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Brothers Broda
Part 6 - Quest - Jet Part 3
By Scorpio

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Brothers Broda

Quest - Jet Part 3

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Tor and Akil had learned of their heritage and the magic used in their conception, they learned of what Ragnor and M’Thosa had endured before they were born. They learned about the witches’ coven and how the witches were supposed to raise them as toddlers into a world of magic and service to the Great Wizard.

Having also learned of Reizhul the warlock’s role in their birth after he appeared in their cave, interrupting their fathers’ story, then, having watched the dreaded warlock take their fathers from them into another world of torture and pain known as Ikhareth. The warlock then decided to play with their beautiful bound bodies.

The Warlock made sure he milked the two young barbarians, after assigning them on a quest to find their fathers. The warlock introduced them to The Eye, a magical object which would direct them on their journey. He dressed them in special thongs, Tor in red and Akil in green, and installed a barbarian’s harness on them both, the harnesses matching the colour of their thongs. He promised them that they would find special powers as their quest proceeded. The warlock departed their cave, leaving them to start their journey.

They followed the long path through parts of the cave that they never knew existed, the path lit by torches that extinguished as they passed by. The air was stale and thicker as they proceeded deeper into to cave. Finally, after hours of walking, they could smell the fresh air and, in their haste, they found themselves caught in a slippery trap, careering, unstoppable down a slippery wet slope, crashing into a big iron gate, preventing them from escaping to the outside.

This is where they met the viper named Vodou. The hungry creature was ready for its next meal but was fascinated by Akil and proceeded to mesmerize the young barbarian. Tor fought the huge viper and, in the process, found two daggers, a gift left by the warlock for their quest, and Tor also located the key to the huge iron gate amongst the skeletons of the viper’s previous meals.

Tor climbed up the back of the snake’s huge body using the hefty iron key as a weapon, he used his newly found dagger to wound the snake and then used the key to escape, rescuing Akil in the process. He re-locked Vordou in his lair, throwing the key as far from the cave’s rear entrance as he could.

Tor and Akil journeyed along the path, through terrain that was completely new to them and then sought shelter in an idyllic glade with a waterhole. A perfect place to rest up and clean up after their long and arduous trek through the cave.

It had been quite the day. Tor was unfamiliar with the terrain, and he had never seen anything like this place, he had several questions to answer but now wasn’t the right time.

Akil had emerged from the waters of the serene pond, his tanned skin glistening in the light which was cascading through the canopy of the secluded waterhole glade, the water still falling from his handsome face and caressing every millimetre of his body.

“You are a god Akil!”

Tor looked at his brother in awe watching him emerge and approach the bank toward him. Tor could feel his body seething with expectation, he was suddenly aroused and his bulging thong felt like silk. Tor lay back on his elbows, comfortable and brimming with excitement, he checked his bulge, gently parting his legs, then looked up to see his lover towering over him. Akil was wet, and Tor could tell, in a playful amorous mood as well.

Akil licked his lips, he too felt he was looking at a god, lounging seductively below him. He instinctively placed his hands behind his head and spread his legs, flexing his musculature for Tor’s benefit.

“Turn around!” Tor demanded in a playful, and seductive way.

Tor had that look in his eye, that look that always hit Akil in the erotic zone, and Akil’s naughty smile started to emerge in the corners of his mouth. But he stood defiant. He merely had to look at his green bulging thong to make Tor fill with lust.

But then Akil obeyed allowing that naughty smile to emerge a little further, he turned slowly, allowing Tor to watch his sensual movements, his hands remaining behind his head. Akil flexed again and made an extra effort to flex his buttocks, knowing Tor worshipped his buns reverently.

“How’s this Tor? Acceptable?” Akil had lost the smile, he was looking over his shoulder, the smile replaced by a look, so full of sexual allure, screaming with passion. Akil slowly lowered to his haunches, his hands remaining in place caressing the back of his head. He knew the sight of his new green thong from the rear would supercharge Tor. He could feel the tight strap caressing his skin and pulling delightfully across his Akilian love hole. Akil was aroused, and he could feel Tor’s desire engulfing him. They always had a special sexual bond, but the warlock had magnified their attraction considerably.

He went with the feeling, knowing Tor would be consumed like a crazed, lust-filled Incubi.

He was right.

But Tor remained still, his eyes caressing Akil’s body, taking in the view of his beautiful brother. The green thong made him so horny, he wanted it, and he had to lick it. He had to make Akil scream in pleasure. Akil was his, all his, and Tor could feel the passion and lust intermingling inside him, it was real, and it had a life of its own, gurgling and seething inside.

His penis felt amazing too and his pre-cum exploded into his red bulge, causing Tor to lift his pelvis slightly and issue a sexy muffled moan while licking his lips. Tor continued to stare and enjoy Akil’s little erotic show.

“I’m famished!” Akil said evocatively while standing up once more, running his hands across his chest and fingering the lines of his new tight harness. He then turned and looked toward Tor, spreading his legs, and allowing the water to cascade down his legs.

“I’m really thirsty too!”

Akil stepped closer to Tor, his eyes fixed on the beautiful barbarian sprawled out on the idyllic soft bank of the waterhole. Starting at Tor’s handsome face, enjoying how his wet hair clung to the back of his head, Akil then scanned Tor’s eyes and mouth.

He longed to taste that mouth; Tor was such a delicacy.

Akil wanted to bide his time and remained standing tall with his powerful legs spread on either side of Tor, surveying his lover. He knew that Tor was horny, he could always sense Tor’s sexual appetite and Tor’s body was screaming for him, he could feel their bodies attract. But he remained still, allowing his fingers to continually caress his new harness. Akil’s eyes though were lapping up Tor’s features.

He looked at Tor’s thick neck, his broadening shoulders, perfectly rounded, Tor’s strong arms were just waiting to hold him, and he shivered in anticipation. But his body scan needed to progress, and Akil then proceeded to enjoy Tor’s chest, his pecs ripping and twitching, held tightly by the harness that Reizhul had fitted them in. He watched how Tor’s lats spread out as tree stems from Tor’s waist and he watched the gentle humps of Tor’s abs rising and falling with his heightened breathing.

“I like your abs boy!” Akil said carefully, not taking his eyes off the prize.

Tor looked down over his chest toward his abs and smiled.

“So do I!” He responded, gently lifting his pelvis from its resting place.

“What about this?”

Akil watched Tor while his lover slowly lifted his pelvis, presenting the pouch of his new red thong to Akil.

Akil felt his body tingle, he concentrated on the Torian bulge, but he kept himself in check.

“Beautiful!” Akil whispered out loud.

The pouch bulged erotically, the wet red fabric clinging to Tor’s penis and scrotum. Hefty curved edges provided Akil with a lust-inducing sight, he could tell Tor was producing pre-cum already and Akil smiled, satisfied that he would have his fill of Tor’s bulge and plentiful juice.

Akil knew every millimetre of Tor’s penis, they had both been circumcised at birth as part of the witch’s rituals. Their penises and testicles enchanted in those rituals had grown to become magnificent and powerful appendages, so erotic and potent, they produced full-bodied and rich juices, incredibly desirable cum produced within the confines of mind-blowing orgasmic activity. Akil looked at Tor’s red mound, the curves and contours, such a rich, full bulge.

Tor was salivating, anticipating Akil’s legs wrapped around his body as he trembled orgasming seething hot milky lava into his mouth. Tor needed to start his work immediately, he needed Akil’s warm body to surround him and engulf him. The sexual bonds tightened in his mind, consuming his very being. Tor felt his bulge tingle with every magnificent move of Akil’s body on show for him. He could not resist its powerful hold on him. He was Akil’s boy, and he knew it, he could tell from the look in Akil’s eye.

Akil stood above him, powerful trunks of toned muscle straddling him, the water still oozing and dripping off Akil’s body, glistening in the sunlight pouring through the canopy and engulfing their bodies. Tor opened his mouth provocatively, adjusting himself on the grassy bank of the waterhole, preparing to accept the most beautiful creature in the world to him. The excitement ran through his veins, sexual adrenaline fueling every rippling muscle in his magnificent body.

Akil did not say a word, he slowly lowered his body into a squat again, this time, positioning his green thong bulge, drenched in water in front of Tor’s face. Akil reached forward grabbing a handful of Tor’s wet hair slowly, caressing the back of Tor’s skull deliberately. He could feel the expectation in Tor, the sexual tension was palpable.

“Lick it barbarian!”

Akil’s words sent Tor’s mind into a spin.

Akil’s bulge sent Tor’s mind into a frenzy as well, he obeyed his master, he loved it when Akil took control, he revelled in his subservient role, Akil’s control made him horny and just those words were enough to ignite his submission. He longed for some rope to fall from the trees surrounding them in the idyllic waterhole glade. He wanted Akil to bind him.


Beautiful and wet, he sniffed every inch of the bulge, knowing he was teasing Akil, he knew exactly how to fire up his lover’s passion, he had moments to tease Akil, before Akil would act. Tor allowed his nose to gently touch the wet fabric, knowing the infernal torrent of arousal would consume his brother. Tor knew how to push Akil’s buttons, and he was not allowing this moment to pass. He breathed warm air onto the sensitive skin between Akil’s legs. The squatting position that Akil was in provided Tor with a delicious portion of Akil’s body at his disposal. He was sitting comfortably, allowing his abs to contract, holding his body off the bank, so he raised his hands slowly, gently brushing the insides of Akil’s bent legs. Bringing his teasing hands to the sensitive skin connecting to Akil’s taint. His fingers toyed with the wet, tight, green strap clinging to Akil’s body.

Tor breathed enough air over Akil’s bulge to engulf his meal in a blanket of warm air.

That was enough to fire the passion.

Akil squeezed his hair tighter. Tor loved it, he could sense it, taste it, smell it. Akil’s sexual passion was his master, yet he was somehow directing it, producing exactly what his desires were demanding.

Akil’s eyes were popping, then rolling, his head thrust upward toward the canopy, he could see the brightness of the day through the trees, shining down on them, illuminating their erotic bodies. His passion for Tor consumed him and he immediately squeezed Tor’s hair knowing how erotic and passionate that would make his barbarian boy. He knew exactly what Tor wanted, he could feel Tor’s craving as he wrenched Tor’s head momentarily from the worship of his bulge, forcing Tor to look upward toward his face. Akil was in heaven, he had this majestic barbarian prince in his control, he felt the adrenalin firing his state, his arousal demanding him. Tor’s needs, his arousal too, all demanding him. So, he took control, giving in to the moment.

Akil had that look, Tor loved the sting, Akil’s grip on his hair. He was in the power of Akil’s passion, he lived to please his master. He obeyed looking Akil in the eye, his fingers obeying too, exploring Akil’s thong strap, pushing into the warmth of Akil’s lower butt crack, feeling the water warming as his fingers explored his brother’s anatomy. He gently teased the edges of Akil’s heat.

Akil’s eyes widened, along with the growing need emerging across Akil’s face. His lips opened and his eyes fixed on Tor’s eyes.

“I s-a-i-d…”

Akil then lowered his tone authoritatively.

“L-I-C-K it!”

Tor could feel the rage, his mind was consumed, and his tongue obeyed.

Warm, moist, luxurious. The bulge was the most erotic thing in Tor’s world at that moment. Akil was his and he enjoyed his part of their sexuality, their dance of love, their roles had been honed over the past years, Tor enjoyed his position inside their sexual hierarchy, he would allow Akil to rise and Akil’s arousal, his pleasure was Tor’s sole responsibility.

Akil allowed Tor’s fingers to explore his butt, they suddenly gripped him, and he felt Tor slowly explore the heat of his pussy. Warm breath engulfed his loins, and Tor’s expert tongue was caressing his bulge. He shivered when Tor’s tongue lapped the underside of his bulge, lifting his scrotum inside the thong, and causing his penis to move slightly. Tor enjoyed these little stimuli, it was his way of letting Akil know, that he alone was Akil’s pleasure master.

Akil provided the feedback Tor craved.

Tor could feel Akil squeezing his hair tighter, his other hand caressing the back of Tor’s head.

“Good boy Tor, serve my thong pouch!”

Akil slowly pushed the thong bulge into Tor’s hungry face. He could feel the confluence of heat and Tor’s expert tongue massage working into his penis. A discrete and beautiful line of pleasure erupted on the underside of his glans, his testicles tingled, and his boy pussy was welcoming the arrival of Tor’s exploratory finger.

“Lick me, boy!”

He lapped up the warm water, sucking it through the fabric of Akil’s green thong, he tasted Akil, his eyes rolling, Tor had Akil where he wanted him. He had been following Akil for ages inside the cave, his eyes returning periodically, from scanning the passageways, to enjoy the view of Akil’s strong back musculature, his narrow hips, and firm glutes as he led them through dimly lit corridors of the cave. Tor let his left hand rise to the base of Akil’s back, gently caressing the perfect curvature of Akil’s buttocks. Allowing the heat of Akil’s warm hole to draw the index finger of his right hand deeper inside Akil.

Akil squeezed the muscles of his rectum, he had welcomed Tor’s intruding finger, and he needed to ensure it felt welcome.

His words were muffled, and Tor’s mouth was full of Akilian bulge.

“Mm, take my finger you!

Tor could feel the arousal deep inside his chest, he was exploding with pent-up passion. Everything was right in the world, at that moment. Tor was exploding with passion, spreading his wide powerful legs, he felt his thong caressing his loins, he loved the tightness of the thong between his buttocks, and the silkiness of the pouch enfolding his penis and balls, his new thong though, seemed to stimulate him more than his usual thin leather thongs and loincloths. He hoped Akil felt the same arousal as he was feeling, it was magical, it was fueling sexual passion, delicately pinging inside his penis. Tor lifted his pelvis off the soft mossy bank of the waterhole trying his best to stimulate the delicious sensations his thong was delivering him.

“Mmmmf” Tor moaned, his mouth full of wet green Akilian bulge. His body started to flex, his muscles were suddenly engaged in the blanket of sexuality, he was being engulfed by it.


This was so good, Akil felt Tor’s finger gripping him from inside, pulling his pelvis closer to his lover’s face. Tor’s tongue was hard at work, lapping, Tor’s mouth vacuuming and enjoying his bulge. He felt his muscles twitching, his short dark hair on edge as Tor worked his magic on his sex, his testicles ready to give, his juices warming and charging, readying to spurt and stimulate him even more. Akil thrust in unison with Tor’s hungry, now two fingers, gripping his insides, he thrust into Tor’s face with pent-up passion. Akil then lent forward gripping the back of Tor’s head, grabbing the soft wet hair, while also massaging Tor’s skull. He knew that would turn Tor on more.

He felt his body arch, but he kept his grip on Tor’s head something beautiful, and sexual was manifesting itself, he felt amazing, powerful. Tor too was splaying his body, straining, and stretching. Akil looked down toward his green bulging pouch entrenched in Tor’s face, but Tor’s eyes were suddenly wide, his right hand still gripping him and pushing as deep as possible into his boy pussy, Tor’s other hand lifting to touch his left nipple. Akil turned his head to get a better view, Tor was lifting his pelvis slowly and decisively, off the moss. His muffled moan and squinting eyes accompanied the next glob of pre-cum emerging through his magnificent red thong bulge. Akil Could feel Tor tremble in delight beneath him, accompanying his own magical experience.

“Bahhhhhhhh!” Akil’s moan was not muffled like that of Tor’s, his outburst peeled throughout the glade and across the surface of the waterhole. His nipple reacted to Tor’s attention, his ass craving more attention and his bulge, his thong felt delicious in the care of Tor’s expert mouth. Tor’s body was like a magnet. He needed to lay down on top of Tor, and feel his warmth, connect his bulge to Tor’s, and share this feeling of passion welling up inside of him and across his body. Tor’s fingers inside his ass felt so good, Tor was squeezing him, gripping his ass, tighter.

“Fuck” Akil screamed out.

He was convulsing with power and passion, looking down at the god below him. Tor was thrusting his pelvis, the pre-cum was covering his red pouch.

Akil could not let that go to waste, Tor’s juice was his nectar. He gave Tor that look, the look that they both developed throughout their years of lovemaking.

Tor’s eyes lit up, he returned the look, and the smirk appeared on his mouth as he disengaged from Akil’s bulge, licking his lips, conveying his excitement at the prospect of them servicing each other’s bulge. This was usually the prelude to Akil fucking him, so Tor knew he had hours of fun ahead of him.

Akil’s satisfied moan told Tor that the finger penetration had made him extra horny, Tor knew the way to fire him up and he had succeeded! Akil enjoyed the way Tor’s two fingers pulled and stretched at the walls of his ass. He couldn’t wait to feel Tor’s heat suck his penis into him, Tor’s ass was made for his penis, Akil loved to fuck his lover slowly and determinedly, but he had a juicy thong to devour before he was ready to peel the garment off Tor and devour his cock. That’s if he was able to remove the garment, it had been placed there by a powerful and revengeful warlock!

It was the action of Tor sliding his fingers out slowly that made Akil moan as he did next, Tor did not lift a finger from his brother’s hot seething body. Akil’s head was bobbing backward as Tor slid his fingers free of Akil’s heat, he could feel Akil tremble with pleasure.

He whispered in his most sensual tone, enough for Tor to hear him, his head still thrust upward.

“I am going to eat you Tor, I am going to suck you dry and then I’m going to fuck you till you spill more cum.”

Akil then proceeded to emit several further moans and sensual aaahs, rubbing his bulge on Tor’s chest and leaving a line of pre-cum, rubbing his green slippery pouch in Tor’s cleavage.

“Promises brother lover, promises!” Tor responded, licking his lips, his hands exploring Akil’s hips and the tight green cord of the loincloth thong clinging to Akil’s body. The skin was smooth but clammy. Tor loved the way Akil’s skin felt, his sweat so erotic, his voice, his thrusting pelvis, all in a confluence of expectation and enjoyment.

“You better service my bulge boy!” Tor said looking upward into his brother’s eyes. He could feel the pleasure of a load of pre-cum exiting his penis and forming on the surface of the red thong. “I have refreshments waiting for you!” He lifted his pelvis off the mossy bank in desperate expectation of Akil’s expert and always devoted attention.

Watching from within the glade, hidden from view, the devious Fae looked on, enjoying the show and wondering who these two young barbarian-looking intruders were. He watched, quietly, becoming aroused as the two intruders continued to get more and more amorous on the banks of the waterhole. Jet was so aroused he had to furl his wings to stop them from fluttering involuntarily and giving away his cover. He liked what he was seeing, he liked it a lot.

But Jet would bide his time.

Tor’s hands were glued to Akil, he had to hold this young buck, he had to feel the beauty of his deeply tanned skin, the heat of his body was electric and made him fill with deep-seated, sexual passion. He reached up to finger the sides of the tight harness clinging to Akil’s upper torso. It was an erotic addition that the warlock had fashioned onto their bodies. It had been driving him wild with expectation throughout their journey through the cave. He loved it on Akil, and his own felt perfect as well, its tightness caressing his tits, lats and back. Tor felt something deep inside him as he fingered Akil’s green harness, it was as if his red harness could sense it too, the connection uncanny.

But what he desperately needed was Akil’s face in his loins, he looked once more into Akil’s eyes. “Hurry up, you’re driving me crazy with suspense, suck my pouch, hurry up!”

Akil’s smirk widened ensuring his moist green bulge, brushed every millimetre of Tor’s abdomen and chest. Akil then lowered his torso, his arms straddling Tor’s heaving chest, his palms firmly on the soft mossy bank on either side of Tor’s shoulders. He then lifted his pelvis, Akil was on all fours, hovering over Tor. A clear line of pre-cum now forming from his thong pouch and oozing down to meet the beautiful curvature of Tor’s red pouch.

“Can you tell how horny I am?” Akil said looking down into Tor’s eyes.

Tor just lay there spreading out his arms on the soft mossy bank, his eyes locked onto Akil’s face. His bulging red pouch was warm and wet with expectation.

“I have your favourite treat waiting for you!” Tor said lifting his pelvis upward and forward toward their heads.

Akil glanced down over their bodies, toward the Tor’s gift. He did not speak, drool forming on the right-hand side of his mouth. He tried to hide his excitement, but Akil’s penis denied him any anonymity, not that Tor would have expected anything less from his always horny brother.

Tor was lapping up Akil’s beauty, hovering above him, he loved to see Akil’s pouch changing, how his penis looked moving inside the thong pouch. Akil was wet, really wet, pre-cum was forming into a hefty stream, forming on his red bulge.

“Eat it, just eat it!” Tor was beginning to shake with expectation, he could feel his cock shimmering in the sensually wet, warm juices of their bodies.

Akil smiled, he changed position swiftly, his bulge directly over Tor’s face. The drooling Akilian nectar found Tor’s face and hungry mouth.

“Is this what you want brother? I have treats for you too!” Akil had not taken an eye off Tor’s drenched red thong, his eyes lapping the majesty of each curve, each glisten of pre-cum in the light which was shining through the canopy of the glade onto them, onto Tor’s supine beauty. He could feel the next emission of his lube. Akil stifled a passionate moan as the juice left his cock into his green bulge. He knew that offering would soon be in his lover’s mouth. His body was like a spring, and from the look of Tor’s bulge, he too was bubbling up a plentiful bounty of warm, erotic lubricant. His body shook when the emission passed the lips of his penis.

Tor was beside himself, lifting his arms and torso as if commencing a workout on his core, his arms wrapping Akil’s hips, his fingers gripping each crescent of Akil’s shapely buttocks, one finger of each hand enjoying the side of Akil’s thong.

Tor pulled his lover’s bulge down toward his face.

Akil followed Tor’s lead, lowering his torso toward the meal Tor offered him. The majestic red thong rose erotically to meet his lowering face.

The taste, the touch of his tongue, and tactile sensations invaded his world. Akil licked and lapped at Tor’s mound. It was exquisite, it was magical. Refreshing nectar invaded his mouth, his tongue exploring and goading Tor’s pouch. Akil could hear Tor’s moan as much as he could feel it. Satisfaction filled him to the core. Akil just adored pleasing Tor. He too wished for some rope, knowing how much Tor enjoyed his bondage.

Jet’s eyes could not believe how erotic these two barbarians were, he was gob-smacked, but even more so when he noticed the apparition taking shape behind them. He watched excitedly from his little vantage point, ensuring his cover was not compromised.

They were too engrossed in their flowering pleasure. Akil and Tor had not noticed the arrival of The Eye. But the flow of air and the sudden high-pitched sound announced its entrance.

“Not NOW!” Tor said out loud to the accompaniment of Akil’s deep groaning.

“Frisky barbarians, ha you will take any chance to express your sexuality, good boys, but remember, ha, ha, you are on a quest, a journey to rescue those thieves you call fathers.” Reminded The Eye. It was hovering, floating and bobbing up and down slowly and determinately.

Akil dismounted Tor and was ascending to his standing position, he wanted to look as threatening as he could. Akil was a strong man, his muscles ripped and sparkled in the sunlight, and his reflection was rippling across the waterhole’s surface.

Tor was up on his feet within seconds too, he grabbed their daggers, tossing Akil’s dagger over to him, both highly skilled with weaponry, they began to walk around The Eye, circling slowly, surveying the magic object, their bodies slightly bent forward, a natural stance for them when confronted with potential danger, their knives clenched tightly. Akil and Tor knew exactly how to approach the intruder, wary of the danger and power of the warlock.

“Now, now gentlemen, that’s not how to welcome your travel guide!”

The Eye was pulsing with brightness with every word and syllable.

“Do not interrupt a Barbarian’s pleasure!” Akil said firmly toward the threatening object.

“Ha, ha, ha, stupid fools, that’s what I’m here for!”

Tor looked at it incredulously, hunching forward even further looking to get a better view of the magical object. The Eye was somehow watching both of them at once though, Akil on one side and Tor circling the other, where ever either barbarian stepped, the eyeball, blue and intense with deep colour was staring. It was inescapable, threatening, and careful.

The voice was smooth and authoritative, The Eye was truly something of beauty, an impressive sight and it had Tor and Akil’s attention.

“Through the cave, well done! In one piece too, I hope you like your fun slide, and oh that poor serpent, word has it that you escaped its devious ways, I bet he is pissed off right now, no dinner for at least another six months until the next wanderer crashes down on their way through the cave, or maybe something finds its way through the bars of that old gate.”

“That was a test!” Akil said with gritted teeth glaring at The Eye.

“A little fun, to get you started, you have lots of adventures ahead of you both, and I am here to be your travel companion and guide, you are in a new world now, a magical world, you must learn to recognise your gifts, powers the Wizard has given you. But you will not find it easy, no not easy at all.”

“I don’t need your stupid gifts, Eye!” Tor said standing tall.

“But you are brandishing that knife, barbarian! A gift!”

The Eye exploded in a fit of colour and sound.

“Ha, ha, ha, so much to learn my beautiful boy. Magic and brute power, mixed with your beauty will make you into gods, ha, ha, ha!”

“You have much to learn young barbari!”

Akil and Tor felt their harnesses first; they tightened on their chests, it felt sensual and enlivening and within seconds Tor was standing with his feet spread, holding his chest, his fingers toying with his erect nips, his stance steadying him, he hissed as the sensation erupted across his head and shoulders and glancing toward Akil, through the haze surrounding The Eye, he could see Akil in the throes of the same sexual force.

Akil tried to rip the harness from himself, his stance even wider than that of his brother, he felt sexual urges, and he felt his horniness being enriched, it was powerful and sexual. But as much as it was strong, every fibre in his body tried to resist it, fight it.

The Eye enlarged, with a booming deep base filling the surrounding glade, the hefty sounds were bombarding them, filling them, vibrating through their struggling bodies, enhancing their sexuality and enthralling them.

“Gifts!” The voice was clear and powerful.

The Eye lowered before beginning to rise slowly, leaving in its wake a shimmering glob.

Rising slowly, the glob was suddenly taking form, in a hypnotic show; dazzling and theatrical. Crystals were forming from thin air as the glob became clearer and clearer, emerald green, becoming crystalline as the moments went by.

Tor stood back slowly, he was continuing to hunch forward, ready to pounce, looking toward his brother who was in a similar stance, standing on the opposite side of the huge emerald stone object.

The Eye moved behind Akil, causing the young barbarian to turn his head carefully, keeping one eye on the emerald object and another on The Eye.

The Eye then appeared next to Tor.

“Boys!” It said.

“Why so apprehensive? So sceptical?” The final word trailed off.

Tor was looking at The Eye too and glaring, having almost forgotten the passion and excitement he had been feeling moments earlier.

“Look around you, such a beautiful place.” The Eye said turning as if scanning the glade like a tourist would.

“A beautiful setting, serene and picturesque!”

It turned back to look toward Akil.

“So different to where your beloved fathers are right now, would you like to hear a little snippet of their world, Akil? How about you, Tor?”

Suddenly the serenity of the glade was filled with demonic rage, The Eye had turned shades of grey with a deeply dark, black eyeball. The sounds of horror and a gust of hot, rancid-smelling black smoke embraced them.

They had to lean into the powerful wind to keep from blowing off their feet, Tor’s hair, flowing in the fetid wind.


“Nooooooooooooooo, leave him!”

The screams were that of M’Thosa, his voice so clear as if it was being produced inside the plumes of blackness filling the glade. Then they heard Ragnor’s cries for mercy.

“They are flaying Ragnor today. Allowing M’Thosa to watch. The master of Ikhareth enjoys two subjects to play with, he was very pleased to admit M’Thosa and Ragnor to his world of raging agony. Do not fear boys!”

The Eye blinked slowly, turning to face Tor and then toward Akil.

“Ragnor will be restored before their next dual torture session, they will never see death, but will experience their agonies in perpetuity, unless…”

Tor screamed above the howling winds, through the evil stench filling the glade.

“We will find them, you bastards! Monsters!”

The scene disappeared instantly, the serenity of the waterhole restored unharmed, untouched by the fury that had just blown through. They were left with the stout green crystal object standing waist height between them.

“You shall indeed find them my dear Tor! But you must follow the directions laid out for you!” The Eye said. It had also returned to its normal appearance, and its blue eyeball watched Tor and Akil carefully.

“We have no directions other than to follow that damned path!” Akil said glaring at The Eye.

“You must work for it, barbarian!” The Eye turned quickly toward Akil, speaking angrily and with force.

“Or you will never find your beloved thieving fathers!” It moved toward Akil as it spoke growing and contracting to convey its forceful words.

“Step up to the Emerald Altar, barbarians!” The Eye demanded moving behind Akil quickly.

The force acted on Akil’s tight buttocks, pushing him forward, pushing his pelvis forward toward the Emerald Altar.

Tor too was compelled toward the magical object.

The Altar stood tall enough to reach their thong pouches. It sparkled with luminescent green shards of light, as beautiful as a diamond, a distinct hissing sound, high pitched and female, emanated around the object. On top of the altar, on opposite sides, two smooth, indented receptacles awaited Tor and Akil’s bulges. The base of the Emerald Altar was wide and the object tapered upward toward the head, and the sacred offering receptacle. Halfway up two opposite sides of the altar sported a figure of a penis rising up and outward from two raging testicles as if sculpted and fashioned by a master artist. The sexual outcrops were prominent and erotic. The other remaining sides of the tapered altar were smooth and featureless.

“Your next gift barbarians!” The Eye said forcefully, enjoying the way Tor and Akil struggled against the forces pushing them toward the altar. They felt the force pry their fingers off the hilt of their daggers. Both weapons fell to the ground.

“Erosius, the Great Wizard commanded this altar to be fashioned by his master artisans when you were born, and it has been held in the great tower ever since, waiting to receive you, waiting to taste you. Its spectral powers are deeply spiritual yet fiendishly demanding. Your fathers never got to ‘enjoy’ the altar named Providence, they escaped before the witches of the coven had completed their spells and incantations on it. Can you hear them calling you Tor, they are calling you Akil. The witches are calling!”

The sounds of evil swirled around them like a physical wind, they could feel the spirits of the altar dragging them forward toward the waiting bulge receptacles.

Tor was clenching his fists, fighting the magical forces, twisting his body and torso left and right, but it was little use, he was forced into his next forward step toward the altar.

~~ “Come forth, come to me, sexuality, lust, pleasure, give it to me!” ~~

The words were strong and compelling. Providence was calling them. Evil witches, their eerie voices trailing off into the magical hurricane.

Tor’s hair, now dry, was flinging around his head, he couldn’t use his arms to shield his face, so he tried desperately turning his head to avoid the magical forces acting on his body.

“Closer!” The Eye demanded loudly so that the brothers could hear through the evil confluence pushing them.

“Providence is your travel guide, but you must offer it your sacrifice. The altar is hungry, and insatiable and will only help you after it has the payment it demands. The altar will finally feed on your pleasure brothers broda! It demands it, your toll must be paid on the path to destiny. Providence’s guidance comes with a price!”

Akil fought valiantly but his majestic and powerful body was no match for the magic. The altar was sparkling as if in the eye of the tumultuous storm surrounding it.

“Gah”, Akil screamed upward into the winds, his back was arching backward, and he was looking up into the canopy above them, he could see the sun glinting through the trees, but the light was being refracted through the magical winds. His arms were bracing outward from his body, and like Tor, his fists were clenched as he fought with the forces compelling him toward Providence.

The voices remained persistent during their summoning, the altar was indeed guiding them to sacrifice their juices, it took several minutes, but two powerful young barbarian gods were centimetres away from the altar, they tried fighting, writhing their supple bodies against the powers and as they drew nearer, Providence responded, glowing more intensely, sparks flying inside the crystalline. They were too busy fighting the forces acting on the bodies to realise the stimulation inside their thong pouches. Their chests were buzzing beneath their harnesses.

Akil could see his knife, he and Tor’s daggers were close by, but inside the magical hurricane, he had no way of freeing himself to grab it, but he knew a mere dagger would be no match for these forces. He looked back toward the altar, and down over his writhing abs to see his bulge being drawn into the waiting receptacle on his side of the altar, he could hear the witch’s voices inside his head and swirling around them, Akil glanced up to see Tor, he was also in position, Tor’s hair swirling in the magical currents.

“Good boy Akil, let me have your bulge, your penis, your pleasure!” The voice inside his head was made up of a chorus of several voices, that of several witches, and the evil sounds in his head, made him struggle even more as the voices let the word - pleasure, linger and trail off.

He noticed the receptacle accepting Tor’s bulge sparkling, evil little fingers were reaching out, Tor was screaming into the winds, his body trembling. Then Akil suddenly understood, he looked down at his bulge, tiny bolts of light were illuminating his bulge, and tiny fingers were caressing his bulge, worshipping it. He felt his bulge tingle deliciously.

Then the witches’ voices spoke loud and demandingly. Evil screeching filled the glade.

“Spread your legs barbarians, lift your arms above your head!”

They had no choice, their limbs obeying, they fought it valiantly, their powerful legs moving toward the edges of the seething emerald altar and as their feet arrived at the edges of the base, green ropes emerged wrapping their ankles.

Tor felt the bindings encircle his legs; he was desperately fighting the magical forces. He looked up gasping toward the canopy, the vines were descending, and he felt them circle his wrists, they were binding his and Akil’s wrists together, tightly and competently.

They were tied to either side of the altar, But Providence was not finished with them.

Their faces so close, their wrists joined and bound, their writhing bodies fighting the magic and leaning in over the altar, two bulges positioned in their altar docks, magical fingers caressing them, pleasuring their bulges, squeezing their scrotums, caressing their penises through the fabric of their thongs.

“Excellent! You are exquisite,” the altar said with evil tones, the whirlwind abating, Tor and Akil were left helpless and struggling, attached to Providence by their bulges.

“A perfect fit, my beautiful barbari, you are as virile and sexual as your fathers. Now before we begin, I want to enter your heat, I must penetrate your bodies, I will enjoy your defeat, your abandonment to the pleasure!”

“What!” demanded Tor.

“You have us in your power! Is that not enough!” Akil said, he couldn’t help it though, the sight of Tor opposite him, so close, the way Tor was straining his face trying to free his wrists. It was making him horny, and the fingers from the altar were making his bulge feel delicious, every squeeze of his testicles causing him to moan directly into Tor’s face. The fingers were simultaneously enjoying his cock head and attending to his testicles, as if reaching through the fabric of his thong, working him, pleasuring him. His moan was so sensual, so exquisite.

Between their spread legs, and from the erotic crystalline penis and scrotum halfway up the side of the altar, the penis transfigured into flesh, a long tentacle with the head of a drooling penis began to twist and turn like a snake, it drooled lubricant, warm and clear, cascading down the length of its slender pink body, its head ever seeking, the warmth of its prey.

Tor, amidst the flurry of pleasure, the incessant fingers were building his pleasure, he could feel them working his cum inside his testicles, he wanted to explode, giving them what they wanted; the altar was ravenous. But through these fascinating onslaughts of sensation and Akil’s delicious sounds filling his head, he noticed the slithering penis-like tentacle, moving like a serpent behind Akil.

His mind suddenly remembered Vordou, that hideous mesmerizing serpent back at the cave only hours earlier.

Not again, more serpents.

Tor’s thoughts were interrupted though, he could hear the sounds of the altar, the magic, and the incantations of the evil-sounding witches were becoming louder, but even this was trumped! Eclipsed by the feeling of warm lube, the warm head of the penile tentacle pushing itself from the base of the crack between his gluteals, he could feel it massaging itself, moving upward and then downward, rubbing, fucking, relishing the warmth of his crack, his beautiful buttocks. Tor then noticed Akil’s face exploding, his eyes popping, the drool from his mouth, erotic and captivating.

“Gah!” Akil moaned, to Tor, “What, mmmm, is, kkkah, it?” Akil’s eyes were rolling into his eye sockets, his body twisting and thrusting into the altar’s bulge receptacle, feeding the fingers of delight.

“The altar!” Tor stammered deliciously into Akil’s face.

“Providence shall enjoy your sex, brothers broda, it has been waiting twenty-two years for this and it has become quite impatient. The altar will penetrate you, while the fingers of delight will massage pleasure, broda pleasure, and the incantations you hear are those of the witches who were tasked with your father’s sexual torture all those years ago. They are still enslaved by Erosius, the Imperial Great Wizard. Bound to his service” The Eye said, it was slowly moving around the erotic scene, watching the two beautiful young men writhing and humping the altar.

Jet listened intently, he loved sex, he loved his pleasure as much as the next ultra-horny Fae, and the Faery were full of sexual deviants like him, but he was the prince of pleasure, the one others came to, to get their naughty sexual tools. He was beautiful, and he knew it! Jet watched on, across the waters of the waterhole glade, listening to the magical, eerie sounds, enjoying the sounds of human pleasure. He looked at the two divine creatures bound to the green obelisk; he figured it had a special sexual purpose. He was intrigued, and as the show continued to develop, he decided that he would wait, he would carefully plan. He had to have it. His delicious fairy penis demanded it.

“Providence is quite stubborn though!” The Eye continued.

Tor and Akil could hear The Eye, but their attention was erratic at best, their bulges were seething, teasing fingers, squeezing fingers were at work, like skilled artisans. To further distract them the tentacles were moving deeper toward their anus drawn into the beauty of their heat! They could feel the throbbing head spurting its warm lubricant, directing its path. The mouths of their anuses tingling, craving, waiting for their first visit of Providence’s penile probes.

“It will divulge information,” The Eye continued, “…it knows where Ragnor and M’Thosa are! Only the altar and Reizhul, and his most Imperial, The Great Wizard, know where they are and how to find them!”

The Eye moved in closer to one of the empty sides of the altar. It blinked before glancing left toward Tor, enjoying this beautiful young Barbarian’s trembling ravaged body. It glanced right toward Akil.

“You boys do enjoy pleasure! Rightly so, your fathers endured months of pleasure torture and specific incantations from the coven, designed to provide the richest and most powerful semen to fertilize those Amazonian women! Then your birth, magnifico! You were smeared in more, rich ejaculate extracted in mind-blowing orgasms from Ragnor and M’Thosa as soon as you took your first breaths, and your mothers were taken away and executed! You see dear boys, you were destined, by magic to be sexual gods. Your minds cannot fathom the lakes of pleasure you have waiting to be explored, such power, Ha, ha!”

Tor felt the probe as it seemed to lick his ring, he was tingling, feeling the warm juices coating his sensitive flesh. The fingers were creating a luscious line of pleasure surrounding his glans, every move of his hips, the feel of the thong on his balls, and the magical fingers caressing his penis caused his body to shimmer, the vines tightening, he could feel Akil’s wrists too in their combined wrist restraint, Akil’s were as sweaty as his, he could feel their pulses racing.

They moaned into each other’s faces. Steamy sexual, erotic scents filled their senses. Tor felt it and he knew Akil also had, Akil’s eyes suddenly widened, his drool spitting onto Tor’s face.

The penile probes pushed into their heat.

Tor felt his body tense, it pushed into him determinately, the sensation was exquisitely arousing, he wanted to kiss Akil, and taste his body as Providence fucked them.

Akil could see it in Tor’s eyes, he knew that look, he was still drooling, fighting the vines, binding him and Tor so competently above their heads, the probe made him thrust his pelvis, he craved the pleasure expanding throughout his pouch, his penis felt glorious, the altar was sparking around his bulge, fitting his bulge, worshipping the bulge!

They both spurt pre-cum the moment their probes were sucked and drawn into their bodies, pushing, retracting, only to push deeper.

Akil strained his face forward and at last, he found Tor’s lips, the taste of Tor on his tongue sent his body into a spasm and he moaned deeply into Tor’s hungry mouth, his pre-cum emission sending a wave of pleasure into his body.

“Agh…” Their moans were long and drawn as their tongues entwined.

“Pleasure Tor, Pleasure Akil!” The Eye said watching their hips begin to thrust in unison on each side of Providence as the altar’s magical fingers worked their bulges.

They released their kiss, both drooling and licking their lips, they had that satisfied look on their faces, Tor’s hair was now wet again, this time with his sweat, Akil too had beads of sweat rolling down his handsome cheeks, he moaned so deeply as the probe thrust into his body causing him to release fresh emissions of pre-cum onto the surface of the small square top of the altar. They hadn’t noticed, but their juices were absorbing into the smooth green crystalline of the altar like the surface was a sponge.

Tor had not taken his lust-filled eyes off Akil. He wanted his cock inside Akil, he wanted to feel Akil’s body suck his penis deep inside his lover. The pleasure exploded in his bulge as soon as the probe stopped pushing, it was on his prostate; it was throbbing for him, bringing his penis into a world of exquisite sensation.

They had become hard as rocks, straining their thong pouches, allowing the red and green fabric of their skimpy garments to drench and cling, their penises were coated in thong, like it was skin, oozing pre-cum onto the altar, the lascivious and magical fingers acting like a milker would milk a cow, massaging their pre-cum into the thong’s fabric.

“We could let this little exciting offering go for hours, You two look delicious like that, all hot and horny, on edge and ready to make your offerings, but you boys do need to get a wriggle on if you are to find, your, so-called, fathers!” The Eye had moved in closer to the top of the altar, watching the magnificent milking unfold.

Akil struggled, looking down at The Eye, still spitting his drool, his thong glistening in the light, his penis huge and throbbing inside its green pleasure wrap.

“Bah…” Akil spurted simultaneously with his outburst of delight. Tor felt the warm Akilian juices splatter on his heaving abs.

Tor responded with a volley of his love juice, spraying Akil.

They both looked at The Eye, pleadingly.

It blinked turning to glance at them both and then at the erotic scene unfolding on the almost cramped head of the emerald altar with its sparkling bulge receptacles.

“Providence hasn’t had a drink in twenty-two years, boys, you can tell it is thirsty. It likes pre-cum lubricant, and yours is plentiful and rich in broda goodness. It was fashioned from the essence of broda, inside magic that drew the pleasure from your fathers as they were milked, oh so long ago.”

Akil cried out; the probe thrust into him.


More pre-cum offerings.

Tor felt the beautiful clear juice running through the valleys of his abs, it ticked! He craved to have Akil’s wet bulge in his mouth, he craved Akil’s spurting bulge in his mouth. Then the push took his attention, intruding into his body; the probe ramming his body and sending him into a spin.

The sounds of evil witch incantations continued to swirl around the altar.

The Eye blinked and then proceeded with its commentary.

“Providence will speak, but you will need to pay the toll, your cum will be the price, the fruit of your loins. It demands your orgasm, torrents of barbarian cum please boys! You have no choice, no option. WE DEMAND YOUR CUM, your ejaculate, creamy broda milk!”

Tor felt his body shimmer, he felt the cold wind on his hot seething flesh, his eyes popping, his spittle spraying. The orgasm had arrived, rich and deep, the pleasure exploding and consuming his penis, his bulge, he could feel the altar spurting into his rectum, the altar matching his explosion of delight, it was pumping his body deeply, pushing his prostate, enlivening the thumping sensations.

The flow of semen heralded the first orgasmic wave. Akil could hardly focus in that exaltation of delight, the cum was releasing through the head of his penis, spurting through the thong like the garment was not attached to his body, yet somehow the pouch was radiating the pleasure, enthralling him inside a celestial plane of delicious sensation. He loved the way his struggles against the ankle and wrist restraints seemed to feed his orgasm, fanning the flame of ecstasy.

Their eyes suddenly met. Tongues connecting as the two struggling, pleasure-wracked young barbarians orgasmed into oblivion. Their kiss was as sensual as their erupting pouches, their tongues exploring, sucking each other’s saliva; inhaling each other’s cries and moans of sheer delight.

“Very good boys, yes very nice, Providence delights in your pleasure; the altar feeds on your orgasms! Perfect and spectacular, offer the altar your semen!” The Eye said while hovering close by, watching as the hot streams of cream jettisoned into the air and coated the top of the altar.

Providence was alight from inside, every crystal, every emerald enlivened, the sounds of the eerie witches’ incantations continuing to surround them like they were inside the hurricane’s eye. The Eye watched the two magnificent youthful bodies give up their juicy milk, the thrusting, the moans and cries, the bondage all contributing to the Providence’s insatiable craving.

It took five minutes for the orgasm to abate. The top of the altar glowed green beneath the cover of cum that coated it, absorbing the semen offerings slowly. Tor and Akil slumped their bodies inward, the bulges still resting in the bulge receptacles, enjoying the way the magic fingers were caressing their drenched and cummy pouches. Squeezing remnants of boy love juice for the altar to have its final emissions.

The feeling of the probe slithering out of his rectum made Tor lift his head toward the overhead canopy, his bulge letting forth one final ooze of cum. His body felt cold and tingly. He missed its presence inside his body, it had fucked him to perfection. Tor then looked back to see his brother in a similar state of post-orgasmic calmness and they both smiled, knowing they had enjoyed that pure ecstasy together in such perfect unison. Their fingers wriggling and seeking each other in the only embrace they were able to exchange, given their bonds.

“I love you!” Akil stammered his smile making Tor’s heart pound.

Tor leaned forward to lick Akil’s cheek.

“Touching! Brothers!”

The voice was not that of The Eye and the insidious and incessant sounds of the witches had abated.

“I am Providence, I am satisfied and pleased with your pleasure. I know you can do better, and I shall demand more from you as your quest continues. So many twists and turns; directions here and there. You will need so much guidance, but you must continue to pay your toll, or you will never find…”

There was a pause, it felt like minutes, but it lasted seconds.

“…I K - H A R - E T H”

The word was pronounced carefully, and the altar emphasised every syllable.

Tor was suddenly angry, and he could tell that Akil felt the same way, their fingers, squeezing each other as they expressed their frustration.

“Just tell us where it is!” Akil demanded.

“Why these games?” Tor said twisting his body, his bulge sliding inside the receptacle as he fought his bonds.

“Tsch, tsch broda boys, the rules are not yours to choose, you cannot make demands! If you are to find the thieves, then you must play by the rules and pay your toll!”

Akil fought hard but the altar ignored his struggles.

“Today’s toll has been receipted!” The altar continued; it had absorbed much of their semen.

“Quest you will and quest you must! Your lives and those of the thieves are in our trust, so listen now for your next guide, the path for you will not be wide; it will be dangerous, and you must take it in your stride! Take the path from this glade, between the peachy rocks and follow this into the forest, the path will take you up and down, under things and through the rainbow.”

“That’s it?” Tor asked almost disappointed, his wrists were numbing with the tight vines binding him and Akil together.

Akil looked around, the glade had calmed down, and they seemed to be alone, except for the sound of what he thought was wings fluttering, he thought nothing further of it, his focus was on disentangling his body from Providence and taking Tor into his arms, he desperately needed to taste Tor’s cummy bulge, lap up its goodness.

“Let us free! Altar! Let us free Eye!” Akil demanded struggling as much as his brother.

“That is all your toll has been able to purchase!” The altar’s voice said, it was like Providence had ignored him.

Akil let out his frustration with an explosion of sudden rage.

“Gahhhhhhh!” He let loose, suddenly falling to the mossy ground of the waterhole’s bank. Tor fell on top of him.

“No need to shout Akil!” The Eye said with a light-hearted tone.

“I hope you paid attention!” It blinked, rolled backwards, and disappeared.

They were alone, feeling the after-effects of their delicious orgasm, Tor wrapped his arms around Akil, holding his brother tightly, enjoying the communal warmth of their sticky bodies.

“You know we could take another bath!” Tor said glancing over his shoulder toward the calm water of the waterhole.

“No!” Akil said squeezing Tor tightly.

“We’re going to lick each other clean!”

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