The Telemachus Story Archive

Broken Bolt
By Ranger Pietro

Broken Bolt

“You’ll never break me,” the hero growled defiantly, his large fists banging on the side of the floor to ceiling cylindrical tank that held him. “I will never bow to you, Torturo!”

The villain Torturo laughed, his mangled face twisting grossly, his piercing black eyes narrowing. “Red Bolt, I won’t even try to break you—I’ll let you break yourself!” The words were icy cold and deadly serious. Torturo strode confidently over to a control panel and initiated a sequence of buttons.

Red Bolt growled as he let loose a punch at the side of the tank. Despite his incredible strength, his fist bounced back leaving the tank unscathed. He glared at Torturo, busy at the control panel. His mind raced, searching for any way out of his predicament. He was trapped in a narrow, clear tank in the center of Torturo’s vile throne room. He had finally tracked his nemesis to his lair, but was unprepared for the bevy of traps that had been prepared for him.

Torturo returned his attention to his muscular prey. “My dear Red Bolt, the gas I’m about to release will remove your resistance and make you beg to serve me. Just don’t worry about your situation—it’s about to get a lot stickier.”

Torturo pressed a small gray button on the control panel, and a pink gas filled the tank that trapped Red Bolt. The gas swirled out of a vent in the top of the tank, floating down and obscuring the hero from the villain’s view. Red Bolt tried to hold his breath, but eventually he was gasping for breath, breathing in the noxious gas. The gas was thick and sweet, and clung to Red Bolt’s lungs. He gasped for fresh air, but only drew in more of the gas.

Torturo explained gleefully as its effects on Red Bolt began to show. “This gas is a beautiful recipe that will strip you of your powers and leave you feeling... well I’ll let you figure out how you feel.” Torturo pointed towards Red Bolt’s crotch, which had responded generously to the fiendish gas.

Red Bolt slumped backwards in the tank, and fell to his knees. His strength was slowly being sapped by the gas, but his proud cock stood at its full ten inch length, straining against the fabric of his super suit. Precum leaked steadily from the engorged head, quickly seeping through the fabric. “You bastard! What do you hope to achieve with this depravity?”

Torturo laughed slowly as he shut off the gas. Fans began turning in the top of the tank clearing the air and restoring Torturo’s view of the captured hero. Red Bolt moaned and tore at the deep maroon fabric of his suit, trying desperately to release his aching dick. The sensation around his cock was too much, and his dick spewed cum, soaking through the fabric and dripping from his gold gloves. Cum poured out of his cock, running down the front of his suit and pooling around his knees. Red Bolt continued to pull at the fabric, trying to rip open his own suit to release his throbbing, cum spewing dick. Finally the fabric gave way, and a long tear opened in the suit. His massive cock sprang out from its confines, streams of cum squirting against the far side of the tank.

Torturo initiated a new sequence of buttons on the control panel, and soon two mechanical appendages dropped from the ceiling. Torturo guided them with a pair of joysticks, moving them down towards the weakened hero. Red Bolt tried to bat them away, but he was barely able to raise his arms above his head. The appendages tore away the rest of his suit, leaving the hero fully exposed, but for his gold gloves and boots. Cum continued to shoot out of his leaping dick, and the tank started to fill. The appendages coiled around his thick, muscular arms and meaty, hairy pecs. They hoisted Red Bolt into the air, halfway up the height of the tank. His muscles bulged as his dick continued to spray cum, thick jets of it hitting the tank wall and dribbling down to pool in the bottom.

Torturo let out a fearsome laugh and stride over to the tank. “Red Bolt, you’ll break soon enough. I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen too soon though. I have other matters to attend to, but we’ll see each other soon.” He retreated from the room, leaving the hero hanging by his arms in the tank, thick cock still spewing.

Red Bolt’s strength began to return, energy slowly growing in his limbs. He tested the mechanical arms, thrashing and pulling himself up in their grasp. As his strength grew, the streams of cum began to slow, and his dick slowly started to soften. Cum was several inches deep in the bottom of the tank, and the musky smell disgusted and embarrassed the hero.

An hour passed, and the hero’s arms ached terribly. He raised his legs and loosed a powerful kick at the tank wall. His boots bounced off the wall with a dull reverberation. An alarm began to ring, and Red Bolt looked above him to the sounds that now stirred in the top of the tank. The metal grate that had released the pink gas was opening, and soon the hero’s lungs were full of the toxic mixture. Red Bolt concentrated on his body, urging himself to remain unaroused. If he could just keep from cumming he would be able to regain his full strength and break free of the metal appendages binding his arms.

Pink gas filled the tank, obscuring Red Bolt’s vision and filling his lungs. The hero’s focus was unwavering, willing himself soft despite the toxins in his veins. Despite his fortitude, Red Strike groaned in disappointment as he felt a jump in his dick, the flaccid length twisting to the side as it began to fill with blood. Red Strike watched worriedly, as his thick cock slowly swelled and lifted away from his body. He redoubled his efforts, never breaking his gaze from his dick. “I won’t let you be the cause of my defeat,” he growled defiantly as his dick began to soften again. Locked in a battle against his own body, he failed to notice Torturo’s return to the room until he heard the villain’s thunderous voice.

“It looks like you’ll need some help with breaking your will after all, Red Bolt. I congratulate you on your fortitude, but I didn’t lure you here to be defeated. Let’s see how you handle this.” With his last sentence Torturo initiated another sequence on the control panel before taking control of another joy stick. A slender, clear plastic tube descended from the top of the tank and descended towards the struggling hero. Red Bolt thrashed against the appendages holding him, kicking against the tank. The clear tube dipped lower, passing between the hero’s legs and towards the bottom of the tank. Torturo maneuvered the tube down into Red Bolt’s pooled cum and began sucking it up. With a quick jerk of the joystick, Torturo guided the tube back up and in front of Red Bolt’s torso. He pressed a few more buttons, and cum sprayed out of the tube, showering the hero with his own hot cum. Red Bolt thrashed harder as his cum covered his muscular pecs and splashed down over his abs, dripping down over his soft cock.

The sudden attack broke the hero’s focus, and the effects of the toxic gas took hold. Red Bolt tried to will his hardening dick soft again, but the thick member rose to full and throbbing before his eyes, precum lazily drooling from the tip and cascading down towards the pooled cum. Thoughts of arousal flooded his mind, and Red Bolt moaned loudly as his cock oozed cum once more. The restrained hero vigorously thrust at the empty air in front of him, stabbing his cock into nothing.

“Oh, Red Bolt, don’t think that’s all I’ve planned to do to you. Let’s see what other hells this little tank of mine holds,” Torturo said. He once again pressed a few buttons, this time waiting to push the final button to speak further taunt the hero. “This little creature cost me dearly in manpower, but it has provided a wonderfully fun research opportunity. I’d love to see what it makes of you.” Torturo pressed the final button in the sequence, allowing a small metal door to slide open at the top of the tank. Torturo withdrew the clear tube and fanned out the gas as a black squid like creature fell past the restrained and struggling hero and into the pooled cum, disappearing below the surface. Red Bolt stared intently at the bottom the tank, fear growing to astonishment as his pooled cum slowly began to vanish.

“Lots of my men fell victim to this creature before it could be captured. You would be amazed at how quickly a man can be milked to a dry husk, Red Bolt. Let’s see how long you last in its grip.”

Red Bolt’s body froze, every muscle held perfectly still. As his cum disappeared from the bottom of the tank, the black creature’s growing form emerged. Large, muscular tentacles branched out from the creature’s sac-like body, riddled with wrinkles and folds. As the hero’s cum was sucked up by the creature, the wrinkles slowly stretched out, the body filling and bloating on the hot, salty seed.  Red Bolt remained frozen, not wanting to draw the beast’s attention. Unfortunately for him, cum dripped from his muscular frame, sliding down his chiseled abs and falling on the creature’s body below. Searching tentacles crawled along the floor of the tank and climbed the walls, delicately touching every surface in search of more sustenance.

Torturo, impatient to see the hero milked by the creature, released and withdrew the metal appendages suspending him. Red Bolt, fixated on the creature below him, fell dazed to the bottom of the tank directly on top of the creature. In a wild tangle of limbs, Red Bolt fought to get to his feet as the creature retreated up the side of the tank several feet, gathering its tentacles close to inspect them for damage. The creature cautiously regarded Red Bolt, who had pressed his back against the tank in an effort to put as much distance between the creature and himself as possible. He readied himself for the creature’s attack, fists at the ready and his feet firmly planted. His dick was still fully erect, the heavy head still leaking precum.

Slow minutes passed, neither party moving. Torturo sighed loudly, briefly breaking the hero’s focus. It was just long enough for the creature to fling itself across the tank, launching its body onto Red Bolt’s. The creature snared Red Bolt’s arms, thick black tentacles coiling around his muscular biceps and forearms. Red Bolt twisted his arms trying to free himself, but the creature had too strong a grasp. Tentacles wound themselves around his thick thighs, tension pulling the creature’s body closer to the hero’s swinging cock. More tentacles wrapped themselves around Red Bolt’s waist and climbed across his strong, hairy pecs. Red Bolt roared, thrashing his arms, fighting a battle of wills against the creature.

The tentacles around his waist tightened, bring the creature’s mouth into contact with his dick, and the battle was lost. The creature slid its mouth down the hero’s massive shaft until it was flush against his body. Muscles massaged the hero’s cock inside the creature, and Red Bolt groaned loudly as he started to cum. Torturo, finally getting the show he had been waiting for, released more of the toxic gas eager to see the hero defeated. Red Bolt’s strength waned, and he fell to his knees once more, this time fully ensnared in the creature’s powerful tentacles. Thick, hot jets of cum raced out of Red Bolt’s cock to be swallowed up by the creature. His cock was throbbing, harder than he had ever been, and he could see his massive length and forth press against the inside of the creature’s body. He tried to fight back, to pull his arms free and crush the beast, but his limbs were steadfastly bound. He tried to will himself soft, to cut off the streams of cum, but the creature’s endless massaging was impossible for him to combat. He moaned softly, chin dropping to his chest in defeat. Waves of pleasure overtook him, the endless fire in his balls churning out massive load after massive load into the hungry mouth of the creature. Red Bolt’s balls were swollen with the endlessly produced cum, and each load was quickly replaced.

Feeling no more resistance from its prey, the creature drew Red Bolt’s thick arms above his head, the whole weight of his body held by the tentacles. The creature lifted Red Bolt into a standing position, treating his heroically chiseled body like a mere marionette. Wrinkles and folds across the gruesome creature’s body bulged taut, feasting on the endless stream of Red Bolt’s cum like a bloated tick to blood. The creature’s body grew so fat and swollen that it squeezed between the hero’s legs and pressed tight against the walls of the tank. Red Bolt took note of the creature’s size, and rather than focus on quelling the orgasmic pleasure, he leaned into it, now actively fucking the creature, thrusting furtively and focusing all of his attention on the massaging muscles wrapped around his engorged cock, forcing more and more cum out of his heaving balls. The creature swelled larger and larger, and Red Bolt feared it would burst open in an explosion of cum before his plan could take shape.

The creature tightened its grip on its prey, tentacles squeezing the hero’s sweat covered muscles. Red Bolt thrust furiously into the creature, growling as the continuous orgasms wracked his body. Cum poured out of his dick, but it started to lessen in amount as the effects of the toxic gas began to wear off. The creature sucked Red Bolt’s hard cock incessantly, trying to milk out ever more of the hero’s cum. Red Bolt’s body spasmed in the tentacles’ grasp, the waves of pleasure turning to overstimulation. He gasped and shook in the creature’s embrace, his dick betraying him, cumming less and less and each time.

The creature, clearly frustrated with its prey, slammed the bound hero against the tank wall, holding him off the ground by several inches. Red Bolt could feel his strength waning, his powers draining as his balls emptied in the beast’s maw. His muscles were sapped, and he no longer had the strength to fuck his captor. He was trying to fill the creature enough to swell and break the tank’s walls, but as his powers lessened, his ability to cum to the creature’s satisfaction was cut off. The creature sucked furiously, trying to drain every drop of the hero’s cum.

Red Bolt panicked as his strength depleted to its lowest levels. He was completely drained, and he could feel his life slipping out of his cock as he was endlessly milked. Fears of his demise flooded his brain, and his body began to shut down. The milked hero’s vision began to blur, his breathing became slow and shallow, and his huge, chiseled muscles were rendered useless. The creature held the hero’s limp body in its tentacles, never ceasing its suction on his massive cock, drawing out less and less cum with each load. As Red Bolt’s vision began to drift into darkness, he heard the tank walls crack underneath the cum-swollen creature’s mass. The sharp jolt of his body hitting the tank floor was enough to bring him back to his senses, and Red Bolt watched thankfully as the creature fled from the tank and headed straight for Torturo. The villain’s screams echoed down the halls as Red Bolt limped from Torturo’s compound, swollen dick and balls swinging with every step toward his freedom.