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A Hunt Turned Sour
By Ranger Pietro

A Hunt Turned Sour

The sun rose over a rural Ohio valley as Josh trudged through the dense underbrush, compound bow at the ready. The forest was blanketed in an early spring fog which hung heavy in the air and hugged the trunks of the massive oaks. Dim light filtered down between the leaves and branches, fixing the entire forest in a gentle glow. His steps were light and quiet as he stalked the giant buck. He took slow, wide steps, placing each foot carefully to avoid loud leaves and twigs, legs far apart to keep the fabric of his insulated camouflage coveralls from rubbing together.

He had owned this property and hunted it for a few years now, but he had never seen a buck this size on it, or anywhere else. The animal’s size was incomparable, it’s rack equally impressive. Josh had tracked the buck since the early predawn hours, waiting for his shot. Each step was measured and considered, every breath controlled, every perfectly defined muscle of his body tense with anticipation. The buck stopped beneath two towering oaks and lowered its head to graze. Josh froze, not wanting to ruin his opportunity. He sidestepped a few feet, his eyes only leaving the buck to check his steps. The buck continued to root through the leaves for fresh spring sprouts as Josh slowly drew his bow. He looked toward the heart, years of experience informing his aim. Josh focused on his breathing and the muscles of his upper body as he released the arrow.

Josh’s aim was true, but the bulk of the animal prevented the shot from being fatal. The buck swayed from the impact, the shaft of the arrow sticking out of its side. It quickly regained its footing and trotted between the oaks, gaining speed with each step. Josh took off at a sprint, his thick soled boots crunching the leaves beneath his feet. The buck had a sizable lead, but its injury prevented it from maintaining its speed. It ducked into an enormous, thorny thicket as its strength began to wane. Josh was close behind still at a full sprint, the thorns tearing and catching at the sleeves and legs his coveralls. Thorny branches surrounded Josh, meeting and tangling above his head. Josh pushed on, thorns scratching his face and pulling off his beanie to expose his short cropped blonde hair. 

The buck was slowing dramatically, and it stopped at a dead end in the thicket. It faced Josh, eyes filled with not fear, but anger. Where the arrow shaft stuck out of its side the buck’s flesh and fur was stark white, and the whiteness slowly spread over its body as Josh stopped and watched. He let loose a quick arrow, which struck the buck just inches from the first. The whiteness bled out from the wound. The buck snorted defiantly at Josh and vanished in a flash of light, momentarily blinding Josh. As his vision returned, nothing stood where the buck had been.

Josh should have been terrified at the supernatural sight, but he was pissed. He was pissed at himself for not having killed the buck with the first shot, pissed he didn’t have any proof of what he just saw, and pissed at the buck for having gotten away. Josh threw his bow to the ground and stormed over to where the buck had stood, inspecting the ground for anything he could use to track it. Josh squatted down and searched the leaves and dirt. There was nothing—no blood, no footprints, not even a crushed leaf to indicate anything had ever been there.

While Josh searches the leaves, the great thorny vines of the thicket began move. They lowered behind him, cutting off his exit from the tiny clearing. Vines crept along the ground towards his legs, inching closer and closer. Josh’s rage was focused on the ground in front of him, and he didn’t notice the light touch of the vines against his back, the gentle caress of thorns against his shoulders. It wasn’t until the vines pulled right around his legs that Josh realized he was under attack. He sprang to his feet and tried whirl around, but the vines around his legs held him firm. Josh jerked his legs trying to move, but it was no use. The vines slowly twisted around his legs, thorns providing grip as they slowly climbed up Josh’s body. He tore at the vines with his gloved hands, careful not to grab any of the needle sharp thorns. The vines were as thick as pythons, and Josh was unable to tear them from his body, though his huge muscles strained.

The vines crept up past his crotch, and new vines lowered from the canopy above him, wrapping around his arms. The vines pulled Josh’s arms above his head against his will—he pulled down as hard as he could fighting to escape, struggling to free himself from his natural bonds. Despite Josh’s furious struggling, even though every muscle ached from the attempt to free himself, he was immobilized. The vines pulled taut, cutting out any slack. Josh stood vulnerable, and he held his breath in anticipation of the next round of attacks.

He didn’t have to wait long, as a tiny vibration in the vines signaled the next wave. Hundreds of thousands of black headed caterpillars marched down the vines and onto Josh’s coveralls. They covered every inch of fabric to feast on the fibers, tiny mandibles cutting through the fabric, devouring Josh’s clothing. The caterpillars swarmed over his body, slowly leaving his thick, insulated camouflage coveralls in tatters. They continued their feast millimeter by millimeter, chewing down to the naked flesh. Josh thrashed his torso, bucking wildly in the grip of the thorn covered vines. He thrust his hips, twisted his body, trying everything in his power to throw the caterpillars off of him before he was left nearly naked. Sweat dropped from his brow with the additional effort, but he stopped his thrashing as the caterpillars receded back up the vines, tiny feet crisscrossing his naked flesh, a few venturing under the fabric of boxer briefs and perilously close to his crotch.

Josh was left suspended a few inches off the ground, thorn covered vines still tightly gripping his arms and legs. No longer warmed by the now devoured coveralls, Josh shivered in his boxer briefs and hiking boots. He looked down at his body, down his large pecs dusted with blonde hair, down his sculpted abs, and past his impressive dick bulge to the vines around his legs. Now that Josh was no longer protected by the thick fabric of his coveralls, the vines tightened their grip further, the barbed tips of the thorns digging into Josh’s flesh and releasing a fast acting poison.

The vines around Josh’s arms coiled tighter at the same time, and soon the poison was coursing swiftly through his veins. Josh’s breathing quickened, his muscles tensed across his body, and his strength waned. The poison reached full effect in seconds, and Josh’s huge dick was now rock hard, trapped in the pouch of his boxer briefs. He moaned loudly, thrusting his hips fruitlessly, trying to tease his sensitive dick. Precum poured out of his dick and soaked the tight fabric it was trapped in. Josh’s balls began to swell painfully, poised to release his hot cum, and his sack was already riding high in anticipation.

Two more vines slithered across the small clearing towards Josh, different from the thick, thorny ones that bound him. Bright green and smooth, they quickly reached Josh’s hiking boots and ascended up his legs and under the fabric of his boxers. Josh’s poison riddled brain begged silently that they would wrap themselves around his swollen cock and milk him dry, but the vines continued to move up his body to his torso. When they reached Josh’s musky pits, the vines bent back towards the ground. In a single, swift movement the vines pulled outward and downward, pulling Josh’s boxers down to his knees and freeing his stiff cock, which announced itself with a wet slap against Josh’s abs. Josh bucked and thrusted his hips wildly, the poison making him ache to cum, but there was nothing but air in front of his leaking dick. The two vines retreated back into the thicket, leaving Josh hanging from the thorny vines in a horny stupor.

Josh’s pitiful, lustful moans were loud enough now to attract the attention of something completely otherworldly. The crunching of leaves heralded its arrival, the sound intensifying as the creature drew closer and closer. Josh raised his head slightly, his attention until now focused on his engorged cock, and dropped his jaw in shock. The creature towered in the thicket, nearly twice as tall as Josh, two trunk like like legs ending in long, thick worm-like toes. The creature’s abdomen was humanoid with well defined abs and powerful arms whose muscles dwarfed Josh’s own massive arms. The creature’s head looked like a giant rose, great blossoming petals hanging down over its shoulders. The creature was entirely white, almost the same color of the hot, salty cum Josh longed so badly to shoot. What made Josh’s jaw drop, however, was the clump of thick, dangling tentacles that sprouted from the creature’s crotch, each tipped with a tiny blossom. Josh couldn’t help but imagine being touched by the creature, being brought to climax, and shooting his load all over the creature. The thoughts made Josh’s mind swirl, and he moaned and thrusted his hips weakly.

The creature lumbered over to Josh, coming to a stop close enough to that Josh could smell the sickening sweetness of the creature’s flesh and feel the nest of tentacles pressing against his hard cock. Josh moaned again, thrusting his hips to rub his cock on the creature. The tentacles at the creature’s crotch came to life and several grasped Josh’s dick tightly, coiling themselves around his huge dick. The centermost tentacle stiffened, the blossom tip opening just millimeters from the head of Josh’s leaking cock. The creature thrust its hips forward, and the tentacle engulfed Josh’s cock and the tentacles that held it.  Josh gasped at the sensation, pleasure flowing through his body, the urge to cum overwhelming him. He tried to thrust his hips, to force his dick deeper into the creature’s tentacle, prompting the enormous beast to grab Josh’s ass with its meaty hands and pull him tight against it. The tentacles coiled around Josh’s dick began to milk him, slithering up and down his solid shaft, gripping and rubbing his dick along its entire impressive length. Josh’s face was pressed into the creature’s armpit, and the sweet muskiness further fueled Josh’s arousal. The creature pulled and pushed on Josh’s body, still suspending in the grasp of the thorn covered vines, sliding Josh’s dick in and out of the central tentacle.

Josh nuzzled into the armpit, breathing in the creature’s musk deeply, his entire body tense on the edge of climax. Sweat dripped down his chest, and Josh groaned as the feeling of his cum churning in his massive balls overtook him. The creature grabbed the back of Josh’s head with one hand, forcing his face deeper into its and armpit, and used the other to pull Josh close, his dick fully inserted into the stiffened center tentacle. The smaller tentacles continued to massage the length of his cock, up and down the shaft endlessly. With a long, loud grunt, every muscle in his body tensed, sweat covering every inch of him, Josh finally came. Rope after rope of hot cum shot into the creature’s crotch tentacle. The creature pulled Josh’s body close, humping him, the hardened tentacle sliding up and down Josh’s dick with the other tentacles. Josh grunted again, louder, as cum continued to pour out of his hard cock, spurt after spurt. Every drop of cum was swallowed up by the tentacle encasing his cock, taken up into the beast.

Josh’s softening dick was incredibly sensitive, but the tentacles continued to massage it, running up and down his shaft, stroking and pulling tirelessly. Josh shook in the vines that bound him, his body wracked by the sensations, his muscles flexing and straining against the vines. The towering white creature still gripped Josh’s body, right hand on his ass, left hand on the back of his head. The creature pulled Josh’s face out of its armpit and held it back in front of its rose petaled head. A sweet, white honey-like substance flowed out of the center of the bud, spilling down the petals in slow rivulets. The creature released Josh’s ass and scooped up some of the honey and began smearing it on Josh’s face and body, its enormous hands running over Josh’s sculpted pecs and abs. The honey began to deep into Josh’s skin, and his dick began to harden once again. The tentacles released their grip on Josh’s cock, and the creature dropped to its knees, the thorny vines lifting Josh until his cock was even with the rosebud head of the creature. The thorn covered vines relented, releasing Josh’s body to the great white creature who grabbed his arms with its large, meaty hands, pulling them to Josh’s sides. The creature’s crotch tentacles wound themselves around Josh’s strong thighs and calves, binding them together. The creature’s head petals engulfed Josh’s crotch, wrapping completely around his body and closing around his ass.

Though still aroused, Josh’s mind began to clear, and the weight of his circumstances became clear to him. He strained every muscle, writhing and squirming ferociously to escape. He let out a primal growl, biceps bulging as he tried to tear his arms free from the creature’s grasp. The creature held on despite Josh’s bucking. Josh dick, flopping wildly from his struggling, brushed against the inside of one the petals holding it and stuck. The creature closed its petals around Josh’s cock, each one sticking to it and holding it firmly in place. Josh tried to kick, tried to wrestle his arms free, tried escape at any cost, but all of his struggling was futile. The petals began to undulate, stimulating every inch of Josh’s impressive cock, and as the creature stood, Josh started to cum again. Streams of hot, salty cum shot into the creature’s mouth as it carried Josh from the thicket.

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