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Conquest of the Latin Stallion
Part 1 - A Biology Project
By Randy Dragon

Conquest of the Latin Stallion

Part 1 - A Biology Project

by Randy Dragon


This story is purest fiction. The inspiration, however, came from a fan, who sent me his hot photo and asked to write a story around it. I am most grateful for his ideas and friendly guidance. Should - apart from this - the characters in this story even remotely bare similarities to any real person, living or dead, it was purely accidental and any such similarities are strictly coincidences.

This story deals with mature subject matter and involves intimate sex. If it is illegal for you to read such material, due to your age or location, then please don't. If you are offended by acts of sexuality between consenting and non-consenting adults, then Do Not Read this story. Really don't do it!

The author does not necessarily condone or subscribe to the behavior described in this story. It was written strictly as a form of entertainment and acts described should not be attempted by anyone that does not know what they are doing.

It was a very odd smell that filled the chemistry laboratory at the Caldwell Scientific High School.

"Oh no," a frustrated Howie groaned when greasy steam from the gooey jelly in the cauldron hit his face and condensed on his glasses. Clumsily he removed the glasses and struggled to clean them with a Kleenex.

His best friend Don giggled.

Their biology teacher had given them a project to research on the propagation behavior of the male species. The project spec sheet advised them to start research at the local horse racing stable in order to get first-hand information on horse breeding. One of the friendly veterinary assistants at the stable had provided them with some sperm that had been collected from the studhorses.

"What are you laughing? It's not funny at all. I wasted half of our stallion jism for nothing..." Howie lamented.

Don grinned at his friend. He waved with a booklet that he had "borrowed" from his brother Brian.

"Howie, you should have a look at this. Did you know that some guys get turned on by having their asses rimmed?" Don asked.

Howie blushed. So far, neither he nor Donald had any sexual experiences apart from secret jack-off sessions under the sheets or in the shower. The two scrawny teens had a reputation as hopeless nerds and none of the girls at high school were keen to be seen with the pale-faced boys with their bony meager chests who never participated in any sports activity.

"You are kiddin', who would do such a nasty thing? Licking another guy's bunghole?" Although Howie tried to sound disgusted, he was proud to use the term 'bunghole'.

"No, no, it's all in here. My brother brought it from his last trip to L.A..." Donald assured.

"Ohh, man, just look at this one," Don pointed at a photo showing a woman sucking a man while simultaneously being fucked by another guy from behind," they call it spit roasting, you know?!"

Howie faked disinterest, while he stared at the booklet. "How to drive your lover crazy" was written on the front page.

"We just need to copy that book and the project is done. No need to simmer horse cum and to spend time with these ugly stinking beasts." Donald explained cunningly.

"But the teacher wants practical experiments, to get an `A' ", Howie doubted that they would get away that easily.

"Ah, relax buddy, we'll find a solution for this. Now get your things cleaned up, we are already late for the tournament and my bro will kill me ..." Donald said.

At the same time at the warm-up room of the wrestling arena, a handsome young man forced the strings of his skintight scarlet-red singlet over his broad shoulders down to his 32 inch waist. His face with the distinctive Latin features contorted while his bulging biceps pushed the 220 pounds of weight at the chest press. A tiny film of perspiration covered the smooth light-brown skin. His well-defined washboard abs strained and rippled with the rhythm of his pushes.

Ramon Valderrama liked to push his chiseled body to its limits. His regular workouts had produced a classic Latin masculine dream body that was exuding a raw, almost animal like masculinity. His compact hard muscles were evenly developed. He was purposefully avoiding an exaggerated bodybuilder frame and kept his 6 ft. body in symmetry. There was not a single ounce of excess of body fat, just 185 lb. of pure beefy muscle. His dark brown hair was buzz cut and his face wore a both charming and erotic seductive smile that made it most easy for him to score with the girls. The chicks liked his hard body, in particular his firm, sexy buttocks and he liked it when they were sinking their nails into his ass cheeks while he was screwing them.

Wriggling his ass on the bench, Ramon adjusted his impressive package into the jock-strap. Three days without sex in the restrictive environment of the wrestling tournament had left the virile muscle boy, at 23 years in the prime of his life, with aching balls close to bursting from his hot Latin seed. He needed a tight juicy cunt, badly. He imagined himself hunched over one of the local chicks and plowing her tight pussy with his 11-inch fuck rod. He almost felt her sharp finger nails scratching ecstatic across his back and digging in his perfectly toned glutes. He felt her soft love bites at his erect nipples, the wet tongue playing and chewing them. He almost heard her begging him not to stop, to go on and on and ...

"Ramon Valderrama to the arena!" an announcement from the speakers embedded in the ceiling brought him back to reality. The hunky Latino checked his reflection in the mirror for one last time. Oh yeah, he knew he was hot. He was pumped and the film of sweat enhanced with some coconut oil emphasized the flexing muscular structures. The singlet hugged his buxom butt cheeks just the way it would drive the chicks in the audience crazy. May be, there would be a chance to screw some pussy after all.

Don's older brother Brian had bought tickets for the International Free Style Wrestling Championships. "You nerds should see some real men and get a break from your books," Brian had mocked the reluctant teenagers. Brian played as Linebacker at the local college's football team. Don had asked him many times to allow him to hide in his room, when he made love to his chicks, but Brian had declined. He had no clue that his younger brother had discovered his many erotic magazines carefully hidden in his wardrobe.

Don and Howie didn't like sport events at all. The roaring crowd frightened them and they wished the evening would pass as quick as possible.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present, 170 pounds of pure life-guard muscle, from down under, Mr. Nigel Sanders, national champion of Australia", the announcer introduced a muscle-packed blonde hunk with a boyish look, wearing a light-blue singlet.

"...and in red we welcome to the national champion of Mexico, Mr. Ramon Valderrama, 185 pounds of Mexican beef, welcome the Latin Stallion!" the speakers roared while the crowd went wild as Ramon stepped into the arena flexing his muscles.

Howie and Don felt as if they had been hit by an electric shock. With wide open eyes they watched in awe the muscle-packed Latino dismantling the hapless Aussie.

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