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Brothers Broda
Part 7 - Quest - Jet Part 4
By Scorpio

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Brothers Broda

Quest - Jet Part 4

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Having escaped the cave and locking the serpent back into his grotto, Tor and Akil followed the path and decided to recover from their ordeal in the cave and their journey after finding a serene pool surrounded by a canopy of trees. The two horny barbarians begin to enjoy the serenity, but their enjoyment is interrupted by the arrival of The Eye.

It appeared from nowhere and with it, a mysterious emerald-green Altar appeared. The two barbarians reacting, jumped up, armed with their only weapons, the daggers Tor found in the Serpent’s lair. They stood ready to pounce, ready to fight, but the Altar was alive. Alive with ancient magic, and the two beautiful barbarian youths were no match. It seized them with magical power, forcing their clenched hands to open and drop their weapons.

The Eye watched in delight as the Altar’s magical powers compelled the two virile young men to the opposite sides of the short obelisk-like Altar, their thong bulges fitting into special receptacles, their legs forced apart to the wider base of the Altar, and bound by enchanted manacles. Their wrists were compelled above their heads and bound together above their heads by enchanted vines. They were facing each other bound to the milking Altar which was introduced to them by The Eye as ‘Providence’. Providence required their pleasure, its insatiable craving for their cum, would be the payment it required to provide them their first instructions for their quest.

Between their spread legs, and fashioned below the receptacles on each side of the Altar, emerald crystalline scrotum sculptures transformed into lengthening penile tentacles, transforming into flesh, twisting and turning as they grew, dripping with lubricant. Tor and Akil had no choice as the Altar’s tentacles entered their bodies, pumping them and fucking them as they struggled and moaned. Magical fingers appeared from nowhere, massaging their thong bulges, managing the pleasure. Two magnificent barbarian princes were pleasured for the Altar’s enjoyment, for The Eye’s entertainment.

Watching too, but hidden from the pleasure extraction scene unfolding inside his glade, another prince was enjoying the entertainment, the prince of the Fae, the soon-to-be King of the garden was also watching. Dripping with excitement as he watched the two barbarians writhing and thrusting, their moans of delight were driving Jet wild with lust, he loved their bondage, it made him horny watching such beautiful young men writhe like that, helplessly fighting. But he would bide his time and he opened his wings and fluttered away before anyone or anything could detect his presence.

After a deliciously long pleasure build, the Altar was paid in full. Barbarian cum spraying, shooting, coating their bodies as their magical orgasm milked every drop of jism from their heaving bodies. Once paid, Providence, the emerald Altar gave its directions before disappearing along with The Eye. Leaving horny brothers on the soft mossy banks of the pool, frisky and ready for more.

They did just as Akil wanted. Their beautiful vista of pleasure still buzzing delightfully inside their wet thong pouches, their bodies alive with the remnants of their sensual delights. Tor looked around, There was no sign of the Eye, no sign of Providence; the sparking green magical Altar had disappeared along with the Eye.

He remembered the fluttering sound during their milking at the hands of the Altar and looked around wondering what it was, probably a creature or insect he wondered to himself. Akil interrupted Tor’s moment of wonderment.

“Hey brother, my beautiful boy, mind on the job at hand!” Akil said placing his right hand on the side of Tor’s face.

“You’re all sticky and cummy, boy!”

Tor responded, his attention diverted back to his brother lover. “Sorry, just checking we are alone! That was so intense, so magical, those fingers working my bulge, my cock was going to burst in delight!”

“It still is!” Akil said in an erotic tone as he let his hand release Tor’s cheek. Akil moved onto his back, lifting his torso off the soft green mossy blanket underneath his body. He spread his legs, lifting and pointing his pelvis upward and forward. His green thong glistened in warm juice clinging to his penis and ball sack. They had both erupted violently during the Altar’s milking process, there was no telling who’s cum was on his bulge and all over his body. Akil surveyed his heaving body and then used his eyes to invite Tor to dinner.

“Lick me clean barbarian!”

The order made Tor tingle all over; he just loved it when Akil took control, Tor had no choice but to obey the order returning Akil’s inviting look with a matching response. Tor surveyed Akil’s majestic youthful body, brown skin, the sexy harness dutifully clinging to Akil’s chest and back, those pert nipples leading down to his favourite set of abs in the world. Tor surveyed Akil’s strong V-shaped tapering lats and allowed his eyes to venture to Akil’s pelvis. He salivated surveying the waiting thong, its green straps gripping Akil’s hips, the wet fabric of the pouch, showing off the delectable Akilian bulge.

Tor was salivating. His excitement built with each passing second as he took in the majesty of Akil’s mighty, erotic body. He then surveyed Akil’s thighs, tree trunks of muscle, rippling and slowly opening wider, inviting Tor, summoning Tor.

“Yes sir!” Tor said, moving his body closer toward Akil.

But before commencing his clean-up duties, he lifted himself from his lounging position up onto his knees, his legs also spread to attract Akil’s attention. He lifted his body, pushing his red thong bulge toward Akil, Tor cupped the underside of his bulge in his left hand, allowing his hand to coat in their juices, so plentiful on their still tingling bulges.

Akil’s eyes were popping, he loved when Tor performed for him and when Tor licked his cummy hand, Akil just had to squeeze his own bulge and consume the precious juice.

“Do I please you, Akil?”

The words were so provocative, that Akil lifted himself and grabbed Tor by a fistful of hair. He pulled Tor to his body, wrapping his legs around Tor, pulling the beautiful barbarian god to him, wrapping Tor in his strong grip.


Their bodies entwined as they kissed deeply, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths, their hands trying to grip slippery skin. They rolled around rubbing their thong pouches together. Explosions of delightful pleasure were erupting inside their thong-wrapped penises.

They moaned into each other’s mouths until Akil gripped Tor’s shoulders pushing his lover off him enough to speak coherently, even if he was drooling.

“I said, I want you to clean this cum from my body!”

Tor smiled and obeyed, licking Akil’s face and using his right hand to venture down to their connected and slimy bulges to scoop up some of the warm plentiful boy juices that were starting to foam with all their vigorous rubbing and thrusting.

“Yes, master!” Tor said half whispering and half moaning as he thrust his foamy juice-covered fingers into Akil’s mouth.

Explosions of flavour, delectable and rich filled Akil’s mouth, he used his tongue and his vigorous sucking power to extract the juices from Tor’s fingers.

Tor could see Akil’s eyes popping again, he loved the way Akil was manipulating his fingers inside his mouth, the strength and vigour of Akil’s sucking were driving Tor’s growing passion. So, he pushed Akil onto the ground, pulling out Akil’s arms so they were stretched out, Tor then used his legs to push Akil’s legs wide. Akil was left lying on his back in a supine position. Fresh clear warm Akilian pre-cum covered the apex of Akil’s green thong bulge.

Tor straddled Akil’s left leg first, lowering his wet bulge so he humped Akil’s left rippling quadriceps. Slowly pleasuring his bulge as his lubed-up bulge slid slowly and deliberately along the length of Akil’s muscles, Tor was simultaneously using his left hand to cup the entirety of Akil’s green mound. Warm juices seeped through his fingers as he squeezed delicately.

Tor loved the way Akil was trembling. He loved the way Akil was clenching his buttocks and lifting his pelvis, giving his body to him to enjoy.

Tor had no choice but to pleasure Akil, and he did for an hour or so before allowing Akil to enjoy his body. It took many hours before both brothers were satisfied. They eventually bathed in the warm waters of the warm pond. They didn’t hear the sound of fluttering wings disappearing out of the glade toward the enchanted forest.

They emerged from the waters of the glade refreshed and clean. Akil watched Tor emerge from the waters, he had exited the pond earlier and had been watching Tor swimming, the way his sandy blond fair hair reached down his back as he swam. It seemed to point to the two hemispheres of Tor’s buttocks, gracefully moving through the water and as the water cascaded over the rounded surface of his buttocks.

Tor headed back to the edge, to join Akil on the bank. He lifted himself to his feet, the water cascading over his magnificent boy, he was being drawn up the bank toward Akil, toward his delicious brother fixing his harness up on the bank, yet keeping one eye trained on him. Tor just loved the way Akil looked, the green thong caressing his scrotum, Tor suddenly felt aroused again as soon as Akil began to lightly touch his hips.

“Come on boy!” Akil said lightly brushing the apex of his bulge.

Tor was completely drawn to Akil like he was being drawn by an invisible rope. He could just taste that bulge, he wanted it again, he needed it badly!

“No, not yet Tor!” Akil said as Tor arrived and was ready to kneel in front of Akil.

“We have to get going! You have come several times since Providence the Altar milked us!”

“I know!” said Tor.

“But this harness keeps buzzing me, it seems to control my thong, It is making me super horny.”

Tor stroked Akil’s harness, the green leather-like construction felt warm to his touch.

“Tell me your cock isn’t hungry for more!”

Akil had to admit it as he looked at Tor and began to comb his fingers through Tor’s wet hair.

“Yeah, I am super horny! It was when we fell asleep, when we awoke and when we swam. This place is making me sensitive, you are making me so horny just touching you!”

Akil looked around the glade as he spoke.

“It might be this idyllic glade, I don’t know?” Akil said looking deep into Tor’s eyes.

“But I know we have to keep moving. It is like something is trying to keep us from the quest, using sexual manipulation to throw us off the track. But unless we press on, we will never find M’Thosa and Ragnor; that vision of their captivity was evil, and we have to save them.”

Tor focused as soon as Akil’s words were spoken. He knew too that something was trying to distract them. He suddenly remembered the words of the Altar - “The path for you will not be wide; it will be dangerous, and you must take it in your stride! Take the path from this glade, between the peachy rocks and follow this into the forest, The path will take you up and down, under things and through the rainbow.”

The words came out of him as though he had spent hours memorizing them, Tor had no idea how he could recall them with so much detail. He was surprised but went with it.

“Let’s get moving then!” Akil said, slapping Tor on the buttocks.

They picked up their daggers and began to make their way from the glade. Progressing forward through the trees on the soft fluffy grass; it felt sensual beneath their feet, The glade did not wish them to depart, they could feel forces trying to keep them inside the luxurious and arousing confines. They followed the soft path, and as they reached the outer trees, they emerged into bright and warm sunlight. The path had transformed from soft, luxurious carpet-like grass, it narrowed and had become rocky, sharp-edged rocks, hot to the touch of their feet.

Before long they stopped and peered back from where they had come. There was no sign of the glade, they had been walking for fifteen minutes and the heat was becoming intrusive. They had reached the top of a hill and expected to be able to see the glade, but it was nowhere to be seen, it had vanished into thin air.

Tor looked at Akil and then back again.

“I swear it was just there!” He said incredulously before looking back again to Akil.

Akil was pointing when Tor looked back.

The path had a branch in front of them, and the left-hand branch led down the hill toward the entrance of a forest.

“Between the peachy rocks,” Akil said confidently pointing toward the imposing gate-like structures heralding the entrance. They were looking at an imposing gate in the form of two buttocks.

“They look like yours!” Akil said to Tor, licking his lips.

“No way!” Tor responded, “They are the exact likeness of your buns!”

They both shook their heads, trying to break free from the images entering their minds, each seeing the other’s buttocks in the magical gate as an imposing draw card, it was beckoning them to come, beckoning them to enter.

“Through the peachy rocks!” Tor and Akil said in strange unison as they made their way to the entrance along the ever-narrowing path.

Come inside, enter my dear boys, such wonder, such warmth awaits you!

The words were reminiscent of the evil witch-like voices that surrounded the green Altar as it drew them in helplessly before milking them. The witches were drawing them, beckoning them, and magic surrounded them as they drew closer to the buttock-like entrance, it was loud it was deafening as they approached.

Tor covered his ears, he could feel the winds dragging him, and all he could see was Akil’s majestic buttocks as he approached the entrance they commanded his every sense, he felt he wanted to lick Akil, taste him, he was desperate to embrace Akil’s butt. He tried screaming above the din of magical voices but his words were sucked into the magical crack, it was drawing his words as it was drawing him. His hair was flowing around his face as the fiendish winds sucked him faster and faster toward the rocks. He thought he was going to smash face forward into the huge rock-like buttocks, but at the instant of impact, he found himself tumbling on a bed of soft mushroom-like plants. He had no idea how he wasn’t squashed against the surface of the rocks. Tor he realised that he was inside; he was in a lush forest.

The calmness was the first thing that hit Tor. One second he was preparing to be smashed into a huge rock in the shape of Akil’s buttocks; the next he was in a beautifully calm forest and lying on a bed of soft mushroom-like substances. He looked around for Akil.

“Up here!”

Tor Looked up to see Akil hanging several meters up in the canopy, hanging from a slender branch of a tree.

Akil tried desperately to arrest his fall, but the slender branch was not having it; it was not able to hold Akil’s weight. He frayed his legs about trying to swing himself toward the tree trunk where there were a couple of potential places to grab and place his feet. It was no use.

Crack! The branch split as soon as Akil swung himself toward the trunk.

Tor was amused at Akil’s predicament but became increasingly concerned when he realised that a hefty fall awaited Akil.

He started falling immediately and Akil looked down in desperation, he had to find somewhere to land, he had seconds, and not much of a choice as the ground hurtled toward him faster and faster. This was not going to end well Tor thought as he jumped up on his feet hoping to help break his brother’s fall.

Moments before colliding with the ground, Akil began to slow down and as his feet touched the ground, he used his powerful legs to act as shock absorbers, he had landed deftly and skillfully impressing Tor with his abilities, ending up in a deep crouch before standing up as if he hadn’t fallen such distance.

“Impressive!” Tor said approaching Akil, he was sporting a huge smile on his face.

“Wow!” Akil said, “I, I don’t know how I did that!”

“One second I was contemplating a broken leg or two and the next…”

Tor finished Akil’s sentence for him…”You were landing like one of those fabled Fae!”

Akil looked at Tor curiously.

“You know? Those creatures that can fly,” Tor said in a tone that answered Akil’s querying look as he embraced Akil.

They broke their embrace after a minute or so and Akil looked around wondering how they found themselves inside such a lush garden. Only minutes earlier they were being drawn toward a huge pair of rocks; a doorway into another world, The magic was indeed powerful and as he and Tor looked around, they realised that they were in the midst of a huge, lush jungle-like garden. They were nowhere near the edge or on a boundary, there was no sign of the door, no sign of the rock formation that had attracted and drawn them. It was as if they were in another kingdom or realm.

The forest was alive.

The news of their arrival through the enchanted peachy gate was travelling around the enchanted garden fast. Tiny eyes had witnessed the arrival of the barbarians and the message was flying around the garden like lightning. From creature to creature, the news finally made its way to Jet but he had already heard from his trusty Pixie Post. He had spotted them in the Glade Oasis earlier, he had seen how virile and magnificent they were in bondage, and their cum flow was impressive!

Jet was going to be king of the garden, this was his realm and he was determined that nothing would get in his way of ruling the garden kingdom. He was the most beautiful of his siblings, a prince of the undergrowth, a Fae destined to rule the Faery. Ever since the warlock had come and taken his parents away to serve the Great Wizard, he had positioned himself as the most beautiful, the most sexual, the most erotic of his regal family.

Jet stood tall, and well built, but not a huge muscle-clad creature by any means. His body was nicely proportioned with toned legs and an impressive chest. He was a beautiful and handsome Fae, with wavy brown hair. He wore a green thong and a belt of leaves and flowers around his waist. His peachy buttocks glistened and sparkled in the light of his palatial play rooms where he chose to spend most of his spare time when not traversing the reaches of his enchanted garden, keeping watch over his realm.

Jet had a well-developed array of magical powers. It was he who had enchanted the peachy gate so that when strays and travellers approached, they would be enamoured by the gate, they would see visions of their favourite sexual partner or fantasy in the shape of the gate which transformed to become the very essence of their desire. Tor had seen Akil’s buttocks in the gate and Akil Tor’s. It had drawn them in, attracted them to follow their sexual desires, before porting them into Jet’s garden, the magical garden of delight.

Or was it?

Jet rubbed his pert pecs, he loved playing with his nipples, and he loved how everyone else wanted to too. He knew he was beautiful, and he wanted to be even more attractive and the arrival of the two human barbarians was his chance to enhance. He needed them and he planned to extract their very essence before he roasted them alive in his faery ovens. He would take from them to fuel his development.

He donned his little red and green striped vest. It barely covered his chest, there was no way he could button it up, but he loved the way his pecs would peek out of their hiding places behind the skimpy vest. It matched his skimpy green thong and his impressively sexual bulge. Jet loved magic, it made him sexually charged, aroused and super horny. The word of the arrival of two majestic young barbarian men was Jet’s wet dream.

But it was no dream, it was very real!

The Pixie Post was never wrong, the mischievous little creatures loved gossip and they used their monopoly on the garden’s information network to their advantage, always prioritising Jet in any garden bulletin broadcast. It was their aim that Jet would hear from his Pixie network before any other creature got to tell him. They were always first, always correct. Always with an ear to the ground, the Pixie Post had announced the young barbarians’ arrival through the Enchanted Peachy Gate almost instantly. They maintained a Peachy Gate correspondent night and day and if someone or something entered via the gate, Jet would be the first to know.

Two barbarian men, smelling of magic and armed with daggers arrived through the gate. One with flowing blond hair and the other with short dark hair, Jet was told. They were naked except for a harness attached to their chests, and a matching colour skimpy thong covered their sexual assets, just like Jet’s garment enhanced his natural sexuality.

“Mm delicious indeed, my pixie peeps,” Jet said to the messenger.

“Keep me informed boys” Jet said rubbing the front of his skimpy wet thong. Just the thought of these young barbarian men tied up was getting him aroused.

“I will prepare for their arrival!” Jet said as he dismissed the Pixie Post messenger.

“So much for the path!” Tor said continuing to look around.

“Nothing much here, it’s like we have been dropped into this lush jungle!” Akil had his dagger drawn and was carefully taking stock of their surroundings, he stopped and remembered Providence’s instructions.

He put his fingers to the side of his head to mimic indicating he was thinking, “We’re through the peachy gate, that’s for sure! What was next?”

“Correct!” Tor replied excitedly “So we can say that we are not lost, but why do I get the feeling that we are?”

“Up and Down, under things and through the rainbow!” Akil recalled the last of instructions. “We will just need to follow our noses, and keep watch!”

So they did. They set off into the greenery, the dense forest and the lush undergrowth gave them no idea of which direction they were travelling, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, they were inside a magical world, the undergrowth changing and transforming as they went and unbeknown to them, it was forming around them as they pressed on, dynamic and carefully leading them deeper and deeper. One minute they were crossing babbling brooks and jumping from one mossy rock to another then they were climbing up through crevices, pushing each other along, carefully looking over their shoulders, scanning for danger. Tor and Akil felt an affinity with the garden, having grown up in their fathers’ forest lands, they lived in a tree house back home and were skilled at using every resource in these types of places, so the sheer denseness of the forest, the imposing tall trees and the sounds of life did not phase the brothers in any way.

“Let’s face it, we’re lost!” Akil said grabbing Tor’s harness from behind and causing Tor to stop in his tracks.

“Listen!” Tor said turning to look at his brother.

The sound of rushing water, a waterfall or something like it wasn’t far from them. So with excited faces, they looked at each other and set off. But it took them what seemed like hours, the forest was drawing in its prey, and deeper and deeper they forged following the sound of the waters, but it was alluding them, coaxing them onward and deeper into the labyrinth and denseness of the forest, they knew they were close, the sound of the waters was increasing and they could feel their harnesses throbbing against their skin, warming their pecs and under their arms as they progressed and closed in on the sound of the rushing waters.

This was no babbling brook, they emerged out of dense undergrowth to a big open pool, they were on a cliff edge, standing on rocks looking down to the huge pool, the size of a lake, and across the majestic pool, the waterfall revealed itself. Its size did not match its sound though. Somehow the cascading water they could see was only a trickle. It seemed to be fed by some kind of a stream but it was producing the noise of a majestic waterfall.

“That’s it?”

Akil could not hide the disappointment in his voice. “I was expecting some majestic waterfall with blooms of clouds surrounding the cascading water!”

“Yeah so much for the path too, we have been cutting through undergrowth for what seems like hours and here we are with nowhere to go, on the edge of a cliff almost! If we turn back, we will be lost, our only option is to dive into that huge pond and swim!”

Tor stood looking over the edge of the cliff, he looked back at Akil who was standing with his arms on his hips with an annoyed look on his face.

“You’re right Tor! Turning back is not an option, we have to press forward and find our dads.”

They surveyed the huge pond, there was no getting around it unless they were prepared to scale the almost smooth rock face that extended from each side of the ledge they had found themselves on. They listened to the sound of the ‘waterfall’ which was even louder than before, incongruous with what they could see way over on the edge of the waterway. It was calling to them though. The trickle of water emerging from the forest on the other side of the huge lake-like pond, sounded like mighty falls, raging, majestic water flows, and they felt the power of it, even though their minds could not understand what they were seeing.

“Ok, it’s decided then!” Akil moved into Tor’s side, placing his arm around Tor’s back and pulling his brother into his side. The two beautiful young barbarian warriors, the questing BRODA boys stood on the edge, looking across the huge waterway and then down. The pond had to be 100 feet below them, but they had to press on.

“Three, two, Dive!” Akil screamed into the deafening sound of the imaginary waterfall, and they launched off into the air, first outward from the ledge, leaving the safety of where they were standing, still clinging to each other but soon their weight started to pull them downward toward the expansive waters below them.

“Aaaa eeeeeee…” Tor was screaming and laughing as they hurtled through the air, his locks of sandy blond hair flapping as the air buffeted them, they were picking up speed and the water was approaching faster and faster. Adrenaline filled their bodies, their muscles tingling with excitement and wonder feeding their determination.

They let go of each other 10 feet above the water’s surface. Stretching out ready to pierce the rippling water, ready to enter the coolness of the water, their harnesses hot against their already tingling skin, gripping their upper torsos tightly, energised by their velocity and their BRODA determination.

They didn’t enter the water, but like a skimming stone, they bounced, arms still held forward as if in a dive, their feet pointing behind them.

They were back in the air!

Skimming, flying almost, laughing as they kept up the pace. They made it halfway across the pond, and Tor glanced across at Akil, he could tell Akil was having a great time, he was sporting an erection inside that green, sexy thong of his, it was like a keel waiting to enter the water. Tor just wanted to reach the other side of the pond so he could play with Akil’s erection.

He lost his attention, and suddenly Tor was underwater, the rushing air replaced by warm bubbly water, he looked around into the gloomy depths, seeing how the sunlight tried to illuminate, but was unable to reach the bottom. Tor realised that the pond was deep, very deep. But he was a capable swimmer and so was Akil. He surfaced to witness Akil’s final skim, transitioning into a forward somersault followed by an almighty splash. He laughed watching his brother’s antics.

The water felt luxurious and warm caressing his skin and he swam over to Akil, who, still recovering from his elaborate entrance into the water; Akil had surfaced and was frolicking around, he could see Tor approaching and immediately started swimming in the other direction.

“Catch me Tor!”

Akil was picking up pace and Tor knew it, so Tor kicked with all his might, he had broken into a freestyle stroke and the water was rushing by him at a pace, it was as if he had become a fish. He was gliding through the water at pace, but Akil too, like Tor, was moving stealthily through the water. He kicked harder, his strokes were quicker as well. His arms moved effortlessly, scooping the warm water and propelling him forward.

Akil had stopped swimming, he was bobbing in the water and looking upward when Tor came up on him, nearly colliding. Akil was looking at the rock face in front of them and he looked toward Tor with amazement on his face. Tor knew too. Although they could hear the roar of the waterfall, all they could see was the trickles of water emerging over the edge of the rock face several meters high and facing them. The wall of mossy-covered rock face was the edge of the pool they were swimming in. It went on for hundreds of meters on either side of where they were.

“Hmm, it looks like we have reached a dead end brother. Akil said.

“Listen to the waterfall, yet I can only see the trickles of water across the edge of this huge stony wall. I can’t see its edges, it is as if we have reached the edge of this massive pool.”

Tor looked at Akil curiously, his mop of sandy blond hair was sticking to his head and had formed a long tail caressing his back. Akil loved how sexy Tor was when he was wet, he wanted to get out of the pool immediately so he he could hold Tor and rub his sensitive thong bulge in Tor’s face, he knew how much Tor enjoyed his bulge. Akil was super horny after the dive, the short flight, the water skim and then that invigorating swim. He knew then that he was experiencing abilities beyond his normal capabilities. Both he and Tor were well-built and powerful young barbarians. They had been raised in the ways of men and built their bodies to become fine specimens of male virility, but these abilities we something far greater. He and Tor had swum so fast, as fast as the dolphins of Dor he enjoyed watching, whenever he visited that land.

Tor’s face was alight with wonder. “How did we do that? You’re a fish brother, I’m a fish!”

He laughed and kicked his legs furiously, rising from the waters, creating a a raging flurry of white water at his feet as he looked down on Akil, who was floating on his back looking up toward him, admiring the beauty of his brother’s muscular body, furiously kicking and seemingly suspended in the air above him.

“Fuck you are sexy Tor! And even sexier with those amazing abilities!”

Tor smiled down at Akil and as he turned his head, he could see just over the lip of the rock face they were facing. It was another pool, and at its edge, a long slender graceful waterfall was pouring down the side of the lusciously green vegetation, It was behind a bend in the pool that had concealed it from their view. He could see the magical rainbow forming at the base of the cascading waters.

Tor kicked as fast as he could, trying to keep up as high as he could to survey the upper pool. But he was only so tall and could only kick so fast even with his new abilities. He stopped kicking and returned down into the water to join his horny brother.

“I found the waterfall, I also found the rainbow that Providence told us about, we are on the right path Akil!” Tor’s face was beaming as he reported to Akil.

“Good work” was all Akil said before diving under the water.

He descended into the water, feeling it getting cooler as he descended further into the depths. Akil opened his eyes quickly, he could see Tor’s legs and feet, way above him, yet below was dark and eerie, but he didn’t care. He had one purpose, kicking with all his might his arms by his side, he aimed for the surface, right next to Tor.

Tor was looking around and wondering what his mischievous brother was up to. But he didn’t have too long to work it out. Akil suddenly burst through from the depths below, out of the water; a torpedo of perfect human form, exploded from the lower body of water, into the air, rising up and over the infinity edge of the upper pool. He landed in the warm upper waters and sank into the dazzling upper pool. Looking over the edge, he looked down toward Tor, still floating below.

Laughing, Tor looked up.

“You never cease to amaze me, Akil!”

Suddenly Tor was looking over the edge, he couldn’t fly, but he could use his furious new energy to kick and rise from the water, Tor was looking at Akil and offering his hand for Akil to grasp him.

“Come on then, sexy boy, use some of your mighty strength to lift me over the edge!”

They laughed and frolicked in the warm waters of the upper pool once Akil had grabbed Tor and wrenched him over the edge into the upper pool. The water was clear, and they could easily touch the smooth rocks of the pool’s base. The water, unlike the expanse they had just traversed, was shallow enough for them to stand in, the surface could never be still though. Behind them, away from the warm pool’s infinity edge, and around a corner, the huge slender waterfall was cascading down the rocky, moss-covered high wall towering above the pool.

Tor held Akil from behind, enjoying the warm bath-like waters of the near-perfect pool, the view of the larger expanse, across to the other side, across to the cliff face they had just jumped from only minutes earlier. It looked to be miles away, a distant feature. He marvelled at their feat of speed and their power in the water. But the feeling of Akil’s powerful body against his as he held onto his lover tightly made him marvel more. Tor could not have been hornier at that moment. He rubbed his red thong bulge into the perfect nub of Akil’s buttock crack. The warm water and his sensitive penis were working to fill Tor with sexual thoughts. Akil was powerful, beautiful and smart but he couldn’t explain what they had just achieved, Tor felt the succinct and powerful urge to worship Akil’s body. He rubbed harder allowing the pleasure to fester in his thong bulge, caressing Akil’s nipples as he held him from behind.

Akil turned, his back against the smooth inside wall of the pool’s rock edge. He grasped Tor, by the buttocks, pulling him closer so their thong bulges could meet, pleasure was the reward for his efforts, his mind was a buzz with desire as he felt Tor’s perfect buttocks, so smooth in his fingers, and the warm water was like a fine lubricant almost. Tor moaned deeply, his mouth opening as his pleasure groan evolved. His eyes rolling back into his skull, their open mouths engaged. Akil was pulling Tor’s pelvis to his, but Tor’s tongue was enthusiastically pulling Akil’s mouth closer. They both moaned, exhaling deep breaths, sexual breaths as they slowly ploughed their thong bulges against each other, driving spasms of pleasure in their loins.

Tor grabbed the back of Akil’s head, rubbing his body as close to his lover as possible. Akil moaned into his face as Tor felt the warmth of Akil’s semen jettison into the waters through Akil’s now tight green thong bulge, lubricating his pleasure-infested bulge. It tipped Tor into a delicious orgasm. Sexual enjoyment gripped him and he came too; barbarian semen, prized cum, shot into the pool and floated around their shuddering bodies, every powerful shot of jism, adding a layer of tight pleasure as their orgasms consumed their senses. Tor moaned into Akil’s mouth. Akil responded with his tongue, knowing the precise pinnacle of pleasure gripping his brother’s trembling body. Akil allowed his right hand to leave Tor’s left buttock cheek, and he scooped up some of their plentiful bounty of floating cum. He lifted his hand to their mouths, still coupled in a frenzy of sexual conquest. Their tongues disengaged as Akil’s cum covered index finger pushed into the kiss. Tor’s hungry mouth lapped up their semen. Akil too could taste their barbarian essence in the sweet and salty bounty of their bodies.

Tor opened his eyes, he was looking to Akil’s eyes, yes they were wide and as excited as his.

“I love it when you cum Tor!” Akil said with love oozing from every pore in his body. “Your hot juice, so beautiful, your warm love hole. Mmmm!” Akil looked up toward the blue sky, lost in his emotions as he and Tor held each other in their post-orgasmic warmth.

“Shh, just hold me, beautiful boy!” Tor whispered into Akil’s ear as he too revelled in the delight of their pleasure aftermath.

They didn’t notice the several little fish which had scooped up some of their floating cum. They swam off. They too would be whispering the arrival of the barbarians to the masters of the enchanted forest, delivering a sample of the prized cum, they had just farmed from the waters surrounding the two beautiful men locked in a love’s embrace.

The quest continues.

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