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A Sobering Encounter
Part 3 - Sunday
By Ranger Pietro

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A Sobering Encounter


Scott’s sleeping body was easy to miss on the mossy bank of the stream, the thin slivers of moon light missing his half naked body. Any person passing by would never have noticed him, as quietly as he slept and as well he was hidden by the darkness. A creature that had lusted for Scott’s cum and flesh and had tracked him for two days would have no trouble, however.

Indeed, the great bulbous beast, almost as much plant as animal, descended the trees silently and fell upon Scott suddenly. Its sac-like body, empty and craving swung beneath it as its strong trunk arms reached towards the sleeping jock. The arms ended in tentacles that hovered inches over Scott’s muscled body, searching for the best point of attack. The creature decided, and leapt into action.

Scott was awoken by the sudden feeling of weightlessness, opening his eyes to be greeted by the sight of a towering creature, a great, translucent belly the size of a small room resting on the ground, thick tentacled arms sprouting from either side of its flower like mouth. The tentacles were wrapped around his upper body, trapping his muscular arms at his sides. Scott kicked his hairy legs, trying to fight against the creature’s restraints.

The creature’s mouth, like a budded flower, blossomed into an open maw, petals peeling back. The tentacles drew Scott over the mouth, his legs still kicking wildly, and his upper body straining against the tentacles. The petal lips began to close, trapping Scott’s legs within them. Even though he continued to kick, the creature was in phases by Scott’s attacks. Now fully enclosed around Scott’s legs, the mouth began to slurp his body down into the translucent belly, the tentacles still strongly wrapped around Scott’s pecs and arms.

The petal lips sucked Scott down into the belly, terrifyingly slowly. Scott was helpless and could only watch as more and more of him disappeared into the creature. His shins, then his meaty thighs, his shorts, hairy abs, then his pecs. He was swallowed up to his neck, and could feel the course petals on his face as he was completely engulfed.

Once inside the belly, Scott could see the trees and stream outside. No longer pinned by the tentacles, he was free to punch and kick at the walls of the stomach, but to no avail. Scott leapt at the mouth, trying to find a grip, trying to claw his way back out, but he couldn’t reach it. The stomach filled with a purple gas, sweet and thick. Scott was forced to breath the fumes, each breath more intoxicating than the last. The purple gas was working to lower Scott’s defenses, and soon Scott sat slouched against the wall of the stomach, head hanging down on his chest, arms slack at his sides.

Scott’s thoughts were cloudy—he knew he needed to get out of the creature’s belly, but couldn’t quite make the connection to move his limbs. His eyes were glazed over, unable to fully focus, and drool seeped out of the corner of his mouth. His breathing was shallow and quiet, almost as if he was asleep.

The creature belched out the purple gas into the night air before closing it’s petalled mouth again. A thick green mist filled the creature’s belly, rising from the bottom. Where the slime aroused Scott but inhibited him from cumming, the green mist instantly aroused Scott and stirred something deep in his balls.

Scott’s eyes sprang fully open, his rock hard dick already leaking precum in his slime stained gym shorts. He grabbed his cock with both hands, not even bothering to remove the mesh shorts, and began to stroke his dick furiously. His thoughts were still cloudy, drool still dropped from his mouth, but he was solely focused now on releasing his load. Just a few moments later, his cock erupted with cum, spilling down the shaft, soaking into and through his shorts. Still Scott stroked his cock, soon releasing a second load, miraculously larger than the first. It seemed out the front of his shorts and dribbled down Scott’s knuckles.

Scott milked more and more loads from his throbbing dick, but the pressure in his balls lingered. Soon cum had spilled down the side of his shorts and pooled beneath his legs. Each new load spurred through the fabric of his shorts. Scott moaned lowly, clawing the soggy black gym shorts off his body, freeing his cum covered dick, which slapped up against his hairy abs. Scott once again grabbed his cock, furiously jacking off, cum almost streaming out constantly from the swollen head, each load larger than the one before it.

Scott’s cum was spilling out across the bottom of the creature’s belly, almost a solid layer now. Still Scott pulled and rubbed his dick, cum now shooting in thick ropes across his chest and abs, running slowly back down towards his crotch, the fine hair on his abs diverting the cum into odd streams. Scott gripped his balls with his left hand, still stroking with his right. The additional pressure forced a huge stream of cum out that hit him squarely in the face and splattered across his muscular pecs.

The sun began to rise, and the new light revealed a creature biding its time as its muscular prey milked himself endlessly within its belly. Cum pooled around Scott, filling the belly, oozing halfway up Scott’s thighs. Scott’s gym shorts had long disappeared beneath the hot cum. Sweat covered Scott’s body, and his musk filled the creature’s stomach, furthering Scott’s arousal. Scott came longer and longer each time, now shooting ropes of cum across his body longer than it took him to reach climax. Each load further filled the creature’s belly, the level of Scott’s cum creeping higher and higher over his body. Cum covered his ripped chest and arms, ran down his cheeks, and stuck his hair.

Cum was now up to he base of Scott’s dick, covering his heavy, aching balls. Scott scooped up his cum and dribbled it over his throbbing dick, stroking and cumming over and over, completely lost in the creature’s poisonous gases. His toes stuck out of his cum, little flashes of pink in a sea of hot white.

Scott’s dick was now several inches below the cum, but he came so strongly that each load shot out of the pooled cum like a fountain. Cum was up to his nipples, but still Scott sat and rubbed ferociously at his cock.

When the cum was up to his bottom lip, starting to seep into his mouth, Scott stood up, cum dripping off every inch of him. He ran his hands down his chiseled abs, smearing the cum over his body, down until his hands were able to grasp his dick again. He stroked his cock tenderly now, then let it go as long, hot ropes of cum shot out and hit the far side of the creature’s belly, sliding down to meet the rest of it below. Scott’s cock jumped and bounced with each shot. Though he was standing, Scott’s cum came up to his taut sac.

Every time the amount of Scott’s loads would start to diminish, green mist would come bubbling out of the cum, further intoxicating him and replenishing his balls. Scott continued to drool, the spit mixed with cum that had shot into his mouth. The creature’s belly began to bulge outward at the bottom, full of Scott’s cum.

Scott’s head wobbled on his neck, his eyes still glazed over from the toxic gasses. Cum now shot out of his hard cock continuously, no longer any need to stroke. Scott’s hands fell to his sides, slopping into his cum. His head rolled back, as his dick bounced with each shot. Scott moaned, his swollen dick now lost several inches beneath the rising cum.

The sun was high in the sky, indicating noon time, and Scott still remained trapped in the creature’s stomach, spewing cum in an endless stream. The cum had risen up to Scott’s chest, his ample armpit hair dipping in and out of it as he breathed. Sweat and cum covered his body. Scott reached through the rising cum for his dick, feeling every vein full to bursting with blood. The feeling of his hard cock was hypnotizing, and Scott couldn’t help but resume jacking off, stroking languidly and rubbing his dick against the soft wall of the creature’s belly. Scott could feel the cum oozing out of him, and scooped a handful up to taste. The salty cum was delicious, and Scott rubbed it over his chest and abs, though they were already submerged.

Scott’s tan body continued to disappear beneath the rising white cum. No green mist had been able to penetrate the deep pool of cum in almost an hour, and as Scott’s cum reached his chin his thoughts began to clear. Scott became increasingly more aware of being submerged in something thick and hot. His focus returned, and Scott realized he was almost drowning in his own cum, which had now risen up to his nose and continued to shoot constantly from his engorged cock. He immediately released the stranglehold he had on his dick and began pick at the sides of the creature’s belly, trying to puncture it. He dipped his head below the surface of his cum and opened his mouth to bite the wall of the stomach. His sharp canines found purchase, and a small hole began to leak cum out onto the mossy bank of the stream.

Scott slid a finger into the hole, trying to tear it larger. He had to stand and take a breath before dipping down again and again, each time the hole growing. Eventually the cum began to leak out faster than Scott’s still hard cock could fill it. Scott clawed at the hole, trying to get himself free. He was met by an angry green tentacle that wriggled into the hole, almost completely plugging it. The tentacle wrapped itself around his chest and arms, trying to restrain him. Scott’s cum covered body was slick, and the tentacle couldn’t bind him tight enough. Scott slipped free and bit the tentacle deeply. It waved and thrashed the cum, sending it flying. The thrashing tore the hole open much larger than it had been, and Scott’s cum flooded out of the creature. Scott saw his chance and slid out the hole around the tentacle.

As soon as his foot hit solid ground, he began to sprint, not chancing a look back. Scott ran for what seemed like hours, though exhausted from his ordeal. His cock slapped up and down, still dribbling cum, until at long last it too became exhausted and began to soften. Scott ran until he reached the hot asphalt of the parking lot. His heart sank, and he collapsed in an exhausted heap.

When Brad and Scott’s other friends pulled up, they found Scott fully dressed, pack on the ground next to him, asleep with the bottle of whiskey in his hand.

The End