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The Mission
Part 9 - The Seal and the Asian Legend
By Randy Dragon

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The Mission

The Seal and the Asian Legend

The smaller one with a boyish look waited one step behind, as if he was afraid. He was obviously thinking that his bigger friend could handle the situation. Suddenly sober, Kyle screened the surroundings. It seemed there were no others around and the two young men did not pose a risk for two well-trained recon-Marines.

Chuck apparently was thinking the same. He was standing upright next to Kyle and buckled the belt of his pants. Feeling ridiculous kneeling naked with a dripping cock, Kyle hurried to get dressed as well. Their situation was anything but bright. They had lost all their gear and were left with shredded T-Shirts, clad in boots and pants without any arms and no communication devices.

“Aww! Shit!” he winced when putting his weight on his strained ankle.

Chul-Ba watched the bigger muscled man who had taken the other one’s dick grimacing. He was obviously hurt.

“We should take them to the farm,” he said to his brother,” after this one is fixed, we’ll have some nice helpers.”

“I don’t know,” Kua’i hesitated,”they might be dangerous.”

Chuck heard the Asians talking to each other in a strange tongue.

“My friend needs help,” he made a few steps towards the two young men. The bigger Asian raised his club.

“No, no. Don’t be afraid, we do not mean any harm,” Chuck showed his empty hands as a sign of being unarmed.

“See, he is afraid,” Chul-Ba said to his brother,” they are surrendering.”

The foreigner with the short-clipped hair continued to talk in his strange language. Kua’i felt he looked almost like his brother, only bigger.

“Help his friend, “ Chul-Ba motioned to the strangers to follow.

The two Marines were cautiously approaching. Chuck pointed at his chest.

“I am Chuck!” he said. Then he pointed at Kyle.

“This is Kyle.”

“Shug,” the bigger Asian repeated,” Quile.”

“Chul-Ba,” He pointed at his chest.

“Kua’i,” said his friend with a wry smile.

Chul-Ba motioned to the two Americans again to follow them.

“Where are you taking us?” Kyle hobbled holding on to Chuck’s shoulder.

They came to a small clearing. The two young men had gathered fire-wood which was left in two heaps. Chul-Ba lifted one of the heaps on his shoulder and pointed at the other wood pile.

“Take that!” he looked at Chuck.

“He wants him to help carry that shit,” Kyle said,” go ahead, I get along.”

Chuck lifted the second heap on to his shoulder. The smaller Asian who had introduced himself as Kua’i took Kyle’s arm and offered him to help.

“Thanks.“ Kyle smiled down at the smaller Asian and Kua’i smiled back.

The dense forest was still protecting them from the heat of the day, but the humid climate demanded its toll. Although the wood pile on his shoulder was not very heavy Chuck was quickly working up some sweat.

He wiped his face with the back of his arm. Chul-Ba was leading them steadily uphill. His bare feet never slipped. The big muscled biceps were shining from sweat. Under the low hanging baggy pants Chuck could spot the outline of a pair of nicely sculpted firm butt cheeks. Carrying the wood pile seemingly without effort, the vest had traveled upwards revealing the Asian’s smooth brown skin. From time to time Chul-Ba looked back over his shoulder showing his spotless white teeth, grinning broadly. The big stranger behind him was not used to that kind of work. He was huffing and sweating profoundly.

“Shit,” Chuck thought, “this boy is hot.” Although he had just fucked hard, Chuck felt his dick twitching.

Finally the forest opened and the outskirts of a village appeared.

“Suyang-Dong”, Chul-Ba pointed ahead. They arrived at a small farm and walked into the courtyard. Chul-Ba dropped his wood and nodded to Chuck to do the same.

A door opened and a man in his mid-forties appeared.

“Dad we have found us some helpers,” Chul-Ba said proudly.

“Who are they? From the temple?” his father asked, looking suspiciously at the two strangers in their shredded clothes.

“They were in the forest,” Kua’i said, “and one of them is hurt. Can’t we keep them? All the others have already one.”

“They are friendly,” Chul-Ba looked pleadingly at his father.

The Marines watched the older Asian nodding and pointing towards a wooden barn on the opposite side of the yard. They smiled gratefully and turned towards the shed when the Asian shouted at them. Startled they turned. The man pointed at Kyle and then to the barn. Then he motioned Chuck to follow him.

While Kua’i helped Kyle into the barn, Chul-Ba’s father led Chuck and his elder son, behind the farm house. He handed them shovels and said something to his son.

Obviously unhappy, Chul-Ba sighed and started to work on the small strip of cabbage field.

Chuck found the older Asian looking at him. He understood. They had to work, if they wanted to stay. He sighed like Chul-Ba and started pronging. Chul-Ba’s father grinned and turned to the house.

The sun was burning down merciless and both Chuck and Chul-Ba were working bare-chested. They could hardly communicate, but both admired the other one’s muscled body. Once in a while they took a break and poured fresh water from a well over their heated skin. At noon Chul-Ba’s father – Chuck knew now that his name was Pang-Hoi – brought some bread and dried meat.

Chul-Ba and Chuck crouched in the shade of a tree and rested. The American’s skin was sunburned and Chul-Ba’s complexion looked as well darker than before. Chul-Ba took a small jar that his father had brought and Chuck understood that he wanted to rub him with some ointment.

Chul-Ba distributed the lotion generously across the big man’s back and shoulders. It melted with the musky sweat and the hunk’s approving grunt told him that he liked the relief provided by the treatment.

Chuck liked the cool soothing feeling of the ointment on his skin. He nodded to Chul-Ba, who was rubbing the lotion into his hard pecs. The nails scratching on his burning skin made his loins stir. Shit he couldn’t … not here with that boy… he didn’t even know whether the Asian would be game and the father could be back any minute.

Chul-Ba felt the muscles under his fingers tensing. The fleshy knobs in the center of the sculpted pecs were hardening against his palms. He looked up and found the big stranger staring down on him. The leering look of his eyes reminded him of his cousin who had tremendously enjoyed when Chul-Ba had played with his man tits. But here, he didn’t know this big man, and his father would certainly not approve. With a sheepish grin Chul-Ba lowered his hands and started to rub the ointment into the chiseled abs.

During the afternoon the sky was covering with clouds. The two were working until the first drops of rain fell on their shoulders. Then they joined Kyle and Kua’i in the barn.

The air was hot and sticky. Kua’i and Kyle had removed their shirts. They were sitting in the soft dry hay. Chul-Ba’s brother had brought bandages and had wrapped a herbal plaster around the Marine’s strained ankle. He had by now lost all fear and shyness. It was difficult to communicate, but he did understand that the big white man who called himself Kyle was from Amarika, wherever this was. But it had to be a big country if all people over there were as big as those two men.

As soon as the pain in his ankle subsided, Kyle started some light exercises. Kua’i admired the flexing muscles of the big Marine while he was doing push-ups.

When distant thunder announced the regular afternoon rains, Chul-Ba and the other stranger entered. Both were sweaty from the hard work, their father had assigned to them, but seemed to be in a good mood.

“What is he doing?” Chul-Ba looked curious at Kyle.

“I don’t know,” Kua’i shrugged, “he started a while ago.”

“You want to work out? Come on, buddy, I show you some moves,” Chuck patted Chul-Ba’s shoulder,” I am a wrestler, ya’ know?”

He dragged the confused Asian to the center of the barn and took him into a headlock. Chul-Ba reacted instinctively. His hand reached between the Marine’s thighs and pummeled his crotch.

“Aww!” Chuck howled. He released his hold, but the butch Asian had already seized his leg behind the knee, while pulling his shoulder down with the other hand. Chuck’s legs were flying and he landed heavily on his back in the soft hay. Chul-Ba was staring down on him.

“Well, that was a brilliant lesson!” Kyle burst out laughing and now Chul-Ba and Kua’i started laughing as well, understanding that this was just fun and banter.

“No, no, you are not supposed to hit,” Chuck grimaced and rubbed his pummeled balls. During the rest of the afternoon Chuck and Chul-Ba became wrestling buddies and achieved an even closer understanding for the needs of their bodies. Chuck had felt the Asian’s erection through the baggy pants and his flushed expression when he was holding him tight told Chul-Ba that the big white man was game for some hot pleasure.

Late in the afternoon when the two were rubbing the sweat from their bodies with some handfuls of hay, Chul-Ba took Chuck’s arm and pulled him to the door. He pointed across the yard to the farm house and to a window in the first floor. Then grinning deviously, he put his finger across his lips, motioning silence. Chuck grinned back. He had understood the message.

Late at night the afternoon rain had turned into a heavy thunderstorm. Gusts hammered the barn and rain poured heavily. The barn was lit by a small lantern only. Chuck slipped his T-shirt over his head and took off the camo pants. He handed his dog tags to Kyle.

“They make noise when you fuck. Today, I am a stealth fucker.” he grinned.

“This is madness,” Kyle said,” didn’t your sex drive get you in enough trouble already?”

“Come on mate,” Chuck said, ”this is an innocent farm boy, not your vicious ‘lil bro, huh. Let me have some fun and I’ll be back in no time. Now you relax and take care of your leg.”

Chuck checked through a knothole in the gate whether the yard was clear. Rain was pouring heavily and no one was outside. He gave Kyle a thumbs-up and sneaked away.

“Crazy bastard,” Kyle cursed. He hobbled to the gate and peeped through the knothole. He watched Chuck scurrying across the yard to the farm house. His skintight ass-hugging boxers were soaked wet and glued to his bubble butt.

Kua’i watched the big white man rushing across the yard. His brother threw a rope from the window. The grinning hunk climbed up in no time. He didn’t need his naked feet and just relied on the strength of his arms. His white muscular body was glistening wet in the occasional flashing light of lightning. He threw one knee over the window ledge and a moment later he was inside.

Chul-Ba pointed invitingly to a bed in a corner. The Asian was naked already and Chuck wasted no time to slip from the wet boxers. Kua’i was naked as well. He was kneeling on his bed and watched with wide open eyes.

The big man kneeled between Chul-Ba’s brawny thighs and squeezed the firm butt cheeks. Kua’i heard his big brother coo in obvious delight. Chuck spread the buttocks and spit a glob of his saliva into the smooth chute. It was at this moment when Chul-Ba realized that he was about to be fucked.

“No!” he wanted to rear up in protest, but Chuck’s strong hand pushed him down on the bed. His other hand was reaming the spit along the ass crack.

“Uuuh!” Chul-Ba moaned. Incredible sensations spread from his rubbed sphincter throughout his body. His dick was hardening into an instant erection. Kua’i had never before seen his brother dominated like now in the hands of the big white stranger. Chul-Ba’s arms and legs were writhing out of control. His bald head came up and he looked deliriously at his younger brother until a wave of lust forced him down, letting him bite into his pillow.

Chuck realized that he had the hunky Asian under his control. He could easily conquer the young stud right now, but the desperate wriggling turned him on as well. So he decided to extend the farm boy’s sexual torture.

“You will remember that night for all your life, baby,” Chuck rasped hoarsely and let his body fall heavily on the moaning muscle boy. Chul-Ba tried a weak escape with the little resistance that was left in him, but then Chuck reached down and when he felt a finger poking at his sphincter, the young Asian went slack in surrender. Chuck covered the shoulders of his prey with soft bites. He nibbled the ear lobes and smothered the wincing youngster with kisses.

In the end Kua’i had to watch as the big stranger turned his brother on his back. He was holding Chul-Ba’s ankles and spread the legs, exposing the puckered hole. Kua’i’s brother wriggled weakly, but there was no doubt he was primed for the taking. Chuck spat again between the sweaty cheeks and moved in position to fuck. He leaned forward taking Chul-Ba’s legs with him down until the boy’s knees almost touched his ears.

The Marine covered the Asian’s mouth with a passionate kiss and waited until the resisting sphincter muscle relaxed. One well-trained thrust and the farm boy was his.

Chul-Ba was surprised. It had hurt much more when his cousin had deflowered him. When the stranger started to buck he found himself eagerly responding. Deep inside of him was a spot that sent shockwaves into his system when the dick hit it. Chul-Ba tried to accommodate the bucking man above him in a way that he was thrusting into that pleasure center as often as possible. His arms closed around the stranger’s neck and he kissed him back as hot and passionately as the big man had started it.

Chuck was pleasantly surprised how quickly the Asian adapted. Without breaking the kiss he reached under Chul-Ba’s body and pulled the younger man into a tight embrace.

Kua’i watched amazed the big man turning himself under his brother. Chul-Ba understood fast and soon he was riding Chuck’s dick as if he had done this for all his life. The bed was squeaking and shaking under the pounding bodies. Chul-Ba lost it. Like a mad man he hammered his fists on Chuck’s heaving pecs. The Marine grinned and caught his wrists. The Asian was bouncing like a rag doll on the bucking American.

Chul-Ba’s dick was bouncing again and again on Chuck’s tight six-pack until he reached an incredible climax without even touching his cock.

“Aaarghhh!..Uuuhhhhh!” Kua’i’s brother howled, while his cum gushed from his dick across Chuck’s chest and some spurts even hit his face.

“Uuunghhh! Fuuckkkk!” tasting the Asian’s cum in his mouth pushed the horny Marine over the edge as well. He exploded inside of the farm boy’s rectum, seeding him thoroughly with his man juice. Chul-Ba collapsed on top of him into the puddle of his own cum.

The stranger had provided him the best climax he had ever had in his life. Gratefully he started to kiss him and nibbled lasciviously at his lips.

“You greedy bitch. You are insatiable, huh?” Chuck grinned. He was still shuddering in post-climatic spasms. The Asian grinned back and slipped from his body until he lay closely next to him. Chuck found his head huddled in the crook of Chul-Ba’s strong arm.

The Asian kissed him. First softly, tempting and then more demanding and firm. Chul-Ba’s fingers twisted Chuck’s man tits. The knobs were still standing from the arousal of the recent orgasm.

“Uhmmmm!” Chuck groaned while his tongue struggled with the Asian’s. He arched his back when his sensitive nipples were stimulated.

“Kiss his tits!” Chul-Ba interrupted his kiss for an instant and looked at his brother, who was watching the scene from his bed. Hesitantly Kua’i climbed into the other bed and joined the two hunks. The pungent smell of raunchy man sex was overwhelming. Kua’i felt a pulse in his loins. Slowly he crawled over Chuck’s sprawled frame and took one nipple between his lips.

“Unnghh!” The big man reacted with a guttural groan. His back arched up again. Encouraged that his stimulation was so well received, the smaller Asian took the swollen man tit between his teeth and let his tongue play with it.

“Oh yeah that feels soo fuckin’ good,” Chuck’s head lolled right and left. His hand caressed Kua’i’s shoulder.

Chul-Ba was rock-hard again. Slowly he reached down to Chuck’s knee bend and pulled the big leg up. He broke the kiss and slipped his thumb between the white hunk’s lips, who started sucking vacantly.

“Hold him!” Chul-Ba made his brother hold the tattoo-circled calf high.

Remembering what had been done to him earlier he spat on his finger and slid it between the spread butt cheeks.

“Yeah..uhh yeah, huh..huh” there was almost a sobbing when Chul-Ba’s finger nails scratched softly the rosy puckered hole. Chul-Ba closed his palm around the plum-sized nutsac and kneaded it softly. His tongue was now licking Chuck’s arm pit.

The big body started to writhe in delirious pleasure. Kua’i licked and twisted the hard man tits, making them sizzle with soft bites. Chuck was swept away. He had surrendered himself completely to the various stimulations that hit him from different angles.

He realized that his cock was slowly jacked and looked up into the smiling face of Chul-Ba, who had his warm body cuddled to his side. Then he couldn’t resist anymore. The stimulations were too intense. His cock twitched in Chul-Ba’s fist and launched a flying stream of his seed into the air. Again and again he came all over his body and the brothers needed all their strength to hold the convulsing man down.

His sphincter opened and closed during the climax and offered no resistance when Chul-Ba pushed his cock against the quivering ass ring. The Asian just waited for the right moment and was virtually sucked into Chuck’s rectum.

The Marine’s eyes opened in surprise. He realized that he had been taken and now he tried to shake of the sexual stupor that was holding him defenseless in its grip. Chul-Ba felt the powerful body stiffening, but he had learned what he had to do. His narrow hips were thrusting up burying his dick up to the hilt in the big man’s asshole.

“Fuck! Uhhh!” the startled cry told him that he had struck gold. He thrust again and tried to keep a steady rhythm, pounding Chuck’s love button relentlessly.

Chuck’s body flipped on the bed out of control. Chul-Ba needed all his strength to stay inside the howling hunk.

“Pump his dick!” he gasped and Kua’i closed both hands around Chuck’s throbbing boner. The conquest was complete. Kua’i watched the big nuts attaching themselves tightly to the base of the shaft that was gliding through his hands. He was treating the big stranger in the same way as his brother liked it, holding the testicles in a firm grip while jerking the other hand up alongside the shaft until the ring of his thumb and index finger was closing tightly below the ballooning mushroom head. Then he slid his hand agonizingly slow over the hypersensitive glans, squeezing tiny drops of clear liquid from the gaping piss slit. He repeated this until Chuck thought his brain was on fire.

The tight ass clenched almost painfully around Chul-Ba’s dick when Chuck gave up another load of his man juice. This time the thrill of his orgasm was so intense that the two brothers couldn’t hold him down anymore. His torso reared up in pure ecstasy and … he looked right into the angry face of Pang-Hoi. There were other men in the room and the brothers were pulled from his body.

His dick was still oozing cum when his wrists were tied by hemp ropes. His furious cry was silenced by a gag from his boxers. Then his ankles were tethered and before he knew it he was hanging like a caught beast from a bamboo stick that was pushed between his arms and legs.

The men carried their dangling prey down into the courtyard. Chuck recognized in desperation Kyle hanging tethered from another bamboo stick. Helpless they were carried away towards the dark building of the temple that was rising above the village.

* * *

Eng-Lok was huffing. The heavy body of the big Seal was folded over his shoulder. Arms and legs of the unconscious man were dangling limp while he carried him into the Abbott’s chambers.

He dropped the conked out hunk on the tiled floor and looked skeptically from the sand-crusted body to the large furry rug in front of the Grand Master’s bed. Cliff’s musky man sweat started to fill the room. No, he had to clean the Westerner up and make him presentable for the Abbott. Eng-Lok sighed and pulled the wooden tub from behind a curtain to the center of the room.

The Seal Lieutenant groaned. Cliff opened his eyes. The strange dizziness that had disabled him during the fight with the old monk was gone and he felt his strength returning. He was still naked and frowned at his cum and sand-crusted abs. He realized that he had been dropped inside an oval-shaped wooden tub. He knew that type of tub from many hot nights in Asian whorehouses. A grin appeared on his face when the memories of the chicks he had fucked in the warm water flushed by.

Here, however, was no warm water and no chick. Hemp ropes tied his wrists to handles right and left of his head. Likewise were his ankles tied to two handles at the opposite ridge, spreading his thighs, leaving his body suspended above the bottom of the tub. He was gagged with tatters of his shredded balaclava. The salty taste of cum – his cum – brought back the embarrassing memories of his humiliating defeat on the beach.

“Fuck! Urrgh!” Several times his brawny body reared up in futile attempts to tear his bonds.

His muscles tensed as he struggled to catch a glimpse over the edge of the tub. There was a chamber with dark granite walls. A furry carpet covered the floor. The smell of incense tickled his nostrils. The curtains in front of the windows were closed. A few oil lamps dimly lit the room. A door opened behind him and he heard footsteps approaching. Cliff recognized the younger monk in gray cotton clothing carrying two steaming buckets.

“Urrghhh…Urgh!” Cliff screamed into the gag as the hot water was poured over his body. It was as if he was being boiled alive like a lobster. Eng-Lok grinned at the Seal wriggling in his bonds - and came back with more water until the beefy body was covered up to the chin with steaming hot water.

After a while Cliff had adjusted to the high temperature of the water. Sweat was streaming down his crimson face. Eng-Lok returned again. This time with two young monks. They had brought brushes and soap.

“Nnnnoo … gghhh!” Heedless of his angry protests, the monks scrubbed and washed the wriggling Seal. Skilled hands wiped along the cleft of his buttocks. His eyes widened as his balls and cock were soaped. His body twitched hysterically as the monks scrubbed his ticklish soles and toes. His resistance finally flagged and he hung limp in the restraints while his short shorn red mop of hair was shampooed.

Eng-Lok sprinkled a bundle of herbs into the hot water. Aromatic vapors filled the chamber. Exhausted as he was, Cliff suddenly felt sleepy. His muscles relaxed. The door opened again and footsteps approached. Enjoying the hot bath, the now tired stallion waited until the arrivals entered his field of vision. He recognized the old monk, who could barely see over the edge of the tub, and a lanky Asian in a black robe.

“I see you are enjoying our hospitality, Lieutenant,” the black one said with a friendly smile. ”My name is Kim, Colonel Kim or Master Kim, as you will learn to call me…”

Cliff was instantly full awake. He sensed that the man was dangerous, despite his friendly demeanor.

“We just have a few questions for you, Lieutenant,” Kim grinned and removed the balaclava gag ,” then you may continue to enjoy your bath.”

“Fuck you! I ain’t tellin’ ya nothin’,” Cliff pulled furiously at his bonds.

“Oh I think you will tell us a lot, young man,” Kim sneered,” see, we did already find a way to disable your big warship …”

“Fuckin’ liar!” Cliff roared,” you don’t have the guts nor the means to take ‘da Vincent. Wait until I get my hands on ‘ya, you bloody gook, uurgh I swear I kill ‘ya and that freakin’ midget…uuumphhh”

“I see, you need a lesson in behavior young man,” Kim was stuffing the gag back into the ranting American’s mouth,” as I said, the ship is already ours – you may believe me – and now we will take in the crew and I assure you, they will enjoy a most pleasurable stay at this temple.”

“Uuurmphhhh..” the grunting and the defiant look in the Seal’s eyes were sufficient reply.

“Ts, ts, ts … you will need some persuasion, young man,” Kim sighed and nodded to Gao-Ban.

The Abbott had climbed a small podium and appeared next to the Colonel.

“Young warrior, “ Gao-Ban said in his soft voice,” I want you to listen to the legend of King Barsaf’s oil...”

"Whaddafuug?" Cliff mumbled questioningly into his gag. The Abbott poured an amber-colored oil from a small vial into the steaming water. The oil spread quickly, forming a thin, glistening film on the Seal's skin.

“Nnnuuumpphh,” Cliff’s eyes blinked. His body tensed in anticipation of searing pain, but nothing happened.

Gao-Ban registered the American’s instinctive reaction with a thin smile. He raised a shining golden prayer-wheel and set it in a spinning motion.

Eng-Lok returned and added more warm water. The scent of both the incense and the aromatic vapors filled Cliff’s nostrils. Mesmerized, his eyes started to focus on the spinning wheel. He realized that the Asians were fucking with his mind and turned away only to find his head held in place by Eng-Lok’s firm hands. The Seal tried to keep his eyes shut but the relaxing effect of the vapors and the warm water calmed him down and dulled his senses. His eye lids fluttered and he was caught by the spinning wheel. The soft voice of the old monk was inside his head, while he slumped in his bonds and relaxed…

"Once upon a time there was a prince named Jai-Bo, a mighty warrior who conquered one kingdom after another. When he was a young boy, his mother had dipped him in the blood of the steel cobra, which made him invulnerable. No knife, arrow or sword could hurt him, and under his leadership even his armies were invincible. His soldiers adored the young prince, who preferred the rough life in the army camp to the luxury of his palace. Jai-Bo whored and fought side by side with his men, he boozed with them and participated in plundering and rapes after the conquest of a city.

However, there was a prophecy that Prince Jai-Bo would be conquered by an unborn and would submit to an old man.

Prince Jai-Bo had always laughed about the prophecy. It was nonsense, foolish superstitious crap, and besides the 19-years old Prince was famous for his sexual stamina as the blood of the steel cobra had provided him with a rod like steel as well. He was past childhood and his conquests of both women and men were legendary. So how could the prophecy ever come true?

The day came and Prince Jai-Bo invaded the Kingdom of King Barsaf. At 63 years the King’s days to lead his army were long gone. He knew too well that his army was no match for Prince Jai-Bo’s troops and offered his surrender. Nevertheless his capital was plundered while the Prince and his officers rode to the royal Palace. The king and his consort sat on their thrones as the Jai-Bo and his men strutted into the audience hall. Like his soldiers, the prince was bare to the waist. Golden bangles stretched around bulging biceps. His slender loins were tucked into tight breeches and he stood wide-legged and defiant in heavy riding boots.

Sharok was about the same age as the prince. The King's consort had an angelic appearance with blond, curly hair, blue eyes and sensual lips. Compared to the prince's well-toned, muscular body, he was petite in build.

The young warrior's loins tingled as the consort's gaze rested on him with open interest. He looked at the young man with a lustful grin. An image formed in his mind of him ripping off his silk clothes and shoving his steely cock up his regal ass.

“Prince Jai-Bo, you have conquered us and now this house is yours…,” the King started with a brittle voice.

“Your Majesty, not just this house - this whole Kingdom is mine now and we accept your hospitality,” Jai-Bo interrupted him rudely. Condescendingly, he looked at the older man with the fine robe covering the base of a developing potbelly

“My men and I need to relax after the long ride, although we will ride a little longer I presume,” the young warrior grinned and his men chuckled.

"If you would lead us to your harem, that would be most accommodating," the prince sneered with a suggestive glance at Sharok, "we could be a sure relief to the burden of His Majesty's old loins. The Prince’s officers giggled, while the King replied, hardly containing his anger:

“Your wish is of course granted, my royal cousin.”

Prince Jai-Bo and his officers were pleasuring themselves with the King’s concubines throughout the night. After exhausting weeks in the saddle, the battle-hardened army enjoyed the luxury of the city. Drunk, horny soldiers roamed the streets, bawling and looting, taking women as spoils of war.

It was only in the wee hours of the morning, when a slave girl delivered an invitation from the King’s consort to Prince Jai-Bo. He was fucking a moaning concubine doggie-style and had the message read to him without interrupting his bucking.

“Well, well, well. The young pup needs satisfaction,” the young stud bragged, pulling his dripping cock from the concubine’s ass. He did not bother to don his discarded pants and boots and just slipped his 12 inch cut manhood into a skimpy thong made of red silk

“Plow the regal ass!” his men were hooting after him.

Jai-Bo ordered his bodyguards to wait outside of Sharok’s bed chamber.

“Don’t worry when you hear him screaming,” he told his grinning men,” he will enjoy finally a virile man under his covers.”

He belched and pushed the doors open carrying a bottle of rice wine in his hand. Earlier he had drunken himself senseless and his steps were slightly clumsy.

“Boy, you requested my services?” he grinned with a slurry voice scratching his crotch.

The burly prince was naked except for the gold bangles around his biceps and wrists and his obscene, cum-smeared thong. Jai-Bo’s face was dominated by a strong jaw that was shrouded by a blue shadow after one night of whoring and boozing and his amazing emerald green eyes. His wide grin showed two rows of immaculate white teeth. The tousled long jet-black hair was hanging down to the mid of his back. The olive skin of his hard-muscled body was smooth.

He had broad shoulders. His V-shaped torso tampered into a narrow waist. The years in the saddle had provided him with compact melon-shaped butt cheeks and strong thighs. The colorful picture of a cobra was tattooed in the center of his chest between the protruding sculpted pectorals and down across his chiseled 6-pack abs.

Sharok lolling seductively on his fur-covered bed. He was naked and offered a lustful view of his tight buttocks.

"We are indeed feeling quite neglected, my lord," he said, watching with amusement as a tiny wet spot formed on the taut front of the prince's thong.

Giving free rein to the primal instincts of his healthy body, the young warrior literally jumped on top of the man.

Jai-Bo's breath was heavy from the smell of booze. He reeked of musky sweat and the smell of vigorous sex. His tongue plunged deep into Sharok's mouth. He slurped and breathed heavily as his fingers closed around the man's cock. Sharok spread his legs and clamped his thighs around Jai-Bo's slender waist. His fingernails scratched at his buttocks without being able to penetrate the hard skin and leave scratch marks.

“Boy, you need this badly, huh,” he sneered.

Sharok didn't answer, but instead played with the string of the thong, pulling it along the groove that separated the Prince's hard-ridden ass cheeks. Jai-Bo groaned as nails scraped across his puckered hole. Oh no, he wasn't going to let this horny boy finger fuck him. Now he would show him how a real man makes love. Jai-Bo pulled the man against his muscular body. Sharok coughed as his face was forced to suck on the hard nipples over the warrior's chiseled pecs.

“Yeah, just like that!” the Prince moaned. His sweaty face was shrouded by a veil of long black hair. He was rubbing his silk-covered, swollen manhood against Sharok’s lap with bucking thrusts. The front of his thong was now soaked with precum of both men. It was time to fuck the pup silly.

The Prince let his heavy body fall onto the other man and nibbled his earlobes. Sharok groaned and buried his teeth in the Prince’s meaty shoulder. Jai-Bo seized his thong and ripped the flimsy fabric off. His throbbing cock bloated to its full size and pushed against Sharok’s hole.

“Mylord! Pleeease Mylord…” the urgent voice forced him to reluctantly interrupt his stimulations. He threw back his hair and grinned smugly down at the king's consort. His face was flushed.

“The boy needs a break? Not used to heavy man sex, huh?” he asked hoarsely.

"Mylord would please us very much if he would give us a short break," Sharok cooed. "Perhaps my lord would like to indulge in boundless delight?"

The King's consort pointed invitingly to a crystal bowl on the bedside table filled with pink pills. Jai-Bo knew that in Barsaf's kingdom people liked to indulge in the intoxication of unbridled sex, condensing the extract of a special plant to do so.

"Do I look like I need this shit?" Jai-Bo was on his knees now. His rock-hard cock protruded from his groin in a slight curve, pulsing slightly in rhythm with his heartbeat.

"Certainly not," Sharok chuckled. "The king needs that incentive, but from time to time I like to take it, too. The effect is amazing - if you can stand it." The boy delicately took a pill between his thumb and forefinger and placed it on his rosy tongue, which appeared between sensuous lips.

Jai-Bo recognized the cheeky challenge but was too much the warrior to shy away from it.

"Pfff," he snorted contemptuously, grabbed three of the pills, tossed them down his throat, and washed them down with a greedy gulp of rice wine.

Sharok’s hands traveled up the sweaty body and ended fondling with the nipples. The fleshy knobs responded quickly and went rigid.

“Aaargh,” Jai-Bo groaned throwing his head back. He didn't notice Sharok spitting out the pill. Both men hugged each other tightly and sank into feverish kisses. Their bodies rolled on the rumpled bed. Deep moans filled the room. Sometimes Jai-Bo was on top, sometimes Sharok. Jai-Bo's throbbing cock writhed in Sarok's gentle grip.

The bodyguards outside heard the moans and laughed.

“The Prince is fucking that boy silly,” one said to the other.

“Yeah, he is all man, just what the whore needs,” the other replied, adjusting his bulging crotch.

Inside, both men were sweating. Intense waves of uninhibited pleasure shook Jai-Bo's body. Panting, he rolled between the slender body's thighs.

"I need to be inside you now, boy," he grunted. But Sharok had other plans.

“Give me a short moment to recover, my love,” he blew a kiss on Jai-Bo’s swollen lips. The Prince was pushed on his side and a moment later he realized Sharok had left the bed.

With glazed eyes, he watched Sharok strut into an adjoining room, hips swaying.

“Oh fuck!” Jai-Bo groaned. He took a sip from the bottle and lay back spread-eagled on the deranged bed, covering his eyes with one arm. His blood pulsed painfully in his blue balls and his man pole stood straight upright.

He must have dozed off and awoke from Sharok calling him.


With difficulty he rose on his elbows and blinked in a horny daze caused by aphrodisiac and alcohol.

“Mylord?” a soft voice lured from the adjacent room.

Jai-Bo crawled out of bed with a sheepish grin. His boner throbbed up and down as he stumbled to the door on bare feet, slightly dazed.

It was a bathroom. Sharok was sitting in a huge wooden bathtub. Steaming water laced with aromatic herbs was hiding his body from Jai-Bo’s lascivious eyes.

“Mylord please join us…” he beckoned him invitingly.

“First I need to piss,” the hunk drawled.

The Prince didn’t bother for any decency. He stood in a wide stance. One arm akimbo and one hand at his horse-hung shaft he emptied a strong yellow stream of piss audibly into the silver bucket that was quickly offered by a slave girl. But then he didn’t need a second invitation and joined the man. A slave girl appeared and poured aromatic amber-colored oil into the water.

“I prepared this oil myself,” Sharok purred between their kisses,” it is an ancient recipe for love-making.” The oil did strangely not swim on the surface, but attached itself to the lovers’ bodies that wriggled in the warm water. Somehow they felt the ongoing mutual stimulations intensified.

Jai-Bo’s tongue was roughly conquering Sharok’s mouth and the young man caressed his slick butt working the oil into his skin. Despite his young age, Sharok was an experienced lover. He had been trained in the King's harem to give his partners unimaginable pleasures. He was determined to turn the muscular warrior into a moaning wreck.

Jai-Bo’s whole body was on fire. Used to rough, dominant sex, Sharok’s gentle stimulations confused him. Nails scratched softly the hyper-sensitive tips of his man tits.

“Uuurgh!” animalistic grunts came out of his throat. Rarely had a man aroused Jai-Bo more than the king's consort. Although he felt an urgent desire to fuck the boyish-looking man, the warm water and steaming vapors softened him and tamed the wild young buck. For the first time in his life, he relinquished his dominant role when he was with a man.

Jai-Bo allowed himself to be turned over. Sharok's cock pressed gently against his back. His head rested on the young man's shoulder. Sharok's legs wrapped around his legs from behind, spreading him wide. Then Sharok bent his knees and began rubbing the prince's shaft with the smooth soles of his feet.

“Aaaah! Fuck!” the young warrior arched his back in pleasure. Sharok intensified his lust by kneading his pecs and softly squeezing his nipples. Gradually the groaning stud was guided to ever higher levels of pleasure. Again and again he was edged to the brink of eruption only to cool him down into sweet weakness.

“UUUuhhh…” Jai-Bo moaned excited. His dick rose proudly to its fullest size. The bloated mushroom head turned crimson and he felt the beat of his pulse in the slowly throbbing shaft.

“Shhhh…” the soft voice in his ear calmed his arousal and the penis deflated to a semi-erect state.

“Aarghhh,” the Prince groaned in frustration. His nuts were hurting him. He did not see the satisfied smile on Sharok's face. He had subdued the hard warrior's manhood, of which he was so proud, under his command.

His eyes were pleading. Again he was made hard and kept bonerized.

Jai-Bo lost count of the time. Relaxed and docile, he allowed himself to be turned over again. After a sensual kiss, he lowered his unshaven cheek to Sharok's lean chest and took the offered man-tit between his lips. With his eyes closed, he sucked with relish. Sharok had his cock trapped between his thighs and was rubbing it gently. Silvery, sticky threads of his pre cum floated in the water.

Unnoticed by the enraptured fellow, the King entered through a secret door. His companion smiled at him. Everything was going according to plan. The slave girl brought a golden tray with a white oval object the size of a grape. The girl poured some of the oil over the object. The king carefully took it between his thumb and forefinger and brought it up to his eyes. The shell was semi-transparent and he could see something tiny wriggling inside. It was the egg of a cobra that was almost ready to hatch.

Sharok kneaded Jai-Bo’s firm ass until the muscular orbs relaxed. Softly he spread the cheeks giving Barsaf access to the rosy puckered hole. The King stretched his little finger with an elongated nail.

“He! He! You kinky minx!” Jai-Bo slurred when he felt the scratching at his butt hole. But this time Sharok had primed the young stud sufficiently and he readily agreed to a finger fuck. His sphincter opened wide. The oily water flooded the shit chute greasing him up nicely. He didn’t even feel it, when the King slipped the egg inside. The ring muscle closed tightly around the King’s finger.

“Ohh, yesss, that feels good,” Jai-Bo moaned with closed eyes. The King let his finger slide back and forth and pushed the egg in as deep as he could. Barsaf grinned with satisfaction as the Prince unconsciously began to buck his hips. He remembered how haughtily the arrogant warrior had behaved, now lewdly fucking himself on his finger.

Reluctantly, he pulled his finger out of the young man's ass. The king went back to the wall and nodded to his consort. Sharok dug his nails into the flexing butt cheeks and spanked them playfully.

“Hey!” the stud opened his eyes and protested huskily.

It took only a few hard slaps on Jai-Bo’s firm buttocks to make the egg burst. Slowly the little cobra hatched. Curiously it started exploring the dark, moist and comfortably warm environment.

The Prince unaware of the King’s presence was now ready to fuck. He tried to push himself between Sharok’s thighs, but found it difficult to get a firm hold on the oil-slippery body.

“Shit you are slippery as a fish,” he laughed.

“I am not an easy catch,” Sharok tussled with him playfully squeezing his manhood between his thighs.

“You want to play rough huh?” Jai-Bo grinned. Finally he managed to gain a hold at the edge of the tub and wriggled his slim waist between the man’s legs.

Then his grin turned into a puzzled look. Something seemed to stir deep in his groin. There was just a little pain as the baby snake used its egg tooth to cut through the anal wall. Invitingly, the prostate lured it with its juicy secretion.

The hatchling entwined itself around the quivering pleasure button making the Prince grunt in primal lust.

“Uurgh…fuck! What …?,” A lustful jolt went through his body. His hands slid off the edge of the tub and slid weakly back onto Sharok.

“Aaaahh! Shit!” he arched his back in forced ecstasy. Sharok grabbed him and pulled him down. With a firm grip on the long hair, he pushed Jai-Bo's head into the water. The muscular body convulsed wildly. His oil-smeared feet found no grip on the bottom of the tub. Aromatized water filled his mouth. But before he ran out of air, his head was pulled up so he could catch his breath briefly before being forced back under the water.

Soon the writhing stud was drifting helplessly. His feeble struggle subsided as the snake in his guts drove him to climax.

“Huhhhh! Huh! …. Uurgh!..Uhh!” huffing and puffing, gasping for air he came hard. The flexing cheeks of his bubble butt were bucking in and out of the water, up and down. Gooey strings of white cum shot from his cock and mixed with the water. The orgasm contorted his face. With his gaping mouth now conquered by Sharok’s tongue, his emerald green eyes looked in confusion. Although he had cum, this time oddly his orgasm won’t stop.

“Mylord needs a break?” Sharok embraced him and rocked him so that he was completely lost in the agony of ecstasy.

During this moment of delirious pleasure his brawny legs were seized. Jai-Bo’s warrior instincts took over instantly. Looking over his shoulder he saw two slave girls pulling nooses of hemp rope around his ankles. Behind them the sneering King was leaning against the wall.

His resistance started only after one of his ankles was already tied up, because his reflexes were slowed down by the ongoing climax and the booze in his system. His free leg kicked wildly. But then his head was pushed under water. Greased up by oil, the power of his muscles deflagrated to no avail. When Sharok pulled him from the water by his hair his ankles were firmly tethered to the handles of the tub spreading his long legs wide.

“Y-you…” he blubbered, looking dazed at the King’s consort and then the hatchling triggered a new climax.

“Aaawww…!” his howl was cut off when his face submerged in the warm water. The muscle stud was thrashing in frenzy, while his nuts were pumping hot cum. White globs of clotted cum emerged on the surface of the water.

When his senses returned he was tied spread-eagled to the tub on top of Sharok, his head resting on the man’s shoulder.

“Has the boy been naughty my love,” the King asked. He started to undress his robes.

“Yes my King, very naughty indeed,” Sharok replied.

“You need a lesson in behavior, my royal cousin,” Barsaf entered the tub.

Jai-Bo watched in disbelief a slave girl handing a riding crop to the King.

“Noooo! Don’t you dare!” Jai-Bo yelled.

“Don’t give me orders in my palace, boy!” the King stroke out.

Sharok pushed the Prince’s mouth into the warm water efficiently silencing his curses. His whole body went rigid when the leather head of the crop hit his butt.

The young warrior was thrashing wildly in his bonds. He got the whopping of his life. The King and is consort watched gleefully the twitching buttocks turning into a scarlet color. When Jai-Bo’s body went limp, Barsaf whipped him a bit further to make the lesson last.

Jai-Bo’s screams had been muffled by the water. When the whipping had stopped and Sharok released his head. His face was as crimson as his buttocks. However, the tough fighter was far from being broken.

“You are both going to regret this, “ the Prince hissed with a hatred look at Sharok,”you will serve me as the cum dump that you are, while my soldiers are watching.”

“Your soldiers? Well, by now they are on the way to be sold into slavery.” The King laughed gleefully at the shocked prince.

Throughout the night, Jai-Bo's warriors had drunk themselves senseless and fucked their brains out. When the exhausted men awoke from their stupor, they found chains around their wrists, ankles and necks. Naked as they were, they were loaded onto carts and sent on their way to slave markets in neighboring countries. Their weapons were melted down and the valuable metal sold, as were their horses.

“Now, young cousin, I make you my concubine,” Barsaf was tapping on Jai-Bo’s shoulder.

“No way! Stop! I will kill you!” the pressure of the King’s dick head against his sphincter made Jai-Bo flip wildly in his bonds. His reddened buns clenched tight keeping the invader outside.

His cry for help was silenced by Sharok, who pushed again his face into the water. The lack of air loosened his rear defenses. His movements slowed down and his sphincter muscle slackened. Assisted by the oily water that made the virgin ring muscle slippery the King felt his dick gradually slipping inside. Bubbles surfaced around the Prince’s submerged head indicating that he was screaming under water.

Jai-Bo's biceps tensed as he tried to pull his body away. The hemp ropes that bound his ankles stretched and cut painfully into his flesh. For a moment, it seemed as if the ropes would snap. A shudder ran through his bending body. Then a suppressed bubble and he was pulled back onto Barsaf's cock, just a bit further than before. The stocky body spasmed again. This time the young man only managed to get halfway off the King's cock. Barsaf held the warrior's slender hips with a gentle grip and left it to the ropes to pull him back. Every now and then Sharok would lift his head to let him breathe. That worked quite well, too. The muscular young man was soon at the end of his rope. The struggle continued until the King's cock was comfortably lodged in the deflowered chute of the exhausted young warrior. Jai-Bo's face lay submerged.

Not willing to kill him, the King seized his long hair and pulled his head back.

The stuffed Prince inhaled deeply. His emerald eyes were bulging as he faced the grinning man who had bested him.

“You will surely die for that, old man!” Jai-Bo cursed, coughed and bucked under him.

“Aaahhh, it has been a long time since I enjoyed such a tight, young ass!” Barsaf started thrusting. Could it be that he was the Prince’s first?

“Aaaaiiiehhh,” Jai-Bo uttered a shrill high-pitched squeak. The King was now sure that the stud had been a virgin. He had apparently never bottomed to men and that made the conquest even more pleasurable. The King was thrusting rejuvenated.

Every muscle in the young warrior’s body flexed. Furiously he was thrashing in his bonds. It was futile. Barsaf rode Jai-Bo the same way as the Prince had ridden countless women and the writhing jock screamed like the women he had fucked. Desperately he tried to clench his ass, to squeeze the royal dick out.

“Yes, resist me! I like that when I break in my horses!” the King laughed at Jai-Bo’s howls of fury.


“Ffuuuuck!” Jai-Bo screamed as Sharok twisted his man tits.

“OOhhhh! Unnggg!” He groaned as his dick was jerked.

“Thank you for the precious gift of your virginity. I feel honored that you preserved yourself for me,” the King sneered after he had popped the young stud’s cherry. When he fucked the Prince deep, he felt the cobra wriggling against the sensitive head of his penis. Since a long time he hadn’t enjoyed a fuck that much and after a while Jai-Bo enjoyed it as well. Humped and pumped into the next climax his cries of pain and fury turned into howls of lust.

“Yeah, ohh yeah … harder, fuck me harder,” the impaled warrior hollered and bucked in rhythm with the old man’s thrusts.

“At your service, cousin!” Barsaf fucked another cum shot from Jai-Bo’s dick.

“Yeah…uhhh..fuck…huh…fuck…ummpphh,” The Prince was now a helpless sex toy for the couple. He didn’t offer any resistance, when Sharok fed him his cock. Spit-roasted between The King and his consort, Jai-Bo tasted for a first time in his life another man’s seed in his mouth. When the now well-oiled sphincter clenched again around his thrusting dick, the King knew that the Prince had climaxed again.

Oh cousin, you like that, huh!”

The vengeful King humiliated the young man further by spanking his sore buns again and all the time the hunk was rock hard.

It took the whole night until his baby maker went limp. During this time Jai-Bo’s rebellious spirit dissolved in the churning torrents of the endless orgasm.

The old man had taken him again ignoring his pleads for mercy. When Sharok left to sleep for a few hours, the King would force his dick down the sobbing Prince’s throat.

The now docile young man gagged while the taste of his own ass filled his mouth; then his throat was rinsed with royal seed, but there was no more fight left in him.

“Yes Boy drink it, swallow it all – so you know, who is your master!” The old man proofed insatiable. Jai-Bo’s green eyes blinked. He retched while cum spilled from the corners of his mouth. He was still swallowing and trying to catch his breath when the King was again fondling his balls. The King looked satisfied at the shrunken nut sac in the palm of his hand and fucked the young man for a final time.

“Mylord will be a splendid asset to our harem,” Sharok smiled down on Jai-Bo’s face that was covered with globs of his curdled cum. Something snapped inside of his mind and he lost it.

The proud, arrogant warrior was reduced to a blubbering brainless man-child. Finally his big body slumped and he drifted into darkness. His face submerged with the long black hair floating around his head. When he lost control over his muscles a tiny spurt of piss left his flaccid manhood. The slack sphincter muscle opened and his guts were flooded with the warm water. The little snake detached itself from the prostate and hatched from his gaping ass hole to be finally born. And so the prophecy was fulfilled.

Jai-Bo moaned, stirred anxiously and woke. He opened his eyes and recognized the beautiful face of the concubine, whom he had fucked doggie-style, smiling down on him.

“Uhh… I had the strangest dream,” he groaned. His head felt oddly cool. The Prince froze, when he realized that he had been shorn bald. A dull pain spread from his nipples that had been pierced with golden rings across his sculpted pectorals.

His smooth olive skin was glistening with aromatic oil.He was now a permanent member of King Barsaf’s harem.

The Prince was still screaming, when two concubines lifted his legs and his scream turned into a high-pitched squeak as the concubine, whom he had fucked, drove a well-oiled golden plug up his exposed clean shaved ass.

“With the compliments of His Majesty,” the concubine said,” It has been molded as a true replica of the royal dick. King Barsaf wishes you to remember him, while he is not around.”

In time Jai-Bo became the royal couple’s favorite. His own lands, defenseless after the total loss of the army, became a province of Barsaf’s Kingdom.

Wasn’t this a nice story, my young warrior?” Gao-Ban asked in his soft, lulling voice.

Cliff blinked into the reflections of the spinning prayer wheel. He had been completely absorbed by the monk's tale and wondered how much time had passed.

“W-what?” he stammered and realized that he was no longer gagged.

“You liked it!” the Abbott pointed gleefully at the Seal’s abs.

“What the fuck …?” Cliff blushed visibly, looking at the obvious remains of a cum shot that were dissolving in the water. A silvery glistening rope of his seed was still oozing from his piss slit. He had shot his wad during the monk’s tale without even realizing it.

“Shit…, I can’t believe I …uhm,” Cliff muttered embarrassed.

“Young warrior, you might now like to give me your…uhm … personal access codes for your ship’s main frame,” the Abbott looked at Cliff with a friendly smile.

“The fuck I won’t tell ya anything,” the Seal struggled in his bonds,” you fuckin’ gooks won’t get any information out of me … w-what is that? Man you can’t be serious!”

The Seal looked with wide open eyes at the white oval shaped object that the still smiling Grand-Master was suddenly holding in the palm of his hand.

“Oh, young man you will tell us a lot more than you think,” Gao-Ban was softly pushing the tip of his index finger on the little thing in his hand. His eyes were locking into the Lieutenant’s wide open eyes and he recognized purest panic and terrible animalistic fear.

“No way, man! Don’t you even think about putting that thing inside of me!” Cliff roared. The muscles of his arms and legs were bulging as he was pulling wildly at the ropes. Still showing the egg to the cursing Seal, the monk reached with his other hand between the big thighs. When Cliff felt the Asian’s fingers reaching under his balls he went ballistic. The hunky body was writhing up and down, thrashing in undisguised panic. He tried to close his thighs but the ropes were holding them apart, leaving the cleft between his slightly spread butt cheeks vulnerable to the imminent attack.

“The access codes, if you please,” Gao-Ban’s finger nail was now grazing the perineum moving closer to the clenched buttocks.

“No, fuck you! I can’t tell ya’,” Cliff was writhing, desperately trying to evade. Since childhood, he was haunted by an awkward, primal fear of snakes. The tough training as a combat diver that he had endured had helped him to mastering his feelings - at least he had thought so. Unknowingly, the Grand-Master had launched an attack, where the cocky hunk was at his weakest. Cliff was struggling against an onslaught of sheer panic. The prospect of the little snake wriggling inside of him, was almost unbearable.

“Noooo!” he screamed on top of his voice. His head was shaking right and left. Pulling the robes he lifted himself halfway out from the water only to slump back, groaning desperately in the agonizing awareness of his helplessness.

Unimpressed by the young American’s valiant struggle, Gao-Ban bent forward almost falling into the tub. His finger slipped between the firm butt cheeks and rested on the tightly clenched sphincter. Cliff felt the Asian’s finger nail grating up and down his ass cleft. Again and again the fingertip was pushing against the firmly clenched hole.

“Fffuck!” the stud cursed through gritted teeth. The oil in the water had made his skin slippery and all his attempts to keep the invader outside were to no avail. The grinning monk twisted his finger and pushed through the ring muscle.

“Oh no, damn ya’, ya’ are a fuckin’ pervert, “ Cliff howled while the Abbott’s finger was probing his ass.

“Ahh, that will do nicely,” Gao-Ban licked his lips. He was rhythmically thrusting his finger in and out of the blustering young man. Cliff knew what Gao-Ban was up to and he was determined not to get turned on. For a moment he even forgot about the snake. The sensation of the moving finger was humiliating but Cliff found he could take it.

“Yeah you fuckin’ ‘ol bugger, have your fun while it lasts…” He would kill the old bastard for that, he swore to himself while his thighs relaxed in an automatic reflex to accommodate the rubbing invader.“Unngh, shit,” the chiseled abdominals tensed spasmodically, when the finger reached the Seal’s love button. There was no way to control the powerful sensations.

The confused expression in Cliff’s face told Gao-Ban that the finger-fuck was finally getting to the stud. First sighs of clearly unwanted arousal mixed with the ongoing cursing and ranting.

“Fuck you!” The Seal squirmed, utterly betrayed by his body. His long legs stretched to the edge of the tub and his entire body went tense.

Gao-Ban rammed his finger as deep up his helpless victim’s ass as it would go. The high-pitched squeak gave Cliff away. With a triumphant grin Gao-Ban started rubbing the spot he had just hit with cruel diligence. Cliff’s dick jumped at attention as if it was pulled up by a string. He threw his head back into his neck while his hips were thrusting upwards following his bodily instincts.

“And now this…” Gao-Ban hissed.

“No, don’t do that!” Cliff’s muscles cramped as he had to watch the monk lowering his other hand, ready to feed the egg into the Seal’s shit chute.

“Tell me, what I want to know and we can move on to the more pleasurable part of this evening,” Gao-Ban’s voice cooed.

“Oh shit, this can’t be happening, noooo!” Cliff squealed with panic when the hand moved between his thighs. The Abbott had stopped the finger-fucking and was spreading the firm cheeks.

“Fuck! Not the fuckin’ snake! Noooo!” It happened in an instant. The 220 lbs Seal turned into a pleading sobbing bundle of panic.

“No, please man - don’t do it, not the fuckin’ snake. I’ll tell ya’, I’ll tell ya’ all - just stop it, oh please have mercy, not the snake. N-nnoooo…please,” Cliff’s powerful body was flipping and thrashing in the tub.

“Well, why did you put up such a silly fight, that you could not win?” the Abbott frowned.

“I..I…please, noooo I told ‘ya I will tell,” tears were streaming across Cliff’s crimson cheeks, when the soft egg was rubbed against his puckered hole.

“Are you sure, young warrior?” the egg was slightly pulled from between the butt cheeks.

“Yes, man - fuck I swear I’ll tell ‘ya every fuckin’ thing you wonna know,” the stud groaned hoarsely, “just put that fuckin’ snake away, please!”

“I am glad we have an understanding,” Gao-Ban put the egg down on a small plate and wiped his oily hands dry on his robes. He gave the shaking hunk a smile and turned to the door.

“Not the snake...not the fuckin’ snake…” Cliff moaned. He slumped back and dozed off exhausted.

Gao-Ban returned with Kim. The Colonel was looking in the tub and found the muscular American floating motionless in the oily herb-laced water.

“So, Lieutenant, I have learned that you have decided to cooperate?” The Colonel asked wearing a thin smile on his face.

“Not the snake,” the young Seal awoke from his slumber.

“What snake?” Kim frowned.

“The access codes please, young warrior, just as you promised...” the small Abbott interrupted. He had climbed again on the small podium.

“Ok, ok I’ll give you the fucking codes,” Cliff flinched and Kim recognized with some astonishment that the American was at the brink of panic. The Abbott had done again an impressive job. The Lieutenant revealed his access codes and then as if a final resistance had suddenly vanished, he told the Asians everything they wanted to know about the carrier.

“Now, here is my last question: Are there any sections that are not covered by the aircon ventilation?” Kim asked.

“No, all the fuckin’ boat is air-conditioned,” Cliff answered quickly now and then his eyes widened.

Gao-Ban held the oval shaped object delicately between the tips of his thumb and middle finger.

“Noo! I’ve told you all you wanted, don’t put the snake in me,” the Seal winced.

“Here is no snake. I don’t know what you are talking about,” Kim frowned irritated,” anyway you have told me all I needed to know. Now you are of little use to me, but as long as your seed will flow you may live.”

“You did a good job, Grand-Master, as always,” Kim bowed,” this boy is yours to enjoy as I promised.”

He gave the Seal a final disdainful look and left. Cliff looked confused at the Abbott.

“Quail eggs – you should really try one, young warrior.” Gao-Ban pushed the egg into his mouth and chewed gleefully.

“You fuckin’ son-of-a-bitch!” Cliff went berserk, ”you set me up!”

The Abbot looked with a provoking smile at the muscular young man who was thrashing in the tub. The fuming Seal was hurling insults at the elder Asian, but as much as he struggled and screamed, it was to no avail.  The ropes were holding him tight and finally he realized that he was only wearing himself out.  The struggle stopped and the young American restrained his fury and left it by just shooting murderous glares at the monk.

Seemingly from out of nowhere, a knife appeared in the Asian hands.  Cliff’s body tensed.

"W-what…?” He stammered but it had already happened.  His ankles were free. An instant later Gao-Ban had cut as well the ropes around his wrists. As if he was no longer interested in his prey, the Asian turned his back and walked across the room to his bed.

The Seal grabbed the edge of the tub and vaulted his heavy body with one elegant move from the wooden basin.

The oily water on his skin transformed his chiseled body in a glistening statue that would have put any Hellenistic God to shame. Drops of water were quickly rolling off the pumped pectorals and the orbs of the dimpled butt cheeks.

Gao-Ban was licking his lips. This young hunk was adorable in his hardly containable fury. The Abbott read in his face that the American would have loved to attack him like a raging bull. However he had learned his lesson quickly and moved with caution, suspecting a trap. What he didn’t know, however, was that he had been primed already. Gao-Ban had planted a hypnotic block into his subconscious mind while he was entranced by Prince Jai-Bo’s story. The Grand-Master knew about the Seal’s sexual preferences as well as his fears and desires. After the hot water had softened his skin the herbs had heightened the sensitivity of the peripheral nervous system. The young buck would now show heated reactions to the stimulation Gao-Ban had in mind.

“You mad a big mistake, Grand-pa,” The big Seal glowered menacingly at the little monk who was sitting calmly on the bed. His wet feet made a plashing sound on the tiled floor as he moved step by step closer to the Asian.

“What the fuck you think you are doing now?”

The Abbott loosened the cotton belt that was holding his yellow-red robes together. There was a blur of yellow, red, orange and gold color as he threw the robes over his head. He was down to a piece of loin cloth and stretched his hand towards the suspicious stud.

“Do you like me?” the question shocked the enraged hunk. His slick soles were slipping and the vision blurred for an instant.

“Are you mad, pop? You ….” He blinked and the image of the smiling monk seemed being superseded by an image of a gorgeous almond-eyed Asian girl of breathtaking beauty.

“Huh? What the fuck…?” he stammered. Cliff knew that something was wrong. His body reacted strongly. He sensed a familiar stirring in his groin.

“No! Get the fuck out of my head!” he was shaking his head wildly and blinked. For a moment he saw again the monk as he was sitting on the bed. Then the gorgeous beauty reappeared.

“I have a gift for you,” she cooed and pointed to a small table.

“No, no that isn’t right I,” somehow Cliff knew the girl was just an illusion planted inside his head by the devilish monk. Again he shook his head to clear his mind.

Apparently he had walked a few steps and found himself now right in front of the table. There was a wooden box with strange symbols carved into the top.

“Open it!” it was again the Abbott’s voice that commanded him.

N-noo! He wanted to say, but no word left his mouth. His instincts were telling him that it was not good to look inside the box but his hands were already moving. The top snapped open and Cliff looked at the content.

“Fuck, no!” this time he screamed. The shock hit his body like an electric surge.

“Take it!” the monk ordered.

With terror in his eyes Cliff’s hands lifted the golden shimmering object from the case.

“There is a grain of truth in every legend, my young warrior,” Gao-Ban said in his monotonous voice.

The young man couldn’t help as he was sliding his oil-slippery hand up and down the monstrous thing.

“This cannot … be…” he watched in strange fascination as the golden surface started to shine while he applied the oil that was left on his palms from the bath.

“King Barsaf’s manhood, that conquered the haughty Jai-Bo,” Gao-Ban lectured and suddenly the Seal realized what the old man wanted to do.

“No way,” he gasped,” I am not goin’ to …” he turned around to face the Asian who looked at him intently.

“Come, young warrior,” the Abbott beckoned him,” Come to me!”

“You! Aaargh…nnoo…” Cliff was unable to stop. Awkwardly he made a step towards the little monk.

“Closer…” Gao-Ban’s voice was just a whisper.

“Huh,” a stifled sob marked the moment as Cliff found himself in front of the Asian beauty that was sitting again on the bed.

The girl was seizing the young man’s dick. 11 inches of cut man meat were swelling rapidly in the warm hand.

“Uhhhhmmmm…” Cliff groaned. The chick had placed a soft kiss on his dick head. His cock turned rock hard. Following an instinct he was thrusting his hips forward and was pleasantly surprised as his huge manhood was swallowed up to the hilt. Soft moist lips were buried in the nest of his pubic hair. The “girl” took the lead. Grabbing his firm buttocks she pulled and pushed him back and forth triggering a bucking motion from his hips.

Gao-Ban still sucking the throbbing boner looked up at the muscular body covered with colorful tattoos. He caught Cliff’s wrists and guided the hands behind the bucking hips.

“Oh yeah suck my dick. Mmmhh that feels so good…”, Cliff’s eye’s closed as he moaned in delight. When his dick almost slipped from the warm mouth the tongue was eagerly flickering around the mushroom head. Sharp teeth were tantalizingly grazing the meaty shaft.

Gao-Ban inhaled the musky young man’s odor from the curly reddish pubes. Heat was radiating from the groin. The butt muscles tensed as the jock was fighting the approaching climax.

“Fuck!” Cliff wanted the blow job to last forever. His balls were aching in sweet pain, craving for relief. He looked down and there was again the monk gobbling on his sizzling cock. But he was too far now to care. Gao-Ban locked his lips around the slippery shaft and applied a strong suction. Simultaneously he guided the Seal’s hands who were still holding the golden phallus towards the flexing buttocks. The slippery bolt disappeared between the firm butt cheeks.

“Huhhh! Oh yeah, suck it!” the muscular body was hunched. The abdominal muscles clenched. Cliff’s face grimaced in a flushed expression. His entire torso turned crimson.

“Aargh!” the first spurt of jism that hit the back of Gao-Ban’s throat was accompanied by a strangled grunt. His knees buckled and Cliff steadied himself by holding on to the Asian’s shaved head.

“Oh yeah, here it cums, fffuck!” Cliff hollered. Then the young man spurted copious gushes of his hot seed. His big hands were closed around the monk’s head in an iron grip. His mind was entirely focused on the ongoing climax. At this moment Gao-Ban pulled the wrists down on the naked buttocks. The sphincter opening and closing in the thrills of the orgasmic waves that were shaking the body, was virtually sucking the phallus in.

“Aaaaouuughhhh!” The young Lieutenant’s eyes opened wide, when he was conquered by the dick of a man who had been turned to dust centuries ago. There was a moment of pain, however, then the tip of the phallus was ramming against his prostate and magnified the climax to an extent as he had never experienced before with a women. His cum shots gushed with reignited vigor and he rocked his hips, humping on the phallus and pumping his dick inside the sucking mouth.

Kept in place, Gao-Ban swallowed gush after gush of the young buck’s gooey juice and when the spurts subsided he continued to suck. There was not a single drop of cum appearing in the corner of his mouth. When the cock went slightly limp in his mouth he tortured the hypersensitive head with some flicks from his tongue.

“Uuahh!” Cliff tried to pull away, unable to bear the agonizing touch. But Gao-Ban pulled his hips forward and threw his face into the groin. A few laps from the tongue across the glans and the jock’s knees turned to jelly. There was some buckling and a moment later he found himself kneeling, face to face with Gao-Ban who had finally let the hefty piece of meat slipping from his mouth.

“Oh fuck that was mmmphh..” Cliff’s gasps were silenced by a firm kiss. He tasted his own cum and slumped back on his heels impaling himself firmly on the golden phallus.

“Urgh, shit awwww,” the Lieutenant started struggling.

“You did well…” the old face dissolved again and melted into the gorgeous almond-eyed features. Cliff allowed his head being pushed down. His cheek rubbed along the voluptuous breast and he readily accepted one of the nicely shaped tits to be put between his lips.

“Mmmhh..” a soft moan of pleasure escaped from Gao-Ban’s lips. The Seal’s tongue was playing with his wrinkled, desiccated nipple. The young man’s strong arms were absentminded wrapped around his waist. The Abbott’s hands caressed the wide shoulders and petted the broad back.

“Yeah!” with a guttural grunt Cliff pushed his body into the Asian. Carried away by his lust he wanted to take the lead. His dick jutted fully recovered from his groin. The horny buck was ready to go again. The Grand-Master knew that the younger man was by now driven by his primal instincts. His body was primed for sex and as he had found relief already, he wasn’t to care too much how and where he could get even more satisfaction. Only much later, when he was spent and drained of his manly seed, finally reasoning would sink in again with the realization that he was a captive. Gao-Ban, however, had made up his mind that by then he would have given the rebellious jock a new mindset that would have little in common with his former loyalty and belief.

In order to do that, Gao-Ban knew he had to put the younger man in his place first. With surprising strength the old monk pushed Cliff back by his shoulders down on the furry carpet. In an instant the Seal was on his back, his hands still holding the phallus in place. The little Asian was naked now and pushed his body between the young man’s raised thighs. The monk slapped Cliff’s hand away and closed his mouth around the base of the phallic rod.

“Ooommmmmmmm!” A deep humming sound emerged from his throat. The golden phallus transformed the sound in resounding vibrations that spread from the dilated sphincter along the tight filled chute until it hit the prostrate.

Cliff’s hands locked in reflex behind his knees and pulled, spreading his butts even wider.

“Ohhhhhh!”, with a high-pitched moan he arched his back while wave after wave of arousal flushed through his tense body.

Without interrupting his humming, Gao-Ban was massaging the still impressive set of balls. From the corner of his eyes he watched the long curved dick jutting straight up. The erection was slowly throbbing in rhythm with the writhing jock’s heartbeat.

“Uhh, fuck, oh yeah man that ..that feels sooo …huh …gooddd,” with closed eyes Cliff’s head was lolling right and left. Gao-Ban spit the phallus from his mouth and started to lick the throbbing shaft. His moist tongue traveled from the base along the protruding vein up until it circled agonizingly softly around the bloated mushroom head. A drop of oozing pre-cum was eagerly sucked away by a ginger kiss that made Cliff squeal. His ass muscles tightened and the golden rod emerged with a solid plopping sound. It was glistening from his slick ass-juice.

The Grand-Master positioned his own amazing erection against the slowly closing sphincter. His eyes met the young man’s. There was no more hostility or rejection. Gao-Ban read eager expectation and readiness. He relaxed his small body on to Cliff’s torso, embedding his cock in the younger man’s chute. He didn’t move, just let the stud feel his Master’s dick inside of him. The Seal leader was aware that he was systematically turned into the bitch of the elderly Asian, but the monk, keeping him both aroused and weak, didn’t give him a chance to fight back.

“Now, we shall test the strength of your manhood,” Gao-Ban reached under his belly seized Cliff’s dick and started rubbing the sensitive lower part with his thumb.

“Uuuhhh…” the American answered with a horny groan. Slowly his hips started rocking making him ride on the Asian’s cock. With his free hand Gao-Ban reached around the big neck and pulled the Seal into a kiss.

“ Mmm…mphhhh.ummpphh,” Once again in his encounter with the Grand-Master the young Seal showed signs of being milked.

Using the twitching dick like a joy-stick, the Grand-Master was controlling the bigger young man with ease. He prevented the first cum shots by squeezing deftly the swollen glans.

“Fuck, nooo! Please let me..urghhh,” Cliff’s protest was cut short when Gao-Ban pressed thumb and index finger into two acupressure points in Cliff’s neck.

Cliff realized that he couldn’t move his body anymore. Gao-Ban’s expert moves caused all his pleasure centers to explode. Fucking horny as hell he couldn’t do anything except moaning and groaning and cum again and again.

When it was over the horny Seal was exhausted drenched in sweat and cum. His dick was now gliding pliable between the monk’s fingers. He looked at Gao-Ban through half-shut eyes indulging in the sweet fatigue that followed a climax.

The old man had done him good. He had been fucked once before by Taylor, but that had been hasty and aggressive in order to force him into a humiliating submission. The lust that the Grand-Master had provided him was something different. The young American couldn’t remember having ever been so thoroughly satisfied by a woman. He had surrendered himself finally eagerly to the Asian’s manipulations, sensing that the monk knew how to trigger a maximum of pleasure. Cliff wondered what was going to happen now as he was spent. Would the Abbott allow him spending the night with him?

“On your knees, young warrior!” the Abbott was not through with his new found bitch.

Cum was sipping from Cliff’s well-drilled asshole while he struggled wobbly to get on all fours.

“I am, uhm sorry Sir, but I am afraid …” Cliff stammered blushing.

“Trust me young warrior,” Gao-Ban smiled knowingly, while he was digging his thumb deftly under the shrunken set of balls,

”I can teach you ways of pleasure that go far beyond what you ever would imagine.” He buried his fingers deep inside the studs slippery chute and found a spot that made Cliff howl in lust. The semi-hard dick that was dangling limp between the thighs jumped abruptly to full hardness.

“See!” Gao-Ban grinned triumphant and let Cliff’s baby-maker playfully snap against the chiseled abs. But the Seal leader didn’t see anything. His face was pressed into the furry carpet, while his hips were gyrating like a dog in heat. Gargling, grunting sounds were howled into the carpet as Gao-Ban forced another gush of cum from the already sore shaft.

“On your back, young warrior!” Gao-Ban’s lips closed around the mushroom head before the dick could shrink. Despite the young man’s pleading that turned even into sobbing, the Asian did not stop kneading the worn-out cock and squeezing the aching balls until he managed to suck the last drop of his juices into his mouth.

“Oh fuck! Sir, you drained me for good…”, Cliff hollered wiping his arm across his red, sweaty face.

“You have to learn a lot, young warrior. That your well is dry does not prevent you from enjoying yourself,” Gao-Ban smiled,” let’s get some fresh air, before we continue.”

Cliff looked in disbelief, but he followed obediently when the Grand-Master walked out on the balcony.

The yard was filled with captured Seals from Cliff’s unit. Armed gunmen from the Red Guards were holding them at bay. Gao-Ban knew that soon they would be led into the great assembly hall of the temple to be initiated by the Dragon Claw. The Grand-Master heard naked footsteps approaching from behind and knew that the hunky American was there. He had made up his mind by now. He would not surrender the red-haired stud to Colonel Kim and his Japanese mercenary. Gao-Ban despised the Japanese profoundly for what they had done during the Japanese-Korean war, when Korean temples had been systematically destroyed to deprive the Koreans from their cultural and ancestral heritage.

Kim and Dr. Takashima were down in the yard as well. They selected the best endowed among the captives to be initiated first. Kim looked up and watched the Abbott looking down. The big American was hulking behind the little monk. Both were naked.

“This old fool is disgusting,” Kim murmured.

“Soon he will be obsolete, my friend,” the Japanese scientist replied in a soft voice. He was holding a kind of crash helmet in his hands.

“So, your research was successful then?” the Colonel raised an eyebrow while fondling the nutsac of one squirming captive.

“Indeed, we caught the Abbott’s suggestive mantra on tape and digitalized it,” Takashima said. “This is the prototype of the new multimedia helmet, which was developed as well. The subjects will just need to wear that helmet while they are riding the sperm extractor. The mantra will be displayed as a continuous loop on the inside of the visor, while the sound his transmitted by integrated earphones. This ridiculous time consuming ceremony in the hall will be redundant.”

“A remarkable improvement that comes handy. Soon we will have thousands of subjects to process,” Kim said.

“The first shipment of the new helmet should arrive tomorrow,” the Japanese bowed slightly, “I reckoned you might wish to test the prototype already on one of our “guests”?”

Suddenly there was a commotion. A group of men had arrived who carried two naked white men tethered to heavy bamboo sticks on their shoulders. One of the bound men was obvious hurt at his leg and hang limp from the stick. The other one, a muscle-packed hunk with close cropped hair was valiantly struggling and howling curses in his gag.

“What is this?” Kim asked.

“The villagers caught them and thought they had escaped from the temple,” a younger monk replied. “We went down in to the house and took them. They are not from our guests.”

“Interesting, so at least a few on that plane survived,” Kim said. “Have the guards screen the area and look if there are more!”

“Yes, Master Kim,” the monk nodded and turned away.

Kim walked to the struggling captive and removed the gag that was made from a pair of boxers.

“Fuck!” the young man was spitting and coughing, “get me lose you bloody, fuckin’ son-of-a-bitch!”

“My name is Kim, Colonel Kim,” the Korean gave the American a cold smile, “ and you would be …?”

“Lance Corporal Chuck Riley and that is all what you fucking bastard will ever get out of me!” Chuck was writhing up and down, but the ropes were holding him tight. Dangling from the bamboo stick the ropes had cut deep into his wrists and ankles numbing his arms and legs by blocking the blood supply to the limbs.

“Oh my dear Lance Corporal, let me assure you, there will be a lot more that we will get out of you,” Kim sneered.

“Never! Motherfucker!,” Chuck roared.

“Get me a claw!” Kim ordered one of the monks who rushed off.

“Cliff! For Pete’s sake what is going on here?” Kyle had discovered the Seal Lieutenant above on the balcony. All eyes went up. There were some fainted cheers from the Seals, who recognized their commanding officer towering over the little Abbott.

“Sir, can’t you help them?” Cliff asked Gao-Ban.

“Young warrior, it is time for you to renounce your former life,” the Abbott replied with a stern voice that made the younger man flinch,” for a beginning you will address me as Grand-Master!”

“Yes, but Sir … I mean I can’t,” Cliff stuttered.

He never saw it coming. As fast as lightning the Abbott’s hand shot up to his neck. Expertly he found the pressure points and squeezed. This time it was no lust but excruciating pain that shot through the Seal’s body forcing him to bend over the balustrade.

“I don’t tolerate insolence, young warrior,” Gao-Ban hissed as he positioned himself behind the moaning hunk.

“No please, not that…ohh shit… no!” Cliff tried to get away but the Abbott tamed him with ease pressing two fingers into his neck. The agonizing pain was paralyzing his entire body, making any resistance futile.

“Sir, uhm Grand-Master, I am sorry, but please don’t do that …,” Cliff yelled,” I beg you, Grand-Master I can’t bear it, ahhhhhhhrghhh.”

“You have to learn being humble, young warrior,” Gao-Ban said and took the Lieutenant in front of his men.”

Shouts of disbelieve and anxious murmuring came from the Seals when they watched the rape of their hunky officer. Even Chuck stopped his cursing while he watched the unbelievable scene.

“This is not happening,” Kyle moaned.

“Uuurghh! Awwwww!” Cliff’s howls of pain echoed across the court yard. The Abbott changed the grip on the American’s neck and applied pressure onto a different area.

“Ohhhh! Fuuuuck! Yeahhh!,” the Seal’s cries turned into ecstatic moans and grunts.

“I told you, you could have pleasure even when you’ve spent your juices,” he heard the Asian’s voice whispering from behind.

Kim watched with undisguised disgust as Gao-Ban turned the muscular man into a howling bitch.

“Oh yes, Master, yessss!” The big Seal collapsed hollering over the rail, when a dry climax sapped the strength from his knees. Gao-Ban reached forward and without interrupting his thrusts he forced the young man’s head up. Cliff’s crimson face contorted by uninhibited lust was exposed to the speechless crowd.

“As you see, we teach discipline and respect, Lance Corporal. You will learn that lesson too,” Kim told Chuck.

“Fuck you! I will kill you, if you lay a hand on me, you pervert,” Chuck struggled desperately in his bonds.

The monk carried a big jar and opened the lid offering it to Kim.

“What the fuck is this?” Chuck looked suspicious at the black metallic device dripping with oil that Kim had taken from the jar.” Are going to torture me?”

“We call this the Dragon’s Claw and yes, it is a kind of torturing device, although it will make you sing a song of pleasure,” Kim smirked.

“No you fucker, get away,” Chuck tried to wriggle away from the Asian who was reaching between his thighs.

“Let him alone, you have no right to hurt him!” Kyle shouted in desperate protest.

“I have any right to do with him as it pleases me, but this time I will not hurt him,” Kim forced the dick of the cursing Marine into the leather sheath.

“Fuck what are you doing to me?” Chuck yelled in fury when the Jade tail entered him from behind. Kim adjusted the curved handle and locked the Ivory knob of the abutment in position. The mushroom head was held in place by the stylized Dragon’s snout and the hefty shaft was already reacting.

“Fuck!” Chuck yelled again in frustration. His body twisted wildly as the jade tail was sucked deep inside his rectum. His hips jerked when the tip hit his pleasure point pulling the leather straps tight across his balls. In reflex his abdominal muscles contracted, until the stimulations inside of him forced his back to arch.

Kim watched in glee as the muscular body hanging in front of him fell into a rhythm of bucking motions. The copper wire enforced leather tube held the flaring dick straight upright.

“Huhhh!” Chuck gasped in disbelief.

“Do you like it Lance Corporal?” Kim chuckled while the Marine’s body was showing obvious signs of arousal.

“You fucking bastard!” Chuck groaned through clenched teeth, desperately fighting the pleasant sensations. He realized that his feverish struggling was only intensifying the tempting stimulations. The young Marine forced himself to hang limp in his bonds. His ass muscles, however, seemed to have a life of their own. He felt his chute working around and along the coned tail that was firmly embedded in his ass. He tried to shit it out and winced as the tip of the device was driven against his prostate. Chuck focused on relaxing, but his body decided otherwise. The convulsions of his lower body went on and the urge to surrender to his growing horniness became stronger and stronger.

His face was stern and his body soaked in sweat, but finally he managed to stop the bucking rhythm. Only occasional thrusts of his hips shook his body.

“Impressive, but futile Mr. Riley,” Kim said his mouth close to Chuck’s ear,” you will cum right here for everyone to see and you will howl like an alley whore same as your friend the Seal.

“You will never make me cum, never,” Chuck rasped hoarsely.

“Would you like to test the helmet?” Takashima offered.

Kim shook his head. It was too early. Now he wanted the American to be aware of his humiliation. The mind controlling mantra would reprogram him later and only during his milking sessions would his true self return. Just to realize what was done to him and then the mantra would pull him back to his childhood, making him forget that he was a man with male urges. Now he wanted the young stud to witness his very own embarrassment and despite the denial Kim knew that the horny hunk was close to surrendering to his lust.

The Korean nibbled softly at the American’s earlobe. Chuck froze, drawing his breath sharply through his teeth.

“You know you need it badly, huh?” Kim teased and licked the sweat from the cringing Adams’s apple.

“No, I… uhhhmmmm,” toes were curving and a shudder ran through the butch body.

“Just let it happen, it will be over in an instant,” Kim blew a kiss on Chuck’s hot cheek.

“No, huh…huh…”, the Marine gasped. He felt the first treacherous contractions in his loins. Kim dug his index finger in the hollow of the sweaty belly button and let it travel slowly up towards the throat.

“Oh fuck, uhhh..uhhh..” the finger circle playfully around the erect man tits, however, without touching the sizzling knobs of sensitive flesh. Chuck’s breathing accelerated.

Kim gave him an encouraging nod and closed his lips on Chuck’s left nipple.

“Aaahhh!” Chuck knew it was over. The Asian would make him shoot his wad in front of the watching crowd. At least he wouldn’t offer the pathetic spectacle of enjoying it, like Cliff who was still deliriously sighing and moaning.

The Marine pressed his lips tight shut and gave in to the throbbing pulse in his loins. He could feel his balls connecting to the base of his leather encased shaft. Hot cum was pumped and rose towards eruption from the bloated mushroom head.

“Wrong!” he heard the Asian’s sneering voice.

The dragon’s mouth closed painfully into the groove below the cock head sealing abruptly the urethra. Chuck knew that feeling all to well and realized that this climax would be much more forceful than expected

“Shit!” the cumshot was triggered and accumulated within the throbbing shaft. His head lolled back and a roar of pure lust filled the court yard.

The big body convulsed wildly and Kim knew that the first gushes of man seed would be pressed into the bladder until the mounting pressure would force the cum spewing from the piss slit.

“Now!” he nodded to the Japanese.

Chuck’s contorted face disappeared under the helmet that was slipped over his head. The cries of ecstasy turned into muffled sounds. A strange monotonous incantation filled his ears. He blinked and saw the face of an old Asian smiling at him. He knew the man but in the thrills of his orgasm he couldn’t concentrate, was unable to focus until as an anchor to his questing mind the face was replaced by a spinning golden prayer wheel…

“What are you doing to him?” Kyle’s voice rang with concern. He witnessed Chuck’s body going limp. Gooey cum was slowly spilling from the gaping piss hole on top of the erect penis, but his friend didn’t show any reactions.

“Patience young man, soon, very soon you will get the answer to your question,” Kim said. “What, by the way, was your name …?”

“Master Kim!” a monk came rushing.

“What is it?”

”We need you in the datacenter…”

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