The Telemachus Story Archive

A Sleepy Christmas Story
By ProfGuy15

Sean was enjoying his first Christmas in his own place.  He had set up and decorated his Christmas tree and had placed the gifts he would give under the tree.  Being in southern California, the weather was warm enough for him to keep his patio doors open to allow the breeze from the beach to come into his apartment.  Sean looked like the typical beach bum:  5’10”, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a surfer’s/swimmer’s body, toned and tan.  One of his favorite things about having his own place was the fact that he got to walk around in only his boxers.  Although there was no one around to admire his physique, Sean enjoyed the feeling nonetheless.

Satisfied that everything was ready for Christmas the next day, Sean turned off the lights in the living room but left the lights of the tree on.  He went into the bathroom and began to brush his teeth.  He had just finished rinsing when he heard a slight crash in the living room.

“Shit,” said Sean out loud.  “I bet a ball fell off the tree.”

He returned to the living room to find the tree in perfect order. There was no evidence of any broken ornament on the floor around the tree.  He walked over to investigate further when he realized that there were a few different balls on the tree.

“Where did those come from?” he thought to himself.

He bent in to look at the ornaments more closely.  Suddenly a fine red mist started spewing out of the ornaments, directly into Sean’s face.  Sean was startled by the occurrence.  He moved away slightly, but the damage had already been done.  He felt dizzy and disoriented.  Through blurred eyes, he saw that the mist was emanating from the Christmas balls more profusely at this point.  It surrounded him.  He knew he should move away, but was unable to achieve that objective. He was still breathing in the red gas, and it was obviously affecting him greatly.  He now felt sleepy.  His legs felt weak.  Suddenly he sank to his knees.  Sean’s upper body began to sway forward and backward as he tried to fight the effects of the gas.  But he had inhaled too much of it.  The final outcome was never in doubt.  As Sean breathed in another lungful of the vapors, his eyes fluttered, and he fell forward onto the floor of the apartment, unconscious.

Immediately the light from a match lit up a corner of the room, illuminating a cigar that was being lit.  After a couple of puffs, the owner of the cigar stepped out into the room. It was Santa Claus!  But this was no department store Santa.  Although dressed in red, it was not the traditional attire of Old St. Nick.  He was outfitted in a tight red leather harness and red leather shorts which accentuated every muscle of his well-developed body.  Instead of a full-length white beard, this Santa sported a close cropped salt-and-pepper goatee.  He walked over to the prone form lying on the floor.  With a slight wave of his hand, the red gas flew out the open patio doors.  He smiled in satisfaction as he continued to puff on his cigar.

“Well, well, young Sean,” said Santa, “you’ve been a very good boy this year.  As a reward Santa is going to be very naughty with you.”

He knelt down next to the sleeping stud, admiring the young man’s muscular back and shoulders.  He massaged Sean’s delts slowly, luxuriating in the feel of the boy’s upper body.  He ran his hands down Sean’s back to his waist. He saw the hunk’s athletic ass, tight to the feel as Santa groped his way down to Sean’s lithe legs, toned from running on the beach and surfing on the waves.

“If the back is this good, I can’t wait to see the front!” exclaimed Santa to the still sleeping stud.

Santa reached down and carefully flipped Sean onto his back, exposing his magnificent torso.  Santa lifted one of Sean’s arms above his head to reveal a beautiful tuft of dirty blonde pit hair.  Santa bent down to sniff:  a wonderfully masculine smell wafted into his nostrils, titillating him even more. His dick began to grow within the confines of his leather pants.

Santa’s hands began the slow journey down Sean’s hairless upper body.  Sean’s pecs were well-developed and solid to the touch.  Santa tweaked Sean’s nipples until they became erect, exciting the Christmas Elf. He admired the young man’s eight-pack abs, moving his fingers over the washboard several times, noting each ridge and valley.  On his last circuit, Santa followed Sean’s perfect treasure trail into his boxers, at once discovering their still hidden package.

“Time for these to go,” said Santa mischievously.

Santa pulled Sean’s boxer shorts down over his legs, exposing Sean’s limp but still impressive package, nestled below another patch of dirty blonde hair.  Santa salivated at the sight.  He took a puff on his cigar and blew the smoke at the sleeping member.  He smiled as the smoke wafted over Sean’s cut dick and bush.

“Well, I have to visit many more houses tonight,” said Santa. “I guess it’s time to get started here.”

With those words, Santa hoisted Sean over his right shoulder. Santa’s muscles flexed under Sean’s weight.  Santa felt Sean’s dick rub against his shoulder and upper pec as he stabilized Sean by wrapping his right arm around the young man’s legs.  The feeling excited him as he made his way to Sean’s bedroom.  As they exited the living room, Santa grabbed his red sack filled with toys for the fun that was about to occur.  Santa carried Sean down the short hallway; Sean’s arms dangled limply down Santa’s back, his hands hitting Santa in the small of his back in rhythm with his movement.  The entire scene made Santa almost burst out of his tight red leather shorts: carrying a muscular, toned, beautiful 22-year-old young man in a drug-induced slumber over his shoulder to the bedroom.  Could Christmas get any better?

Once they arrived at the bedroom, Santa carefully placed Sean in the middle of the bed, arranging his arms and legs to point to each corner of the bed.  Santa reached into his sack and removed four red leather cords and used them to secure Sean’s limbs to each corner of the bed.  Santa surveyed his handiwork with pleasure:  Sean was effectively spread-eagled on the bed awaiting Santa’s whims.

Santa reached into his red leather bag once again and removed a device composed of a plastic tube connected to a small vacuum pump which he placed on the bed beside Sean.  Next, he retrieved what looked like an ordinary condom, the tip of which had been modified in some way.  Lastly, he pulled out an amber bottle and a white cloth.  Satisfied that he had everything he needed, he sat by Sean’s head, waiting for the slumbering stud to awaken.

After a little while had passed, Sean showed signs of waking up. He was groaning slightly as if fighting his way toward consciousness, and the muscles of his arms and legs were tensing as if he were trying to move.  Of course they couldn’t since they were still tied to the bed.  But the flexing of each toned muscle excited Santa tremendously as he watched the bound stud.  Finally Sean’s eyes opened.  After blinking a few times to remove the haze, Sean realized he was bound to the bed. He saw Santa sitting by his head, and he bucked his body in an effort to get away.

“What the hell is going on?” asked Sean incredulously to the man who both looked like Santa but didn’t.

“Now, now, Sean, such language.  It isn’t a good idea to use naughty words around Santa Claus.”

“Santa Claus!  Are you nuts?”

“I thought your nap would have put you in a better mood. Perhaps we need to make you a bit more cooperative.”

With those words, Santa reached across Sean’s chest, tweaking his nipples on the way to the nightstand where the amber bottle and cloth had been placed.  He opened the bottle, inverted it on the cloth, and replaced the cap.  Sean watched Santa’s actions with widening eyes.

“What are you going to do with that?” he asked.

“This is just something to relax you and make you more receptive to Santa’s present,” the Christmas Elf calmly replied.

Santa then placed the cloth over Sean’s nose and mouth.  “Now be a good boy, Sean.  Just breathe in the chloroform.  Let it relax you.”

Sean, however, was not going to cooperate if he could help it. He held his breath which Santa noticed immediately.  Santa smiled at Sean’s futile efforts.

“You’re going to have to breathe sometime, Sean.  But to speed matters up a bit, why don’t I just do this.” Santa reached down to Sean’s package and began to slowly pump his flaccid dick.  Like any good 22-year-old male, Sean responded immediately.  The stimulation felt so good that it caused Sean to gasp, bringing in the first fumes of the chloroform.

“There we go, Sean.  Just breathe naturally for me.  It feels good, doesn’t it?  It feels like you’re floating, all your cares and anxieties floating away.”

Sean heard Santa’s encouraging words and felt his stimulating actions.  Each breath was easier than the last until Sean was indeed floating on the edge of consciousness. But before he could go out entirely, Santa removed the cloth and put it on the bed beside Sean’s head.

“How do you feel, Sean?” asked Santa.

“Feel . . . weird . . . sleepy,” was the disjointed answer.

“That’s fine, my boy.  Just listen carefully to what I’m saying.  Focus on my voice.  Can you do that for Santa?”

“Yesssss,” came the slurred reply.

“I am going to give you more physical pleasure than you’ve known in your relatively short lifetime.  The condom I’m using has a small stimulatory device at its tip.  With each thrust, it will send a very small electric charge into your prostate.  Trust me, you’ll enjoy the feeling.  At the same time, this little toy that I’m going to put on you will suck your dick as it’s never been before.  Between the two you’ll have the best orgasm of your life.  That’s my Christmas gift to you this year.”

Sean was hardly in a position to process all of this information, let alone reject the Santa’s offer.  He felt Santa’s hand pump a few more times on his dick before it was slid into the suction device.  He heard a slight buzzing when Santa turned on the vacuum pump, and the toy started its work.  After a few moments, Sean started to moan as the pleasurable feelings flowed out of his groin.  Santa smiled.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, my boy.  I’ll be joining you in a moment.”

Santa then pulled down his red leather shorts exposing his already rock hard dick.  He was by now leaking precum.  He rolled on the condom which had its own magical lubricant.  He approached the boy and began to explore his ass.  Sean was writhing in ecstasy as much as his restraints would allow.  Santa was now ready.  He slid his dick into Sean’s awaiting hole. 

That action brought Sean back to his senses.  Despite the intense pleasure he was receiving on his dick, he was now awake enough from the chloroform to mount a small protest.

“Stop it!  What’s happening?  Stop this!”

“Now just relax, Sean.  We’re both having a good time here, aren’t we?” asked Santa as his hands began to grope at Sean’s sculpted torso.

But Sean’s resistance was increasing.  So Santa decided some additional chloroform would be in order. He reached up to Sean’s head, picked up the cloth, and reapplied it to Sean’s face.

“Breathe in deeply, my young stallion,” whispered Santa.  “Trust me.  You’re going to enjoy this and remember it always.”

The chloroform had the desired effect.  Sean’s eyes were fluttering and his movements had slowed. His hips once again began to move in rhythm with the sucking from the vacuum pump.  Seeing this, Santa once more removed the cloth.

“There’s a good boy, Sean.  Just lose yourself in the pleasure.”

With that, Santa began his part, each thrust stimulating Sean’s prostate. Santa’s hands continued their massage of Sean’s chest and abs.  The young man was experiencing sensory overload, pleasure entering his entire body. One thing was for sure:  Santa knew what he was doing.

After ten minutes or so of this intense stimulation, Sean’s body had a layer of perspiration which accentuated every muscle.  Santa enjoyed the sight tremendously.  Sean’s breathing then became short and rapid. Santa knew the muscled young hunk was on the brink of the greatest orgasm he had ever felt.  Santa was very close himself.  He wanted them both to cum together, so Santa began thrusting a bit more quickly.

Suddenly, Sean’s entire body tensed as blast after blast of cum exploded from his dick into the suction device.  Seeing this sent Santa over the edge and his dick erupted as well. After what seemed like minutes to them both, Sean and Santa’s bodies began to relax from their heights of rapture.

Santa separated from Sean, pulled off the special condom, and placed it in his sack as he pulled his red leather shorts back up.  Sean was still delirious from all the pleasure and barely realized that Santa was removing the suction device from his now spent dick. The toy was also placed into the red leather sack.  Santa then retrieved the amber bottle and cloth and put those away as well.  When his hands emerged from the bag, they were holding a Christmas ball.  He sat by Sean’s head.  He looked straight into the young man’s eyes.

“Did you enjoy my present, Sean?” asked Santa.

“Oh, yes, Santa.  Thank you so much.  That was incredible!” he replied.

“I’m very glad, Sean.  I enjoyed myself, too.  I look forward to coming back next Christmas Eve.  But now it’s time for me to visit other good little boys.  And I think it’s time for you to go back to sleep. When you wake up on Christmas morning, you will remember what a special gift Santa gave to you this year.”

Before Sean could reply, Santa activated the ball which emitted a red gas that enveloped Sean’s body as it had in the living room.  Sean could do nothing else but breathe in the vapors. He quickly became sleepy once again. His eyes began to flutter.  His last sight was Santa’s smiling face hovering above him.  Then the blackness of sleep encircled him.

Santa placed the ball back in his sack and untied Sean’s arms and legs from the bed.  He arranged Sean’s body into a comfortable sleeping position and put the leather straps back in his bag.  Santa once more drank in Sean’s muscular form from the foot of the bed.  He would certainly make this an annual visit. Santa walked up to Sean’s head and kissed him on the lips.  With expectations of his next visitation, Santa left the sleeping stud and made off into the Christmas Eve night, still puffing on his cigar.