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Trapped in Abyss
Part 1 - Part 1
By Nox

Fall X042


Firm and bulging muscles packed into his tight white super suit; the tall 21-years old superhero made his usual routines at the local hospital at STEM. Some nurses crowded around the ward’s entrance to catch a glimpse of the handsome yet boyish-looking hero.

Standing at 5 ft 9, Hoshi So proudly served his nation as Asterion , the mighty healing hero. A Mystic blessed with the Blessing of the Black Bull, Asterion could use his red healing aura to boost one's recovery.

Despite being a healer, his bull-like physique was one to marvel at. White full-body spandex with yellow and red highlights wrapped his muscular body. Upon his gigantic slabs of pectoral muscles was a bright red glowing symbol "A", a level indication of his healing powers.

The young hero had powerful round shoulders with arms ripped with countless veins that could be seen from under his tight suit. His torso was beautifully sculptured with a set of cobblestone eight-packs, all tapered down to the perfect V-shaped body.

A kind man at heart, Hoshi often spent his time at the local hospitals and infirmaries to serve his people with his blessing. Even those that were said to be terminally ill had recovered from the hero's miraculous powers.




"Asterion, thank you for visiting us again," said Sheryl, one of the senior nurses. "You're always coming by and making everyone feel better. Such a big heart you have, just like your brother."

The handsome hero blushed at the beautiful lady and flashed his gorgeous smile, "Of course, Sheryl. Tsuki would do the same if he were still around. I'm simply carrying out my brother's duty.

"You might say that, but we all know you are a genuine soul. Thank you, Hoshi," smiled Sheryl warmly as she grabbed Asterion's white-gloved hands.

Asterion blushed even more as the hunk tried to hide his sheepish smile. Maybe he will ask Sheryl out this weekend. If only he weren't this nervous around her.

As the young superhero moved to another patient, Asterion could not help but think about his older brother, Tsuki.

Tsuki So was the former head of the Clan of So and the previous user of the Blessing of the Black Bull. He was beloved by all his clan members and the nation's people.

It had been a year since his brother's passing. The superhero was on a mission into the Dark Forest with two other powerful Mystics. Due to an unknown mishap, the mission failed, and only Tsuki's body was retrieved. One of his teammate's blades was found stabbed into his chest, piercing his heart—the one place where his healing aura could not recover.

Superpowers worked differently in the Mystic Forest. Blessings from the Sacred Tree of Eternal Mist grant an individual from each clan, whether human or beast man, a superpower in the form of a Blessing. The chosen ones were known as “Mystics” and often took on their clans' helm. When a Mystics meets his demise, his Blessing would be passed to another clan member. That was how Hoshi got his powers and became Asterion.

But... the other two clans did not receive their blessings from the alleged perished Mystics.

Did Tsuki's teammates betray him and flee the Mystic Forest? Were they still alive? How did my honorable brother truly die?

Asterion gritted his jaw as he moved on to the next patient.

No one told him what went down in that mission.

Perhaps he should get the answers himself…

Chapter 1

Thick, powerful roots threaded the earth. A vast and never-ending bark stretched into the skies. High above the clouds and mist were countless emerald sparkling leaves. A network of vines hung from a gigantic tree in the cool forest air.

The STEM Mystics Headquarters was nested at the base of the legendary world tree known as the Sacred Tree of Eternal Mist, or STEM. Surrounding were countless giant trees and homes of the clans of many men and beastmen.

In one of the headquarters’ rooms, two Mystic heroes were having a heated conversation.

"Asterion, stop this! The search has already ended. They have found your brother. There's nothing else," said his team member.

"Tsk," Hoshi frowned. He was not satisfied with the lack of answers. His brother was found with a stab in his heart from a blade of his own team member.

"Look, I'm asking you because I want to visit the Abysmal Forest. I thought you would understand and support me."

His team member replied, "Asterion, the Abysmal Forest is just too dangerous! You know it is out of STEM’s protection. Demons of the unknowns lurked there. Do you know how many Mystics got sent in without returning? Heavens know what happened to them."

"Forget it. Forget I asked you," Asterion grunted as he took his leave.

It had been a year, and I had been training for this. I can do this alone.

"Promise that you're not doing anything foolish. Asterion? Asterion? Do you hear me? Don't do anything stupid!" shouted his team member in a futile attempt to stop the young Mystic.

With my healing powers, what could possibly happen?

Chapter 2

Leaving the protective mist of STEM always felt strange to Asterion. He had lived to protect his clan and nation from the evils outside of STEM. The mist had always made him feel comfortable and homey, but today, the hero had something he needed to do outside of that.

Standing at the edge, he started at the dark forest before him. This unknown forest sat on the fringe of STEM’s misty protection and was full of dangerous creatures. Occasionally, a beastly call echoed across the foliage, and deathly birds flocked into the skies.

Abysmal Forest.

That was the name the Mystics called this forest. So terrible, dark, and deep that once lost in it, one could no longer get out of it. Occasionally, demons from this forest will enter STEM and threaten their safety.


A creature stumbled out of a bush. Black, small, and slightly deformed. A large round head with no eyes but a wide mouth and tiny legs. It leaped toward Asterion furiously, but the superhero easily fended it with a swipe.

“Time to learn more about this forest and what happened to Tsuki,” muttered Asterion as he trekked the path into the unknown. The one that his brother took for the mission.

His journey through the Abysmal Forest was not an easy one. The deeper Asterion went, the more powerful the monsters were. From brute force creatures to fire-breathing monsters, the demons in this forest could easily tear down a full-grown lion, gorilla, or any inexperienced Mystics. Each beast seemed to be a variant of the first black creature Asterion saw.

Slaughtering the monsters with just his mighty fists, Asterion wrapped himself in his powerful red healing aura to keep his energy and stamina up. He could not allow himself to be defeated before he learned the truth that he sought.

But very soon, it was nightfall in the Abysmal Forest. The moon was hidden by the thick, murky clouds and the dense cover of the forest.

Unable to navigate further in the darkness, Asterion found a cave to settle in. The menacing cavern seemed to be the only hospitable place in this dreadful forest. As the young Mystic set up camp for the night, a pricking feeling spread across his skin.

The air turned icy cold, and a sinister vibe seemed to emit from deep within the dark cave. In the dead silence of the night, Asterion could have sworn he had heard some grunting sounds.

Curious, the hero entered deeper into the cave. His auric powers dimly lit the way before him in a ball of red light as he trekked through the wet and moist tunnel. The cave walls seemed to be covered in some slime.

Then Asterion paused in his tracks. Something was moving on the ground in front of him. Something long and black. 

A snake? No… it looks like a tentacle!

Quickly tracing the source of the tentacle, Asterion stood motionless at the ghastly sight. A giant black blob of tentacles was resting before him, pulsing and moving like a living thing. It was the size of a small house, filling the entire tunnel from wall to wall.

"Hello… young man."

Asterion stared at the giant blob with surprise. This… this monster spoke? No, it was some sort of telepathic thoughts. He took a step back.

Monsters in the Abysmal Forest were dangerous, but monsters with intelligence enough to communicate? They are far more dangerous than any others.

"That white suit of yours and that red aura. They all look familiar."

"What are you?" shouted Asterion as he cautiously watched the countless black tentacles flailing around in the air.

"I wonder if you can help?"

"Help?" Asterion replied as he looked around the dark cave. He could not see anything beyond this grotesque, monstrous blob.

"Yes, young man. My younglings are weak and helpless in the mist outside. They could barely survive leaving this forest."

"What do you mean they are weak?"

The hero frowned. Those monsters out there were powerful and were nothing he had encountered before. This massive blob was their mother? The source of those strange monsters?

As his eyes adjusted to the dark, Asterion saw something that made his blood chill instantly.

A torn white glove with yellow highlights rested on one of the cavern’s rocks. It was the same as his, exactly like his departed brother’s.

Shocked at what he saw, Asterion whispered, "Tsuki?"


A short moment of silence stilled between Asterion and the monster.


One of the black tentacles struck, but Asterion ducked out its way swiftly.

"You… Are you related to that man? Oh, yes. Yes now! That suit and red aura."

Suddenly, the blob of black tentacles started to attack Asterion. A powerful slam to the ground and a swipe toward the superhero. But Asterion skilfully avoided the strikes. 

Monsters! They always just attack without warning — such beastly things.

Asterion grabbed onto one of the tentacles. With his mighty strength and a roar, he tore one of the tentacles apart, causing the monster to let out a shrill.

Argh! You…”

Taking the chance that the monster was flinching in pain, the superhero threw a mighty fist into the black blob. Raining powerful punches after another, Asterion was pummelling this unknown monster until it would not be a threat.

Did this monster have something to do with Tsuki's death?

“Monster! What do you know of my brother? If you are the one who took his life, I will make sure you pay with yours!” yelled Asterion as he prepared for battle.

In the heat of his emotions, Asterion failed to notice the torn-off tentacle as it crawled behind the superhero. In a flash, the tentacle struck him from behind and latched onto both his balls, wrapping itself through the hero’s white costume.

"Argh!!" Hoshi cried out in pain. As Mystic tried to get rid of the molesting tentacle, he was too late when another tentacle swirled around his chiseled abs.

Two other tentacles had grabbed his ankles and lifted the muscular superhero into the air, dangling him upside down.

"You're… How? Let go of me!" roared Asterion as he wriggled to get free. His black hair swayed around as his muscular arms reached around to grab onto a passing tentacle.

"How do you know my brother? What did you do to him?"

"Savage young man. How negligent of you not to watch your back. So, unlike your brother."

Damn it! Why can't I stop this monster?!

One of the tentacles started to touch Asterion's white spandex-clad body all over. Starting at his handsome boyish face, it slithered down to his round shoulders and firm pecs. Asterion gulped before letting out another struggling roar as the tentacles began to explore other parts of his hot superhero body.

Chapter 3

"You… Bastard! Let me go!"

Four powerful black tentacles held Asterion in place - two on his ankles and two on his wrists.  The monster hoisted Hoshi tightly up into the air. The young Mystic tried to free himself from its grips, but it was useless. Each tentacle had the strength of at least ten men.

"Ugh! Let go!!" Asterion squirmed as he tugged against the powerful appendages. Both his powerful arms and legs were held tightly. This monster was too strong for Asterion to fight against alone.

Argh! Why didn’t I come with someone?

As the superhero regretted his reckless decision, he felt something probed from behind. A fifth tentacle latched onto the part of his pristine white suit covering his most private part and tore it open.

"NOOOO!" Asterion cried out when he felt the cold cavern air from his bare bottom. "This cannot be happening! Get away from me!”

The muscled hero swung around wildly and screamed, “Release your filthy tentacles from me! Ugh! Don't touch me!"

"Foolish man. Do anything stupid, and I will make you cry and scream unsightly.”

Asterion pulled and tugged with the remaining of all his strength. His powerful arms strained against the tentacles as he used his strength to overpower the mass of tentacles. As sweat poured from his handsome face, veins popped out from his large biceps.

"Powerful and strong man. That delicious red aura of yours. Just what I need."

"Grrr," Asterion growled as he slowly felt a tentacle coiling around his thick neck before biting into the back of his neck, sending a piercing sharp down his spine. "Aaargh! What have you done?"

Immediately after, Asterion felt all his strength desert his body. The bright red symbol on his chest instantly dimmed and flickered weakly. It was as though the tentacle at the back of his neck had suppressed his Blessings of the Black Bull.

"So… weak," the super hunk said as his deep voice slowly dwindled. His eyes stared at the monster, and he asked, "W-what have you done to my powers?" 

"Preparations are in process, strong young man."

Asterion stared weakly as one of the monster's tentacles morphed into a huge black dildo shape. Slowly it moved down to the protesting hero, searching from the Mystic's virgin hole.

"No… N-not in my ass," stuttered Asterion shakily as the dildo probed at his hole.

Holding the hero tight and spreadeagle in mid-air, the monster shoved its tentacle into the superhero's tight asshole. Asterion released a pained scream as he had never had anything in his rear end. The thick tentacle continued to enter him.

"BASTARD! Argh!! It hurts!" yelled Asterion. The Mystic thought he would faint from the intense pain, but he held onto his consciousness. His body glowed in a dim red aura as the hero used his remaining powers to sustain himself from the pain.

"First, I need to make sure you are properly cleaned. Don't want any surprises for my younglings." 

"Cleaned?!" Asterion asked but immediately got his answer when he felt something warm gushing into his rectum. The sensation felt like water being pumped into his ass, filling up his belly. "Fuck!! What are you doing?"

As his belly continued to inflate, seeming without an end, Asterion feared that whatever this monster injected into him would come out of him orally. Quickly, his stomach grew and pushed out his magnificent eight-packs, highlighting its curves and shape onto the hero's tight white spandex suit.

"S-stop, bastard! AUGH! Stop this!"

Then suddenly, the inflation stopped, leaving Asterion panting profusely with a fire in his stomach. His entire system was flooded with the demon’s fluid. Slowly but surely, he felt the liquid drain from his rectum back into the tentacle.

The feeling was oddly satisfying as liquid gushed out. One after another, his rock-hard abs reformed onto the hero’s belly, returning his washboard abs.

"Haah, you… monster!" Asterion let out a grunt as whatever fluid in him drained off. He could feel a stirring in his crotch as the enema liquid was sucked out from his ass.

Without warning, another stream of warm liquid started to fill up his ass again. This time, the hero felt a strange sensation, different from the first.

This… This can't be feeling good.

Asterion bit down his lips as he tugged the tentacles holding him captive. This monstrous enema was turning him on.

As before, once his belly was filled with the liquid, the monster began to drain off from the hero's insides. This time, Asterion moaned as the liquid left his body. It felt like he was peeing from his ass, and somehow, that felt incredibly arousing.

Fuck… What is this monster doing to me?

This time, his cock began to grow within his tight white pristine suit.

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