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Conquest of the Latin Stallion
Part 2 - A Chance To Score
By Randy Dragon

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Conquest of the Latin Stallion

Part 2 – A Chance To Score

by Randy Dragon


Ramon realized pretty quickly that Nigel was no match for him and he could have finished the fight within the first two bouts, however, he loved it to play with his opponents and to put up a show for the audience.

"I'll rip your guts out," he hissed into Nigel's ear while keeping him trapped in one of his holds.

The Aussie struggled desperately. Every time Ramon could have pinned him he allowed the blond boy-hunk to escape. While Ramon's muscular frame was glistening from the oil he had applied, the Australian champion was glistening with sweat. Again and again Ramon trapped the hard panting athlete in his iron holds. Nigel realized that Ramon was systematically wearing him out, but couldn't do anything about it.

Finally the Aussie's muscles were so sore and strained that he became a defenseless rag-doll in the hands of the devilish grinning Mexican. Merciless Ramon applied again sequence after sequence of his favorite holds, but it was obvious that he was using the blonde muscle boy to enhance his poses and to demonstrate his superiority. Nigel's singlet was so thoroughly soaked in sweat, that it lost opacity and make it look as if the Aussie was in the buff.

"If your girl needs a real man, send her to me," Ramon whispered and adding even further humiliation he applied some holds where he could press his arms between Nigel's thighs and put pressure on the Aussie's groin, knowing very well that strain and these manipulations would stimulate the young man against his will.

To the crowd it looked as if the Australian was sporting a hard-on and many chuckled about that obvious queer orientation. Nigel felt an utmost embarrassment and lost all focus on the fight. When he was finally pinned on his shoulders, physically and psychologically destroyed, he had tears of shame and rage in his eyes.

Ramon towered over him, proudly raising his arms while he was declared the winner and to please the cheering crowd he stripped his spandex singlet down to his waist and struck some poses, which made the girls holler just as he had expected.

"Wow, did you see that guy?" Don asked his buddy. "The Latin Stallion - jeeze, that would be the stud for our project. Do you think he might give us some of his semen?"

"Are you nuts?" Howie asked in disbelief, "That is the craziest idea you've ever come up with. That ... that Latin bull will kick our asses. He..."

"Now, you finally seemed to enjoy the fights," Brian interrupted the teens laughing.

"Oh yes, Thanks for taking us," Don replied eagerly. "Can we come again tomorrow?"

"You are out of your mind," Howie rolled his eyes in desperation.

On the third day of the tournament Ramon found a large pink envelope, which had been pushed under the door into his locker room. He had won a tough match versus the national champion of Indonesia. The hunky Asian muscle boy was a good fighter and he was smart. Ramon wanted to play with him and allowed him to get on top of him. However, before he could demonstrate, how easy he could free himself, he found himself in a murderous choke hold. Feeling his blood churning in his ears he struggled now in earnest. The audience got into a frenzy seeing the muscle-packed Latino flapping like a fish on dry ground in the grip of the smaller Asian. Ramon felt his strength rapidly declining. He was coughing and choking, desperately fighting for breath. The sudden awareness of imminent defeat had an almost paralyzing effect and then - the gong. The end of the bout had come to the rescue. The crowd was booing and whistling. They clearly favored the Asian. But now Ramon had learned his lesson. He didn't offer any chances anymore. The Indonesian skills were pulverized by Mexican muscle and Ramon made sure to apply his holds so rough and powerful that the Asian yelled in pain more than once. Finally he forced the Asian to beg him to stop. This utter loss of face was covered by the press picturing a victorious posing Ramon sneering down at his destroyed opponent.

Still pumped from the bout and a generous amount of adrenaline shooting through his veins Ramon first wanted to skip the fan mail, but then a faint odor of perfume emanating from the letter caught his attention. He whistled approvingly when he found a panty hose.

"My pussy and my ass are longing for your horse-dick, fucker. Meet me at the backdoor at 11:00 PM if you like my backdoor." was written on a little note. The Latino dug his nose inside the panty hose and devoured the scent. "Oh yeah, baby!" Suddenly his jockstrap felt two sizes too small.

Finally, a chance to score. That bride smelled great and she obviously had the hots for him. He looked to the clock: 10:45.

"Oops, got to hurry," he murmured to himself while he rushed to the shower. Cheerfully whistling, he lathered his firm body and washed the sweat from the fight away. His hands rubbed his buttocks and scrubbed the clean shaven cleft. His cock changed instantly into a semi-erect state when he massaged the shower gel along the hefty shaft and the shaven balls. For a moment he was considering to jack off, but he controlled himself knowing that he would get the real thing soon enough.

"Let's save it for the bitch, pal'" Ramon grinned to himself toweling himself dry. He went to his locker and fetched a fresh pair of boxer shorts, however, when he was about to put them on, he changed his mind. He threw the boxers back into the locker and forced his butch loins into a bikini thong. He had to bend his hefty dick to prevent it from peeping over the rim. The skimpy piece of fabric could hardly contain his balls and dick, but he felt it looked very sexy and he knew that the string grinding his butt cleft would give him a horny kick.

He admired again his reflection in the mirror. The olive-green color of the thong went well with his caramel toned skin. The string separated the hemispheres of his firm ass cheeks. The outline of his shaved balls was nicely enhanced by the stretched fabric. He grinned, when he saw the tiny wet spot appearing on top of his prick head. Oh yeah, he was cocked and loaded.

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