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Agent Tony Valor
Chapter 7 - Getting What You Wish For
By Rough Stud
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Tony awoke in his hotel room, again on the bed in a different pair of tight boxer briefs, now black, as it was clear he’d been showered again - but he was not tied. He groaned as his handsome face winced and he felt his aching head. He opened his eyes as once again Matter was looming over him.

“I let you sleep too long – the Commander is coming by in a couple minutes – get up, here; I’ll help you.” He did so as Tony remembered all that had happened. He felt Matters would upbraid him but he only said “we’ll talk later about last night. For now you should know the device was undetected and you did well.”

Before Tony could response, there was a knock at the door. Matter opened it to the Commander. Matters suggested Tony get dressed, but the Commander insisted he could do his report has he was.

Tony felt a mixture of feelings – damn, the Commander was looking at him like a piece of meat as well. He felt shame, humiliation but also a sense of pride – and arousal despite the brutal rape of last night as he showed off his body.

He gave a complete report – left nothing that he remembered out this time, figuring they might know. The Commander seemed to love the details of his conquest, but only commented on Tony great use of his big ass to plant the bug.

Matters finally spoke. “I should have prepared him better” – but the Commander interrupted the instructor.

“Hell, with that drug the boy was bound to end up a party toy. Which is good, since they won’t suspect the bug.”

Matters nodded. “Anyway, he’s accomplished something we never could have gotten. Within a few months we will have that bastard. And Recruit Valor needs to go back to the Academy and be checked out and rest.”

The Commander nodded and was about to agree when suddenly Tony’s cell rang – it was Steve! Shit, had he figured out the bug? The Commander and Mattters told him to answer it – they didn’t need to instruct Tony on how to answer as he put it on speaker.

“Kid, you were amazing!”

“You motherfucker, I’ll kill you for what you did!”

“Really, all that begging for more was just an act?”

Tony flushed as the men looked at him. “You drugged – “

“Yeah, yeah – look kid, you may think of yourself as some hot top and you have the body of death, but drugs only do so much – you need that huge ass plugged while on display, you love the humiliation. Which is why I’m offering you ten thousand dollars to come on my yacht tonight for a midnight sail to Jamaica.”

Tony – and Matters and the Commander were stunned. Tony started to say he wasn’t a whore but STEVE cut him off. “Pier 82 – eleven sharp o’clock.” And he hung up.

The Commander eyes went bright – “oh my God, this is perfect.”

Matters nodded carefully – “I can slip on the boat where he keeps his records, get them, signal the others and arrest him outside US waters.”

The Commander nodded but then said – “And Valor can go as a distraction.”

Tony was stunned as Matters lost his cool for the first time ever. “The kid has been through enough – and if they find out he’s on our side…it’s too risky.” But his boss shook his head.

“We have a chance to get the man NOW instead of in months – and without worrying if the bug will be discovered.”

“And I’ll do that – but the kid can’t take more.”

Commander gave Matters a look. “I know you think Valor is a dumb, oversexed kid, your reports are full of nothing but contempt for this recruit - but I give him more credit. I think he can help tonight.”

“Sir, no –“

“I leave it up to Valor.”

Tony flushed, furious at the way Matters had clearly described him in his reports. His alpha anger at Matters rose again – screw him, he would never treat him as an equal – and he had playing him, turning him into a fuck toy for some criminal without a second thought. He finally had a chance to do something – maybe get back at the bastard Steve personally. He stood proud and said,

“I can do it, sir – I want to do it – no question.”

Matters was furious, but said nothing as the Commander said he needed to discuss things privately with the instructor. Tony flashed Matters a look of triumph as the men left.

Another agent came in a little while later and briefed him on protocol – and Tony realized he could get the papers theY wanted from Steve in his office on the boat himself. And idea hit him. He would prove himself by getting the info Jeff Matters was supposed to get.

Tony went and worked out like a fiend at the gym, his exhaustion gone – he looked fucking amazing when he came back and took a long shower. It was only seven. He wrapped a towel around his waist and admired his body with pride and not embarrassment for the first time in weeks. He’d get Steve back – and he’d prove to Jeff he was worthy of him. He was horny – but his anger and pride would carry him. He came out of the bathroom as he heard a knock at the door.

He opened it – it was Matters. Tony could help but love the way he was nearly naked in front of a man who had humiliated him and knew all about the ways he’d been had - but that he also knew desired him. Still, he was wary.

“You can’t change my mind.”

Matters voice was soft. “I didn’t come for that. It’s your decision and not mine. I was – am – worried. But you’re a tough SOB and having you there will make it easier for me.”

Tony reddened – that was about the closest non-sexual compliment the man had ever paid for him. Matters moved closer and put a hand on Tony’s huge right shoulder. Tony felt a spark as Matters continued, his voice husky.

“I shouldn’t have tried to block your decision – good luck tonight.” But his hand stayed where it was.

And suddenly Tony was rocked with two things – arousal and the realization that Matters was not only treating him with respect, he was hard for him, too. All those feelings from when he was first at the academy – when he loved the fact that he knew Matters was hot for him and the pride he had in them came back – along with the desire for Matters to own him. Both cocky and in heat he moved just a little closer to Matters.”

“Is that all you came here for?”

“Hell no.”

And Matter pulled Tony to him and kissed him. The towel dropped from Tony and Matters was all over him – he grabbed Tony’s cock and shoved a finger in his ass with his other hand, entering him. He left the hard cock and roamed Valor’s magnificent body – his abs and tits as Tony moaned in submission even as Tony gloried in the way Matters took control of his body. Within minutes they were on the bed, Matters still partly clothed as Tony welcomed his domination, letting the man do whatever he want to him. Matters slapped him affectionately and moved from his mouth as he sucked on his right tit until Valor thought he would explode even as he opened up his ass with two, then three, then four fingers. Finally, Tony gasp between moans.

“I thought you never do this.”

“Hell, kid, I’ve wanted you from the first time I saw you. I figured I should have what that bastard Steve has had.”

“I thought you thought I was too cheap, been fucked too much – was too much of a whore, too stupid for you. You’ve always treated me with contempt.”

“Shit kid – don’t be so foolish – I am crazy about you.” And he flipped Tony over and Tony could feel his huge cock against his huge, muscle ass.

“God Yes, fuck me! Do whatever you want to me! Take me - you’re the only want I wanted – I want us to work together – I’ll do whatever - AHHHH”

Matters slammed into him – and Tony loved it. He loved the man was dominating him completely, but also had the satisfaction that this man who had so degraded him still was hot for his body – that he was more than just a dumb oversexed fuck to him.

For an hour, Matters played him like a violin, pounding him as Tony welcomed it all, allowing himself to submit totally in every way. He had dreams of going back to the academy as Matters’ fuck toy – but also his junior partner as he humped his ass and let the man really take him without more drugs or tricks – like they were a unit.

Suddenly Matters switch positions as he rammed the hot muscle boy’s chute and Tony felt himself suddenly unable not to come. He cried out in surrender as he came and a few minutes later he felt Matters breed his ass.

Tony felt exhausted but proud as his instructor was still inside him, lying on top of his naked body. He couldn’t help himself – he had to speak. “That was incredible.”


“Damn, I’ve learned my lesson – we’ll make a great team.”

Matters said nothing, just stroked the humpy recruit’s ass as Tony continued. “And tonight – we’ll take that bastard down together.”

“Matter nibbled his neck, sending Tony into heat and then said – “you’re fantastic in bed, boy – amazing.” Tony flushed with pride. But then Matters continued.

“I’m sorry I have to do this”

And Tony suddenly realized Matters had just fucked him not because he was hot for him – something else was going on! He struggled but Matters held him tight as he felt a needle go into his ass.

“Look kid, this is for your own good – you’re not going anywhere tonight.”

Even as he grew woozy, the young buck flashed with anger. “You only fucked me to – “

“To keep you from going – sorry, boy – but, I need your oversexed, cocky self would fall for my line – and I did what I have to do. Tony grew weak and stopped fighting as Matter stroked his ass.

Tony was going black as he managed to whisper – “you outsmarted me again, had me fooled the whole time.” His cock exploded again at the way he’s been used as he passed out pinned down by the instructor.

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