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Behaviour Modification
Chapter 9
By ProfGuy15

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Once the gas put Frank to sleep again, Professor Gray undid the restraints at his wrists and ankles. He then turned off the flow of nitrous and removed the gas mask from Frank's face. He once again marveled at Frank's body, savoring the contours of his muscles and the beauty of his face. Despite having just cum, the professor's dick became hard as he anticipated the next event. Eager to get underway, the professor scooped Frank over his shoulder and carried him into the room where Todd still lay on the bed unconscious from the chloroform. The professor smiled as he entered the room and saw that Todd was still asleep. "Two sleeping studs here for my entertainment," thought the professor.

He gently placed Frank down on the bed next to the slumbering Todd. He then undid the restraints that still secured Todd's arms and legs to the bed. He took this opportunity to once again caress Todd's sleeping form. After a few moments, the professor stopped himself, knowing that the young men would be waking up shortly. The festivities would begin immediately upon their regaining consciousness as their reprogramming would kick in.

The professor left the room and secured the door. He then sat at a computer console and activated the cameras that were concealed throughout the small room. No angle would be missed as the professor recorded what was about to occur between Frank and Todd.

After a few more moments, both young men began to awaken. Todd quickly discovered that he was no longer bound to the bed and so was able to sit up and rub the sleep out of his eyes. Frank moaned a bit as he fought to wake up from the gas, but was able to prop himself up as he surveyed his new surroundings.

"What's going on? Where am I?" asked the still slightly dazed Frank.

At that moment the two young men noticed each other for the first time. Frank was the first to speak. "You! I know you. You were at the restaurant earlier tonight. I'm supposed to take you back to the Foundation."

"I don't think so," replied the now fully awake Todd. "I'm not going anywhere."

The professor was monitoring all of this on his computer screen. He smiled in satisfaction at his reconditioning program. Each hunk was responding exactly as he had been programmed to. The confrontation between the two men was now set.

Frank pounced on Todd, pinning his arms above his head as he sat on his chest, trying to force the air out of Todd's lungs. Frank clamped his other hand over Todd's nose and mouth in an attempt to keep Todd from gaining any new air. Although the wind was certainly knocked out of him by that maneuver, Todd was by no means out of the fight. Using his legs, Todd managed to roll out from under Frank, causing both men to fall off the bed. Now released from Frank's grasp, the fight was on again.

Now standing, the two muscled young men locked arms as each tried to get the advantage over the other. But they were well and equally matched; the competition continually went back and forth as hold after hold was countered. Both hunks were now drenched in sweat. Their muscles glistened; both breathed heavily. The professor was enjoying the fight. He knew would watch these taped events again and again.

Todd once again lunged at Frank, but Frank managed to step aside quickly enough to trip Todd who went sprawling onto the bed. Frank knew that this would be the only opportunity he would get against Todd. He leapt onto the small of Todd's back, pulled Todd's arms behind him, and grabbed tightly under Todd's chin, pulling it up. Todd writhed in agony as pain shot up through his spinal cord.

"All right now, Todd my man, I told you that I'd be taking you back to the Foundation, didn't I?" said Frank sarcastically, finally beginning to enjoy the predicament he had placed Todd in.

"Fuck you!" sputtered Todd.

"Now that's not a very nice thing to say to someone who could snap you back and neck, you know," replied Frank who was gaining more confidence with each passing moment. He knew he had Todd now. Todd continued to moan as the pain increased.

"Well, I think it's time this little contest came to its inevitable conclusion," said Frank. With that, Frank released Todd's arms, wrapped his own arms around Todd's neck, and flipped both of them over onto their backs. Todd was now lying on top of Frank who had effectively put him in a sleeper hold. To be sure that Todd would not escape, Frank wrapped his legs around Todd's midsection.

Todd tried mightily to get out of Frank's grasp, but the last hold had taken much of the fight out of him. He could hear Frank gently encouraging him to go to relax, to go to sleep, to just let it all happen. But Todd continued to try to release himself from Frank's grip, clawing at Frank's arms and legs. But with each exertion, Todd used more and more oxygen. With the sleeper hold firmly in place, that oxygen was not getting replenished. His limbs began to get heavier and heavier, and dark spots began to cloud his vision. He knew he would soon pass out.

Frank was now enjoying himself immensely. Having this much control over another man excited him tremendously. His dick was rock hard and was being stimulated by Todd who was squirming on top of him. As Todd's movements slowed, Frank began to wriggle his body to keep the arousal going. Frank was soon panting and knew he would soon cum. Just as Todd's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he sighed as consciousness left him, Frank shot several loads of cum onto his abdomen and Todd's back. The two-fold pleasure was intense for Frank: the physical stimulation of Todd's body and the psychological stimulation of putting another well-built young man to sleep.

Once Frank was sure that Todd was out, he released his hold, pushing Todd onto one side of the bed. He got up and opened the drawer of the nightstand beside the bed, finding a white cloth which he used to clean himself off. He also saw an amber-colored bottle in the drawer and instinctively wet the cloth with the contents. He walked over to Todd's side of the bed and gently covered Todd's nose and mouth with the cloth, just to ensure that Todd would not be waking up anytime soon. After a few breaths, Frank removed the cloth and put it aside.

He now looked closely at Todd's body and was surprised by how quickly his body responded to the sight. Although he had just ejaculated, his dick was now standing at attention once again. He used one hand to caress Todd's sleeping body and the other to pump his own swelling erection. Soon he was cumming once more, with waves of pleasure moving through his body.

"Ah, to be 20-something again," mused the professor as he watched these events with great attention. In fact he had used these sights to come to orgasm again himself.

He spoke into the microphone attached to the computer. The voice startled Frank out of his euphoria. "It's been a fine evening, Frank. You have done very well. You will make an outstanding addition to the Foundation. But that will have to wait until tomorrow. For now, it's time you went to sleep. After all your exertions, you must be extremely tired." With that, Professor Gray typed a command into the computer terminal. Frank heard a hiss as gas began to flow into the small room. He quickly felt light-headed, his muscles sagging. He resigned himself to his fate; after a few more breaths he passed out on top of Todd, the two muscled agents embraced in sleep.

After a few more moments, the professor evacuated the gas from the room. He picked up the phone and dialed the Foundation. "Everything went perfectly. Both Frank and Todd are sleeping peacefully after breathing in my special gas. You can send a retrieval team now." The professor entered the small room where the two men slept. He knew the team would take a while to arrive. Until then, he would get to enjoy Frank and Todd's bodies. The professor smiled.