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Conquest of the Latin Stallion
Part 3 - Hitting The Bars
By Randy Dragon

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Conquest of the Latin Stallion

Part 3 – Hitting The Bars

by Randy Dragon


Crouched behind a garbage container the two teenagers were waiting in the backyard of the wrestling arena building for the wrestler to appear. Both had intensively studied the booklet and where eager to try some of the techniques described there-in.

"My sister will kill me, if she finds out about that," Howie whined.

"Come on, she has so many panty hoses and you snatched this one from the dirty laundry so she won't miss it so quick", Don replied.

"You think it will work? That dirty note you wrote..." Howie was in doubt.

"The book says dirty language turns ‘em on and the vet at the stable says that the studs are attracted to the mares by their smell. So I just combined it, and ... ah and it worked, see!" Don pointed at the opening backdoor where Ramon had appeared.

The Latin hunk was wearing tight, ass-hugging leather pants and a white T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves. The shirt was at least one size too small to contain his sculpted torso. The outline of his muscular frame was clearly displayed and when the hem traveled a little up his belly, the belly button appeared above the waistband of the black leather pants. Ramon scanned the backyard for his date. Nobody there, well he was may be too early. His hair was still damp and he smelled fresh from soap and shampoo.

"Ehm, Mister?" he heard a voice from behind. Turning he frowned at the two scrawny teenagers in their school uniform: Blue trousers, white shirt black tie and sneakers.

"Sorry Sir," the one with the over-sized glasses was talking again.

"What do you want? Isn't it a bit late for niños ", Ramon was definitely not in the mood for small talk with some fans. Impatiently he looked around, hoping for the chick to appear.

"Sorry Sir, are you waiting for someone?" the little brat was persistent.

"None of your business, piss off!" Ramon turned his broad back towards the lanky boys. Where was the. He wanted to fuck.


"Hey! I told you to mind your own business!" Ramon got seriously annoyed now.

"Sorry Sir, uhm..." the teen stuttered, "my sister … she … she … asked me to present her apologies, she will be late..."

Ramon looked at him in disbelieve. "You mean the chick, uhm, I mean, lady who invited me to fu... uhm, I mean, meet her is your sister?"

"Yes, Sir and she is truly sorry, but her boss kept her busy," Howie explained. "But she wants to meet you just a bit later and she sends you ..." the teen was fishing in his schoolbag,"...this!"

He produced a bottle of Tequila from Don's father's bar. The two teens seemed to have lost their timidity and started to chatter that, they just wanted to make Ramon comfortable for the inconvenience for having to wait. They were to show him around, let him enjoy a few drinks until Howie's sister would join them.

Before Ramon know what was happening he had been ushered to a taxi and took off to one of the many pubs in the town's amusement district. The teens told him that this bar was off limits to them, but in his company there wouldn't be any problems. “Bien, aquí vamos,” Ramon took a gulp from the bottle which sat between his thighs.

The bar was packed, the music loud and the air heavy with the smell of pot. A jug of beer and two milk shakes were served by a girl in tight jeans who gave him an appreciative smile. Damn he should have worn the boxers. The string in his ass cleft was driving him nuts.

"So were is your sister?" he asked Howie bluntly, "I need a pussy to plug, ya' know?"

Well, may be that evening was not so bad after all. He realized how thirsty he was and took a huge sip from the ice-cold draught beer. He was horny as hell and stared at the waitress in her tight jeans. The chick was wearing a tight T-shirt too. Ramon was wondering, whether if Howie's sister wouldn't show up ...

He downed another sip of Tequila, which tasted really good, and tried not to listen to the permanent tattle of the two pathetic teens.

After a joint and several generous sips of booze the boys convinced him to visit another pub, which was famous, because it had a license for lap-dancing. Wearing a foolish grin, Ramon agreed eagerly that this was not to be missed.

The horny wrestler was not disappointed. He had hardly squeezed his hunky frame in one of the chairs around the elevated catwalk, when he was mounted by a buxom blonde. She was grinding her cunt into his lap and was seemingly enjoying riding the rock hard bulge which rose from the muscular boy's groin. The hot dancer talked him into ordering some Whisky, which went nicely with the Tequila coming to an end. The dancer pulled Ramon’s face between her huge boobs and he inhaled the arousing smell. His dick started to hurt and struggled desperately to escape from the confinement of the tiny piece of underwear.

Ramon didn't really know how he got into a cab again. He had started to enjoy the evening and didn't bother any more about the constantly chattering teens.

"I want more beer and where is your fuckinnn sister?" Ramon slurred. They stopped at liquor store and bought some six-packs with Ramon's ID. The wrestler could barely sit upright. The two teens sitting at his sides pushed him back and kept him from slumping against the front seat. Through the tight, damp T-Shirt Don could feel the big nipple in the center of Ramon's left pec. Tentatively he started to rub softly over the fleshy knob, which responded instantly by hardening, just as the booklet had predicted.

The car stopped and Ramon grinned sheepishly at the teens, who helped him out of the taxi. Howie and Don took each one of the swaggering hunk's brawny arms over their shoulder and guided him upstairs to the backdoor of the wrestling arena. They were back were the evening had started.

"The key, where is the key man?" Don asked.

"P-pockethhh," Ramon drawled with a heavy tongue.

Don put his hand inside the pocket fishing for the key. The first thing he produced was Howie's sister's panty hose. Because the leather pants where so tight he had to push his hand rather forcefully inside until he touched the key ring, but he touched as well the roll of meat that was squeezed into the confinement of black leather. When he probed the wrestler's cock with the tip of his finger he felt the Latino instinctively tense. So he just fetched the key and gave it to Howie.

"Open the door."

While Howie was working on the door Don supported Ramon by reaching around the narrow waist. As if accidentally, his hand slipped under the T-Shirt and caressed the sculpted six-pack-abs, without any opposition from Ramon.

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