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Brothers Broda
Part 8 - Quest - Jet Part 5
By Scorpio

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Brothers Broda

Quest - Jet Part 5

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Tor and Akil have been sent on a quest to find and rescue their fathers from the clutches of an evil Wizard. They must prove themselves worthy to the Wizard and his Warlock. The very Warlock that banished Ragnar and M’Thosa, to the Ikareth, the dimension of bondage and agony, where they will be tortured perpetually for eternity unless Tor and Akil can find and rescue them.

Tor and Akil are guided by the Warlock’s “Eye” an evil and magical apparition. It uses a mystical emerald altar named Providence to give the young barbarians directions, however, Providence will always require payment for this information, payment of their virile juices.

They defeated a hungry serpent to escape the cave and later encountered ‘the Eye’ along with Providence the altar, which forcefully fucked and milked them into a frenzy of cum. The altar accepted their payment and provided them with instructions.

They have since followed the instructions and entered the Enchanted Garden and along the way, they are realising that they are developing powers and abilities. The Warlock’s plans are unfolding as they journey.

Tor and Akil’s quest continues.

“Those little fish that were surrounding us and sucking on our feet seemed to have disappeared!” Tor said floating in the waters of the upper pond and listening to the roar of the hidden waterfall. He had enjoyed Akil’s mighty pumps of cum not minutes earlier and he watched as Akil played with some of the last vestiges of their semen floating in the serene waters.

“When we are on dry land Tor, I am going to bind you with some vines and make you my slave, I’m going to enjoy your love hole and make you beg brother!” Akil responded he was still extremely horny and playing with all the floating cum, the cum left over after those hungry fish consumed most of it and took off like lightning, it was fueling his heat.

“Oh, you’re just saying that!” Tor retorted. He loved it when Akil took control, it seemed like ages ago that they were going to their secret love cave, to partake in their bondage play. He had fond memories of Akil binding him and forcing him through their jungle home to the secret cave, wondering what his horny brother was going to do. He loved the frame they built, especially how it creaked when he was tied spreadeagle in it. The look in Akil’s eyes, that look of total lust excited him. They loved each other dearly, and they always knew they weren’t real brothers in the normal sense; it was like they were best friends, brothers just with different dads.

But the last time they went to the cave to play, they had found their fathers, they had been told of their heritage, of magic, bondage, and torture. Then the Warlock had taken control and banished their fathers and here they were, on a quest, set up by the Warlock, being tested and trying to find their fathers.

“You’ve gone silent!” Akil said after waiting for Tor to say something else.

Akil had swum across to Tor and had put his strong arms around his lover.

“Just thinking about us, glad that we are not biological brothers, we can be total sexual lovers. I now know why bondage play is so exhilarating for us” Tor said smiling as he felt the warmth of Akil’s body nestle into his under the warm water of the pool.

“We finally know, brother!” Akil tightened his grip on Tor.

“You’re paler than me, blue eyes, mine are brown. We are different in so many ways, but magic is behind everything! We were almost flying back there!” Akil was pointing over the infinity-like edge of the upper pool toward the expansive lower pool that they had travelled across so powerfully and quickly.

“I fell from the tree when we arrived in the garden but landed softly, no broken bones.”

Akil then ran his fingers between Tor’s buttocks, feeling the tight fabric of Tor’s red thong. He could feel the sexual tension and excitement in Tor as he let his fingers push into Tor’s butt.

“These thongs and harnesses are magical gifts, brother! Gifts from a Warlock, and he has enchanted them! I can’t keep my eyes off you, I must have you, my sexual toy, yes Tor my toy boy.”

Tor felt shivers as Akil said those words. His cock was getting hard with every sexual advance of Akil’s fingers between his buttocks. But he spun around to face Akil, grabbing Akil close to him grabbing the back of Akil’s head and pulling toward his.

“Shut up master and kiss me!”

They locked their legs. They held each other tight.

Akil felt Tor’s tongue, he tasted like pure sex, like honey filling his mouth and Tor’s grip on his head, pulling him closer into their embrace was all the magic he needed. Their embrace and their love would never be broken.

Watching from above, Troyy, one of Jet’s loyal Fae servants fingered the bulge in his little green loincloth, his wings flapping just enough to keep his balance as he watched the two hunky barbarian boys frolic in the waters below. He knew he had to get word to Jet, but he was sure the garden telegraph had already reported to his master.

He had to get them through the waterfall, the magic mist of the falls would fire up their sexual needs, and he was looking forward to watching Jet play with these two hunks in thongs. He was impressed with the volume of cum they had produced earlier and if he didn’t work fast, they would be filling the pool with more of their juicy cum. He wanted some barbarian cum, he wanted it bad.

Troyy felt his hard cock, playing with the bulge of his penis through the green loincloth under-thong, he was moist and horny. But he had a job to do, or he would suffer the punishment of Jet. So, he fluttered across to the waterfall and scooped a large container of water from the rushing waterfall. His wings beat hard keeping him upright as the wind and water buffeted his supple young body. The water’s intensity was enough to make him feel invigorated and alive, but he was forced to beat his powerful wings to fight the deluge.

Troyy was one of Jet’s favourite Fae servants, he was good with minor enchantments and was learning magic whenever Jet allowed him to. He enchanted his container of water after it had filled and then flew across toward the two frolicking barbarian men. Once he had positioned himself above the pair inside the crook of a mighty tree way up above the humans, he let out a quick whistle and launched himself into the air.

It startled Tor and interrupted Akil’s deep and tongue dive into Tor’s mouth. They both jumped up standing firm on the smooth rounded rocks at the bottom of the pool. Water cascaded from their bodies, and they had both drawn their knives in anticipation of an attack.

Tor had thought that The Eye had made another appearance to interrupt their private moment in this serene pool as it had back in the glade pool. He looked around feverously looking and listening for the evil apparition.

“Psst! Up here barbarians!”

Troyy waved down to the two beautiful youthful men. When he looked into Tor’s eyes, he was smitten, when he gazed upon Akil’s perfect buttocks, he was overcome with lust, but he held it together, he had to.

They’d never encountered the fairy boys and Akil growled in anticipation, Tor, however, looked up and could see something sexy and enticing. Tor had dropped his guard and was looking up with interest and amazement.

“Who…” Tor started to call out to the figure hovering above them.

The sound of the fae’s wings was incredible and fascinating. Then they noticed the sudden glow, the golden sparkle of misty water that surrounded them both. The sparkles like tiny fairies charged with magic exploded on their faces, their shoulders, their pecs.

Troyy had created the whispering misty cloud just as Jet had taught him, his first foray into the magical Fae-shine, he had been commissioned to find and secure the Barbarians and the first part of his little plan was going well. The little spell had worked, and it had their attention.

Akil tried to brush at the glittery infestation on his skin, and then suddenly they felt so delightful, that all his bravado and trepidation was lost. He wasn’t dazzled, he wasn’t confused, he was amazed. He looked at Tor and then he looked upward toward Troyy.

The whir of wings, the delicious body of their visitor hovering above was enticing him, he felt compelled and before he could work out what was happening, he was wading through the water, wading with Tor at his side, his knife safely stowed in its sheath on his hip. His feet deftly moving from rock to rock to rock, the water just above his knees was splashing around them as they moved intently, looking upward, enamoured, and captivated.

They turned the corner and the mighty waterfall with all its vigour and power came into their field of vision, but they didn’t care, they didn’t look away from the enticing figure that seemed to be swimming through the misty clouds created by the mighty waterfall. Like a siren leading them toward the rushing waters, they were oblivious to the danger and certain death befalling them. The power of the immense volume of water crashing into the pond below was waiting to obliterate them, but their eyes were firmly fixed on the beautiful creature buzzing and whirring above them.

Laughter, naughty and delightful snapped both Akil and Tor from their enchantment. Troyy’s little pixie spell would only last so long, and Troyy was pleased that it had worked, he hoped Jet would be pleased. The two beautiful barbarian men were at the base of the falls, and their bewitching had passed.

They had reached the rainbow.

As soon as Tor came to his senses, and quickly confirmed with Akil, by glancing at his brother, they stopped in their tracks. He was drenched in the roar of the immense pounding water, drenched in the plumes of misty water emanating from the waterfall. He looked up sure that he had seen a man floating above them, and he could tell from the confused look on Akil’s face that he too was wondering what had just happened.

What Tor could see was a rainbow, it was magical and intoxicating. The sound of the rushing angry waters was nowhere suddenly, the impending threat of death had vanished. Yes, he was drenched, but he was staring up toward the rainbow, he was surrounded by light enamoured by the beauty of the rainbow and moved forward enjoying the serenity of the moment or so it seemed.

He was alone in the light, and he kept moving into that light.

Akil shook Tor free from his trance.

Tor could suddenly feel the tightness of his brother’s grip on his shoulders and the force of Akil’s strength.

“Wake up!” He heard Akil’s voice in his head.

He came too.

“Welcome back Tor!”

Akil had a relieved look on his face which turned into a beaming smile.

“Thank the gods, great and small! I thought I had lost you!”

Tor returned the smile and then checked his surroundings.

“There was a rainbow! I know, I’m not just…” He started to say.

“Yes, I saw it too!”

Then Tor heard the roar of the waterfall, it was behind them, they had passed through it, but he was unsure how they had not come to an instant death.


Akil had no answer to that question, he too had the same question. Akil also remembered the rainbow, he remembered the way the waterfall seemed to fade away and how he had entered a blissfully white glowing room. He remembered looking for Tor in the white room, realising he was alone. Then, the sound of rushing water again and they were standing on the edge of the pool. He and Tor drenched and Tor still entranced.

Akil told Tor his recollection and the two of them stood holding each other looking back toward the mighty rushing waterfall that they had somehow passed through without being pummeled to death by the mighty waters.

“I don’t understand anything about what just happened!” Tor said.

Akil looked puzzled too but remembered the words of Providence, the Milking Altar.

“We are on the right track, the Altar’s guidance said we had to go through the rainbow!” He said hugging his brother.

Tor grabbed Akil in an abrupt fit of Joy.

“Yes, of course! That must be it!” He said as they jumped up and down in fits of Joy.

“We came through the peachy gate, ha, I remember, it looked like your sexy butt!” Tor said grabbing Akil’s muscly left buttock.

“No way, I only saw your butt brother!” Akil grabbed Tor and licked his face.

“That delicious rear end of yours that my cock is going to plunder soon!”

Tor laughed and squeezed Akil’s buttock harder.

“You will have to ask nicely, lover boy!”

They joked around remembering their journey through the jungle, up and down through the thick vines and undergrowth, the cliff and their dive which turned into a flight of some description as they shot across the surface of the water skimming like stones.

They remembered how horny they were in the pool, the fish eating their cum, and then the man hovering above them drawing them closer to the waterfall.

“Wow! What a journey so far! I think we need to find that beautiful guy with the wings, I bet he can guide us!” Tor said, remembering how Troyy had somehow led them to the waterfall, to the rainbow.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Altar only told us to go as far as the Rainbow?” Tor said, suddenly realising that they had reached the end of the Altar’s guidance so far.

Akil looked self-satisfied and he had that naughty glint in his eye as he grabbed a bunch of Tor’s wet hair, forcing his brother to look at him.

“Do I look worried? I’m here with the sexiest barbarian alive! You and I are mighty warriors, and from what I can tell it looks like we have some special powers of our own. We are dressed in these thongs and harnesses from a Warlock and have survived everything thrown our way! Hey, I have you, the mighty Tor! I am fearless, who needs that stupid Altar? We will find our fathers and beat this magic holding them!”

Tor could only smile at Akil’s bravado, Akil was taking the lead…

“You’re right!”

Tor freed his hair from Akil’s grip and jumped up onto the bank of the river, there was a clearly defined path leading from the water’s edge, so Tor started making his way, not looking back.

They travelled for several hours deeper and deeper into the beautiful garden. This was way different to the jungle, there were different sounds, and the light seemed to glisten as it came through the canopy. The canopy was less dense than the jungle, they could see blue sky often, and their path was easy to see and follow. They passed delightful brooks and the odd shimmering pond, but the boys had had their share of aquatics for a while.

They were making their way through what looked like a manicured and curated garden, even the path seemed to glint from time to time as they passed along the way, ruby red and emerald, green glints now and then directing them along the path.

Akil was enjoying the surroundings, but his eyes were firmly on his brother’s peachy-tight buttocks, he was particularly drawn to the thong-strap emerging from the tops of Tor’s buttocks, he was becoming hornier with every step his powerful brother was making. Tor’s hair had dried in the warm moist air and had become dense with long flowing curls.

Tor my sexy, sexy boy! He thought to himself as they pressed on deeper into the garden.

Tor turned to his brother, his hair flicking to the side because he had turned his head so fast.

Akil nearly jumped Tor, he wanted him so bad, and his penis felt alive and sensitive in his little green thong pouch, but he controlled his urges.

“How are you travelling back there?” Tor asked.

It had been quite some time since they had spoken, they had been intently moving as quickly and efficiently as they could because they knew they were on the right path. They were questing and had a job to do, this was no pleasure trip!

Akil licked his lips.

“Just looking at the view!” Akil joked, diverting his eyes from Tor’s rear, and flitting across to the left and right as if pretending to be sightseeing.

“Yeah right!” Tor said glancing and smiling toward Akil.

“This is no overgrown, unkempt place!” Tor said.

Tor had been watching and taking in the surroundings, or so he thought. He had seen the beautiful trees, the different types of glades and open spaces they had been crossing. He had taken note of the path, and its almost manicured edges, its twists, and turns, he had noticed that the path became pathed often, and at other times they were travelling on soft grassy surfaces. He had noticed the gemstones and the way they glinted as their bodies kept up their pace.

“This is no jungle; someone cares for this place!” Tor summarised his thoughts for Akil.

“Yeah, you are right Tor, you know, we will need to find a place to rest soon, we have been baking in this warm sun for ages, there is hardly any tree canopy anymore, but there are trees everywhere,” Akil said.

It made Tor laugh.

“So, you have been paying attention! I’ve been feeling your eyes all over my arse for hours!” Tor quipped.

“But you’re right, I’m hungry and thirsty and we have been making good progress!”

The garden seemed to have no end to it, they had travelled for hours, and they had passed many different types of garden vista, they had even passed the odd fountain, complete with water spurting up into the air and falling into an ornately designed bath for birds and creatures to drink from.

But there weren’t any fountains where they stopped to rest. It was a grassy room-like space surrounded by beautiful trees. The glade seemed warm and inviting. It had a little stream bubbling along one of its boundaries, they could hear it, but it remained concealed from sight. Something fluttered up in the trees, something else glinted now and then, popping up in a different place every time. Something else scurried through the grass. The place was alive, it felt nice and safe, friendly.

“What is this place?” Akil asked talking to himself, but loud enough for Tor’s acute ears to pick up.

“I’m hungry!” Tor said. He was looking around, seeking out fruit or something he could recognise as edible.

“Me too!” Akil said. His reply was as quiet as his question. He felt someone or something watching; his barbarian senses were kicking in and he sensed something. He looked around quickly, drawn to the glints and flashes, and then to a sound here or there.

“We must be on our guard Tor! Something tells me that we’re not alone!” Akil’s voice was louder this time.

Tor nodded and then felt his abdominal muscles, placing his hands on his belly.

“I need to eat, and I need to drink!” He announced.

“That too!” Akil responded, “I’m really hungry too!”

“Let’s head for that stream I can hear over there!” Akil said pointing in the direction of the sound of the water. It had been hours since they had left the rainbow and the waterfall.

So, they made their way forward through the grass which seemed to grow taller with each step, so tall that they had to push the tall blades aside as they made their way, it seemed that the closer they made it to the sounds of the running water the denser and higher the grass was becoming. Tor was leading the way, crouching as he went, his right hand gripping the hilt of his dagger and he used the blade to cut sheathes of grass as he made his way forward. Tor could hear Akil’s slashing behind him, the grass was becoming intensely thick and hot.

They stopped.

“What the…” Tor said.

“Where did all this grass come from Akil said looking puzzled.

“My knife is barely making a dent!”

“And…” Akil said, “I have no idea where we are, I’m disoriented and it’s getting hot!”

“Let’s keep pushing inward, the water seems to be so close, it’s so loud now!” Tor said lifting his voice above the rising din and wiping his forehead at the same time.

“Lead on Tor!” Akil said.

They pushed forward, slashing and parting the grass as they went, building up sweat and two mighty pangs of hunger in the process.

“We have to be there by now!” Tor said turning to Akil, but Akil was not there.

He looked around for his brother, slashing at the grass in desperation, his body was overheating, he was covered in a sheen of sweat, his hair sticking to the tops of his shoulders. Akil was nowhere to be seen. Tor tried not to panic, calling out for Akil several times but there was no response.

He stepped out of the grass into what looked like a tall tree-filled wood. He had stumbled into the forest of the Fae, known in the enchanted garden as Faetown. He was completely on guard; the grasses had spooked him, and he had lost Akil. Tor looked at the shimmering edge of the grassy wall behind him, hoping Akil would step through just as he had done moments earlier. But that never happened. So, Tor screamed Akil’s name loudly and forcefully, he heard his strong voice shimmering through the trees, he was sure he could see the leaves and branches of the trees shimmering as he called out.

He started to follow the edge of the grass wall, it was a distinct boundary with the wooded area, slashing and trying to part the tall and thick wall of grass, calling out Akil’s name, he had to be in there.

Tor then heard the sound of Akil’s voice, but it was coming from the wood. Tor had been desperately searching in the wrong direction and he began running toward the sound of Akil’s voice, calling his brother’s name. He was befuddled because Akil’s voice seemed to be echoing, he had been running toward echoes, changing his direction every time he heard Akil.

His feet started to slip.

Not again! He thought, remembering the slide into the serpent’s lair way back in the cave.


His feet could not find traction and as he looked down, he could see that he was on some kind of huge leaf and it was the brightest of greens, glimmering in the light beaming through the wood’s canopy. He noticed the way the leaf was almost shimmering, its edges were curling upward and behind him, he felt the leaf lifting. He had no option left to him; he fell backward as his legs slipped forward. Tor kept his dagger tight in his right hand. He could hear Akil’s voice louder now, but his immediate attention was on his escape from the slippery massive leaf.

There was a gurgling sound and Tor tried to lift his back from the leaf, he was stuck like glue! Tor was able to lift an inch or so, but the sticky nectar stretched and squished underneath him, gripping his skin, and forcing him back onto its surface.

The leaf seemed to flutter in an excited flurry of vibrations and before he could realise what was happening, he felt his body shimmer too, he moved several inches down the leaf toward what looked like a pool of the gooey glue-like nectar, several tentacle-like stamens were emerging from the pool. There were at least five of the massive leaves stretching out from the centre pool of nectar and the tentacles moved slowly as if licking the other leaves, but one of them started to rise, its gaze firmly on Tor’s struggling body.

Tor could sense the evil plant was surveying his body. He tried with all his might to lift his leg, it slid, but he did not have the energy or power to lift it from the gooey nectar. His wrists tightly clenched at his sides, his right hand clutching the dagger. He wished he was able to lift his arm and slice the leaf to shreds.

Can ’t lift my hands, I’m stuck on this leaf. Tor thought to himself.

I ’m slowly being vibrated down toward the centre of the plant.

Tor’s struggles were accompanied by the sounds of his powerful attempts to free himself combined with that evil squishing sound. He felt the leaf vibrate again and his body moved closer to the centre of the plant. He knew it was surveying him too, the tentacle stamen had risen tall, and its slender body bent sharply several inches below its head-like end; he could see it looking, turning slowly and carefully.

“Gah! What are you looking at?” Tor said looking at the evil plant’s devilish appendage. He struggled violently, trying with all his might this time, his struggles causing the sides of the leaf to vibrate and curl upward lifting around his beautiful, supple, and delicious body.

The tentacle stamen lowered its long slender body, quickly and purposely hovering its antler head over Tor’s face several inches above him. Tor could see the pollen spores becoming moist, it was as if it was showing him, how excited it was becoming as the plant’s juicy nectar started to seep, over the antler which was now extending a long slender red striped tongue out from the moistening antler, spreading the nectar over the surface of the stamen’s antler head. It allowed a drop to drip onto Tor’s left cheek, causing the young barbarian to flinch. The goo was hot and angry, as angry as the stamen.

It moved from his face and was surveying his heaving chest, the long filament body of the stamen bending upward as the plant moved surveying its next meal. Steam was starting to rise from the leaf surrounding him and he noticed it was also beginning to emerge from the reservoir of nectar he was being drawn toward. The plant was preparing to digest him, to get its nutrients. It was used to little creatures and insects; it had not enjoyed a nutrient-rich human for a long time, and this was its chance to grow even larger. It needed its nectar to be hot, to get it to the stamen’s antler head, and out to the extremities of each of its leaves.


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakil” Tor started to scream out knowing his struggles were useless, knowing all his barbarian might could not extract him from this evil-intentioned plant.

The plant shuddered, and the stamen looked up from its position over his heaving abs, hot nectar was filling the dents between his ab muscles, oozing from the tentacle stamen. He had no idea that the plant was preparing to curl its leaves upwards, including the one clutching onto his body, readying itself to funnel him into the digestive pitcher, hot with enzymes, and acids, its protein-rich mucilage waiting to break down every cell of his delicious body.

“Akil!” He roared with all his might, twisting his muscular body helplessly, erotically, deliciously for his ravenous captor.

Akil heard Tor’s roar echo around him, but he could not do anything about it!

He was up in a tree, well, up in a tree and suspended meters above the mossy floor, surrounded by similar trees in the circular-shaped vale of thickly trunked trees, in the centre of the large vale and emerging from the soft mossy carpet covering the inside of the circle of trees, the oldest of the whipping trees stood tall and proud. Akil was dangling from vines, held tightly by the ancient tree and suspended high above the floor.

These trees were magical and majestic creatures, their trunks thick with massive circumferences, so large a family of elves or faery could easily fit inside. Not that anybody would be stupid enough to try!

Rising ten meters from its base, the tall and thick trunk of the tree sprouted its branches from the top of its trunk, some branches larger and thicker, others slenderer, they curled and formed outward in an artistic twist, creating a messy canopy of branches with bright green leaves extending outward around the majestic tree forming what could be considered a huge mushroom-shaped tree.

Akil had been captured by the oldest and proudest of the thrashing forest. He had emerged from the grasses desperately looking for Tor who seemed to have disappeared into the denseness of the grass. He just seemed to have popped out, alone, covered in sweat. It was like he stepped out of the shimmering grass into a forest. He had replaced his dagger ready in its sheath on the side of his hip and he was on guard, crouching and looking around him.

Akil had called for Tor several times but there was no answer. The grasses had sorted them, separated them, and delivered them to different parts of the enchanted forest. Akil, at the time, had no idea where his brother had emerged, if Tor had even made his way out of the grass at all.

It had taken him a while, surveying the edge of the grass, trying to peer into it, and calling for Tor, but after a fruitless attempt, he had decided not to risk re-entering the tall grasses, at least where he was, he could see his surroundings and the air was much cooler, unlike the bewildering world inside the grass. He made his way into the forest, looking for Tor, not sure where he was, but hoping that Tor must have emerged as well. It was a matter of time before they stumbled on each other, he just had to be on his wits and ready for any eventuality.

The blue sky attracted him, the soft mossy carpet of the glade of majestic trees was also inviting and attracting his attention. He realised that all the trees around the glade were the same species, curious-looking things.

But it was the one right in the middle of the glade, the one surrounded by the mossy carpet that filled the space between the threes surrounding the glen and the one that took pride of position in the centre. The air was cool and sweet, and Akil could not be less fascinated by the tree rising majestically out of the moss and reaching toward the bright blue skies above.

So Akil approached, feeling the soft green carpeted floor of the glade. He heard birds chirping and the odd clicking sound now and then. He thought nothing of it as he approached, he wanted to climb the slight incline of moss to the trunk of the tree, he could tell that it was an ancient almost wise-looking arboreal creature. He wanted to honour it, touch it, and get a feel for its majestic presence.

He looked up as he approached, little sparkles seemed to ignite and then fade, they were emerging from the dense twisting system of branches and foliage extending upward and outward from the top of the impressive circumference of the ancient tree. Something with wings, an insect maybe fluttered out of the canopy above him, but returned quickly, back up toward the safety of the tree’s canopy.

“Wow, I hope Tor stumbles into this glade too!” Akil said while looking up toward the trunk of the tree as he climbed the mossy hill toward the trunk. “You are a majestic old creature aren’t you!” he added as he approached listening to the clicks, that were becoming more insistent the closer he came to the trunk. Akil stopped for a moment to survey the glade from his vantage point close to the tree, he surveyed the forest and the line of trees that formed the impressive circumference around the central tree, Tor was nowhere in sight.

So beautiful, I so want to make love to Tor just here! He thought to himself in a moment of awe.

Tor would look so hot tied up under this tree, perfectly placed for me to fuck his brains out! Was his next thought, he always had sex on his mind, he couldn’t help it and the green thong and harness that the Warlock had dressed him in were always fueling his horniness. So, as he thought of sexy games with Tor, his hands wandered from their place on his hips and the hilt of his dagger, he looked down at the wet spot on his bulging thong, his mind was not on the job at hand!

The tree sensed it too, it was the perfect time to strike. And so, it did!

Akil was not paying attention to the sounds, he was fixated on his bulge and how sensitive his cock felt as he contemplated tying Tor up under the tree. The tree, behind him was oozing sap down its trunk, just like Akil was starting to produce pre-cum. The tree’s branches and the entire canopy above Akil were beginning to rustle and a flurry of wings began to whir above him.

The first crack startled him, bursting pain shot down his back and then he felt the vine circle his throat and tighten, the vine whip caused Akil to bend backward, arching his body as the shock and pain throttled him. He looked up after the first moments of intense pain receded allowing him to open his eyes. It was too late, several more vines were twisting and turning above him. He could see one of them bending violently and within moments he was screaming out in pain as it cracked onto his left quadricep and another onto his left calf muscle. He was having a hard time breathing, clamouring with both hands trying to release the vine’s grip on his throat. Akil had no time to think, his desperate eyes trying to survey his surroundings.

The tree began to whip the air surrounding him, the vines cracking the loud whips in the space around his body. He couldn’t cry out, he could hardly get enough air into his lungs, and he was helplessly fighting for his life surrounded by perfectly placed concise cracks of the whipping vines cracking so close to his body, he could feel the ricochets. It was only a matter of time before one of the vines would make contact with him. The tree struck his left arm this time and a new volley of pain took Akil’s attention from the agony screaming up his left leg and encircling his throat.

“Gah!”, His throat had been released and he could thankfully draw breath, the air felt sweet as it entered his lungs, but the moment quickly passed. The vines attached to his left leg and left arm were lifting him from the soft mossy floor, dangling his body sideways. He screamed out in pain as the tree took his weight and as the fourth whip connected with his left shoulder. Akil twisted his body, compensating for the latest burst of agony raping his body in magnificent torment and causing him to contort and struggle sideways as he lifted into the air.

It had lifted him ten feet from the floor of the glade and left him dangling and struggling, still reeling from the pain, adjusting his body to the uncomfortable position he had found himself in and after several minutes Akil attempted to swing his body, he needed to curl upward with his right arm, and use his free leg.

The tree tightened its grip, it pulled on the vines stretching Akil’s body and flaring Akil’s anger at the same time. He struggled more as the tree maneuvered his helpless body, reacting and compensating for Akil’s struggles.


Akil was roaring in pain again, he had been attempting to reach the dagger from its sheath on his hip and the vine had cracked forcefully on his right-hand wrist sending waves of pain up his arm as it tightened dragging the wrist away from his body.

“Fuck!” Akil screamed as his body was pulled and dragged into position. Pain was throbbing throughout his struggling body, he needed to adjust to his weight, but it was the tree making the most adjustments; it was pulling his arms upward and outward toward the canopy of twisting branches and leaves, he realised as he looked upward that the branches were moving, they were twisting as it manipulated his helpless body. He felt his left leg being lowered so that his body was held upright. Only his right leg was free when the tree had finally positioned him into place.

“Awe, come on tree!” Akil said screaming upward into the tangled messy canopy above him. The sparkles had returned, and the clicking sounds too. He tried to swing his body and he tried to use his barbarian powerful strength in several violent attempts at ripping the vines from the tree. The tree did not respond. Akil realised that the tree’s sap was running down the side of the impressive trunk. He could also see the surrounding trees were similarly oozing sap, and he could hear their leaves rustling, the glade was alive and Akil could tell that he was the main attraction.

The clicking became louder, it was like the forest was cheering the tree on, it became incessant as if the forest was cheering the tree on.

Akil was looking around, listening to the loud din of harmonious clicks, he struggled with all his might and then noticed the vine that had lowered in front of his face, he spat at it watching the way it was twisting, it was tightening as it twisted and emerging from the end of the vine, four smaller vines appeared each with a glowing end. It twisted and tightened right in front of Akil’s face.

He spat at it again, but it evaded his anger lifting quickly upward toward the canopy, toward the sparkling orange and yellow flashes deep in the canopy. He watched the vine curling its long body before speeding upward and ripping through the air toward his helplessly waiting body, it was instantaneous, but Akil knew it was aiming for his chest.

It struck his left nipple and pectoral muscles causing Akil to thrash in outrageously intense pain, the four glowing ends of the whipping vine grabbing at his flesh ripping at his body quickly before pulling away as fast as it had arrived. He was left contorting in pain; the tree allowing his body enough slack to twist and turn as the agony ripped through his body. Akil’s head nearly whipped from his body; pain raping every cell in his chest, his instantaneously violent struggles exploded forcing him to arch and writhe.

The tree allowed him to fall toward the mossy floor, screaming and roaring in pain, but in an equally pain-inducing manner, it tightened the vines holding his arms and left leg, forcing him upward, back toward the canopy in a cruel violent manner. It was playing with him; it was enjoying its new toy.

It took him five minutes to come to. Every muscle in his body straining, tight and angry, he came to his senses and tried to survey his body, it took all his willpower to fight through the torrent of torment his body was feeling. Blood was running down his chest, and off his abs. The mossy floor below him was red and he knew it was his blood. The forest was starting that chorus of clicking again and Akil knew that it was only a matter of time before the tree would strike at his body again.

He was helpless, he needed Tor right NOW! Only Tor, it seemed could save him from what looked like a certain slow death from the tree’s lash. He took his breath; he was about to scream out to get Tor’s attention when he heard Tor’s voice roaring through the forest.

“A K I L….”

Tor and Akil’s adventure will continue.