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The Mission
Part 4 - Revenge is a bitch
By Randy Dragon

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The Mission

Revenge is a bitch

Chuck, Mike and Lee had gathered in Dwight’s office.

“The Sarge is on his way,” Tommy had told them.

“You okay, man?” Mike asked Chuck who looked uncomfortable sitting on his sore butt.

“The fucker was just lucky,” Chuck grunted defiantly. Not used to defeat, the humiliation of having been fucked by the guy who had date-raped his sister, then by a chubby nerd and finally pathetically disposed of in a dumpster was eating the cocky jock’s ego.

“We shouldn’t have tried without Dwight,” Mike disagreed. ”We were fuckin’ stupid to move without backup.”

“Well, Dwight was, uhm , distracted,” Chuck looked accusingly at Lee.

“People are tellin’ me you enjoyed yourself, that night, huh?”

“I am sorry, Mr. Riley, I had no idea, what was going on. Sergeant Collins agreed and he apparently liked it…” Lee replied apologetically.

“Call me Chuck, that’s fine,” Chuck said,” People tellin’ me as well that you had even more fun after you’d screwed ‘da Sarge. That right huh?”

“What?” Mike asked incredulously.

“Yeah, nice Mr. Asia fucked the Crusher boy raw that night,” Chuck laughed.

“Crusher, the Linebacker?” Mike asked in disbelieve,” But, but … Trent is 100% top, how did you bed him, then?”

“He still can’t walk, someone must have plowed ‘da poor fucker pretty well,” Chuck snickered before Lee could reply.

“I am sure, Mr. Trent is most popular,” Lee smiled. ”His genitals are – impressive.”

“His gen…? Oh yeah?” Chuck asked slyly, “what did you do to him?”

This time Lee was interrupted by Dwight entering the room. Kyle and Taylor followed closely.

“Attention!” Mike shouted.

“At ease! Sorry to keep you waiting guys,” Dwight said and nodded to Lee with a friendly smile.

“Hi,” Taylor said.

“What is surfie-boy doing here?” Chuck looked at Taylor in his Bermudas with undisguised disdain.

“Cleaning up your mess, soldier-boy!” Taylor fired back, flaring up instantly.

“Careful, what ‘ya say surfie!” Chuck rose slowly from his chair.

“Don’t touch him!” Kyle was up on his feet as well ready to protect his brother.

“Then tell your ‘lil bro, to watch what he is sayin’, or I’ll teach him manners,” Chuck snarled.

“Anytime, you oaf, any time,” Taylor barked back.

“Sonofabitch!” Chuck exploded and charged at the pony-tailed youngster. Kyle went immediately between the furious wrestler and his brother. The two big Marines collided and started tussling.

“Hands off, Corporal!” Kyle hollered, while wrestling his arm out of Chuck’s hold. Dwight and Mike went to separate the two fighters.

“Don’t ‘ya pull rank, Sarge!” Chuck flared. “What kind of a Marine are you anyway to allow such a pathetic nerd to take you down? You consider yourself straight, huh? But your ‘lil bro has turned you into a fuckin’ pussy. I bet you like to bottom, you enjoy to get screwed, isn’t it?”

“Fuck you!’ Kyle hollered, murder in his eyes.

“No, pussy! I’ll fuck you silly and then I plow your brat bro until his lights go out,” Chuck sneered while trying to trap Kyle in a half nelson.

“You dumb ass hole are not man enough!” Taylor laughed. ”I’ll milk your baby-juicer until your fuckin’ bull balls run dry in no time.”

“You are dead! You’re fuckin dead meat!” Chuck raged.

“Woowwoowwoo! Calm down Chuck!” Dwight shouted angrily.

“Bloody civilian!” Chuck snapped.

The Korean seemed not to be bothered at all by the ruckus, however, he looked interested at Taylor who was still sitting in his chair, obviously unconcerned about Chuck’s tantrum.

Finally the three Marines managed to hustle Chuck back onto his chair.

“Just because you fucked your bro, it doesn’t mean that all Marines have to take shit from you!” Chuck shouted at Taylor.

“Your ass got fucked too, baby, isn’t it?” Taylor sneered.

“Don’t you dare callin’ me baby, you fuckin’ beach bum, you …” Chuck was struggling with the three Marines and tried to get up again, shooting killer looks at Taylor, who was just sitting in his chair, grinning, rubbing his crotch provocatively and making sure that Chuck saw it.

“Blow me, babe!” Taylor blew Chuck a mocked kiss triggering a roar of fury from the Marine.

“Now stop! Both of you,” Dwight yelled.

“Yeah, stop it Tayl!” Kyle turned to his brother and shook his head warningly. He knew the look in Taylor’s eyes all too well. “Don’t even think about it!”

“Just keep him away from me!” Chuck growled at Kyle watching Taylor intensively. “If I get my hands on him, I’ll show him what a REAL Marine is made of – I’ll rip him a new one. I…I…”

“Stop that crap!” Dwight interrupted sternly, ”We have important things to talk about and I cannot have such bullshit interfering. The Major kicks my ass, because I don’t have my team for the Korea mission and you -,  “ Dwight looked at both Mike and Chuck,” you blew it!”

“Why us?” Mike and Chuck asked unisono.

“You were smooching, remember?” Chuck looked from Dwight to Lee. Taylor chuckled.

“Shut up Corporal!” Dwight’s face had suddenly turned crimson. Mike and Chuck grinned.

“So – actually Hank had the idea, that Taylor’s special talents could be useful to help us getting the Rowley brothers.” Dwight said.

“Sorry, for me interrupting,” Lee spoke for the first time,” but why don’t you just ask the two gentlemen to assist?”

“Gentlemen! Whoaa!” Chuck and Mike were bursting with laughter.

“Shut up!” Dwight shouted on the top of his voice.

“I am sorry,” Lee said.

“No, not you, “Dwight replied,” I was talkin’ to them ass-holes.” He glared at Chuck and Mike.

“They won’t listen. Only if we haul them in, we can talk some sense into them,” Dwight explained.

“… and Mr. Taylor has a plan, how to do that?” Lee asked.

“Mr. Taylor, my ass,” Chuck muttered loathing. Dwight shot him a warning look.

“Yes, I do, “ Taylor said calmly.

Everybody was looking at him expectantly.

“Now, as I see it, you got … uhm … fucked,” Taylor drawled his words, indulging in the looks of Mike’s and Chuck’s faces,” you got fucked badly, because they were together. So you have to take them out one by one.”

“Ah, and how are you gonna’ do that, smart ass?” Chuck sneered.

“OK, that’s it! You are off the team,” Dwight shouted angrily.

“What? You can’t do that!” Chuck protested.

“Dismissed Lance Corporal!” Dwight said sternly.

Chuck knew he had crossed the line. He shot a hateful glance at Taylor and gave a salute to Dwight.

“Fuck!” Chuck slammed the door.

“You were saying …?” Dwight turned to Taylor.

“We need a car, a very special car …” Taylor explained …..


The white, twenty foot 560 SEL Mercedes-Benz Superstretch Limo with the gold mirrored windows was cruising slowly towards the construction site. The crew whistled in admiration at the luxury vehicle.

Although it was already late afternoon, the sun made the men sweat profoundly. Most of the crew had stripped of their shirts and were just wearing tight jeans with heavy tool belts, hard hats and work-boots. Brock Rowley was handling the heavy pneumatic drill with ease, pounding and hammering the tarred surface of the road. The vibrations of the work-tool made his huge body juddering and jerking. He was wearing his checkered work shirt with the cut-off sleeves and a pair of ass-hugging dirt-spotted work-jeans. The shirt was hanging loosely from his chiseled torso. Sweat glued the dark curly hair to the sculpted chest. The chiseled tattooed biceps were glistening from a thick layer of musky sweat. His wavy dark brown hair was held back by a headband.

He realized the Merc Limo only when it stopped right aside of him. The mirrored window hummed down and a moment later he was looking into the smooth face of a youngster in a light-grey chauffeur uniform, wearing a pony-tail under the peaked cap.

“Hey mate, you’ve got a minute?” Taylor asked.

“What?” Brock asked bewildered and switched the jackhammer off. He stripped the earmuffs from his head and wiped the sweat from his face.

“Buddy, there is my client and he wants to have a word with ‘ya,” Taylor grinned. “Actually I have to translate, ‘cause he doesn’t speak English, ‘ya know.”

“Uh? What?” Brock looked at the big Limo, clueless.

“You know, I am driving this gook around ‘da city for ‘da whole day now and he needs it badly.” Taylor raised his eyebrows several times and grinned lewdly. “The guy’s horny as hell and he tells me, drive over to ‘da roadwork and invite ‘dis muscle hunk to have ride.”

“Are you mad?” Brock couldn’t believe what he was told.

“He is loaded, ‘ya know,” Taylor pushed a button at the teak-wood front panel and the rear window hummed down. The face of a young Asian in his early twenties appeared. He was wearing rose-tinted spectacles and a dark blue office suite, tie and pink shirt. The black hair was neatly combed with a line on the right side of his head. The Asian bowed his head with a polite smile.

“Hey, he’ll pay ‘ya 500 bucks, if you fuck him,” Taylor was holding a bundle of greenbacks in his hand.

“That …. That’s crazy, “ Brock muttered, ”but my shift is almost over anyway.”

“So why don’t you hop in and have a beer and some fun?” Taylor gave him another lascivious grin.

“He needs it, huh?” Brock returned the grin.

“You bet!” Taylor said,” He needs an American dick to plow his Asian ass.”

“He can have that,” Brock said. Taylor noticed the outline of the hunk’s dick hardening under the fabric of the tight jeans. Brock laid the drill down to the ground.

“Hey Hank,” he shouted to one of his workmates,” take care of the rod, will ‘ya? I have some business to attend.”

His crew mates were grinning broadly, when they realized what was going on.

“Sure, foreman wants his rod to be taken care off,” Hank grinned.

Brock turned back to the car, where the Asian was talking to the driver in a foreign language.

“He wants you to take your shirt of man, to see your muscles” Taylor said.

“No problem,” Brock stripped the sweaty shirt from his shoulders. The Asian talked again to the driver.

“Can you flex?” Taylor asked. The crew hooted as their foreman was pumping his muscles. Obviously satisfied the Asian pushed the door open, however, when Brock bent down to enter the car he was held back by the Asian’s out-stretched hand, who was talking to the driver rapidly.

“What now?” Brock asked. His dick was aching in his tight jeans. The cool air from the inside of the car and the anticipated fuck session, made him want to get inside and rip the gook’s clothes of, to have his way with him.

“Sorry bro, but he says, you cannot wear your dusty boots inside his car. Asians are very special ‘bout that, ‘ya know,” Taylor explained.

“Shit! But what the hell, it’s 500 bucks, huh?” Brock said.

“Yeah 500 it is,” Taylor confirmed.

Brock discarded his shirt and stripped the work boots from his naked feet. The Asian closed the window and waved him to come inside the car. The door closed behind the hunky construction worker with a soft thud, cutting off the noise from the roadwork and the hooting of his crew.

Taylor hit the door locks and pushed a button. The window dividing the front seats and the spacious passenger compartment was sliding down. He crawled over the back of the driver’s seat and joined Lee and Brock who had trouble folding his massive frame in the center of the spacious backbench.

The Asian opened a small fridge and fetched a bottle of Bud.

“Have a beer man, you must be fuckin’ thirsty,“ Taylor said. Sitting close to Brock he was inhaling the musky man odor of the foreman’s body.

“Thanx!” Brock kicked his head back and swallowed the beer with huge, noisy gulps. Lee hurried to fetch him a new bottle while Taylor was rubbing his hand over the rounded pecs, casually flipping his thumbs at the bullet-shaped nipples. After downing another bottle Brock belched. He was slumping back and relaxed while Taylor was gently massaging his neck. Lee’s mouth sucked on one of his man tits, which hardened quickly under the soft bites and the eagerly flicking tongue. Taylor joined in and for a while there were no sounds apart from the engine and the gobbling around the tits.

“Uhhh, yeahhh,” Brock groaned. His long legs sprawled. Taylor’s hand was already rubbing the bulging crotch where the outline of an impressive man tool was forming under the worn-away jeans fabric.

“So - let’s fuck. I am fuckin’ horny,” Brock croaked hoarsely.

The Asian said something in his language.

“Let us make you really comfy, huh?” Taylor said, pretending to translate.

“But, uummphhh,” Brock was silenced by Taylor kissing him.

Lee went down on his knees between the spread thighs. With confident moves he unbuttoned the fly. Automatically Brock raised his hips and allowed his jeans being pulled down. An instant later he was sitting buck-naked between the two fully-clothed men in the luxury car.

Brock relaxed. After a hard day’s work he needed relief and here was even an opportunity to make some bucks while getting laid. Taylor’s tongue was probing deep into his mouth. Lee closed his hands around the throbbing shaft and pulled the skin taunt towards the base making the foreman grunt. A tiny drop of clear pre-cum emerged from the gaping piss slit. Both men’s eyes met.

“Suck that fuckin’ dick!” Brock whispered and Lee’s mouth swallowed voraciously the hefty man meat. His hands brushed up across the sculpted six pack abs and started to twist Brock’s nipples.

“Mmmm…” Brock groaned with pleasure. His eyes closed. Taylor started kissing his face, licking his throat and nibbling his earlobes.

“Oh, yeah…uhhh”, Brock was squirming on the leather seat. Lee was now massaging the juicy nuts. Lee’s tongue was teasing the frenulum and his teeth were grating the sensitive, swollen mushroom head, while Taylor had started a new round of French-kissing.

Suddenly the well-lubricated shaft slipped from Lee’s smooth warm mouth into the chilled air of the car.

“No, don’t stop. Come on suck that dick!” Brock croaked.

Lee looked at Taylor and nodded.

“Get down on your back, we are going to blow and rim you in tandem,” Taylor said.

“W-what, ... how,” Brock was confused, but in his lust-induced stupor the hunk allowed himself to be guided by the two smaller men down to the carpeted floor. A pillow from the side-bench was placed comfortably under his head, while his waist was resting against the back-bench, forcing him into a crouched position.

“Huh?” Brock asked dazed.

Lee sat down on the spacious bench, clenching Brock’s elevated hips between his thighs. He spread the bent legs apart and pulled the waggling dick upwards, while rubbing his spit-slippery finger across the puckered hole.

“Uhhmmm,” Brock moaned. Taylor watched gleefully the quivering sphincter. Dwight had been right. That stud was an ass man.

While the Korean was slurping the rock-hard cock again inside the comfortable warmth of his mouth, Taylor straddled the prone hunk in a wide stance, his feet on both sides of Brock’s broad shoulders.

“What the fuck? Uuunghhh! Aawwww, shiittt,” Brock squirmed when Lee’s finger entered his backside. His legs stretched out in reflex and Taylor caught first one and then the other ankle. He was holding the long legs up into a wide V-shaped spread until the heels were touching the car frame. Instinctively Brock stemmed his legs to get a firmer hold. Another finger was inserted into his tight sphincter and suddenly he felt weak. His eyes were half-shut and he was grunting in pleasure.

Taylor reached inside his jacket and produced to ankle restraints, which he had borrowed from Billy, the owner of the “Pink Cock”. He slipped the restraints over the curling feet and attached the ankles to the handles on both sides of the car ceiling.

“Done!” Taylor called out in undisguised glee.

“Fuck! What?” Brock realized amazingly fast that he had been tricked.

“Oh, shit!” Taylor dove down and reached for one of the heavy muscled arms. Lee grabbed the other one and in no time a fierce wrestling match erupted in the passenger compartment. Lee took some nylon wrist straps from his pocket and tried to slip them over one of Brock’s wrist.

“Fuck you! Stop that shit! Nooo!” Brock’s defiant bluster was contained by the soundproof doors and windows. The heavy body of the car started to bounce when he struggled against the restraints and tried to fight his two attackers.

On the outside, the crew was hooting and shouting.

“Yay, da boss is fuckin’ da shit outtofda gook,” cheered Hank and bumped his fist on the top of the rhythmically swinging car.

Inside the luxury car, the hunky construction worker went berserk. Despite his ankles being trapped and being forced into an awkward position, his heavy body twisted and squirmed with amazing speed and power.

“You pervert, I fuckin’ kill ya!” Brock had seized Taylor’s forearms and pulled the wincing youngster down, obviously trying to trap him under his body. Taylor struggled desperately, but he was no match for the giant’s brute power.

“Shit!” Taylor was forced down to his knees, tears were forming in his eyes. Brock’s biceps were working with murderous force. Lee knew he had to act fast. He reached down and dug his thumbs painfully into the hunks sweaty armpits. Brock’s grip weakened. The pain became quickly unbearable.

“Awwww,” with a howl of pain Brock had to release Taylor who hurried to catch one of Brock’s wrists. Lee had managed to twist one arm behind Brock’s back already. In a surprising move he bowed his head and swallowed the swinging semi-erect dick.

“Nooo!” Brock arched his body, when he felt Lee’s tongue brushing over his piss slit. This moment of distraction was all that Taylor needed. Both wrists crossed behind Brock’s back and Lee moved in, slipping the nylon straps in place.

“Shhiiitt! Fuck!” Brock’s enraged yell signaled that Taylor and Lee had managed to secure his wrists into restraints behind his back. The cursing big man was wildly flipping in his bonds.

“Let me go, motherfuckers!” Brock yelled, still desperately struggling to break free.

“One down, one to go,” Taylor said. He was rubbing his back, where one of Brock’s desperate blows had hit him during the struggle.

“You did very well,” Lee smiled appreciative.

“Fuck you speak English,” Brock barked.

“I think it’s ok to have some fun, before we deliver him,” Taylor opend the fridge of the luxury car and fetched a bottle of Vodka.

“What are you up to?” Lee asked interested.

"Fillin’ him up, of course! He needs to chill." Taylor laughed. With his thighs spread wide open, Brock’s puckered hole was helpless exposed to the attack.

“Get off me you fuckin’ pervert. Noooo!”

“I did that once and it works amazingly,” ignoring Brock’s cursing Taylor pushed the nozzle of the bottle deep inside the tight rectum.

“Damn you! What the fuck?” Brock squirmed. Inside the ass the liquor was quickly absorbed by the walls of the rectum and even the prostate. Brock felt light-headed. His guts were warming up until his groins were churning in sizzling heat.

“Fuck! Whadd hav ya dooone to me?” he slurred. His monster dick was rock hard. The big car started to bounce again, when Taylor and Lee drove the boozed-up foreman into a howling, mind-shattering climax. Lee had two fingers buried deep inside the tight ass, controlling the big sweaty man by softly probing the defenseless prostrate. Each probing touch sent a surge into Brock’s system wrenching the control over his body away.

“Mmmphh…urghh,” Taylor had fed his cock to Brock’s mouth and forced the writhing foreman to suck his hardening dick.

Brock still tried to comprehend how two small youngsters could take him down so easily. But Taylor and Lee kept him horny as hell. The fresh smell of Taylor’s young balls filled his nose and the slow rhythmic pumping of his boner in line with the ongoing prostate massage made the urge to cum almost unbearable. His mouth accommodated the whole length of Taylor’s pulsing cock. It didn’t take long until Taylor’s breathing quickened. A final squeak and Brock swallowed his gooey load.

When Lee finally made Brock shoot his man-seed he aimed the twitching cock right towards the reddened face. Taylor was holding the head in a firm grip, while gushes of white cum were splashing onto the forehead, hitting the mouth and covering the sweaty cheeks.

“Oh fuck, huhh…huh..” Brock gurgled, tasting his own cum.

The exhausted hunk hung dizzy from the restraints trapping his ankles. Lee was softly massaging his aching balls, keeping Brock stimulated.

“Time to deliver that asshole,” Taylor climbed into the driver seat and started the engine.

The crew watched in surprise the car taking of. A pair of heavy work boots and a sweat-soaked shirt, discarded on the dusty road was all that remained from their brawny foreman.

“You are tight,” Lee forced his dick inside Brock’s ass.

“Fuck, oh fuck. Huhhh!” Brock cursed and moaned, when the Asian was mounting him.

Taylor watched in the rear mirror Lee taking the foreman’s ass. All the way to the ‘Pink Cock’ Brock got plowed by Asian dick and Lee allowed himself to climax only after he had forced another cum shot from construction worker’s throbbing shaft.

They arrived in the backyard of the ‘Pink Cock’. Billy the owner welcomed them with a broad grin. The Rowleys had an infamous history of bar fights and Billy was more than happy to assist, when Taylor had explained to him their plan.

“The black room is ready,” Billy told Taylor after having a good laugh at Brock, who was cursing on top of his voice.

“I send you some of my boys. We’ll help you to carry that raging bull to his new stable,” Billy said and disappeared into the bar.

“There is an easy way,” Lee fetched two tiny silvery needles from the pocket of his jacket. He bowed down and inserted them with a swift move on both sides of Brock’s thick neck. The cursing stopped instantly. Brock’s eyes bulged and then the big body slumped in his restraints. When Billy arrived with two of his bouncers, the foreman was already passed out.

“Cool!” Taylor said.

“That will last about half an hour,” Lee said and removed the needles. The limp body was carried inside. When Taylor took Brock’s jeans, a plastic pouch containing a white powder dropped to the floor. Taylor whistled softly and let it disappear in his pocket. He was about to follow the others, when Billy stopped him.

“I heard about your quarrel with Riley,” Billy said,” I think you wonna’ know, he is inside. Had some weed already and is in a bad mood.”

“Thank’s mate,” Taylor looked at Billy pondering. Then his face lit up.

“Listen, I need you doing me a favor.” Taylor asked.

“Name it,” Billy replied.

“I need one of your dog kits, you know? And then you call Bobby and tell him…,”

Taylor was talking for about two minutes and Billy’s eyes grew wide. “You are a devil!” he said, “it’s so good to have you back.”

Chuck was sulky. Ever since Brock Rowley had dismantled him, the hunky Marine was pondering his revenge. However, he had been kicked from the team and instead Taylor and Lee had done the job. Chuck disliked both of them. Why did the Corps have to hire a gook and a beach bum to pursue their matters? Brock had just been lucky; if he had been given another chance, he would have served the Rowleys to Dwight on a silver platter. Chuck toke on his joint and inhaled the weed deeply.

Taylor spotted the base’s hunky wrestling champ at the bar. Chuck was dressed in a skin tight white T-shirt that was perfectly outlining his sculpted pecs, the big man tits and the chiseled abs. He wore his camo pants and high-polished black army boots and he was obviously in a sullen mood. Carefully, Taylor approached the brawny Marine, who was sitting with one cheek of his bubble-butt on a bar chair, balancing his beefy body on the foot-rest. A half-empty bottle of Bourbon was in front of him.

“Trying to get wasted, huh?”

Chuck turned his mohawked head to Taylor. His eyes narrowed. The surfer boy, just what he needed.

“Buzz off!” the Marine took another drag from his joint.

“Hey man, I just want to say, I am truly sorry, that we started badly, honestly … I … I mean we are a team after all, huh?” Taylor sputtered. He was still dressed in the chauffeur uniform. The jacket was open. He had removed the tie and the white shirt was unbuttoned half way down to his waist, revealing his smooth, tanned chest. The 22-year-old had put the cap backwards on his head. The bleached hair was hanging loosely down to his shoulders – no pony-tail today.

“Forget it! I am not part of the fuckin’ team anymore.” Chuck grunted sullenly and slurped from the Whisky.

“Don’t be like that, man. Hey, can I have a drag?” Taylor showed a wry smile.

“Get your own weed and leave me alone, will ‘ya?” Chuck barked loathing.

“Ok, ok. At least I had to try,” Taylor sighed, ”I just wondered, whether you’d like to get even with the Rowley hunk.”

Taylor was about to turn away, when his shoulders were seized. Chuck pulled him back.

“Brock? What’s it about him?” Chuck asked sharply.

“Ah! Now you want to talk with me,” Taylor smirked.

“Don’t push it, surfie. What is it, you wanted to tell me about Brock?” Chuck demanded. His fingers were digging painfully in Taylor’s shoulders.

“I want a drag first. Aww, man you’re hurting me!” Taylor was writhing in Chuck’s strong grip.

“Fuck you, sissy! Toke it!” Chuck pushed his hand into Taylor’s face and stuffed the joint between the grinning lips. Taylor inhaled luxuriously.

“Ah shit! That was good!” he moaned exalted.

“Now!? Chuck’s face was very close now. Taylor could smell both booze and drug in the Marine’s breath.

“We have put him upstairs in a sling. He is out cold … whoa…w-what?” Taylor’s shoulder was seized again and he was pushed towards the stairs.

“Show me!” Chuck said calmly, while he was hustling Taylor up the stairs.

“I don’t know. Dwight might not like that,” Taylor winced.

“Fuck Dwight! Tell me where the fucker is! Do I have to beat it outta your fuckin’ mouth?” Chuck threatened.

“There!” Taylor pointed to a door on the left of the aisle. A red ‘occupied’ sign was on, but Chuck didn’t care. He barged inside the room.

Walls, floor and ceiling were painted black. Spot lights were focused on the heavy buck-naked body of Brock Rowley slowly swinging in the center. Wrists and ankles were securely attached to the four chains suspending the all-black leather sling into which the beefy body was forced. The hunk was still out cold. The head was lolling down, the long wavy hair almost touching the floor. Duct tape was covering the mouth. The eyes were closed.

“Fuck!” Chuck took in the sight of the V-spread brawny thighs, spreading the cleft between the melon-shaped butt cheeks vulnerable for any attack.

“Payback time,” Chuck muttered. He peeled the T-shirt from his torso. Without turning around, he ordered Taylor: “Shut the door and don’t let anybody in until this is finished!”

Taylor watched the big Marine unbuckling his leather belt. The camo pants were sliding down on the tops of the army boots. When the jockstrap was pushed down, Chuck’s already throbbing shaft encircled by accentuated veins was falling heavy into the Marine’s open palm.

“Come on baby,” The stud spat on the dark-red swollen mushroom head. He was already so turned on, that it took Chuck only a few strokes to pump his man meat to full stiffness.

“Yeahhhhh!” ramming his fuck pole brutally up Brock’s relaxed chute, he let out a guttural roar. This was the moment he had longed for. Now he would get even.

Taylor was licking his lips. Brock was a mountain of bulky muscle. Even bound and controlled by strong chains of stainless steel he was a prime sample of an alpha male to behold. The younger Marine although well-muscled looked almost dwarf-like in front of Brock’s exuberant virile physique. However, whatever Chuck was lacking in substance, he made it up by his agility. The chiseled body of the wrestler was relentless in his attack on the tethered giant. Chuck’s smooth beefy butt was thrusting back and forth as he humped the tethered hunk. The young Marine stood steady his legs spread wide apart. With flexing biceps he was holding the muscular thighs and pulled the swaying body, impaling the helpless ass until his swollen dick disappeared up to the hilt. Taylor couldn’t but admire the Marine stud. Despite his macho ego, he was a great fucker after all. Taylor started to undress.

Determined to savor every second of his revenge, Chuck took his time. Again and again his now glistening slippery cock slid almost out of Brock’s tight ass. He waited a few moments and sank his dick again into the moist hole, savoring every instant of his revenge. Although he had not used any lube, Brock’s anal passage felt incredibly juicy.

“Huh…huh…huh,” Chuck started to gasp, when his juice started churning inside his bouncing nuts.

Taylor stripped from his trousers. Searching the pockets he found the small pouch of coke he had taken from Brock’s jeans earlier.

“Oh yeah, fuck…huh, that feels sooo good!” The studly Marine had never enjoyed a fuck like this before in his life.

“Now you get it, motherfucker,” Chuck changed his position. Plunging as deep into the tight hole as possible he bent forward and reached for Brock’s shoulders. He steadied his body as firm as possible and started to buck. Only his hips were hammering now. The pleasure was intense. His dick was on fire working the ass-hole like a piston. His hunky body was sweating heavily.

Taylor, who had stripped naked by now, moved closer. He had a good view on Chuck’s puckered hole that appeared between the flexing buttocks. Taylor spat in his hands and distributed his saliva generously over his quickly hardening dick.

“Mmmmm…”, a moan from Brock signaled that the hunky foreman was finally coming around. His head rose slowly until his eyes met with Chuck’s triumphant eyes.

“How does it feel, motherfucker? I’ve got your ass and this time I’ll fuck you raw,” Chuck gloated. He was breathing heavily and a thick layer of sweat had formed on his back.

“Mmmpph…”muffled groans emanated from Brock’s taped mouth. Regaining his senses he was thrown into a whirl-pool of animalistic lust. His ass was plowed relentlessly and his prostrate seemed to sizzle. His eyes almost popped from their sockets, when his body contracted in uncontrollable spasm of ecstasy.

“Oh, shit!” Chuck’s hypersensitive dick was sending shockwaves through his system. First contractions of his balls told him he was close to shoot his cum inside the guts of his nemesis. He surrendered uninhibited to his lust and indulged into the sweet weakness that preceded the climax.

“Fuck! Oh yes! It cums….” Chuck gasped.

Taylor’s well-lubricated cock stood at attention. He let it flip several times against his nice abs to test that it was hard. He tore the pouch open with his teeth and rubbed the white powder into the palms of his spit-coated hands.

“Uhh! Fuck! I’ll fill you with my fuckin’ load!” Every muscle in Chuck’s body was pumped by now. The whole muscular frame was rigid and the sweaty skin had turned into an almost crimson color. Taylor knew by experience that the hollering muscle-stud was weak in this aroused state. With his entire mind focused on carnal lust he could be taken, same as he had taken his big brother many times.

Taylor took a short startup and took a flying leap landing flat on top of Chuck’s sweaty back. The impact made the Marine’s feet losing their hold. At the next instant the three bodies were swinging wildly.

“What the fuck….?” Chuck yelled in shock, when he felt the weight of Taylor’s body on his back. The brat had set up a trap and he had walked into it like a naïve schoolboy.

“Motherfucker! I kill ‘ya!”Chuck roared. He shook his head to reset his mind from fucking to focus on the attack. Taylor felt the muscular body beneath tightening.

Despite his training, his muscles and his fury, the Marine never had a chance. Taylor was rubbing his coke-powdered hands over Chuck’s face trying to force as much as possible up the flaring nostrils. Simultaneously he wiggled his hips driving his dick inside Chuck’s sweaty crack.

“Mmmphhh…nnnoooo…shitt,” Chuck huffed and coughed. The coke stung his eyes, forcing tears out of him. There was a bitter taste in his mouth, numbing his tongue. He clenched his buttocks as he sensed what Taylor was up to, but the young jock was an experienced fucker. In no time Chuck felt the pressure against is pucker.

“No! Get off me, sonofabitch, I’ll kill you!” Chuck hollered.

“Why don’t you push me off, soldier boy? Your little puckered pussy wants it, huh? Open up your fuckin’ cunt!” Taylor held on to Chuck’s slippery bucking body for dear life. A few concentrated thrusts from his tapered waist and the sphincter gave in.

“Shiiiitt!” a wild bluster confirmed Taylor’s latest Marine conquest. Chuck howled in helpless fury when he felt himself opening up inside. The beach bum was fucking him and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. His legs were kicking helpless, still unable to regain a firm hold. He knew that the coke would turn him into a fuck toy. He could only wear it out and get even with Taylor later. What else could happen? He would beat the brat to a pulp, no matter what Dwight or Kyle was saying.

“Uuurgh! Fuck!” He was already to close to cumming, unable to muster his legendary stamina. His cock was twitching in Brock’s ass. Through his blurred view he caught the sneer in Brock’s eyes. But before the humiliation could fully sink in, the drug hit his system. A rush of heat flushed his body and left every square inch of his skin in a state of hypersensitivity.

“Ohh yeah….” the drug-dizzy Marine moaned.

“Yes baby, give in to it, squirt your grunt spunk.” Taylor reached with one hand around the heaving chest and started to massage the erect nipple.

“Uuuh..nnnoo”, the squirming Marine moaned in loathing pleasure.

To make matters worse, Taylor got help from a totally unexpected ally. Realizing what was going on, Brock clenched his ass tight. He liked the cock in his stimulated shit-chute. The cocky muscle-boy, whom he had plowed so well, had delivered himself again into a humiliating predicament. He had planned to fuck Brock raw and as it looked he would shoot his fucking load up Brock’s ass, but not the way he wanted.

“Huhhhh,” Chuck shuddered when his dick was kneaded by Brock’s anal muscles. Although he knew it was futile he tried to hold back. There was no way he could spill his man juice, screwed by the beach bum. But Taylor knew exactly what he had to do. He was humping the wrestler slowly and steadily. With each thrust he changed the angle to find Chucks pleasure zone. His other hand traveled down, reaching for the tight abs and started to rub them gently.

“Cum for me baby, shoot your load,” Chuck heard Taylor’s whispering and felt him nibbling at his ear.

“Nnooo…” Chuck groaned and then Taylor’s dick touched his prostrate. Sparks were flying through the aroused Marine’s mind.

“Ooohh nooo! Fuck!” Chuck’s back arched. There was no holding back now. Chuck’s aching balls tightened and attached themselves to the base of his man-hood; ready to release his juices. Taylor’s dick was gliding in and out with an agonizing slowness. Each time he hit the stud’s pleasure button, Chuck’s body contracted. Soon the spasms occurred in shorter intervals. A finger probed his belly button and then his vision blurred.

“Aaaarghh! Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuckkkk,” Chuck shrieked and erupted helpless inside of the equally aroused Brock Rowley.

“Yeah, I’m fucking your grunt spunk right outta your fuckin’ nuts,” Taylor cheered.

“Urrgh..huhh..huh..uhhh,” Chuck’s shrieks turned into gasps, while load after load of his cum pulsed through his shaft. Suddenly Brock’s sphincter tightened even more.

The chains rattled when Brock’s arms and legs pulled at his restraints, while the climax was shaking his body. The construction worker’s cock was spewing cum between his and Chuck’s belly. Taylor felt warm spurts against the back of his hand while he was massaging Chuck’s shivering abs.

The realization that he had fucked two macho studs simultaneously into climax was overwhelming. Brock’s head was hanging limp. Chuck’s cheek lay on the matted fur of Brock’s chest. His glassy eyes stared without focus. He was breathing heavily. The two bodies were slowly swinging in the sling. Apart from an occasional spasm in the aftermath of the subsiding orgasms rippling through the muscular frames, the two Marines were motionless.

Taylor who had already recovered crossed Chuck’s wrists behind his back and tied them securely with a nylon wrist strap of the same kind they had used on Brock. Then he seized the dazed Marine’s shoulder and pulled him back on his feet. Taylor knew that the coke was rendering Chuck defenseless. He was a sexual basket case soon and would agree to any kind of sex Taylor wanted to.

As if spellbound, a confused Chuck allowed Taylor to pull the jockstrap up and tuck him into his camo pants. But then, watching what Taylor was holding in his hands, his eyes opened wide in shock. With a sudden realization he registered, that he was going down exactly like Kyle. He wished he hadn’t bragged about never submitting to Taylor and he wished as well he had never provoked the brat. Taylor had produced a studded collar and looped it like a choker tightly around Chuck’s throat. The Marine’s face flushed.

“Now, as we know each other a bit more intimate, baby,” Taylor grinned while attaching a leash to the collar,” we are going to have some real fun. Marines like parades, huh? Well – let’s parade the bar then!”

“N-no!” Chuck struggled against the wrist restraints. There was no way he would allow the brat to parade him through the bar.

“No?” Taylor pulled the leash tight. “Your times to boss people around are gone, soldier boy. Either you will behave, or I’ll tie you into that sling and have a fuckin’ vibrating butt plug screw you silly. It’s your choice!”

“Y-you can’t …,” the Marine’s eyes blinked now fearful.

“Fuck it!” almost in panic he made another futile attempt to break his restraints, the big biceps were bulging. Somehow though, the collar was sapping both his strength and his will to fight. The tight leather strap was cutting into his throat. He was still able to breath, but the choking told his mind that he was trapped and conquered.

“No!” Chuck winced and pulled back.

“You asked for it,” Taylor picked up the pouch and emptied the remaining coke in the palm of his hand.

“No, don’t …please nooo!” Chuck realized what was about to happen and flinched back, but Taylor strained the leash.

“Nnnnooawwwmmphh…,” his protests were quickly stifled when Taylor forced the drug again up his nose.

“Lucky you, that I didn’t ask Billy for the butt plug,” Taylor sneered.

“No ma-an, pleazze don’t do th-hat.” Chuck’s voice slurred as the drug was kicking in. “You wonna say me-e I…I…am s-sooorryy, I…I do all that, I’m sorryyy man, but no don’t do thisss…oh shit no…noooo.”

Chuck’s knees buckled and he found himself kneeling and sobbing in front of the brat.

“You are so pathetic, you know,” Taylor laughed. “Look what Billy gave me.” Taylor presented a dickhead-shaped mouth gag to the startled Marine.

“Noommpffff…” Chuck virtually fell apart when Taylor forced the black-colored silicon cock gag inside his mouth. His eyes were pleading, but Taylor showed no mercy and locked the gag’s leather strap behind the back of Chuck’s head.

“Let’s move, baby!” He strained the leash again and forced the Marine up on his feet. He laughed when Chuck stumbled after him like an obedient dog. The coke was ravaging his nervous system and his nuts were churning. Worse, his body was betraying him utterly by throwing a raging boner that his jockstrap could barely contain.

There was a lot of whistling and hooting when a grinning Taylor dragged the gagged, bare-chested, sweating Marine hunk downstairs and paraded him across the bar room to the exit.

A couple of hunky college football players could hardly believe their eyes. The cocky Marine had been hanging out with them a couple of times before.

“Shit! I always thought Chuck was 100% top,” Blake the Quarterback was talking to Billy, who watched the humiliating spectacle from behind the bar with a broad grin.

“Not anymore,” Billy shrugged, ”judging from his bulge he is having the time of his life.”

“Shit, I still can’t believe it,” Blake sipped his beer and shook his head, watching Chuck and Taylor leaving the bar.

Caught in a state of horny apathy Chuck slumped in the passenger seat of Taylor’s Wrangler Jeep. After a 20 minutes ride Taylor stopped the car in front of a shop lot. A signboard above the door read ‘Foxy Productions Inc.’.

“Hi Taylor, good to see ya,” a fat, toad-like man welcomed Taylor who was pulling the choking Marine behind him.

“Hey Bobby, are you ready to shoot?” Taylor grinned.

“Sure I am! That’s the guy Billy talked about?” Bobby chewed on a cigar.

“Yeah, he is a bit shy, but he has potential, although he’s not very bright,” Taylor chuckled.

“He has a great bod’ and after a shot of poppers he’ll fuck like a rabbit in heat,” Bobby agreed. “Take him to Studio B, Nick did already set up lights and cams. The guys are waiting. Ah, and don’t take off his dog tags, he looks more authentic in those.”

“O.K., I promised you a grunt and you’ll get one,” Taylor dragged Chuck inside the studio. He tossed the leash to Nick the camera man.

“Hi Nick, would you get him ready? I need a drink.” Taylor went to the fridge and popped himself a can of Bud. He watched while Nick and his two crew mates were undressing the dizzy Marine.

“Hey Tayl, your bloke is leaking.” One of the men pointed at the wet spot on the bottom of Chuck’s camos soaked by Taylor’s cum seeping from the well-plowed ass hole.

“Shall we flush him an enema first?” Nick asked.

“No need to clean him out, it’s my own juice,” Taylor chuckled.

“Of course, you had your fun already,” Nick grinned and pulled Chuck’s jockstrap down. The Marine’s boner popped out like a jack-in-the-box.

“Wow, the boy is in heat,” Nick watched the cock pulsing in rhythm with Chuck’s heartbeat.

“Bobby wants you to leave the tags on him,” Taylor said when the gag was removed.

“Sure,” Nick nodded while he was applying baby oil on Chuck’s body. The Marine moaned softly when the oil was worked into his pecs. Nick twisted the fleshy nipples until they went hard. “Nice tits,” he commented. He seized Chucks throbbing dick and oiled it up as well.

“Uhh…” Chuck moaned.

“You are doing fine baby, don’t be afraid,” Nick assured. He turned to one of his men.

“Joe, get him some poppers, to make the boy feel easy,” Nick was working a generous amount of lube between Chuck’s well-oiled butt cheeks. His fingers were sliding in and out the slippery sphincter. Chuck’s head lolled back. Joe pushed two small flasks into his nostrils.

“Suck it baby. You’ll like it,” Joe grinned and Chuck inhaled deeply.

“Yeah!” Taylor changed into a pair of surf shorts. The baby oil had turned the chiseled body of the Marine into a glistening sculpture of body art. While Joe was expertly jacking Chuck’s dick to hardness, the crew was pulling the moaning Marine to the center of the studio to a surf board. The confused jock was placed face-up on the surf board. Taylor kneeled down between his thighs. He pushed his shorts down and had Joe lube up his quickly hardening cock.

Taylor lifted Chuck’s legs on his shoulders and mounted the Marine in a missionary position.

“Aaaarghh,” Chuck’s body arched when Joe guided Taylor’s cock up his shit chute. Taylor held his body in a push-up position. He sniffed the poppers Joe was offering, while Nick adjusted his camera.

“Ready when you are,” Taylor gasped, when the poppers hit him.

“Action!” Nick shouted and Taylor started to hump the hunky Marine. The poppers made his skin sizzle. He had intended to go slow but felt a sudden urge to plow Chuck’s tight butt with hard powerful thrusts. To his surprise the Marine locked his thighs willingly around his waist.

Taylor met Chuck’s serious gaze and suddenly the Marine’s arms shot up, pulling him down into a firm embrace. The Marine couldn’t help himself, but all of a sudden he felt drawn to the young surfer. He was attracted to his smooth face, his silky long hair and the freshness of his body. He was grateful for the intense lust Taylor had provided to him and he was eager to experience more.

“Give it to me! Fuck me hard,” Chuck urged hoarsely.

“You like it, huh?” Taylor increased his thrusting. Sweat was forming on his forehead.

“Yeah, fuck that ass. Plow my tight Marine hole!” Chuck hollered.

Taylor kissed the moaning Marine. His tussled hair was shrouding Chuck’s mohawked head. His boner was as hard as steel, pounding Chuck’s pleasure zone without mercy.

“Fuck me!” Chuck screamed, reduced to a throbbing horny Marine muscle cock.

Both men groaned in primal lust. Nick realized that neither Taylor nor Chuck were still able to control their bodies as their sexual instincts had taken over.

“Poppers!” he urged Joe, who grinned while pushing he flasks in turn up Taylor’s and Chuck’s nostrils. During the following two hours Taylor fucked Chuck in a variety of positions. They ended up Taylor screwing the Lance Corporal doggy style, while milking a huge load of hot grunt spunk from his cock. The surf board was slippery from sweat and cum.

“Cut!” Nick stopped the camera.

“That stuff his hot!” Bobby looked down on the exhausted entangled bodies. It took Nick and his crew quite some effort to break Taylor’s and Chuck’s embrace.

“Fuck you!” Taylor groaned,” don’t you ever play me like that again.” He was slowly gathering his senses.

“You were great,” Nick’s eyes grinned.

“Hey, I could use your muscle-boy in Studio E,” Bobby said, looking at Chuck’s semi-erect dick. “We need a stud for a straight threesome. Our fuckin’ actor had a morning romp with his girlfriend and went limp during the shoot.”

“How much?” Taylor asked.

“One grand,” Bobby replied slyly.

“Two!” Taylor grinned and offered his hand

“Deal!” Bobby shook his hand gleefully.

“I don’t know, how much juice is left, though,” Taylor pointed at the cum-covered surf board. Chuck had made quite a mess.

“Don’t you worry. I just need a fucking boner, we can fill in the cum-shots later,” Bobby replied,” Joe, give the boy more poppers and feed him some viagras, just in case.”

“Can I shave his head?” Bobby asked.”…our actor is bald.”

“He is all yours,” Taylor replied waving his hand generously. He put on his shorts and fetched Chuck’s camo pants. After he had pulled them up they were at least two seizes too big and hang low from his narrow hips.

“You look cool in those, man,” Nick said admiringly.

“Guess, I did just join the army,” Taylor laughed. He gave Bobby a high five and left the studio.

“And you have got a job to do, boy,” Bobby pulled the Marine up on his feet.

“No! Let me go, I am a Marine….I,” Chuck struggled feebly.

“Yeah baby, you are a Marine of course,” Nick laughed, ”this is why a ‘lil twink parades you in here on a leash. Now make no fuzz, we paid Taylor well, no matter where he picked ‘ya up.” The naked jock was hustled into an adjacent room not really realizing what was going on.

“What is this?” Chuck asked confused, when Bobby pushed him on a massage table. His head rested in a ring, while he was facing the tiled floor.

“What the fuck..?” he asked again and wanted to get up, but a Velcro strap across his neck held him already down. In no time Bobby had strapped the hunky Marine to the table. He brought a red enema bag hanging from a chrome-metal stand and fetched the hose.

“Need to clean ‘ya out boy, before you’re ready to become a star, relax now,” Bobby was feeding the nozzle into the still slippery ass.

“What..nooo,” Chuck was writhing.

“Don’t be a sissy, Taylor has stretched your hole nicely already,” Bobby munched with the cigar in the corner of his mouth. He made sure the hose was reaching deep into the colon and opened the clip. The mixture of warm water and mineral oil was slowly flooding Chuck’s guts.

“Nooo!! Ahhh..uhhhh..shiiittt,” unimpressed by the squirming jock’s helpless squeaks, Bobby fetched a bottle of shaving foam. He applied it thoroughly all over the mohawked head. Chuck didn’t offer much of a resistance. His body jerked occasionally, but most of the time he held tight while he was filled up. In the meantime his mohawk disappeared.

“There ‘ya go,” Bobby toweled the bald head gleefully. 2 quarts of the cleansing liquid had seeped into Chuck’s guts and he was desperately trying to hold it. The mineral oil was working inside of him.

“Oh no, ohhh shit, ohh please no more,” the Marine moaned helpless.

“Almost done,” with a soft plop Bobby yanked the nozzle from the sphincter hole. He removed the straps and lifted Chuck up.

“Good boy,” he led the grimacing jock to the bathroom and put him on the seat. It took almost half an hour and lots of sighing and moaning until Chuck came stumbling from the bathroom. Nick and Bobby were already waiting for him. The camera man held his head while Bobby pushed the flasks up his nostrils.

“Uuuhhhrgh,” Chuck groaned when the poppers hit his brain. His mouth opened wide as he gasped. Bobby force-fed him two square-shaped blue pills and closed the strong jaws until the swallowing reflex gorged the viagras down.

The dizzy hunk was led into the next studio and placed on a large bed. His wrists and ankles were cuffed to the brass frame. Light-headed he lifted his now smooth head and giggled sheepish when he saw the two buxom blondes entering the room. His dick jumped to an instant erection.

“Action!” he heard Nick’s voice…

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