then set about luring Swimmerboy to his lair.

“I'll see you tonight Swimmerlad” said Swimmerboy, “I can' wait to play with you again tonight.” They kissed and parted their ways after a long shower. Swimmerboy selected a red nylon pair of speedos to wear for his day looking for the missing lifesavers.

Scorpio put his lair on alert to prepare for the arrival of Swimmerboy. The facility was in lockdown and all occupants were instructed to prepare for the capture of their prime target. Nylon and Lycra, Scorpio’s new henchmen were prepared for the capture and Nylon was tasked with acquiring Swimmerboy and delivering him safely into Scorpio's custody.

Swimmerboy had received GPS coordinates to his secure phone channel before he left home, he wondered who had the ability to contact the encrypted phone connection, but it was the lead he needed to start his search, so he set out, first to review the place the lifesavers disappeared. He arrived at the beach where they were last seen and checked the surrounding areas. His speedo pouch began to tingle soon after he arrived at the beach and he knew his Speedo sense was beginning to fire up. His red nylon briefs caressed his body perfectly, his pouch flawlessly displayed his generous manhood, his cock shoed through the fabric displaying the outline of his penis. The nylon felt amazing and the tingling sense started to work through his pouch. Swimmerboy knew he was on the right track. He rubbed his pouch to relieve himself from the stimulation. Swimmerboy then set off to the GPS co-ordinates, which led to a factory complex some miles away.

Swimmerboy arrived at the coordinates, his pouch was so sensitive, he had to re-adjust himself, his cock felt amazing and he fought against to desire to rub himself, he knew the speedo sense was warning him of potential danger and he therefore knew he was in the right place. It was a matter of time before he found the missing lifesavers, well so he thought.

It was early in the morning and there was nobody around. Swimmerboy found an unlocked door and entered one of the warehouses. He spent 20 minutes looking though rooms, and sections of the building, there was no sign of the lifesavers or any kind of struggle. He began to wonder if his speedo sense was giving him false messages. His pouch was so sensitive, and he was confused as to why his search was fruitless so far.

Two days earlier, Scorpio had fitted the complex out with his ingenious speedo emitters. They were placed throughout the building and hidden from Swimmerboy's view. Also hidden were 30 cameras, set to record Swimmerboy’s capture from every angle.

Scorpio gave the order to fire up the emitters and to his delight, Swimmerboy began to slow down, he was becoming disoriented and shaking his head, he was starting to feel strange. His speedo sense was no longer making him horny and his flowing strength had begun to wane, he was feeling lightheaded and nauseous. The tingling had reversed though, he was overtaken with spasms of striking pain which originated in his speedo pouch and started to stretch through his torso and legs. His speedo pouch was throbbing with pain which pulsated out from his bulging pouch and stretched through his body like tentacles.

The emitters were designed to tune into the Swimmerboy's speedo strength and to reverse the Swimmerboy’s power stream effect on his body. The speedos were no longer fueling his strength, but their power was reversed, and the speedo strength was attacking him, draining him!

Swimmerboy clutched his speedo pouch, “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what is happening", "OMG"- the whole experience blocked his ability to contact Swimmerlad and he was suddenly helpless. He fell to his knees and started to convulse; the power of the black energy released in his pouch was overwhelming. the diabolical emitters had reversed his speedo strength and the power was working to disable him completely; he was suddenly defeated. He fell to the ground convulsing and ended on his back, paralyzed. His speedo pouch sending waves of pain through his body. He blacked out.

Scorpio enjoyed the whole display of Swimmerboy's resistance to the power of his speedo emitters to disable the beautiful young hero; he enjoyed watching Swimmerboy fight the pain, writhing and contorting, trying to end the torment, but to no avail, his speedo strength, turned devilishly against him, controlling and disarming him, eventually Swimmerboy succumbed to the reversed effect of his own speedo strength.

Scorpio was beside himself with glee, all his research and work had paid off; he had developed a perfect system to control Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. The two heroes will become his toys, and fulfill not only his lust, but that of hundreds of paying fans.

Swimmerboy slowly woke up, his pouch was screaming, warning him of impending danger, yet he wasn’t able to caress it or try to alleviate the torment, he struggled and writhed, but to no avail, his arms were tied above his head and he legs tied together. Laying on the floor, he was helpless and as much as he tried to exert his speedo strength to break the bonds, he was helpless. The bonds were way to strong. He could not break free, his body writhed and contorted as he fruitlessly tried to break the ropes. He lay helpless.

Swimmerboy noticed Nylon enter the room. He was so happy to see someone to help him escape the bonds. But he was so wrong. As Nylon approached, Swimmerboy could tell that this was one of the missing lifesavers. Nylon was wearing a pair of green nylon speedos. He stood above Swimmerboy, his legs straddling the hero. Swimmerboy could see the wet patch of precum build on the tip of Nylon’s speedo pouch.

“Hello Swimmerboy! We are so glad you could come. We have been waiting for you, you beautiful young specimen.”

Swimmerboy tried to reach him, “Hey I’ve come to find and rescue you and your friend, release me and let’s get out of here”.

Nylon bent down and rubbed his precum soaked wet pouch into Swimmerboy’s face. Swimmerboy was both turned on and taken aback. “Hey what are you doing man?” “Let’s get going”. The sweet pre-cum lingered on his lips.

Nylon laughed and spoke loudly. “Our target has been acquired Scorpio.”

Swimmerboy writhed and pushed against his ropes. “WTF” “What’s going on?” “Did you say Scorpio?”

Nylon smiled and looked at the helpless hero… “We’ve been expecting you Swimmerboy”, “Scorpio has been preparing for your visit and its time you meet your captor.”

Nylon smiled and caressed Swimmerboy’s magnificent speedo pouch causing Swimmerboy to moan, “Mmmmmmph” as the speedo strength tantalized him, its flow filled his pouch as the emistters had been off for some time and his speedo strength was beginning to recharge his energies. Nylon smirked “Mmmmmmn.” “Now how are those bonds? I have been practicing my boy scout knots you know! Those ropes have been designed with powerful carbon fibers that withstand your strength, even at your highest level of strength, so try them out, you will not free yourself.” He grinned at the helpless Swimmerboy tied before him, writhing in his bonds.

Nylon, laughed, “that’s nothing dear Swimmerboy” We have so much in store for you.” Swimmerboy pulled against his bonds, “How could this mere rope hold me?” he thought, he struggled and writhed but was helpless.

The nefarious voice of Dr Scorpio boomed into the room. “Well done Nylon, our target has been acquired - bring him to me.”

Nylon spoke loudly, “Fire up the emitters, stun level 2”

Swimmerboy arched his back and moaned in the excruciating pain erupting in his red nylon swim briefs, he was engulfed in mind bending pain that pushed its way into his brain and he suddenly blacked out again.

To be continued with “The Presentation”

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