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Part 2 - Part Two
By Scorpio

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Dawn - Part Two

In part one, Jared and Oliver (Ollie) meet for the first time in the sauna at the Caprice City Baths complex, Jared is from out of town on a visit. They decide to get something to eat and then go back to Ollie’s place for some fun. On the way, they see a light in a dark alley, in a seedy part of town.

Mr. Mischief has captured Speedoman, Jake Masters, the son of a wealthy hotel and leisure chain empire owner. He has been left for dead riding The Arouser, a machine designed to arouse Speedoman to death, by arousing him and then electrocuting him as punishment. Each punishment drains Speedoman’s limited speedo strength to the point that it will empty completely, and he will die in a shocking final burst of energy.

Mischief and his misbehaving malevolent marauders have left Speedoman to die while they create havoc with the city’s fleet of ferries.

Jared looked at Ollie, they had both noticed the light blinking down the end of the alley.

“Let’s take a look, are you game?” Ollie suggested.

So, they set off to investigate, but Jared wanted only to get to Ollie’s apartment, get him out of those sexy dark jeans and explore Ollie’s speedo collection. He was hoping to get a chance to try on some of his pairs. His speedo fetish was always in the back of Jared’s mind. But if Ollie wanted to check it out, he decided what the heck.

“Yeah, why not!” Jared said looking around behind them, up and down the street, it was pretty quiet in the afternoon dusky light.

He followed Ollie, his eyes darting around, but always returning to Ollie’s butt, knowing that beneath the jeans lurked that magnificent pair of nylon Aussiebum briefs. He licked his lips in anticipation telling himself to keep calm and be patient.

They reached the light at the end of the alley and noticed that it was a right-hand turn. Looking to the right the wall was illuminated with a light projection sign… ‘This way to find your hero’ it read and had an arrow pointing down. They noticed the metal doors and the lock thrown to the side; the doors were free to open upward.

“What the hell?” Jared said, he too was becoming inquisitive.

Earlier that day, when Mr. Mischief had departed his secret lab, he had left messages timed to send to the authorities at eight o’clock that evening, by then he had calculated that Speedoman would be completely drained of any super speedo strength, and he would be dead. The authorities would find the lane, notice the light, and then follow the illuminated signs to find the body. Speedoman’s situation would cement Mischief’s villainy with the police and send a message to them that he meant business and heroes like Speedoman were no match for his genius.

Jared took the lead now, he was still horny but now he was as inquisitive as his new mate, Ollie. They gave each other a look reminiscent of secret agents silently following a lead. They opened the doors upward and descended the metal ladder quietly. Jared went first and, at the base of the ladder, he stood looking up and watching as Ollie descended, enjoying the view of those legs and that butt as Ollie approached. They followed the illuminated arrows, into what looked like a secret meeting room, it had drawings and several whiteboards with information about Caprice City’s ferry fleet on them. They didn’t take too much notice, because the bright neon ‘Lab’ sign had their attention and another illuminated sign on the door said, ‘Hero Inside’.

“You ready?” Jared whispered to Ollie, wanting desperately to kiss him, but he was pumped and inquisitive.

“As ready as ever!” Ollie smiled and nodded for Jared to enter the Lab.

Jared opened the door carefully and was confronted with the erotic sound of a male voice, moaning.

“No, please!”

Speedoman hadn’t noticed the door to the lab opening. His mind was barely able to transcend the sexual fog of Mischief’s Perk drug, his speedo strength was nearly drained, it had been four hours at least and his arousal torture was unforgiving. His speedo bulge was ready to erupt in a flow of pre-cum - again, and as much as he tried to control himself, the stimulation inside his rectum was exquisite, the electrical stimulation of his prostate and how it ignited the Perk emissions was driving him wild. His bulge stimulation working to pleasure his penis was overpowering his final traces of speedo strength. He could not control his sexual functions much further and the next round of electro-torture could be the last. He looked up over his sweaty body, to survey his drenched speedo one last time, he knew he had minutes before his strength was depleted, he was still flaccid, but so ultra-horny. The machine would not allow an erection, it would fire up and punish him if he showed signs of any arousal. His bulge turned him on, it always did and the feeling of his penis sliding inside his speedo and the latest warm emission of drugs deep inside him sent erotic tingles through his body.

The Arouser was still green, but it was flickering, it always flickered before it started to turn red and orange, it was detecting his arousal once again, this must have been the twentieth time in the four hours. Speedoman threw his head back in abandon, he was twisting erotically, hoping to somehow evade the sensors around the frame of The Arouser, and in his valiant efforts, he then noticed two younger guys staring at him.

What the fuck, it ’s fucking Speedoman, my erotic wet dream Jared thought to himself at first when he realised what he was seeing.

He was jolted out of his initial shock by Ollie running toward the machine and speaking loudly to Speedoman.

“What the Fuck, Speedoman, what is happening to you?”

Jared rushed too, having quickly read the calling card, and then rushed around the machine looking for some way to shut it down.

Speedoman, happy for the distraction of his imminent arousal, looked at the two handsome guys in desperation. He could barely get his words out.

“Remote, GAH, the remote control…” He could see where Mr. Mischief had placed it and nodded his head toward the remote on the plinth near the card.

Speedoman felt the drugs tingle across his body, he was ultra-horny, desperately fighting his arousal but these two sexy dudes were suddenly doing it for him, it was the drugs of course, but it was something deeper than that. Unfortunately for him, his attraction had tipped his arousal.

Yes, his body, tingled, and the prostate probe was fucking him deliciously and electrifying him into a state of sexual bliss. Speedoman rocked his hips up and down and moaned deeply as the pre-cum emerged on his bulge. A glistening globule of sweet Speedoman goo erupted through the tight wet Lycra of his speedo bulge.

“Mahhhhhh, mmmmmm!” His words were incoherent it was sexual and sensual. Speedoman twisted his body, his fists tight as he pulled on the bondage restraints. He knew that this could be the final electro-torture that would kill him. He could not access any more speedo strength; his speedo battery was completely drained.

Ollie stood transfixed, he was getting hard, the sight of the handsome Speedoman like this was erotic, if not shocking.

“Wer, what can we do?” he blurted.

Jared though, had the situation in hand! The remote was in his hand and he immediately hit the Pause button.

The Arouser, responding accordingly to the instructions and began to go into sleep mode. The lights disappeared, the anal probe retreating, it exited Speedoman’s anus, the squishing sound evident to both Ollie and Jared.

Speedoman looked up with his remaining strength to see the pair gaping and looking at him, inside the torture device. He kept his voice slow and careful, trying to sound like a superhero to save some of his ego.

“Well done, thank you!”

“For goodness’ sake, be careful which buttons you press, this thing almost killed me!”

“Is there a button to unlock my restraints?”

Jared showed the remote to Ollie, they found two keys ‘RL’ and ‘RA.’

Ollie pressed ‘RL’ and the machine responded by releasing Speedoman’s ankle restraints, his feet were free!

“Good boys!” Speedoman said in a relieved tone, looking at Ollie and Jared and then looking at his stretched arms and his wrist restraints.

“Can you release these too? The machine was just about to electrocute me through them, it’s kind of urgent” Speedoman asked politely.

Ollie pressed “RA” and hoped for the best.

The restraints opened and Speedoman was free.

Jared rushed toward Speedoman and Ollie followed suit, they jumped inside the perimeter of The Arouser and helped Speedoman down through the titanium slats. Speedoman’s body was slippery and wet with sweat, his beautiful body was weak, and he needed to hold onto Ollie and Jared, who helped Speedoman; their shoulders supporting the hero as he tried to step. They got him outside the machine’s perimeter and were able to get him onto a chair. Speedoman’s head fell backward, and he used his remaining strength to grip the sides of the chair to hold his almost limp body up.

“Just need a few minutes, need my speedo strength to return, the machine has been draining… me!” Speedoman’s voice was low and laboured and he slowly lifted his head as he spoke.

Ollie and Jared were crouching down on either side of Speedoman still holding onto his impressive arms.

“Will you be OK Speedoman?” Jared asked, not believing he was gripping the superhero, one of his favourite heroes. He almost melted when Speedoman, looked across and smiled at him.

“I will in a few minutes!” Speedoman responded.

“We need to get out of here when I am stronger and have some power returned to my body, thank god you found me when you did, this is the work of Mr. Mischief and his malevolent marauders, they captured me out at the airport.”

Ollie remembered the news stories about the chaos at the Airport earlier that day. The news had blamed the villain for disrupting and shutting down the busy runways.

“But there was no news of you Speedoman!” Ollie asked with a statement.

Speedoman was improving quickly, his recovery astounding both Ollie and Jared and as he sat himself up, his demeanour started to change. He gripped both of his saviours by their wrists.

“I’m so grateful guys! Thank you!”

Jared looked at Ollie with astonishment in his eyes and he could tell that Ollie was experiencing the same emotions, they both felt surprised, elated, and attracted to this magnificent sexy hero who was gripping them with amazing strength.

“What? How?” Jared started to ask as Speedoman began to stand.

They all stood up together and then Speedoman scooped them up in his arms, he was so thankful for his life, but he had been aroused for hours and hours, denied pleasure, he still had Mischief’s Perk drug in his system and his speedo was still ultra-sensitive from Mischief’s Sparky Spray treatment. Speedoman had to control his sexual urges as he held the two beautiful guys, his saviours in his arms.

They released their embrace and stood back from each other.

“Mischief used the Airport Chaos as a lure to capture me!” Speedoman said.

“He immobilised me and escaped before the police or anyone was on site. He took me here and tied me to this death machine, it’s been fucking me to death, arousing me and then punishing me with electricity, draining my super speedo strength. You arrived in the nick of time. The last arousal took ten minutes, I couldn’t resist it anymore, because I was drained out of my strength. It was about to deal the final blow. Mr. Mischief could have killed me in any way he liked, but he chose to make it slow, frustrating and dare I say, sexual. You guys shut it down before it dealt the final death shocks.”

Ollie stood looking Speedoman up and down, he wanted to kneel and worship that speedo, he then looked at Jared who was thinking the same thing but looking at Speedoman’s tight butt.

“But you are recovering fast!” Ollie blurted.

“Indeed, my speedo strength recovers fast when I am wearing my speedos!” Speedoman said, knowing that his two gorgeous saviours were attracted to him and were both looking like his bondage had turned them on. So, he showed them his wrists, holding them out toward Ollie and Jared.

“See, they are still slightly red, but they have nearly healed!” Speedoman then presented his ankles.

“Those restraints were used to deliver most of the torture, but the machine grilled by bulge too.”

Speedoman then looked to see the reaction from his saviours’. Their eyes widened as he described his bondage and torture.

He changed the subject! He was so horny, and he wanted them both, but he knew he had to get to safety before anyone found them, especially if Mischief or any of his malevolent marauders returned to check on his ‘progress’.

“Let’s get back to the safety of the speedo-bunker, we need to get out of here!” Speedoman said authoritatively.

“It’s too dangerous here, I need time to restore my full complement of speedo strength. I need to change speedos too!” He said looking around toward his butt.

“They ruined this pair with a laser cutter!”

Speedoman could see the attraction in Ollie and Jared’s eyes as he turned his eyes from his butt back toward them and as they tried to hide the fact that they had been perving on his speedo butt.

There was no objection from either and they followed Speedoman as he left the lab running stealthily back out and up the ladder to the laneway, once out on the street at the entrance of the laneway, Speedoman stopped and checked the street up and down and then pulled back into the lane off the footpath. He turned to Ollie and Jared while leaning against the wall.

“Looks like the street is quiet and no one seems to be around. This isn’t the classiest part of town and I have a good hour before my full complement of speedo strength is restored.” He couldn’t resist one last glance at his speedo, just to see what Ollie and Jared would do.

Ollie couldn’t believe his eyes, Speedoman was flirting with him and Jared, he tried his best to keep a poker face, but when he noticed Jared’s tiny smile, he looked up from Speedoman’s package and noticed Speedoman’s horny smile.

“Sorry guys, Mr. Mischief has pumped me full of horn-bag drugs, and has sprayed my speedo with another to make everything…” He looked back to his bulge, then to Jared and finally to Ollie. “… feel luscious! As soon as my strength restores, I will be able to deal with the sensations and urges better!”

I fucking well hope it takes a while Jared thought, smirking toward Ollie.

Ollie couldn’t believe he had the prospect of enjoying both Jared and now Speedoman that night. His excitement was building by the moment. Ollie returned Jared’s sexy smirk.

“Cole will be here soon, I’m on the lookout for a yellow Pizza delivery car!” Speedoman returned his attention to the street looking up and down and leaving Ollie and Jared behind him, so Ollie cupped Jared’s butt in his right hand as they both watched the beautiful Speedoman scan the street. Jared smiled and turned to Ollie; he was desperately wanting to kiss him.

When he returned his attention to his two saviours’, he could tell how excited and frisky they were. But kept up his superhero demeanour, he was looking forward to hosting them back in his plush speedo bunker facility.

He picked up the sound of the pizza delivery car easily, it was a block away.

Speedoman smiled as he pretended to clear his ears with his fingers.

“My hearing is restoring, my Speedo Strength does help me pick up sounds at a distance, I know the sound of that car anywhere!”

Speedoman’s smile almost melted Jared on the spot.

The car stopped on the street outside the entrance to the laneway and Speedoman motioned for the guys to follow him, he opened the back door quickly and then jumped in the front seat.

The thud of the doors was the signal for Cole to hit the pedal and they were soon being whisked away from the area.

Speedoman turned back toward Ollie and Jared, still fiddling with their seat belts.

“I’m Speedoman, and I’m so grateful for your help boys!”

“I’m sorry we haven’t had time to introduce ourselves!” Speedoman continued.

Jared and Ollie introduced themselves and then Speedoman continued with his introductions.

“And this...” Speedoman looked toward Cole, who returned Speedoman’s look and glanced back quickly from the road to acknowledge his other two passengers. “…is Cole, he is my assistant in crime fighting, he is a mean detective, a tech whiz, and a fast driver!”

Speedoman quickly reverted his eyes to the road as Cole negotiated a right-hand corner.

Ollie gripped Jared’s thigh as the little car screeched up the next street.

“I want you guys safely back in the bunker!” Cole spoke for the first time; he pervaded confidence with his sexy voice.

“When Speedoman tapped the recall beacon in his mask, I immediately followed the signal to where you guys were!”

“Mischief has been a busy bastard today!” Cole continued, “I had to contact Marine Lad to remove bombs from several ferries when Mischief went on a little scuba extravaganza attaching bombs to three of the larger commuter ferries. Marine Lad detonated the devices a kilometre out to sea, but needless to say, Mischief had his fun again, so soon after crippling the airport this morning.”

Cole turned into the familiar laneway that serviced the back of the Caprice Connaught, one of several excellent hotels owned by Jake Master’s family, it was the perfect place to house his secret speedo bunker. The delivery vehicle was a great cover and once inside the hotel complex, Cole entered the private garage and parked the pizza delivery car between the red Ferrari Roma and the chunky black Jeep Wrangler.

“Welcome boys, you’re safe now!” Cole said turning around and smiling at Jared and Ollie.

“Yeah, he’s not driving anymore, phew!” Speedoman joked.

They followed Speedoman and Cole into what looked like a service elevator, the doors opening to a green-glowing elevator cabin. Speedoman instructed it to take them to Bunker level one, and to Ollie and Jared’s surprise, the elevator descended. Darker green highlights danced on the walls of the elevator indicating they were moving downward at pace. The elevator finally slowed as it approached its destination.

“Speedo Bunker Level One!” the deep voice announced as the doors opened to the living quarters of Jake Masters aka Speedoman.

“Welcome, gentlemen!” Speedoman said making his way to his well-appointed kitchen as soon as he stepped out of the elevator. Cole went in the other direction and disappeared out of sight. So, Ollie and Jared followed Speedoman.

Speedoman went straight for a banana from the oversized fruit display, peeled it and then devoured half of it before motioning for the boys to help themselves.

“I needed that! I might have super speedo strength, but a boy needs body fuel too! You two look like fine, healthy, and fit, so please help yourselves!”

They hadn’t eaten and remembered how hungry they were when they noticed the elaborate fruit display.

“We were on our way, well sort of lost, looking for a restaurant when we stumbled upon you Speedoman!” Jared said choosing a shiny red apple. Ollie chose a banana and peeled it slowly as both Speedoman and Jared watched.

He smiled taking a bite of his fruit. “I’m so hungry!”

“Well, it is eight o’clock now and it’s been a rough day!” Speedoman said. “Let’s wait for Cole and we will have something more substantial soon!”

They sat down on some stools, and it was time for some introductions.

Speedoman, to Ollie and Jared’s surprise, tapped his green mask twice, simultaneously on each side, he then proceeded to peel the mask from his face, placing the mask on the kitchen bench before rubbing his face with both hands.

“Great bit of tech!” Jake said as he put the mask down on the benchtop.

“Your Mr. Masters…” Ollie blurted.

“Call me Jake!”

“Yes, Dad owns that hotel group, and I am a part owner and an executive director on the team! I must keep my identity a secret, so I am really trusting you guys here. But I am so grateful, I owe you, my life. Mischief nearly had me there.”

Jared took a bite from his apple and nodded, acknowledging Jake’s confidence. He couldn’t believe that his life changed so much in a day. First, he was stepping into the local pool for some laps, then found himself flirting with Ollie in the sauna, followed by stumbling on that erotic bondage scene of Speedoman being worked over by that machine and now he was inside the secret Speedo Bunker meeting Jake Masters.

“Yep, it’s been a big day!” Jared said.

“Understatement of the year!” Ollie retorted.

They continued introducing themselves before Cole returned. Cole walked into the kitchen wearing a black workout singlet and revealing black workout shorts with black trainers. Cole’s sandy brown hair was flicked to the right and his green eyes peered toward the three young men in the kitchen.

“Legs night tonight!” he said with a smile.

“Your dinner is on its way gentlemen!” Cole said as he turned and made his way toward one of the doors at the end of the room.

“You know where to find me if something pops up!” Cole said smiling and looking over his shoulder toward the three of them.

Jake laughed. “Yep, that’s Cole! By day he is my executive assistant, he gets stuff done in that corporate office! Secretly he works as Speedoman’s eyes and ears on this city. He manages everything about this bunker and helps me manage my hero duties, working with the Hero Alliance and the Authorities. We keep tabs on Caprice City! And I trust that guy with my life, he is such a loyal friend and colleague!”

“Cole is a bit of a flirt; he always quips with me that he has a better ass than me. He will be working that ass in the gym tonight knowing that you two handsome devils are our guests!”

Jake then remembered the laser cut in the back of his Speedos with all that talk about asses. He stood up and motioned for Ollie and Jared to follow him. They arrived outside one of the rooms along the long hallway leading out of the living area of the subterranean apartment. Jake turned to the boys and smiled with his hands on the door mechanism.

“Cole and I like to refer to this as ‘the boutique’!”

Beautiful Nordic, birch-paneled doors sparkled as the lights automatically turned on.

“Wow!” Jared said with amazement exploding on his face.

“So beautiful!” Ollie added.

Jake loved this room for many reasons. Firstly because of the magnificent wood paneling that adorned every part of the room’s walls and for what lived behind each panel.

“Thank you!” Jake replied. “The wood is sourced from Norway; it has been created by some of the world’s finest craftsmen in Northern Europe. They crafted Birch, Spruce, Oak, and Willow, especially for this room. You will find other pieces throughout this facility!” He said, lovingly caressing the varnished wood.

“But it serves to house my most treasured possession!”

Jake tapped on one of the panels to his left and the sound of the locking mechanism indicated that something was about to open. It also illuminated the Speedo logo in pale red lettering on the wood-paneled door before it started to extend out into the room. Jake smiled at the rack of speedos that emerged from the wall.

“I will need to change into something that is not ripped in the back!” he continued, smiling. “Hope you don’t mind me changing!”

Ollie and Jared suddenly held hands, it was a magical moment, yes, they had only known each other for half a day or so, but they felt a real connection, especially after their flirting encounter in the Sauna and now THE Speedoman, Jake Masters was showing them his prize possessions and changing in front of them. They knew they had a big future, this could not be just a set of coincidences, surely!

“Nuh, I mean, no, go ahead!” Jared blurted out squeezing Ollie’s hand.

Jake rummaged through the rack.

“There are one hundred pairs per rack. Organised by fabric, then by colour. I’ve been in Lycra all day, it’s time to treat myself to some nylon.” He chose a pair of light blue Speedo brand Speedos. “Cole and I know where every pair lives on these racks and there are over 30 racks in the collection so far.”

Ollie and Jared looked on with amazement. They didn’t speak, this was a moment they would always savour and remember. But Jared couldn’t believe that Speedoman was choosing a similar colour and fabric to the ones he was wearing, Jared kept his mouth shut though, his eyes fixed on Speedoman suddenly Jake Masters naked. They squeezed each other’s hands, enjoying the moment.

Jake held the pair of shiny nylon speedos in front of him and as was his delight, he placed them on his face to savour the smell, savour the feel of them on his skin. He looked toward the two younger guys and knew they were smitten. The looks on Jared and Ollie’s faces said it all. He smiled.

“Sorry guys, I have a huge gay fetish for speedos, it’s a thing, I’ve had as long as I can remember!” He said tapping the drawer which closed effortlessly into its place on the wall.

They didn’t let on, but Ollie and Jared shared similar fetishes, it was something that had discussed after leaving the pool and it was something they were going to explore back at Ollie’s apartment. But now they were standing in Speedoman’s, Jake Master’s speedo boutique.

They watched as Jake slipped his hand under his testicles.

“Mr. Mischief zapped my body and focused especially on my genitals today!” Jake said diverting his attention to his penis. He held his impressive appendage, caressing it gently, saying “It all looks OK, now. No damage!!”

Jake slipped the speedos up his legs and fitted them around his waist. Adjusting his penis and balls to impress his visitors. He tightened the cord tying it and stowing it inside the front of the garment leaving a portion of one of the bows peeing out.

Jared’s eyes were popping. Ollie’s throat was dry.

Ollie blurted it out though as Speedoman straightened up and started to feel himself up. “You are fucking beautiful, so sexy in those light blue numbers!”

Speedoman smiled and shook all over. “Brrrrr! There is an erotic buzz I get when the speedo fits my cock and balls, the rush of speedo strength is exhilarating!” He said before approaching the two beautiful bombshells standing there and gawking at him. Speeodman then extended his powerful arms around them.

“Thank you, guys, I owe my life to you!” He said looking left and right toward them, into their eyes. The three men embracing for the first time.

“Let’s eat something, it’s been a big day, tell me about you guys, over dinner. I want you to come to my debrief with Cole, he will have finished his gym session by then. You were part of my escape, and I’d like your input in the debriefing?” Speedoman asked, but his tone was more demanding.

They spoke at length at dinner, Jared and Ollie outlining how they had just met that day, revealing how they are both swimming fans, and the conversation came around to their encounter in the Sauna. They explained how they were out looking for a new restaurant when they were attracted by the light in the lane way and how they had followed that to find Speedoman so close to death.

It was at this point that Cole returned to meet the trio. Cole was still wearing the revealing short pants and tight black singlet. He had been doing cardio work followed by his lower body set of weight training. Cole was still sweaty, and his sandy brown hair clung to his forehead and the sides of his neck. He wiped his brow and looked at Speedoman.

Jake knew the look, that Cole was projecting, the two had worked together for many years and were like brothers, so he asked their guests to follow them to the debrief room, it was time for Speedoman to describe his mission and share his experiences with his most trusted confidant and advisor.

He and Cole had other reasons why they wanted Jared and Ollie to attend, but it was time for them to talk through the day’s events and get insight into what Mischief and his malevolent meatheads were up to. Ollie and Jared, still stunned at how impressive Speedoman’s swimmers were housed and organised had nothing to lose, they were being given an unofficial tour of Speedoman’s, speedo bunker, they could not believe what was happening, and followed Jake and Cole as they led the way.

“Speedo Bunker Level 2!” Cole said to the elevator, holding the doors open for Speedoman, Jared and Ollie to enter. The same green glow filled the room as it descended another floor.

They emerged into a plush gym-like facility, lit by lengths of narrow lighting built into the corners of the ceiling along the tops of every wall surrounding the facility. Lines of similar lights fanned out from a central pillar. There were different types of gym equipment, massage tables and other spa furniture. In one corner a spa bath bubbled away.

Speedoman looked at their astounded faces as they emerged from the lift into the luxe facility. He could read their minds, noticing that Cole had ventured to the spa area to check on the water temperature. Speedoman then looked back to Jared, who’s smile was beginning to emerge.

“Wow!” Jared blurted and Ollie was too stunned at that point to contribute.

“Well, I do own and control one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive hotel and leisure chains,” Jake said. “I put the profits to good use and do my bit for the city!”

Jared was so impressed, that he nodded knowingly toward Jake acknowledging Speedoman’s service to the city. He then ventured off into the fitness area of the facility, checking out the equipment. He was dying to ask if he could use some of it. But Speedoman had other plans.

“I know you both like your swimming, I love it too!” Jake said, motioning for Ollie and Jared to move out of the fitness equipment section over toward where Cole was attending to the spa.

“Open the pool will you Cole?” Speedoman asked loudly so Cole could hear him over the spa.

The floor started to retract, quietly. Behind Speedoman the glassy water started to emerge underneath from where the floor had been, lit by candescent blue lights, and the sweet smell of bleach and chlorine started to fill their senses. It drew Jared like a magnet, Ollie too rushed over to witness the spectacular double lane, full-length pool emerging into the facility.

“Dive in boys!” Cole said from behind them excitedly, he had placed his hands on their shoulders after approaching them from behind, he leaned in between them and squeezed their shoulders.

“The water is twenty-two degrees. Believe me, we have all the towels and speedos you’ll ever need!” Cole added.

“Speedoman uses this daily, so do I!”

Ollie had his shoes and jeans off faster than he ever had before, he ripped off his shirt to reveal his beautiful tanned muscular body. His red and orange nylon speedos were forming to his body complementing his impressive looks, and soon Jared had joined him in his version of the quick strip. His face beaming and his muscles rippling. Jared adjusted his bulge; he was super-pumped that he had the chance to parade his favourite light blue nylon speedos. For Ollie, Speedoman and now this sexy guy, Cole.

Fifteen laps were just a warm-up for Ollie and Jared, but for Jake, the magnificent Speedoman, he could exert just enough speedo strength to keep swimming all night. Cole watched from the edges of the pool keeping his eyes on the well-developed swimming forms of Ollie and Jared. Cole called it time at lap 14 for each of his swimmers and stood waiting with three towels, one Speedo branded, another TYR branded and the third Rival.

He took in the magnificent sight of these three Greek-style gods emerging from the waters, he always loved it when Speedoman emerged from the water and how the speedo clung to Jake’s impressive genitalia. Tonight, he was treated to a triple delight as Jared and Ollie joined his friend exiting the pool.

Jake and Cole conferred quickly just before heading for the gym area where Cole had arranged several incline benches in a circular arrangement. Jared and Ollie were busy flirting with each other, drying their bodies and adjusting their speedo pouches and did not see Jake and Cole conferring.

“What do you think? I’m impressed, Cole!” Jake said carefully looking away from Ollie and Jared’s drying session.

“Yep, I have been watching them all the time Jake, had them on each of the camera systems, in the kitchen, the living area and the speedo boutique!” Cole reported.

“They have eyes for each other, that’s cute!” Cole observed with a smile as he addressed his boss, but glancing toward Jared and Ollie as they laughed and flicked their towels around.

“They were impressed, but not phased or intimidated by that rack of swimwear you showed them. Their reaction was priceless, especially when you changed into the new pair of light blue nylon speedos. Their eyes almost popped. But they were holding hands throughout the show.

Jake looked toward Cole; he had moments before the two sexy speedo-clad model boys would turn around to face them. “They have potential, let’s see how they deal with the debrief and my account of my torture session today.”

Jake then smiled, turning to greet his two sexy guests in damp nylon speedos. He and Cole had gotten away with their little private conference by seconds.

“How was the swim guys?” Jake asked but didn’t allow them to answer. He motioned with his hands for them to head to the fitness facility and the circle of incline benches.

They moved over without question, and each chose a bench. There was one for each of them. Cole sat down first and Speedoman followed suit, the bench allowed for him to sit back at an angle, but he sat up straight and he let his legs spread wide enough for the others to see his impressive Speedo V.

Cole did the same opposite Speedoman, he kept his black singlet and black flirty running shorts on, and he flicked his head allowing his wavy, sandy brown hair to flick across to the right-hand side of his handsome face.

Ollie dropped the towel he had wrapped around his hips, he had Jared’s attention immediately. Jared adjusted his speedo bulge and flicked the elastic clinging to his butt as his own way of flirting. They sat down on their benches opposite each other in the circle and like Cole and Speedoman, they reflected the unspoken open-leg policy that Speedoman and Cole were setting.

“Welcome to the inner circle Jared, and welcome Ollie!” Jake said.

“We don’t normally have a circle as such, it is usually Cole and me; we like to debrief the day and given the circumstances, I found myself in today, it is very important that communicate and learn as best we can.”

Cole then lifted and removed his singlet to reveal his swimmer’s build body and smiled as he spoke.

“I’m sorta feeling overdressed boys!” But he left his little black running shorts in place, knowing that the light fabric was almost as revealing as the speedos on the other gods sitting around him. Knowing also that the split on each side of the pants reached right to the thin elastic waistband. They would flap tantalisingly, revealing his bits.

“Let’s start shall we…” Cole kicked off the proceedings.

So Speedoman gave an account of his lure to the airport. Cole nodding and acknowledging the truth in Speedoman’s account right up to the point where Speedoman left the Speedo Bunker and sped on foot, and at pace through the streets of Caprice toward the congested airport.

He explained his arrival at the Airport and the scrawled note placed in several places advertising where Mr. Mischief was. He gave account of his initial assessment and how he was easily expending his speedo strength during the impending fight. Jake felt remorse that he hadn’t released the staff from the locked room before Mischief’s malevolent marauders rounded him up and Mr. Mischief used his control ring to create some kind of energy field that immobilised him.

Cole looked on umm-ing and agh-ing as he listened to Speedoman’s account. Noting that this was the first time that a device of this kind had been used on Speedoman. Noting further that they had to learn more of its abilities and the existential threat that it imposed on Speedoman’s operations and ultimately his life.

Mr. Mischief had to be apprehended and his hideout searched. Cole noted each of these items into his almost photographic memory.

Speedoman then described how he was jolted awake. He remembered Mr. Mischief’ taunts and how he boasted that the ropes used to restrain him had titanium woven into the cord. He remembered how Mischief also boasted that his other bonds were Titanium. How he was powerless to break them. He then explained how they had presented him, and how Mr. Mischief had his body positioned, presented, and pushed forward, showing off his speedo.

Jake then looked at Ollie and Jared and he could tell they were getting horny by the account. He too was horny, he had been using his speedo strength to mask his own horniness ever since Ollie and Jared had found him and had managed to turn The Arouser machine off; his body still reacting to the slow-release chemicals in his system, the drug Mischief aptly named Perk. So, he let his guard down a bit, just to watch Ollie and Jared’s reactions.

Using the incline bench, Speedoman adjusted the height and angle of the bench. He then stood and leaned back into the bench’s incline to mimic the position he was placed into by Mischief. He spread his legs and pretended to have his wrists where the titanium bonds held him. He pretended to fight his bonds, thrusting his magnificent speedo bulge.

After his little show, he returned to his seat and resumed his man spread.

“Mischief is Gay! He must be, He had me restrained and positioned so that my speedo was being displayed as prominently as possible. He stroked and licked my bulge with exceptional talent!”

He looked at Ollie, then Cole and then Jared.

“Cole knows my weakness; I get off on bondage! AND somehow Mischief knew!” Speedoman said with a concerned look on his face.

“He got off on every twist, turn and struggle, I used to try and free myself with. His goons did too! The ones he called Hammer and Tong were dressed in black speedos and were playing with each other. I couldn’t tell if they were getting off on my struggles or whether they were trying to feed into my fetishes. Probably a bit of both.”

Ollie couldn’t help himself, he too had deep sexual fetishes, his love of guys in speedos and like Speedoman, he dreamed of being tied up and forced into submission. So, Ollie just had to ask.

“You said fetishes, plural?”

Speedoman knew he had hit a nerve.

“Yeah!” he said.

“That’s correct Ollie! You boys must have picked it up by now, Speedoman has a crazy strong Speedo fetish too!”

Jared looked at Ollie, then to Cole, all his fantasies were being realised. He stood up and spread his legs, looking down at his still very damp light blue speedo bulge, he traced the outline of his bulge.

“You mean like this Speedoman?” Jared said provocatively.

Ollie spread his legs, taking Jared’s lead, brushing his bulging testicles, and then playing with the Speedo’s drawstring.

“Yes!” Speedoman said.

“My speedo strength seems to feed my sexuality, enhances what I normally feel.”

Ollie smirked when he realised that his penis was starting to react. Here he was with the guy of his dreams, sharing sexual fantasies with the one and only Speedoman. The pretty boy hero of Caprice City. But Cole broke his silence and interrupted the flirty flow of the moment.

“Cool it, boys!” He said looking at his boss.

Speedoman was already sporting a perfectly defined curvature bulge, but he had allowed himself the pleasure of a pre-cum emission. The wet spot on the pristine, new speedo garment was pronounced.

“Yes, you’re right Cole!” Speedoman said caressing his bulge.

“But Mischief has pumped my body with drugs, and they were designed to enhance my sexual drive!”

“So!” Cole said, “You better continue then Speedoman, because Ollie and Jared are giving us their undivided attention!”

It was like Cole was chairing the debrief, bringing the meeting participants back to the business at hand.

“So, you had the distinct feeling that Mischief somehow knew you had a bondage and speedo fetish?” Cole asked.

“Not once did they attempt to remove my speedos.!” Jake said.

“Even after disabling my legs and arms, the perfect opportunity to remove my speedos, they didn’t. Mischief knew how my speedos interact with my body; he wanted my speedo strength to build before he started the Arousal process. But he kept worshipping my bulge, my pouch! Mischief was infatuated by it!”

“I don’t blame him!” Jared said, causing Ollie to smirk and widen his man-spread.

“Tell us about the way he tortured you Speedoman!” Cole said directing the discussion, he leaned back on his incline bench and started to play with his abs, knowing Ollie and Jared would be torn between watching Speedoman and himself as soon as he started to rub the thong bulge, he had packed inside his sexy black shorts.

Speedoman described the Arouser machine, the probe attachment and the two types of drugs that Mischief used to get inside his head and to focus him on his penis and his speedo bulge. He described the way electricity was used to arouse him on so many dimensions, its interactions with the drugs infiltrating his prostate. The feeling of the way the machine was set to fuck him.

“It all became too much, like the crest of a wave, determined to break, I knew the arousal would eventuate! It was fucking outrageously delicious!” Speedoman said watching Cole starting to lift the sides of his little shorts before he looked at Ollie and Jared. They were gob-smacked listening to the mighty Speedoman sharing this intimate and erotic detail.

Ollie recalled the moment they stumbled on Speedoman and broke into the story, looking toward Speedoman to allow him to add to the recollection of their early evening encounter. Speedoman nodded in approval, his right hand was gently stroking his speedo bulge.

“When I first saw you like that, I was shocked and unsure, thank god Jared was there!” Ollie said.

“We have only known each other for hours, but somehow the experience has served to cement our friendship in so little a time!” Ollie was looking toward Jared, who was sitting back on his incline bench, tracing the outline of his nylon speedos. He was getting hornier by the moment.

Ollie continued.

“But seeing you so weak, but so strong with determination, was inspiring. We knew we had to stop the machine, your body was covered in sweat, it was fucking you so hard pushing your hips up and down, we could tell you were so weak at that point. But you helped us focus and find the controls.”

Jared jumped in to add to the account.

“But fuck, you were so erotic Speedoman, I’ve seen you on TV and on talk shows, but seeing you like that made every sexual fibre in my body sing. I’m sorry, I felt like that, it was deep, it was carnal, but it was so real.”

Speedoman smiled.

“That’s fine Jared, you can imagine how erotic I felt, that machine wasn’t even edging me, it was merely igniting my arousal and triggering almighty deep sets of electrical torture on my genitals and my restraints. It was feeding my body Mischief’s Perk drug, making me hornier and hornier and then punishing me. It was a diabolical way to die but thank goodness you guys turned up!”

“So, you’re not mad that the sight of you in that state made me horny?” Jared asked.

“It did wonders for my sexual fantasies too!” Ollie said standing up and looking at Speedoman.

“I’ve been masking the effects of Mischief’s drugs boys, but I’m giving the speedo strength a break for a while. Ollie come here boy!” Speedoman demanded sitting back up from his laid-back position on his incline bench.

Oliver Davey had just been summoned by the magnificent and super-horny Speedoman. He did not dare disobey the order from the hero, approaching Speedoman as erotically as he could adjusting his speedo bulge as he approached Speedoman.

“Good boy!” Speedoman said in a soft sensual way making Ollie almost melt on the spot.

Speedoman closed his legs and motioned for Ollie to widen his legs as he approached the horny hero. Like a perfectly practiced docking procedure, Ollie straddled Speedoman who grabbed Ollie’s buttocks, one side in each hand.

Ollie was pulled into Speedoman’s face, and he felt the hero’s warm breath envelop his speedo bulge as Speedoman’s face seemed to pull Ollie like a tractor beam. Ollie looked down watching Speedoman examine his nylon-covered genitals carefully and lustfully. Speedoman was gripping Ollie’s pert buttocks and Ollie felt himself fill with excitement. He gripped Speedoman’s buzzed-cut hair squeezing the hero’s head, encouraging Speedoman to eat his bulge. Ollie wanted him. Ollie needed him too. He gently rubbed his now pre-cummy, wet bulge into Speedoman’s face and he felt Speedoman’s lusty growl in the moments before Speedoman squeezed his buttocks and began to lick his moist bulge. Ollie moaned delightfully, looking over his shoulder toward Jared.

Jared’s smile was beaming, he was watching Speedoman and Ollie in their erotic speedo-worship dance. He liked watching but he wanted some of the action too, he hadn’t noticed Cole though who had taken Speedoman’s lead and was positioning himself behind Jared who was paying attention to Speedoman and Ollie.

Ollie could see Cole making his move and although he was in heaven, in a state of bliss with this ultra-horny handsome hero, licking his bulge, he felt the draw to his super-sexy new friend Jared. But knowing Cole was about to make his move on Jared, Ollie felt relieved that Jared was not missing out on any action.

Jared’s attention was diverted to two hands reaching from behind him, feeling his pecs, feeling his nipples. Warm breath on his left earlobe filled Jared with a sense of expectation.

“Stand up sexy man!” Jared was ordered.

The hands were squeezing his pecs and worked to lift Jared from his sitting position.

Cole’s voice was filled with a sensual tone.

“Let’s get a good look at your beautiful body!”

Jared could feel the warmth of Cole’s body pressing into his back, warm flesh on warm flesh, He pushed his hips backward, he wanted to feel Cole’s bulge against his nylon-covered buttocks.

Warm breath enveloped his ear and Cole’s hands descended toward Jared’s abs. Jared was breathing hard, his excitement raging as he simultaneously watched how Speedoman was devoting his attention to Ollie’s speedo.

The hands caressed his speedo pouch causing Jared to moan delightfully.

“Yeah, boy, you like that hey!” Cole said nibbling Jared’s ear.

“You like me exploring that speedo, your cock likes the attention!”

Jared pushed back into Cole’s bulge and Cole pulled their bodies together, pushing his sexy running pants against the nylon covering Jared’s butt, he rubbed himself up and down, allowing the friction to arouse his cock and to arouse Jared, Cole wanted Jared horny. So, Cole let go and worked his way around to face Jared.

“I think it’s time to lose my nylon shorts, what do you reckon, sexy swimmer!”

Jared nodded to Cole’s suggestion and leaned forward, gripping the black skimpy shorts, and flicking one of the leg sides, revealing another undergarment, also black. Jared wanted it, he wanted it bad.

“Do it Jared!” Cole demanded verbally and with his eyes.

Jared shimmered with expectation, and a bolt of discrete pleasure told Jared that he had just had an eruption of pre-cum inside his light blue speedos. He bit his lip, looked down to see the wet spot on his delicious nylon bulge and then across to Cole.

“Now look what you made me do Cole!” Jared said returning Cole’s sensual look.

Before Cole could speak Jared then pulled the skimpy pants down from Cole’s hips, he was greeted with a spectacular black thong bulge. And as Cole flicked the shorts aside with his foot, Jared, used his right hand the feel the bulge, its warmth, its moistness, each testicle, Cole’s penis. It was beautiful, sexual, erotic.

“You like that boy?” Cole said looking up from watching Jared, exploring his thong bulge, looking into Jared’s hungry eyes.

“I’ve got an urge, Swimmer!” Cole said tracing his hand across Jared’s moist bulge.

“I think you might require a massage! A very special massage, you know help loosen you up!” Cole said directing Jared backwards toward a massage table.

“Yeah, you need to give that massage Cole!” It was Jared’s chance to demand.

Cole pushed Jared back onto the table which had been locked to the floor, Jared played along leaning back onto the table and allowing Cole to position his body, he felt the next emission of pre-cum as soon as Cole lifted his arms above his head, feeling cold steel restraints encircle his wrists.

“Mmm,” Jared said, the smile on the corners of his mouth indicated to Cole, that Jared liked the idea.

Cole then pulled each of Jared’s impressive legs to the sides of the table where he tied ropes through some special holes and around Jared’s ankles.

Jared was effectively tied to the Massage table and Cole circled Jared admiring the sheer beauty of his young god-like, erotic captive.

“Speedoman likes bondage, and I like to tie him up! It’s a win-win situation” Cole announced to Jared.

“I see you quite like the experience too, am I right?” Cole said leaning across to lick some pre-cum from Jared’s bulge.

Jared had always fantasised about bondage play and what it would be like to be bound at someone else’s wishes, and now this had been forced onto him, it was like a double whammy, he felt excited and erotic all at once, he looked at his captor, the skimpy black thong drove Jared wild with expectation, he wanted to taste it, every part of it. How the pre-cum glistened on it in the lights.

Jared then concentrated on his bondage situation, looking over his body and then up beyond his head to where his arms were restrained.

“Yes boy, you are restrained and at my mercy!” Cole said, tickling gently inside Jared’s right armpit.

“Feel free to role-play your fantasy!” Cole suggested, moving his tickle attention to Jared’s right nipple.”

Jared twisted his body, testing the bonds, enjoying the feeling of his bondage and Cole’s hands on his body while Cole watched, playing also with his black thong bulge.

“I like what I see Jared! Your sexuality is just oozing from every pore in your delicious body, so It’s only fitting I rub my bulge on you to soak up some of it!”

Cole jumped up and straddled Jared, looking down at his bound young god, he began to rub his thong bulge between Jared’s Pecs enjoying the way Jared twisted in his bonds.

“Fuck you are hot!” Cole announced.

Jared could see the bulge fitting between his pecs as Cole rubbed his body into his, Cole was breathing heavily, enjoying the pleasure the friction was creating.

“Can I…” Jared started to say before Cole interrupted.

Jared was lifting his head and staring at the magical sight of the thong’s presence rubbing so delightfully against his chest, Cole bringing his pouch close to Jared’s mouth but denying the young horny captive.

“You want this pretty boy?” Cole asked, sliding his bulge closer to Jared’s face.

“Please yes!” Jared blurted.

He suddenly felt fingers exploring his speedo at that very moment. Fingers were teasing the insides of his legs. Jared was in a state of bliss, all his fantasies were coming to fruition, he was bound and the centre, so it seemed, of erotic attention. He muffled a moan of delight as a new silky explosion of pre-cum emerged from his penis. Hot breath and sucking on his bulge made Jared moan in ecstasy, someone was sucking on his bulge. He couldn’t resist his fledging erection. He then realised Ollie’s voice, behind Cole. It was Ollie licking and sucking his speedo bulge.

Cole then thrusted his black thong pouch into Jared’s face.

“Lick it captive! Obey!” Cole demanded.

Jared tasted sweet nectar; the hot bulbous pouch was wet with Cole’s offering.

“Eat it, lick it, worship the bulge boy!” Cole said, his face lifted upward as he enjoyed Jared’s lusty mouth and tongue working his thong.

Jared moaned into the bulge. It was all he could see, just black moving away and then thrusting back into his face, and Ollie was now feeling his erection through his speedo, Jared felt every delicious touch, he was lifting his hips thrusting in delight. He wanted Ollie so bad. But his attention was drawn back to Cole.

Cole had moved forward, his legs spread on either side of Jared’s face, so that Jared could see the underside of Cole’s delicious bulge, Jared tingled as he licked Cole’s lycra covered scrotum, he could feel Cole’s impressive jewels, but Cole moved forward, so that Jared was provided Cole’s taint. Jared licked it, the thong strap so erotic to him, the heat of Cole’s body pushing down into his face. Jared moaned in delight, his tongue lapping, licking, searching, and striving.

Jared tasted something bitter, but it only lasted seconds, he consumed it in his sexual fervour.

Cole then dismounted Jared, they were both panting, both grinning from ear to ear and Jared could now see Ollie, the handsome sex-on-legs boy he met that day, dressed only in his red and orange nylon speedo’s straining to hold his erection. Ollie was licking his lips. He held a vial of sweat oils in his hand, something Speedoman had given him.

Ollie just looked at Jared’s bound heaving body, taking in the delights of his muscular form, the beauty of that wet speedo, straining to hold Jared’s angry cock. Ollie had to worship, it was innate, carnal, and primal. He fantasised of heroes like this, Robin, Superboy, Speedoman, but now this beautiful new man in his life was heaving in front of him. Ollie just went with it, he worshipped the speedo intently, Feeling the fabric, squeezing the hot rod it was clinging to. It was magical, sexual.

Then Speedoman, gave his instruction, he and Cole were standing off to the left, giving Ollie space to enjoy Jared’s erotic body.

“Massage that oil into Jared’s speedo Ollie, do it!” Ollie just loved being ordered around, it was part of his sexual composition, he longed to serve, and he wanted to be in Jared’s position desperately, but Speedoman ordering him around was just as erotic to Ollie.

So, he did, he let the oil soak into the heavenly light blue speedo clinging deliciously to Jared’s muscular body. It was already wet, but this made the bulge glisten, Ollie was breathless, speechless at the beauty of Jared’s bulge, it glistened, and the oils made the nylon stretch and slide on Jared’s penis and balls, it was the pinnacle of beauty to Ollie, and he almost came as he let his fingers worship every millimetre of Jared’s heaving humping speedo.

“That is beautiful to watch Speedoman said, letting his fingers explore the warmth between Cole’s exposed buttocks.”

Cole responded caressing Speedoman’s wet bulge. “Yeah, it is!” he responded.

“Did you apply the serum?” Speedoman asked.

“Sure did, Jared licked it off my taint, just before I dismounted him!”

Speedoman smiled. “Good work, Cole, Ollie will have his dose in the massage oil when he sucks Jared into orbit! I think they are perfect candidates for hero-hood, don’t you think Cole?” Speedoman said allowing his fingers to explore the entrance to Cole’s anus and pushing gently to tease Cole into a hurricane of sexual need.

“Yeah, Mmmmmmm, they will make amazing heroes Speedo mmmm man! Cole said in a deep and sensual tone before he turned to kiss the superhero.

Ollie’s attention was drawn to one thing, Jared Lucas, and Jared’s delicious cock inside the wet and oily speedo. He could see the perfect erect penis, sliding so invitingly inside its nylon home, every thrust of Jared’s hips causing the penis to glide through a sea of light blue drenched nylon. It mesmerized Ollie, its beauty, its majesty. He mounted Jared lowering his red and orange speedo bulge into Jared’s hungry face, allowing his weight to push into Jared’s magnificent body, their warmth mingling with perspiration. Ollie then proceeded to lick the magical speedo, sucking, licking, using his mouth to enjoy every piece of the bulge. Sucking precum and oil, not knowing he was also ingesting something that would change their lives.

Jared then screamed in a frenzy of delight. His cum burst through the nylon, like a fountain. Hot salty goodness covered Ollie’s face, filling his mouth. This beautiful bound god was erupting like a volcano and Ollie accepted the cum willingly and lustfully.

It would take less than hour for the serum, the last of Dr Sebastian O’Keefe’s special formula to take effect and settle in their bodies. So Speedoman and Cole left the two magnificent young gods to play and enjoy exploring the wonderful, eroticism of speedo bondage. It gave Cole time to receive his boss’s hot and hungry penis. Cole liked to take charge, but when Speedoman took charge, Cole was always willing to accept the Hero’s needy beautiful cock. His arse craved it. So, Cole was happy, Speedoman too and their two horny guests were almost ready.

What is this serum? Who is Dr Sebastian O’Keefe? What is Jared and Ollie almost ready for? Stay tuned to the final installment of Dawn for the answers to these questions.

Thanks for enjoying the fantasy.

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