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Brothers Broda
Part 1 - Quest - Genesis Part 1
By Scorpio

Brothers Broda

Quest - Genesis Part 1

Special thanks to Ragnor and M’Thosa for their input and inspiration

Email: Discord: Scorpio#5862

Tor, son of Ragnor never knew his mother. He was laying next to his brother Akil, son of M’Thosa, he had a long day and Akil was fast asleep. Akil never knew his mother either. Their fathers’, M’Thosa and Ragnor were legendary, they commanded respect and honour, they were leaders of their clan. Fighters against evil, massive in both character and body. Muscles full of barbarian power, Broda power, and jungle virility.

Tor and Akil were developing their own, next generation Broda respect. They loved each other both as brothers and as lovers, they were brought up by their fathers to be brothers, but their sexuality had become intense as they grew out of childhood and their teens, they became super horny, super virile and super in love. Like their fathers, they had bonded, they were Broda; barbarian brothers bound in a web of love, devotion, and honour.

Tor was the more rebellious of the brothers, he let his sandy blonde hair grow into a fetching mop on his head, he also wore the loincloth, a revealing light sexy one at that! If the wind caught it, the outer loincloth would flap and his bulging under thong and his tight buttocks were revealed for all to enjoy. He was 22, stunning facial features, athletically curved muscles ensured his smouldering good looks made him the envy of other young males in their clan.

But Tor had eyes only for Akil.

At 22 as well, Akil wore his hair cut into the clan’s Mohawk style, he also chose to wear the thong like his father M’Thosa, and Ragnor too. He had darker skin to Tor and his musculature was impeccably manicured, he needed to if he was going to look as good as Tor. But he worked at his body because he was Broda, it was his family line but more importantly, it turned Tor into horny bag of hormones, he loved to let Tor tie him up, pleasure him till his eyes were popping. Akil would die if anything were to happen to his Tor.

They were up in the Jugiong tree, they had built their home high enough so they could see and hear around them. Danger in the Jungle was a constant, especially in their neck of the woods on the border of Andoorian jungle. They acted as scouts on the perimeter of their fathers’ clan and their secluded position allowed them to enjoy private time together whenever they had the chance.

Tor and Akil were princes, both extremely beautiful young men, honourable and proud. They performed their regal clan duties honouring their proud Broda fathers, but they enjoyed the private time they had together when the official duties of the two princes had been discharged.

Today Akil had undertaken his part in the scouting band, he had not long returned from the routine but necessary duties. Tor had spent his day overseeing the wrestle pit on the southern edge of their clan’s village. Ragnor and M’Thosa were due back to the village soon, the two regal leaders had been meeting envoys from the enchanted lands of Rictor.

When Tor finally climbed into the treehouse, he found Akil crashed on their bed. Akil had left his thong on, knowing that the sight of his body, wrapped in the blue thong would fuel Tor’s juices. Akil was not wrong.

Tor had been watching horny men, testosterone fuelled displays of energy and power all day, he had oozed enough pre-cum into his skimpy thong lurking beneath his outer loincloth to feed a battalion of horny trolls. But he had exercised his princely duties, he had adjudicated many a match and awarded the days prizes to the winners. He hadn’t stayed behind to drink with the others, he only wanted to get back to the tree house to be with his Akil.

Tor had jumped into tree house, with his now acclaimed agility, but he landed softly. He had found Akil quickly, and as soon as he had laid eyes on his beautiful brother, his heart pumped in his chest like a thump. Akil was resting face up, his powerful legs spread, his arms open.

Tor’s eyes found the thong, he feasted on the beauty of Akil, such a bulging pouch, so majestic the blue pouch was all his, so full of Broda, so full of penis and testicles, full of Broda cum. Akil was his!

That is when he lay next to his Akil, nudging into Akil’s side, gently rubbing his loincloth on the side of Akil’s leg, he felt his pre-cum glide his bulge against Akil’s body. Tor gently ran his finger across Akil’s gently rising abdominal muscles. The skin smooth, warm, and supple. Tor did not want to stir Akil, but he had been waiting all day to see his Broda Bro, he couldn’t resist, he was so aroused he just had to enjoy Akil.

Tor lent down and licked Akil’s shoulder, leaning over Akil, he sniffed the scent of this beautiful sexual man, he loved the smell of his lover, he nestled into Akil’s armpit, licking, and sniffing his prize.

Akil stirred slightly and his sudden twitch made Tor stop his loving worship. He just lay on his side surveying the beauty, the sexual magnificence of Akil. Then his eyes returned to the blue thong pouch.

“You naughty boy, you wore this to goad me you bastard, then you went to sleep!” Tor said with a wry smile on his face.

“Look at you, legs spread like a whore, what am I supposed to do!” Tor continued.

He stood up, looking down on Akil sprawled out below him, every muscle was perfect, his blue bulging pouch was outrageously sublime.

Tor touched himself, he was now standing between Akil’s powerful yet spread legs. Looking down on the sexual dish of manhood below him, Akil became hornier by the second. He grabbed his thin leather loincloth and used it to rub his own thong. Slowly pleasuring himself, feasting his eyes on Akil’s erotic blue thong. Tor’s pre-cum had responded favourably too, he was wetter now, and he scooped some from his wet cloth. He licked his sweet warm juices.

“I wish I were savouring your juices, Aks!” Tor said in a soft sensual way as he began to bend down lowering himself between Akil’s powerful legs. He did not take his eyes from the prize, the bulge was drawing him closer, he was drooling, from his mouth and his own thong was wet and needing attention. He started to drip a clear globule of pre-cum; Tor was enthralled. Scooping up his nectar, he let it ooze from his fingers to the tip of Akil’s rounded bulge.

It was all he could see, all he could want, Tor was becoming so horny completely devoted to bulge, he wanted it, he savoured it.

The bulge protruded from Akil’s groin several inches, inside it packed the mighty penis, and a substantial set of testicles. Akil filled his thongs with power and ferocity. His cum was like a flood when he ejaculated, and he swore that Tor made him so fucking horny that his orgasms always blew his beautiful, handsome head. Only Tor could make him cum like a bull. It was something they both shared. Tor too could spurt torrents of milk; he couldn’t come quietly if he tried. It was a Broda thing, it was something mystical and something each Broda bro shared.

But they couldn’t explain it, they dared not bring it up with Ragnor and M’Thosa. They were Barbarian Gods! Power and might exuded from them and many evil hungry men had sought to plunder their power. Tor and Akil were only young, they were embarking on their own adventure, but the talk of explosive Broda sexual power was a subject neither knew how to broach with their famous fathers despite all the tales and fables they had heard from their peers in the clan.

He was filled with desire, it was so sumptuous, he looked at his pre-cum glistening on the tip of Akil’s bulge, it was staring to ooze down the side. He bent down instinctively allowing his tongue to carefully caress the side of the thong bulge, scooping his love juice. He felt his own thong tingle, his penis always twitched when he was this horny. His tongue devoured the bulge methodically, Akil tasted delicious, he always did. Tor found the underside of Akil’s penis head. His tongue feeling the ridge of sensitive skin, it caressed the fabric, which soon became wet with his saliva. Akil was magnificent, sexual, and sublime even asleep.

Tor made his way from the apex of the bulge, down toward the Akil’s rounded lower bulge. His fingers gently pressing, and worshiping the sides of Akil’s thong, exploring the thin rope extending across Akil’s powerful hips while his tongue concentrated on the beautiful bulging thong pouch, he gently squeezed Akil’s buttocks lifting Akil gently from the bed, pushing the bulge into his devoted face, he worshipped each testicle, knowing it was full of milk, knowing Akil would allow him to have his fill. But he worshipped them as tenderly as he could, he was enjoying Akil, in this sensual moment daring not to wake his brother, his beautiful lover.

But Akil was awake. He let Tor have his fill. He loved his beautiful boy so much and he let Tor devour him for several hours, feigning sleep, plotting his ‘revenge’. He felt Tor’s cum spurt between his pecs. Hot barbarian jizm inundated his chest and neck, it spurted under his chin as Tor came like a volcano over him crying out as the orgasm finally engulfed Tor’s trembling body.

Akil was glad that Tor had replaced his wet thong, he loved Tor’s majestic penis, but he loved the way their bulging thongs rubbed, as much or more. Akil enjoyed the feeling of his beautiful Broda bro finally rest on top of him. He could feel Tor’s juices leaking onto his bulge even as Tor wafted off to sleep on top of him, the warmth of his exquisite bro made Akil feel good.

When he knew Tor had dropped into his slumber, Akil spread his legs around Tor and pulled his lover tightly to his chest. He licked Tor’s cum as much as he could, now it was his turn not to wake the sleeping beauty. He lay there with Tor slumped on top of him, smelling and tasting Tor’s sumptuous milky potent cum. He lay plotting Tor’s morning pleasure.

“Good night Broda Boy. I’ll get mine back in a few hours.” Their bulges slid together as Akil pushed his mighty pelvis upward rubbing into Tor’s cum soaked bulge, he felt the pleasure immediately, but he decided just to squeeze his beautiful man as tight as he could, and they lay deeply entwined for the next several hours.

The morning arrived soon enough, but Tor had enough time to plot, and to edge himself several times, he could easily control his pleasure, and the warmth of Tor, rubbing against him was amazingly erotic. Akil gently rolled his sleeping beauty onto his side, he removed his pre-cum soaked blue thong that Tor had devoured the previous night, it was still wet with Tor’s jism and his own pre-cum. He set the thong aside and put on his thin leather brown thong. This one always made him extra horny, the feel of the tight back strap stretching to his boy hole and the valley between his glutes. Akil purred and adjusted his balls and finally his penis. His fathers had taught them well, a tight thong with the perfect placement of penis inside was paramount. Both he and Akil had regular thong inspections. Akil made sure that his penis head would rub on the inside of the pouch, it would stimulate delicious pleasure. He intended to enjoy Tor and he needed his bulge perfect, both for his enjoyment and he knew Tor would salivate just looking at what he was offering.

Tor finally awoke and opened his eyes; his arms were tied behind his back. Akil was smiling and standing up from his seat where he had perched enjoying Tor’s bound sleeping body. Akil approached Tor and used his foot to push Tor onto his back, causing him to arch his pelvis forward with his arms so perfectly bound behind his back.

“The secret thong worshipper awakes!” Akil said with a smile on his face.

“Err, gah, Yeah what of it Barbarian!” Tor replied, enjoying the game, he loved it when Akil tied him up. They both had an innate sexual connection with the bondage. He knew Akil was horny!

“How was your patrol?” Tor asked fighting his bonds, knowing Akil would love that.

“Bonds are too tight!” He threw his head upward to view his loincloth then he noticed Akil watching him, licking his lips.

Akil approached Tor and bent down between Tor’s legs, he was savouring the way the soft light leather draped over Tor’s bulge.

“You know Tor, dad hates that loincloth, they both do!” Akil said toying with the leather strap holding the outer loincloth on Tor’s hips.

“Let me go!” Tor struggled attempting to get Akil super horny.

Akil ignored his prey.

“But I think it is super sexy!” Akil’s finger was gently lifting the flap slightly.

“The way it slides over your thong, fuck Tor! Fuck you are beautiful!”

Tor struggled again, lifting his pelvis, presenting his manhood to Akil.

“I know what you want Akil!” Tor said with a sensual look in his eye.

“Yeah, but not here, Barbarian!” Akil said, grabbing Tor and lifting him up off the bed, Akil marched Tor the edge of the tree house, with his prey fighting the ropes binding his arms.

Akil had to take the chance, he would explain later.

They had reached the edge; it was at least fifteen feet to the grassy undergrowth beneath the Jugiong tree. Tor looked over his shoulder toward Akil, he didn’t see the wet blue thong! Akil had picked up his thong from the previous night and was rubbing the juice filled garment into Tor’s face.

Tor’s cum and Akil’s precum had mixed, it was drenched and cool, even in the humid warn air, the scent and flavour intoxicated Tor, who managed to muffle, “You bastard!” before Akil shoved the juicy garment into Tor’s mouth before pushing Tor off the edge.

Before he knew what was happening, Tor squirmed and tried to cry out, he was mid fall when he felt strange and light, he had landed on the grassy undergrowth with ease, even with his famed agility, he could never have landed that safely and easily. He stood up still bound and with the fragrant Broda juices in his mouth and nostrils, he noticed Akil standing next to him beaming. Akil had landed next to Tor, he landed in a crunch position and was standing up and reaching for Tor’s throat.

“Good, I’m glad it’s not just me!” Akil said playfully smashing Tor’s body against the base of their tree.

Tor muffled a “Wh what the…” His mouth still full of Akil’s thong. He looked intently toward Akil.

“I’ll explain at the cave!” Akil said, pulling the thong from Tor’s mouth and tossing it back upward to the edge of their tree house with a mighty hurl.

“Didn’t want you screaming pretty boy!” Akil said laughing.

“Ha, yeah sure! No, you’re the pretty boy!” was Tor’s response.

“You’re going to the cave, boy! You know what awaits you don’t you?” Akil said running his other hand beneath Tor’s outer loincloth flap tantalising Tor’s under thong.

“The frame!” Akil announced.

“No!” Tor played along pulling on his bonds, looking down to watch Akil working his way around his bulge.

“Get moving pretty boy!” Akil said thrusting Tor forward and causing Tor to stumble and regain his footing while twisting his shoulders trying to break the bonds.

“Gah!” Tor responded. He knew the way to their secret play cave.

They had discovered the cave a year ago, and they had built a place to lift heavy boulders and other weights, exercise and inspect their thongs in private, it was their other love nest, away from the world. Most importantly, the young heroes were exploring their sexuality, their innate need for pleasure and bondage, they had heard the stories of quests and of evil, and they were always aroused when the older guys recounted their stories of slavery, bondage, and torture. It was exciting their sexuality and both Tor and Akil could not explain how aroused they felt by bondage. They had built several play areas inside the cave and most recently, they had erected the Frame to add to their collection of restraint devices. Tor was being taken to his fate in the Frame.

Along the way, Akil explained that he had tripped whilst on his patrol, near the edge of a cliff on the southern boundary of their lands, the other scouts thought that he was lost, but he suddenly found himself landing on a rocky outcrop ledge below the edge! He thought too that he would plummet to his death into the Ravine of Diablo. He had no choice but to climb back up toward the precipice, he climbed up with agility and poise shocking the other scouts when he arrived back on the trail.

He had pushed Tor from the edge of their treehouse, hoping he too would have the innate ability to control his fall and to land like a panther. His hunch was correct, Tor too had developed these abilities, it was as if they were twins, yet nothing was further from the truth.

Akil asked the questions, and he gave his account, but he didn’t let his captive speak!

“Why us?” He asked.

“We are not related, except by our fathers?”

“They have never told us of our mothers?”

“What is happening to us? Should we ask them?”

Tor looked over his shoulder about to speak, but Akil was having nothing of it. Tor was his captive, his slave and Tor would pay for secretly eating his bulge, getting off on him and cumming all over him. Akil had planned his revenge all night and he would get his chance to cum all over Tor, the most beautiful man in the world to him. Tied up in his thong! There was nothing more enticing and delectable than the contemplation of milking Tor, fucking him, edging him to a mighty brodagasm.

They reached the secret entrance.

“What are you planning to do to me!” Tor said fighting his bonds, Tor was horny as fuck, the bondage was charging his arousal, and he knew Akil’s too. He couldn’t keep his eyes from Akil’s thong, his glutes, his pecs, Tor felt the pleasure surge through his penis, just the anticipation of this beautiful, sexual man binding him helpless was making his testosterone surge.

Akil turned around after removing the growth hiding the entrance to their love cave, he looked at Tor, his muscles glistening in sweat, the morning sun had made the air hot and steamy. The loincloth draped over Tor’s bulge and Akil felt a similar pleasure surge fill his penis, he put it down to the beauty of Tor tied up and waiting his fate in their Frame.

“I am going to worship your thong Tor, your skimpy loincloth with not protect you! You are mine, my delicious hero!” Akil said, he was licking his lips.

“Never!” Tor responded, fighting, and struggling intensely, he knew it would turn Akil on like a lightning bolt of energy!”

“Inside!” Akil said, forcing his sex toy into the coolness of the cave.

He wanted Tor so badly, he wanted Tor spreadeagled and helpless in the frame. He had recently added to his collection of anal implements and had stored them secretly to unleash on Tor, knowing his brother almost ejaculated when one of these implements was inserted into his body. Akil was going to tease Tor with the collection, tantalising the bulge, worshiping Tor’s helpless body. He wanted to collect Tor’s pre-cum in their special goblet. Tor knew it too, but not the latest range of anal toys. He stood inside the entrance, his legs spread, fighting his restraints, and looking at Akil.

“You can bind this body, but I won’t give you pleasure, I won’t give you my juices pretty boy!” Tor said with a feigned look of defiance on his face.


Akil was ready to respond but he heard a grunt, he heard the sounds of intense power play, and it was coming from their play area in their secret cave. He looked at Tor with surprise; Tor had also heard the desperate moan. He shot an inquisitive look back toward Akil and motioned his arms around his back, as if to say, you better untie me!

Akil got the message and untied Tor; their sexual play time was being postponed! Intruders had infiltrated their secret hideaway and they needed to investigate and rid themselves of the intrusion.

Tor rubbed his wrists, and quietly grabbed Akil, turning Akil’s face toward him. “You are the best, man! I want you over and over, you can tie me up anytime.” He said quietly.

Akil smiled responding in a whisper, “You can’t get out of it that easily!”

They didn’t speak from that point as they crept along the wall, looking around for danger. They used hand signals and when they reached the entrance of their play cavern, they could see the flickering of the torch lights through the entrance. Tor moved like stealth in the darkness to reach the other side of the entrance without letting the inhabitants detect their presence. They were positioned on either side of the entrance, and they peered inside carefully.

It was their fathers! Ragnor had strung M’Thosa into the frame, it was M’Thosa’s moans of delight they had detected when they arrived at the cave. M’Thosa was drooling pre-cum like a font. They were using the goblet that Akil had planned for Tor. Ragnor was standing to the side watching as M’Thosa thrust his hips forward. Ragnor was clearly enjoying his partner’s expression of pleasure.

Akil and Tor had never wanted to partake of Ragnor and M’Thosa’s sexual life. They were their father’s sons, and this was a confrontation that neither knew how to deal with. They had heard the fables from their peers, but this was suddenly exploding before their eyes.

Ragnor was toying with M’Thosa, clearly enjoying the way his partner moaned. Clearly building M’Thosa toward a mighty explosion of Broda pleasure and M’Thosa was looking toward the roof, his juices making his green thong bulge glisten in the dancing torch lights.

Little did they know that M’Thosa and Ragnor had been expecting their sons.

Quest - Genesis Part 2 will address many questions, but pose many more.

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