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Chapter 4 - Ivan
By Randi2511

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It was around 10 pm and the two gypsies crept up to the large stone house carrying the basket with the tiny deformed baby in it and quietly laid the basket on the front stoop. They raised the huge iron knocker and pounded twice on the big oak front door and then ran down the circular gravel drive to the copse at its foot. There they waited for a few minutes until the door opened and a youngish man looked down at the basket, parted the ratty blanket, and gasped at its contents. He looked round, picked it up and carried it inside. The two gypsies shook hands and retreated down the long drive to the main road. Thus did Ivan find a home.

Fleckenstein did not worry about the formalities of informing the social service agencies or worrying about the legal niceties of a formal adoption. The baby was his to do with as he liked. It was a gift after all. When his housekeeper awakened the following morning and came downstairs he informed her that he was going to raise her salary substantially and expected her to take care of the baby in addition to her other duties. In the meantime he gave her sufficient money to purchase whatever she thought necessary.

As the baby grew Fleckenstein tutored the boy who seemed intelligent enough. It was obvious from his deformities that he was never going to be able to enter the wider society and this suited Fleckenstein’s purposes perfectly. He taught him rudimentary reading and writing which was all the master would need. As the boy entered puberty and his curiosity about the world increased he would sneak up to the second floor library containing Fleckenstein’s massive collection and pull down books that looked interesting, particularly those with anatomical illustrations. He was very careful to do this only when Fleckenstein was away for he’d been punished one time when he was found in the library without permission.

The housekeeper had been kind to him as he grew, but shortly after he turned 10 she left for employment in another town. Her replacement seemed repulsed by the boy’s appearance and treated him with disdain bordering on malevolence. He found it was easier to stay clear of her as best he could. When not working he would retreat to his small room under the eaves at the top of the house.

As the boy grew Fleckenstein gave him various menial tasks to perform around the house, gradually increasing their complexity and testing his comprehension and abilities. When Ivan made mistakes or misinterpreted an order he was punished by the denial of food or simple pleasures. Finally when he was satisfied the boy would follow his instructions to the letter he brought him into his laboratory.

Fleckenstein was not horribly cruel but he was harsh and unfeeling. The boy grew without knowing any warmth or affection from his master. For example, if he disobeyed an order the boy would be locked in his room without food for a day and be forbidden to speak or play with his only companion a small dog that was kept tethered behind the house. When people came to visit he was only allowed to view the proceedings from a small cubby under the stairs with a peephole out into the hallway. The only contact he had with the outside world was through the books in the library.

By the time he was 25 years old Ivan had become totally subservient to Fleckenstein, carrying out his every order to the letter and in fact becoming essential to the doctor’s plans. And so it was now as he measured the leather restraints on the thing on the table to find how to have their steel equivalents made. As he stepped over to the gurney he bumped against the nearby table and the remote control fell to the floor, knocking off the cover and scattering the miniaturized lithium-ion batteries under the gurney. As he fell to his knees to retrieve the device he heard a snapping as the leather straps on the giant broke and it groaned. Suddenly he felt a vice like grip on his shoulder. He panicked as he realized the impact must have triggered the “on” button before the batteries had fallen out.

He was paralyzed with fear. He knew he was not capable of fighting off the mechanical beast and lay there limp in the grip of the thing as it lifted him off the floor and placed him on his back on the gurney. It suddenly said in a mellifluous bass/baritone “ ‘the food that satisfies hunger’ . . . Cervantes” and pulled Ivan’s arms above his head with one hand and held them there with a vice like grip. With its other hand it took hold of Ivan’s shorts and pulled them along with his underwear down to his ankles tearing them with the force of his movement and held the short hairy legs down by the ankles.

It was obvious that whatever nature had deprived the dwarf of in the way of beauty and stature it had more than made up for in the area of his genitals. Unfortunately no other human, other than himself, had had the opportunity of sampling this wealth of riches. The thing took one look, lowered its head and virtually swallowed both Ivan’s cock and ball sac with one gulp. As huge as the mouth was it barely contained the extraordinary size of the young man’s package. Gradually there was a sucking sound, almost like a vacuum, emanating from the beast. Ivan had never felt anything like this before in his life and he felt his penis growing inside the mouth of the thing, the foreskin gradually retracting over the head. This allowed the tongue of the beast to play on his frenulum and circumnavigate the glans causing him to squirm in ecstasy. Then the thing’s tongue extruded into a thin tendril 7 inches in length and as big around as a pencil, licking at the penis opening and tasting Ivan’s pre-cum which was now flowing freely. Suddenly it plunged through the opening and down the urethra. The tongue would then withdraw and plunge in again. He was in effect having his penis fucked from the inside while having it sucked from the outside.

Within a minute of this action Ivan felt his climax approaching when the giant stopped. “Don’t stop!” shouted the dwarf, but there was no reaction. He could feel his testicles expel sperm up the vas into the seminal vesicles but then stop. After a minute as the ache subsided the sucking started again, and again he felt the fluids expand and move up through his reproductive organs. A minute later as he approached a second orgasm the giant stopped again. This happened six times and Ivan was going mad. His seminal vesicles were now full and throbbing, aching to expel their load. Finally the seventh time Ivan could feel his prostate begin to swell as the vesicles finally allowed it to expel their sperm laden semen. This semen joined with the prostate’s own viscous brew and began to spasm. As contraction after contraction occurred cum shot up Ivan’s elongated tube and into the throat of the thing as they both let out unearthly guttural sounds.

He had been masturbating since he was 12, thanks to the wealth of information available from Fleckenstein’s library, but he had never approached the intensity of what then occurred as he continued to shoot stream after stream of the thick sperm-semen cocktail down the automaton’s throat.

When he had sucked the dwarf dry, the thing spat out Ivan’s now deflating cock and aching balls and swallowed loudly. He lifted his head and sniffed the air, releasing his grip on the boy’s wrists and ankles totally ignoring him, and walked toward the caged monkeys. Ivan took in the situation instantly and knew the beast had smelled another source of food and was going to now try to drain the monkeys in the same way. He slipped off the gurney pulling up his ripped underwear and shorts as best he could and scurried underneath to retrieve the remote, the batteries and cover. He rapidly reassembled the device and pushed the “off” button just as the beast had pulled apart the bars on the nearest monkey cage. The chattering of the monkeys had reached a crescendo when the thing stopped in its tracks.

Just at that moment Fleckenstein entered the lab and shouted “What the hell is going on here?” He instantly took in the situation and realized Ishmael had broken free of his restraints and was looking to replenish his supply of food. Glancing at Ivan with his ripped pants and underwear barely concealing the young man’s genitals he knew he had fed on the dwarf. He also knew that Ishmael hadn’t had nearly enough of the sperm-semen cocktail to replenish the 123 ml. he had used during the earlier test run.

Grabbing the remote from Ivan’s hand he paused, wondering if the giant would respond to his programmed commands. It was now or never as he pressed the on button. “Ishmael, return to the gurney and lie down.” he commanded. In response the giant turned from the cages, went back to the gurney and laid down.

“ ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’ . . . Cervantes again.” and he closed his eyes as Fleckenstein pressed the off button.

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