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Part 1 - Linebacker Blues
By Randy Dragon


Linebacker Blues

This story is fiction. Should the characters in this story even remotely bare similarities to any real person, living or dead, it was purely accidental and any such similarities are strictly coincidences.

This story deals with mature subject matter and involves intimate sex. If it is illegal for you to read such material, due to your age or location, then please don't. If you are offended by acts of sexuality between consenting and non-consenting adults, then Do Not Read this story.

The author does not necessarily condone or subscribe to the behavior discussed in this story. It was written strictly as a form of entertainment and acts described should not be attempted by anyone that does not know what the hell they are doing.

NOTE: This story is a sequel to my story “One Night in Bangkok”, so it is advisable to read that one first.

I would like to thank all fans among my readers for their kind support and encouragement to embark on the adventure putting these tales together.

The four powerful Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan engines propelled the giant 747 Thai Airliner across the Pacific. The efficient, friendly staff was serving dinner. Mongkut poked around in his green curry, lost in thought.

"Are you going to eat, or do you want to keep playing with your food?" PakPao stared longingly at his friend's plate.

“Those Farangs will try to get even with us, you know,” Mongkut looked at his friend, concern painted all over his dark face. He shoved his plate over to PakPao’s tray.

“Yeah, sure they will try,” PakPao replied with his typical calm confidence. Munching the delicious spicy food, the hunky Thai linebacker watched the moonlit clouds pass below the plane.

“So? Is that all, you have to say?” Mongkut was obviously upset. “This won't be Bangkok, you know. It is their country and their town. How can you be so, so … careless? They are going to fix us good, bro.”

“Just relax, bro,” PakPao reached in his jacket. “I have prepared some nice stuff for our two friends.”

The linebacker produced a small plastic pouch that contained some pills.

“What the fuck is that?” the quarterback asked suspiciously, “Poison? You are not going to waste them, huh!?”

“Naahh, we don't want to finish 'em. It is a fuckin' strong aphrodisiac from Chinatown. I know a pharmacist who mixed it just to turn a man into a brainless sex machine.” PakPao grinned slyly.

“…and why is that shit blue?”

“Well, I enhanced it by adding some ground Viagra.” PakPao admitted, ”It's always good to mix Chinese herbs with some modern add-ons.”

“You see, the Farangs will try to take revenge, I believe that too. After we humiliated them by challenging their sexual prowess, I bet they will try to settle the score in the same way. You just have to administer the drug, orally or anally and bang, bang, bang! Those clumsy bulls will be down, roped and gelded before they know what is hitting them.”

“But how …?”

“Well, let’s say, I have a secret agent over there…” PakPao grinned mischievously.

* * *

Steam clouds obscured the view of the athletic football players, who were relaxing in the steam bath. The Coach had worked his boys hard to keep them in top shape. Sweat dripped from Josh Banner's angular chin onto his chiseled pecs, mixing with the shiny film of perspiration that covered his well-toned torso. His meaty, circumcised cock rested between his tree-trunk thighs. Like his friend, Duke Ennox, he didn't give a shit about tying a towel around his narrow hips.

“I can't fuckin' believe that shit. Those gooks are coming over for a rematch!” Josh couldn't believe what the Coach had just told them. The burly quarterback jammed his big fist against the tiled wall of the steam bath.

Two years after having inflicted a humiliating thrashing on the Americans in Bangkok, the Thai football team was on their way to the US for a friendly rematch.

“Fuck them all!” roared Duke Ennox the bigmouthed linebacker.

The other team members grinned, remembering the embarrassing spectacle their two star players had delivered in the Thai capital.

Later that evening at their favorite watering hole: “This time we will teach them a lesson they never forget,” Duke said. He was sipping a beer sitting at their corner table.

“Yeah,” Josh replied. ”I have a score to settle with that skinny linebacker, ya know?!”

“And so do I with that sonofabitch Mongkut fag.” Duke grumbled.

“I'll fuck that homo raw, I swear I'll have him scream for his fuckin' whore of a Mom to come for help.” Josh said vengeful.

“You wanna fuckin’ breed the faggots?” Duke asked perplexed,” But we are men, no fucking ass-fuckers.”

“Sure, man!” Josh said,” It's just to get even, just to settle the score.”

The truth was that Josh couldn’t get over the experience of gotten bred by PakPao in Bangkok. The Thai linebacker had seeded him with his cum. In doing this he had established his rank as the alpha-male and Josh still felt the other man’s seed burning in his entrails. Breeding the Asian was the only way he could get even. Sinking his manhood into the quivering ass-hole of a howling PakPao would re-establish his alpha position which Josh felt was rightfully his.

Duke, however, was far too straight and thoroughly homophobic. He hated the fucking ‘fruit flies’ as he called gay men and engaging voluntarily in any act of man-to-man sex was unthinkable to him. Yet, he sensed as well that his revenge on Mongkut the Thai quarterback had to include an element of sexual conquest. So he came up with the idea to humiliate the Asian by having him fucked by someone else.

That ‘someone else’ was Andrew Lee, an exchange student from Malaysia who was openly gay. The football players usually made jokes about him, not to drop the soap while taking a shower while the nerdy Malaysian was around and so on.

At the next opportunity Duke cornered Andrew in the laundry room of the campus gym. Being too small to compete with the big American college athletes in any varsity activities, the Malaysian was helping as a towel boy.

Andrew listened to music from his earbuds, oblivious to his surroundings as he folded freshly ironed towels.

The next moment the Malaysian found himself hefted by his collar up the wall until he was at eye level with the 6.1 ft, 210 lbs. linebacker. Thick glasses magnified the Asian’s wide opened terrified eyes.

“What do you want?” the lanky Malaysian was struggling in vain to escape from Duke’s iron grip, “Let me go, please!”

“Stop whining, ‘fruit fly’. I want to know everything about faggot life in Asia. And then you will do exactly as I say, otherwise I will rearrange your nice baby-face in a way your Mom will not recognize you anymore …”

The two Americans were clad in their football jerseys over baggy cargo shorts and sneakers. Their baseball caps were cockily turned backwards.

The Coaches sensed it would be best to offering the four athletes some time together to sort out the Bangkok mishap and so Mongkut and PakPao received a VIP treatment from their ‘colleagues’ and were driven in Josh’s Wrangler Jeep, while the rest of the Thai team took the bus organized by the campus.

Josh and Duke took their ‘friends’ to some of their favorite hangouts and after some six-packs of IPA the awkward, icy atmosphere thawed and there was even some laughter and chuckling to be heard from their table, when the young men exchanged some lewd jokes.

In the end it was way past midnight when the four football players returned to the campus.

“Fuck! If Coach catches us we are in deep shit,” PakPao frowned.

“Yeah, same here” Josh agreed. “Know what, you can crash at my place and tomorrow we show both up as good friends at the game. Our Coaches are goin’ to be so friggin’ happy …”

“And you can come with me, Mong, huh?” Duke asked slyly.

Although the Thais were suspicious, they had too much fear getting caught by their Coach at that late hour. So they reluctantly accepted the invitation by the Americans.

On their way to the linebacker’s dorm, Duke and Mongkut passed by the campus gym.

“Hey, there is still light, quick I’ll show you our gym,” Duke Ennox pulled the Thai quarterback to the door of the gym.

At that late hour the gym was deserted, except Andrew was behind the counter folding towels and waiting as Duke had instructed.

Mongkut nodded at the other Asian receiving a shy smile from the Malaysian.

“Hey, you, make yourself useful and get us some sodas, will ya!?” Duke said.

“Sure,” Andrew fetched some cans from the fridge and opened them.

“Nice equipment, huh?” Duke pointed at the exercise room to turn Mongkut’s attention away from Andrew who slipped some pills into one of the cans.

The two athletes were discussing the pros and cons of the different weightlifting machines when Andrew approached with the sodas.

“Here you go,” Andrew offered a can to Mongkut and shove the other into Duke’s big hand.

“Cheers,” Duke toasted and gulped the ice-cold drink. He could hardly avoid a grin when Mongkut emptied his can.

Then suddenly the lights seemed to dim and his view blurred. He shook his head and realized that Mongkut and Andrew were staring at him with curiosity.

When a wave of nausea hit him, Duke knew something was deadly wrong. He glared at Andrew.

“W-what did you d-do?” Duke was staggering as the Rohypnol numbed his nervous system. The 210 lbs. muscle-packed body was fighting the drug. Compared to the girls he had date-raped under the effects of the drug, Duke was a bull with a highly active metabolism. The knock-out effect of the drug made him dizzy and slightly disoriented, but it did not take him down and he was all too aware what Andrew had done.

“You, f-fuckin’ treachchcherouuuus b-bastarrd,” Duke babbled and lashed out at Andrew, but he was too slow and the small Malaysian managed to dodge the blow.

“Stoppp! … Friggin’ coward, I swear, I’ll get ya for thisss,” Duke was staggering after Andrew with heavy stomping steps, his arms swinging in wild blows. Mongkut watched the scene in disbelieving amusement.

Andrew watched another furious blow going wide amiss. Although any hit by the big football player could send him flying across the gym, he couldn’t help, but he had to grin watching the staggering giant stoned by the very date-rape drug that he had used on so many chicks.

Andrew sensed he had an advantage and moved purposefully towards a mirrored wall keeping a low bench between himself and the charging giant. Duke was frustrated and furious that he couldn’t get his hands on the grinning Malaysian, who had played him.

The drug was numbing his brain and his moves were entirely out of sync. He had totally forgotten about Mongkut and wanted nothing else but to grab the Malaysian. Focusing all control that was left in him, he charged again, taking a big step towards Andrew, who stood apparently trapped with his back to a mirror.

“Yeaahhh-ooow! Fuck!” the triumphant roar turned into a surprised cry of pain when Andrew pushed the bench between Duke’s staggering legs. The beefy body crashed face-down on the bench and lay stunned motionless for a few seconds and then the linebacker went ballistic.

Roaring, with arms and legs struggling he tried to get up, but his moves were so disoriented that he slipped again and again and was clearly unable to get up from the bench.

Quickly Andrew grabbed a weightlifting belt from beneath the bench and looked at Mongkut.

“Will you give me a hand, or just watch?” he asked.

“Oh shit! You are PakPao’s buddy!” Mongkut took the belt, wrapped it under the bench around Duke’s narrow waist, closed it behind the back and pulled it tight.

“PakPao sent me a WhatsApp and told me all.” Andrew said. “This asshole had it coming anyway and he practically delivered himself on a silver plate.”

Andrew took a small envelope from his pocket and spilled a white powder in the palm of his hand. He pulled Dukes head up by his hair and closed his palm under the coughing hunk’s nose.

The linebacker heard the Malaysian, whispering into his ear:”Enjoy some nose candy, stud!”

“Fuck you! Get off me, you motherfuckin’ bastard, or I swear I’m goin’ ta fuckin’ kill ya.” The flood of curses and expletives proved that the linebacker was in predicament “You’re so dead! Dead meat, damned treacherous fruit fly … what are ya doin?

Andrew caught one of the jerking legs and pulled both the sneaker and low-cut sock in one go from the big foot of the cursing linebacker. He hesitated for a moment, but then decided to leave the other shoe on for better effect.

Instead he reached beneath Duke’s waist and unbuttoned the cargo shorts. He looked questioning at Mongkut, who shrugged indifferently.

“Shit! No! You can’t do that!” Duke’s ass-hugging, black Calvin’s became exposed when Andrew pulled the shorts deftly down the trunk-like legs and over the ankles.

“Hands off!” another furious roar came from Duke when Andrew playfully squeezed the rounded orbs of his sexy mellon-shaped buttocks: “Nice ass!” Andrew mocked.

“Get off, I’m warning you!” Duke tried to reach back in a vain attempt to seize the Malaysian’s hand.

“You want them off?” Andrew laughed, “Yes, Sir! Of course Sir! As you wish…”

All the swearing and struggling, that ensued now, was to no avail. Mongkut laughed loudly.

An instant later Duke was only clad in his Jersey and one sneaker. His movements had slowed down significantly as the drugs, the ongoing struggling to get up and the cursing had eaten a lot from his strength.

For a moment he was resting, hollering and gasping for air. His gaze met Mongkut and it came all back, hitting him like a truck that his foe was watching his humiliation. While this sank in and a new flood of curses was forming in his throat, the unimaginable happened.

“Yeeeoooowww!” Duke’s heavy body reared up, lifting the bench form the ground, more of shock than out of the pain that was searing on his left butt cheek. He struggled to look over his shoulder and saw the devilish grinning Andrew swinging his big sneaker for another blow on the reddening linebacker butt.

“Noo! Oww! Fuck! Aaaieeh!” cries of fury and pain in perfect synch with rhythmic slaps echoed through the gym. Sweat was forming in Duke’s arm pits and under his chest and belly. He couldn’t believe that the campus nerd was tanning his hide.

“I will stop this, once you apologize,” Andrew interrupted the whacking.


The sneaker landed with a crack on the reddened butt.

“Son of a bitch! I will kill ya’ I swear,” Duke’s face was as crimson as his butt. By now his body was drenched in sweat. The jersey was clinging to his chiseled form and he felt his stamina fading. But he continued to struggle and fired series after series of insults and curses at the Malaysian.

Andrew had enough and dropped the shoe.

“Too late, faggot! You are sooo dead …” Duke moaned. “What the fuck are you doing now? No way! Nooo … ummphhhh,” Andrew had fetched one of the filthy jockstraps from the laundry bin and stuffed it into Duke’s gaping mouth, reducing the shouts to muffled grunts and moans.

The spanking went on and Andrew pursued his quest with sadistic efficiency. He changed the rhythm so that Duke was unable to prepare himself for the next blow. Again and again the demand for an apology and again and again Duke shook his head in defiance.

Although his butt was sore and hurt like hell he would never ever submit to the Malaysian fag and certainly not while Mongkut was watching. At least that was what Duke was thinking while howling his fury and pain into the saliva drenched towel, always forced to look into his own grimacing face that was looking back at him from the mirrored wall.

Then Andrew changed his tactics again. He straddled the bench between the linebacker’s legs and forced the big, strong-muscled thighs apart with his own. The football hunk’s impressive set of balls appeared below the sweaty ass crack. Andrew’s hand dug between the red buttocks and parted the quivering cheeks. The hunk’s rosy, puckered hole was revealed and before Duke knew what hit him the sneaker smacked squarely onto his exposed asshole.

Grunts and muffled howls mixed with high-pitched moans.

Again the bench was lifted from the ground when the trapped rump reared up. For the first time since the spanking had started, tears appeared in the wide-open eyes. Every time Duke clenched his cheeks closed, Andrew wrenched them apart again. Blow after blow rained on the twitching pink puckered hole that opened and clenched in despair - but Duke stubbornly shook his head.

Only after a few errant blows hit the dangling nuts the fight was over. The big body shook spasmodically and a – despite the towel – banshee-like shriek left the sore throat.

Andrew stopped and waited; the sneaker hovering menacingly in midair and then the linebacker’s head nodded wearily. One, two, three times until it sagged exhausted onto the bench.

There was an awkward silence in the gym after the smacking and muffled shrieks had stopped. Andrew removed the gagging jock. Only gasps and coughing from the throat of the worn-out linebacker were audible from time to time.

Duke felt a hand grabbing his tussled, sweaty hair and when his tired head was pulled up he looked straight into the glasses in front of Andrew’s eyes.

“Say it!” the Malaysian demanded,” say … Sir, I am sorry for picking on you, I am a total jerk, I won’t do it again, Sir.”

A wave of nausea rushed through the college hunk. This was not happening. The effects of the drug were barely sensible, but that bloody nerd had beaten the shit out of him. He felt completely knackered His head slumped again but was heftily jerked upwards.

“Say it!”

“I … I … am s-sorry …”

“That’s not the way,” Andrew pulled Duke’s head into his neck and bitch-slapped the big jock.

“Ok, Ok - Sir, I’m sorry …” Duke coughed, “for pickin’ on you. I … I am a …a …”

“Can’t hear you!” Andrew sang.

“I am a total jerk and I won’t do it again … Sir!” Duke’s face had turned beet-red from the utmost embarrassment and shame he was feeling. His eyes shut and his head sagged down on the bench and this time Andrew had mercy and allowed him to rest.

Duke had lost count of time, when his head was pulled up by his hair again. This time he looked at Mongkut, who had stripped off his clothes and was sitting naked in front of Duke’s face, his half-erect cock just inches away from the American linebacker’s nose.

“You know, I kind of like you, Farang,” the Thai quarterback used the jock to wipe tears and sweat from Dukes cheeks,” but your attitude needs some adjustment, don’t you think?”

Duke came out from his stupor. He was instantly fully awake and sensed a flood of panic rising from within himself. It had taken him months to push the events in Bangkok to the back of his thoughts and to bury the humiliation deep in his memory. All of a sudden these memories were back again and as vivid as if it all had happened the day before.

“No man! I did apologize! I …” Duke started to struggle again.

“But you did not apologize to me,” Mongkut grinned and was already stroking his manhood to hardness.

“Oh shit! Cum on man! Not here, not in front of the nerd … aaaiiiehh!” he yelled when the sneaker hit his soar buttocks again.

“Your promise was short-lived, big guy,” Andrew said,” I know what you did in Bangkok last summer, PakPao told me all, so maybe there is a better way to win your respect than spanking you.”

“Sure there is!” Mongkut laughed and started to pull Duke’s Jersey off his tattooed shoulders and over his head.

“No way, fuck you, both of you slit-eyed faggots!” Duke hollered and tried again to pull free, to kick at Andrew and to hit at Mongkut. But he couldn’t get up. An instant later he was naked but for his left sneaker. Mongkut blocked all his feeble blows with ease. Then he grabbed Duke’s wrists and looked at what Andrew was doing.

Alarmed, Duke stopped struggling and tried to look over his shoulder.

“No! No way!” terror filled Duke’s eyes when he saw that Andrew had discarded his clothes as well. But it happened already. The Malaysian drove his face right between the melon-shaped firm cheeks. The cleavage was rank from Duke’s sweat.

“Mmmmh …” Andrew was slowly licking along the chute. He stopped from time to time and teased the puckered rosebud with the moist tip of his warm tongue.

“Ohhh shiiiit” f-fuuuck!” Duke howled in both shame and fury. His upper body rose and his shoulder muscles tightened, but there was no escape. Mongkut held him tight.

Soon his pucker started to quiver. In reply to the gentle stimulations, the muscle relaxed. Without hesitation Andrew’s tongue was probing into the opening hole. The sphincter reacted too late and couldn’t close around the slippery tongue. With eyes wide open the linebacker’s body tensed and Duke uttered a short helpless shriek.

“Aaahh … fuck!” he felt his dick responding. Knowing what Andrew was up to Duke tried to relax and to think about the most boring study groups he had ever attended – although he didn’t attend too many.

But with Andrew’s expert rimming, the big hunk soon was a goner. His body betrayed him as it had betrayed him in Bangkok. The hips started bucking in synch with the stimulations Andrew was inflicting on the sensitive area around the anal muscle.

“Shit, no stop it! Oh yeah that feels sooooo fuuuckinn’ good …,” Duke’s eyes turned glassy.

“Well, well … who would have thought this possible?” Mongkut sneered. “The mighty Duke Ennox, tongue-fucked by the campus nerd. Now what do you think of that, muscle boy?”

When the hips rose Andrew reached under Duke’s groin and pulled the rapidly hardening dick back between the thighs. His finger was gliding agonizingly soft alongside the veined purple shaft. The linebacker wriggled in lewd indulgence. His hands grasped the leather-covered bench and the muscles of his biceps were bulging. Andrew focused now on the mushroom head and teased the bloated mounds on both sides of the tight frenulum.

“Oh shit no! Oh fuck! Uhhhh …,”

Andrew grinned knowingly. Now his finger wriggled through Duke’s slippery rear defenses.

“No, not this! I am … urrgh … I can’t …”

“Yeah stud, let it go! Cum for me!” Andrew stopped stimulating the groaning hunk. He was holding the rock-hard dick in the palm of his hand while the tip of his index finger rested on Duke’s pleasure spot.

As he had anticipated the oversexed jock reacted in frustration as the stimulations were withheld. Slowly the hips went into a bucking motion. The football player was now masturbating himself into the Malaysian’s hand.

“Aaaahhh … uuurghhh!

Duke’s head jerked up, his eyes were clenched close and his face contorted. Deep guttural grunts rasped from his gaping mouth. He barely realized when Mongkut was feeding him a bluish pill. As he felt it on his tongue it was too late. Mongkut bowed down and pulled Duke’s face into his. The Thai’s tongue thrust deep inside the retching linebacker’s mouth and pushed the pill down his throat.

“What the fuck did you give me?“ Duke croaked.

“Just some fuel to fire you up, stallion!” Mongkut gloated.

In the firm grip of the building climax,weakened from the effects of both the date-rape drug and the coke, the hunky athlete slipped quickly into a lust-crazed stupor.

“Oh yes, man, pleeeze do me. I gotta have it …” Duke’s eyes rolled back.

“UUuummmphhhhh!” That all was too much for the poor jock. Andrew felt his finger trapped as the sphincter closed like a vise around it. The shaved skin of the nutsac tightened around the bulging balls , who attached themselves to the base of the swollen cock.

“Aaargh … I’m cummminnn’. You’re fuckin’ unloading meeee!” Duke’s dick twitched in helpless rage and released a series of spurts of warm semen. The gooey slime trickled slowly to the edges of the bench’s leather seat and dripped down to the floor.

Mongkut grinned at Andrew: “See, brother, that wasn’t that difficult. Now let’s turn the fucker …”

Andrew undid the belt that had kept Duke in place. It was obvious, that it was not needed anymore. The sweaty linebacker did not offer any resistance, when he was turned on his back, his legs placed on Andrew’s shoulders.

“Now we’re goin’ to spit-roast you, Farang,” Mongkut laughed when he saw the impish look on the American’s face. He pulled Duke’s chin down and fed him his dick. Inflamed by the devilish drug cocktail the linebacker started to suck for all he was worth.

The Thai quarterback massaged the meaty pecs and twisted the hunk’s man tits, making Duke groan in pleasure. In the meantime, Andrew had smeared the sweaty ass crack with Duke's own cum. His dickhead bumped against the closed sphincter. Andrew spit on his glans and pressed it against the closed hole to force the ring muscle to give way. He watched in awe as the footballer's back arched in a moment of ecstatic agony, whereupon his shaft penetrated Duke's rectum to the hilt in one straight thrust.

“Wow, he is tight,” Andrew gritted his teeth while bucking his hips.

“Yeah, I bet the boy hasn’t been plugged since I did him in Bangkok.” Mongkut said, ”Now don’t let him go limp. Grab his babymaker and pump him good!”

Andrew closed his palm around Duke’s semi-hard wobbling shaft and began stroking it in synch with his hip thrusts.

“Ummmmmphh,” Duke groaned. His muscular legs stretched wide apart to allow Andrew a maximum penetration. He reached above his head and guided Mongkut’s hips intensifying the face-fuck he was receiving.

“Yeah, baby, that’s it,” Mongkut’s breath quickened,” you like that, huh?”

“I think the fucker is close again already,” Andrew rasped hoarsely as he was getting close too,” his ass is tightening up, oh fuck!”

“Then unload him! Oh shit! He makes me cum, too!” Mongkut’s face contorted. His knees buckled as he reached the point of no return.

“Huuuh! … Uuhhhh! Nng! … Fuuuckkkk!” The hunky Thai collapsed on top of the linebacker. His hot load gushed down Duke’s throat. At the same instant Andrew felt the sphincter closing almost painfully around his dick.The throbbing cock in his hand released a huge gush of white hot sperm that splashed directly into Mongkut's face. In fact, some of Duke's man juice found its way into the quarterback's gasping mouth.

“Ahhhhh! Shhiiiiit!” Andrew couldn’t hold back any longer and dumped his load into Duke’s flexing ass. ‘I can’t believe it! I am breeding the BMOC! ’ Andrew thought when he collapsed between Duke’s wide-spread legs.

It took a while until the three men had gathered their senses. The air was rank with the smell of male sweat and raunchy sex.

“Shit! You could have at least aimed away from my face”, Mongkut grumbled, wiping Duke’s cum from his chin.

“Sorry! I didn’t expect him to shoot such a load, right after he had cum already.” Andrew blushed.

“Never mind. I am sure he learned his lesson.” Mongkut smiled. “I am going to hit the showers and then I have to find PakPao.”

“See ya’ tomorrow at the game, buddy!” Mongkut gave Duke a friendly slap on the shoulder and left.

“What?” Andrew found the linebacker watching him.

“Forget, what just happened!” Duke muttered meekly.

“Oh, but I remember your apology, and I remember you cuming in my hand,” Andrew said,” and finally I remember how it felt breeding y…”

“It doesn’t count. You tricked me, drugged me,” Duke interrupted in helpless defiance, ”that ain’t fair fighting.”

The memory of what had just happened made him blush though.

Andrew looked at the linebacker’s blushed expression and he looked into his eyes but now with an air of new found confidence. He had topped the hunk. The big macho man who was able to bed any girl on campus had been conquered by him. He knew it and Duke knew it too, and Duke was it who looked away.

Later Andrew couldn’t explain what hit him at that very moment. He wasn’t even sure that it was him who said:

“Well, man if you are up to the competition, you can have a second chance, to redeem yourself in a fair fight.”

“Seriously?” Duke looked at the smaller figure in disbelief. This couldn't be true. This little faggot wanted to challenge him?

“It will be a contest, familiar to you already,” Andrew continued without breaking eye contact,” A cockfight. Just you and me. If you win, all that happened today will be forgotten, I promise I will never mention it, not to you, not to anybody and I will tell Mongkut to do the same.”

Duke’s mind was racing. Could he trust the Malaysian? Well it was worth taking the chance. If Andrew wanted to tell what had happened he could always deny and there was no one who would believe that the small Asian had fucked the brawny linebacker. If however, Andrew was honest, it would close the subject and Mongkut would be unable to brag about it too.

Finally it was a challenge and Duke was not used to dodge a challenge.

“OK, then, “ Duke started.

“Wait, if I win you will be my bitch and there will be no renegotiating, no blabbering of unfair fight. Is that understood?” Andrew interrupted sternly.

“Me, your bitch?!” Duke felt he had to punch the little fellow straight in the face, but something in the confident way how Andrew was acting made him hesitate. Somehow there was a new found way of respect towards the Malaysian.

“If you are afraid …,” Andrew turned away, so that Duke couldn’t see the devilish grin, he was unable to contain. He had made a competition and Duke would not be able to avoid it. It was a game that Andrew new very well and he knew he had a real chance to defeat the hunky athlete, who so far had little experience with gay men.

“Afraid? Me afraid of YOU?” Duke blurted disgusted. Just as Andrew had expected.

“Let’s do this right now and here!” there was no holding back now for the athlete.

The two sat down on the bench where Duke had been fucked before.

“Get naked!” Andrew tested his new found confidence and smiled when Duke just kicked the remaining sneaker of his foot. The Asian facing the muscle-bound American made Duke to rest his muscular thighs on his lean ones. Then Andrew guided the linebacker's large hand to his cock and simultaneously reached for the large shaft that protruded half erect from Duke's groin. He looked at the chiseled pecs with prominent nipples, the defined six-pack, and when he looked behind Duke, he saw in the mirrored wall the black tribal tattoos that covered the football player's broad shoulders and back. It was a dream date for the Malaysian.

He started to move his hand slowly down the meaty dick.

“The loser is who cums first,” Andrew whispered.

Duke couldn’t really believe that it was him, sitting buck-naked almost on the lap of the campus nerd and having a wanking contest. Nevertheless his hand started to knead the Asian’s dick, which was definitely smaller than his, however, he had committed himself to make it spurt.

Spittle was dripping from Andrew’s mouth while his hand was gliding up and down the hefty rod. Duke’s dick was covered in a shining coat of saliva and although he had cum before it didn’t take long to bring it back to life again. Duke’s conquests told amazing stories about the linebacker’s stamina and his ability to cum throughout a night of hot lovemaking. Guessing from the still impressive set of balls dangling between the slightly elevated thighs, Andrew was sure that Duke was far from being spent.

His fingers played with the veins circling the shaft. His thumb flipped playfully over the piss slit and once he reached the mushroom head he closed thumb and index finger under the rim and twisted his hand in a circular motion.

“Hmmm…” an involuntary grunt left Duke’s throat. The little fag was good, he had to admit that. It was time to get the little fucker hard.

Clumsily he stroke Andrews slowly hardening dick, but his skills were far from what his opponent was doing to him, who was now reaching for Duke’s balls.

Andrew rolled the linebacker’s nuts in the palm of his left hand. His finger gingerly massaging the area between the sack and the anus until Duke instinctively rose his hips towards the Malaysian.

“You like that, huh?” Andrew taunted.

Duke’s athletic body was trained to deliver top performance on the field as well as in the sack. It was not just a matter of raw muscle that made the top jock; it was a matter of instincts and reflexes. Modern football did not leave time for lengthy consideration. The linebacker was conditioned to deliver without even having to think. Once certain reflexes were triggered instinct took over and he went on auto pilot.

By challenging the hunk, Andrew had put the linebacker into competition mode. Now he skillfully stimulated the zones in Duke's body that triggered optimal performance in the sack.

“Fuck you!” Duke croaked hoarsely and tried to jack the dick in his hand faster.

Andrew grinned. The hoarse, rasping tone of the jock’s voice indicated that the big guy was already horny as hell. Andrew leaned forward and licked a line of sweat that had formed in the mound between the massive pecs.

“W-what the fuck, are you doing?” Duke gasped as it dawned on him that this little Asian could indeed make him cum.

“Mmm. Relaxmmm,” Andrew was munching the nipples, which responded instantly to the slick stimulation. He was kissing and licking the entire area of the pecs and then went down to lick the well-defined abs. When he realized that Duke had stopped stroking him he looked up.

The linebacker looked down on him with a perplexed look of mixed lust and … could it be? … even affection!

Never stopping kneading the rock-hard shaft Andrew reached around Duke’s body and let his fingers glide up and down the hunk’s spine. First he had trouble reaching it, but when Duke’s body hunched and his forehead sank on Andrews shoulder he managed to let his hands travel from the neck downwards until he arrived at the ass crack.

“Remember the first time you had sex,” Andrew whispered in Duke’s ear and Duke remembered.

He had been 15 but was looking 18 and a 19 years-old high-school senior had taken him home with her after a party. She had made him drunk and gave him some weed to smoke and had his way with the hunky boy, who was already spending hours at the gym forming his body.

“And the many chicks you have laid, “Andrew continued luring the jock into a lewd mindset, “ spring breaks, the back of your car …”, and the memories of his sexual exploits flooded the linebacker’s mind, flushing away all inhibitions.

“Yeah, I screwed them good …” Duke gasped breathless. His hips started to rock forth and back and Andrew followed him, holding the hot body in a firm embrace. He inhaled the testosterone infused manly sweat of the football player who had longtime stopped to stimulate his dick. But that was fine with Andrew, he was getting hard anyway.

Duke felt he had never thrown a boner like now. His cock was on fire and his balls were aching for relief. He was startled that the little guy was able to get that much to him. Andrew was an expert in what he was doing and may be not such a nerd after all. A wave of sympathy rocked his body. It felt so good, so safe to rest in Andrews embrace.

Andrew’s skilled hands seemed to be everywhere. Duke felt fingertips caressing his loins. A simultaneous twist of his sensitive nipples elicited a guttural grunt followed by a lustful moan when his dickhead was held in a velvet grip.

The hunky football player got entangled in a net of sexual stimulations that the smaller Asian was weaving around his body.

“Stick your tongue out.” Andrew cooed.

“Huh?” Duke looked with bleary eyes right into Andrew’s face.

“Come on big guy, open up,” Andy’s fingers massaged his throat and then Duke’s jaw sagged. His tongue pointed between his lips and was instantly caught by Andrew’s mouth.

“Ummm … mmm …” Duke’s tongue was sucked into the Malaysian’s wonderful warm and slippery mouth, which closed over the surprised jock’s one. Fighting for breath, Duke felt Andrew’s tongue battling his own and without hesitation responded to the kiss.

He was still indulging in the butterfly treatment Andrew’s tongue was providing when his ass-hole was gently probed by a finger. The linebacker made a feeble attempt to wriggle up from the bench, but when Andrew hit the sweet spot inside of him his knees turned to jelly and his body sagged.

Only his fuck-buddy Josh knew that Duke loved it to get finger-fucked by the chick he was screwing. Sweat was dripping from his armpits when the hunky football player capitulated in the arms of the campus nerd, he had made fun of for so many times.

Firmly clamped between a lip lock and the probing finger up his ass, Duke was guided towards the point of no return, while Andrew’s soft, warm palm was gently kneading his balls.

“Oouuhmmpphhh…” the big body shuddered in lustful agony.

Totally succumbing to the delicious sensations of the kiss Duke sensed a surge of arousal emanating from his tongue and throat crawling down to his groin. At the same time his stimulated prostate made his balls tingling and had them steadily moving towards the base of his dick.

It was only a matter of time until these two stimulations would meet and trigger the climax.

An all too familiar urge was pulsating now throughout his groins. The linebacker knew he was close, but he couldn’t care less. He was well-primed and he needed it badly now.

Andrew realized he had won. He was stroking agonizingly slow now, to delay the football star’s imminent climax, knowing well that it would only intensify the experience.

“Ohhhh shiiit …,” Duke groaned, ”that feels soooo good…don’t stop man, faster, jack me faster!”

“Do you want to cum?” Andrew asked.

“Fuck! Yes – I wanna cum, uhhhh … come on! Do me!

“First say, I am your little bitch and you are going to unload me,” Andrew ordered.

“What? No way! Aargh … no!”Duke shrieked out as Andrew squeezed his cockhead between his thumb and forefinger, interrupting his approaching climax.

"Come on, man!" Duke's eyes bulged out of their sockets as the Malaysian held him on the edge.

"Say it!" commanded Andrew.

"I ... I ... unnghh." Duke's back arched. His legs began to tremble. He looked pleadingly at the smaller Asian man.

"Come on, big man," Andrew teased, "just say the words and it's over."

“Uhhh … I … I am your ‘lil bitch and … and you will unload me, oh shit oh fuck,” Duke wailed.

“Say, I am your little bitch and you will fuck me,” Andrew had to try this too.

“I am your little bitch and you will fuck me,” Duke replied without hesitation.

Andrew’s hand traveled down Duke’s spine for a final time. He released the throbbing dick and pumped it with a few deftly strokes, while his finger thrust deep into the linebacker’s unsuspecting anus.

“Uhh … shit … you make me fuckin’ cummmm,”Duke’s eyes rolled backward into his head.

“Uuuuurghhh … aarghhh … ohhhhh,” the hunk came so hard that both men fell from the bench.

“Did you like it?” Andrew asked wiping some drops of sweat from Duke’s broad chest. Both men were resting side by side aside of the bench.

“Mmm … I guess …“ the linebacker grinned sheepishly.

“Guess what?”

“I guess, that was quite gay.” Duke mocked.

“Ah, I see,“ Andrew laughed,” assume the position and let’s fuck that fag-hating macho out of your system, baby!”

“For a nerd, ya’ are talkin’ quite dirty, ”Duke chuckled and went on all fours.

It was in the wee hours of the morning when the conversion of the faggot-hating college hunk to an affectionate lover-boy was complete. Andrew had turned out to be a total sex machine. He had cum once in Duke’s mouth and twice in his ass. Duke had lost count how many times he had shot his load, but he never had experienced such an intense sex romp with a chick and he couldn’t get enough of the lewd agony he was experiencing in Andrew’s arms.

The Malaysian was looking up in the reddened lust-contorted face of his former foe who was fucking him with frenetic thrusts. His legs were firmly cinched around the sexy narrow hips that attracted so many chicks. His hands were absent-minded playing with Duke’s erect nipples.

Nothing would be the same after this night. He wondered whether the jock would come out or whether this would remain a closed affair, whatever, Andrew had no doubt that he had a thing going on with the big football player.

Duke was exhausting himself to the limits of his now aching body. With a desperate focus and the assistance of Andrew’s expert stimulations he had managed to get his mangled dick hard again. The last drops of his juices were gathering in the depleted nuts.

“Y-you are goin’ to drain me, baby,” Duke groaned through clenched teeth,” I am loosing that final load, can’t hold back, uhhrgh, oh Andy it f-feeeelss sooo good.”

His body went stiff and collapsed in a heap on top of the Asian lean figure. His cheeks contracted spasmodically and with an animal-like roar Duke Ennox, Star Linebacker and Star Campus Stallion emptied his balls with the finger of the Campus Nerd up his ass.

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