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Brothers Broda
Part 2 - Quest - Genesis Part 2
By Scorpio

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Brothers Broda

Quest - Genesis Part 2

Special thanks to Ragnor and M’Thosa for their input and inspiration

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Tor and Akil are the sons of Ragnor and M’Thosa. They are princes within their barbarian clan world. Their fathers have built a loose kingdom of clans and rule as kings.

Tor and Akil do not know of their mothers, they have never spoken this topic with their busy fathers, they go about their duties in their clan from day to day. Clearly not of the same mother, both are handsome and powerful young men in their prime. Tor fairer in skin tone than his brother Akil. Akil wears his clan’s mohawk and chooses to wear a skimpy thong pouch, his manhood on display as a majestic sign of his youthful vitality. Tor chooses to wear a loincloth to cover his under-thong, the outer flap barely covering his bulge and exposed buttocks, it is inviting and erotic. Tor’s hair is longer than Akil’s and together they form an imposing and handsome spectacle of male beauty.

Akil and Tor are lovers, they share a bond of barbarian kinship, but their bonds run much deeper than that! They both enjoy the same sexual fantasies and eroticism; they share an innate understanding of each other and are starting to notice special abilities.

Akil and Tor made their way to their secret cave to enjoy a session of bondage and pleasure, but their fun was cut short by two intruders.

They have lots of questions and are about to find some of those answers.

“Come on in, We know ya out there” Ragnor said while grabbing M’Thosa’s mohawk hair and forcing his head up to look toward the doorway.

“Dad!” Akil said walking into the flickering lights of their not-so-secret cavern playroom.

“Dad, what…?” Tor started to say when he stepped into the room behind his brother.

But Ragnor cut him off.

“He deserves his treatment! It is our way!”

Tor was glad his fathers had not located he and Akil’s other play toys and he and his brother walked further into the room, Ragnor began to caress M’Thosa’s chest, his left hand making sure M’Thosa’s head was looking forward as a brutish captor would toy with his bound slave. His other hand worshipping M’Thosa’s flexing pectorals, twisting M’Thosa’s pert nipples.

“Gah!” M’Thosa was stretched in the frame that Akil and Tor wanted to use, and the pair of them were extremely horny and the sight of their fathers behaving in this way made them even hornier. It was unspoken, and they both approached with smiles on their faces, hiding their sudden rush of adrenaline.

“What’s the meaning of this father!” Tor demanded as they arrived at the frame and M’Thosa’s stretched body.

“Such beauty, raw power, battle muscles, and the perfect thong!” Ragnor said greeting the two beautiful young men. He was presenting his captive to them like any proud jungle barbarian would. Ragnor walked behind M’Thosa, with both hands now on M’Thosa’s gluteal muscles and his thumbs following M’Thosa’s blue thong material tightly caressing M’Thosa’s Broda fuck hole and the warm crevice between M’Thosa’s glutes. Ragnor looked around and underneath M’Thosa’s right arm which was stretched to one of the upper corners of the frame. He then licked M’Thosa’s lats while watching for the boy’s reactions.

Ragnor was enjoying their little show.

M'Thosa then erupted in a fit of laughter, he and Ragnor were, after all invading the private space of Tor and Akil, they were barbarian boys through and through and he and Ragnor were so proud of them.

“Ha, Ha, Ha we got ya!” M’Thosa said with a booming voice that filled the playroom. He looked down over his body and pushed his pelvis forward, presenting his proud manhood, blue bulging thong toward the two burgeoning barbarian heroes.

“It’s pretty famous in these parts!” M’Thosa said impressed by his own thong bulge.

“Do you like it?”

It was an impressive symbol of M’Thosa’s majestic influence amongst their clan, he and Ragnor were royalty, kings of barbarian proportions but right now they were two barbarian fathers with their sons. Akil was not taken aback but was confronted to see his father in this position and behaving so sexually before his son.

Tor had a huge smile on his face, he thought this encounter was fun, even if a little awkward.

Ragnor walked away from M’Thosa leaving M’Thosa to slowly twist and turn inside his bondage.

“He loves it!” Ragnor said looking at M’Thosa who pulled on the tight ropes turning and twisting his impressive musculature.

The sound of creaking timber and straining ropes was fuelling both Akil and Tor’s already heightened arousal.

Akil hadn’t noticed, but Ragnor had! His own bulging thong pouch was wet, the thin brown leather thong was one of Akil’s favourites, it always felt sensual clinging to his genitals, he chose it to play with Tor, knowing that it was one of Tor’s favourites too. It felt so amazing to his penis and the feeling of the tight strap pulling it close to his body between his glutes made him feel sexual and virile.

“You’re wet Akil!” Ragnor said over his shoulder as he approach his son.

Tor was bound to honour his father and he stood watching Ragnor’s approach. Ragnor was clearly focused on his loincloth.

“You persist in wearing this Tor!” Ragnor said looking Tor in the eye.

His hand though was busy manipulating the light sexual outer flap, it found its mark on Tor’s under thong, Ragnor’s fingers exploring his son’s bulge testing each testicle and squeezing gently.

“Impressive son! And, as I thought, you’re as aroused as your brother.”

Ragnor then looked back toward M’Thosa. Both Tor and Akil standing there amazed at their fathers’ behaviour, they were intrigued and bewildered and fucking horny all at once.

The royal family were finally together, but not in a venue Tor or Akil would have ever thought.

“I know we have been busy, and we have left you both to develop into the strapping young men that you are!”

It was M’Thosa who spoke from the frame while Ragnor walked away from the group.

Akil and Tor had noted the direction that Ragnor had gone. They looked at each other noticing that Ragnor was correct. Tor’s sexy loincloth flap was indeed starting to stick to his bulge and Akil’s erotic play thong was moist.

M’Thosa regained their attention.

“It’s time we had the talk boys!” M’Thosa said.

Akil couldn’t help himself.

“You don’t look like you’re in a position, err, dad!”

The laughter was loud and M’Thosa’s bonds creaked as his body convulsed.

After calming down, he looked over toward the spot where Ragnor had disappeared. “He’ll bring back something appropriate!”

Akil looked toward his Father with a quizzed look on his face.

“How long?” Akil then looked toward Tor for support.

“How long have you known about our cave; this is our secret place?” Akil enquired.

M’Thosa motioned for Akil and Tor to release his bonds, to which they both complied, and as soon as M’Thosa was freed, he slapped both of his boys on the back.

“You too have impressed us!” He said in an approving tone.

“Answer the question!” Tor demanded.

It was Ragnor that responded with a set of ropes draped around his thick neck, he was dragging Tor and Akil’s bondage horse out into the light and both Tor and Akil knew that their fathers had found their storage of bondage toys.

Ragnor answered, grunting as he pulled the hefty wooden restraint implement. He was looking over his shoulder toward them as he and his cargo came into the flickering torch light.

“About - grunt - a year - gah - or - so!”

Ragnor placed the horse next to the frame and he looked at M’Thosa with a wry smile starting to emerge on the corners of his mouth.

He could tell what M’Thosa was thinking instantly.

“Akil, step into the frame!” M’Thosa ordered in his best regal tone.

Ragnor then ordered Tor to the horse.

Tor stood by the horse and watched as his fathers, took Akil’s wrists and ankles, binding Akil tightly inside the hefty frame. Akil could not hide his sexual arousal, he was not hard, not yet, but his sexy thong was glistening in the dancing lights.

Ragnor and M’Thosa stood back to admire Akil’s beautiful body and his erotic wet thong. Tor was erupting inside. He looked at his brother with yearning eyes, he wanted all that pre-cum to himself, his eyes worshiping Akil’s every twist and turn, the creaking ropes making him hornier by each passing moment.

“Get up Tor!” Ragnor’s voice brought Tor back to reality, he was pointing to the bondage presentation horse.

Tor complied, stepping onto the device, and turning his body outward. They stretched his legs outward to the metal loops, binding them tightly and then pushing his body on to the protruding buttock rest. They pulled Tor’s arms backward lashing them with the ropes Ragnor had also bought from the collection of play toys. M’Thosa then turned the wheel slowly watching Tor’s face as the buttock rest began to push forward, stretching the beautiful young barbarian, presenting his moistened loinclothed package forward.

Ragnor and M’Thosa then stood back admiring the beauty of their sons.

“Fine young sexual men, Ragnor!” M’Thosa said.

Ragnor was busily taking in the sight and feeling proud all at once. He reached over to M’Thosa.

“Yes, they are beautiful! More than we could have wished for!”

His body stretched, his loincloth moist and zinging with pangs of discrete pleasure, Tor was embarrassed and turned on all at once, he shot a look toward Akil, and he could tell Akil was in his happy place, but the look of confusion also communicated Akil’s surprise at their fathers’ behaviour.

“What are you doing?” Akil demanded, looking toward M’Thosa, who was standing next to Ragnor, still enjoying the last vestiges of pleasure in his majestic thong pouch.

“Mmm, bondage is so invigorating, isn’t it boys!” M’Thosa said approaching Akil, M’Thosa was licking his fingers and enjoying the bewildered looks on Tor and Akil.

“You know, we left you two to develop into young strapping men, you remind us of our younger selves so much!” M’Thosa continued glancing back toward Ragnor , who was smiling and nodding.

M’Thosa took Ragnor’s nodding as his cue to continue.

“We found this cave months ago Akil, and at first, we were intrigued! We would never disturb you two in your tree house, we have always left your sexuality to emerge on your terms, first we found your muscle equipment and secretly observed your training sessions in this cave and have enjoyed the way you have followed our rule on carefully adjusting your thong pouches. Barbarians must always look both intimidating and project their virile power that energises your Broda musculature. You have made us proud!” M’Thosa took Akil’s voluptuous bulge and adjusted it, looking toward Ragnor for approval.

“Thong inspection is a must!” Ragnor said. “Continue please!”

M’Thosa then approached Tor.

“Then we found this area of the cave and observed the way you play. We were impressed by your delight in bondage play! We have been watching your development, your ability to cum volumes of semen is confirmation of something your father and I have been expecting.”

Tor looked bewildered, turning his face between Akil, M’Thosa and Ragnor.

“Yeah, what of it father? Barbarian’s fight against evil forces, it is in our nature, our way of life, you have taught us that!” Tor said, looking around his shoulder to the ropes tightly binding his wrist to play toy he was tied to.

“Indeed, we have!” M’Thosa cut in on Tor’s response.

“You must know why, you have a powerful sexual bond and deep erotic needs, Tor!” M’Thosa said, toying with Tor’s moist loincloth, sliding the erotic skimpy leather flap over Tor’s under thong.

“Mmm, it makes you horny Tor, we know why you insist on wearing this garment! We respect your wishes!” M’Thosa said looking at his son’s face beaming with enjoyment. “Yes, it pleases you Tor, my beautiful son!”

M’Thosa then returned to Ragnor, leaving Tor to enjoy the delightful pleasure still caressing his bulge and his voice became more serious.

“You were born in bondage, conceived in bondage and we have decided that you will finally learn of your mothers and your heritage, a topic we have kept from you as you have grown, but which, must be told now. You will learn this in bondage, it is the barbarian way and you have proven to us that your sexual development is producing the powerful Broda qualities that we desire for you. You must know this now!”

Akil looked toward his fathers, then down across his stretched body, he was becoming hornier, but to his amazement, he had lost any sense of embarrassment, he was comfortable with his sexuality, his inclination to bondage and pleasure. He was a powerful young and virile warrior, yet this moment of vulnerability in their play cave with his family felt empowering. He could tell that his fathers were bursting to share important details with he and Tor.

M’Thosa then looked to Ragnor to continue.

“We were once like you, mighty virile young jungle warriors, we shared our sex in long sessions of Broda pleasure spurting wads of hot potent jism. M’Thosa always screamed Bro Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa when he came, we covered our bodies in our cream; it is the Barbarian way. We had no idea that we were being tracked and watched. Our juices were being prized by powerful evil.” Ragnor said smiling at M’Thosa.

“He still is my majestic cum cow!” Ragnor laughed slapping M’Thosa on the back.

M’Thosa responded enthusiastically “BRODA!”

Ragnor then continued.

“We were victors in the battle of Sentraal, we had lost many good men that day by that raging river. After defeating the enemy in that battle, your father and I stood on top of several slain orcs with our swords in the air, blood and orc and ogre brain tissue still dripping onto our heads from our raised swords, we were screaming Bro Da, Bro Da, exhilarated with the adrenaline of battle knowing the orc army and their masters had suffered a major blow to their offence into the jungles of Vatin. Many of our brothers had been taken by the raging waters of the river in that violent battle, and the rocky shoreline was covered in all sorts of bodies and blood.”

Akil and Tor listened with growing interest, they had heard stories of this battle and the raging river of death, but nothing first hand like Ragnor was suddenly recounting.

“They appeared, emerging from out of the raging water, three witches, scraggly old women and they started to circle the mound of death we were both standing on, they were enjoying the blood and carnage scattered over the river’s shore, looking up toward your father and me. They were hissing and chanting in harmonies that were creating discords in our minds, slowly bewitching our minds. We were compelled by strong magic bound inside the witch’s song and we climbed down from mound of dead orcs and threw our swords on the shores of the great river. “Come,” they said hissing, pointing their spindly fingers at us and suddenly pointing at the raging waters from where they had emerged! We could not fight the magic and walked into the raging river; I can still remember the powerful current dragging me into depths of the river. It was like hands were grabbing my feet pulling me under. We were unable to resist, and the river took us.”

“How did you…?” Akil tried to respond, however Ragnor ignored the interruption.

“We appeared inside a pen, we were still soaking wet from the waters of the Sentraal river and had no idea how we got there, we were bewildered and took several seconds to realise that we were not dead. One of the witches confirmed that fact too saying, “You are not dead beautiful barbarians.” I then stood up, pulling M’Thosa up to his feet, we were just wearing our battle thongs, and the drenched fabric clung to our bodies, and as we both instinctively started to adjust our pouches, two powerful women jumped into the pen, they struck us with unimaginable strength, we were knocked backwards but we were able to keep from falling back to the floor of the pen. Another blow to the back of our heads, stunned us as they bound our arms behind our backs. They took us to their Coven and threw us to our knees in front of the Black Crone. This evil, black hearted bitch became our captor and immediately sentenced us to torture. They would use voodoo magic in the public square binding us spreadeagled in sacred frames in the hot steamy mid-day sun, allowing the witches to come and go as they pleased playing with their various dolls inflicting immense pain and torturous cuts on our bodies. I remember seeing M’Thosa’s abs being sliced apart as they cut their voodoo dolls to pieces, our blood seeping and draining down off our bodies as the magic slicing of invisible knives cut us apart slowly for their enjoyment. They would laugh and point at parts of our helpless bodies, before inflicting their horrific treatment. As soon as they obtained enough of our blood which, by the end of the torture session was flowing through specially cut channels on the base of the public torture podium, our wounds would heal.”

“What!” Tor gasped, he was enthralled by the story and had almost forgotten he was still bound to the presentation play device. He could feel his pre-cum emerging from his penis, the story was arousing him immensely.

M’Thosa then took over the story.

“Our Broda virility was being charged with every torture session, I could feel my thong almost buzzing with strength and virility each session. They knew exactly what they were doing. At night after they had their fill of blood lust and our bodies had recovered to an even stronger state, they would take us to their Coven milking room, and tie us to their juicing horses, just like Tor is tied to now. They would face us opposite each other, they knew our sexual lust and Broda virility had been boosted by our torture that day, they knew how fucking horny we were, like dragons on heat! They applied their sacred oils enchanted with pleasure inducing magic. Our bondage was tight, I raged for Ragnor, I craved his thong, his body, I craved his cum and sweat, I was so fucking horny and helpless. And they knew it. They also knew we were at the peak of our virility, Ragnor was tied opposite me, he was literally pumping pre-cum from his bulging mass of Broda meat, he would ooze lines of pre-jiz into a goblet from his thong bulge that glistened with his juices. They also collected mine. The pleasure spell used the oils and tapped into our virile erotic needs, they pleasured us slowly and carefully, edging us to the precipice of orgasms all night, denying us our orgasm each time. They built Ragnor and I to a gigantic precipice of pleasure, their magic causing us to share the identical pleasure experience. Our bodies trembling, I was looking into Ragnor’s wide eyes, he was raging, begging to shoot his juices. My pouch, as was Ragnor’s was straining to contain our raging hard cocks, we were frantically thrusting our pre-cum soaked thong bulges up and down, crying out in ecstasy as they allowed the spell to intensify, our semen stores felt hot and angry. The Black Crone would appear just before dawn and caress our raging pre-cum drenched bulges with her long evil fingers while we screamed out in abandon. The whole district would hear our cries and moans for miles. Her magic caused our semen to heat, I remember feeling my balls vibrating. She admitted us to our orgasmic eruptions each morning, I remember her evil voice and the enchanted words she used to invoke our admission into our climax. “Bring forth the tempest, give of your j i s i m beautiful barbarian toys!” She would say!”

Akil was drooling a line of pre-cum himself, the story was igniting something deep seated in his sexual psyche. He looked at Ragnor and M’Thosa with longing eyes, begging them to continue the story.

Ragnor took over again.

“Each morning M’Thosa would be forced to shower my body in his cum, well, we both came in unison, so our powerful jettison of enchanted semen would collide in mid-air and our bodies would be showered in a mix of cum flows until our first orgasm was completed. They always built us to three orgasms in the last hour of our milking. They would massage the cum into our muscles pushing it up into our anuses ensuring our entire bodies were covered in our milk. This process of torture followed by intense pleasure milking went on for almost a month. We were their erotic play toys and they used us to our limits. It was only their magic keeping us going.”

M'Thosa then took over again.

“You boys were conceived on the full moon, a month after our capture! That night we were tied to identical altars that had been erected in the middle of the Coven’s demonic temple. We knew this would be different to the other nights. They had drained extra blood that day and had inserted large smooth cock shaped implements into our man pussies. They used these to stimulate us throughout the day’s torture. They tied us spreadeagled to the altars that night, tightly spread on the twin Altars of Amazonia. They edged us to massive levels of mind-bending pleasure as they normally did, I remember Ragnor’s constant cries and primal moaning, it was fucking erotic. But this time, the Black Crone brought two Amazonian women warriors to the altars who caressed our raging thongs, cutting them loose from our trembling bodies this time. The Black Crone said her usual incantation- “Bring forth the tempest, give of your j i s i m beautiful barbarian toys!” as the massive women stroked our seething, lubricated cocks into a frenzy. We were crazily fighting our bondage, we were helpless, raging masses of pleasure for them to enjoy. They mounted us and slid their powerful bodies onto our cocks. We exploded so hard inside them, that cum shot out of their cunts as they rode us up and down. We had fertilised these two strangers with our enchanted and enhanced precious cum. The whole temple filled with witches, elites, goblins, and Amazonian women all exploded into wild chants as the two women removed themselves from the temple.” M’Thosa recounted.

“They were, they were our mo…?” Akil started to say but was interrupted by Ragnor.

“Yes Akil, your mothers!” Ragnor confirmed. “Powerful Amazonian women warriors were your mothers, we have no idea who they are, and if they are alive. They were fertilised by our charmed cum and then removed from us!”

At that very moment, as Tor and Akil were finally confronted with the news of who their mothers were, the play cavern suddenly filled with light and deafening sound.

“Family time is over!” Reizhul said looking around at the four astonished faces of Ragnor, M’Thosa, Tor and Akil.

“YOU!” Ragnor and M’Thosa screamed in unison, leaving Akil and Tor struggling in their tight bonds.

Ragnor and M’Thosa suddenly found themselves in a fit of rage, they had not seen the warlock for twenty-two years.

Reizhul turned his attention to Ragnor and M’Thosa who were launching themselves forward in fits of rage toward him.

“Good to see you again boys, er should I say men! You have grown into strapping barbarian brutes, haven’t you!” Reizhul said with a cheerful voice.

Reizhul lifted his right hand to make a stop motion, pushing the palm of his right hand toward his two assailants.

Ragnor and M’Thosa were immediately stopped in their tracks, bewildered and they had little time to work out what was occurring.

Reizhul smiled over his shoulder still holding Ragnor and M’Thosa suspended with his right hand, he was looking directly toward Akil and Tor who were vigorously fighting their tight bondage restraints.

“It’s OK boys!” The warlock said addressing them with a momentary eye contact, “I will explain the rest of this delicious story soon!” Reizhul then returned his attention toward the suspended Ragnor and M’Thosa, smiling, he flicked his right hand causing M’Thosa and Ragnor to lift into the air spin around as if flying. Reizhul clicked his fingers on the same hand and M’Thosa had no time to react or respond, he hit Ragnor mid-air, and the two muscular barbarian men seemed to bounce off each other landing on the floor of the cavern several meters from each other on their backs.

“Gah!” M’Thosa tried to get up, but Reizhul was not having that!

“Bindings strong, bindings sweet, captivate your prisoners bind my meat!” Reizhul produced his spell in a self-satisfied and smug tone, watching as the snake like bindings began to encircle Ragnor and M’Thosa, sliding over and around their writhing bodies, sensual bondage bewitching them, sliding between their buttocks, slithering around their thong bulges. They bound Ragnor and M’Thosa’s wrists behind their backs and slithering across their pectorals, scintillating Ragnor and M’Thosa’s nipples before tightening around the two mighty barbarian king’s throats.

Ragnor felt his penis start to vibrate, he watched as M’Thosa’s eyes widened, he knew M’Thosa was experiencing it too.

“No! M’Thosa cried out while writhing on the floor of the cave, next to Ragnor, both helpless to resist the enchanted sensual ropes.

“I -um-err- remember, gah, No, Bah, I remember this flavour of pleasure – Mmmm!” Ragnor moaned his words as he strived to free himself.

“Yes, I expect you would Barbarian, the fertile Ragnor!”

Ragnor struggled more and M’Thosa used all his strength in a vain attempt to break the charmed and sensual bindings, looking intently toward the warlock he glared at the evil sorcerer.

“You were there, it was you, you!”

Reizhul smiled at M’Thosa enjoying the way the mighty warrior struggled thrusting his hips. Reizhul then turned away from Ragnor and M’Thosa approaching Tor and Akil.

“Your fathers have sharp memories! They are as handsome as they were twenty-two years ago, but wow look at the two sexual gods we have here!” Reizhul stood momentarily, his eyes lapping up the beautiful Tor and Akil striving in their bonds.

“Here you are, the two of you have grown up more majestic than I expected. Magnus the great Grand Wizard, will enjoy you two!”

“Let them free, who are you, who do you think you are?” Tor demanded pointing his head toward Ragnor and M’Thosa struggling and moaning on the floor of the cavern, Tor to was fighting his bonds and struggling vigorously too.

Reizhul pointed at Tor’s bondage presenter device, he was turning his fingers mimicking a turn of a wheel and to Tor’s surprize the wheel controlling the buttock press, twisted; it was pushing him further, pushing Tor’s loincloth bulge forward, tightening the bondage.

“Aghhh, you bastard!” Tor said through gritted teeth, his bonds straining.

But Reizhul had turned his attention to Akil.

“You look like you need to stretch some more too my delicious young hero! I want you both nice and snug as I finish the little story your fathers have begun to tell you!”

The creaking of timber filled the cavern, ropes creaking, timber also as Akil was pulled in four directions, he cried out as the stretch dragged on his limbs.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Akil’s scream was spine tingling.

“Now let’s reinforce your bondage Tor and Akil!” The warlock said smiling at his two beautiful and sexual straining captives.

“Bind them strong, unbreakable ties that bind these two heroes – Tor and Akil – Bind them now together they must strive!” Reizhul’s incantation was filled with lusty tones, it was loud and powerful, causing Ragnor and M’Thosa to struggle violently.

“No! they screamed!” Ragnor and M’Thosa felt the ropes tighten around their wrists too and their bodies, they could feel that familiar exquisite pleasure; infesting their bulges, it was incredible and sumptuous. They had not felt the same depth of this brewing sensation for a long time since the birth of Tor and Akil. They knew the power of this warlock; he had returned as soon as Tor and Akil had reached their sexual virility! They both knew that the warlock’s revenge would be swift and dangerous.

Tor looked over his shoulder, back toward his wrist bindings, he could see the ropes moving, and glowing, he looked up to see Akil’s bonds reacting in the same evil and magical manner.

“Your bindings cannot be broken; your bondage is secure Akil!” The warlock announced

“Shall I continue this little fantasy tale? Now that we are all nice and comfy!” Reizhul asked with a smile on his face.

More answers, more questions are coming soon.

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