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Brothers Broda
Part 4 - Quest - Jet Part 1
By Scorpio

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Brothers Broda

Quest - Jet Part 1

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After hearing the story of their birth from their fathers, Tor and Akil suddenly meet a powerful warlock who appeared into their play cave. Tor and Akil were already tied to their erotic devices; their fathers had tied them, to tell them of their birth, and the ordeal they, Ragnor and M’Thosa had to endure in the months leading to their birth.

The warlock used his powers to quickly capture and bind Ragnor and M’Thosa. Reizhul then proceeded to tell the same story from his perspective, revealing that it was he, twenty-two years earlier that conducted the magical birth of Tor and Akil. He had anointed the two babies in the cum of Ragnor and M’Thosa, caused to endure a long draining orgasm as Tor and Akil were delivered. It was Reizhul that had anointed the new-borns in the enchanted cum of their captive fathers.

Reizhul recounted howTor and Akil had been destined to grow up in the care of the Great Wizard, Erosius. An evil creature, he had wanted to bestow magic on his two foster sons, and their fathers would rot in his dungeons. However, Reizhul recounted how Ragnor and M’Thosa had escaped their captivity, how they had stolen the new born babies from Reizhul’s care and that of the coven of witches charged to raise the toddlers before handing the children to the evil Great Wizard.

Erosius was furious but decided to let them live, he would bide his time to prosecute his revenge.

So Reizhul completed the story and banished Ragnor and M’Thosa to the place called Ikhareth right before the eyes of the helpless Tor and Akil, they were sent to a place of agony and pain, unspeakable castigation would be Ragnor and M’Thosa’s punishment in a hidden dimension. After banishing the fathers, Reizhul is left with his two erotic captives, the stunningly beautiful and virile barbarian youths, on the edge of an orgasm that will launch them on a quest to find and save their fathers. On the edge of a journey that would become the stuff of legend.

They were on the edge; an overpowering and rich orgasm was emerging, causing their bodies to arch and strive. The magical bonds holding them strapped tightly. Akil screaming with his head thrust back as far as he could push it, his sexy sandy blonde locks of hair flowing as he thrust his head. Tor riding the pleasure horse, strapped tightly to the implement, his bulge dripping, bubbling precum that erupted from his loincloth under thong. Tor was crying out. Akil was crying out.

Reizhul walked over to Akil, his hand was trembling with excitement as he cupped Akil’s drenched thong bulge.

“Your penis is beautiful so hard, so wrapped in drenched thin leather Akil, your favourite thong you like play in, am I right? Erosius, your patient father will be pleased!”

Reizhul held Akil by the buttocks, he was kneeling before the beautiful young warrior, he pulled the pre-cum spurting bulge into his face, using his buttock hold to pull Akil’s sumptuous straining bulge toward his face. Akil spurted sweet warm nectar into Reizhul’s face, the orgasm was brewing, Akil was staring into the abyss of a major lake or orgasmic pleasure. Akil’s body straining, his ropes creaking, flesh trembling, the scent of beautiful, erotic perfection intoxicating the warlock.

Reizhul returned to his feet after several Akilian spurts of pre-cum had moisturised his face, he had spent several minutes rubbing his face in the sumptuous warrior’s drenched bulge, his tongue worshiping the length of Akil’s throbbing penis wrapped in the thin leather of his thong. Tasting Akil’s pleasure.

“Please warlock m, mer must cum!” Akil begged between his screams of submission, his voice loud and demanding. Akil was offering his raging bulge to the warlock, pre-cum flinging across to the warlock.

Reizhul wanted to lick his lips, but he had coated his face for Tor, knowing the horny young warrior could not resist his lover’s juices. He departed Akil, leaving the young barbarian trembling and pulling desperately in his bonds screaming out on the edge of his orgasm. Reizhul was drenched, his hands slippery with Akil’s juices. He approached Tor and stopped momentarily to review the image of intense beauty.

Tor was stretched on the pleasure horse, his magnificent and powerful legs pulled backward and outward from his body, the wooden toy, pushing Tor’s pelvis forward, his torso also pulled backward by the restraints mercilessly pulling his wrists and arms. Reizhul had extended the toy earlier in the story-telling session and Tor was stretched cruelly, erotically. He was throwing his head in different directions as his orgasm, like Akil’s, was being held at bay by the warlock’s evil power.

Precum bubbled from Tor’s thong bulge.

Reizhul arrived at Tor’s side, the sweaty body rippling with every twist and turn of Tor’s erotic writhing, his sumptuous moans, and cries of utter submission to the pleasure serving to inspire the warlock on his devious trajectory. He wanted every part of Tor, this sexual, erotic warrior, like Akil was insanely beautiful, his allure was magical almost. Tor was coming into his own and Reizhul revelled in the bound young erotic god’s magnificence.

Reizhul let the tips of his fingers enjoy Tor’s heaving chest, the small erect nipples exploding with allure were making him horny. He felt their firmness, listening to Tor’s frantic hissing, watching the abdominal muscles contract and pulse with every breath this beautiful young barbarian was frantically taking. Enjoying the sound of the charmed ropes creaking.

“L l l let usssssssssss c, cer, cum!” Demanded Tor with spit flinging from his mouth as he tried to speak his words.

But he was cut short, Tor tasted his brother.

Reizhul was feeding his fingers into Tor’s mouth, feeding Tor the generous amounts of Akil’s pre-cum he had harvested and transported across to him.

“Special delivery!” Announced the devious smile on Reizhul’s face.

Reizhul moved his face closer to Tor’s, it was still wet with Akil’s pre-jiz.

“Want some more of this precious delicacy Tor?”

Tor looked at Reizhul’s glistening face, he was frantically horny, his tongue emerging demanding to taste the nectar smeared on his assailant’s face.

“That’s right boy, it’s all for you, lick it all up.”

Tor was spurting pre-cum too, his orgasm was so close, it was threatening to be rich and wholesome, layers of exquisite pleasure waiting to release into his throbbing erection.

“Good boy Tor!”

“Lap up Akil’s essence!”

Salty, sweet, viscous, and warm. The nectar of Akil making Tor drunk and delirious, erotically intoxicated.

Tor could not speak, his face alive and screaming silence in the moment of delirious abandon, but the orgasm remained elusive. Tor was lost in pleasure, lost within his bondage, his enjoyment pushing through his body in every twist and writhe, he tasted Akil, the flavour so erotic.

Reizhul felt the loincloth under-thong, it was irresistible, it was straining to contain Tor’s throbbing shaft, he enjoyed the almost rhythmic motion of Tor’s hips, pushing his pelvis up and outward, the penis length clearly enjoying the wet fabric of the thong, clinging tightly to it, goading his pleasure, the bubble of juice preceding the spurt of pre-cum. He placed his mouth over the raging sexual object allowing his tongue to explore the bulge, feeling Tor’s amazing penis head as if it was not housed in the thong, directing the warm spray of pre-cum into his mouth.

Reizhul dined for several minutes before stopping and licking his lips.

He stood back gulping and clapping at the same time. Both Akil and Tor were exactly in the state he wanted them; both ready for their orgasms to enfold them and for their cum to erupt. But Reizhul had other ideas, he wasn’t ready to let them have their prize so fast. He stopped clapping, standing between the two raging bulls, opened his hands, one toward Akil and the other toward Tor.

“Halt! Uncle Reizhul doesn’t want you to have your pleasure just yet!” He said it in a calm and collected manner.

Akil had tears in his eyes, he cried out.

“No, please, let me cum!”

But it was no use, his bulge buzzing, oozing, he strained in the tight bondage, looking deliriously at his still bubbling bulge, his erection fighting to break through the thin leather of his thong pouch. His buttocks clenched as he vainly thrust his pelvis attempting to re-kindle his lost orgasm.

Akil was weeping, he had been at the shore of a raging ocean of orgasmic pleasure for what had seemed like an eternity, and it was now reducing to a mere trickle. He looked at Tor, his beautiful brother moaning, laid backward in his bondage, his erotic bulging loincloth bulge wet, with a stream of pre-cum oozing down from it. He looked exquisite, erotic, and helpless. Akil was still aroused and horny and the sight of Tor in that vulnerable position fuelled his pruriency.

“Oh, you boys have grown up, haven’t you!” Reizhul announced.

“So young and beautiful, virile cum producers!”

Akil pulled on the cruel ropes, throwing his body in a fit of rage, his body demanding release, demanding to ejaculate. He had been deliriously bought to the edge and then left wanting. His sweaty body rippling in the dancing bright torch lights of the cavern.

It was then it dawned on him.

“Where are our fathers warlock?” Akil demanded still fighting his bonds twisting his magnificent body.

“Ha, ha, ha!” Akil had made Reizhul laugh out loud.

“It took you a while, Ha, ha, ha!”

Tor started coming around too, he had tears in his eyes, his moans were deeply sexual, and needy, but he soon recalled the happenings before they edged toward their orgasms.

“Yes, gah, Warl…” Tor had to shake his head to clear his mind, yet his bulge remained buzzing, he had to focus. “…wiz, warlock, where have they gone?” Tor demanded suddenly pulling on his bonds as frantically as his brother, his mind starting to clear.

”Ragnor, M’Thosa! Where are they?” Tor demanded again focusing his attention on Reizhul, he didn’t notice the string of Pre-cum shooting through the air like a whip as he thrust his beautiful body in his strive to break free.

Reizhul ducked from the rope of nectar, laughing.

“Yes, your virility is not in question boys! Erosius will be very pleased!” Reizhul announced.

“Now to answer your queries, your fathers are paying for their crimes, they are alive and screaming!”

“Ikhareth, it is a special place, bondage, punishment, agony and pain, these words do not give Ikhareth justice, they are too weak, insufficient, and lacking. It is in a hidden dimension, a private place. They are alive, but they wish they were dead, they will get used to their punishment, in time!”

Reizhul was licking his lips, sweet barbarian nectar still covered his face, he licked his fingers and gazed at Tor’s now rounded bulge, the erection abating, it was covered in lubricant, Tor’s store of juice was abundant as was Akil’s.

“You two probably noticed some interesting powers developing in the past weeks!” Reizhul said with a smirk on his face.

“Gah, what of it warlock?” Akil said defiantly, causing Reizhul to turn his head.

“Such a sexy voice from such a beautiful young man!” complimented the warlock.

“My incantations and your anointing in the prepared semen of your so-called fathers back at your birth are beginning to bear fruit! Erosius will be glad to hear the news!”

Reizhul walked behind Akil, enjoying the sight of the young barbarian’s tight muscly buttocks, and the thin leather strap of the thong dividing across Akil’s hips after emerging at the top of the Akil’s buns. He ran his fingers up through Akil’s crack, scooping up the musty moist sweat. Licking his fingers, Reizhul then caressed Akil’s lats and pecs while remaining behind the stretched young hero. He enjoyed making Akil moan in delight as he twisted the young barbarian’s nipples.

“Leave him alone you foul warlock!” Tor screamed toward the debaucherous scene unfolding in front of him. The sight of the warlock molesting Akil was both arousing Tor and angering him.

Tor’s attention was diverted momentarily to his thong bulge, he moaned deliciously as a bubble of late harvest pre-cum emerged. Tor trembled, pulling the evil ropes holding him securely to the pleasure horse.

“You are turning your brother on Akil!” Reizhul whispered loudly in Akil’s left ear, he was looking over Akil’s shoulder enjoying the sight of Tor’s helpless trembling body serve the fresh emission of pre-cum.

“I might have some of yours if you don’t mind Akil!” Reizhul said before moving around to face Akil from the front. He licked Akil’s chin and simultaneously caressed Akil’s thong bulge lightly, enough to create a surge of pleasure. Reizhul breathed deeply, enjoying Akil’s hot breath as the horny young warrior moaned into Reizhul’s face. A warm offering of pre-cum coated Reizhul’s palm.

“Good boy!”

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhh” was all Akil could voice, it mingled with the sound of the creaking ropes and the formidable frame he was tied inside.

Reizhul licked is hand and then caressed Akil’s sweaty body, he could feel every muscle every sinew of the beautiful young barbarian’s body flex and contract as Akil desperately tried to re-discover the orgasm that had somehow dissolved, he was wracked with pleasure, but he needed to ejaculate desperately.

So, it was with Tor.

“You two are more delicious than your fathers when they were your age. Such exquisite sexual gods, you boys have developed into the magnificent fighting machines, virile, and full of cum. Your father has watched you develop albeit from afar. I have been watching too, watching your bodies, watching your presences develop, leaders, warriors, sexual gods. I have watched your powers starting to develop.”

Akil spurted a load of pre-cum causing the warlock to smile, pause and wipe his robes.

“Yes, so virile, so perfect!” Reizhul moved to the space between Tor and Akil as he spoke the words and after wiping his robes and licking his fingers, he turned and gestured his right hand toward Tor, pointing his index finger at the seething, writhing, and oozing, young barbarian. He gestured his finger and arm as if he was drawing Tor and the pleasure horse toward him, closer to Akil.

With a grating and rumbling sound, Tor’s bondage device began to move forward and closer to Akil, stopping in front of his brother only feet away. The magic causing Tor’s torso to lift, from the cruel force pulling him backward. They were eye to eye, they could feel each other, they could smell each other, yet the warlock did not permit their bodies to intersect. There was no space for the warlock to stand between them, Reizhul stood to the side enjoying the view of bound beauty writhing in a dualis of sensation.

“You came to this secret cave to play, you both arouse each other, thongs of sheer male magnificence, caressing your penises, caressing tightly between your exquisite buns. Mighty warriors of bondage, secrets so deep, and now you know the information your so-called fathers have withheld from you all this time. Enlightened, bound and lost in pleasure, yet stricken with grief for the loss of your fathers!”

His laugher filled the cavern, Reizhul’s twenty-two-year-old plans were unfolding even better than he had envisaged. He had prepared for this moment, pondered it and now he was enjoying it, the two barbarian warriors were even more erotic and sexual than he or Erosius had planned, so much potential, so much power waiting to be unleashed.

He needed to test them. They were princes in the realms of their native jungles and lands, but they had a future far greater than that, Tor and Akil would become supreme, but that was not going to be handed to them on a platter! They had to be tested, they required development, their cum was not yet purified sufficiently, their infant powers remained to be discovered in full.

“Ragnor and M’Thosa are in a transitive dimension of torture; bound, they will endure intolerable agony and not be allowed rest, a magical world, and the master of Ikhareth will ensure that they are sustained within its confines, denied their deaths, they will long to die, to escape their torment, their voices etched in agony and despair. Ha, Ha, ha!”

More laughter rang through the cavern.

Warm pre-cum spurted on their bodies Tor was flinging his juices to Akil and Akil tried desperately to touch his bulging thong onto Tor’s bulge. They strained yet were stopped with only inches between their oozing, wet rounded mounds. Desperate to access the illusive and re-festering orgasmic crescendo.

Reizhul watched intently, Tor’s moans of delight accompanied the slowly growing penis inside his thong bulge, Tor’s eyes were screaming the pleasure, his mouth open and drooling, but no sound emitted from his beautiful, straining body, a silent scream of admittance into the festering tornado of pleasure, the orgasm, starting once more to ruck, beginning to accumulate and delight his penis. His cock spurting lubricant before it as it arose and formed, pushing against the thin leather once again straining inside the thong pouch, his penis head throbbing.

“Akil!” He could barely say his brother’s name, Tor was spitting saliva. He was staring into his beautiful brother’s eyes, feeling the hot spurt of Akilian pre-cum splattering on his Abs. Lost in the orgasmic build-up engulfing him. So close, so ready to ejaculate, needing, wanting, craving.

Akil’s eyes too were screaming. His thong bulge drenched, his body glistening in Tor’s sexy sweet pre-lube, two bodies writhing in harmony accessing an ocean of orgasmic pleasure, just waiting to break the dam wall and engulf them.

“I’ll leave you two to marinate in the pleasure, I have a surprise for you!” Reizhul announced.

“Gah ggggggg, god no!” Stammered Akil.

The mere sight of Tor’s spectacular pleasure wracked spurting bulge, his brother’s magnificent straining body, his bondage, was feeding Akil’s need to fulfil his orgasm. He was craving Tor’s cum as much as the elusive orgasm that the evil warlock was keeping at bay from him.

“Such sexual specimens, purveyors of erotic ecstasy the Brothers Broda!” Reizhul announced turning his head over his shoulder and then back to his work, letting the brothers stew, and cook inside the majestic flows of bulge pleasure.

“What are you up to warlock?” Tor had found his vocal chords once more. He was thrashing his head left and right, sweat streaming over his forehead, and over his rippling musculature, every strain, every push, and contraction inside the strong bondage forcing his sweat to emerge, he was glistening, struggling, yet still able to see that Reizhul was up to something.

The warlock turned to face the erotic scene once more.

“You boys came to play, indulge your cute little bondage fetishes in your secret play cave, are you enjoying the ride so far?”

“No, don’t answer that my young virile brothers, you will get your climax, I will milk every drop of your special cum, I am a gracious master. But you must first listen and learn a little more!”

“So, what have we learned today? Try and concentrate boys, I know it is a little difficult, but I have faith in you.”

“Yes, you were born in bondage, anointed in enchanted barbarian cum, destined to become great, but you were stolen, thieves had taken you from your rightful father and master. We had invested so much effort in torturing Ragnor and M’Thosa, building their Broda power, magically enhancing their semen stores and milking their beautiful virile bodies… For you!”

Akil was straining, fighting, enraged by the festering pleasure in his bulge, his sexual desire for Tor pulsing through his chest, he strained forward trying to lick Tor’s body, but his bonds were too restrictive.

“Pay attention boys!” Reizhul said laughing.

“This is a mere taste of what your father can reward you with!”

“But first we know you will want to find and rescue Ragnor and M’Thosa, we will send you on a quest, a journey to test your minds and bodies, you will find many things, and many will want your bodies, your sexual alure your ambrosia!”

“Bah!” Tor was twisting and straining, pushing his pelvis with all his might, he had to touch Akil, his need for the pleasure was driving him like a task master, he could not resist the drive, the need to access the dynamic flow, he was once again teetering on the edge of orgasm, and the warmth of Akil’s pre-cum slattering on his bulge and his lower abs was fuelling his desire. Tor trembling and crying out, he was spraying pre-cum too, his penis screaming, demanding, scraping, and clawing its way to the orgasm it so desperately craved.

But they were not admitted to the climax, the warlock kept the oceans of pleasure at bay again, he wanted to watch the erotic show unfolding. Listen to the sounds of submission, bondage, and pleasure. He stood back, circling the duo as they writhed, strained, and spurted, juices dripping, bulges so close to an embrace, lubricating each other as Akil and Tor strived and cried out.

“Such magnificence, we have created sexual gods master!”

Reizhul was not talking to them though, behind him a swirling light was twisting and turning, orange and red light, punctuated with swirls of white and vortex of rich colour turning slowly and determinedly. It was booming and the sound quickly drowned Tor and Akil out. Reizhul seemed to shimmer in front of the vortex, his arms open wide as if embracing Tor and Akil from his vantage point in front of the vortex.

“Your sons, Erosius!” Reizhul had to scream above the imposing sounds of the magical hurricane swirling brightly behind him. He was presenting the brothers, the lovers, the erotic captives to Erosius, the great Wizard.

“You have served me well, once again the voice boomed through the whirlwind of colour, the orange, red and white swirls seemed to embrace Reizhul from behind, glowing with deep and rich colour with every syllable, the vibrations filling the cavern embracing Tor and Akil’s writhing bodies.

“They are well developed, ready to embrace their heritage, they pleasure well! Have you have not tasted their cum?” The Great Wizard asked.

Reizhul laughed as loud as he could to fight the booming angry vortex’s loud swirling tempest behind him. “They shall endure the edge of their orgasm, a little gift of pleasure from their masters while we bestow the harnesses and I will anoint them in their cum, just as they were anointed at their birth. Tor and Akil will become famous, erotic, and irresistible, sexual magnificence will fester inside them as they quest!”

Erosius was pleased, he could see them clearly from his side of the portal, he had chosen not to be present, Tor and Akil were not to see him at this stage in their development, they were not permitted to lay eyes on Erosius before their development was complete.

“We will meet Akil, we will meet Tor! Know this, that I am your rightful benevolent father, the most powerful Wizard in the known worlds, I am patient. You shall face me when you are ready when your destinies have been fulfilled. Mighty warriors, and we shall rule, but first you must know your path, the path to glory and power, listen carefully, my beautiful boys, great power awaits you, but you must be proven worthy!”

The vortex dissipated as quickly as it had formed, a loud whipping sound could be heard as if the last vestiges of the magical tornado were retracting into the darkness, into the depths of the cave.

Reizhul was left holding two leather harnesses, a red thong, and a lime green thong.

“These are yours boys, gifts from the Great Wizard!” Reizhul caressed the thongs, sniffing them, licking them.

“They will fit your bodies perfectly!” He said putting the skimpy garments down onto a small table he had conjured.

He turned to face Tor and Akil after placing the thongs neatly side by side on his little table. He held the leather harnesses out toward the writhing barbarians.

“One for Tor!” He said allowing the harness to magically appear on Tor’s upper body instantly.

The harness wrapped Tor’s body tightly, fitting across his chest, caressing the underside of Tor’s heaving sweaty pecs.

“One for Akil!”

The harness was identical to Tor’s and fitted itself to Akil’s body perfectly, his darker skin contrasting the harness. Akil’s harness was of a lighter, cream coloured leather to that of Tor’s, the magic infused leather almost glowing as Akil continued twisting and striving on the edge of his climax.

Next, the warlock produced an Orb, the golden sphere was floating in front of him instantly, turning slowly as it hovered dutifully. Reizhul was pleased with himself, he was pleased that Erosius’ plan was beginning to unfold. The two sexual gods were theirs to shape and fashion, but Akil and Tor needed to prove their worthiness.

“This golden globe, this orb will direct you boys, your journey must be fulfilled if you are ever to see your so-called fathers again.”

“The Eye of Erosius is its name, but you can call him ‘Eye’! Eye will direct you!” Reizhul’s attention was momentarily taken from the Tor and Akil, he had to speak loud and forcefully to attract their attention from within the tornado of sexual expression captivating their bodies. Tor and Akil could see Eye, it was glinting and spinning faster and faster as Reizhul was speaking.

Faster and faster, it had become a whir, and had moved of its own accord between the two writhing and drooling virile captives hovering up and down and its furiously fast revolutions were creating the image of a single blue eye. It surveyed Tor first then turned its attention to Akil. Evil and devilish sounds resounded around the cavern.

“Cum!” The voice became clearer, supernatural and high pitched, the word lingering for several moments.

Again, it spoke, “Cum!” Long and careful, the sounds lingering in Tor and Akil’s minds.

“Ooooh goody!” Reizhul announced with glee, his eyes aflame, magic coursing through his body.

“The magic requires your barbarian cum!” Reizhul could feel the magic tingling up his spine, he could feel destiny, he could feel the majesty of the moment unfolding, a momentous event, deeply private, yet pregnant with possibility. This represented the genesis of a new legend; it was a kismet that required fulfilment.

“So, you shall cum!” Reizhul said watching Eye ascending to a position above the two horny, deliriously sexual young men.

Reizhul approached them, a hand on each of their sweaty, glistening bodies, moist heat shimmering against their skin, spittle spraying as they begged for their release, they had to cum, their orgasm had been brewing and fermenting so long.

Reizhul licked their nipples carefully, savouring the salty sweat, his hands moved carefully attaching themselves, his left hand on Akil and his right hand on Tor, he felt their erections through the drenched thin leather, magnificent penises throbbing and wet, lubricated meticulously for this momentous event.

Their climax would signal the start of their adventure, a quest of epic proportions.

Tor stared intently at Reizhul, his eyes delirious, his face contorting.




Tor’s words were laboured but determined, he spat his words into the warlock’s face. But it was Akil who finished the desperate sentence.


The orgasm was rippling through his penis, ripping into his body, every cell in his body screamed and the presence of the warlock’s hand and fingers squeezing his raging thong bulge goaded the orgasm to energize.

Akil and Tor screamed violently, their long-awaited orgasm had commenced.

Akil’s scream penetrated Tor’s very soul, it was feeding the emerging orgasmic eruption evolving inside his penis, radiating throughout his thong bulge.

Tor’s reply was equally exorbitant, enticing Akil’s senses sensually, Akil’s penis was exploding, he could feel the seal opening, tears screaming from his eyes, the richness of the pleasure engulfing his drenched thong, sweat, pre-cum, desperate cries, creaking timber and straining ropes fuelling the magnificence of the moment.

Tor’s eyes were wide, he stared into Akil’s eyes, thrusting as hard as he could.

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss” Tor screamed toward Akil.

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” was the response from Akil.

They both looked down, their bulging, thin, drenched leather wrapped penises were suddenly joined, thrusting their bodies together, they had accessed the magical orgasm, they were sharing the same intense orgasm, ripples of pleasure energy joining them in an invisible forge gluing their straining thong bulges together.

“Expressive, energised, enjoyment. Barbarian’s joined in a frenzy of excitement, join their pleasure, I command the ejaculate of Broda. I command the orgasm! Rise oh mighty power of pleasure, release the dormant gifts, bring these magnificent specimens into their destiny, release them, make them irresistible, sexual gods, infused, and powered by bondage!” Reizhul screamed the incantation, his arms raised, his left arm pointing toward Akil, his right toward Tor.

Both Tor and Akil were staring intently at their fused bulges, fused together, by orgasmic magic, inescapable, a climax of rich flowing tones of pleasure, their bulges spurting pre-cum, their bulges sliding up and down each other, yet unable to be released inside the orgasmic glue holding them together. Pleasure infusing them with every sensual and erotic slide, buzzing, the orgasmic climax threatening to destroy their minds, it’s intensity throbbing and infusing every fibre of their merged penises, their cum bubbling inside their members.

They said it together, completely in sync, their minds, their writhing bodies, their bondage, their unified orgasm “muuuuuuuuuuuuust cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! Let us spurt. wizard!” they begged

The Eye lowered, it had been hovering above them, spinning in an excited response to their climax, the image of the eye perfectly formed within the spectacle of the whirring magi-erotic manifestation. The Eye demanded their cum!

“Ejaculate your Broda essence barbarians!” Its demanding voice evil and eerie.

“I demand your seeeeeeeeeeeeemen, your essence, together you will be joined inseparable as your juices flow!” The Eye formed into a bowl as it spoke, still whirring and humming.

Their screams were exquisite, the cum flow exploding a new layer of tight orgasmic pleasure into their bulges, their penises throbbed physically as the first gush of barbarian ejaculate exploded, it ripped their thong pouches open, exposing the magnificence of their spectacular penises to the hot moist air. Cum spurting and spraying their bodies in sheens of ejaculate.


The second wave of orgasm exploded from the base of their penises, pushing the next wads of semen, up their throbbing shafts and out into the open. Hot cum splashed on their chests, on their faces and their delicious moans filled the cavern with sensual tones adding to the eerie sounds of the whirring magical bowl collecting their semen.

“I demand your cum!” Reizhul screamed over and over.

They filled the floating bowl within several minutes and the magical orb returned to its image of the eye, it blinked once and then again.

“I approve of your seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…men!” it hissed.

“I am pleased!” It announced smugly after 10 minutes of resounding, evolving climaxes.

Tor and Akil were spent!

Their bodies hung limp; the orgasm had drained them almost draining their bodies to death! Akil hang, his head slowly turning from side to side, limp, his bonds no longer creaking. Tor lay back, his pelvis slowly thrusting, his head was bobbing backwards, he was moaning quietly, his penis no longer erect, it oozed Tor juices.

Reizhul surveyed his handywork and watched the Eye buzzing between the two almost naked young men, he soaked up the sexual allure that the magical orgasm had conjured. Even the mighty Reizhul could feel the erotic pull, he could feel his own sexual needs bubbling inside him. His spell had worked with the dual orgasm and both Akil and Tor had become sexual sirens, he needed to touch them, he revelled in his own power, knowing that they would attract the desire of many as they embarked on their quest.

He used his power to move the two bondage toys apart, enough for him to access their trembling, sticky naked bodies. As he proceeded to massage Akil, feeling the supple skin moisturised by the sacred semen of Broda he listened to the eerie sounds of the Eye.

“You are satisfied Eye?” he enquired, his hands remained feeling the flesh of Akil, swirling the young hero’s beautiful and moist penis in his left hand. He had personally circumcised both brothers before they had been stolen by Ragnor and M’Thosa as babies, he enjoyed feeling the sensual organ, the ridges of the penis head were delighting every sexual fibre in his body.

“His penis, is perfect, his cum is pure!” He announced.

“Yessssssssssss!” was the Eye’s response, its high-pitched tones conveyed its satisfaction.

“I have tasted the cum of Broda, they are mine, and… I will watch and, shall we say, care for them, they are sacred, they are erotic, their bodies will fulfil their destiny. I will guide them!”

“Taste their sacred semen Reizhul, the Great Wizard rewards your patience and work!” The Eye said turning to gaze at the warlock, before blinking slowly.

Reizhul obeyed, he moved toward Tor, both hands on Tor’s hips, he listened to the irresistible sounds of Tor’s satisfied moans. He licked Tor’s still buzzing hanging scrotum, savouring the combined semen residue, he held Tor’s penis out licking it, sucking the sacred cum and enjoying the way Tor’s body trembled. His tongue explored the crown, feeling the ridges of the majestic sexual organ slowly, savouring, before licking and sucking the cock head into his mouth allowing his tongue to explore the opening of the penis, Reizhul then enjoyed his reward, he sucked Tor’s juices.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Such beauty, such ecstasy to taste and hold you young man.” Reizhul said after a minute of sucking Tor’s remaining semen.

Reizhul then moved to Akil, he sucked the juices from Akil’s penis too, worshiping the shaft, enjoying the beauty of the organ. His hands grabbing the last vestiges if the torn thong, still stuck to the side of Akil’s body, he peeled it off and carefully slid the strap through Akil’s buttock crack. Holding it up he approached Tor with the remnants of Akil’s thong, it was saturated in semen and sweat, the very essence of Akil, his erotic sexual allure embodied in the torn garment.

He proceeded to remove Tor’s under thong in the same manner, along with the outer flaps of the young barbarian’s sexual loincloth, it was still clinging dutifully, stuck to Tor’s body. As he peeled the garment, slithering it through Tor’s buttocks, he placed Akil’s drenched thong onto Tor’s face.

Tor’s body trembled and his face eagerly and energetically sucked and sniffed his brother’s sexual sent, the flavour of the semen intoxicating him. He pulled vigorously on his bonds as his body accepted the juices.

Reizhul then forced Tor’s ripped and saturated loincloth onto Akil’s face and into Akil’s mouth, allowing the outer flap of the loincloth to sit on the top of Akil’s head, sticking to the skin of Akil’s shaved head, the garment dropped down over Akil’s face, who sucked with all his might, he had the sudden urge to drink and taste of the alluring sexual scent and flavour of Tor. His body trembling as it too accepted the sensual input, he, and Tor, both enraptured in moment of acceptance.

Tor and Akil then cried out in synch, just as they had in the binding orgasm.

Their bodies buzzing, tingling.

Muscles striving against the enchanted bonds.

Bondage devices creaking as they struggled.

The magic was releasing power, infusing sexual power into their bodies.

Their penises rising and once again oozing pre-cum which ran down their growing shafts.

Reizhul then stepped back, licking his hands, licking the sides of his mouth. He had tasted the perfection of the sacred semen. His tongue had savoured the sacred testicles and the shafts of power. His reward buzzing inside him. The warlock felt his magic surging, knowing his master was pleased.

“Your expedition begins today!”

“Eye shall see you through the quest, it will appear when your tests have been completed, you cannot access the prisoners, your thieving, so called fathers until Eye is satisfied. You have satisfied Eye today, your semen, your gift has pleased it, but it is just the beginning. Listen to Eye when it appears, listen to its directions, overt or in riddles. Complete the quest and prove your worthiness. Only then beautiful barbarians, will you be permitted your attempt to save Ragnor and M’Thosa.”

Akil had regained his senses, he spat the loincloth from his mouth and stared at the warlock then to toward Tor and then toward the Eye. Tor too had stirred and was coughing and spluttering as he lifted his head spitting out Akil’s thong.

“Mmm, you taste delicious Akil!” Tor said smiling, pulling on his bonds. He looked down at Akil’s oozing penis.

“Fuck you’re so beautiful!” Tor announced, pulling on his ankle restraints. He looked at his own penis, enamoured at its sudden beauty and allure.

Akil too was mesmerised by his own beauty, he watched his pre-cum ooze from the head of his semi-erect member, the crown of his penis pink and vibrant, it glistened in the lights of the cavern.

“The magic, the sensual allure is even affecting you both!” Reizhul said clasping his hands together in glee.

“But, now your crowning glory, your coronation as it were!” The warlock was holding the vibrant red and lime green thongs in front of him. “These will serve at consolidate your power, your sexual appeal!” Reizhul let the garments brush the underside of Akil’s penis.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat magic is this?” The exquisite young barbarian moaned in delight as a flood of Akilian juices coated his penis. His body straining to contain the energy filling his chest like a fire.

“Good Akil!” let the energy explore your body, your harness is buzzing, is it not?”

“Yesssssssssssssss warlock!” Akil could barely speak.

Reizhul repeated the process with Tor before leaving the two naked and enthralled barbarian beauties to writhe and twist in their bondage, their penises twitching and flinging pre-cum.

Reizhul knew that the two heroes were craving the thongs, their sexuality, their carnality screaming once again, and so soon following their delicious orgasm, he revelled in their virility, knowing only the thongs could satisfy their sudden sensuous needs, they needed their balls wrapped, their penises craved to caressed inside the pouch, their buttocks, their boy holes, needing the thong strap to tighten into their most private and sensual places.

Reizhul held the garments toward Akil and Tor. They hung from his two index fingers.

“Gifts from your father, you crave them, your pretty cocks need them so badly! I know Tor, I know Akil!”

“These cannot be ripped by your super orgasmic pressure, they will require your pleasure, your juices, they will power you, but you must learn to harness them. Your sexuality shall direct you, creamy cum will feed their power, your power, yet torture and agony shall infuse them too, ha, ha, your lives will be consumed by your thong pouch, and the tightness caressing your boy pussy, filling your cracks with insane power fuelling your horniness, but as I said, you must learn to control this if you are to save your beloved Ragnor and M’Thosa.”

Tor looked at the warlock, he was buzzing, he was becoming horny, and his desire for the thong to caress his body were making his newly fitted, tight harness to vibrate even more. He looked at Akil, revelling in the beauty of his body stretched so erotically in that bondage, licking his lips as he watched Akil’s penis twitch, emitting a pulse of his juices.

Reizhul enjoyed the sight too, his evil smile erupting as he spoke. “Red and green, we want you pair to stand out. These garments will enhance your masculine beauty and enhance the attraction that all creatures will experience when they encounter you! You two will be popular young men!”

Akil could not resist the surge of desire that overcame him as he looked at the garment. “Give them to us warlock, get it over with! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” He pulled desperately trying to reach Reizhul’s outstretched hand with the lime green thong being held toward him. He looked at Tor in that moment too and noticed the sensuous look on Tor’s face as he too struggled desperately flinging pre-cum.

But their behaviour changed instantly.

The garments were no longer hanging from Reizhul’s hand, they had magically appeared on their bodies, the fit incredible, tight between their buttocks, they felt the sexual energy shoot up into their anuses, filling their rectums, buzzing their prostates deliciously.

The pouch caressing their balls like silk, kissing their penises inside the pouch which allowed their members just enough space to move, forming an erotic bulge, rounded, yet allowing the outline of the penises to show. Exquisite and sexually dynamic, and every movement of their bodies igniting the thong pouch to produce tiny tendrils of pleasure that lassoed their penises and scrotums and gently dissipated.

They were both moaning in delicious delight, tears erupting from their eyes.

Tor could feel his delighted penis purring as it slid inside is new red pouch, the pleasure tantalising his senses, he felt his bondage fuelling his horniness. He enjoyed the way Akil slowly thrust his lime green, fucking majestic bulge slowly.

“What are you doing where wer, werzar d” Tor was stammering and trying to form words as the sexual energy filled his pouch, his chest buzzing inside the delicious harness he had been fitted. He felt the pre-cum emitting out onto the surface of his red bulge.

“Pretty boys, pretty bulging thongs, sexual sirens!” It was the Eye speaking, but it was Reizhul mouthing the words, the moment was magical, unnerving, and evil wrapped into one, Reizhul had approached Tor as the words were spoken, he caressed the newly crowned, newly formed bulge, anointing the erotic mound with Tor’s abundant pre-cum.

“Your bulge is anointed Tor!” He exclaimed moving toward Akil.

Reizhul was emitting deeply sensual, yet high pitched purrs as he used his hands to caress the two perfectly formed globes of Akil’s buttocks, he moved himself into position kneeling behind Akil watching as Akil tried to turn in his tight spreadeagled bondage to watch him. Reizhul proceeded to indulge his tongue, licking the warm crack, his tongue pushing into Akil’s heat.

Akil trembled, he could feel his pouch energise with every lash of the warlock’s tongue between his buttocks. The precum felt exquisite as it ripped through his cock and bubbled to the surface of his lime green bulge.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Akil’s moan was long, deep, and sensual.

More tears welled in his eyes, making Reizhul blurry to Akil’s vision, the warlock had moved to face him, and Akil felt the energy well, deep inside his pouch as Reizhul caressed his bulge. He spurted into Reizhul’s hungry palm which the warlock then massaged over the bulge.

“Your bulge is anointed Akil!”

The wizard stood back to face the two virile barbarian princes.

“You writhe so well my pretty boys! Now you must listen carefully to the Eye, try to pay attention!” Reizhul gestured to the spinning magical apparition which positioned itself, lowering from above, down between Reizhul and the two bound sexual gods.

It was forceful yet tender, the Eye spoke to them.

“I will be your guide, I will direct your journey, I won’t protect you, your quest will be dangerous and difficult, but you must endure and prevail. You must, if you are to save Ragnor from his torment, you must, if you want any chance of reaching M’Thosa!”

They listened as carefully as possible, pulling and striving on their bonds.

The Eye continued.

Your bodies belong to Erosius, great and mighty wizard! The garments are his, you are his and he has decreed your quest, he wants to test you, make you into his generals, the powers are yours, the pleasure, the bondage will develop you and your strength will slowly build, taking over your minds as well as your bodies, every whisp of pleasure, so enjoyable will deliver you ever so slowly into his evil power.”


Akil fought his bonds, straining and stiving to free himself and somehow crush the evil Eye, his fate dawning on him. But a spike of pleasure germinated inside his penis, causing him to spasm and his juices of ooze between his spread legs.

The Eye paid no attention and continued unfazed.

“Erosius is a fair master, if you can resist this encroaching power on your bodies and minds, and, if you can find and release your beloved, so called fathers, Erosius will relinquish his claims! Erosius will pardon all the wrongs and let you, Ragnor and M’Thosa free! That is fair! But if you succumb to his delicious power, they will be lost and you will become his consorts of power, a new evil force that will strengthen his power irrevocably for eternity!”

Tor could not believe what he was hearing. He screamed toward the Eye, knowing Erosius was probably watching through floating eyeball staring at he and Akil.

“We will never succumb Wizard, just watch us, we will overcome your evil, gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Tor was fighting the carnal desires, the tantalising pleasure pulsing up his rectum delighting him, his anger and tenacity fighting the magic.

But suddenly it all seemed to stop, he looked toward Akil, he could see the confusion on Akil’s face, and his attention was again demanded by the Eye.

“I shall direct your quest, you must embark today, leave this cave, your safety, leave this place and take your journey, if you refuse, Ragnor and M’Thosa’s death will haunt you for the rest of your lives. Brothers Broda so strong and true, leave this cave and journey to, journey to places that have been decreed, journey to your destiny. Mighty warriors you must become, to save the fathers from whose penises you have come. Every step and each lesson along the way will draw you closer to destiny, your sexual virility, so perfectly displayed in bulges of thongs, your pleasure they will seek, or your death, who can tell, one thing is certain beautiful fighting boys, each step of your journey is making you into the perfect sexual toys. You must embark southerly now; you will know the way as you proceed toward the enchanted forest of greed.”

The bonds holding them disappeared. The Eye had vanished too and the whispering sounds of Reizhul filled the cavern as they fell to the ground, the sounds dissipating into depths of the cavern.

“Until we meet again, Tor and Akil, I will savour the taste of your cum, farewell!”

They were alone, writing on the floor of their cave. They were feeling the effects of the magic dissipating, but the tantalising whisps of pleasure persisted in their bulges. Suddenly free, suddenly alone, their adventure was just beginning.

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