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The Mission
Part 5 - Harvesting Hunks
By Randy Dragon

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The Mission

Harvesting Hunks

Dwight and Mike were leaning against the bar. It was 3:00 AM and the early morning disco session at the ‘Pink Cock’ was in full swing. Sweaty bodies were dancing to the rhythm of techno rock. Most of the patrons were naked down to their waists. The scent of testosterone was hovering, however, the two Marines had other things on their mind than giving in to the demands of their horny bodies.

“Now we finally got hold of Brock. I hope we can talk some sense into Wade. For sure he will show up looking for his brother,” Dwight said.

“Kyle’s bro is a clever cookie. That was a nice nabbing, I give him that.,” Mike sipped from his beer.

“You can tell him that yourself,” Dwight pointed to Kyle Henderson, who was approaching them together with Lee the Korean advisor.

“Hi! Did anyone see my ‘lil bro? He’s supposed to hang around somewhere here.” Kyle said.

“Your ‘lil brother did a mighty good job on Brock Rowley, you know. Snatched the fucker right in front of his crew,” Mike grinned.

“Yeah, I heard that. As I said, Tayl is quite resourceful,” Kyle looked somewhat uncomfortable.

“Your brother has an amazing natural instinct to exploit a man’s weakness, which is quite intriguing“ Lee said.

Dwight gave the Asian a warm smile. There was a strange attraction, he felt towards the lean Korean, which he could not really explain.  This attraction was growing like his dick in the confinement of his jock strap, when Lee returned his smile and greeted him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Shit ,’ Dwight thought, ‘I am turned on like a cheap alley whore .’ He felt a strong urge to grab the Asian man and to take him straight away to the dark room, where they had had their first lustful encounter. Then his horny thoughts were interrupted by Mike who was welcoming the latest arrival.

"Speaking of the devil!  How are you, young hero? " The Marine grinned broadly at the young man, who joined them, dressed in a white T-shirt and a pair of camo pants that looked quite baggy on his lean frame.

"Oh, I'm doing great! " Taylor replied, "Hi all!”

"Where have you been?  I have been looking for you all over.” Kyle said.

"Relax Babe, I'm grown up now, you know." Taylor punched his brother playfully on the hard biceps. “I just went to the cinema, you know, needed to chill after the hot job.”

“You went to a movie?” Kyle asked obviously startled, ”We have a serious matter going on here.  And you have nothing better to do than to watch a fucking movie?"

Before Taylor could reply, he was roughly seized from behind and Dwight learned from Billy’s concerned look from behind the bar that definitely a serious matter had come up.

Turning around, he recognized Wade Rowley, holding Taylor in an iron grip. There were two other big men with hard hats and tool belts - obviously construction workers - who were holding Kyle by his arms. To make matters even more frightening,  there were five other muscular men around the bar table wearing hard hats and armed with tools.  Dwight had been right, predicting Wade Rowley would show up, looking for his brother.  However, Dwight had not expected that Wade would bring the entire construction crew.

"Oh Shit! " A curse escaped from Billy’s mouth.

"Hey Miles, is that him?” Wade asked a husky man in his mid-20s, who was at his side. Miles was about 6.1 foot tall. He had curly black hair and grew a little goatee from his sensuous jaw.  He was wearing a skin-tight black tank top displaying awesome chiseled biceps, and a pair of tight cut-off jeans, holding an impressive package behind the fly. The dark tanned construction worker had a tool belt around his narrow waist. The strong, naked legs ended in bare feet clothed in heavy dusty, work boots.

"Yeah, that's him.  He was driving the fucking limousine, " Miles growled glaring furiously at Taylor.

"And there.  This is the fucking gook,” Miles shouted angrily. ”I remember the slit-eye as well." He was pointing at Lee, who was immediately surrounded by three other men from the construction crew.

"Now isn't that a surprise?  And I know our two soldier boys here." Wade was glowering menacingly at Dwight and Mike.

"Didn't I tell you to fucking stay out of our affairs and mind your own business? " Wade stepped into Dwight’s space, "what have you done to my brother? " He looked at Billy. “If you have any part in this, asshole, I swear, we will take everything and everyone here inside apart until we have found Brock!”

"Now listen, Wade, calm down,” Dwight said,” Brock is doing fine, and we will bring him down here right away.”

He gave a nod to Billy, who hastily spoke a few words into his walkie-talkie.

“Wade, we just want to talk to you. We need yours and your brother’s help …” Dwight tried to explain the situation.

“That's a fucking strange way to ask for help!” Wade snapped.

"I know, I know, how that must look like, but… but as Hank was not around. I didn't know, what else to do, and… and you were not too cooperative either,” Dwight stuttered, desperately struggling to get his arguments together.

“I'm listening now,” Wade didn't look too interested.

“Billy, this is not the place to discuss.  Can we use your office?” Dwight asked.

"Sure, no problem,” Billy pointed to the back of the bar.  He looked relieved as the obvious risk of a ruckus inside his bar was gone. They all were walking towards Billy’s office and were joined by two bouncers who had brought Brock, who was still walking on shaky legs.

“Good to have you back bro.” Wade gave his brother, a short hug. Miles, however, was hooting in obvious joy and hugged Brock wildly.

“Woohaa, Baby, I'm okay, I'm okay, ” Brock laughed.

Inside the office the noise from the bar room subsided. Finally, Dwight managed to explain their predicament, and that they needed the two brothers dearly. Brock looked amused, and somehow interested and so Dwight was beginning to hope that all would come to a good ending and that the brothers would join them in the mission.

"You must be joking,” Wade barked angrily. ”You are kidnapping my brother, after you have tried already.  You wanted snatching me as well, and you seriously believe that we come with you to fuckin’ Korea and risk our lives to save a stupid jarhead who couldn't cover his butt?”

“We never leave anyone behind!” Mike replied angrily.

“Yes, YOU don't, but we are no longer with YOU,” Wade replied sternly.

“But Hank thought you might reconsider…, “ Dwight pleaded.

“Then Hank was thinking bloody wrong.” Wade interrupted him rudely.

“You mind your own business and solve your problems, and I'm telling you again, leave us out of this! Now we are almost done, but before we leave there is a score to settle, so that you learn your lesson for good.”  Wade got up from his chair and before anyone could react, he had Taylor by his throat.

“Get your hands off my brother, you fucking bastard,” Kyle wanted to come to the rescue, but was quickly subdued by the construction crew.

“Nnnnooo!” Taylor was writhing, while Wade was pinning him face-down on Billy's desk.

“Now you're going to learn to mind your own business, son,” Wade started to unbuckle Taylor’s camos.

“Let him go!” everybody looked in surprise at Brock, who still looked amused.

"What?” Wade asked in disbelief.

“Let him go, ” Brock repeated,” the boy is okay. I like him.”

“What the fuck?”  Now it was Miles, who asked disbelievingly.

"I think we better leave. It has been a long day, and I need a shower and to crash.” Brock said. He gave Taylor a conspiratorial grin and hugged Miles around his shoulders. Wade shot Dwight a confused look and pointed with his head to the door.

"We are outta here, boys, " Wade snorted. First there was some reluctant grumbling, but then, the crew shrugged their shoulders and left the office.

"You fuck with us again, and I swear, you will not get off that easy next time,” Wade snarled and slammed the door shut behind him. They got into the van with the labels of the construction company, which was parked in front of the ‘Pink Cock’. Wade, Brock and Miles were sitting in front, while their six crewmates were squeezing their hunky bodies into the back.

"I'll drive you home first, drop the guys at the company and join you later," Wade said when he started the engine. "You have something to explain bro…”


In the office, people started to relax.

"Oh my God! That was close. " Billy sighed in relief.

"What the fuck was that?" Dwight looked at Taylor incredulously. "What have you going on with Brock?"

"I have no idea, I swear," Taylor mumbled.  He was buckling his belt, avoiding Dwight’s look.

"What are you going to do now?  I don't think that you will ever be able to convince the two gentlemen to help you."  Lee asked.

"Frankly, I have no fucking idea." Dwight looked desperate.

"You can twist it. You can turn it as much as you like, but in the end we are running short of muscle here,” Mike said. “If you want this mission to have a chance of success, you have to bring Chuck back.”

"I don't know,” Dwight looked hesitant.

“Now come on, if you don't want to call him, I can do it.”  Mike offered.

"Where is he anyway?”  Kyle asked.

“That's easy to find out,” Mike replied, and went to the phone on Billy's mahogany desk.

“May I?" He asked.

“Be my guest,” Billy nodded.

Mike punched in some numbers and a cell phone started ringing.

“What the …?” He looked startled at Taylor, where the sound was coming from.

“Oh fuck, no!” Kyle glowered at his brother, who was visibly blushing, desperately trying to silence the cell phone in the pocket of his camo pants.

“What are you doing with Chuck's cell phone?  And by the way, I was wondering already aren’t this his pants?” Mike asked.

“I can't believe it!“ Dwight slammed his fist on the desk.

“Tayl! What have you done to him?” Kyle rushed to his brother and seized his arms.

“What are you talking about?” Mike asked.

“My ‘lil bro has bagged your buddy, that's what we are talking about.” Kyle replied.

“What? No way! Your brother, a civilian, could never take down a well-trained 200 lbs. recon Marine in top condition!” Mike shook his head.

“I wouldn't be so sure,” Dwight said, “and now Brock's unexpected benevolence does begin to make sense. Doesn't it, Taylor?”

“Spit it out, bro, no more games!” Kyle was shaking his brother.

“Ok, ok! I guess the milking is complete by now anyway,” Taylor shrugged and started his ‘confession’.  The eyes of his audience grew wide in disbelief and he liked it.

* * *

"You should've seen his face when the boy mounted him, " Brock gloated.

"You're kidding, huh? " Miles asked.

"No kidding," Brock affirmed,” the boy was screwing the fucker right on top of me. It was so hot, he made me cum as well. But the best was, when he put a dog collar on him and leashed him like a pet.  No, man, the boy is cool. I like him. Really.”

“Oh, is that so,” Miles asked annoyed.

They arrived at Brock’s and Wade’s house.

"Here you are,” Wade said, "just let me take the guys to the company.  I'll be back in a minute.”

Brock and Miles left the car and said goodbye to the cheering crew. While driving off, Wade watched in the rear mirror his brother and Miles embracing and walking towards the door.  There won't be too much sleep tonight, I reckon , he grinned to himself.

He was only one block away, when a traffic light switched to red.  At that wee hour of the morning he usually wouldn't have bothered, but when he saw the exotic black-haired beauty in her skintight leather suit, he hit the brakes hard.  The guys in the back of the car were leaning over the back of the front-seat, curious to know what had caused the abrupt stop.

"Wooha! Look what we found here! " Wade was hooked at once.

"I guess it's nothing wrong to have some fun, huh? " Wade said with a lewd grin.

“Haul the bitch in!” Another guy roared from behind. Everyone was hooting and laughing.

Wade got out of the car and strutted over to the lonely woman.

“Hi gorgeous, " he said, with his most winning smile,” can we help you?”

“My cab didn't show, so if you can give me a ride.  I would be pleased.” She answered with a sweet Asian accent.

“A ride? Of course, we can do that, and it will be our pleasure,” Wade chuckled.

The woman gave him a lovely smile and linked her wrist under his brawny arm. He could smell her perfume, and felt his dick twitching anticipation.  The crew was hooting and whistling when their buddy returned to the car.

"Hi, that is so nice of you boys," she was purring while sitting down on the passenger seat beside Wade.

"Hey, why don't you come back and care a little bit about us?” one of the guys asked disappointed.

"Oh don't you worry, Baby I'll take good care of all of you,” she sneered.

The crew roared with laughter about the apparent joke.  Wade, however, hadn't lost the instincts the Marine Corps had trained him and turned suspiciously to the stranger.  She was holding a cigarette-like small silvery pipe at her lips. His hands hadn't even left the steering wheel when the tiny bamboo arrow was hitting him accurately right behind his ear.

“NNgg!” A gurgling retched from his throat and his heavy body collapsed over the wheel. The woman produced a glass flask from her pocket and threw it into the back of the car.

A strong, acrid odor filled the car forcing the men to retch and cough. All havoc broke loose. Two of the hunks had opened their flies and were stroking their dicks, when it hit them. When they tried to get out the rear door, their ankles got trapped in their trousers. They stumbled, fell and created an obstacle to their crewmates who tried as well desperately to escape. None of them made it to the door.

The car was filled with the coughing and moaning of the six hunky men who were slumping one by one on the floor. The woman who was amazingly not affected at all by the strange fumes waited until there was silence.  Then she fetched her cell phone.

“Master, the packages are ready for pickup,” she said.

Moments later, a black lorry stopped behind the van. Dark-clad figures emerged from the lorry and carried the unconscious men inside their vehicle.

Back at the house Brock’s ass was pressed flat against the glass wall of the shower cabin. Hot water was pouring onto the two muscle-packed bodies rinsing the sweat from a hard day’s work and sexual workout down the drain. Steam filled the narrow cubicle. Miles was on his knees. His hands were kneading Brock’s hefty nuts. The foreman’s 12-inch man tool was completely swallowed by his fuck-buddy’s throat. Miles was the only man whom Brock knew who was able to take him wholly.

Miles was an expert cock-sucker and Brock was ready to explode. The cabin began to shake when his husky body started to hump Mile’s face responding to the bobbing head between his thighs.

“Ffuck, that feels good,” Mike heard Brock groan and knew his friend was close. He stopped sucking and let the throbbing shaft slip from his throat. He grinned when Brock uttered a disappointed grunt. His fingers closed firmly under the swollen crimson mushroom-head and squeezed the penis with a painful vise-like grip.

“Shit! You bastard!” Brock groaned and hunched down. He pulled Miles up and forced him into a hot French kiss. Miles was the only one who could dare to stop his heated arousal so brusquely.

“I missed you buddy, I thought I’d lost you,” Miles gasped between the kisses. He rubbed his hairy body against Brock’s. Musky scenting lather was covering their broad backs and oozing down their legs.

"Ah you know, it's not so easy to take me down.  You should know better,” Brock muttered.  He was nibbling at the golden ring in Mile’s earlobe.

"Why did you get into the car anyway?  Was it the money?  Or was it because of the guys?” Miles was kneading Brock’s sculpted pecs.

“ ’cause of those guys, of cour…. Aaaaaargh, you motherfucker!” Brock screamed when Miles twisted his nipples painfully.

“I knew it! You have a crush on that boy!” Miles hissed.

“Ha! Somebody is jealous!” Brock cheered while rubbing his pecs.

“Fucker!” Miles hugged his buddy and pulled him into a kiss.  Brock’s big hands grabbed Mile’s firm buttocks. He bent his knees slightly and lifted his friend without apparent effort. Mile’s legs closed around Brock's waist. Without breaking the kiss, Brock pushed the glass door open with his ass and carried his friend into the dimly lit bedroom. The two entangled wet bodies landed heavily on the large king-sized bed.

The two lovers were unaware of the two figures dressed in black overalls with face masks of the same color, who were standing silently at the wall, which was decorated with Mile’s favorite  ‘Phantom of the Opera’-poster. He loved the show and had watched it a dozen times already.

The two uninvited guests were watching the two hunks moving into a 69 position. Slurping noises, gasps and moans filled the room. Miles was kneeling on top of Brock sliding the monster cock up and down his throat. This time his own dick was sucked as well. Shudders were running through his body, while Brock's fingers played with his asshole.

"Do you want to fuck?” He asked Brock hoarsely.

“Yeah!” came the muffled reply.

"Okay, but wait a sec…” Miles got up from the bed and almost collided with one of the unwanted visitors. Hadn't his mind being clouded by his horniness, he would certainly have realized that they were not alone in the bedroom. But he wanted to get fucked, and he needed to get fucked. So he just reached down to the floor where they had discarded their clothes, fetched his hard hat and his tool belt and jumped back on the bed, where Brock was concentrating on lubing up his fuck pole. He straddled Brock, who grinned when his buddy fastened the belt around his narrow hips and put the hard hat on.

"I know you like that, huh?” Miles grinned back.

"Yeah, I like it,” Brock wriggled his hips and aimed his dick between Mile’s expectantly spread butt cheeks. Same as Miles had no difficulty swallowing Brock’s cock, he could easily take his friend’s manhood up his shit chute. Bracing himself against Brock's broad chest, he started to hump.

“Oh yeah Baby, ride that dick,” Brock was bucking under him, his eyes half shut.

Soon their lovemaking gathered speed.  The two bodies were covered in sweat. The mattress was squeaking rhythmically and the frame of the bed was bumping against the wall. The tools on Mile’s belt were rattling.

“Fuck me, give it to me!” Miles hollered, “Yeah, plow that tight ass!”

He was riding Brock like a madman. Brock's heavy body was bouncing up and down. He was breathing heavily, and his head was lolling left and right.

“Oh man, you are so tight. That feels so fucking good.” Brock moaned in lustful agony.

“You like it, huh? You like it when I'm riding you like a bronco?” Miles huffed. He wriggled his hips now. The hard hat had slipped into his neck. He knew from Brock’s flushed expression that his buddy wouldn't last much longer.

“Cum for me Baby, I make you fucking cum for me,” Miles yelled,” I hump your hot man-juice right from your churning balls. I drain you good, man, ohh ffuuck!”

Brock felt his balls contracting. He realized that his friend was close as well, and he wanted them to cum together. His calloused hand traveled across the sculpted six-pack abs and closed over Mile’s sensitive cock-head. He started to jack his friend’s swollen dick with short and fast strokes.

“Oh you fucker, yesss!” Miles howled. His body humped totally out of control. Again and again he impaled himself on Brock’s shaft that seemed to fill his entire guts. He had found the proper angle and rammed the rock-hard dick-head on his love button without mercy. He was so carried away that he didn't feel the sting of the arrow that pierced his flexing butt cheek. Suddenly the room was spinning.

“Huhh!” His dick erupted in Brock's hand, gushing a huge white stream of his man-seed across his buddy’s, hairy chest, hitting him straight into the reddened face. The last thing he felt, before his world went dark, were the pulsing spurts of Brock's cum flooding his guts.

Brock saw the astonished look on his friend's face and grinned, thinking that he had managed to surprise Miles, making him cum faster than expected. Mile’s body slumped heavily in the pool of cum he had just produced on Brock’s hairy chest.

“Yeah fuck, uuuuurghhh …huhh!” Brock’s back arched when Mile’s sphincter went tight. The climax hit his body. With every contraction of his balls he pumped his cum inside the quivering rectum. Then, slightly confused, he registered that his buddy’s ass ring had relaxed. Miles crouched on him almost as if he had passed out. His body was still shuddering in the sweet aftershocks of the orgasm, when Mile’s body was suddenly pulled up.

“What ..?” he asked light-headed the hooded figure that was kneeling on the bed lifting Miles up.

But after a moment of shock his Marine instincts came to the rescue. His body shot up and his hands closed around the invader’s throat. Brock’s still hard cock was flapping wildly. The man in black croaked, but didn’t try to break the hold around his throat. Instead he reached into a pocket of his black gear and rammed a tiny arrow right into the hunk’s hard-muscled chest.

“Fuck!” Brock released one hand and ripped the dart from his pec. He rose into a kneeling position pushing the gasping and retching man in front of him. The room went blurry and he realized that a part of the arrow’s poison must have entered his blood stream. He raised his fist and prepared to finish his attacker with a bone-braking punch, when he felt a sting in his buttock.

His head turned and he saw a second figure lurking behind him, just lowering a small metal pipe. The whole scene seemed to slip away from him. He was awkwardly marveling at the white mask and the red Rose on the ‘Phantom of the Opera’-poster, hanging at the wall behind the second invader. That’s cool he thought and admired both mask and Rose shining so nicely in the dimly lit room. Miles likes it so much , he thought, while all his power was sapped from him. Brock realized that he couldn’t control his body anymore. His arms were hanging limp from his torso. The cum-dripping monster cock went flaccid and dangled slack between his quivering thighs. Like in slow motion he watched as the man in front of him sank another dart into his unprotected chest.

“Miles? Where is ….” Brock Rowley was out cold before his body hit the mattress with a dull thud.

* * *

The man with his shell-rimmed glasses was wearing an old-fashioned brown office suit and a crinkled shirt. He was probably 47 or 48 years old. Although Major Benjamin O’Rourke’s office was well air-conditioned, the man was sweating.  Nervously he fetched a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

It was a 7 a.m. and the men looked tired.  They hadn't slept at all, and when the Major had called them in for the briefing there had barely been any time to take a shower and dress in fresh uniforms. The Major looked at the two Sergeants, Dwight Collins and Kyle Henderson, the Korean adviser Choi Lee Kwan, who was sitting on the couch with Kyle’s brother Taylor.  As if keeping a safe distance from them, there were Lance Corporal Chuck Riley and Private Mike Johnson standing at attention.

The Major noticed that the head of the hunky Lance Corporal was shaved bald and that the Mohawk was gone.

"Lance Corporal!  It has been brought to my attention that there are some movie clips on the Internet showing you in distasteful activities,” the Major said.

"Sir!  Yes, Sir!” Chuck shouted.

"Sir!  Request permission to speak on behalf of the Lance Corporal Sir!” Mike asked.

"At ease, you two. It is quite honorable, what you're trying to do Private,” Ben said almost paternal,” but this is not a court-martial - not yet at least.”

“As it looks,” The Major harrumphed,” you will get away with it this time, Lance Corporal, because we have more important things to deal with and we need you. Of course,” the Major looked sternly at Taylor,” we know what you were up against.  So if it happens again, try to come out on top!”

"Sir!  Yes, Sir!” Chuck shouted. Taylor grinned broadly and promptly got a warning look from his brother.

"Now, that this is settled, let's talk about our special mission,” Ben looked at Dwight.

"Sir! The Sergeant regrets to inform the Major that we are not ready yet.” Dwight sounded devastated.

"Ready or not, you will leave tonight!” The Major replied.

“Sir!  But Sir …” Dwight was visibly shocked.

"It seems that our plan to rescue our boy and bring him home has developed into a matter of national security,” Benjamin O'Rourke said and the room went silent.

“This is agent ‘Smith’ from …uhm … a special agency, who will brief you.” The Major walked around his desk and sat down on his big leather chair

"Agent Smith, whenever you're ready…” Ben said and lighted a cigar.

The man touched nervously his glasses and cleared his throat.

“As you are all aware, about 8 months ago, Captain Jack Durango disappeared from Camp Tango, one of our bases alongside the DMZ in Korea. The Captain had apparently been drugged and kidnapped by a certain Colonel in the RDEI, whose name is Kim Non Poo.” Smith said.

“Sir, if you please, RDEI stands for Research Department for External Intelligence, " Lee interrupted politely,” and the Colonel’s name is Kim Nang Poh.”

“Oh yes.  Thank you,” Agent Smith was nervously gnawing at his lower lip.

“We found that Captain Durango is held captive in an old temple complex somewhere in the West of North Korea. The location is South of Nampo in a small village Suyang-dong in the Nine Moon Moutains region.” The agent continued.

“Sorry, but we know that all,” Dwight interrupted impatiently.

"There have been complications,” Smith replied.

"What happened?” Kyle asked, ”Did the fucking gooks kill our man?”

“To the best of our knowledge, Captain Durango is still alive,” the agent answered.

"So?" Dwight asked.

“It's not just one anymore, you know. We have other men missing,” the agent said.

“We didn't realize at first, because we couldn't link it. I mean, people are disappearing all the time, you know.” Smith was looking apologetically.

“We believe it started about four months ago. Two of our Navy SEALs disappeared from a brothel in Rio de Janeiro. We have other reported missing staff from Europe, and some from Africa, but most didn't report back for duty in Asia - many of them in Bangkok and in Okinawa.” Smith explained eagerly.

“How many are unaccounted for?" Ben asked.

“60,” the agent replied,” at least until yesterday.”

"What does this mean?” Kyle asked.

“Well, we have reason to believe that we're looking at 69 missing men so far,” Smith said.

“I have learned that you tried to recruit Mr. Brock and Mr. Wade Rowley for your mission.”

“Yes, but I failed to convince them, but… but what does this have to do with the missing guys?” Dwight was confused.

“Brock and Wade Rowley have been abducted yesterday, together with seven members of their construction crew,” it was as if Smith had dropped a bombshell in the office. Everybody was standing and shouting.

"Silence!” The Major yelled.

“How is that possible? And how do you know, they have been abducted? And how could that be linked to Jack Durango?” Dwight asked.

“The construction company reported the crew missing this morning. They were supposed to be on an early assignment at 5 a.m. The police found the company's van empty and abandoned only one block away from Brock’s and Wade’s house.

There were obvious signs of a struggle and in the bedroom they found this,” Smith fetched a small bamboo arrow carefully sealed into a plastic wrap from the pocket of his jacket.

“Now this is a blowpipe dart, the tip is of course poisoned.  We are still analyzing it, but I'm pretty much sure that the tests will tell us that the substance on the tip of this arrow is a strong plant-based tranquilizer that can shut down any human neural system almost instantly.” Smith continued.

“We found a similar arrow in a gay sex club in Bangkok, after one Marine had been abducted.”

“Okay, I understand how you’re linking the cases, but how does it match with Durango?” Chuck asked.

“Last week, Master Sergeant Hank O’Dowerty was abducted from a hospital in Basra/ Iraq. …” the agent said.

“Hank! What the fuck are you talking about? I had him on the phone only a few days ago?” Dwight shot up from is chair.

“Indeed, you talked to him, over one of our satellite phone lines,” the agent grinned proudly. “The guy who apparently captured O’Dowerty, his name is Rashad by the way, used the satellite phone and called a guy in Korea. His name is Master Huang, or at least he is linked to him. We could only trace this call.  It was of course recorded as we keep records of all phone calls on military lines for at least three months.”

“We know that Hank O’Dowerty has been sent to Korea, and he will most likely join Jack Durango.” Smith concluded.

“We have learned as well from that phone call that the Koreans are supplying arms to terrorists and insurgents in exchange for healthy, muscular Americans who are in prime shape. You see, it is no longer that somebody is purposefully abducting military personnel. Somebody is methodically harvesting American hunks and sending them off to North Korea.”

“That all sounds still a bit mumbo-jumbo to me,” Kyle said doubtful.”  Okay, we have the construction crew, but that might have happened, because they were with Brock and Wade.”

“There is as well, a missing Trent Crusher, Linebacker at your college football team,” Smith replied.

“Crusher as well?” Chuck asked startled.

“But why is all this happening?” Dwight asked.

“We have a theory, but I should admit that it's very vague …,” Agent Smith said hesitantly.

“Now come on and tell us the whole story!” Ben blustered, puffing big clouds of smoke.

“Well, you know, we found the remains of a glass flask in the company van. There were still some drops of liquid at the shards. One of the Cops touched it and felt instantly dizzy and almost passed out. His colleague, of Asian origin - his parents immigrated from Japan - didn't feel anything, although he stupidly sniffed at the thing.

Now, interestingly, our analysts know that substance. We have encountered it recently in Iraq, after some insurgent attacks on our troops. It seems to be a kind of bio-engineered weapon, where the agent is linked to a certain genetically disposition. If the substance encounters the triggering genes, in this case Caucasians, the agent is released and causes the desired effect, which could be just stunning or even fatal, depending on the very nature of the agent.

This all started after Rashad’s phone call to Korea. It is amazing how quickly the Koreans managed to send that stuff to Iraq, but it is impossible, that they could have developed it within a couple of days only. So we believe, they're working on it already for quite some time. They have systematically collected, the genetic material for their research, and now we have all reason to believe that they have succeeded.”

“You mean a biochemical weapon that selects its targets by race?” The Major asked incredulously.

“I'm afraid, yes,” Smith nodded,” but I think, they try to fine-tune it, so that they can be selective within a race and target selected nationalities based on certain genes.”

“Certain genes?” The Major's voice was suddenly icy, ”you mean: us.”

“Imagine, what that means,” Taylor started talking,” you can drop such a shell for instance on the beach and the shit will hit only American surfers.”

“Tayl, this is not funny!” Kyle snapped agitated.

“Send in the fly boys and nuke the whole fuckin’ temple,” Chuck blurted.

“Unfortunately we can't do that,” Smith replied hastily.

“First, as I said, it is just a theory. We don't know for sure. Then we have to consider, that if it is true, there will be about 70 hostages in the facility.”

“So, what can we do?” Dwight asked.

“We have to look closer.” Smith shrugged.

“This is why you are leaving tonight.” The Major said. ”Your mission is, to gather intelligence about this temple. If it is true, what agent Smith suspects, you will tag the facility electronically for a precision air strike and of course you will make sure that any hostages would be extracted, before we take these fuckers out.”

“Sir! Yes Sir!” The men shouted.

“Not you, of course not!” Kyle said to his brother.

“Of course me!” Taylor insisted.

“Of course not you! Civilians can never be part of a military mission, "the Major looked at Taylor.

"But Sir, my brother will need me.  This is a dangerous mission, and I cannot let him walk alone.” Taylor objected.

“Are you mad?” Kyle shouted.

"Bullshit! Your brother is a fully trained US Marine.  He doesn’t need the help of his little brother,” the Major snorted.

“I didn't mean it like that, Sir,” Taylor pleaded,” I am practically already part of the team and I helped them to get to Brock and Wade…”

“… who are now gone, and probably shipped to a fucking forsaken temple in Asia,” the Major said sarcastically.

“Request permission to speak, Sir,” Dwight said.

“What?”, the Major asked.

“Sir, there is a point. We are short of men anyway after we lost Brock and Wade and Taylor has proven amazingly resourceful,” Dwight said.

“You can’t be serious!” Kyle shot a murderous glare at Dwight.

“And Lee is a civilian too!” Taylor added, purposefully disregarding his brother.

“This is highly unconventional Sergeant,” the Major looked doubtfully at Dwight.

“So it's decided then!” Taylor said satisfied.

“Fuck no!” Kyle yelled.

“He will not be part of the combat team, of course,” Dwight assured, ”His role will be that of an advisor.”

“It's your responsibility, Sergeant!” The Major said

“Sir, you can't do that!” Kyle objected.

“Sergeant, don't tell me what I can do!” The Major said sternly.

“But… but, Sir! With all due respect…this…this,” Kyle stammered.

“Dismissed!” the Major said,” Good luck Taylor.”

“Thank you Sir,” Taylor replied and grabbed his brother's hand. Kyle followed him in obvious shock, when they left the Major's office.

“This is not happening.” Kyle muttered.

“What do you think?” Dwight asked the others.

“I think,” Chuck replied, and a devilish grin appeared on his face,” the recruit needs a haircut.”

“What?” Taylor's eyes opened wide.

“Then have the necessary done, Lance Corporal!” Dwight ordered with a grin.

“Yesssirrr!” Chuck saluted.

“Now wait a minute. You can't do that. That was not part of the deal. No! Get your hands off me, you oaf,” Taylor was squirming in Chuck's grip.

“Payback time!” Chuck hissed.

“No!  Help me!” Taylor looked at his brother.

“Yeah! Help I will,” Kyle snarled and grabbed Taylor's arm. “Let's get this piece of civilian shit to the barber,” he said grimly. The three Marines were hooting and even Lee couldn't prevent a grin.

Two hours later, they were on their way to the airport. Taylor unusually silent, dressed in camo gear. The bleached hair buzz cut.

A plane took them first to Honolulu and then straight to the US naval base on Okinawa. Taylor was pouting. He hadn't exchanged a word with his brother since they had left the base. Dwight had arranged that Chuck and Taylor were sitting side by side, although both were obviously loathing doing this. Taylor was disappointed that Kyle had turned against him, although a part of him was well aware that his brother was mad at him only because of concern for his safety. When the idea had come up he had felt it cool seeing what a real military operation was like and to spend some more time with his brother. Now he had to sit together with this dumb muscle-Marine, who was obviously only waiting to get even with him. It was not that he was not attracted to Chuck. On the contrary, in other circumstances he would have drooled getting the hunky soldier in his bed.  However, he hated the sometimes haughty attitude of the Marine.

Taylor recalled how Chuck had watched with malicious joy, when he had been shorn. Against his will Taylor suddenly grinned, amused remembering how he had tricked Chuck into the studio. The flick with the awesome built Marine was a hit on the Internet. The two blondes had fucked him into plain ecstasy. His howls of primal lust could be heard even on the street when they had arrived to free him from his delicious predicament.

From a corner of his eye, Taylor tried to catch a glimpse of the stud’s bald shaved head. He realized that Chuck's eyes were resting on him.  Following an impulse he quickly turned and looked straight ahead. Then he felt rather ridiculous. Okay, what was done was done. No reason at all to duck every time they met.

With a look of defiance in his eyes Taylor turned back to Chuck and looked him straight into the face. The corners of Chuck's mouth were twitching, and Taylor realized that the Marine was struggling to hide his amusement. Before Taylor knew what hit him, he was bursting with laughter. He crouched in his seat and watched through tears in his eyes that the same had happened to Chuck.

"Man…hahahah…oohmiiigawd,” Chuck croaked while gasping for air,” that was…buahhaha…, that was really nasty, what you did to me..hahaha.”

“Hahaha…b-but y-youuu..hhuh… liked it hahaha,” Taylor giggled.

“Y-yesss…haha…I am bad, y-ya know?” Chuck hollered.

“They say the same about me,” Taylor puffed and blew with hysterical laughter.

Now all the men were laughing relieved that the tension between Chuck and Taylor was gone. ‘We are a team after all .’ Dwight thought.

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