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Brothers Broda
Part 3 - Quest - Genesis Part 3
By Scorpio

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Brothers Broda

Quest - Genesis Part 3

Special thanks to Ragnor and M’Thosa for their input and inspiration

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Tor and Akil had arrived at their play cave, horny and ready for fun. Akil wanted Tor tied up for him to enjoy, his perfect erotic captive. But on arrival they had found their fathers, Ragnor and M’Thosa had infiltrated their little secret sex play grotto.

Ragnor and M’Thosa had decided that it was time to tell the boys about their birth and their mothers. They began their story after binding Tor and Akil to a couple of their own bondage play implements. Ragnor and M’Thosa wanted to emphasise the bondage and how it applied to their sons’ birth.

Halfway through the story, a warlock named Reizhul interrupted the story, he used his magic to restrain Ragnor and M’Thosa, Reizhul, the warlock had all four barbarians bound, he then continued the story.

Reizhul walked around the cave play grotto surveying his capture, barbarian royalty was his to enjoy in that moment of conquest. Ragnor fighting the ever-moving sensual ropes that slithered across his muscular form, he had twisted himself onto his side fighting the might and power of the enchanted bindings. They wrapped his wrists tighter and tighter; it was swirling around his neck forcing him to twist and turn his head gasping for air.

M'Thosa grunting, he was seething with anger, he was in a violent fight with the enchanted evil rope constricting his body, his feet desperately kicking on the dirt floor of the cavern, he was on his back, arching his body upward as he fought with all his powerful might.

The ropes creaked and twisted constricting their victims into a sensual dance as the ropes released enchanted whisps of spore, they had no choice, Ragnar and M’Thosa were fighting so hard and so violently against the warlock’s magic that they were breathing in, with every gasp of precious air, the very magical spore that would excite their sexual arousal.

Reizhul had the brutes exactly where he wanted them. He walked between them, listening to their grunts, their hissing, their vain attempts to fight his magic. He loved their beautiful and majestic bodies writhing, twisting, striving against the ropes entwining their beautiful bodies.

“Ties that bind, ties so kind, deliver these brutes into a sensual lust, rekindle their memories, and pleasure their bodies!” his incantation caused a glow to appear around the two striving erotic men their vain struggles transforming into writhes of sensuality, their hips thrusting as they began to feel the need to access pleasure.

“Let the ropes delight you M’Thosa, they will creep and slither sensually between your buttocks, you are feeling desirous, and very needy.”

“Ragnor, mighty Ragnor!” Reizhul was bending down, looking into Ragnor’s eyes, Reizhul impressed at how beautiful his captive looked, Ragnor’s face exploding with sudden delight.

“Whar, what is this, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmn?” Ragnor was feeling his bulge tingle, his cock was hypersensitive, his body suddenly bursting with delicious sexual energy, his words slurring. He looked into the pale-yellow eyes of the warlock.

“Lay back mighty warrior, enjoy the road, you and M’Thosa are taking a ride down memory lane, I’ve chosen the sensual path, the one that will make you so horny and very, very needy. You and M’Thosa will remember your crimes and enter an eternal world of sexual denial, of torture, pain, and agony. Payment for your crimes!”

Reizhul ran his fingers over Ragnor’s clammy flesh, pushing the brute over onto his back. He then positioned M’Thosa into the same position. They were facing Akil and Tor, they were striving inside the sensual spell, and erotic ropes, right in front of their boys.

Reizhul then used both hands facing outward, he was standing between Ragnor and M’Thosa’s heaving bodies, glowing inside the orange hue surrounding them and the erotic sensual and persistent ropes, he had his back to the sons, he gestured, pointing one hand to M’Thosa and the other to Ragnor, lifting his fingers upward and backward toward his own face.

Ragnor felt the unseen force lifting him off the floor, he and M’Thosa were floating and facing their sons.

“Come closer boys, er, should I say sexual brutes!”

Reizhul began to step backward toward Tor and Akil, backward drawing M’Thosa and Ragnor along with him.

“Let’s have some quality family time, shall we?” Reizhul said with a flair in his voice.

Ragnor and M’Thosa were suspended, and writhing, ten feet from their two beautiful boys, Reizhul stood between them lifting his hands and spinning around in a fit of glee. The torches lighting the cavern erupted and the cave pulsed with light.

“A family conference, a little peek into the past boys, yes that is just the ticket, you know they say that the past informs the future. History is his story” Reizhul was pointing at Ragnor and then M’Thosa. He erupted into a fit of laughter, before quickly turning his back to Ragnor and M’Thosa.

Walking over to Akil in a determined manner, he grabbed Akil’s face.

“Get off me you freak!” Akil said trying to prize his face from Reizhul’s grip.

“So beautiful, every single handsome feature of your face and beautiful body makes me desire you so much Akil, you ooze sexual power, unspeakable and deep, you have turned out exactly as we planned.” Reizhul said looking Akil’s struggling and stretched body up and down.

He shook his head in a playful display pretending to be overcome with desire.

“Brrrrr! Ha, ha, ha, I must control myself with so much sexual power bound around me!”

He jumped back into the middle of the four stiving men.

“History is about critically engaging with the past, the present and…” Reizhul then paused for effect, “…the future!”

He looked toward Tor, his eyes fixed on the way Tor was pulling on the enchanted ropes, and the way his bulging wet loincloth was displaying in the glowing lights of the cavern.

“Mmmmm, such erotica, such powerhouses of potent sexuality.” Reizhul said licking his lips.

“Shall I continue the story, now that we all look comfy and settled in for the rest of this exciting tale, your history lesson continues my beautiful young warriors!”

He stepped toward Tor, running his hands through the mop of sandy blonde hair Tor was sporting.

“Another handsome and erotic young man!” He said looking into Tor’s angry eyes. Reizhul admired the sheer magnificence of the mighty Tor, his body presented on the sex toy horse, his arms straining, pulled backward, his pelvis pointing out from his backward stretched struggling body, the moist erotic strong bulging like a siren attracting Reizhul by its utter beauty..

Tor spat at the warlock, but this only fired Reizhul up further. The warlock wiping the spittle from his nose, he licked and sucked it from his fingers.

“Can’t waste a drop of your fluids Tor, they are very precious indeed, but we must work on your social skills, ha, ha, ha!” Reizhul was turning his attention to Tor’s bulging loincloth. His fingers had traversed the bumps and valleys of Tor’s heaving abdominal musculature, he had toyed with the young barbarian’s belly button and his fingers began to traverse the beautiful mountain of thin wet leather, the bulge so delectable, moist, and full. Reizhul worshiped Tor for several seconds, his hand still attached, massaging, the wonderful and erotic offering, he turned to address Akil, Ragnor and M'Thosa.

“Shall I continue to tell how these two delicious young virile young men were born?”

Tor struggled as much as he could, his face straining upward to get a view of the evil warlock fondling his loincloth and thong.

“Get your hands off me!” Tor demanded.

Reizhul just smiled, returning his attention toward Tor.

“You are our property my pretty Tor, you always have been and always will be, I will enjoy you and your delicious ‘brother’ as much as I please!” The warlock then slid the loincloth over the under thong and causing Tor to hiss as the pleasure caressed his penis.

“You were expecting Akil to worship this this morning, am I correct?” Reizhul asked with a smile on his face.

“Fuck off!” Tor said pulling desperately on the enchanted bindings.

“Enough!” Reizhul demanded, his eyes changing colour and glowing red.

Ragnor and M’Thosa began to struggle violently as their enchanted ropes tightened on their bodies, the bindings were choking the brutes violently.

“They will die in front of you if you do not do as Uncle Reizhul states, so give me some silence and respect boys or your fathers will take their last breaths here and now!”

Akil struggled violently but the tightness of the ropes stretching him compensated for his outburst.

“Gah, you’re not our family” he said glaring toward the grinning warlock.

“Get your filthy – Bah – hands off Tor!” Akil demanded.

The warlock ignored Akil and M’Thosa thrashed his body violently trying to resist the magic squeezing him, he and Ragnor grunting as the mix of pleasure delighting their thong bulges and the tightening ropes continued to constrict their bodies in so many devious ways. The sexual energy was profound and intense.

Reizhul then began to concentrate on Tor’s bulge, his hands allowing the sexy thin leather loincloth to rub over the beautiful under-thong causing Tor to turn his body sideways, his moan of delight and his trembling body revealing the sensation the warlock was delivering into his body.

“Aghhhhhh” Tor’s moan competed with the other sounds discharging from Akil, M’Thosa and Ragnor. Four beautiful barbarian royalty were Reizhul’s playthings, in the depths of Tor and Akil’s secret cave, inside their private pleasure grotto.

Reizhul was having a great time, he knew exactly where he was, his spies had followed Akil and Tor all their lives, secret little beings had never let the pair out of their sight. The elf-like spirit pixies that communed with crickets and other large insects were always reporting to the warlock through the network of the spirit world.

“So!” Reizhul said, licking his lips, after enjoying a long flavoursome lick of Tor’s beautiful bulge.

“This is the play-den! You my delicious friend…” Reizhul said glancing up into Tor’s determined and straining face before glancing over to Akil, “…you and Mr handsome over here…” pointing to Akil, “…have become quite the pair, brothers, lovers, and my sources tell me, desired by many in hundreds of districts and shires!”

Tor began to struggle.

“Get off me!” He demanded.

Reizhul ignored the outburst, turning to survey his captives.

“Now that we have all calmed down a bit, those ropes will stop choking your fathers for now, I want them to enjoy the story, I want you all to enjoy the story and the proceedings!” Reizhul had moved to the centre of the ring of the bound beauty, he was still enjoying the last vestiges of Tor’s nectar.

He created a fist with his right hand, holding it outward from his body, while turning slowly, enjoying the sight of Ragnor struggling, then M’Thosa, floating and struggling, both twisting and thrusting their thongs upward and downward, then to Akil, his stretched struggling body, rippling and contorting, his sexy play thong sitting proudly on his tanned body, his bulge was moist and inviting. Then to Tor. He smiled.

“Beauty bound, sexuality abound, today these brutes shall enjoy the sound. The sound of truth, the story sweet shall cause these men to treasure the past, and such treasure will manifest in beautiful pleasure!”

The incantation complete, Reizhul opened his fist, it was glowing bright orange, and a ball of orange light with dancing lines of orange light all circling a bright orange core, he threw the ball of sparking orange into the air and clapped his hands.


The room filled with orange light and the hundreds of lines of orange light that were circling the central orb dashed off tearing around the cavern and colliding with each of the bound barbarian royalty. Their bodies contorting as the devious lines of light infiltrated their helpless bodies. They each cried out in pain as their bodies were penetrated by the magic darts of light, but it was quickly replaced by moans and cries filled with erotic tones.

Throwing his head backward, twisting his body, thrusting his pelvis, Akil cried out toward the back of the cavern loudly, his bulging thong was crawling with pleasure. All four men took several minutes to calm down, all four men were wet, their thongs starting to glisten as the pleasure stimulated their glands to produce nectar, royal nectar.

Reizhul surveyed his bound boys clasping his hands and licking his lips.

“Now that we are all in the right frame of mind…” he said smiling, “…let’s get on with the story, just so you know, as I tell the story, your beautiful man pouches will enjoy the words as much as your handsome faces will, your bodies are linked to what I have to say, in many deep and seated ways, these words will ring true! Ragnor and M’Thosa cannot escape their memories, their crimes, and you my two delicious young sexual men.” Reizhul was pointing at Akil and Tor with both hands as he addressed them. “You were born of magic and bondage, your bodies have grown into the beauty and perfection that we intended, your sexuality, your physicality, your spirituality belong to something so powerful, so inexorable, and mighty, yet so tender and loving - he wants you back!”

Tor felt the magical delights surging and abating inside his chest, his penis tingling gently, he could feel his nectar delighting his penis head as it emerged into his bulge. His moan was soft and erotic, and he looked over to Akil, their eyes met, eyes full of desire and hunger. Akil was drooling from his mouth, and his favourite sex thong. He could tell that his beautiful Akil was excited and aroused too.

Reizhul then began the second half of the story that Ragnor and M’Thosa had begun earlier.

“Now, where were we?” Reizhul said tapping his left temple.

“That’s right bondage, births, and magic!”

“You know boys!” He was addressing Tor and Akil, “Your fathers were as beautiful as you are now, but I must say, they haven’t aged a day, when I look at their heaving and struggling muscles, those two bulging thongs, so erotic, so stimulating, they still have the same virility as when you were conceived and born!”

Reizhul walked over to M’Thosa and grabbed the magnificent barbarian’s mohawk forcing him to look at his sons. M’Thosa wasn’t choking anymore, the warlock having released the ropes from their assaults on the necks of the fathers, but the creaking ropes continued to surge and squeeze their bodies. M’Thosa was grimacing as he looked toward his sons, Reizhul’s grip was strong and forceful.

“Beautiful, the boys have turned out beautiful! Sexual brutes, handsome and so sure of themselves, you have cared for them well, looked after them like good foster parents!”

Ragnor couldn’t help himself, his anger was bubbling up inside him emerging and trumping the magical forces acting on and inside his body; his fatherly pride and instincts kicked in, in that moment. He struggled violently, pulling against the devious ropes, glaring at Reizhul who was still forcing M’Thosa’s head upward.

“Get your filthy hands and magic off our SONS!” Ragnor screamed the words spitting anger and saliva toward the gloating warlock.

“But that my beautiful brute is where you are wrong, you and M’Thosa are thieves!” Reizhul was glaring back toward Ragnor.

“Now be quiet beautiful brutes if you know what is good for you. Let uncle Reizhul tell the boys the truth!”

He let go of M’Thosa’s hair, throwing M’Thosa’s head sideways in a fit of anger, as he walked toward Akil.

“We let your fathers care for you, always planning this day of reconning, forces far greater, far powerful are at work here. So, my stunning young brothers…” Reizhul pretended to be thinking again, he had walked across to Akil and was licking Akil’s left erect nipple, and once he finished his lick he moved back into the centre. “…that’s right, your fathers often screamed BRODA when we tortured them, so my stunning young ‘Brothers Broda’, today you learn the truth and we think a good education is important! Now listen carefully! Let my words infuse the magical energy that will enhance the story, it will add a dimension to the story, your fathers will recall every detail and they will feel the same pleasure that heralded your entrance to this world, you will feel enjoyment that will give you a glimpse of what we made you to be.”

Tor thrust his loincloth forward, he moaned deeply staring at Akil, staring at the drool of precum emerging beginning to form and hang from Akil’s thong bulge. Akil felt the sensation too, his eyes were rolling back into his head.

They moaned in synch with each other. “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” their eyes fixed on each other’s erotic bodies.

“My words will stimulate the pleasure boys!” Reizhul announced. “So, you will need to concentrate as I speak, the magic will control you as it will your fathers.”

Ragnor and M’Thosa were both writhing and twisting inside their ropes, floating opposite the boys and Reizhul took the que to continue the story.

“After the insemination, Ragnor and M’Thosa remained inside the coven’s milking room, they were milked for hours until, let me think back, Hmn, M’Thosa finally cum dry. Ragnor had given his seed completely several orgasm’s before M’Thosa! They were drenched their cocks so beautiful and majestic. The witches took them at my command to a podium in the centre of the Amazonian Women’s village. The witches showing off their naked and exhausted prizes. They tied them back-to-back, impaled on a smooth thick rod forced into their anuses, Ragnor on one end of the rod, M’Thosa on the other end. Their ankles tied together, forced backward and outward from their bodies. Ragnor’s ankles fastened to M’Thosa’s, the rod impaling their bodies holding them together yet apart. Their arms stretch tightly above their heads and stretched to a thick beam of hardwood set above the display podium. Beautiful, powerful heroes, the semen donors for the Great Wizard’s new sons, were on display! Their majestic cocks, the instruments that offered the sacred barbarian seed.

Akil was drooling, the magic working his body with waves of sexual energy as Reizhul recounted. Ragnor was trembling his muscles twitching and his penis alive with sparkles of pleasure exciting his loins.

Four men moaned in unison and Reizhul continued the story.

“The crone arrived at the Village and made her way through the crowded village centre, it was packed, warriors full of victorious emotion fighting to see the beautiful men that had spawned the chosen offspring. She walked up onto the podium and stood by the writhing captives, these twenty-year-old beautiful young men tied and displayed, naked and helpless, pulling on the bonds, fighting for freedom from the sexual torment, their balls and penises still wet from their milking, moist and supple, she lifted Ragnor’s penis, holding him reverently in her hands, cupping his scrotum.”

M'Thosa cried out at this point in the story; a spike of energy shot into his rectum, he could not escape Reizhul’s words, they were plundering his body deeply and profoundly, his pleasure delicate, sumptuous and inescapable.

“I was there, boys! Do you remember me standing behind the crowd? The witches did my bidding, I offered them power, and influence, they captured the most virile and magnificent male specimens, worthy donors of cum, worthy of torture!”

Ragnor remembered, he remembered many occasions where he had seen Reizhul watching from a distance. Ragnor cried out “Yes it was you!” before convulsing and drooling spittle, the pleasure overwhelming his body in a wave of magical tingles caused his pecs to flex beneath the sensual ropes constantly moving around his body, stimulating him, tightening, loosening, teasing him. But it was the words of Reizhul that seemed to energise the ropes, filling his body with erotic waves of delight. He thrust his hips and tears of pleasure ran down his face as his pre-cum began to pump.

Reizhul’s eyes lit up as he watched Ragnor succumb to the magic.

“So glad you remember my beautiful Ragnor. Do you remember the sensation that filled your penis when the Crone held your cock up to display the instrument that delivered the sacred semen seed of the barbarians?” Reizhul said returning his gaze to Tor.

“Your beautiful father could not resist the Crone’s magic and his body trembled, he was fighting the ropes but he and M’Thosa’s struggled only served to drive the rod deeper into their bodies, they were writhing and fucking themselves all at once and the Crone’s magic wasn’t really needed, their cocks hardened tingling with energy, and were drooling pre-cum. They fed the entire village for hours, their cocks oozing the sacred clear nectar for the village to consume. They were drunk by the afternoon, the barbarian nectar intoxicating them. They were joined by juice to the future chosen ones!” Reizhul’s hand was playing with Tor’s wet loincloth, peeling the outer flap from Tor’s bulge. Tor was trembling and drooling lost inside his erotic funk.

“Don’t speak Tor!” Reizhul gloated, “listen to my words, be a god boy, let the pleasure fold your bulge into a world of beautiful sensation befitting your own beauty.”

Tor responded with a bubble of pre-cum forcing its way onto his bulge for Reizhul to lick carefully.

He licked his lips and continued the story.

“After the feeding had abated and the women returned to their abodes, drunk with barbarian power fuelling their own Amazonian strength, the Crone once again ascended to podium to toy with Ragnor and M’Thosa, both drunk themselves, the rod still fucking their twisting bodies, pre-cum still drooling. She presented two thongs to them, one red the other green. Before they were taken down, bound and marched back to their cells to be dressed, M’Thosa was given the green thong and Ragnor the red.”

“For nine months Ragnor and M’Thosa were tortured, the pain and agony casing them to cry out ‘BRODA, BRODA’, each day we changed the nature and the veracity of the pain. Their sacred bodies filling with power as their torture continued. My favourite was the fire pit, Do you remember boys, don’t answer that, ha, ha, ha, I’m sure you do…”

Reizhul had moved to Akil, he was kneeling before Akil’s bubbling bulge, the thin leather thong displaying Akil’s captivated penis head, Reizhul was mesmerised as the bulge moved with every erotic writhe and thrust of Akil’s magnificent body watching the penis’s movement inside the wet erotic garment. He scooped up some of the pre cum drool and licked his hands.

“Akil just loves this story, I’m so glad!” Reizhul said, lounging between Akil’s stretched legs to drink more of the young barbarian’s oozing juice extract.

He continued.

“They stoked the fire pit for days and when the huge chunks of molten coals were ready, they stretched Ragnor and M’Thosa, spreadeagled high above the rising heat, their bodies facing the midday sun, the seething heat of the pit below them. The viewing platforms allowed their captors to look down on Ragnor and M’Thosa. Naked except for their thongs that the Crone had presented to them after the feeding frenzy weeks earlier, they were soon covered in a sheen of sweat, writhing in the swathes of heat rising from the fire pit below them, the ropes creaking and taking the stretch of their beautiful young struggling bodies, they would often become erect inside their thongs, as if they endured the torture, the bondage, but it was the Broda power that the agony was spawning inside their bodies, it aroused them even as their captors lowered their majestic bodies closer to the fire every hour, even beneath their screams and cries, their Broda strength worked its way into their bodies!”

Ragnor was looking at his bulge, the waves of pleasure incited by Reizhul’s voice were overtaking him, and he moaned deeply, licking his lips as his next load of pre-cum erupted on his pouch, his eyes rolling and delirious.

“Stop please, Aghhhhhhhhhhhh! Ragnor pleaded with the warlock.

Reizhul looked up toward Akil’s straining face, Reizhul was drenched in Akil’s pre-cum, having positioned himself directly below Akil’s bulge and between Akil’s stretched and straining legs, he wiped his eyes and licked his lips. “Hmmm daddy remembers, Akil, he is loving the story so far and, I’m so glad you are too! You have sweet delicious nectar my beautiful young man!”

Reizhul paid no attention to their pleas, entreating him to stop.

“After most of the day suspended and being cooked, their writhing and striving bodies scorched and their minds delirious and scattered, the witches had Ragnor and M’Thosa dragged to the Bubbling Springs of Elomar, where they were tied once again spreadeagled; their exhausted bodies unable to resist their handlers, pulling them onto the hot rocks. Once they were tied carefully and helpless, the witches would summon the springs to release their healing waters, spurting upward an over their bodies, the witches would massage the healing warm water into Ragnor and M’Thosa’s bodies, using a salving creamy douche which would begin to fizz and crackle on their bodies. They were meticulous, every part of their body received the healing attention, especially their bulges, and their thongs, their sexual organs and anus’ given particular attention; they had to be in perfect working order, receptive to stimulant and ready to receive the pleasure stimulation for their night of pleasure edging.

Once a month they were allowed to ejaculate, they would be milked violently on the assigned night of semen.”

M'Thosa cried out, his tears running down his cheeks, his bulge pointing outward, oozing pre-cum, his body trembling as every syllable of Reizhul’s story sent waves of erotic delight into his body. He was twisting and grimacing, and the slithering ropes continued to squeeze his muscular form in an ongoing sensual and everchanging bondage experience.

“M’Thosa remembers well!” Reizhul announced triumphantly.

“Now! This form of torture and agony followed by healing and then pleasure had become a way of life for your fathers, they were subjected to unspeakable things, they were milked in wild displays of erotic bondage once a month but edged every night between the nights of semen.”

“Nine months of Broda power build waiting for your birth, but only eight nights of semen, in the final month before your birth the witches followed my orders exactly!” Reizhul said, standing next to Ragnor, playing with Ragnor’s straining pecs, twisting the pert nipples, and patting his devilish ropes that continued to course across Ragnor’s helpless body. He stuck his fingers into Ragnor’s open mouth, in a moment of spiking pleasure, wracking Ragnor’s body and then licking his fingers enjoying Ragnor’s spittle.

“Ragnor remembers, doesn’t he?” Reizhul said laughing and turning toward Akil.

“You see boys when the time of your birth was near, I ensured your fathers were attended to with much more care, their bulging thongs were attended to meticulously, their pleasure was intensified by a well-guarded spell, and the potion oil provided to me by the Great Wizard himself. You remember Ragnor, and you M’Thosa, I couldn’t leave this job to mere witches, it was MY job to anoint the cum cows, to compel the fountains of pleasure, to ensure Ragnor and M’Thosa’s semen was ready, and enriched, it had to be perfect for your arrival! I alone was entrusted with the spell and the sacred oil, for the ritual of virility, Erosius the Imperial Great Wizard had entrusted me, and I ensured your birth was heralded in the fanfare it deserved. I remember looking at Ragnor and M’Thosa each night of that final week, two handsome and sexually majestic male specimens, perfect muscular builds, perfect exquisite sexual bulging thongs. You pair were, and remain exquisite and erotic marvels, it was your spectacular virility, your sexual essence that Erosius wanted extracted and transferred to his precious two infants. I was entrusted with that task.”

Akil was thrashing in his tight bondage, his eyes wide and his body trembling, every muscle straining, his thong alive with deliriously beautiful pleasure, his penis oozing pre-cum though his erotic bulging thong pouch, it flung around from his struggling body and his drenched thong. Reizhul looked on Akil’s beauty, his handsome young face, alive with dazzling erotic pleasure coursing through his chest, his bulge, his feet, his clenched hands, his nipples.

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Akil was gushing his moans, striving inside his enchanted bondage. His chest heaving as his utterances gushed from deep within his body.

“I had them brought to me each night!” Reizhul continued the story after bending down to lap up Akil’s sweet pre-cum and to enjoy the feel and taste of this most beautiful young barbarian’s wet and buzzing thong.

“I loved the way they struggled when they saw me, the way they fought their handlers, the ropes that bound their wrists, even after a day of torture, of enthralling and arousing hundreds of onlookers, of their screams peeling through the districts, ha, ha, ha. Such beauty, such power, such defiance still graced them. But the altars held them nicely, the X shaped, smooth stone altars were the Great Wizard’s choice, they held dynamic properties which he had personally infused into the stones when his stonemasons were fashioning the altars. Do you remember Ragnor, the sensual hold the stones had on your body as we stretched your beautiful strapping young supple body to it? I remember the way your body trembled, as you were tied down, so majestic, so beautiful, your arms stretched, your legs spread your thong resplendent, and your proud bulge was mine to enjoy!”

Reizhul looked across to Tor and was struck by the uncanny resemblance, struck by the same feeling of power and arousal he felt in those last nights before Tor’s birth, he looked at the writhing beauty and licked his lips as he continued.

“You see I used the oils each night, the spell required the oils and the enchanted altar, I watched and massaged their trembling bodies, I worshipped their man bulges, allowing the spell to penetrate their sexual organs, my fingers exploring their warm anuses that the witches had prepared during their daily cleansing in the Bubbling Springs of Elomar. I attended to each of them, two beautiful sexual toys spread on the sacred altars, their cum, their semen, precious and prized could not be spilled until the correct moment. I ensured that, didn’t I M’Thosa? You begged to cum each night in that final week. How your beautiful body craved the release, the yearning to give of your sacred juices was intense. My fingers, my mouth, my tongue enjoyed your beautiful bodies, the oils, so enchanting and viscous, your muscular bodies absorbing it, and its properties diffused their sensual and erotic essence into your very souls. By the morning, both Ragnor and M’Thosa were writhing straining beautiful sexual vessels, wet, no saturated in their pre cum and sweat, their bodies sliding and slipping on the smooth stone worked into frenzies of pleasure. Such erotic magnificence. They were denied their orgasm, but I bought them to the precipice many times, didn’t I boys. But it was for the best, their semen stores had to be perfect and it as a delicious process that needed to be performed each night for seven nights. It was on the direct order of the Imperial Great Wizard himself!”

Tor was screaming, his body thrashing, his outer loincloth had slipped to the side in all his struggles, his bulge wet and resplendent, fat with penis, with his young testicles, so full of cum, so full of his sacred juices. Reizhul could not resist, his tongue explored Tor’s bulge for several minutes.

“Mmmm, such a delicacy!” He stated before massaging Tor’s precum onto the beautiful young barbarian’s rippling and heaving abdominal muscles.

“Your body is exactly what the Great Wizard ordered, Tor! Such perfection, such erotic royalty! I am so pleased and Erosius will be too!”

Tor screamed as pleasure shot into his boy pussy, his prostate buzzing and a line of pleasure was working its way through his penis. His bulge became saturated with pre-cum and he pushed his hips, forcing his bulge into Reizhul’s hand.

“Yes, very pleased my beautiful boy, Tor!” Reizhul licked his hand before smothering his face in Tor’s pre-cum. He licked his lips and returned to his story.

“After each night, their preparations on the sacred altars complete, Ragnor and M’Thosa were hung above their presentation podiums in the centre of witches compound, their bodies still twitching and dripping, pleasure still coursing through their systems. I let the witches enjoy them, clean their bodies, their arms hoisted above their heads, their ankles tied together, meat for the hot morning sun to cure as they awaited their next torture.”

Ragnor and M’Thosa felt the ropes tighten, their ropes pulling sensually between their buttocks, their faces thrown backward as Reizhul’s words intensified the dazzling pleasure.

“You remember the final day M’Thosa don’t you?” Reizhul said looking the heaving Barbarian King in the eye once again after grabbing M’Thosa’s mohawk and forcing his head back upward. His next words to M’Thosa were also directed to Ragnor, and his voice became deep and foreboding, his words causing the Barbarian kings to tremble even more, crying out for mercy.

“PAY ATTENTION!” Reizhul commanded them.

His voice returned to normal but all four of his victims were quivering in delight, their bondage tight and unforgiving, their juices flowing onto the floor of the cave.

“Their torture on the final day was very public, dignitaries from far and wide were assembled, creatures of different type and genome had heeded the call that the Great Wizard had issued throughout the lands and districts. It was quite a crowd! They were to witness the final capstone torture, the very event that would fill the beautiful Ragnor and the impressively handsome M’Thosa their massive load of Broda power!”

“Get on with it!” Ragnor could barely get the words out as he twisted his pleasure wracked body.

“The ‘fathers’ of Erosius’s new children were to be tortured one final majestic time before the birth. Erosius had big plans for the boys, he planned for them to be cared for as young children by the coven, The Old Crone, was one of the Great Wizard’s most trusted emissaries. Erosius planned to take the boys into his care in the great tower. His plans for his boys were and, to some extent remain great!” Reizhul announced looking over his shoulder at Akil and Tor.

“Destiny Boys!” he said with a spring in his voice.

“I personally supervised your final torture and recovery, you remember M’Thosa!” Reizhul forcefully pushed M’Thosa’s head up and down like a ragdoll.

“I had your bodies stretched on the raging stones of agony inside the solar pit. It was surrounded by seating that allowed the dignitaries and invitees to watch the torture. At midday Ragnor was paraded into the pit, his beautiful body prepared in the oils and witch’s stinging serum. He was dressed in a red thong, arms tied, paraded for the crowd to enjoy his beauty, his bound magnificence. He was shown his torture stone and the vat of molten oil bubbling on the fire pit. His cries for mercy, his struggles as they moved him to his torture stone were so erotic. An amazing spectacle to herald the imminent birth of the Great Wizard’s sons. Ragnor was stretched spread-eagled on the massive stone, his struggles were beautiful, and he watched as M’Thosa was led into the Pit and paraded around too. He also wore a sacred red thong, his body rippling and glistening in the preparatory oils, his muscles flexing. He thrashed violently when he saw Ragnor stretched helplessly and when he was taken to the vat, to feel the heat from the molten oil lifting out of the vat, to smell its evil scent. He knew what his torture implement was. They took their time, it was a spectacle for the crowd, but they finally had both magnificent and beautiful barbarians tied down, stretched, and helpless, their oiled, bodies twisting in the hot sun. I started the process and displayed to the crowd how I wanted the barbarians tortured. I used a ladle with oil drawn from the vat, I lifted it into the air for the crown to see. Steam billowing from ladle confirming the potent liquid was ready. I allowed drops to fall on M’Thosa’s feet. His screams filled the amphitheatre, and the crowd was enthralled. I drew more fresh molten oil from the Vat and approached Ragnor’s struggling body. I just loved how his screams felt as they penetrated my body, I could only imagine the agony as the molten drops of oil burned into the flesh of Ragnor’s feet.”

“I remember you cruel cunt!” Ragnor had found composure in that moment, his memory of the torture vivid in his mind, his struggles causing the ropes surrounding his body to creak.

“I allowed members of the crowd the joy of choosing the next part of Ragnor and M’Thosa’s body to be scorched. Kings, witches, ogres, and all sorts of people were given the opportunity to draw the molten oil and drip the contents on Ragnor and M’Thosa’s writhing bodies… drip, drip, drip. On it went for hours and Ragnor and M’Thosa’s screams finally came to an end several hours later as the sun was well into the afternoon. Only the Bubbling Springs of Elomar’s healing qualities could restore them and it took several hours in the lead up to dusk for Ragnor and M’Thosa to be restored. The soothing waters working into every cell in their bodies, the Old Crone’s incantations also ensuring their bodies were at full strength, their libido’s enthused by the waters caressing their bodies. They were taken away to prepare for the births.” Reizhul said smiling and walking over to Ragnor.

Reizhul caressed Ragnor’s juicy wet bulge, he could feel the penis sliding inside the fabric, he squeezed feeling both mighty testicles. Enjoying Ragnor’s moans of delight and the vibrations and trembles of exquisite pleasure, his body was producing.

“They prepared the bulges meticulously!” Reizhul continued, the story while attending to and worshipping Ragnor’s bubbling bulge.

“They were taken to the sacred pleasure room, the chosen birthplace, tied to the altars, oiled, and prepared, their thongs adjusted so that their beautiful sexual organs were presented perfectly for the birth. The very pregnant Amazonian women took the places opposite the two bound, stretched, and horny men. Ragnor and M’Thosa were seething with sexual energy by this time, the oils, the enchanted and healing waters of the Bubbling Brook, their seething Broda power was coursing through their magnificent young virile bodies, their bulges already wet with pre-cum. It was inescapable, their pleasure would herald the births of Erosius, the Great Wizard’s new sons. I personally presided over their pleasure build; I worshiped their bulges into frenzies of sensational delight, edging them several times each while the Amazonian women endured their final labour, all the time the witches were chanting their virility spells. I fed them Ragnor and M’Thosa’s pre-cum, I worshiped their heaving bodies until the Old Crone heralded the birth. I used my power to tilt Ragnor and M’Thosa’s altars upward, allowing them to witness the birth, their pre-cum was showering into the centre of the room as their struggling bodies thrashed. I let them orgasm as your heads emerged and your birth occurred, both father and mothers were screaming in that triumphant moment. Ragnor and M’Thosa’s spectacular cum fountains erupted through their beautiful regal red thong bulges, drenching me, drenching them, and most importantly, two of the senior witches held the new-born babies into the fountains of charmed barbarian cum, shooting from the two most beautiful barbarian captive fathers!” Reizhul said looking over his shoulder toward Tor and Akil but still massaging Ragnor’s bulge.

“So, your fathers were correct, you were born in bondage, born in cum, you are special and your real father, the Great Wizard, Erosius awaits you!”

“They came, and came, I extended their combined orgasms, I wanted every drop of cum, I wanted their Broda power to infuse the cum flow and anoint your squirming bodies.” Reizhul recounted.

“Erosius had decided to keep your fathers as trophies, special play toys in his dungeons, allowing them to witness major milestones in your lives as you developed into his beautiful evil sons, but that was dashed, wasn’t it Ragnor?!” Reizhul’s tone had changed and his worship of Ragnor’s bulge turned into torturous squeezing.

Ragnor screamed out in pain and the warlock ignored him, squeezing, and inflicting increasing pressure on Ragnor’s testicles and M’Thosa fought his bonds vigorously, knowing exactly where the warlock was heading with his story.

Reizhul squeezed and smiled before letting Ragnor’s bulge go. He then calmly continued his story.

“You see boys, your fathers finally found a way to escape the witches clutches, it was several weeks after your birth, they disappeared one night and quickly stole you two from under the witch’s noses. The witches were caring for you in their makeshift nursery and your fathers, Ragnor and M’Thosa stole you while the witches were eating. You see the witches had started to neglect Ragnor and M’Thosa and had taken their attention from Ragnor and M’Thosa, they were more concerned with your welfare and care, so they had neglected your fathers for a week or so! Ragnor and M’Thosa escaped, raided the nursery, and stole you both, disappearing into night! Erosius was enraged, personally overseeing the death of the Old Crone, and enslaving the coven’s witches to his service in the Great Tower where they serve him as penance to this day!”

M'Thosa knew Reizhul would extract his revenge, but his body was engulfed in delicious sensation, the ropes tightening and loosening around his body, he fought valiantly, writhing and moaning, fighting the bondage. His actions served to attract Reizhul’s attention, who walked across to M’Thosa landing a huge back hand blow across M’Thosa’s face.

“Thief!” Reizhul exclaimed, as if pleading a case to a judge.

“You and Ragnor stole the Great Wizard’s babes, you will pay for your crimes! You will rot in the torture world of Ikhareth, a world of cruelty and depravity. You shall pay!” Reizhul’s anger was palpable.

Ragnor felt the pleasure exploding in his body, he and M’Thosa straining in violent orgasmic fits, they suddenly came in a combined, cataclysmically synchronised orgasm. They both screamed as their majestic cum flows jettisoned from their bulges, their screams filling the cavern as their bodies vibrated and jostled inside the enchanted ropes.

“That was you last orgasm Ragnor, enjoy the flavour of it M’Thosa, where you are going, only agony and pain will grace your beautiful bodies!” Reizhul said laughing with evil tones. “The Great Wizard has called in a favour on the master of Ikhareth. He will look after you well for the rest of your lives!”

With that Reizhul spun around, his hands flowing in the air gracefully as he began his incantation.

“Justice served is justice sweet, these two thieves have been discrete, but for their crimes they will reap! So, here forthwith I make this decree, Ragnor and M’Thosa shall depart this space and be consumed at torment’s place!”

Tor and Akil were beside themselves, screaming “No”, fighting their bonds but it was no use, the invocation had called the evil underworld and a torrential tornado of wind swept into the cavern. Ragnor and M’Thosa were suddenly gone!

Reizhul was left with Tor and Akil, both on the edge of orgasm, both consumed with delirious pleasure, but surprised at what had just occurred. Their bodies seething and oozing young virile juices, ropes creaking as they writhed in erotic twists and turns.

Reizhul looked at the sacred sons, enthralled at the sexual majesty writhing and performing in front of him. He spoke softly and carefully with an evil grin on his face.

“Time to discuss your futures boys!”

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