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Conquest of the Latin Stallion
Part 6 - I Am Not Gay
By Randy Dragon

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Conquest of the Latin Stallion

Part 6 – I Am Not Gay

by Randy Dragon


"Oh shit no!" Howie wailed in desperation. He realized that he hadn't collected any of Ramon's cum. He pulled his fingers from the wrestler's ass and fetched a small plastic bottle from his school bag. He wanted to collect some of the globs that were splattered on Ramon's abs and chest, but gave up when he realized that the precious man seed had mixed with sweat and beer.

"No way we can use that," Howie sighed.

Don checked on Ramon's still hard cock. The Viagra was working well.

"No problem," he grinned, "where this came from, there's plenty more".

"No ..." Ramon protested meekly, when the two teens grabbed him. However in his post-orgasmic dizziness he was no match for them. Laughing about his feeble resistance, they turned him on his belly and left him lying prone on the bench. Dazed he raised his heavy head and watched them struggling to carry a heavy barbell in front of him.

Howie fetched the panty hose and tied the surprised hunk with his wrists to the rod.

"What the fuck, you think you're doing?" Angrily he pulled to tear the seemingly flimsy fabric. To his surprise the textile resisted, cutting painfully into his skin.

"Shit!" he panted frustrated.

"It is made of Chinese silk. Strong enough to tether even an elephant bull", he heard Don chuckling. He had studied the workout routines of the wrestler from his profile as published in the tournament program. So he knew the maximum weight the muscle boy could handle. The weight of the barbell was just 15lbs. above Ramon's limit.

"You cannot hold me!" Ramon's hands grabbed the barbell and tried to pull it up. Howie and Dons watched the powerful muscles of his arms and shoulders bulge and strain, but the barbell did not move an inch.

"Fuck you!" Ramon howled in anger and frustration. "What do you want from me? You had your fun now let me go!"

Ramon tried to get up from the bench despite his wrists being tied. Quickly Don went behind the prone hunk and pulled the seat of the incline bench up until Ramon was fixed into a hunched pose - his flexing butt obscenely raised - with slightly bent knees, his collar bones resting on the smaller top part of the bench.

"Shit!" he couldn't believe it how easily the brat was handling him.

"Unfortunately, we need you to cum again, to conduct our project properly", Howie said.

"No way! You pervert bastards! Que vos parta un rayo!" Ramon went berserk. He struggled furious against his bonds, but again to no avail. In his awkward position he was left with just a little space to raise his hips, while the weight of his body was resting on the collar bones.

Realizing that he was unable to break free he cursed and threatened his teenage captors: "You don't get away with that! I'll have you! Both of you fuckin' queers. I'll tear your fuckin' asses apart. Vos voy a pulir los huevos. Even your fuckin' mothers won't recognize you. You ... nooo. Shit, nooo ...uuummpfffff! Howie stopped his threats by gagging him with his own bikini thong, stretching the fabric and fixing it with a knot behind his head.

"Uuummpfff!" Ramon could only utter some muffled grunts, while the taste of his own balls and ass, the scent of an Alpha, was filling his mouth.

"Why are you mad?" Don walked in front of him forcing the fuming Latino to lift his head to his neck in order to look at the teenager, who was again fully dressed in his high school outfit.

"The way you were moaning you must have enjoyed it. Now we give you a choice," Don continued ignoring Ramon's hatred looks, "either we milk you again, and you know we can do that very well." Don burst with laughing.

"Nnnnnnawwwwwww!" Ramon was howling in his gag, struggling again against his bonds.

"Or you show us how you fuck!" Howie continued giggling.

Ramon's eyes opened wide. Were the brats bringing finally the bitch? Well that was his chance to get himself out of his predicament. They had to untie him. He would beat them up, screw the chick and off he'd go.

"Oooggeyy, oooggeyy, you winn. I'lll doooo iid", Ramon muffled against his gag.

"Brilliant!" Howie was excited and removed the gag.

"Now - cut me loose," Ramon gasped for air.

"Not so fast," Donald said. "We need a condom and there will be a little life insurance, to make sure you keep your end of the bargain." He removed the tape from the recorder and showed it to Ramon.

"This will be posted on the internet, if you get any ideas, you know" Don grinned.

Ramon was stunned by resignation. The brats were always a step ahead of him.

"OK, I'll rush and get a condom. I know where Brian is hiding them," Don said to Howie, "you stay here and entertain our friend."

Don left and Ramon was condemned to watch helpless as Howie put a new tape into the camcorder and replaced the battery. The red dot started blinking again.

Howie was nibbling at his lower lip, while he walked around the muscular body propped up on the incline bench. There was no tan line. The rounded buns were of the same caramel color as the rest of the hunky body. Ramon was obviously enjoying his sunbaths naked. His body flexed as he tried again to tear the fabric apart that fixed his wrists to the barbell.

The pressed breathing interrupted by a curse as the athlete realized once again the futility of his efforts. Ramon laboriously turned his head.

"What are you gawking at, faggot?" he sneered. "Wished you had a man's body, huh?

"Yes you are looking gorgeous," Howie gave him a shy smile." I was admiring you from the first time I saw you wrestling. But you are wrong. I am not gay."

"What? Don't give me that crap. I can see you are throwing a fuckin' hard-on" Ramon barked.

Howie looked down at the bulge in front of his lap and blushed.

"Well ... the truth is, I never had sex with anyone. Not with a girl and not with a man. So I am not sure whether I am straight or gay."

Ramon couldn't believe it. He was in the hands of a bloody virgin.

"You know, what you did to Don, I mean sucking him off," Howie said softly, "I'd like to try that very much."

"Don't you even think about it!", Ramon shouted struggling again against his bonds.

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