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Agent Tony Valor
Chapter 4 - Revenge?
By Rough Stud
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When he woke up he was in a cheap motel room with a piece of paper in his mouth. He coughed, spit it out and read it – it was his discharge from the academy. Tony looked at his clothes strewn about, dumped out like garbage – like he had been, and he grunted in shame. He’d never been bested like this – that bastard Matters.

Tony took at shower, soaping up the muscle of magnificent body. He always loved showering – he loved how amazing he looked. But today wasn’t exactly like that. Yeah, he was a stud, he still felt that deep down, and yet the bastard had trashed him in a way he didn’t think possible. He didn’t want to think about his options. He toweled off his body, the body that had brought him so much pride and thought about the way Matters had owned him. He felt aroused along with anger. He hated it.

He went through his clothes and realized there was a letter in his wallet – not signed. He tore it open.

“If you hate Matters as much as I do and want to get him alone and pay him back for what he’s done to you, go see Steve at Leatherworks in Oakland.”

Tony knew there were others at the Academy who hated Matters, officers, but he didn’t know who would have sent it – or it he could trust it. He took out his computer and goggled Steve at Leatherworks. It was some kind of gay leather S and M bar. What the fuck? Tony head couldn’t take anymore. He finally fell down on the bed and slept.

In the days to come, Tony weighted his options. Going home – where he had so proudly announced he was going to the academy – was not an option, at least not back to Fort Meyers. Staying nearby where word of his humiliation soon leaked out wasn’t either – besides he needed money and need to go somewhere. As for the note – hell, it was intriguing but honestly he felt he had to put that sonofabitch Matters behind him – and he wasn’t about to get into some kinky gay shit; it was all too cryptic.

He went to Miami, worked out like hell and was thinking of applying to a bar as a bouncer when a few days into his move a hot guy came up to him and smiled. Tony figured the guy was about to come onto him and was about to give him an arrogant send off when the man just said.

“Saw you on internet - hot.”

Tony reacted – huh? He went back to his crummy apartment and did a search – and, holy fuck, there were edited shots of him from the Academy, being put down and owned – both the whole humiliating first experience and then being beaten again by Matters. Shots of him gagged and slapped around. Even worse were the comments. Tony has almost thought the cadets held him in awe but many of them were there from people who has been there and loved Matters displaying him, owning him, making him his muscle bitch. Enraged, he slammed his computer to the ground and tore apart his room until he came across the letter in his things.

“If you hate Matters as much as I do and want to get him alone and pay him back, go see Steve at Leatherworks in Oakland.”

Upset, he bought a ticket to Oakland and checked out the Leatherworks. He did his homework – got a day job with a tech company, set up a back story in case his resume was checked out that omitted his time at Price Academy. And he checked out Leatherworks, watched who came in an out. He scanned their website – no picture of this Steve but there were ones of the other bartenders – all pretty hot but Tony grinned – none had his body, not even close.

But how to play this? Just go in, ask to speak to Steve and lay it all out? He didn’t think so – he didn’t know where the letter came from and he didn’t know this Steve. But he did see the kind of men he hired. And that cinched the deal because Tony at heart was an exhibitionist. One of the things about Matters was Valor had loved teasing him with his body – and he wasn’t the only one. He figured he’d get Steve interested and maybe once he knew more about him, he could bring up Matters.

As for his initial approach, the boy’s confidence was returning full-blast as he never had a doubt about what to do. He had scouted out the place long enough to know Steve was there on Thursday afternoons before the bar opened with two of this bartenders – although, he never gotten a good look because Steve entered through an alley. But he was in there.

Valor chose his outfit carefully walked into the place with his tightest jeans, a leather vest that revealed his huge, smooth chest and boots that pushed his big ass up and out. He sauntered to the bar where an older, built bear was tending – and saw him stare at him in awe staring as the younger bartender, seated at a table thar moment, did the same. And he asked for Steve.


“I’d like to apply for a job.”


Tony flexed his guns and smiled – he could tell he was making these guys wet. “Or a bouncer.”

But to his disappointment, the one at the table – Clay only said: give me your info and we’ll get back to you. Tony stifled his disappointment, but he gave his cover story – needed a break from Florida, just new to Oakland, had a job but wanted a night one as well and this seemed to be his kind of place. They guy took down all there references Tony has so carefully put together and then said – “can you stand up?

Tony did. Clay said – “if you don’t mind, take off your vest.”

Tony grinned and did so. The older man – John – gave out a whistle as Clay took a picture for Steve. Clay said he thought he would be hearing from him. Tony sauntered out.

But it was four days before he did hear and he was wondering if he should give up the whole thing when he got a text – from Steve – to meet at the bar early the next morning. Tony went to the gym and worked out like a fiend. He had never looked better; he was proud – so fucking proud of himself again. First step completed toward getting back at Matters.

When he got home, he found a package – tight black leather pants, boots, and a harness with a note from this Steve guy - Wear these for the interview. He put them on and nearly exploded – damn he was displayed – his cock and ass were more presented than covered – the boots fit perfectly. And the harness really showed off his shoulders and massive chest. Hell, three weeks ago, he’d never worn such a thing. But Tony was prepared and had gone to some leather shops since coming to Oakland and while he was hardly an expert, he put it on perfectly, allowing his jutting tits pushed out and his rock-hard abs out for all to see.

The next morning, he got into the outfit, threw a coat over it and drove to the bar. He was prompt – right on time – he parked right in front and removed the coat in the car and knocked and entered. Clay and John were there as he strutted in.

They were clearly even more in awe of this man in front of them than before, and that was the way Tony like it.

“You wore what you were sent.”

“Of course. I want the job.”

“And you just passed your first test.”

Tony turned around and there was Steve sitting in a corner near the bar – a powerful, Latino muscle bear – not unlike Matters, but not nearly in as good of shape. And he didn’t hide the lust in his eyes. He spoke with command but none of the contempt Matters always seemed to have in his voice.

“You have an amazing body – and you like to show off.”

Tony almost felt like it was a command and he found himself saying – “yes sir.”

Steve motioned Tony to the bar as he inspected him. “I’d love to start you out as a bartender, the customers would flock to you.” Tony flushed in pride as Steve continued. “But your experience is pretty limited. We’ll teach you but you need to start as our bouncer.”

Tony said it sounded okay if the hours and money were right.

Steve: “It’s a rough crowd – can you handle it?”

Tony flexed his biceps and grinned his cocky grin. “I can handle anything.”

Steve looked impressed as he said something like then let’s toast to you being part of the family. Clay poured out four shots on the bar. Tony frowned – he has learned a lot about drugging at the Academy – he stalled and asked what they were drinking.

Steve: “our signature shot – hell boy, it won’t get a big side of beef like you even a buzz…but it’s a tradition. Oh hell, come on.”

Steve grabbed one of the shots and downed it. They had all come from the same bottle. Clay took his and John was about to do the same when Tony, thinking quickly, took the shot John was going for and threw it back. It felt good, but nothing special. John shrugged, took the last shot.

Steve said he wanted to give Tony a tour of the bar – the front and back room, but first he wanted to know more about him. Tony had his story down pat, much of it true – except for his time at Price for which he had a cover…and of course he acted like he liked men as well as women. As Steve explained his duties and showed him around the front, he was groped a couple of times lightly as he was, but nothing he hadn’t experienced before. He could handle these boys – and keep Steve panting on the hook till he felt the time to bring up Matters.

“Come on back to the back room.”

John and moved ahead. Tony followed in a dark, dungeon like room – hell it was a dungeon! Suddenly, he felt his brow bead up with sweat as he felt something rush through his body. He shook his kisser, trying to clear his head. And then suddenly Clay grabbed him from behind in a chokehold as John turned and punched Tony hard in his chiseled abs.


Tony grunted and bowed over only to feel a steel fist slam into his jaw. He groaned and staggered back into the hands that held him as his rippling mid-section was punched brutally once again.

Roaring in pain, Tony yanked with all his might, managing to break free, blocking another punch and then nailing the John, sending him flying. He turned but the other man behind him was quick and hit him hard across the jaw. Fuck! Tony saw stars, staggered and the second assailant landed a second blow to his handsome kisser. Tony was barely standing but as the third punch came, he somehow managed to blocked it and then KOed Clay with his right hook, sending him down. Panting, he was about to turn when he felt an electric shock hit his right ass check. And he went down and out.

Steve stood over the unconscious stud, his face filled with anger as Clay and John recovered. They noted Tony’s power even with the drugged drink they gave him. Steve only said – “the bastard tried to outsmart up by taking the glass meant for John – which I knew he’d do. He gazed at the unconscious bull – livid, but horny – well he could handle both objectives. “You know what to do.”

When Valor awoke he was bent over, naked on a block, his arms roped in front of him while his legs pulled wide by chains spreading his huge ass up and out. When he gasped for breath and shook his head, a strap suddenly laid into the two globes of his huge, muscled ass, expertly sending a bolt of pain through his backside. Tony howled,

“What the fuck are you – OH….FUCK!!!!”

Another lash of the strap nailed his red cheeks with even more deadly force; the pain radiating from his huge ass nearly made the buck pass out in agony, as he heard Steve’s voice.

“This is just the beginning boy. You stupid, fucking plant, don’t you think we know what this is about? We know Matters sent you in.”

Tony’s handsome face registered pain and confusion. What the hell? Angrily he pulled at his restraint, his big ass quivering and moving from the struggle of his bent-over body over the block even as he managed to roar back at these crazy fuckers.

“Matters? “Are you out of your fucking minds – AHHH!!”

Another hit; Tony nearly went out of his mind in pain. The men questioned him again about working for Matters. What they were saying was insane, but Tony was enraged by the way he was bound and beaten and simply shouted he’d kill them. His body was covered in sweat as he bucked and shouted for them to stop as his was ass was on fire from the beating – yeah, his huge ass that he had always been so proud of was just a target for these bastards.

“Don’t lie to us – your cover about never being at Price was bullshit – you were there for a year, and your are just Matters’ type.”

Tony: fuck you!

Suddenly the beating stopped as Steve pulled Tony’s head up and saw more than pain – beats of sweat covered his forehead as his handsome face seemed out of it – and not just from the strapping.

“The serum is starting to work.”

Tony managed to say – what???

Steve: “your glass was coated with a truth serum – we knew which one you’d go for, dumb ass. And I’m going to get the truth out of you. Much I love beating your huge ass and much as you deserve it for whatever you think you’re doing here, this will work faster.”

Tony suddenly felt his whole body getting hot. The whole idea that he had been bested again – that he was too dumb to see it coming, to think he could command the situation when he was the patsy – it split his brain. And he passed out, surrendered.

Steve: bring him around – he’ll talk now. They did and the first thing Tony felt was the strap across his ass.

“Are you a plant for Matters?”

“Fuck – fuck no. I hate the bastard. He humiliated me.”

Tony couldn’t stop himself - he told the whole story of being kicked out of Price. They weren’t sure, insisted he was Matters’ type and boy; that he was lying to them and had been sent here. Tony told them to fuck off – they worked him over good – moving him into another position - punching his face, his abs, stretching him and whipping the hell out of his ass. But Tony, half out of it, insisted on his story – and his fury at these men and Matters melded into one as he told more than he ever thought he ever would – how he hated Matters for the way he had degraded him and why he had come and why he wasn’t straight with Steve at first. He hardly knew what he was staying as he had never taken such a beating.

The men finally stopped beating him. Clay was suspicious but Steve believed him. “This buck is too proud to make this up – and too stupid. The kid is just a dumb piece of ass Matters did humiliate and kick.”

“An incredible piece of ass.”

Steve smiled. “Well, we are going to get something for our trouble.” He started to rub Tony’s burning ass. Then he entered Tony with a slick finger. Tony shouted – women had played with his ass plenty; hell, it demanded it…but no man. But his ass canal began to burn – and another finger and then another entered him.

Tony had never felt this – he was being owned, dominated and going into heat. He hated it – but he wanted it – he needed it. His shouts and groans turned to moans. He felt a huge dick against his ass.

Tony used the last of strength to say – you not going fuck me…AHHH! Steve slammed into him. The pain was huge – at first. But as Steve kept slamming him, he felt something more. He was this big muscle boy tied up and being slot fucked and his mind exploded. And all the feelings back with Matters at the academy that he’d pushed down suddenly seemed so clear! To his horror, he wanted it – he needed it.

Honestly, he didn’t remember much more – he knew Steve slot fucked him for a long time, telling him what whore and bitch he was. The others had their way with him as well. And he heard himself begging for more and the men telling each other he was an incredible piece of ass who needed to be abused. And finally Steve said it was getting toward noon and they needed to wrap it up. And he stuck a needle in young, tied bull’s neck – and that was that. Steve untied Valor and the huge muscle dropped on the slab, face up, out. As his body was laid out, beaten, his muscles useless, Steve wrote one word on Tony’s huge chest – conquered. And he smiled to himself – this was NOT over…oh no.

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