The Telemachus Story Archive

Part 1 - Part One
By Scorpio

Dawn Part One

This story is set before the emergence of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad and tells the story of how the two speedo-clad heroes met and obtained their speedo strength.

He had been looking forward to this swim for a while. With all the formalities of his interstate visit finally over, he could, at last, make it to the pool and punch out some laps. He had missed the pool for the past ten days and he was in a different place, a different city, so Jared Lucas felt like a fish out of water. Well, at least until he made it to the City Baths.

City Baths, quaint name Jared thought to himself as he made his way through the main doors, the smell of chlorine and bleach told him that he was in familiar territory, every pool he had ever visited always smelled the same, it was refreshing, and the anticipation made him tingle all over. Jared paid his twelve dollars and headed to the changing rooms to find his allocated locker. He could smell the water; he could feel the water calling him. He changed as quickly as he could remembering his locker key-code. He had stripped down to his light blue nylon training speedos, one of his favourites. He dropped his towel discarding his pool scuffs at the same time and made his way to the left-hand lap lane, noticing that there were only two others in the lane, and they were powering through their afternoon training schedule.

He didn’t give it a second thought, kneeling next to the block he swished some water into his goggles which he had removed from the side of his speedo. The very touch of the nylon fabric gave him joy, he loved swimming almost as much as wearing a pair of light nylon bathers. He looked good; his speedos looked very good! Jared’s short blond hair, cropping his handsome face added to his good looks. He could tell people often stared longer at him than the other guys, Jared knew he was a sexy nineteen-year-old, going on twenty, but he just ignored their looks, kept to himself, and concentrated on the job at hand.

Thirty-five laps boy he thought to himself as he sorted out his goggles, splashed a little of the chlorinated water on his torso and then dived straight in.

He completed the first fifteen laps before he knew it, his body just loved the feel of the cool water rushing over his tanned skin, he always thought he was a fish or had connections to the water somehow, way back in the family history. He kept up the pace, passing the other two swimmers twice he counted, before his allotted series of laps were over. It was time to head back to the hotel and get something to eat.

Jared exited the pool, wiping water off his body onto the man-made rubbery surface that surrounded the main swimming pool and the smaller pools that made up the central city bath complex. It was about six thirty at night according to the large clock up in the roof, which had the ‘speedo’ logo lit up behind the hands of the clock. Jared knew it would be getting dark in a couple of hours because Caprice City was on the east coast about a thousand kilometres south of his home city, Emeraldtown. Back home he was living in his own apartment now that his parents had moved from Australia ‘across the ditch’ to New Zealand. He loved his newfound freedom, his own place to do what he liked and when, to grow his selection of speedos, and parade around in them whenever he liked. Life was good for Jared Lucas, but little did he know it was about to become complicated.

Sauna, the sign got his attention.

“Yeah, why not?” Jared said dropping his pool scuffs in the little section outside of the Sauna and carrying his towel with him. He checked his speedo enjoying the way his bulge looked pronounced inside the wet light blue pouch. He ran his fingers across his buttocks, to feel the wet fabric, yep, it was clinging nicely to his bubble butt.

The cedar door opened into a warm orange-like glow and the wall of rushing hot air slapped him in the face as he eased into the sweet-smelling room making sure that the heavy door shut behind him.

“Ooof that was a nice blast of cool air!” The sexy voice from the back corner of the sauna announced, startling Jared as he looked for a place to lay out his folded told.

“Smart move, these cedar seats can be pretty hot when your butt sits down on them for the first time, I’ve been heating the sauna for ten minutes, so it’s pretty hot in here.”

Hot in here, this guy is making the room hot just by his presence Jared thought looking at the dark-haired young god sitting himself up in the corner.

“Yeah, it is hotter than the planet Mercury in here I reckon!” Jared said with a smile in the corners of his mouth starting to form. This guy was gorgeous! Short spiky dark hair, he was around his age, muscles in all the right places and glimmering as beads of sweat rolled down his sexy shoulders as he sat up to welcome the arrival of the sexy newcomer. The sexy dark-haired guy spread his legs revealing a pair of nylon Aussiebum speedos, red with orange and white, one-inch sides. Sexy, one of Jared’s favourite brands. It was Jared’s turn to stare now, he had never seen a guy as sexy as this dude.

“Name’s Oliver, Oliver Davey, but people usually call me Ollie!” Oliver held out his hand for Jared to shake and, although it was a measure of Ollie’s core temperature, Jared felt blazing heat transfer into his palm, letting Ollie’s sweat coat his palm. It was magical, Jared had never met anyone as hot as himself before, he was smitten!

They both sat down on either side of the sauna, and Jared could not keep his eyes off Ollie as he leaned across, filled the wooden scoop with water and poured it onto the rocks covering the heating element. Jared could hear the sizzles moments before Ollie plonked himself back down and spread his legs once more for Jared’s enjoyment.

Jared then felt the searing wall of heat envelop him, he felt the beads of sweat forming on his lips, he felt a bit shy at the way Ollie was presenting his speedo to him, it was the sexiest thing he could imagine, between those trunks-for-thighs, Jared felt the lust fill his mind. So, he spread his legs for Ollie, leaning back and looking down at the V of his light blue nylon bulge and the outline of his cut cock; the head of his penis pronounced beneath the wet fabric, dutifully clinging to his penis and scrotum. Jared licked the sweat from the top of his lip, and as he lifted his eyes from his speedo bulge to Ollie. Ollie too was staring at Jared’s light blue bulge.

“Fuck, I need to get a pair of those light blue numbers!” Ollie said, blurting out the words and then running his fingers through his wet spiky dark hair, instinctively matching the way Jared was sitting back. The pair spent several minutes eying each other’s bodies before Ollie’s eyes started to pop.

Ollie then shot up, and he went for the door, rushing out of the room quickly, and by the time Jared had also emerged from the Sauna, somewhat shocked at Ollie’s fast exit, he was treated to the sight of Ollie emerging from the plunge pool opposite the Sauna with water cascading down over his tanned muscular body.

“Fuck, that’s so good, it’s my favourite!” Ollie said playing with his little red and orange Aussiebums emerging from the water. “I get so hot from the Sauna and then plunge into the cooler water, it’s so invigorating!”

Jared was somewhat relieved; he had immediately thought that he had over shared his sexy bulge and had scared this gorgeous boy off.

Ollie then came out with the rest of his reasoning for the hasty exit. “I was about to get a hard-on man, your bulge, your face, your body, fuck you are sexy, man!”

Jared felt relief, joy, and embarrassment all at once, but Ollie rushed him before he could open his mouth, forcing him into the cold water of the plunge pool and then helping Jared out quickly.

Jared emerged laughing; this sexy guy was fun and frisky.

They both toweled off and spoke for a while before deciding to make their way to Ollie’s apartment outside of the town. Jared had several days up his sleeve before returning to his home in Emeraldtown, so he couldn’t resist a night with this super sexy guy.

They took the train out of town and decided to take a detour to find something exciting for dinner, it was sort of a date anyway, and Ollie had heard of a cool new eatery several kilometres from his apartment, They would get some dinner and then head back to Ollie’s place to get to know each other better, they were both swimmers and they shared a lot in common, so the trek to find this new South American eatery sounded like a healthy way to get to know each other.

Google took them on a strange path though; down into the shady side of town, known for its underworld links and its seedy bars.

“OK man, I’m lost!” Ollie said with a look of confusion on his face after they had followed the directions on Ollie’s phone for ten minutes. “And I live here!” He added with a smile.

“Well, I have no idea!” Jared said enjoying the adventure. Ollie could take him anywhere at this point, Jared was just enjoying the time with this hot guy and tagging along for the ride, anyway, he had those red nylon Aussiebums on his mind, so he was horny and excited just to be with Ollie.

They passed a dark alley, it was getting darker by the minute, and they both noticed the flash.

++Earlier that day++

Mr. Mischief and his mischievous bunch of misbehaving, marauding thugs had infiltrated the city’s major airport facilities department and had taken control of each of the airport’s Aircraft Instrument Landing Systems. Aircraft were being given conflicting data causing major issues with their approach to landing. Mischief had also scrambled radio communications across arrivals, departures, and ground frequencies. The City’s major airport had been bought to its knees. The airport had not suffered a disaster, thankfully, that was not the Mischief way, the villain just revelled in the mayhem.

Mr. Mischief had a reputation in town for his disruptive and malevolent acts, he craved mayhem, and he sought mischief in everything he did, frustrating police and many a hero or vigilante as the Police liked to refer to them in Caprice. Today, Mr Mischief was wearing a bright coat, over colourful striped pants and a pink poker-doted shirt. He knew stripes should never be warn with dots or checks, but the combination of stripes and dots just added to his naughty persona and insolent attitude. His white basketball, high-top shoes just added to his disastrous fashion look.

Today was no exception to his reputation, he had timed the attack perfectly; gassed all the floors of the airport’s control facilities, leaving workers, and engineers blissfully asleep.

His merry bunch of marauding malevolents had stormed the ILS control and had quickly rounded up all the staff on duty, all 14 of them had been herded into a locked meeting room, where they would be able to witness the meticulous shutdown of every runway at Caprice International Airport. Mischief just wanted to watch as the airport fell to its knees as he disrupted every runway.

“Ha, Ha” the evil laugh of Mr. Mischief’s almost childish-sounding voice coursed through the Control Room’s audio systems, and he danced around flicking switches; tampering with each runway’s ILS one by one; causing them to direct aircraft to lower their nose and to pitch to port, away from the centre of the runway. He laughed at the men in the locked meeting room as they banged on the door and the window trying to break free from their captivity.

He laughed watching as the approaching aircraft began to react to the highly dangerous instructions causing pilots to disengage from the system and frantically regain control of the aircraft so perilously close to the ground.

He laughed until the door of the control room shot inwardly and off its industrial hinges. Mischief had secured the door, hoping Speedoman would arrive, he gave the hero less than ten minutes to find him.

Mr. Mischief spun around in delight when Speedoman stormed through the door like a tornado. He landed on both feet his arms spread out as he turned his perfectly formed torso looking around the room, surveying the situation. Mischief was at the controls and fifteen, at first count, Marauders, as Mr. Mischief referred to them, were scattered throughout the room. He could hear the bangs and the muffled cries of the guys in the locked meeting room.

Speedoman, was twenty-six, a second-tier hero who kept his locks of sandy blond hair in a buzzcut, he served Caprice City, keeping the city free from crime and evil as best he could, it was a never-ending battle as villainous scum kept creeping into the city, each fiend with his or her brand to keep and promote. Mischief was one in a long line of enemies that Speedoman had racked up in the past couple of years.

His costume comprised a speedo! Speedoman didn’t need boots or gloves or tight-fitting special body suits, but he wore a mask, mainly because he looked sexy in the matching speedo, mask combination. It also kept his secret identity intact. Jake Masters, son and heir to the Masters hotel and leisure dynasty needed to keep himself out of the media spotlight, but his fateful conversion to superhero-hood had made that much more difficult to achieve. Jake had kept his identity a secret and he needed to keep it that way.

Today, he didn’t have too much time to choose his speedo! He chose the first one that the Speedo selector had suggested, taking the tight Lycra TYR brand green and yellow garment from the dispenser in his secret hideout bunker. The selector also presented the green mask which magically formed onto the sides of his handsome face melding with his skin, tingling as it normally did. Likewise, the garment felt electric as he picked it up from the display arm. He sniffed it, he always did that, smiling, knowing the power he would generate as soon as he slipped it up to fit snugly onto his hips. He had no time to enjoy the magical experience of pleasure he felt as the material formed on his butt cheeks and then around his scrotum. He did ensure, as he always had, that his delicious penis, sat upward and slightly to the left so that the underside of his penis head could display its presence through the garment. He knew every reporter and so many people had to keep their wandering eyes off his speedo bulge and bubble butt, but he secretly enjoyed the way they always looked, he could sense their desire. He loved it when they did!

He had rushed out at speedo speed! The bunker automatically locking behind him as he sped to the airport. He knew the place like the back of his hand, like many places in Caprice. This was Speedoman’s city, and he made it his business to know every inch of his city.

But this was a trap. And like a bee to honey, Mischief knew that the mayhem would attract Speedoman instantly, he would arrive a good ten minutes before the police, and he had disabled the airport security even the on-duty Federal Police were blissfully asleep in their airport offices.

Speedoman arrived on time.

“Wow, these airlines would learn a lot from your punctuality Speedoman!” Mischief screeched looking around at all the screens surrounding the control room, pointing at the different aircraft scattered around the airport, they were suddenly stuck as the airport had ground to a halt!

“Thousands of people in each terminal, city roads are in gridlock, planes nearly crashing, Ha, ha, ha, all in a day’s work!” He added, spinning around on the spot, his colourful coat flinging outward.

“I just can’t keep my marauders entertained enough, you know, they get so itchy when they’re cooped up, not out creating havoc, and, you know they, said to me the other day, let’s get Speedoman once and for all, he’s such a party-pooper, such a beautiful do-gooder, and he is taking all our media time from us!”

Speedoman looked around surveying the bunch of villains, he could see the anticipation in their eyes.

“Yeah, well your plans for mayhem stop right here boys!” Speedoman said making fists with each hand and looking around the room. Every eye in the room, including the staff locked in the meeting room was on him, he could feel Mr. Mischief goading him.

“Come on then hero, time to save the day, but not without some mayhem and mischief!” Mischief screeched before spinning around clicking his fingers and screeching “Get him, boys!”

All hell broke loose as Speedoman launched into action making straight toward Mr. Mischief who feigned a look of fear as the superhero rushed toward him. He landed a punch to the side of Speedoman’s head as soon as the hero was close enough, it felt like he had hit a brick wall, but Mr. Mischief kept his pride in place, spinning around as Speedoman shook his head after the blow. He rushed Mischief again who was making a face like a petulant child. Speedoman hadn’t noticed the three goons behind him.

They jumped him from behind, hands grabbing his shoulders and under his arms, grabbing Speedoman’s impressive lat muscles, pulling him away from Mr. Mischief who was making a comical good-by look and waving as they pulled Speedoman backward.

Speedoman let out a loud sigh, more from annoyance than anything, as he too gripped his assailants firmly, bending forward and sending the three goons cascading through the air in different directions, smashing into office chairs and hitting control consoles.

But three more approached from different sides, each landing simultaneous and hefty punches, in Speedoman’s sides, and one to his abdomen, winding Speedoman in the process, he spun around, and landed two side-kicks on two of the henchmen and didn’t see the next punch landing directly onto his kidney region, followed by a push kick from one of the Thai members of the marauders. Speedoman used his lightning speedo speed to grab the Thai goon’s ankle, flinging him across the room toward the next three thugs making their approach, and like a bunch of skittles, they fell backward trying to break the Thai guy’s weight.

They kept coming for what seemed like hours, but it was only minutes. Speedoman’s speedo strength was holding out for now, and he needed the super speedo strength for as long as he could before the authorities could arrive, but every punch, every fast recovery was eating into his limited stores of speedo strength.

He kept up the fight, throwing off three goons at a time, they were relentless and persistent, their faces showing their determination as they each recovered and returned to the fight with the beautiful speedo-clad hero, surrounding him after forming a circle. Speedoman was bent forward, his battle face engaged, and his fists clenched looking around and spinning to view the circle of assailants, he couldn’t let on that he had to conserve his speedo strength, any form of weakness would be capitalised on by these thugs and he could hear Mischief from outside the circle of foes, whistling as he skipped around the outside of the circle. He pretended to jump and look over the edge, looking inside to see superhero crouching forward and readying himself for the next phase of the battle.

“Excuse me boys!” Mischief said with a slight annoyance in his voice.

“Let me into your inner-circle Speedoman!” Mischief added as he stepped past two of his sweaty thugs, inside of the circle to get a better view of Speedoman.

“You evil creep!” Speedoman said defiantly, despising Mischief and everything the villain stood for.

“The police will be here soon, tic tock boys!” Speedoman said straightening himself out and starting to move toward Mr. Mischief.

But the circle closed in closer and closer, they did not break the circle and as soon as Speedoman was about to throw a punch onto Mr. Mischief’s chin, the Villain lifted his right hand. Pointing toward the approaching angry hero.

“Tut, tut Speedoman!” Mischief said stepping back away from Speedoman.

“Time boys!” Mischief said as the circle of malevolent marauders lifted their left hands, they were all wearing special smartbands on their wrists, and Mischief played with the ring on his right index finger, twisting the ring like he was tuning a radio.

Speedoman felt the air around him crackle, it was pushing in on his body, squeezing him.

“Ugh! What is the m, meaning, UGH!” Speedoman felt the air electrify, and his skin felt blazing heat. He started to bend forward before falling onto his side and finally onto his back, he was clawing at the floor with his feet and hands, but it was no use. He could hear the laughter echoing inside his head as the immersive field generator amplified from each of the smartbands lifted into the air, arcs of Illuminative electricity shot from their wrists, enveloping Speedoman in a shimmering blue haze.

“Good work gentlemen!” Mr. Mischief said leaning down, listening to the muffled cries of Speedoman inside the blue hazy energy field. “Time for your afternoon nap Speedoman!”

Mischief tapped his ring and the haze surrounding Speedoman pulsed. Speedoman’s scream and the fact that his struggles had suddenly ceased told Mischief that they had successfully captured Speedoman. Another tap of the ring made the hazy energy field dissipate with pops and crackles leaving Speedoman sprawled out on the floor and motionless.

“Tie him up and let’s get to the Lab!” Mischief ordered, directing his men in a choreographed and efficient flurry of action.

There was no trace of Mischief or Speedoman when the police arrived on the scene, the madcap villain had left the building minutes earlier along with his band of malevolents and their prize catch!

Forty five minutes later, out of town in the shady corner of Caprice, Mr. Mischief and his band of Mayhem makers had arrived exiting the delivery truck from the rear and straight into a service shaft. Speedoman was out cold, but they weren’t taking any chances, it had only been a fifteen-minute drive but that was long enough for Speedoman’s enhanced molecular structures to accumulate new stores of his speedo strength. The ropes binding his wrists and ankles and around his chest and arms were strengthened with titanium fibers as strong as spiderwebs. There was no way even the powerful Speedoman could break the bonds even if he was at full levels of speedo strength.

They took him to the torture lab and strapped him to a restraint device, much like that of a horse, stretching Speedoman’s legs to the restraints on either side of the presentation horse, a special buttock shaped mini seat was fitted into Speedoman’s buttocks and then fitted the Hero’s wrists into the restrains, forcing Speedoman’s arms and shoulders back slightly. Once in place they set up The Arouser. Speedoman would awake to find himself in the Lab facing the device that would eventually kill him in a state of horny bliss. Mischief wanted to savour the time he had to toy with Speedoman, he would enjoy, teasing the speedo-clad hero, describing every detail on how he would be tortured and aroused until his speedo strength was drained completely and how the final torture could not stop until he was dead.

It had been a long time coming for Mr. Mischief, but his days of planning, his months of patiently waiting had paid off, he had Speedoman exactly where he wanted him. He thought about keeping the hero alive as a sexual play toy but thought better of it, he needed the hero out of his way. So, this was his compromise, he would toy with the handsome hero long enough to get him off a couple of times, and then leave the helpless Speedoman to die slowly by electrocution.

“Wake him up!” Mischief ordered his two closest merry mayhem makers; he had named them Hammer and Tong. They obeyed immediately, knowing that things were only going to get sexier, by the minute. Hammer placed the two neural nodes on each side of Speedoman’s head. Tong then set the intensity level to moderate and flung the switch.

Speedoman’s head flung backward and then forward! Violently.

“You know we had to wake you Speedoman, they say if you have too long a nap it will affect your beauty sleep later tonight, Ha, ha, ha!” Mr. Mischief said with his fingers, brushing against Speedoman’s left shoulder.

Speedoman pulled on his bonds left then right, he tried both legs, but he was immobilised, legs spread out and his body, especially his hips and delicious speedo V were pushed unforgivably forward. His bondage was keeping his magnificent body tight and upright. Bright spotlights illuminated his body, and he could feel the heat of one spotlight trained up between his spread legs, illuminating his green and yellow speedo pouch he could feel his lower bulge warming.

He gritted his teeth, seething with anger, but secretly turned on by his bondage and the attention of his assailants.

“Fuck, what are you doing Mischief?” Speedoman was spitting the words, trying to lean forward as best he could, but feeling the titanium bonds tightening and adjusting his body tighter.

He could only watch as Mischief turned to him, popping each of the neural nodes from his temples and handing them back to Tong.

“How rude of me Speedoman, I haven’t introduced my sexy assistants. I have asked them to wear black speedos in honour of you our most cherished guest.” He motioned toward Hammer, standing to the right of Speedoman. Hammer spun around to show off the large white ‘H’ emblazoned across the back of his black speedo.

“This is Hammer!” Hammer smiled and looked lustfully toward Speedoman.

“And this is Tong!” Mischief spun Tong around like they were dance partners for Speedoman to notice the big white ‘T’ on Tong’s backside.

“My two most loyal mischievous and naughty supporters, they are here to ensure your time with us is as, shall we say enjoyable as possible.” He paused momentarily before continuing, “Well let’s just say they are going to ensure your death is long and painful!”

Speedoman thrashed in his bonds.

“You fucking fiend!” Mischief! Speedoman spat toward Mischief.

“Struggle, my sexy man, please do struggle, you have no idea how sexy you are when you strain inside your bonds.”

He pursed his lips watching Hammer and Tong move around the lab, “My speedo streng…”

Mr. Mischief cut Speedoman off mid-sentence and was taken by surprise, when Mischief began to gently touch the inside of his legs, causing Speedoman to look down toward his speedo bulge.

“Yes, about that, your speedo strength! Rar, rar, rar Speedoman. Curious indeed, but not something that typically concerns me too much, in fact, it should be you who should be concerned!” Mischief’s fingers were moving carefully up the inside of each of Speedoman’s legs.

“Your amazing speedo strength, mystical, sexual and fallible.” Mischief said, caressing the warmth of Speedoman’s inner thighs.

“Get your filthy hands off me Mischief!” Speedoman man demanded. But was taken by surprise when Hammer used an electro-stimulation device on the side of Speedoman’s neck. The shock and smell of electricity filled Speedoman’s senses quickly and violently!”

“Manners!” hissed Hammer, “His name, hero, is Mr. Mischief!” Hammer emphasised the mister part of Mischief’s name.

Speedoman spat as he convulsed from the violent shock, he had beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

Mr. Mischief continued his molestation, of Speedoman’s helpless inner thighs, massaging the supple flesh.

Speedoman flinched as Mr. Mischief reached and cupped the lycra fabric of the speedo.

“Yes!” Mischief said licking his lips and staring through Speedoman’s green mask into Speedoman’s widening eyes.

“Your speedo! The source of your magical powers, the delight of the media and may, I say, myself too!”

“Get your hands off it!” Speedoman tried to demand through gritted teeth, looking quickly down toward his bulge and then quickly around the room, scanning for Hammer and Tong, he was wary of their shock devices, and he was helpless.

“So beautiful Speedoman, it is a work of art, really, it is. I find speedos on men, and specimens as beautiful as yourself to be, shall we say erotic!

Speedoman tried to break his bonds, if he let Mr. Mischief keep going like this, he would accumulate more speedo strength, by the minute, but he also knew that would be a false economy, given the device in front of him, looked to be waiting to take him. Mischief would torture him and drain the speedo strength, slowly and surely. But he kept a poker face, he needed the time as much as Mr. Mischief needed the time.

“I know your little secret Speedoman!” I know you’re first-level hero, your powers are, shall we say, predictable!” Mischief was running his fingers down the sides of Speedoman’s speedo pouch, letting the friction of his fingers on the tight elastic fabric translate into sensual and discrete pleasure for Speedoman.

“I also know you…” Mischief paused for a second before continuing to taunt Speedoman, “…like the feeling of your speedos clinging to your butt and genitalia. I know you are secretly enjoying my attention to your bulge right now! All tied up and defenseless.”

“Feeling horny hero?” Mr. Mischief asked with a wry smile on his mischievous face.

Speedoman looked away, yes, the way Mischief was toying with his bulge felt delicious, his bondage only serving to fuel the feeling of eroticism. His body was presented, helpless and he knew every twist and struggle was only turning his captors or more.

Mr. Mischief could feel Speedoman’s defiance, so he grabbed Speedoman’s face forcing the helpless speedo-clad hero to look across the room toward Hammer and Tong. Tong was enjoying Hammer’s attention; Hammer had knelt before Tong and was licking Tong’s black speedo bulge.

“Ooh Boys, does Speedoman all tied up make you horny?” Mischief asked them, Tong nodded, and Hammer kept up his enjoyment of Tong’s bulge.

Mischief then returned to caressing Speedoman’s impressive bulge, he surveyed the helpless hero, carefully, enjoying the lines of anatomy showing through the tight fabric of Speedoman’s TYR branded diving speedos. He worshiped it slowly and meticulously, feeling its beauty cupped inside his hands. Drooling at the outline of Speedoman’s impressive penis head, the helmet’s ridge showing through the fabric.

“I think I have given your body time enough to build back your speedo strength Speedoman. You’re going to need every ounce of speedo strength you’ve got!” Mischief said before bending down to lick Speedoman’s trembling inner thighs. He could taste Speedoman, feel Speedoman’s majesty and he just loved how the helpless hero struggled.

Mr. Mischief stood up licking his lips, his eyes watching Speedoman’s eyes follow him around the room as he approached the ominous device that had been confronting Speedoman for the past hour or so of Mischief’s taunting.

“This machine will eventually kill you Speedoman!” Mr. Mischief said with a somber tone to his voice.

Speedoman fought as much as he could, yes, he was brimming with strength again, but the titanium restraints were holding him competently. He wished he had the powers of Superboy right then and there. He knew his limits and it seemed that his captors also knew them too.

“Speedoman meet The Arouser, a diabolical torture device that will meticulously wear your super speedo strength down, it will effectively drain you and then finish you off with a mighty charge that will blow your brains to smithereens. Pity really, because I find you so super sexy, it will be a long time before Caprice City gets a hero as sexy as you!”

“Fuck you Mischief!” Speedoman screamed and struggled to free himself all at once.

“Let me tell you how your torture will go Speedoman…”

“Fuck you, you fiend!” Speedoman spat once more, his face becoming redder with each passing second.

“We’ll transfer you to The Arouser, spreading your arms and legs Speedoman, its frame and restraining systems will easily contain your powers!” Mischief said looking toward Hammer.

“Hammer here has a special dildo-like device we have assembled for the occasion, he will attach it to The Arouser and then insert the length of the device up inside your anus, it will expand as it rapes you, pushing deeper and deeper until it has invaded your prostate. It will then proceed to fuck you slowly, releasing traces of my horn-bag drug, I called ‘Perk’. You might be able to resist it at first, but I think the slow fuck of your arse will start the process off nicely!”

Speedoman looked horrified.

“Next, we’ll get to worship your stretched body, before spraying your bulging speedos with another super concentrated chemical we like to call sparky spray. Your body will be immersed in sensation, Hammer is very good with nipples, and Tong knows his way around a speedo, we’ll have you aroused in no time.”

Speedoman thrashed in his bonds looking at the device.

“Now The Arouser is a very sensitive piece of state-of-the-art torture-ware Speedoman, it will be scanning your speedo bulge a thousand cycles a second, it will detect your arousal instantly delivering your speedo bulge a jolt of delicious electricity, it will feel like it is searing that magnificent penis of yours, it will supercharge your semen, making you, even more, hornier by the second. Oh yes, it will send a bold of electricity through each of your tight titanium restraints, you will need to dip into your speedo strength stores just to keep conscious!”

“You will be tortured without mercy, and the amperage will increase incrementally, the more you’re aroused the more potent your punishment, and as time goes on, your beloved speedo strength with start to drain, and you won’t be able to resist the fucking motion riding your arse, your speedo will become more pleasurable as your hips rock to The Arouser’s insistent pumping, the chemicals filling your body, filling your mind with sensual thoughts so that your penis will not be able to resist. Ha, ha, ha!”

“Then BANG, the current will torture you back into reality only to wear off, so the next round of your arousal can occur. Your needy and sensitive cock will become your master Speedoman and The Arouser will torture you to oblivion as punishment! Every time you succumb to the erotic sensations coursing through your body, Ha, ha, ha!”

Mischief jumped around like an excited child watching the horror unfolding on Speedoman’s face and enjoying the way the mighty hero fought desperately to free himself.

“No! You fiend, I’ll never succumb to your sensual torture!” He said screwing his face, struggling desperately to free himself and looking defiantly between Mr. Mischief and the ominous machine directly in front of him, waiting patiently for its victim.

Mischief then motioned for Hammer and Tong to make their way to the struggling hero, they brought their stun devices with them and stood on either side of Speedoman, admiring Speedoman’s magnificent body, they couldn’t wait to help arouse this magnificent hero, but first they needed to stun Speedoman to arrange his transfer to The Arouser.

“We want him awake for the transfer, boys, I want to see him struggle as we tie him to his fate! It will be such erotic fun!”

Speedoman growled at Tong who was taunting the hero with the electro-stun device. The blue current arced between the nodes on either side of the stun device, the electricity smelled as angry as it looked the way it was dancing and buzzing. Speedoman tried to pull his head away from the dangerous energy arcs until Hammer arrived to grip the back of Speedoman’s head holding it in place for Tong to have his fun.

“What? Don’t you like a little light show hero?” Hammer goaded.

Speedoman growled and gritted his teeth, feeling the heat searing into his cheeks.

“Get off me!” He growled.

The door flung open and ten more of Mischief’s malevolent marauders stormed into the lab they took one look at The Arouser device and then one look at Hammer and Tong toying with Speedoman and started clapping.

“Wow boss, nice work!” One of them said to Mr. Mischief.

“Glad you like it boys, we are going to rid ourselves of this speedo-wearing scourge once and for all today! Once he’s in speedo heaven we will be free to orchestrate our merry mayhem on Caprice City, every Caprician will fear the onslaught of our mischief, no one will be safe in this town while I rule the roost!”

They all laughed as they inspected The Arouser, looking at the titanium frame waiting to house Speedoman, waiting to stretch the beautiful hero’s body waiting to unleash its diabolical way on the helpless hero.

“Can we have a play boss?” another marauder asked.

“First, we need to transfer him to The Arouser, that’s where you boys come in! Once I have him secured, then yes, why not! You boys are horny, right?”

Ten beefy marauders gave Mischief that ‘are you kidding’ look!

“I thought so!” Mischief added smiling and then turning his gaze on the helpless Speedoman.

He addressed Hammer and Tong, but kept his gaze directed at Speedoman.

“Struggle hero, it’s not going to do you any good, but I have a room filled with horny marauders, and well I think you are turning them on if you know what I mean.”

Mischief pointed to Tong’s black speedo.

“Tong’s all wet, and his speedo is barely containing his erection!”

Tong took Mischief’s lead, lowering his stun device so that the arcs of electricity brushed Speedoman’s left nipple.

Speedoman drew a deep breath, trying not to scream in front of all these thugs, he used his speedo strength to counteract the pain, but it could only mask it, and the energy shot through his chest like a hammer blow.

“Gah!” Speedoman’s response was deep and throaty, as he twisted his torso in response to Tong’s shock.

Tong licked his lips and returned the stun device to Speedoman’s face.

“Your self-control is impressive Tong!” Mischief goaded the Hero and moved next to Speedoman, he ran his fingers over the impressive speedo bulge, that the bondage device was configured to present.

“Beautiful isn’t it, such power, contained in something so sexual, so erotic, ha, ha, the mighty Speedoman is ours to play with for the time being!” Mischief knew he had every eye in the lab on him, even Speedoman’s and he played on the theatre of the moment.

“And once we have had our little fill of Speedoman, we will leave him to die, desperately seeking pleasure, desperately seeking sexual release, which he can never have, he will die in agony a helpless horny hero!”

Speedoman cut mischief off in a flurry of struggles; desperation was filling his mind, he had to get free and deal with these thugs or this would be the end.

Mischief turned and landed a powerful right-handed punch to Speedoman’s jaw, causing Speedoman’s head to twist backward causing him to cease his frantic struggles.

Mr. Mischief then caressed his right hand and smiled at Speedoman.

“Oh yeah, that felt good! But not as good as when I switch The Arouser on and your body starts to feel the enjoyment of the way it fucks you, the way it slowly drugs you, the way it infiltrates your desires. We will ensure your speedo bulge is cared for so well, that you won’t be able to resist your arousal Speedoman. Even the most powerful, most handsome heroes can’t resist the power of their sexual arousal. Then when you finally succumb to your carnality, The Arouser will punish you with exquisite pain!”

Speedoman man started to struggle again.

“Fuck you Mischief!” He said defiantly, through gritted teeth, still feeling the sting from Mischief’s punch.

“Ok, so boys here is what we will do.” Mischief said looking around the lab and clasping his hands villainously.”

“Hammer, Tong, set your stun devices to the muscle immobiliser setting, target his beautiful rippling muscles, aim at each major group in his legs and arms, but leave his head and torso, you will have five minutes to tie Speedoman to The Arouser before the muscle stun wears off, Speedoman’s powerful muscle-metabolism will restore his strength fast, he must be secured on the frame quickly.”

Mischief then turned to Speedoman.

“This is going to hurt Speedoman, you will be able to witness us tie you to The Arouser, I want you to get the full effect of your torture, from start to finish. You will only leave the machine once you are dead and whoever finds you can deal with your body. Needless to say, I will leave a calling card near The Arouser explaining how you died and how the city can expect a wave of crime and mayhem. They will know not to mess with the MISCHIEF!”

Speedoman fought his bonds, twisting his body left and right, but he couldn’t free himself, and Hammer and Tong had reset their devices so that the arcing energy changed from blue to green. They approached Speedoman brandishing their muscle immobilisers. They did not speak, and the other men started to surround Speedoman, waiting like crows to pick at a carcass. Waiting to transfer Speedoman’s immobilised body to The Arouser’s multi-functional restraint array, waiting to touch him and feel his beautiful body.

Hammer targeted Speedoman’s quads at first, the jolting energy twisting Speedoman’s musculature, pulverising the tissue from the inside out. He worked meticulously and carefully, targeting the hamstrings and the calf muscles, arresting Speedoman’s lower body efficiently and painfully, while Tong worked from the shoulders down each restrained arm, paying particular attention to the Speedoman’s deltoids, upper arms biceps, and triceps, working his way across tendons and connective tissue.

Speedoman’s cries filled the lab, it took several agonising minutes until Hammer and Tong had completed their portion of the transfer.

Speedoman’s struggles had become less frantic, he could only move his head, he could understand everything they were doing, but he could not access his powerful limbs, even with an almost full complement of speedo strength, his attempts to move his arms and legs were fruitless.

Mischief squeezed Speedoman’s nipples, causing the hero to throw his head back in frustration, he could not respond in any way, unable to move his arms, he had no choice but to endure Mischief’s little play.

The restraints opened and Speedoman began to fall to the floor like a rag doll, he had lost all ability to feel his limbs, but he fell into the many hands of Mr. Mischief’s horny marauders.

They held Speedoman up, he was helpless and forced to watch as Mr. Mischief took The Arouser’s remote control and configured the machine to deliver the restraining devices into position. Like the slats of a bed frame, four titanium slats maneuvered into position, vertical in the centre of the square-framed, cube-like device. They moved Speedoman inside the titanium frame, turning him and pushing his immobilised body against the four titanium slats.

He could feel their hands, gripping his flesh, he could feel their lust as they stretched his arms and legs, first the titanium wrist restraints closed tightly across his wrists, he couldn’t kick his legs or fight them, as they spread his legs outward, but he could look down over his heaving torso, they hadn’t immobilised his torso or genitalia he could easily have gotten a hard-on with all their erotic manhandling, the bondage, the helplessness was feeding Speedoman’s secret bondage fetish. He had to desperately control his cock, or it would give his fetish away and Mischief would easily pounce on that weakness especially now; being tied to a machine named The Arouser. He had to think about other things, he couldn’t let himself pre-cum either, it too would display on his bulge and give him away. He looked up surveying the titanium cubed frame surrounding him. He felt the cold metal on his back and the backs of his arms and legs.

Soon he felt the cold ankle restraints grip him, he felt a warm flush of energy in the moments following his restraints locking into place. Familiar speedo strength flooded his muscles as the muscle immobiliser effects wore off right on cue, he felt himself healing, it was invigorating, his speedo strength had an erotic element to it and he suddenly felt his enhanced virility flood his body, his speedo tingled, his cock was literally purring. He felt the machine tighten and then pull his limbs wider. The upper slat lifting slightly and its wrist restraints pulling each arm slightly wider.

The same thing occurred with his leg restraints causing him to grunt, he was spreadeagled and completely at the mercy of his captors, he pulled, testing both his speedo strength and the machine, desperately searching for something to give, any meager weakness in the machine; he could maybe try and capitalise on, using his strength to work something loose. Nothing! It was holding him and resisting the power of his speedo strength competently. He then realised that his captors were all staring.

They were standing in a semi-circle surrounding Speedoman, taking in the sights, the sheer magnificence of this speedo-clad hero struggling spreadeagled inside The Arouser, was arousing them more so and soon Mischief took the lead approaching the struggling spreadeagled hero.

“Now that was easier than I thought Speedoman. You are as handsome as Superboy, but your powers are, shall we say, manageable!” Mischief was smiling, facing Speedoman and running his fingers down the hero’s lats, enjoying the warmth of the hero’s body, brimming with speedo strength, muscles tight and twitching as the bondage pulled on his limbs.

He made his way tracing each abdominal muscle bump, toying with Speedoman’s belly button, quietly taunting the superhero, carefully playing with his beautiful toy. He bent down and Speedoman watched as Mischief surveyed his speedo bulge.

Mischief was tracing the one-inch sides of the Lycra garment.

“Speedos have so many facets of beauty Speedoman, so many curves, alluring the admirer with every delicious bump, every arc and arch, like nature, it has immense beauty, not a straight line in sight!”

Mischief was taunting his prey, tracing the curved sides of the garment clinging to Speedoman’s hips. He could feel the slight trembles of defiance as Speedoman pulled on his bonds, straining, and striving.

“Don’t touch me you pervert!” Speedoman seethed looking up through the top of the cubed frame toward the ceiling, looking away to try and control his penis, he had to keep his fetish quiet, but Mischief was a determined foe, and he knew his secret would be exposed, his bondage was just too delicious. This weakness along with the way his speedo strength would drain with usage and exertion were major weaknesses that put him in danger every time he ventured out to fight crime, but they were risks he had to control as best he could.

Must use my speedo strength, strong mind, Speedoman! Resist him, he is going to touch your bulge soon, must keep control, must not get aroused! Speedoman thought to himself.

But Mischief went straight for the money spot, allowing his finger to trace the soft penis shaft inside the fabric until he reached the ridges of the underside of Speedoman’s penis glans, they were so pronounced, deliciously proud.

“The curvature of your balls, the thickness of your penis and the ripeness of your cock head clinging dutifully inside the lycra, it’s exquisite Speedoman.”

“Mm yes, such magnificence Speedoman!”

Speedoman felt the tingles making their way up his shaft as Mischief was tracing with his finger, Mischief knew what he was doing, and he would not stop. He seethed in pleasure as Mischief’s finger settled in the under-ridge of his penis head. Mischief was slightly massaging the fabric to create discrete friction knowing the pleasure he could induce.

“I wonder Speedoman?” Mischief looked up toward Speedoman’s face from his position at the bulge, his finger massaging the same spot of the lycra bulge, beneath the penis head carefully. “Do you position your cock? I mean, make sure that the penis faces upward? I’m a bit of a fan you know, and I’ve seen you ‘in the wild many times’ and seen you on the telly, and call me a stalker if you like, but you always have the underside of your penis head pushing through your sexy speedo bulge like this. I bet you do make sure it is prominently displayed, do you enjoy people looking or is it more for your ego, and for you to enjoy the feel of it? Does your speedo strength enhance pleasure? So many questions… But don’t worry beautiful man, The Arouser will answer some of these questions!”

Speedoman had to use all his concentration powers, it felt so beautiful to have his cock bulge worshiped as Mischief was doing so capably. He pulled desperately on the titanium restraints, grunting and growling, fighting to break out and kick this evil pervert out of the laboratory. But his reality was dire, he was helpless, and his struggles were only encouraging Mr. Mischief and his goons.

“Fuck you Mischief!” Speedoman said looking down toward Mr. Mischief kneeling at his speedo bulge. He couldn’t help it when his sensitive cock shimmered in pleasure.

“Oh god, gah!”

“It is a very sensitive instrument Speedoman!” Mischief then turned to Hammer and Tong smiling.

They arrived with their stun devices reset to pain level 1 and as Mischief moved away, he motioned for Hammer to take his place.

“Have a feel of that mighty speedo pouch Hammer boy. Feel how perfectly formed his cock head is and how he trembles when you brush it with your finger, Speedoman is so ready for The Arouser, now make him seethe in pleasure and then position your stunner over the apex of his bulge. Have fun torturing him before we turn the device on.” He looked toward Speedoman just as Hammer began to bend down to worship Speedoman’s bulge.

“I hope you are nice and comfy Speedoman, this procedure will be shocking, your bonds will hold you secure so feel free to thrash and scream. You like to advertise your speedo, so here we are, determined to worship it, I do hope you like it! Ha, ha, ha”

He knows, fuck him! Can ’t free myself, bonds too tight. Can’t twist, can’t break them, must use my speedo strength sparingly if I am going to have a chance to get out of this alive. Mmmmm.

Speedoman’s thoughts were interrupted by a very competent Hammer. He was licking the sides of his underbulge, Speedoman could not believe how erotic he felt, to have his testicles licked, through the speedo, the force of Hammer’s tongue causing his jewels to the glide against each other. Speedoman felt the heat of Hammer’s breath, the henchman was insistent, and Mischief was licking his left nipple.

Hammer continued, licking the entirety of Speedoman’s bulge, he did not leave a millimeter un-licked.

Mischief finished with his nipple and started to lick Speedoman’s ear while whispering.

“I know you like this Speedoman, bondage, speedos, horny villainy ready to torture you, do you get off on this, I hope you do, he, he. You see we don’t have all day, and we have business in town, we’re going to set bombs to the hulls of several harbour ferries today, and Speedoman won’t be there to interfere!”

“Mmm!” Speedoman was in heaven as he muffled a response to Hammer’s devoted attention to his sensitive cock head, through the tight Lycra, Hammer was licking and sucking as Mischief continued to taunt him. He tried to look away from Mischief before the villain motioned for Tong to grab Speedoman’s head and force him to look at his assailant.

Speedoman was turning and twisting his hips trying to dislodge himself from Hammer’s vigilant and conscientious tongue, he was starting to breathe deeply.

“My speedo strength…” Speedoman started to say through gritted teeth and forced to look at Mr. Mischief.

“Won’t hang around forever…” Mischief said with a knowing smile.

“You will need to conserve it my beautiful hero, because this will take some time to play out. Pain will drain you of your strength, just like a battery, the more you use it the more it drains, even with your delicious speedos on, the drain will surpass any charge to your body from the Lycra.

Speedoman’s eyes were glazing over because Hammer was driving him to distraction licking along the length of his curled penis, inside the green Lycra fabric, Speedoman’s bulge was wet with Hammer’s saliva and clinging dutifully to his still-soft Penis. He was becoming hornier by the second and he breathed deeply into Mischief’s smiling, taunting face trying desperately, to concentrate, to control his virility, he was twenty-six and in his sexual prime, he could cum just thinking about guys like Robin the Boy Wonder captured and tied up, it was a sexual fantasy of his, and here he was living it.

“Speedo strength must hold!” Speedoman said it out loud for his own benefit and in defiance of Mr. Mischief, glaring at his captor.

“I very much doubt that!” Mischief smiled averting his gaze to Tong, and motioning for the misbehaving marauder, to take Hammer’s place.

Tong knew exactly what to do and Mischief returned his gaze to Speedoman, gripping the back of Speedoman’s head violently.

“Scream for me, Hero!”

Tong pushed the delirious Hammer away from Speedoman’s bulge, and Hammer fell on the floor at the base of The Arouser, looking upward between Speedoman’s straining legs, he had a great view as Tong positioned the two electrodes of his stun device against Speedoman’s bulge, he had set the device to level one as instructed by Mr. Mischief and pulled the trigger causing the energy to ionize the plasma and arc as it infiltrated Speedoman’s bulge.

The scream was muffled and Speedoman grunted loudly. He felt his balls almost exploding with electrical energy, his penis was sheathed in a wrapping of pain and his speedo strength easily masked the agony, but it took seconds for that to happen, Speedoman knew he had to be faster than them, anticipating the torture; he twisted in pain, and spit flung from his mouth as he heaved his head violently.

Tong jumped back away from the flaying hero, he wanted to watch this hero twist and writhe, he had been waiting patiently, and he clapped and danced taunting Speedoman with his stun device, buzzing with energy.

They gave Speedoman a moment to recover.

“That all you got?” He growled in anger and defiance, his hands forming fists as he tried to break the titanium bonds holding him.

“Warming up Speedoman!” Mr. Mischief responded, grabbing the struggling hero by the chin, and wiping some spittle from the corner of Speedoman’s mouth.

Mischief used his other hand to operate The Arouser’s remote, hitting the green button and then twice on the yellow button causing the slats that were holding Speedoman upright to re-configure and start to tilt the hero backward, facing the top of The Arouser’s cube-like titanium frame. The slat restraining Speedoman’s ankles re-formed continuing to keep its victim’s legs spread widely but allowing access between Speedoman’s spread legs to his speedo and helpless body, for his captor to enjoy and toy with.

Mischief moved into place around past Speedoman who was frantically fighting his bonds having recovered from Tong’s electrocution of his speedo bulge. Mischief entered the space between Speedoman’s spread legs, stopping between Speedoman’s flexing thighs, toying with Speedoman’s legs, massaging each leg.

Speedoman lifted his head so he could see over his heaving body, he was breathing heavily, his chest rising and falling as he struggled, glaring at Mischief, knowing his speedo, his bulge was at Mischief’s mercy.

“You fucking monster!”

Mischief moved into place, one hand positioned between Speedoman’s legs, he started to caress Speedoman’s bubble butt, he let his other hand trace the top of Speedoman’s speedo feeling the speedo cord that was tied tightly inside the garment.

“But I haven’t finished telling you how you will die, Speedoman, you might like to leave your disrespectful taunts till I have finished…”

Speedoman kept struggling, surveying the cube of titanium surrounding his supine, spreadeagled and helpless body. He could see the Malevolent Marauders had gathered around to watch their boss play with Speedoman, arouse Speedoman. He was the centre of their attention, and he noticed one or two were wanking their cocks, enjoying the show.

Mischief removed his hand from under Speedoman, leaving Speedoman’s butt, he then used both hands to massage the entirety of Speedoman’s speedo pouch, from hip to hip, over the mountainous bulge, nothing was spared from Mischief’s attentive fingers.

He kept massaging Speedoman into a frenzy, knowing Speedoman had to concentrate with his speedo strength to keep from succumbing to his devoted speedo bulge massage.

“The Arouser will take over from me very soon Speedoman, and it will be difficult for me to pull myself from this heavenly position at the pulpit of your bulge, but alas, as much as I would like to keep you alive, you must die, I’m too busy to have to deal with you any further, it will be best to get you out of the way. Aaaaaaany way, here’s what is going to happen.”

Mischief pressed the red button twice on his remote causing Speedoman’s eyes to widen and fear breakout across his face.

“That is a precision laser Speedoman, it has just created a slice in the back of your speedo. The Arouser will now proceed to insert its anal probe, it is lubed and will enter your body via your anus, once inside it will inflate and release small doses of my latest chemical, we named Perk which will seep into your bloodstream and interact with the discrete electro charge that the tip of the probe will deliver to your prostate. It is very persuasive with your penis, encouraging the glands along your urethra to produce your pre-cum. The Perk drug will stimulate a sexual fantasia in your mind, and everything will become a turn-on for you; you won’t be able to stop thinking horny thoughts. You might even start to harden, who knows? Horny hero?”

Speedoman thrashed violently, he could feel the wet lube squish and the smooth probe slide in place between his buttocks through the slit burned into the rear of his speedo. He flinched as the tiny electrical current stung at the entrance of his ring. It stayed in place taunting him, its gentle electrical pulses surrounding his anus, stimulating him, readying him.

“No, you fucking fein… Aghhhhhh” Speedoman twisted his head as another light electro-charge taunted his hole.

“It will start to arouse you Speedoman, and The Arouser will scan your speedo bulge from hip to hip delivering another light electro-impulse which will encourage pleasure to fill your bulge. The Arouser is more sensitive than your cock is ever going to become, and when it picks up on your pre-cum emission and any stirring in your penis. Remember your fantasies are going to be arousing you and the delicious feeling of The Arouser as it starts to fuck you, pushing into your prostate, gently electrocuting it so lightly and carefully, it will be so sexual, so erotic Speedoman, you will be left with your fantasies…” Mischief then paused for a moment, letting his fingers enjoy the fullness of Speedoman’s warm bulge, he smiled into Speedoman’s eyes and then continued his plan for Speedoman’s death.

“Now when The Arouser detects your arousal, it will give you five seconds before the device delivers an electrical charge through those tight wrist and ankle restraints. Your bulge will also be fried to perfection as the Arouser shocks your speedo bulge. You will be electro-tortured until your arousal has been dealt with. But the process will start again as soon as you have recovered, you will need your speedo strength to resist and recover… Each torture will be incrementally stronger than the last, and correct me if I’m wrong, but your speedo strength will be drained by each torture session…”

Speedoman then felt searing anger, he thrashed inside the titanium cube, against the titanium slats he was now lying on. He felt the current start to seep into his man-heat followed by the sound of lubricant squishing, he was making fists and pointing his feet, feeling the probe invade his body. A confusing double sensation of electrical stimulation making way for the hardness of the probe. It filled him forcefully and then slowly began to retract, its electro-stimulant pausing momentarily as the probe retracted. He felt the first emission of the drug, Perk’s first spawn was ignited by the next electro stimulant from the probe. It pushed back into Speedoman’s man pussy.

It was unbelievably excruciating, and at the same time, Speedoman craved it, his body was accepting the intruder, and the stimulation current buzzed deep inside him. He moaned deeply lifting his bulge into Mr. Mischief’s cupped hungry hands, he needed his manhood worshipped, his speedo bulge was becoming an erotic, an existential and metaphysically spiritual component of his body.

Tong bought the can of Sparky Spray and handed it to Mr. Mischief.

“Now this is fun Speedoman, the chems in this can will seep into the lycra and will feel like velvet caressing your genitalia, it will enhance sensation remarkably!” Mischief sprayed the bulge, being careful to cover the entire impressive surface area of Speedoman’s bulge, from base to tip.

He couldn’t believe how exquisite his bulge felt, his mind starting to expand into a delectable, erotically spiritual state which Speedoman tried desperately to resist. It was a losing battle especially when Mischief squeezed, his sensitised lycra pleasure bulge.

Speedoman moaned in abandon, he was being fucked and worshipped into a frenzy and soon his penis felt the first pangs of pleasure.

The Arouser lit up in red and yellow with soft banks of lights around its frame causing Mischief to jump up in glee.

“Five seconds mighty Speedoman! The Arouser has picked up on your first arousal.”

He thrashed in his bonds, feeling the probe nudging and stimulating his prostate, it was exquisite stimulation, he felt his mind filling with erotic tones and feelings starting to flower from the initial spurts of Perk into his body, seeping into his bloodstream. Ecstasy.

The heat in his ankle and wrists exploded violently almost burning his flesh, Speedoman’s screams filled the lab as The Arouser’s punishing electro bolt shot through his limbs, twisting his muscles like thousands of Chinese burns. But he was able to use his store of Speedo strength to repel much of the agony and resist his flesh from burning at his wrist and ankle restraints. His cock seethed with agony; his testicles ached.

The torture bolt, lasted three seconds, and Speedoman had recovered quickly.

Speedoman found himself returning to a seething erotic receptacle, as the probe continued to push into him and retract, the next spore of Perk was larger than before, warmer than the first, and the probe’s electrical current made it feel luscious and piquant inside him. His bondage felt sexual, it was becoming erotic, stronger, and more enjoyable as he twisted and moaned.

“Must not allow thoughts to become…” Speedoman had to use his speedo strength to try and control the advancing sexual fervor of desire festering inside his bulge, inside his body, inside his mind. His flesh was wet with perspiration. He ended his little pause, “…erotic, I, I must control myself!”

Mischief then stood back from Speedoman pressing his remote control, the frame of The Arouser changed colour to green. And Speedoman felt the pleasure current start to dance across his speedo bulge once more, enveloping the garment, it was buzzing into his testicles, he felt the energy wrap the base of his penis glans, gently pleasuring him.

“No! Please stop it Mischief!” Speedoman knew he could not resist the drugs, the anal stimulation and now The Arouser’s bulge stimulation.

“You will need to fight The Arouser, mighty Speedoman! As you can tell I have configured it to Arouse you carefully and consistently, it will not give up, my beautiful sex toy, now we will stay for the next shocking instalment, and will then need to leave you to fight for your life, I will give you five to six hours before you have used up your speedo strength As the punishment becomes stronger, your life will become shorter and shorter by each erotic arousal!” Mischief said bending down to lick the magnificent bulge, allowing the stimulator current to dance on his tongue, and causing him, to jump up like a little child, laughing…

“Oh, it tickles my tongue, ha, ha, I can imagine what it is doing to your penis Speedoman.”

The Arouser then returned to red and yellow, the lights dancing along the edges of the despicable death machine and Speedoman, twisted his body desperately, knowing the punishment about to befall him.

“You Can… Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Speedoman screamed. The punishing electro-current delivered as promised by Mr. Mischief, his body felt like it was being seared from inside out, and this time the electro bulge current reverted to an excruciating blast of energy from inside his penis. Speedoman roared in agony for several minutes before the torture abated.

He lay panting, looking up over his spread, helpless form, noting everything to be in one piece, allowing his speedo strength to restore him.

The Arouser returned to green; the probe resumed its track, pushing into him, the warmth of the Perk drug electrifying as the prostate electro current ignited it, he felt it push pleasure up through his penis.

“No! Please no!” He begged as Mr. Mischief turned to leave him to the mercy of the incessant Arousal machine and his certain decline toward imminent death.

Mischief turned and said his goodbyes, his misbehaving, marauding malevolent henchmen had already departed the Lab, and this was his final moment with Speedoman.

“I’d really like to witness your death Speedoman, but I have more pressing crimes, and mischief to attend to, and mischief waits for no villain. Do enjoy your little demise into the druggy world of my perky arousal drug, and the lovely fucking motion that The Arouser is so good at. Your speedo strength will take a hit with each blast of your punishment. The Arouser will stimulate you into oblivion and that mighty speedo strength will drain in several hours leaving you to die alone and hopefully extremely horny, you will be full of cum, and denied the delicious orgasm of release!” Mischief’s laughter filled the lab as he watched Speedoman struggle and in erotic abandon, The Arouser’s fucking motion on Speedoman’s hips causing them to thrust and twist erotically.

“So, it’s time I bid you a horny farewell Speedoman!”

Mr. Mischief placed an ‘in sympathy’ card on a display plinth next to Speedoman’s struggling body, just outside The Arouser’s titanium perimeter, facing the door to the lab. Anyone entering the lab would be confronted by Speedoman’s lifeless and limp sweat-covered body. The card read:

It is with deepest sympathy and condolences, that here lays the body of the mighty Speedoman. He was a valiant hero; he fought a heroic battle against a machine that aroused him to the edge.

But he lost.

Dear Capricians, now that Speedoman has been dealt with, you can expect a wave of mischief to befall this city. Merry Mayhem will haunt you.

Love Always

Mr. Mischief and the Malevolent Marauders

The door to the lab slammed shut and Speedoman was left alone, The Arouser still green, its victim using all his might to resist the drugs, the electro stimulants on his bulge and inside his rectum and the rising erotic heat inside his body, filling his his mind. His bulge still wet with diabolical Sparky Spray making his penis slide inside his speedo as his hips thrust in time with The Arouser’s fucking motion. Speedoman had to use his speedo strength to ward off the next round of torture which would inevitably drain his strength again, and more deeply.

END Part 1

Speedoman is left to his erotic fate, but stay tuned dear reader, for the next installment of Dawn to find out his fate. And what of Ollie and Jared?

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