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The Extermination of Superman
Part 7 - Consummation
By Rick Henry

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By Rick Henry

Chapter Seven: Consummation –

The next afternoon, Jack wanted to go out for dinner. Clark said he couldn’t be seen anywhere. He was supposed to be on vacation in Tahiti. Only as Superman could he appear in public, and he was worried that that might not even be possible. He had been severely staggered in the assault on his birth-cord, the thrust into his core. He had also been fucked nearly senseless, and was, he knew, still weak. The loss of his semen had affected him greatly. Not yet telling Jack, that if he were deprived too long, it could be worse than he cared to imagine. He had to regain his stores gradually, by taking Jack, and the binding of each within each, into their separate physiologies. Soon, Jack’s system should be feeding him back into normalcy; only how Jack would be affected by his Kryptonian male source, he had no idea. No information of such had been obtained. He only knew how it should be between Kryptonian to Kryptonian, but not alien to earthling.

Both Jack and he were eager to find out. (Would Jack become super-strong?)

They were teasing, and Superman challenged him, trying to find out more about him. Did Jack like Streisand or Bach, Beethoven or Oldies, the Beatles, or Ravashenski? Did he read Car and Driver or Muscle Mag International, Science Weekly , or Time , or nothing? Who was his favorite actor: Henry Cavill or Kate Blanchett, Matt Damon or Angelina Jolie? Did he prefer Terminator , Downton Abbey , or Game of Thrones ?

They had hardly worn clothes the last two days, now each in a thin, silky kimono, just relaxing, getting to know each other, snacking on a variety of already stocked goods in Clark’s pantry.

“I’d really like to go to Cairo, and Australia,” Jack said.

“Good, I’ll take you. Once I get my wings back.”

“You mean, carry me?”

“Quicker than the airlines.”

“What about luggage?”

“Buy what we need when we get there. The Hilton’s open. Drop down just out of town, catch a taxi in. Not a big deal.”

“How do you hide your uniform?”

“I make do. Pretty resourceful....”

“Don’t you have to wear nipple pads in that suit, to keep you from showing?”

“Afraid someone will see me... getting wet? No more than my cock. Well-contained in my titanium pouch, leather sling for both cock and balls.”

“Don’t you get hard?”

“Sure, but I control it. Easy.”

“I wouldn’t say that. Had you like a flagpole in a second.”

“You didn’t play fair. Caught me—with my pants down. Nobody does.”

“I did.”

“You devil,” Clark smiled. “You did.”

“Took the invincible Superman, fucked him like a common whore.”

“Jack! Is that what I was? A... a conquest ?” Clark looked deeply hurt. Actually, he was. He considered how easily he had fallen, just out of the blue, knocked out of his senses so simply. It still frightened him, his vulnerability which no one had tackled before. Had pierced his impenetrable armor. A young man, with a big cock, grasping him by the balls, and making him weak as an eight year old boy. Still hurt, to think about it. Taken his seed, mated him. Changed his whole life and being, with just a flick of his wrists.

“I guess... I was foolish,” Clark said softly. “Just a good fuck. Nothing more, then.”

“Hey, man, you’re quite a powerful lover, believe it or not. For a novice.”

“Novice. Yeah, well... thanks a lot.”

“Well, not a novice. Been dicking yourself so long, you’re more than well-practiced.”

“Yes. Yes, I am....” almost embarrassed. “Did I have a choice?”

“You could have grabbed anybody. Down, done, and gone in a flash.”

“That’s no fun. Not me. Not what I wanted.”

“You wanted... what?”

“You. Me. You, now. Just you.”

“Come on. You could have anyone on the planet.”

“But you got to me. First. The only one who had guts enough to really try. Caught me with my pants down, fucked yourself into me. Made me yours—.”

“So we are lovers for life? Serious?”

“For me. Until you terminate your DNA within me. Yes.”

“Damn. I didn’t want to own you.”

“What did you want, Jack? Just some muscle stud to suck your cock, suck his? You’ve already had that. Now what? Nothing real you’re looking for?”

“Well, I wasn’t intending to marry. And never would, without first trying out the goods.”

“I understand. I’d probably, if I were free enough, do much the same. Check out a few good prospects. Pick, choose, try... select.”

“That’s the human way.”

“But, I’m an alien. We... tend to think of sex more seriously.”

“Could get you in a lot of trouble, Clark. As we’ve already seen.”

“Yeah, we’ve already seen.” With a heavy sigh, Clark went over and gazed out from the terrace. Slid back the glass doors, stepped outside. Took a deep breath, raised his arms, stretched. “All this, I dreamed... ours. His, mine. If we found each other.” Scanning the city.

He slipped out of his robe. Stood there, an impossible sculpture. Naked.

Jack casually came up behind him, slipping out of his own robe. In utter awe at the beauty of the person before him. Leaned against him, his hands capping up over Superman’s shoulders, his face sideways into the back of his neck, softly kissing at the base of his hairline.

Clark said, half turning into him, “So, with all this,” indicating the skyline, packed with buildings, apartments, businesses, clouds, sunlight, “the world, actually. What would you do with a true mate, when you decide, find him?”

“Hmmm,” Jack nuzzled the side of his neck, chewed lightly on his trapezius, stroking his hands down the wondrous wealth of the other nude man’s arms.

“A true mate is hard to find. I wasn’t really looking.”

“No,” whispered Clark, disappointed. His heart really pounding. Sad; perhaps he had lost it. Lost himself . Was ensnared deeper than he thought possible. If Jack didn’t want him, not even as Superman... a trophy to brag about... he was in distress, just didn’t know how to cope. He certainly wasn’t going allow himself to be used as some young man’s convenient stud-fuck.... How could he terminate this? Unless. Well, he might have to kill himself. How else did an alien liaison end, except in termination of one or the other, once mated?

“And, if you found him...? Really found him?” Clark egged him on. Pushing.

“This is what I would do,” Jack said, suddenly crushing in and up against him. Reaching around forward under his armpits onto his chest, he grasped for Clark’s huge nipples, claiming them. “I would take those big teats of his, and render him helpless. Take those little cock-udders in my mouth, and jack him crazy with my lips,” beginning to also jack them with his fingers, expertly.

“Ahhhhh... no, not again! No,” Clark moaned. Gathering his strength, he broke free of Jack, and stood away from him. Jack was surprised. Whoa, he thought the alien was tamed!

“I’m not that easy to fuck,” Superman said rather strongly. “Just because you’ve had your way, know a few of my secrets—you think I’m just a simple muscle-fuck? That because maybe you’ve toppled a few big men, you can, are the almighty Mr. Cock pleaser?”

“No, no... not at all, Clark. Thought for sure, that’s really the way you liked it. Wanted a guy to take you, hard. Why you pussied-out, so often”

“Pussied-out, hunh?” And that made Kal-El mad. Really mad. No one spoke to Superman like that!

“You didn’t stop me. Kept asking me to fuck you, fuck you... fuck you. Didn’t you?”

Superman gritted his teeth.

“You explored my weak points. Took advantage! Do you know one fucking thing about love—what it means?! Could?!!”

“Wasn’t looking for it.” Jack had to be truthful, and also very, very careful. “Just a big muscle hunk in a hot tub, who melted when I touched him? Easy. What would you have done, if you were me?” Jack looked at him. “Hunh? Pick up your bag and go home? When the guy was all laying back, breathing like a wounded bull, and moaning like four whores aching to be taken? What would you have done?”

“I told you, I couldn’t help it! You hit my weak spots!”

“Right, big fucking Superman—and I’m supposed to know I’d defused him like a wet match? And just say “Sorry, guy, I didn’t know your big hard dick sticking out of the water meant you were merely vulnerable, and didn’t have any idea what you wanted to do with that thing, anyway—just play with it in the mirror, maybe...? never get it sucked, or rub against another big one, all dripping and ready for you?” Hunh? HUNH??!! Like I’m supposed to know you’re some virgin pervert, who wants to stay that way, and make love to yourself forever—IN FRONT OF YOUR OWN DAMNED MIRROR, AND SUCK YOURSELF SILLY??!! FOREVER??!!”

“Jack, Jack, Jack, stop this, STOP! I CAN’T HELP IT, I’M LONELY–THAT I CAN’T BE WITH JUST ANYBODY! That I was ripe to be plucked... can’t help it. Didn’t ever want it to be this way. Didn’t, couldn’t let it be the wrong person, the wrong guy.... And you got to me. Easier than anyone would have dreamed. Took the great Superman, like a girl. Mated him. Busted his cherry. And maybe his whole fucking life and being, in one simple grasp of his balls.”

Clark was beside himself, tormented and shocked and defeated and defiant, and broken. The whole situation was almost beyond his alien comprehension. But, knew he had been had—had loved it, and never wanted it to end. Even if Jack were the wrong mate for him. How could this turn around, make Jack want him, or love him? Knowing in his soul, loving someone, and just sexing-them-over, were two different things.

“What do you want me to do?” Jack said finally. “Go?”

Inside him, he wished this had never happened. He didn’t like the job. Didn’t want to finish it. Had had the most fantastic encounter of his life, and now felt guilty as hell about it. Him, the agent of Superman’s destruction? Or at least, his “fantastic embarrassment,” eventually. Not having a clue what Luthor might more be up to. It would have made him a totally rich man for life, had this worked out. He was willing to let it go. Now. Get out of there. Leave Superman alone to nurse his wounds, and his own. Needed to tell Superman what was up? Warn him? But things were crossing up inside. He was going to have to go, only....

The big nude was reaching out to him, his pecs swelling.

“I... can’t... don’t want... to let you go,” Kal eyed him intensely. “Want to love you. Show you how it can be. I’m really big, I know. Promise I won’t hurt you, if I can help it.” He moved in close, enclosing Jack in his arms. Kissed him incessantly. “You’ve taken me. I need to take you. Mate you.”

Jack was almost shocked. Yet found he could not help himself. “I... I, guess. Yeah, I want you, Kal.”

“So how do I do this, without hurting you?”

A second ago, on the verge of splitting. Union now, inevitable.

“You can’t,” Jack grimaced. “But I can learn how. Give me a few minutes to get ready. I know you’re pretty potent, but think I need some lube for that monster.”

He left to go to the bathroom and clean himself. And to find the tube in his bag, along with the Kryptonite imbedded cock ring. There were also the aluminum sealed packets of chloroform he was to use later.

If Superman could be fucked, he could be snuffed, too. That was the reality, he expected.

Still, things were not going right. He ached to be taken by the huge muscleman outside, and used some of the numbing, lubricant gel to prepare himself. Actually, he had put it in the bag with the idea of using it on Superman, if there were a problem. Now he was the one with the problem, never imagining he would have wanted to be mounted by such a magnificent stud. Again, something inside him craved this so hungrily he didn’t understand it. Maybe it was along the lines of being intimate with a famous celebrity—any way they wanted it, just for the scope of it, the impossibility of the event. Something to forever remember.

* * *

“Okay, now. Sit. On the couch there, get yourself hard.” Jack was again taking control of the situation. “You can lean back against the lounger there, when I’m on. I hear this is the easiest way, if taking especially big men. I don’t know. Never tried.”

“What am I supposed to do, Jack?” Superman countered. “Get hard on command?” Pausing to grin. “Though I can, you know. Or a few quick tugs between my balls.”

“Let me tug them, then.” Jack gave him a wry smile. His own cock not at all hard, nicely, heavily thick. He advanced towards Clark, now seated lower than him. And sat down across him, over his powerful thighs, rippling with muscle. “Damn, you have some legs. And everything else.!” Jack started kissing him, they were face to face. Their cocks rested firm against each other, flaccid. But not for long.

“Don’t even have to tug me, do you?” Clark murmured. “Near you, gives me an instant rock, now.”

“Way it should be.” Jack was absolutely loving to death the mass of Kal’s shoulders, down his arms, tendering, appreciating the great cables and thickness of his biceps and triceps.

No one had ever touched him like Jack did. It drove Superman wild with joy, aching to be caressed all over, and to caress his lover in return. The smaller man, no comparison what-soever: the younger, devouring him with such impossible, appreciative touches, stroking.... Only Clark was smitten, too, with touching him, savoring him, preparing him for the final mating embrace. Both of them heaving for breath, electrified, knowing what was going to happen.

“Then, you... are a virgin... too, aren’t you? And I’m your first.”

“Hadn’t thought of it that way,” Jack countered. “Cool. Two virgins, united at last.”

“Jack, Jack, Jack.” Kal was heated beyond his control. His massive member high up between them.

“God, you’re big...” Jack almost whimpered. Noting the notable flow from Clark’s glans, more than eager to take him.

He stood up, spread his legs a little. Clark mouthed-in on Jack’s big cock while he was doing it, priming him even more than big time for the plunge. “And this is how it’s done...” Jack took a large breath, and with one hand, positioned Clark’s huge rod at his entrance... and ever so slowly tried to sit down over him. At first, it was too much. Jack was tight as a drum, even though he wanted to relax, he couldn’t. In fact, he practically screamed.

Kal’s big arms were around him in an instant, crushing him close.

“Don’t want to hurt you, no, we’ll stop. If you can’t.”

“OHHhhhhh, my God, Kal, my God!! ... AGHhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHH!!”

His sphincter relaxed, and suddenly Clark’s cock slipped in, further and further.

“OH, JESUS, A BALL BAT! A FUCKING BALL BAT... KILLING ME, KAL!!” Jack was sobbing real tears. Moaning, crying out.

Superman kissed him so rapidly, tenderly, lovingly, violently, Jack didn’t know what to do. Just hung on, as Superman’s massive shaft continued to slip into him. Jack was gritting his teeth.

“We’ll stop, we’ll stop, Jack. I don’t want you hurt, don’t want...”

“No,” Jack cried. “Wait, wait. Don’t pull out. Don’t...” gasping for breath. His fingers so deep into Kal’s arms, Superman was surprised he felt it. Felt the pain of Jack’s fingers clawing into him. What the hell? “Just stay there a minute. Let me... adjust....”

He fell against Clark, hugged him, chewing on the ridge of his trapezius, holding on deep and tight. “Kal, Kal... oh, God, so beautiful. You, so deep inside me.” And just hung onto him.

The both of them clinging.

“Guess I can’t take more than about nine inches, can I? Couldn’t even take myself,” Jack joked, resting.

Clark never ceased kissing him, almost like a child.

“Are you okay, then?”

Jack nodded against him. Held on, even more firmly.

Clark relaxed. He was hard as steel, but did feel his member beginning to wane a bit.

Then Jack said, “Do you think you can fly?”


“I mean it, can you fly?”

Kal looked at him quizzically. “I don’t know, haven’t tried. Since you...”

“Took all your juice. Made you weak as a mortal, right?”

“Sort of. Maybe...?” Clark didn’t know.

“That’s what I want you to do,” closing his eyes, the blond began to painfully rise up off of Superman’s cock. “Want you to take me—in the air.”

“You’re kidding. I don’t know how.”

“Try. Please...” Jack’s green eyes totally captured him. Kal would have done anything to please him.

Jack stood back from him, his own half-hard cock staggeringly loose in front of himself. “Let me see if you can.”

Superman straightened. Stood tall. He paused a moment, going nearly flaccid.

Jack said, “No, think of me. Think of fucking me. In your arms, in the air.”


Superman did. His cock began to swell and rise again. He lifted himself from the floor, rose, and hovered about two feet off the ground.

“Even with a hard-on. You can.”

“Not as easy as normal, but yes....”

“Take me, Superman. Take me! I’m ready. All the way, this time. All the way.”

Jack held out his arms, Superman descended, scooped him up, held him close to him. Then he told Jack, “Relax, lean back, I’ve got you.” His one arm cradled behind Jack’s neck and head and upper back, his other under Jack’s hips... as Jack curled up his legs, allowing Superman’s entrance between them. They were three feet off the floor.

Jack thought it was like being on a water bed, or a wild air cushion. But his lover, reaming him, sent him further skyward. Clark was truly fucking him, and there was no pain, no pain at all. Sure, a monstrous fullness, but so welcome and joyful, he could hardly believe it.

And Jack could see Superman was almost as enraptured as he. He noticed the hero’s nipples swelling even larger and longer. Could see they were dribbling nectar of their own accord, had grown another half inch more.

“Kiss me, kiss me,” Jack mewed, holding onto Clark, entering heaven, the ride of his life.

“Jack, Jack—.”

And then Jack curled up into him closer, thighs around his waist, and began to suck Superman’s pec-tits with a passion that was astounding. Superman himself was staggered, could almost have dropped him, the both of them. Such ecstasy he had never known. The nectar being sucked from his nipples, triggering him near to orgasm—from both his nipples!! And his cock about to burst with love at the same time. He began to thrust deeper, yet still easy and strong. Jack was moaning like crazy. Kal-El had reached the gates of heaven.

When Superman came, he almost blacked out. Because he experienced orgasms in both nipples, and his prostate at the same time... his cock, seeding into Jack in a torrent. Jack’s own eruption cascaded furiously, as well. Only by the grace of God, or something, they both clung to each other in mid-air, like rocking gently in a boat on choppy waters. Back and forth, back and forth, side to side.

“I can’t help it,” Kal moaned. “I love you, love you, love....

“Kal, Kal, Kal.”

What more could be said?

Two virgin, hung, muscled men had grounded each other. And they were knocked out by it. Finding a whole new world of possibility; a realm never explored.

Superman knew he was fully conquered.

Jack wasn’t sure what to think. Anymore.

While he was still groggy and down, Jack managed to go and get the cock ring, and slip it onto and over Superman’s genitals. It was a beautiful piece composed of tiny silvery links, none more than a half inch wide. Clark stared at him in wonderment, while Jack put it on him.

“Where’d you get—?”

Jack hushed him. “Something cool I saw, wanted to give it to the right guy.”

“How would you know in advance, the right size?” He felt somewhat slightly dizzy and weak, suddenly. Chalked it up to blowing such a huge load into Jack. Content that his own juice would be recycled back to him through the further taking of each other’s essences.

Or, so he thought.

Or maybe it was the idea of being tagged, like a claim of ownership Jack had placed on him? Really? “You want me to wear this?”

“It’s a gift. All I have at the moment. Maybe later we can switch it out.”

“Won’t it keep me from “coming.” Be too tight?”

“Won’t affect you at all, for that. It’s got secret flexible links, that expand with you. And enhances the intensity of your ejaculate.” Jack, knowing once fastened, it couldn’t be removed; not even by Superman, without ripping off his cock and balls. The links were secretly joined. Only he knew (and Luthor) which one triggered the clasp.

“Do you like it?” Jack asked. They were side by side in the bathroom mirror by then.

“Yeah, yeah. Really nice. Enhances my package, beautifully, but...”

“But what?”

“Kinda... can’t explain it. Makes me feel... a little funny.”

“Couldn’t be that, unless you’re allergic to platinum, from a special jewelry store?”

“No. No, I guess not. Maybe...”

“You’re just tired. You’ve unloaded enough spunk to drown an army the last twenty-four hours or so. You’ll be fine, soon.”

“Yeah, guess I will. Looks great, though. Love the linkage.”

* * *

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