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Brothers Broda
Part 5 - Quest - Jet Part 2
By Scorpio

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Brothers Broda

Quest - Jet Part 2

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Tor and Akil were milked by the warlock Reizhul in their own secret cave. Earlier and just before their milking, they had learned of their birth and the magic that had become an integral part of their conception and entrance into the world.

Although it was their fathers who started the story of their birth, it was Reizhul, the warlock that had invaded the cave, captured their fathers, and continued to recount the story.

Their past suddenly exploding into their lives with as much magic that had heralded their birth.

The warlock accused Ragnor and M’Thosa of theft, for escaping their captivity stealing the two babies away from him and the coven of witches that had held Ragnor and M’Thosa for almost a year. Yet that event twenty-two years earlier had set a plan of revenge into action. The warlock had re-appeared to execute the vengeful plan, to apprehend the ‘thieves’ and sent them to a punishment way more painful than death.

The warlock then instigated Tor and Akil’s quest. Their test, their coming of age and their chance to impress the great wizard, their so called, true father, and for whom the warlock serves.

If the two young barbarians can save their fathers, they would be released from the claim of the Great Wizard, Erosius. But they had to find them first, find the gateway to the dimension of agony and bondage, to locate and free Ragnor and M’Thosa from their torments.

They had been milked, dressed in special thongs and sexy harnesses, gifts from The Great Wizard Erosius, and their milking, and joint eruption of pleasure at the hands of the warlock had released latent and emerging powers which they would need as their adventure unfolds.

Guided by The Eye, Tor and Akil were released to begin their quest. Reizhul the wizard leaving them alone in the cave, covered in cum and as horny as they were in the lead up to their milking and before losing Ragnor and M’Thosa.

The cavern floor was cool it served to refresh Tor who was sprawled out, he was sprawled, face up, his body still buzzing and the delicious sensation erupting inside his penis shaft continued to enthral him.

Akil was coming to as well. He was laying on his side facing away from his brother. He ran his fingers over his abdomen, his skin felt luxurious, sweet warm semen covered his entire body. He laid onto his back and his hands instinctively went for his thong, it was still drenched, he and Tor’s bulges had been fused together by that magical orgasm earlier and their hot boy juices were plentiful. His fingers slid over the beautiful lime green mound, his expert massage of his pleasure organ causing his penis to fill with a delicate caress of pleasure. He felt his warm pre-cum ooze into his palm. Akil licked his lips, he was ultra-horny, the thong was making him crave pleasure, he couldn’t, he didn’t want to take his hands away from worshiping his beautiful bulge. It was then he heard his brother stir.

He looked at Tor stretched out, his beautiful, muscled legs, glistening in cum, then he saw the red bulge.

“My god. So beautiful!” he said the words out loud, gasping.

“Mmm” warm juices erupted into his palm, his thong suddenly tightly pulling close into his buttock crack, it was a magical, sexual sensation.

The sound of Tor’s voice as he stirred into consciousness filled Akil’s head with desire.

“Wha… where…?” Tor stirred.

A huge smile erupted on Tor’s face, his lover, his beautiful Akil was suddenly on top of him. He was sliding, slipping, feeling the warmth of Akil’s skin sensual and delicious against his own. Akil was deliberately rubbing his chest, pushing downward, and pulling their bodies together with his arms.


“Feels so nice, brother, awe, please!”

“Don’t speak Tor, just feel my - mmm – body love yours.” Akil said softly and sensually to Tor, allowing his tongue to lick the edges of Tor’s lips.

Two bulges connected in a moment of divine and delicious pleasure.

Tor’s hands found Akil’s buttocks.

“Oh boy, my god, this is, ohhhhhh…” Tor’s sensual tone filled Akil’s head.

The pleasure inside their re-united bulges, while not orgasmic, nothing near that level, was delicate and welcoming, their bodies seeking it, delighting in it, enveloping within its delicious and mesmerising hold.

Akil enjoyed the way Tor slowly explored his cum soaked buttock cheeks, Tor was an expert at pleasuring Akil, and he was not wasting his skill. His fingers knew how to massage Akil into a frenzy, but at this very moment, he didn’t want that, he just desperately need to worship, the beautiful mounds of Akil’s buttocks, so tight, so warm, so sexy and slippery, every muscle and sinew, the way Akil was slowly gyrating his pelvis, perfectly to encourage the pleasure flow in their bulges, the way Akil moaned and licked his way over his face. Tor felt the sides of Akil’s new thong, clinging to the tops of Akil’s hips.

Akil licked Tor’s left ear lobe, speaking sensually into Tor’s ear.

“Oh, brother boy, lover boy, my sensual, exquisite brother!”

“Aghhh, yes lover boy, mmm, so beautiful to touch…” Tor’s response reflected the erotic tones of Akil.

The two brothers writhing in the enchanted erotic magic unaware that Reizhul’s magic was building inside this bodies, that pleasure, engulfing them, bewitching them.

“Brother,” Tor said.

Akil paused his devoted licking and looked into Tor’s deliriously sexual eyes.

“Yes, beautiful boy?” Akil smouldered with two tiny mischievous smiles emerging either side of his mouth. “Your wish in my command!”

Tor smiled back, both hands gripping the soft warm buttock flesh, squeezing Akil gently yet firmly.

“I’m raging to taste your juices boy, I crave that bulge, your penis wrapped in the bulge, feed me your juice boy, I’m super hungry!”

Tor then used the most sensual, deep tone he could muster.

“Please, Akil!”

Akil’s smile developed further, he did not speak! Tor was gripping his buttocks tighter, fingers were exploring his crack, he was being drawn upward and towards Tor’s hungry face, Akil went with the power of Tor’s strength, he lifted his torso upward into the air, but his fingers used Tor’s cheek bones, he gripped the sides of Tor’s now determined face, Tor was drooling, pulling him closer, Akil felt delicious pleasure overwhelm his scrotum, bathing his bulge in a doona of warm enjoyment, he let his bulge feel every bump of Tor’s abdomen scooping up residue cum and sweat as he let Tor direct the passage of his bulge on its journey to Tor’s face across the cleft of Tor’s chest. Akil thrust his head upward moaning in delight, Tor was pushing the strap of his lime green, wet thong into the opening of his boy pussy, pushing ever so gently, yet pulling Akil determinedly closer to his face, his bulge was Tor’s to enjoy, his lover craved him, his body was Tor’s to have and delight in.

“Gah, Tor!” Akil cried out

Tor was pushing the enchanted fabric of the thong strip teasing Akil’s boy pussy again.

“You do that so well, lover boy!”

Tor kept up his tantalising of Akil’s buttocks, hungry hands hungry fingers, he had his prize in his grip and he was drawing that wet mound of cum soaked Akil meat, the green mound of goodness closer to his face. Tor licked his lips.

“Come closer Akil, feed me you manhood boy!”

Akil bent forward, his hands caressing Tor’s beautiful hungry face, he had scooped a wad of semen from Tor’s chest and as an appetiser, he fed his fingers into the warmth of Tor’s hungry mouth. He felt the magnificence of his lover brother’s tongue lasso and loop his finger, the way Tor hungrily fed on their boy juices. He felt the vibrations of Tor’s moan.

“Mmmmm…” Tor said, his eyes wide with expectant lust.

At last Tor thought as his tongue suddenly connected with the bulging majesty of Akil’s thong. Flavoursome, meaty, goodness, he opened his mouth, his fingers still exploring Akil’s trembling buttocks. Warm, fresh Akilian juice coated his face. Tor loved Akil’s lubricant, but this was just top shelf, it was somehow even more delectable to him, addictive, sexually coercive.

He went with it, breathing the musty and moist goodness of Akil’s sexuality, licking it, sucking it, devouring his lover, his magnificent boy.

Akil couldn’t stop, he was in funk, he was so attracted to Tor, more than ever, his very existence in that moment on the floor and safety of their cave. His body shimmering in delight, every finger, the very touch of Tor’s fingers on his buttocks, his gentle squeezing, his moans of delight, the feeling of pleasure radiating inside his bulge as Tor’s hot breath and tongue explored him, the feeling of his pre-cum erupting out onto Tor’s face - exquisite.

Akil felt the warm splatter, juices were running down the small of his back.

He smiled down toward Tor’s face, the sight of that handsome man worshipping his bulge, the hungry face devouring him, the locks of beautiful hair sprayed out on the floor. Tor was the most unbelievable beautiful and sexual creature in Akil’s world. He smiled at Tor than over his shoulder to view the source of the warm juices spraying onto his back.

Akil was not disappointed.

The sight of Tor’s raised pelvis, the powerful trunks of legs pivoting his body, the way Tor thrust his red thong upward, so wet, juices glistening, gushing! Tor too was hyper horny, the red bulge lusciously wet. Akil could not believe the utter magnificence of what he was seeing. Red bulging power, gripping him, sending his mind into a spin, his body tingling at the sheer magnificence of Tor’s bulging thong.

He changed position, straddling Tor, both Akil’s legs aside Tor’s shoulders, he felt his bulge surge with pleasure, Tor had resumed massaging his buttocks, toying with his taint and the tight fabric clinging to him intimately. Akil instantly obeyed Tor’s unspoken demands, it was Tor’s fingers and hands demanding Akil.

But Akil was also focused on the red thong bulge, surging with sweet nectar, it was irresistible, he was insatiable, eyes focused on the prize, its shape, its magnificent curves, Tor was the most erotic creature on earth to Akil, but inside the spell, inside the magic that Reizhul, the warlock had inflicted on them, Tor had become even more irresistible, Akil had an insatiable desire he could not escape.

Moist, warm, sweet, Akil’s face, his open mouth, his tongue revelled in the bulge, he could taste Tor, that beautiful penis, he longed for it, he worshiped it, his tongue lapping up each testicle, inside the thong, they were so prominent, as if Tor was completely naked, but Akil craved the bulge, the sexual, exquisite bulge, he craved Tor’s hungry tongue lashing his own bulge, he loved spurting his juice into Tor’s face.

They were being taken deeper and deeper into the incantation, the magic powerfully enveloping their entwined bodies caught inside a sexual frenzy that could become an eternal trap of passion. Reizhul’s magic was strong, and the powerful warlock had departed, The Eye was no longer there either, it was supposed to guide them, but it was nowhere to be seen and the two erotic young barbarians were bewitched, enamoured by each other’s supercharged sex-appeal, lost inside the sensual spell, which was tightening its grip, with every lick, every spurt, every loving worship of each other’s body. Two heroes caught in a sexual web threatening to destroy them before they even began their journey to save their fathers.

It was the harness that took his attention. Tor felt it tighten beneath his pecs, somehow within the tornado of sexual pleasure, it was dragging his attention. His face was embedded in Akil’s thrusting bulge, his fingers in a frenzy of activity, the warmth of Akil’s boy hole caressing his index finger as he explored the inside of Akil’s rectum, but the harness was tightening, then loosening, buzzing, tightening, it was starting to distract him. He rolled upward causing Akil to roll aside too, his finger exiting Akil’s warm love hole, he was still trembling with sexual fervour, but his sexy harness was insistent.

“My harness!” Tor moaned as he disentangled his body from Akil.

“Gah, mine too, so horny, even after that massive orgasm we endured, wha, whaaaaaar, what Is Happening?” Akil stammered, he was playing with his bulge, fingering his own plentiful juices, still looking at Tor’s magnificent body. He felt the surge of desire overwhelm him again.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh, MUST have you Tor, can’t res, far, gah, must grab your body…” Akil was being drawn by the spell.

Tor too, he looked at Akil’s writhing body, sex in a thong, so erotic, so wet with desire, sexual satisfaction dragging him further into the spell.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhh” Tor’s tone changing note as he fought the spell, his harness, working to get his attention back, Tor was caught between the spell, the sexual allure of his beautiful erotic boy, he wanted to fuck Akil stupid, his desires were supercharging. Tor fought the harness, it was trying to stop him, trying to make Tor snap out of the sexual funk.

“Harness Akil!” Tor said.

“Yeah, its alive Tor!” Akil said in desperate tone.

“What is happening?”

They were confused, horny and craving bulge, craving thong all at once.

Tor then felt the compulsion to push away from Akil, he couldn’t understand the conflicting array of desire and repulsion suddenly fighting for his attention. He was torn, his confliction was incredible and disturbing.

Akil was still laying down on the floor of the cave, but he was fighting something unseen, his body moving, pushing, punching, trying the prize something, something unseen, invisible off him.

Suddenly Akil screamed, he was on all fours, straddling the unseen, his hands around an unseen neck, fighting to keep whatever it was from regaining its, control over him.

Tor too, was tussling with his own demon; they were fighting something, they were fighting the manifestation of the sexual spell that the warlock had performed on them earlier when he had them bound inside the enchanted ropes, the incantation that energised when their shared orgasm finally exploded, erotic magic, erotic power was trying to overtake them. They didn’t realize, it hadn’t occurred that their harnesses, gifts from the evil Great Wizard were coming to life, magical garments designed to help and guide them through the tests and trials they had to pass, their destinies, their lives reliant on them.

“Your harness Akil!” Tor screamed as he held the unseen force against the wall, Tor was looking over his shoulder desperately looking at Akil, using all his might to fight the evil trying to re-enter his body.

Akil’s harness was glowing green, displaying glimpses of the enchanted creature, fighting on the floor of the cavern underneath Akil’s straddling body, Akil could see the neck, his hands were firmly around its neck, but he couldn’t see its face, or the rest of its body, but he could feel its struggles, its strength surprising Akil.

Tor then looked back toward his own invisible assailant, it was attempting to bear hug him, Tor could feel the force of its arms, fighting against the power of his own arms, red flashes emerging from his harness were highlighting the edges of the creature, Tor could see the edge of the egg-shaped head, it was featureless, he could see glimpses of its torso and legs. It was muscular but without form or feature, the muscular blob was doing its best to overpower him.

They tussled for what seemed like hours, yet only minutes had passed. Akil was rolling around the floor wrestling his assailant, Tor was bashing its body frantically against an outcrop of rock, but the being was like a sponge, taking the beating, forming its body around the shape of the rock like a sponge. Nothing Tor or Akil could do could beat the manifestation’s will or strength, it was only a matter of time until they tired, and the beings would infect their bodies once more. But they kept fighting, crying out as they flayed and punched, rolling on the floor of the cave.

You can’t shake the spell pretty boys, you will always be irresistible and desirable, the spell enhances your beauty in the face of the beholder. Your adversaries may want you dead, but they will want your strength and cum first, ha, ha, ha…

Reizhul’s voice pierced the cavern, it was coming out of the darkness outside of the flickering wall lamps. Tor and Akil kept fighting the magic, looking around to see the warlock, but Reizhul was nowhere to be seen.

Akil blurted it out loudly, he didn’t know where his words were coming from, he was too busy fighting the force.

“Go your own path!” Akil screamed into the darkness as if yelling toward the unseen warlock.

Tor screamed it too. “Go your own path!”

The laughter filled the cavern, heinous and demonstrative.

Well done! Top points to you! Now take your path, the path that is yours, brothers united, sirens of sexuality, find the thieves and you shall have your prize, your freedom. Take your path, head southerly, toward your shared goal. Take your path…

The voice dissipated into the darkness and the torch lights on the wall of their cave flickered, most blown out except for a select few, leading down a path that they had never explored or even knew existed.

The path was clear.

Tor suddenly fell forward the same instant that most of the torches blew out. The magical being was no longer assailing him. Akil fell against the wall, suddenly free as well.

“Brother!” Akil said, immediately approaching and embracing Tor.

“Is the spell gone?” Tor asked pulling away from Akil, to look him in the eye.

“You are always sexy to me Tor!” Akil responded, gripping Tor in his Arms.

“But I no longer have the irresistible compulsion to rape you violently!”

“Me too!” Tor responded.

“You look irresistible in that thong, that tight harness makes me horny just looking at you Tor!” Akil said, glancing at his brother’s muscular physique, his narrow hips hosting the beautiful red thong straps. Tor’s delectable bulge.”

“You are so beautiful!” Akil hugged Tor tightly.

Their harnesses glowing in the dim light were an ever-present reminder that the warlock had sent them on their path, they had to locate and free Ragnor and M’Thosa. It was their first and foremost priority and the path was now their master, they had no idea where their fathers were, except for the name, Ikhareth. It was not a name familiar to them, and not of the world they knew. But it was a big magical and dangerous world outside of their cave, their village, and their known lands. They were departing on their own path to danger and adventure.

Tor loved the heat form Akil’s body, he was at home in his brother’s and lover’s strong arms. He returned the grip pulling Akil to his body, the scent of their sweat and semen still ripe in his nostrils. They both breathed in deeply, bodies joined in embrace.

“Take the path to freedom, find Ragnor and M’Thosa!” They both said it, surprising themselves that their connection was so strong, entwined even as their bear hug held their bodies tightly together.

“Ok, then!” Tor said with a smile on his face.

“Let the journey begin!” Akil responded, releasing his grip.

They moved to the path of torches that seemed to reach further into the cave, both knowing instinctively that the path would take them.

“Let’s hope that that this path takes us out into sunshine, I need a bath!” Akil joked as they made their way down the path, his eyes on Tor’s backside and the delicious red thong.

Tor turned his head “I’ll be happy to attend to your cleansing brother! It will be fun.”

After 30 minutes of winding passageway, they were beginning to wonder if they would ever make it out of the cave, they were sure they were on the correct path, the torches were extinguishing, like puffs of wind as they passed by. The air was still and yet each torch would dance excitedly as an invisible gush of air came from nowhere and blew it out. There was no turning back into the eerie blackness, the only way for them was forward.

“We have no swords or weapons!” Tor said stopping and turning back to face Akil.

“Ours are at the treehouse!” Akil said suddenly aware that they had been despatched without arms.

“How can we fight; how can we get through this quest without any weaponry?” Tor asked.

Akil was looking at his hands, he made two hefty fists, spreading his legs, and flexing his torso and arms.

“We have these brother!”

The strain on Akil’s face was ferocious. It made Tor hungry for action, it made Tor horny!

“You are so sexy when you do that! But you’re right, we have our bodies, and the warlock said our powers were unlocked. I think we will just have to find out as we go along!” Tor said.

“They said something about a forest, a garden of desire!” Tor said with a quizzical look on his face, looking away from the ferociously looking Akil and back toward the seemingly never-ending path.

“But not if we stay forever in this damn passageway!” Akil said looking at the seemingly never-ending torches leading the way. They could see the pathway turn left several torches ahead of them, so they made their way along the passageway quickly. Left then right, they had begun to climb slightly, so they kept up their pace hoping to reach the end.

The incline had become a rocky series of makeshift stairs. They used foot holds pulling their bodies ever upward, they were heartened by the whisps of fresh air that encouraged each step.

Tor was behind Akil he had a perfect view of his brother in the flickering lights, he had to pay attention to his hand and foot positioning, while looking up to find his next hold in what had become a steep, yet relatively easy climb. Tor stopped momentarily, to watch how erotic Akil looked from Tor’s position below. He loved the way Akil’s green thong, bulged displaying his virile scrota packed with cum powerhouses bunched and housed so delectably in the thong pouch, Tor salivated watching Akil’s mighty legs working, his glutes flexing.

“Keep up brother!” Akil said looking down over his shoulder, he knew exactly what Tor had on his mind.

They maintained their climb for some time until they reached the top.

Akil laid down to rest, laying on his side waiting for Tor’s head to pop over the precipice and it wasn’t long before the mop of sandy blond hair emerged from the darkness.

Tor’s look was not what Akil had expected, Tor’s face showed his disappointment, Tor wasn’t looking at Akil, like Akil had expected, Tor could see more torch lights in what was seeming to him to be a never-ending passage to nowhere.

So Akil took the hint and pulled himself up onto his feet and bending down, he grasped Tor’s right-hand wrist lifting his brother easily and effortlessly up from the climb they had both ascended.

Tor felt Akil’s powerful lift, he was as shocked as his brother’s strength, and as Akil gently lowered Tor to the floor, they both looked at each other with surprise.

“How did you do…”

Akil smiled, cutting off his brother’s question, “…I dunno! But it felt effortless!”

Akil was as surprised as Tor, but the brothers then set about their journey, the air was moist though, it was no longer cool, they could feel and taste the change in atmosphere, so they pushed on forward, enjoying the freshness and humidity of the air and as the cornered to the right, at the end of the passageway they could see light. It was dim and way at the end of the tunnel, but it was an indication that the passage was finally leading somewhere.

They began to jog, the passage seemed clear and even, well-worn to be exact, and they hadn’t noticed the slight decline in the passage, their eyes firmly fixed on their target, the light shining on the end of the passage. Their exit strategy.

Moving moist air enveloped them, and they jogged enthusiastically, their feet feeling the moistening floor, they moved quickly expecting another entrance like the one they were familiar with, way back in the labyrinth of dark passageways. The walls were becoming wet, and they could feel moss beneath their feet.

The passageway was changing, and before they could understand what was happening, their momentum was too strong, Tor and Akil found themselves slipping forward and the pathway, beneath their feet slippery and wet.

Akil tried to arrest his forward energy, grasping at the walls, but they too were slimy and wet, his grip failing to resist the forward momentum before he realised that the walls of the passageway had widened, he screamed back toward Tor, but it was way too late, the passage had turned into a wide, smooth lip, a giant slide of slippery, smooth stone.

They were sliding and they were falling, arms flaying. Akil could see the light below them, but his perception of freedom was overtaken by his sudden need to survive this dangerously fast slippery slope and he could hear Tor behind him, crying out.

“No!” Tor screamed the word, they were both falling, sliding fast, nothing they tried could arrest their ever-increasing momentum and the light was becoming brighter as they slid further down the slimy incline, downward toward the gate.

Heavy set, rust covered iron formed into a hefty criss-cross pattern, the gate guarded the end of the passage. It easily withstood Akil’s weight as the barbarian shoulder charged into it. Akil had no choice, it had been a long but thankfully quick descent down the slide, he couldn’t stop his momentum, launching into the air on the final lip of the slide.

“Oooof” Akil groaned holding his shoulder looking up only to see his brother and hear his brother’s screams as Tor suddenly smashed into him, knocking him once again back onto the warm iron of the gate.

“Booof!” Akil groaned, “that hurt!” Akil said looking at Tor, they were both laying on the floor, Akil nursing his shoulder.

“Who put this stupid gate here?” Tor asked shaking his head.

“Who put a stupid slide at the end of the passageway is more like it!”

Akil was continuing to wince looking around the small vestibule. Still nursing his shoulder, he had one arm over Tor’s shoulder, he licked Tor’s ear.

“We made it in one piece…” Akil said triumphantly. But he was interrupted by weird high pitch hissing sound followed by a similarly high pitch voice.

“Ssssssssso what do we have here?”

Akil looked at Tor, who had turned his face toward Akil, they both sported surprized expressions. They kept silent knowing exactly what the other was thinking and they stood their ground near the gate, near the warm moist air flows, looking back into the darkness toward the end of the slide.

“That sssssslide never fails to bring me fascinating guests… but what do we have here, mmm, something sweet, something sssssexual, scintillating even!”

The yellow eyes appeared around from behind the serpent’s hiding place.

Tor immediately prepared to defend he and Akil.

“Who are you!” he demanded looking around for a weapon, wishing they had their swords and battle axes. They were trapped, surrounded by the slimy walls, one exit barred by the iron gate and the only other exit was into the darkness and up the wild and slippery slime slide.

“I am the ma-ssss-ter of the gate, the guardian of the doorway into the world beyond the gate.

“Look at the size of that thing Akil said as he stepped up next to Tor, hunching down ready to pounce, his pained shoulder no longer his focus, he could feel the adrenaline pumping through his body. They stood with their backsides pressed against the moist iron of the gate, they were trapped, but resolved to keep their eyes on the creature as it slithered out into the open.

“Vodou…” The creature said, “…my name is Vodou!”

It lifted its head off the floor, its green and brown scaly exterior kept uncoiling as it lifted its head upward. Vodou’s body was the width of a man’s body, but it was the length of at least ten men, maybe more, Akil estimated.

“My lasssst meal was more than a year ago, I ate them over sssseveral monthsssss.” Vodou said venturing toward the light and toward the two angry barbarians hunched forward, ready and poised to pounce.

“It’sssssss not every day that I get to entertain.”

Vodou stopped and maintained its large, man-sized head at the same height as Tor and Akil. They were looking at each other, poised and ready to strike. Tor would not let this creature get the better of him, he had fought many serpents in his young life, and he glanced toward Akil before returning his gaze back toward Vodou.

A long forked black tongue shot toward them but retracked immediately into the serpent’s mouth. Vodou didn’t display its fangs. It remained still, and its yellow eyes didn’t stray from Tor or Akil’s’ gaze.

Akil could feel something warm inside his head, he felt strange yet calm, he could feel the serpent reaching into his brain, into his mind.

Akil is it? The voice was that of the serpent.

Aren’t you the pretty boy, I like you Akil.

“Stop it!” Akil said out loud to Vodou.

Tor glanced across to Akil. “What?” He asked from the side of his mouth, glancing at Akil and then back to the creature.

Ignore him Akil, focus on my eyes . The voice of Vodou said inside Akil’s head.

“Get out of my head!” Akil screamed, he had his hands grasping at his head.

Vodou looked toward Akil and spoke out loud.

“Your brother and I are getting acquainted Tor!”

“Mmm I sssssssssssss-mell sssssssss-emen!” The snake said out loud so Tor and Akil could hear him.

“What of it serpent?” Tor demanded.

“Sssssssssssss-mells sssssssssss-o sssssssssssssssss-weet!” The Serpent had gained ground, his prey had their backs against the warm iron criss-cross pattern of the heavy gate.

Tor felt his pecs, realising that the long slide down the wet and slimy passageway to the serpent’s lair below hadn’t washed off all the residue of their milking hours earlier. He still had wads of cum on his shoulders and his new thong bulge was still moist with he and Akil’s juices. He felt embarrassed, he felt fear too. The fear took over.

The snake’s large head slithered upward and toward Tor and Akil, they were pushing with all their might against the gate, trying to push, trying to slide it, they were desperate.

A cold forked tongue lapped up a wad of cum from Akil’s neck, causing Akil to push his head back trying to avert the lightning fast and carefully placed flick of the serpent’s tongue. The snake then retracked itself to look at the two struggling barbarians.

“I sssssssssssssssssss-ense ssssssssssssssss-omething very interesting my delicioussssss young men. I can sssssssssssss-mell your fear and I can sssssssssssss-mell your fertility, your virility, I don’t know if I want to eat you or mate with you!” The serpent opened its jaws and displayed his long white fangs, he couldn’t help himself, he was oozing venom, suddenly aroused and hungry all at once.

I want you Akil

Akil glared at the serpent.

“Get out of my head!” he demanded

Very pretty, juicy and ssssssssssssssssss-xual, I like what I ssssssssssssssss-ee. I think you can live and be my erotic boy, and I will eat Tor, Yessss, that isssss a great idea!

The snake had turned its attention to Akil, both slitted yellow eyes were concentrating on Akil’s face. Vodou was almost ignoring Tor, but Tor remained still, he was assessing the situation, both hands puling and pushing the iron gate behind him. Tor knew he had only moments before the serpent would strike, the venomous juices dripping in front of Akil.

Akil stood motionless, his face had become blank, his gaze fixed on the two evil yellow eyes of the determined and focused creature.

Vodou seemed to vibrate, the wave of vibrations travelling down the several meters of his thick body.

Look into the eyes, Akil.

Sssssssssssss-exy Akil.

You feel calm, you have no fear.

Feel that drift away Akil.

Let it float up through your body, let it leave you! Away fear.

Away fear!


You are mine Akil, the serpent seeks you.

I sssssssssssss-eek you.

Your mind .


Akil just stood motionless facing the Serpent’s head, he had a slight smile appearing on the corners of his mouth, drool starting to form from the edges of his eerie smile.

“What are you doing?” Demanded Tor, looking at the zombified version of his brother.

Akil did not turn his face, he couldn’t if he wanted, the serpent had taken control of him.

Vodou ignored Tor as well, he was busy sending his tendrils of control into Akil’s fertile mind.

Tor used that moment to leap forward away from the gate, he could tell that Vodou and Akil were somehow joined, the serpent was continuing to vibrate down its long scaly body down to the end of its tail that oscillated quickly.

It was Tor’s moment to pounce.

Tor used all his strength and climbed onto the back to the serpent, dislodging a boulder from the wall of the rocky entrance chamber, he grabbed it with all his strength and thrust it backwards and then forwards to smash into the top of Vodou’s skull, in the flat piece of reptilian skin between Vodou’s eyes.

He was too focussed; he didn’t see the oscillating long tail of the serpent. Vodou used perfect posture, remaining as still as possible so not to break his hold on Akil’s mind. The strike was swift and targeted, and Tor did not see it coming. Vodou’s tail struck him from behind and curled quickly around the left-hand side of Tor’s body, knocking the agile young hero off his back, and slamming Tor against the back side of the cave’s vestibule, away from the sweet-smelling fresh air.

Tor could smell death, he awoke quickly in the darkened end of the serpent’s lair, he was surrounded by bones and body parts. The smell of the serpent filled his nostrils, filled his senses and he wanted to vomit as a wave of nausea emerged, his reaction to the stench. He was bent forward, holding himself up against the slimy side of the dark lair, his head felt light, even though his body was convulsing with the odour. He heard the snake talking to Akil, all he could see was the back of Vodou, the long length of the serpent along the rocky floor of the fenced off entrance, the bend of its body, rising from the floor so it’s head was level with the immobilised Akil. He had to think and think fast. The snake was beginning to slither around his feet.

“Akiiiiiiiiiiil, what a delicious morsel you have turned out be, a gift from the massssssster!”

Akil was motionless, his mind was numb, and his body felt the same, the look of the big yellow serpent eyes were fascinating him, he felt drawn into them, he wanted to go exploring, but he was stuck, he couldn’t feel the iron gate pushing against his back, he was lost inside a wonderland, his mind curious and fascinated.

Then Akil heard familiar words, they were loud and jarring.

“A K I L”


Tor then shoulder charged his brother before screaming the end of his desperate plea, Akil found himself hitting the side of cave’s entrance, his body still numb, his fuzzy mind flickering back into moments of reality, flicking between the wonder world and then back to reality, and in those moments of realty he heard disparate sounds, one was the sound of metal, jarring sound of something moving, metal on metal, yet the other was more organic, it was the sound of gurgling, it was fleshy and organic.

Tor had found the large rusty key whilst fumbling in the darkness of the serpent’s lair at the back of the cave’s entrance, he had also located the gifts that Reizhul had left for he and Akil.

The key was large and heavy, and although he still felt nauseous from the stench of death, the cool air had woken him, he was wielding the large key like has favourite sword and had crashed the hefty implement into the back of Vodou’s skull, shocking the serpent before quickly tossing the key aside momentarily and driving the sharp knife, he had also found into the soft flesh at the base of the serpent’s skull.

The sound of screeching filled the cavernous space, the creature recoiling backward, it’s dangerous mouth wide open and its fangs on display, dripping in venom. The huge snake surprised at the ferocity of Tor’s advancing attack; it was mortally wounded and haemorrhaging from the wound on the back of its head. Vodou’s body was ready to strike.

Tor had inserted the key in those violent few moments and was using all his might to turn the rusty mechanism, at first it wasn’t giving into the force Tor was exerting in his desperate escape effort, but he pushed once more, using both of his hands, his determined scream competing with Vodou’s screeching.

Akil heard the metal on metal, the creaking and groaning of the Huge metal grate gate opening and swinging, he heard Tor’s voice bringing him into reality.

“Good, Bro, welcome back... now do some work!”

He felt the comfortable hilt of the dagger in his palm, and he gripped it determinedly, despite the fogginess still clearing from his mind. He was leaping forward before he could register; it was second nature to him. The dagger slicing deeply into the scaly flesh of the serpent, the feeling was surreal and satisfying, Akil was accessing his barbarian blood lust and he drew the dagger inward and downward, twisting the blade left and right, his actions fast and instinctive before pushing against the bloody body of the angry serpent, he was suddenly in a backward somersault, flipping his body through the air.

Tor threw the gate shut as Akil catapulted out backwards. His brother landing in the green base of the grove of trees and spinning upward to his feet and into a haunching position. The gate’s creaking ended with sound of a latch and Tor re-inserted his hefty old rusty key to return the lock to its locked position. They were outside of the gate, the serpent’s hissing still screaming through iron gate before the crash of flesh and metal threw Tor tumbling backward. The serpent was far from dead, but mortally wounded, it was thrashing its body against the heavy gate trying desperately to dislodge its new prison door.

Boom, B O O M, it kept up its attempts, but the gate stood resolute and unmoving. The creature one side and Tor and Akil finally on the other side.

“Thanks for the key serpent, you’re no longer the serpent of the gate, ha, ha, if you survive, you will become the prison snake!” Tor snapped facing the gate. He could see the two angry yellow eyes of the creature in the darkness behind the iron work.

“May you die in your own stench!”

Tor turned away from the gate, he had the hefty iron key in his right hand, gripping it by the handle end, and finding a suitable target he began to wrench the iron key into the air, maintaining his grip until he had worked up strong momentum. The hefty key was then sent whistling through the air landing with a thud a distance away from he and Akil.

They embraced, covered in serpent blood, they had escaped the serpent’s lair, they were in one piece, thankful to have their lives. Akil did not look back, he tuned away from the serpent’s hissing and cussing, he was determined to clear his mind from the invasion caused by the creature, it was disturbing to think that the creature was able to reach into his consciousness, to gain power over his mind. But Akil had to focus, he had to keep progressing onward, so they moved quickly, leaving the cave and the world they knew behind. Tor and Akil were alone, they had no clan, no one to supervise or rule, no home to return to. They were on the journey of their life.

Tor had remembered to take the two knives he had found in Vodou’s lair with him, giving Akil his choice of weapon. The daggers were their only protection other than their bare hands and their wits. They remained alert and vigilant sticking to the path seeking refuge and a place to clean their bodies before the serpent blood began to dry.

Several hours later Akil heard the welcome sound of running waters, their keen hearing directing them through the undergrowth to a grove of trees, and the waterhole. It was fed by a small rambling river which fed another narrow water stream. The pool though was a serene scene surrounded by sprawling trees, with limbs that seemed to interconnect with each other, forming a circular structure around the pool. Their roots feeding from plentiful supply of fresh water. The trees formed a barrier to the outside world but did not cover the pool with a canopy. Warm bright sun shone into the pool during the day, causing the waters to glisten. A shady sided warm pool of fresh water is exactly what the two young barbarians needed after their harrowing experience inside their cave and their narrow escape form Vodou’s lair. They were covered in blood and remnants of semen; they needed to wash and revive.

That they did. The waters cleansing their bodies, and with the last remnants of the day lifting from their bodies, Tor and Akil frolicked playfully. Tor’s hair forming into a small tail down his back, he left Akil in the pool and climbed onto the bank of the waterhole. He knew Akil was watching him, he could feel his lover’s stare, he was used to it. Tor turned to face Akil, who was returning to the bank as well.

“Thank you, brother.” Akil said swimming forward toward Tor.

“How can I repay you? You felled the serpent, snapped me out from its gaze, found the key and two daggers.” Akil recounted the encounter while admiring his beautiful lover standing on the edge of the waterhole.

“But you found this place Akil, this looks safe to stay tonight!” Tor responded shaking his head and using his hands to comb through his wet hair which he began to fling around, knowing his brother would find that fetching. Tor needed release, he needed to work out his frustrations of the past day. He was realising how horny he was becoming and the sight of that handsome face swimming gracefully across the waterhole’s surface toward him, made him hungry.

We’ve no food, Akil, maybe you should feed me your milk, that would be a nice a payment. Then your very experienced tongue could take care of this!” Tor had spread his legs, his fingers running across the red cord traversing his slender hips and then around the edges of his wet red bulge, he traced the bulging penis beneath the thong’s pouch. “I think your tongue could extract some of this water from my pouch.”

Akil’s smile erupted as he gracefully swam toward his brother lover.

“I’m happy to pay the toll!” Akil said as he emerged up the gradient bank, water cascading from his muscular body.


Tor and Akil’s erotic adventure will continue soon.

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