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Behaviour Modification
Chapter 2
By ProfGuy15

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"Now let's see what sort of test subject you're going to be, Frank," said the professor to the sleeping student. He knelt down and reached under Frank's upper back to pull him into a sitting position and then grabbed onto Frank's arm. With a single, fluid, practiced motion, Professor Gray lifted Frank over his shoulder. Frank's weight felt good, his body strong. The professor steadied Frank by holding onto his legs below his firm, tight ass. With his free hand, Professor Gray began exploring Frank's thighs, feeling the dense muscles. He moved up to Frank's butt, admiring the curves and luxuriating over the solid muscle. Even through the fabric of his shorts it was intoxicating. "Another excellent choice," thought Professor Gray.

"It's high time to see what the rest of you looks like, my young friend." Professor Gray brought Frank over to the chair in the corner of the room. At first, he did not want to put the sleeping stud down; these over-the-shoulder carries were always a thrill for him. But he quickly reminded himself that there was work to be done and that there would be more time for this sort of thing later. With that, he gently placed Frank down on the chair.

Professor Gray proceeded to strip Frank. He first removed his sneakers and socks, pausing a moment to massage Frank's feet. Next he pulled Frank up into a sitting position once again and tugged off his tight black T-shirt revealing a sculpted hairless torso that tapered down from shoulders to waist. Professor Gray's dick bucked at the sight. Frank had beautifully defined pecs and six-pack abs from long hours in the gym. A faint line of hair made its way from his navel into his shorts, a perfect treasure trail. His biceps were round and tight and firm to the touch. Professor Gray lifted Frank's arms to reveal small tufts of dirty blonde hair, just enough to make the professor smile. From head to waist, Frank was essentially a perfect specimen.

"Now for the piece de resistance" said the professor to Frank's unconscious form. His hands quickly undid the belt, button, and zipper of Frank's shorts. The professor adeptly slipped them down Frank's legs, revealing a pair of white boxer briefs which clung to every muscle of Frank's legs and outlined his package. Eagerly Professor Gray pulled down the underwear to expose Frank's limp but still impressive-looking dick, surrounded by a patch of dirty-blonde hair. "Simply magnificent!" said the professor, although the compliment went unheard by Frank who was still under the effects of the sedative and chloroform.

"Before we begin to play, I guess I should strap you down," said Professor Gray, peering into the sleeping face of the young man. "Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself during our time together." The professor placed leather cuffs around each of Frank's ankles and secured his wrists to the arm rests of the chair. Knowing that he was going to keep Frank fairly sedated throughout the procedure, the professor decided not to strap down Frank's waist or chest. "Why let straps get in the way of admiring this body?" thought the professor. Once he was finished binding Frank to the chair, Professor Gray took a step back to admire the young man. A smile crept along his face as he thought about the upcoming procedure. Once again his heart began to race and his dick became rigid once more. To feel complete control over another man was indescribable.

The professor began to get the next phase underway. He walked over to a chemical cabinet and retrieved a vial of clear liquid labeled sodium pentothol. He also gathered a hypodermic syringe and a packet containing an alcohol gauze to disinfect Frank's arm. As he was calculating the correct dose, Professor Gray began to hear faint moans coming from Frank as he sought to fight his way back to consciousness. "Excellent," thought the professor. "Everything is proceeding precisely on schedule."

Professor Gray walked back over to Frank. He saw his arms and legs tighten a bit as they strained to move against their restraints. The professor tore open the packet containing the gauze and wiped it along the crook of Frank's left arm. Just as Frank's eyes fluttered open, Professor Gray stuck the needle into Frank's arm and pressed the plunger, administering the sodium pentothol. After a few moments, Frank's eyes glazed over, his slight struggling ceased, and he seemed totally relaxed once more. But this time Frank was not completely unconscious. He would be able to hear the professor's questions and would be more than happy to answer them completely honestly.

Professor Gray began with a simple question to make sure the drug was working. "What is your first name?"

As if speaking through a fog, the young man answered, "Frank."

"And how do you feel, Frank?"

"I feel . . . I feel . . . like I'm floating," was the slightly slurred replied.

"That's to be expected. You're doing very well so far. I'm going to ask you a few more questions now, and I want you to answer them truthfully, OK?" asked the professor.

"Yes. OK."

"Good. Tell me about your family, Frank. Where are your parents? Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

"My parents died in a car accident a few years ago. I don't have any brothers or sisters," was Frank's reply.

Professor Gray paused for a moment. He thought, "Well that partially explains his quick attachment to me. I'm a surrogate father figure for him. And no immediate family contacts. Those will both be useful." He continued his questions. "What is your sexual orientation, Frank?"

Frank did not immediately respond; he was trying to fight the drug. The professor prodded him, "Come on, Frank. You can answer the question honestly. Don't be afraid."

Frank replied, "I guess I'm bisexual."

The professor smiled. This made perfect sense to him in terms of Frank's obvious attempts at showing off his body to him. The professor continued, "So you've had relationships with both men and women, then?"


"Are you seeing anyone now? Describe them."

"I'm seeing a girl named Lisa. We've been going out for a couple of months now. I like her."

"Interesting. We'll have to get her out of his life. But that can be part of the experiment after his programming," thought the professor. He looked at his watch. The drug would be wearing off shortly so he had to finish his questioning.

"Have you ever been in any fights, Frank?"

"A few. I can take care of myself."

"I'm sure you can, Frank. Did you start the fights or did other people?"

"Other people. I don't start fights if I don't have to."

"That's very good, Frank," replied Professor Gray. "But that will be changing soon, my young friend." Frank did not respond to that remark. The professor continued, "Frank, you've been a very good boy answering all of my questions. Now I have to get some things ready for you, so I think you should take a nap."

Professor Gray took a second glass vial from the cabinet and another syringe from the drawer. He filled the hypodermic with sedative and walked back over to where Frank was lying. He looked directly into Frank's glazed eyes and said, "You're going to go back to sleep for a little while, Frank. When you wake up, we'll have some more fun." Professor Gray injected the sedative into Frank's arm. The professor could see that Frank was fighting the effects of the drug, but soon enough, his body relaxed, his eyes started to flutter, and a few moments later they closed. Frank was asleep once again at the hands of Professor Gray who found that watching this virile young man be rendered unconscious was something he would enjoy many more times before he was through with him.

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