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Conquest of the Latin Stallion
Part 8 - I don't do such a kinky thing!
By Randy Dragon

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Conquest of the Latin Stallion

Part 8 – I don't do such a kinky thing!

by Randy Dragon


When Don returned he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Howie was just slipping back into his boxers and the obviously totally exhausted wrestler glistening with sweat was hanging limply trussed up from the elevated bench. Cum was drooling from under his belly and dripping on the floor.

"What the hell did you do?" Don asked his friend, who looked very, very proud and very, very guilty.

"Hm, I guess we can't use this load again," Howie muttered.

Don turned to Ramon and reached under his belly.

"Damn you, he is soft as a noodle," he said.

"I am sorry, but you have to do it again," he apologized to Ramon. He playfully whacked the rounded butt making the wrestler jerk up in reflex. He reached around Ramon's hip and pumped the exhausted cock back to hardness.

“Here you go, macho man,” the teen produced a condom from his pocket and pulled it from the cover. He stripped the condom over the again rigid shaft, before the man could even protest against this humiliating treatment.

Ramon roared in helpless fury. Never when he was screwing a chick had the Latino felt so weak and drained. Used to rely on his stamina and prowess he was in shock. He felt as if all his strength and energy had been extracted from him during the thundering climaxes in the hands of the two brats. Now they were planning to make him perform again and had forced his prick into a rubber. Suddenly he was not sure whether he would be able to stand another orgasm of that kind.

But he was undoubtedly hard and the tight condom had already a stimulating effect. What he did not know was, that Don had brought a condom containing a special lubricant that - according to the manufacturer - helped to delay the climax for men, prolonging sexual excitement for longer lasting lovemaking.

The two teens sat down in front of him looking expectantly.

"What?" Ramon asked in bewilderment.

"Well, you show us some of your techniques, how you fuck and you just cum one more time and we collect your sperms in the condom. This time nothing will go to waste," Howie explained.

"Then we will let you go, we promise," Don added.

"So, where is the chica?” Ramon asked confused.

"What do you mean?" Howie asked.

"Your fuckin' sister, faggot! You wanted me to fuck her. Where is she?" Ramon was irritated," and you need to cut me loose."

"No, no, you got it all wrong," Don said, "his sister does not know about this. We just borrowed her panties."

"She is not supposed to know," Howie added quickly.

"So how shall I show you how to fuck? Damn! Cut me loose!" Ramon's rebellious temper re-emerged and he was furiously tearing at his bonds.

"Oh, just show us the moves," Don answered unimpressed from the hunk’s rage.

"You mean ...?" Ramon couldn't find the words.

"Yeah just hump a bit and shoot your load, the faster you go the quicker it will be over," Don said.

"No way! I don't do such a kinky thing!" Ramon protested.

"Well, then we have to jack you off again. Come on Howie!" Don started to rise.

"No! You fuckin' bastard! Ok, ok I'm game. You'll get it. I do it!" Ramon yelled. He looked at the teens with his eyes full of hatred, while his hips started slowly to buck, driving his dick back and forth across the bench.

He had been milked and fucked and was made to suck cock. Now he didn't care about any further humiliation. He just wanted to get it over with and tried to cum as quickly as possible.

He could feel the raw leather surface stimulating his dick, but somehow head of his pecker felt numb. He felt mildly turned on, but was far from a climax. If he was with a chick, he would go on for hours. Right now that was the last thing he wanted.

He increased his bucking and gyrated his hips driving his dick in circular motions over the bench seat.

"Shit, why ... isn't ... it ... workinnnnn'", he was puffing and blowing heavily through clenched teeth. Concentrating on stimulating himself he closed his eyes. His powerful body undulated in highest gear. His hips slammed down as if he was trying to drive his boner right through the bench. The muscular body broke in a sweat again.

"Fuck! Aargh! Argh! Shit!" the wrestler cursed.

Don and Howie watched in awe the muscle-packed man bouncing about, shifting his weight again and again to fuck the bench in ever new positions. Sometimes the thundering slams where so powerful that the teens were concerned the whole bench would topple. The whole flexing body turned red from the strain and was covered with a thick layer of sweat. But as much as he tried, Ramon couldn't force his cum shot.

Breathless he had to stop and slumped exhausted. He heard the blood rushing in his ears. Fiery rings were circling through his view. He felt terribly thirsty and he smelled the stench of his own sweat mixed with the distinctive strong scent of cum. Was it possible that he had been drained?

"Can't you cum anymore?" Don asked innocently.

"Don't talk crap! Get me a beer!" Ramon snorted enraged. He couldn't understand why he had suddenly trouble to cum.

Howie popped a can and held it to his lips. Ramon opened his mouth and stuck out his rosy tongue. Howie poured and the athlete drank the warm liquid. He eagerly licked the spilled puddle from the bench. The alcohol had an immediate stimulating and reviving effect on his drained body. He belched and started again to fuck the bench for all he was worth.

"Huh ... huh ... huh!" his desperate gasps told all about his predicament. He had been milked and made to cum as a bottom. But now as he was asked to show his prowess as a fucker he failed. In mounting panic he felt himself getting weaker. No way, his macho pride couldn't accept that kind of defeat.

"Urrgh ... urrgh ... urggh!" growling grunts came from deep inside his throat, as he forced himself on and on beyond any limit.

Finally he sensed the first soft tingling in his balls, indicating that his body was preparing for release. Encouraged and relieved he slammed into the bench with renewed force. His mouth was wide open while his chest pumped the air like bellows. Don and Howie couldn't watch the scene any longer passively. They got up and unzipped their pants.

Ramon’s eyes were clenched and he was gasping for air. He hardly noticed that the teens took turns to feed him their dicks. He sucked them instinctively because it turned him on. Then they were standing at his sides, towering over his sweat-drenched, wildly humping body, jacking their cocks and whacking his sexy ass cheeks in turns and that did it.

"Ahhhhh ... Uuhhhhhhh ... awwwww!" the muscle hunk experienced again an mind-shattering hit of orgasm, howling his lust completely uninhibited and unashamed in the presence of the two brats. His toes curled while his nuts pumped drops of cum. Then the poor man was so exhausted that he collapsed in a heap in his awkward position.

"Wow! That was absolutely fantastic!" Howie hollered.

"Yeah that rocks!" Don laughed. He was so excited that he even forgot to put his dick back inside his pants," ...and we have it all on tape!"

Howie reached under Ramon's belly and carefully removed the cum-filled condom from the swollen dick. The rod was still semi-hard, but the balls had retracted into the wrinkled folds of the flaccid sac.

"Oops, I think we drained him." sympathetically Howie looked at the sleeping wrestler.

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