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Part 2 - Quarterback Sack
By Randy Dragon

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Quarterback Sack

Josh's dorm room reeked of dirty socks. Crumpled clothes, worn-out sneakers and porn magazines were scattered all across the floor. A large king-size bed was covered with shabby crinkled bed sheets.

“I have to take a piss,” Josh said on his way to the bathroom, ”just make yourself comfy, - relax and feel at home.”

PakPao's jaw dropped when Josh returned from the bathroom. The quarterback looked like a Tom of Finland character. Josh's chest was bare. He was clad in a pair of assless black leather chaps. He was wearing heavy motorcycle boots and a studded leather cap. PakPao's eyes filled with dread at the sight of the black bull hide flogger with 30 tails which Josh held in a firm grip at the braided handle.

“W-what is this?” the Thai linebacker went visibly pale.

“Guess what, motherfucker, you and I have a score to settle,” The big college stud snarled menacingly.

Instinctively PakPao looked to the door.

“Don't even think about it,” Josh said coldly, ”I would be all over you before you are just half way to the door. And now strip!”

“W-what?” PakPao stammered in shock.

“Lose your fuckin' clothes! Strip!” the flogger landed with a nasty thud in the palm of the quarterback's left hand.

"You are a mad man!" PakPao yelled and started running towards the door.

He almost made it. Just before his hand could reach the door knob, he was seized at the back of his neck. He was pulled back by his T-shirt and pushed around towards the big bed.

“Told ya!” Josh sneered.

"No! Stop it! Help!" PakPao tried to escape from Josh's grip, but was wrestled down on the bed. There was a tearing sound and his T-shirt came apart.

"Fuck!" The Thai exclaimed.

"Strip … or!" Josh roared at the bare-chested linebacker and raised the flogger.

"Fuck you, Farang!" PakPao unbuckled his belt. His mind was racing. ‘Stay calm. Wait for your chance ’ he told himself. His hand was closed around a blue pill which he had quickly snatched from his pocket.

After the linebacker had stripped, Josh threw him a pack of what looked like leather straps.

“Put that on, faggot!”

Still in shock, PakPao strapped himself into the black leather harness. It had two rings and an added metal bit in front and ended in a cockring.

“Yeah atta boy,” gleefully Josh heard the metal snaps locking.

“Not that, come on man…” PakPao held the cockring and looked pleadingly at the big football player.

“Yeeeoooww!” He didn't see it coming, but the flogger landed with heavy thud on his back. The sting made him howl.

Quickly he pulled his dick and balls through the cockring. His shoulders were sagging when he looked defeated at the quarterback.

“Good, you'll enjoy this!” Josh grinned when the Asian's genitals reacted to the tight confinement of the metal ring. PakPao blushed as his cock was pointing straight forward in a throbbing erection.

“Get down!” Josh commanded and pointed to the king-size bed.

Josh fetched a small bottle from the bedside desk and opened it. The acrid, fruity smell rising from the little vial gave him a kick.

“Poppers – extra strong,” he grinned while climbing on top of the Thai. PakPao readied himself to hit the gloating college athlete with his special drug. 'Yeah come closer Farang, I'll get you' he thought. But he was wrong.

Josh was confident that he was in control now. He trapped the Asian under his heavy body, wrapped his muscular arm around the neck and forced the bottle under PakPao’s flaring nostrils.

"That's it. Take a deep breath! Enjoy the ride!" he hissed in PakPao's ear.

“UUhhhnggg …,” the overwhelming odor of the nitrites instantly dowsed the struggling Thai nostrils.

“Nooo…unnghhh.” His body convulsed. The tanned legs flapped helpless. The pill rolled from his hand. Unable to defend himself, he was turned on his back.

“It ain’t over yet, boy, we are just warmin’ up” Josh sneered. He forced PakPao’s head between his knees and pulled the red face into his groin. The manly smell of the quarterback's crotch filled PakPao’s nose and mouth, while he grabbed the American's flexing thighs in a futile attempt to push the heavy body away.

“Smell the Alpha male!” Josh hooted. Although PakPao's struggle grew weaker he did not release the coughing linebacker from his crotch. PakPao felt the quarterback's cock hardening against his face and he felt a calloused fist closing around his own boner.

“Yeah, I told ya you'd like it,” Josh sneered. Unimpressed by PakPao's miserable groans and retching sounds he started to pump the Thai's penis.

“You fuckin’ milked me in Bangkok! Now I’m gone drain you ‘til the last drop, fucker!”

The quarterback looked down into the sweaty face, into the wide-opened glassy eyes showing disbelieve and having obvious difficulties to focus. The Thai linebacker was now at his mercy, unable to muster any resistance.

“Not so tough anymore, huh?” Josh released PakPao's head which slumped powerless back on to the mattress. He pulled his jockstrap down until the seam stretched under his nutsac. His fully erect 12 inch dick popped free and bobbed in front of the Asian's face.

The two men looked at each other. No words needed being exchanged. Slowly PakPao's lips parted.

“Yeah, suck my fuckin' dick,” Josh grabbed PakPao's hair and pulled his head up again against his groin.

The Thai football player had no choice but to swallow the American's manhood. The constant pumping of his own cock and the lingering effects of the poppers were increasing his arousal. He started to suck the hefty cock in earnest. A shudder ran through the heavy body over him. He watched as the hunky American threw back his head.

“Yeah, man, get me hard,” Josh grunted,” that feels good … uhhh.”

Wet, gagging sounds were heard while Josh's lap hit the Thai's face again and again. His shaft entered the gaping mouth until his balls were pressed against the chin.

"Yeah, just like my chicks, eat my quarterback meat!" Josh snarled. "Tomorrow on the field you will remember that I made you my bitch."

PakPao had no way out, but to deep-throat the rock-hard dick.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Josh released PakPao's head and moved down. He seized the Thai's legs at the calves and positioned them over his broad shoulders, folding the Thai practically in the middle.

"Now you're getting fucked over like you have never been fucked before, linebacker,” Josh didn't wait for PakPao to answer. He guided his 12-inch cut cock, which was slippery from PakPao's saliva between the melon-shaped buttocks of the Thai linebacker.

PakPao felt the warm dickhead poking against his sphincter. 'You pretend to be straight, Farang, but you want to fuck me – interesting ', he thought and concentrated to relax his ring muscle.

The college quarterback pushed the mushroom head of his throbbing dick against the Asian’s puckered hole. Overcoming a slight resistance, Josh shuddered from arousal, feeling his dick finally sliding inside the tight rear channel. Rising on the tips of his boots, he bent forward and rested his body weight on his hands on both sides of PakPao's shoulders.

Briefly, he realized that he was fucking a man's ass for the first time. It felt firmer and tighter than the pussies he usually fucked. He wondered if the sheath was slippery enough to let him thrust. Hesitantly, he gyrated his hips right and left. His cock slid halfway out of the tight hole and easily buried itself again as he thrust his pelvis downward. Confidently, he began a slow, bucking rhythm.

PakPao watched Josh's blushing face. A hint of arousal crossed the angry features.

“Like it?” PakPao whispered.

“Fuck, you are tight,” Josh grunted through clenched teeth. The tight ass, that was sheathing his man meat, was arousing him faster than any pussy he had been fucking ever. 'Damn' that can't be, I am fucking a guy, and it turns me on ' he thought in disbelief.

Instinctively his bucking accelerated. He was breathing faster and deeper.

“I … am … fucking … you,” he hollered. He lost the leather cap and his tussled hair fell into his front.

“Yeah, ride it,” PakPao gasped,”… harder!”

The Thai reached up and held Josh's hips gently. Seeing the confusion in the American’s eyes, he knew he had to move slowly. 'Take your time, Farang, soon you will enjoy it. ' he thought.Softly caressing the hot sweaty skin, his hands moved slowly up and down the sides of the quarterback's hunched body.

“Fuck me man! Come on, fuck me hard!” PakPao groaned enjoying the hefty dick, moving inside of him. He gave the flexing buttocks some encouraging slaps.

“Aaargh, fuck!” Josh replied with guttural grunts. He fucked the Thai with closed eyes. His mind was focused on the sizzling sensations that were spreading from his dickhead throughout his body.

PakPao seized the American’s head and pulled him down.

“Kiss me Farang,” he cooed.

Immediately, he realized that he had gone too far. Josh opened his eyes and shook his head to clear his mind from his horny state.

“No!” he panted, ”I am no fuckin' queer!”

He pulled his dick out and fell besides PakPao on the broad bed covering his eyes with his arm.

“This ain’t right.” he groaned, while his cock was throbbing

PakPao didn't allow him to rest, though. He sensed, that he was close to seduce the straight American jock. He straddled the prone quarterback and guided the still hard cock between his butt cheeks.

“What the fuck …?” Josh gasped surprised.

“No! Get off meee … aaargh!”His protests fell silent as the Thai vigorously impaled himself on his shaft. His back arched in response to the renewed stimulation from his cock.

“Relax,” PakPao started to move his body up and down. He leaned forward letting the American feel his weight on his sculpted pecs.

“You like it, huh?” the Asian muttered, steadily accelerating his fuck ride.

“Fuck, nooo!” Josh lied, writhing in lust.

“Come on fuck me!” PakPao encouraged the stud.

Slowly Josh joined the rhythm of PakPao's pounding ride.

“Yeah, there you go, and now harder!” PakPao hollered and gyrated his hips.

Soon, the two men were sweating.

“Aaahhh…” PakPao moaned in ecstasy.

“Fuck, yeah!” Josh grunted.

Both were humping and bucking in perfect synchronization. PakPao squeezed the college hunk's protruding man tits deftly between his thumbs and index fingers.

“Uuurghhh, ” Josh's eyes rolled back in their sockets. His body went slack.

“No, come on! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” PakPao didn't tolerate any rest now.

“Fuck you!” Josh's hips started again bucking up and down mechanically. His balls where aching now and he felt his cum churning.

“I … I,” he started.

“I know,” PakPao bent down,” kiss me Josh.”

It was for the first time that the Thai had called the American by his name.

Josh wanted to object, however, once his lips parted, PakPao slipped his wet tongue softly inside the opening mouth. Two tongues jostled each other. Distracted by the battle for dominance in his mouth, Josh was surprised when PakPao tensed his ring muscle. His cock responded, bulging against the tight ass tube. The linebacker tensed his muscular thighs and rose until the fat cock almost slipped out of his ass. Then he dropped his full weight back into the quarterback's lap. He repeated the maneuver until the groaning college hunk arched his back in an agony of sheer, unbridled lust. The energetic stimulation of his cock quickly overwhelmed Josh.

“Mmmmphhh … I … I am fuckin' cummminnn'” Josh grunted. The quarterback pulled the Asian down into a passionate embrace.

“Yeah, mmmph … you …mmph fuckin' cum ,” PakPao moaned, feeling his own climax irrevocably approaching.

“Aaarghh … uuuhhh … huhhh… huhh!!!” Josh howled. His crimson face contorted. His shoulders tensed and then he threw back his thick neck and shot his wad. His body was bucking so wildly in the thrills of his thundering orgasm that PakPao was struggling to stay on top on the bouncing bronco. Josh's powerful bucking sent him over the edge, too.

“Uuuuuhnggg … oohhhh … fuckkkk!” Without even being touched PakPao's dick shot stream after stream oh white cum across Josh's chest and into the quarterback's contorted face.

The Thai collapsed over the sweaty body that was still shuddering in the aftermath of the climax. Softly his tongue started to clean the hot reddened cheeks from the dissolving globs of his own cum. Again and again his lips met with Josh's and only then did the dizzy college hunk realize that the other man was mouth feeding him with his jism.

"W-what? No! Get off!" Josh pushed the Thai away.

"I … I'm no fuckin' queer," he rolled on his belly and tried to pull his exhausted body on his hands and knees.

"No, of course not." PakPao said in a low seductive voice. "You are all man and you fucked me like a man. Now you need to relax a bit."

PakPao grabbed Josh's ankles and before the dizzy quarterback knew it, he was stripped of his chaps and boots. The Asian trapped one leg under his armpit and closed his lips over the sweaty toes.

"Mmmhhh," he sucked the salty toes one by one. His thumbs were digging into the acupressure point that was stimulating the stud's sex drive.

"What are you … no … ooohhhhh," Josh groaned and dug his face into the mattress readily indulging in the new pleasant sensations. His fingers dug into the crumpled bed sheets.

"Mmmhh …mmhh … mmhh," The Asian continued sucking, further ensnaring the hunky American in a cocoon of lewd ecstasy.

Instinct told Josh to crawl away, to escape from the lustful entrapment. But PakPao caught the wriggling jock by the heavy leather belt encircling his narrow hips.

Suddenly Josh felt a hot face diving between his dimpled buttocks. A warm, slippery tongue thrust right through the unsuspecting sphincter.

“What the fuck? Nooo … uunnghhh,” Josh reared up, trying to hobble away from the unexpected attack on his ass. At the same time he enjoyed the strange sensation. The licking of his asshole sent thrills of lust through his body.

"Aaaaah … gaawwddd, nnoooo," the groaning football player was bucking out of control, however, PakPao was holding on to the leather belt for dear life and continued eating out the helplessly flexing ass.

Ignoring the quarterback's delirious protest, PakPao's tongue darted again and again into the puckered hole while he inhaled the big hunk's ass scent.

“No way!” Josh protested, when PakPao tried probing his ass with his finger.

Seducing the straight college athlete to gay sex was one thing, topping the muscular American was different. Holding on to Josh's broad shoulders and PakPao drove his fuck pole between the quarterback's buttocks. The American started to struggle and PakPao felt the stronger man slipping away from his control. Although his dick was rock hard he found it impossible to penetrate the tightly closed ass ring. Josh clenched his muscular butt cheeks hard, preventing any penetration.

Desperately wrestling with the bigger man, PakPao's eyes fell on the bottle that Josh had left on the bedside desk.

“You're not going to fuck me!” Josh shouted and wrenched PakPao's arm away from his throat. The Asian released his grip, making Josh believe that he had given up his plan of topping him. But PakPao was upon him an instant, and this time he held the bottle under one of the hunk's nostrils while closing the other nostril with one finger.

“Wha… ahh … nnnnoooo,” Josh groaned. His eyes bulged while he was deeply inhaling the nitrites.

He was still struggling with the acrid smell when the bottle was changed to the other nostril and the finger poked inside the other.

“Uuuuuhhhhhh,” the quarterback took another deep breath.

It took a few seconds and then Josh felt a heat wave rushing through his body. His head somehow seemed to swell and a rush like the sound of a raging river was roaring in his ears.

“Oohhhhh…” the big body slouched into PakPao's arms.

The Thai linebacker closed Josh’s half-open mouth with a soft, moist kiss.

“Mmmhhh…,” Josh groaned while his tongue played with PakPao’s.

Without breaking the kiss the linebacker was playing with Josh’s nipples. When the American’s hands feebly tried to push PakPao’s hands away, The Thai caught one of the wrists and pushed the hand down across the six-pack between the beefy thighs.

Before Josh knew what was going on he found his own finger playing with his hole and this time the sphincter opened up without resistance.

PakPao kneeled aside of Josh’s head and while he made sure the quarterback was finger-fucking himself he let his dick slip between the college hunk’s lips. By now Josh was gone so far that he offered no resistance and sucked the Thai dick right away. PakPao seized Josh’s throbbing dick and while he was humping the quarterback’s face with slow but dynamic thrusts he kept the American cock as hard as a rock. After a while Josh pushed PakPao’s hand away and started stroking himself.

“Uhhmmm …” he was in heaven. PakPao looked down on the writhing heap of muscle that was stroking and finger-fucking himself while sucking on some Asian dick. He decided the American was ready. Reluctantly he pulled his dick from Josh’s mouth and fed another load of poppers to the quarterback’s nose.

The linebacker made the quarterback lie down on his back. With Josh’s legs resting high on his shoulders PakPao guided his throbbing erection between the slippery buttocks. Then his eyes fell on the blue pill he had dropped earlier between the folds of the sheet. The Thai grinned mischievously. He pushed the pill into the center of the crinkled hole.

“Yes Baby,” PakPao felt the ring muscle relax. The sphincter didn’t offer any resistance and accepted the pill. PakPao quickly followed by one strong thrust to bury his man-meat deep inside Josh's ass.

“Fuck! Aaawwwww!” the speared American howled, but instead of struggling, his back arched under the smaller Asian's body. His butt warmed quickly and soon that heat radiated through his body like a wave of pure pleasure. His legs slid off PakPao's shoulders and wrapped around his hips. His fingers squeezed and twisted his protruding nipples. But his insatiable body demanded more.

"Fuck me, I beg you! Give it to me hard!" Josh had lost all inhibitions.

"Yeah baby, fuck, fuck, fuck baby!" The linebacker was pounding the hell out of the beefy tight quarterback ass.

“Yeah! Fuck! Aaargh!!!” Josh eagerly adjusted to PakPao's thrusts. His hips were joining the fuck rhythm dictated by the Thai, who seemed to know all the right buttons to push to keep the college stud going.

PakPao released the narrow hips and his hands traveled along the sides of Josh's body. Finally, he caressed the sweaty tattooed back of the hunk, was now rocking and grunting under him like a bull in heat, fully enthralled in sex and the lust.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good!" Josh hollered, "Go on faster, man, do me harder! Yeahhhhh!"

Outside in the corridor of the dorm, some of his teammates heard the unmistakable noise of fucking.

"Josh is having the time of his life," Brett the Fullback grinned lewdly to his buddy, "I wonder, who the lucky chick is."

"Fuck, uuuhhhrghh …. Mmmh," Josh kissed the linebacker in a feverish embrace. PakPao had closed his hand around the American's dick and was simultaneously fucking and milking the groaning hunk.

"You are cumin' …" PakPao gasped, when the ass ring tightened around his thrusting manhood," ... and you make me fuckin’ cummmm."

A shudder ran through the Thai's sinewy body that was now slippery from sweat as well. Josh's grunts and overwhelmed reactions affected the horny Asian too. Faster than he had expected another climax approached.

"Slow down man!" PakPao wanted to last longer. But Josh was now unstoppable. The buck naked hunk was delirious. He slung his arms around PakPao’s neck and pulled himself up until he sat in his lap. He found himself humping, the kneeling Asian like a mad man. His mind screamed 'Nooo!' , but he was unable to stop himself. His body had entirely succumbed to the drugs and PakPao's intricate stimulations.

His hips were the wriggling and gyrating. The stimulations on PakPao's cock became unbearable.

His fingers closed tightly over the pulsing mushroom head and milked the quarterback’s dick between their bellies.

"Ohhh ... fuck … uuhhh ... yeahhh," Josh came again.

"Nnghhh…ummghh," groaning and moaning the quarterback kissed the linebacker, while another gooey load was pumped from his aching nuts. His man juice was oozing through PakPao's fingers and that did it.

PakPao couldn't hold back any longer. His back arched, and he rammed his man meat as deep inside the hot, wet chute as it would go.

"Oh shiiittt!" he howled through clenched teeth, while his jism impregnated the bowels of the big man on campus again.

Josh's sexual orientation had taken a drastic turn. When PakPao ordered him to kiss, he didn't hesitate and closed his lips on the inviting of open mouth of his fuck buddy.

Then PakPao went for the kill.

"Show me your pussy, bitch!" he grinned.

"Take it you horny fucker," Josh grinned back and pulled his right leg up by his knee.

PakPao hunched down and started licking the exposed cum seeping asshole.

"Ohhh..shiiittt," Josh arched his back and couldn't believe to see his deflated baby maker rising again to a proud erection.

Like a wild predator PakPao attacked the already overstimulated dick and swallowed it into his mouth. During the following suck session Josh could only utter helpless guttural grunts and whimpers. His head was rocking from side to side, while PakPao was sucking his nuts empty refusing to let even a tiny drop of cum going to waste.

The Thai linebacker grinned at the exhausted college student, who snored softly. Josh lay on his back, wearing a satisfied smile on his face. His flaccid cock rested peacefully between his spread thighs. PakPao dressed and took another blue pill from his pocket. With his thumb and forefinger, he pinched the sleeping man's nose until his mouth opened. The Thai pushed the pill onto Josh's tongue, closed his mouth with gentle pressure on his chin, and lightly massaged his throat until the swallowing reflex kicked in.

Leaving the room, he found Mongkut leaning against the wall.

“Mission accomplished?” the quarterback asked.

“Absolutely!” PakPao laughed. Both Asians high-fived and headed back to their hotel, to catch at least some hours of sleep.

The return game the next day started late because the home team had to get their quarterback and linebacker out of their dorms. Josh Banner waddled around awkwardly and was constantly adjusting the cup in his jockstrap. His passes failed miserably.

For Duke Ennox, it was, shall we say, not his day at all. He looked tired and was overrun by the Thais, who scored touchdown after touchdown. The coach of the home team was close to a coronary, watching his players stumbling aimlessly and haphazardly across the field of play.

The misfortune was complete when the visitors' coach signaled his team to allow the hosts a touchdown and Josh Banner tripped at the goal line and lost the ball. PakPao stealthily kicked the ball over the line, giving the hosts their 6 grace points.

In the aftermath of the match, the totally pissed coach called the team for a meeting.

“Ladies. This was the second miserable defeat against a team that we should actually dominate easily. The lack of commitment, the lack of will to win and of course the physical deficits must be eliminated.

Luckily, we have a quick solution to this problem. Meet your new endurance mentors: Mr. Mongkut and Mr. PakPao, who have kindly agreed to support us for the next three months ...”

Mongkut and PakPao bowed politely.

“Thank you, Sir, for this warm welcome. It is an honor for us to assist.” Mongkut smiled. “And I have a surprise for Josh and Duke. Dear friends, after these three months, both of you will join our team in Bangkok for a special one-on-one training.”

The look on Josh's and Duke's faces was just priceless.