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A Sobering Encounter
Part 1 - Friday
By Ranger Pietro

A Sobering Encounter


Scott had always considered himself tough. There wasn’t any challenge he had ever backed down from, and even fewer he had failed to overcome. Whether it was being down in the count at bat for his college baseball team or pinned beneath a rival on the wrestling mat, Scott always knew just how to get himself out of a jam.

People flocked to him, finding comfort in his easy confidence. His muscular frame, piercing eyes, and genuinely warm smile didn’t hurt him any either. People of all kinds lusted for his attention and affection, which Scott was slow to dole out. Scott loved women, but secretly enjoyed being the source of many erections for the men who lusted after him.

Scott never turned down a challenge, and always tried to prove himself capable in ever more impressive feats. When his friends challenged him to a solo camp out in the farthest reaches of the nearby national forest, Scott was unfazed. Equally at home in the outdoors as he was anywhere else, this would be a breeze. It wasn’t until they mentioned the recent disappearances of several forest service rangers that Scott felt the tiniest bit of hesitation. He quickly squashed that, imagining instead turning the tables and showing them his dominance.

“Guys, you know I’ve got this. It’s probably some horny redneck creep, kidnapping and raping them. I can totally handle that shit. Fuck that hillbilly asshole. I’ll ride him all the way back to town!” Scott’s confidence was inspiring, and his friends responded with high fives all around.

Scott packed alone, trusting only himself to prepare for the long weekend in the woods. Scott’s friends dropped him off on a Friday morning in the parking lot of an old trail head that led deep into the forest, not far from where the latest ranger had disappeared. His friend Brad tossed him a bottle of whiskey and told him to save a shot for them to take together when they picked him up on Sunday. Scott gave him a confident grin and walked a few steps backwards as everybody piled back into the car and took off. Scott turned and faced the trail, let out a deep sigh, and headed towards the tree line.

The first few miles were flat and easy going, allowing Scott to make quick progress, winding between rocks and roots expertly. Scott’s hiking boots were well worn, and his pack held only the necessities. It wasn’t until the sun had reached its peak that Scott pulled out his compass. He had decided to break from the trail and head due south into the heart of the forest. He figured that if there were any people with a penchant for rape and kidnap, they would be drawn to people on the trails.

Scott’s new path led him down into a small canyon and alongside a slow moving stream. Scott stopped and dipped his hand in the cool water and withdrew a sip of the clear water. The day was hot, and Scott stripped off his sweat soaked shirt, revealing his well developed muscles and hairy chest. The sun and light breeze quickly cooled Scott’s naked upper body, causing his nipples to briefly harden. The breeze carried itself up  the legs of his shorts, causing his cock to harden as well.

The sudden erection caused Scott to stall at the water’s edge. By this time he had already hiked ahead of where he had planned on being, so he decided to kill some time and relieve the  building pressure in his nuts. He sat on the rocky edge, and stripped off his shoes and socks. He spread out his drying shirt and laid back, letting his feet and lower legs fall in the stream. He quickly scanned his surroundings, thoughts of hillbilly rapists lingering at the back of his mind. The tree strewn slopes on either side of the creek were clear, and Scott was alone among the mosses and fungi at the bank.

Scott’s focused returned to his stiffening cock, just the thought of jacking off making him harder. His hands explored his muscular chest, running over his pecs, grazing his nipples, sliding down his abs. His left hand remained over his abs as his right hand slid deftly under the belted waist of his shorts, into his tight boxer briefs, past the stiff shaft of his cock before coming to rest on his swollen nuts. He massaged them, alternating between pulling them down and holding them close to his body. With all of his focus trained on his self pleasure, he failed to notice the darker threat lurking beneath the shallow waters of the stream.

As he undid his belt and unzipped his shorts, a dark green algae coalesced near him in the water. As Scott pulled down his shorts and boxers to let his hard dick slap against his abs, the gathering algae grew, more and more of it gathering in the water between his feet. He didn’t notice it advance closer as he slid both hands down his body and wrapped them around his dick, tugging slowly at first then faster as his right hand reached his plump head. His left hand moved down to his balls, and he reached a steady stroke with his right hand.

The algal mass had reached an impressive size and moved up closer, sliming its way between his hairy legs towards his full balls. The algae gathered its full mass there, preparing for its attack. Scott’s stroking intensified, and he suddenly arched his back and thrust his hips into the air. The algae withdrew, hesitating. Scott’s left hand formed a fist, and his right hand moved to clutch at the grasses around him on the bank as his cock pulsed and shot several thick ropes of cum across his upper body. Scott let his body relax, his cock still throbbing as the blood receded. The algae, its meal of freshly milked cum already spilled, dispersed as quickly as it had amassed.

Scott stood and surveyed the load he shot proudly before cupping his hands in the water a few times to rinse himself. He dried with his shirt and dressed quickly, anxious to start again towards his planned camp. He swung his pack on deftly, and moved his shoulders to settle it before setting off once more.

The afternoon passed swiftly, Scott moving easily through the old growth of the forest, often amazed at the towering oaks and moss and lichen covered rocks. Something in the forest had eyes of its own, eyes that hungered for the swinging muscular virility between Scott’s legs. Pieces were put in place, plans drawn to take him and sate the its yearning.

As evening drew close, Scott had passed his intended camp by several miles, and decided to improvise a new location. He scouted the area and found a secluded clearing surrounded by trees. He quickly set his tent, started a small fire, and began the work of cooking the evening’s meal. Once he had eaten, his mind wandered to the bottle his friend Brad sent with him. He unscrewed the cap and took a quick swig. The whiskey burned in his throat and warmed his stomach. One drink turned to two, then three, then just short of half the bottle was gone. Scott leapt to his feet and wobbled aggressively. He doused the fire and wobbled to his tent, shedding his shirt along the way, but forgetting about his shoes.

The campfire had barely been out ten minutes and Scott was very much passed out in his tent. The night’s drinking had taken its course, and Scott’s muscular frame was prone half inside the flap. With his left arm under his goateed chin and right arm stretched toward his sleeping bag, Scott’s snoring was the only sound in camp. His legs were sprawled behind him outside of the tent, a welcome enticement to the foul creature that had wandered from the trees to investigate the still warm embers of the fire.

Lurching our from between the thick grove of trees, the beast stopped at the edge of the campground and surveyed its surroundings. Six black, beady eyes dotted the front of its face above two low hanging membranous mandibles. Its long wormlike body was cool and slick in the evening, and the creature shifted its weight between each of its thick stumpy legs as it tested the smoky campground air. Two grotesque arms sprouted from its back, each splitting off into many tentacles at their tip, and it began to feel the ground searching for traces of food or evidence of larger prey.

The creature’s slow ambling brought its hideous frame closer to the tent, thick tentacled arms already dripping with a sticky secretion to help it latch on to any prey it might encounter. Scott’s legs shifted in his sleep, drawing the beast’s attention. A thick tentacle sprang out and coiled around Scott’s left shoe. The creature tried to pull its prey in, but the tentacle sprang back with only Scott’s shoe in tow. Another tentacle lashed out, finding its mark around Scott’s right calf, the secretion wetting his thick leg hair.

The next tentacle also found its mark, coiling tightly around Scott’s left calf. The tentacles pulled in tandem and brought Scott’s body into the cool night. The sudden air woke Scott, who lazily noted the warm sensation on his legs. A third tentacle quickly sobered Scott as it wrapped itself around his chest. Scott swung wildly at the tentacle, managing to land several hard blows against both it and his firm pecs.

The creature recoiled at the sudden pain and released its prey. It considered its next move for a moment too long, and Scott seized the opportunity to clamber to his feet. The creature redoubled its efforts and let loose tentacles to subdue Scott’s arms, pulling him back down the hard dirt of the campground. Scott squirmed, thrusting his hips and twisting in the dirt. The creature, sensing its meal was adequately restrained for now, squatted down, splaying it’s four chunky legs out to its sides. Its wrinkled lips parted, its jaws parted and stretched wide, and its tongue darted out for its first taste of this new flesh. Scott struggled and kicked as the rough tongue flicked and searched across his abs, tasting the day’s sweat before drawing up to his hairy arm pits wet from the fresh struggle.

Two more tongues came lazily from the open mouth and wrapped Scott’s legs. They could taste the musky odor of Scott’s crotch and slowly wormed their way farther up his legs. The rough tongues slid under Scott’s black mesh gym shorts and explored  his balls, lifting and tasting each one in turn. Scott emitted a sustained grunt from the effort of his struggling, sweat beading and running down his muscular frame. The first tongue explored down his torso, running itself over his straining abs before venturing down the fine line of hair below his navel. It stopped at the the waistband of his shorts, now lifted away from his body by the tenting of his hardening cock. The tongue joined the others in Scott’s shorts and tasted a drop of precum.

Scott’s cock sprang out and slapped flatly against his abs as the tongues deftly tore away his shorts. They coiled tightly around his legs, immobilizing his lower half as the tentacles continued to hold his arms. A fourth tongue wormed out of the creature’s maw, stopping and hanging lazily in the air above Scott’s cock. The end of the tongue split into five smaller appendages with a hook toothed mouth in the center. Scott’s eyes widened as he yelled, “Get the fuck away from my dick!” The mouth dripped hot saliva onto Scott’s hard dick as it was lowered around it, pulled steadily down by the five appendages working their way in steady rhythm down his shaft. Once the tongue had reached the base, the hooked teeth set into the flesh, securing its place. The tongue undulated, creating a steady rubbing and suction on Scott’s dick.

Scott thrashed with all his might, but he was unable to shake the creature. His limbs were held tight by the tongues and tentacles, and the struggles only served to induce their tightening. His biceps and thighs were squeezed tight, held still by the ropes of muscle. The suction on his cock soon brought him over the edge, his back arching, his breath coming in short grunts. He came, shooting ropes of hot cum deep into the tongue. The appendages massaged his balls, enticing as much of his cum out as possible.

The tongue continued to pump at Scott’s dick, the sustained sensation causing Scott to writhe in the creature’s grasp. The tongue carried on, steadily applying suction to Scott’s swollen cock, massaging his balls with its grasping appendages, deftly rubbing its ridges up and down his shaft. It wasn’t long before Scott released another violent load, more hot, sticky ropes let loose into the tongue. Scott was being milked, drained of his cum, and it was happening quick. A third, smaller load next. A fourth, fifth, and sixth each smaller than the one before.

The creature let out a low, long vocalization clearly disappointed with its prey. It stopped its suction on Scott’s cock, the little hooked teeth releasing the long, meaty shaft, the appendages dropping his heavy balls. Scott breathed a heavy sigh, lifting his head to survey his still engorged dick. Mistaking the creature’s lapse in milking him for the end of his ordeal, he allowed himself a moment to relax. This was to be short lived, as the creature began to pull Scott’s muscular body closer and closer to its wrinkled maw, working first the tongues back into its mouth, then pulling its tentacled arms back towards its body. Scott was being pulled toward the creature’s open mouth, agonizingly slow inch by inch. Scott redoubled his struggles to escape, thrashing wildly, his sweat slick body writhing in the dirt, biceps straining against the thick tentacles.

Scott could feel the strength in the tentacles, determined to keep a tight grasp on their prey. Scott bucked wildly, his still hard cock bouncing along. The movement of his dick reawakened the attentive tongues, which darted out and coiled around the meaty shaft. They pulled at his cock, trying to milk a load out directly into the creature’s cavernous mouth. The sensation on Scott’s already sensitive cock were maddening, causing him to thrash and struggle. This thrashing failed to break the creature’s grip on Scott’s muscular body, and the creature steadily drew Scott closer to its mouth.

The creature’s mouth was just inches away, it’s mandibles spreading the loose, wrinkled skin tight in anticipation. Scott’s feet entered the mouth first, and more tongues quickly wrapped around them, some tasting shoe, others tasting musky, dirty sock. The tongues tore these off, gulping them down into the beast. The wrinkled mouth closed around Scott’s legs, sucking on them, pulling him down into its throat. Scott’s thighs slid into the creature, then his heavy balls and thick cock. More tongues quickly turned their attention to his sweaty crotch, his still hard cock being pulled straight down toward his feet, the milking resumed.

The tongues succeeded in causing another hot, milky load to erupt from Scott’s hard cock, which sprayed on tentacles and his legs. The cum was quickly lapped up by tongues. Scott began to redouble his efforts as his abs were swallowed into the creature.

The creature then made an error in judgment, releasing the tentacles that had held Scott’s arms, assuming it would be able to swallow him fast enough. Finally free and able to combat the beast, Scott let loose a flurry of blows against the creature’s head, even as his abs and pecs began to disappear into the puckered lips. He had been swallowed up to his rank armpits before a blow landed on one of the creature’s eyes, forcing it to shriek loudly, the tongues that had ensnared Scott’s limbs now loose, the mouth that had sucked his body down now spitting him out.

Scott’s body slid out of the monster’s mouth, and the thick tentacled arms smashed the ground violently. Scott rolled away from the beast, and quickly scrambled to his feet. He grabbed a long log he hadn’t used in the fire, and drew the weapon back. He brought it crashing down on the creature’s head, one dull smack after another.

The creature heaved a sigh, the life draining from it. Scott sighed too, falling to his knees, his still hard cock swinging. It was done. With the creature defeated Scott caught his breath and turned toward his tent.

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