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Conquest of the Latin Stallion
Part 5 - What?! Why? No way!
By Randy Dragon

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Conquest of the Latin Stallion

Part 5 – What?! Why? No way!

by Randy Dragon


"Dumbo, that is just his pre-cum," Don laughed, "believe me, when we get him to shoot his load, you'll need a bucket. Now blow him, before he cools down again. We need him high."

Howie took a sip from the beer can. Without swallowing the liquid he took the fuck-rod in his mouth. Hot meat was twitching between his teeth. He blew the beer inflating the foreskin and let his tongue circle between the skin and the highly sensitive glans. Gargling slurping sounds mixed with the guttural groaning that came from Ramon, who had never experienced such a blow job in his life before.

"Uuurghh ... uuunnnghhhh!" his buttocks clenched in reflex and his hips started to buck in order to meet the viciously sucking mouth. It gave a powerful boost to Howie's self-esteem, when he realized that he was controlling the muscular athlete.

Howie squeezed the cock base in a tight circle formed by his thumb and index finger. Bobbing his head up and down he rubbed the palm of his hand in circular motions across Ramon's tight package that was now slippery with beer, saliva and Ramon's sweat. When his fingers slipped past the balls, he observed that the Latino slowed his bucking. It seemed he tried to prolong the sensation of the fingers massaging the skin between his ass and the nut sac. Interested, Howie rested his fingers on that point and pushed.

"No ... no .... ohhhh ... fuck ... yeah," Fighting the stupor, Ramon tried to relax and to distract himself from the sexual tension that made his body tremble. He was desperately fighting the increasing stimulation, but the sensations were overwhelming him.

The pulsing dick in Howie's mouth seemed to get even bigger. He had learned from Brian's booklet that the tiny string of skin connecting the foreskin to the underside of the head of the dick was called frenulum. During his own jack-off sessions, he felt most exciting sensations when he was rubbing this Y-shaped web of skin. He decided to test the effect on the Latino as well. His tongue pushed Ramon's helpless twitching cock into one side of his mouth. His tongue found the gaping piss slit and played with it for a cruel moment.

"Aaaargh ... damn you ... ooohhhh", Ramon's eyes bulged. His nuts were on fire. A part of his mind felt awfully ashamed and embarrassed, being aware that he was about to be forced to cum on camera by two high school nerds, but his balls were urging for relief.

He was already very close; but clenching his ass muscles in a desperate attempt he managed to avoid an early climax. Showing no mercy Howie's tongue licked slowly downwards until it probed onto the highly sensitive skin connecting the foreskin to the bulbous mushroom head.

"Nnnoooo ... huh ... huh ... stop, urrgh ... fuck," Ramon hollered, writhing in sweet agony. In terror he felt the control over his body gradually slipping away.

Don tried to keep his grip around Ramon's wrists. Struggling to control the muscle-packed arms he felt the resistance getting weaker. He managed to bend one hand and to shove one thumb into the wrestler's mouth. Ramon's lips closed and driven by instinct he started sucking his own thumb.

"Mmmmmppfff ... mmhhh ...mmhh" Ramon blushed in utter embarrassment. He was sobering more and more and became increasingly aware, what was done to him. Fury was sweeping through his mind, but the erotic stimulation was subduing his will to fight. His anger, however, tamed the urge to shoot his wad.

Don looked at Howie who was still sucking the writhing wrestler's dick and felt a strange sensation in his own loins. The scene was getting to him as well. He remembered the part in the booklet describing how to rim a guy's ass. Don pulled the thumb out of Ramon's mouth. He opened his belt and unbuttoned his trousers letting them slide down to his ankles. Stripping the boxers down to his knees he took Ramon's head between his thighs and lowered his butt.

Teenage buttocks closed over his nose and mouth, while Ramon’s eyes opened wide in disbelieve. His mouth opened to shout a furious protest. But he managed just a muffled grunt. The instant need for air tamed his fury. His head squirmed between the cheeks to free his nose, while he had to watch helpless as the teen wriggled his ass to shove the puckered hole onto gaping mouth.

As Don had hoped he soon felt a slippery tongue diving between his ass cheeks. Don's dick reacted promptly. To extend the excitement forever, he pressed his butt even harder onto Ramon's contorted face.

Ramon loved to eat pussy. Now for the first time in his life he was eating a man's ass. He inhaled the musk odor of Don's ass. Both his shame and anger rose. He fought desperately his sexual urges. His body tensed as his back arched. Howie gagged when the dick was shoved up his throat. He lost his grip on the balls, when he was coughing and spitting beer and saliva. His hand slipped between the thick-muscled thighs and glided into the sweaty cleft separating Ramon's dimpled bubble butt.

Ramon clenched instinctively his buttocks when he felt fingers touching his bunghole. Wrenching his hand back and forth Howie sensed an opening deep inside the cleft. Curiously he pushed and felt resistance when the panicking sphincter closed around the finger trying to stop the intruder.

Don was no longer able to keep Ramon's head between his thighs. The red angry face appeared. The hunk sounded terribly sober when he roared:

"You fuckin' queer bastards! Maricones! I'll get you for this, I ..." Ramon's expression changed from anger to shock when a finger penetrated his ass ring. Don saw the writhing body coming to an abrupt halt.

"Fuckin' shit! Don't do that! No! Take it out. I ..." Ramon yelled in panic. He knew all to well, what Howie was probing for and what it would do to him. Although open for any kind of sex, he was a typical Latin macho, who would never allow his ass to be penetrated.

It had happened only once, when he was 13 years old, although looking like 17 with his muscular frame. A whore, four times his age, had taken the handsome boy to her room. He had boldly demanded to fuck her up her ass. She had just smiled while giving him head and before he knew what was happening something slipped inside of him and hit a spot that made him instantly shoot his load. He came and came and the whore was drinking his hot boy's juice. She was not stopping even, when he was begging her and even when he'd finally passed out she made him cum until he was completely drained.

Ramon remembered the scene, when his macho pride had been shattered, in horror. At the same time he felt again the sexual arousal of that moment when he was totally controlled by the whore. He wanted to get up, but his horny body betrayed him and instead made his hips buck, impaling him even deeper on the wriggling finger. Furiously he wanted to fight the brats who were humiliating him so badly, but his body decided otherwise.

His conscious mind was wrestled down by his primal instincts and urges. All of a sudden Ramon's muscles slumped. Don regained his hold on the struggling arms.

The wrestler felt a numb weakness as if all his energy had been sapped from him. It was like hovering outside his body. Watching himself, pathetically reduced to a throbbing boner with aching balls, by two scrawny teenagers. A sweat-soaked sex toy lying helpless on the bench. He couldn't understand how the two brats were able to control him so well.

"Why are you doing this?" Ramon tried to distract himself through a conversation, knowing he only needed a little time to escape from his oversexed state of mind.

"We need some of your cum." Howie answered innocently while probing Ramon's rectum. He tried to push a second finger inside, but Ramon clenched his ass too tight.

"What?! Why? No way!" Ramon's voice was shrill.

"We are scientists," Don explained, "this is for our biology project ..."

"Ests loco! This is madness. Let me go you pervert faggots. Te reviento la jeta! I'll rearrange your fuckin' face! I swear ... you'll never make me cum!" Ramon's rebellious mind showed again.

"I'm warning you for a final time. Stop that and I will forget about it, otherwiiiiiissse, uuhhhhhhnnng, shiiiit!" Ramon's excited moans told Howie that he was on the right track. Slowly stroking the steel-hard penis, which was now heavily oozing pre-cum, he directed his gut-probing finger towards the heaving abs. Ramon watched helpless as his hips rose again forcing his spine into a tensed arch.

"Never, never, I will never cum for a man" he grunted through clenched teeth while his head lolled back, only to look straight at Don's erect teenage cock that was touching his nose.

"Oh no! Take your fuckin' cock out of my face, geez, shit, shit, shit awwww!" Ramon hollered like mad, tossing his head from side to side.

"Don't fight it. It will be over soon. I don't think you can hold it much longer." Don said, directing Ramon's hands again to his erect man tits.

"Uhh ... no way, ooooh nnno," Ramon objected but his fingers obediently started playing with his sensitive nipples. His hips were now bucking in rhythm with Howie's strokes.

"Yeah pump him!" Don was cheering his friend.

Ramon gathered all his remaining will to resist the approaching climax. He knew he could do it. So many times he had delayed his orgasm before, winning a legendary reputation among the girls he had fucked. Two nerds are jacking you, he thought to himself. Don't let some geeks make you cum. It cannot be. But whatever he tried, how much he tried to think about ugly old women and most non-erotic environments, the stimulations in his rectum and alongside his shaft were to intense to be ignored.

"Unng! Aaargh!" a guttural gasp told Howie that he was breaking the man's remaining resistance and Ramon knew it.

"Nooo! Chicos please stop that!" Ramon pleaded now fighting some unmanly tears. His whole brawny body was flushed with a dark red tone, both from the rush and from embarrassment. He sensed his hot man's juice churn in his balls, which attached themselves to the base of his pulsing dick.

"Fuuuuuuck! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" a high pitched howl signaled that the hunky muscle boy was losing the fight. The sexy cheeks of his bubble butt clenched, when he tried to contract his groin muscles to prevent him from squirting his load. He mustered all his stamina and summoned all expert techniques that he had gathered throughout his rich love life to quell the imminent climax.

"Huh ... huh ...nggg ...mmmppff ..mmmh", Ramon's ecstatic gasps were silenced when Don fed him his 8 inch teen dick. For the first time in his life the callous macho was sucking cock.

Ramon felt terribly humiliated; however, he couldn't help, he was too much thrilled by the unbelievable sensations that were racking his body. His muscles contracted and rippled out of control. Howie's finger was now constantly rubbing his most erogenous zone, while massaging his dick with agonizingly slow strokes.

Howie's own cock was hardening from the awareness being so totally in control over the muscle-packed dream body. Don's hips were now slamming hard against Ramon's face ramming his dick deep up the gargling Latino's throat.

Then it happened. The man's defenses collapsed, flushed away by a torrential flood of lust. His primal systems took over, short-circuiting his brain. Howie saw the wrestler's eyes glazing over. The defined six-pack became cramped and looked like sculpted from dark-red marble.

Ramon's toes curled. In an unavoidable reflex his long legs spread wide apart, now splitting his butt cheeks and opening his quivering sphincter in complete surrender to Howie's second finger.

The horny macho had never before experienced any orgasm as intense as this one. His powerful man-tool contracted in wild spasms.

"Uuuuurrghhhh ...ung ... ung uuung!" Howling and convulsing the muscle hunk squirted a sequence of solid streams of white man-juice. Cum collected over three days in athletic chastity cascaded 6 feet high. Huge globs of the gooey load splattered on Don's smooth back and splashed at the mirrored wall behind the bench, in which the hunk had been admiring his muscle-packed body.

"Oohhh ...ahhh ..." Don had reached his climax too. Ramon's throat was receiving a rich coating from a salty load of teenage cum.

"Uggrhh ... ungg rrghh," with a red face he retched and coughed, but Don held his head firmly in place until his spurts subsided, forcing the choked muscle boy to swallow the entire load.

"Wow!" Don gasped. Turning his reddened face to Howie he panted in the aftermath of his orgasm: "Wow! That … that was so incredible. So much better than jacking off! You have to try this."

"Aahhh, fuck!" the teen winced as Ramon's tongue touched his now highly sensitive cock head. Only now was Don aware that his dick was still in Ramon's mouth.

He pulled his semi-hard cock from the slippery lips. Ramon's mouth remained half open. His glassy eyes were still unfocussed and an occasional post-orgasmic spasm made his hips buck randomly.

"Oh, fuck ... I kill you ... for that ... I swear I kill you both. You are so dead..." Ramon drawled in furious agony while he struggled to regain control over his body. Cum and saliva was gathering in the corner of his mouth, while he tried to choke it out from his throat.

His dizzy gaze traveled across his muscular torso, over his heaving pecs, with a tribal tattoo symbolizing 'Power', the fleshy still erect man tits and the chiseled abs, all covered by his own man's juice, which was useless splashed all over the wall and on the floor. His powerful body, once his pride, that made the chicks scream in ecstasy had let him down. He couldn't believe how two scrawny nerds had been able to play him so well. He had been turned into a whimpering, screaming sex toy; just like the whores he was used to mount and to hump their brains out. He had been finger-fucked and he had sucked the cock of a nerd whom he could crush between his hands. Against his will he had been milked of his cum and now - even worse - his bonerized prick stood still obscenely erect giving a humiliating testimonial that he had liked it and may be was ready for more.

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