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Mistletoe and the Christmas Star
By Nox

Mistletoe and the Christmas Star 

Winter X041


"So, I saw this adorable dress the other day. I can’t wait to show you later," glee Diana as she sipped her coffee. "It’s going to be a surprise for my boyfriend this evening. He's helping out at the Christmas Market today."

"Who is he anyway? You only talk about how tall, handsome, and hot he is. But no picture, no name. Someone's being very secretive." Her friend teased as she grabbed her cappuccino from the handsome young barista. "Thank you, Herb."

"A pleasure as always, Patricia. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, you two gorgeous ladies," smiled Herbert as he handed the ladies a beautifully wrapped rose each. "A little something to accompany your shopping today."

"Oh, you are such a darling, Herb," winked back the lady.

Diana giggled, "Herb's single, you know?"

"Oh, shut it!" blushed Patricia. "So, how do I know if this perfect boyfriend of yours even exists?"

Their conversation continued as the pair left the café.

The sunshine barista of Da-Tu-Ra Coffee and Flowers smiled as he watched his regular patrons come and go about their busy day. A good café owner had to know all his regulars.

His eyes turned back to the man at the corner of his café, typing relentlessly away at his laptop. Something seemed off with Oscar today. Today, his guest seemed to have a nervous but excited gleam in his eyes.

Herbert's brows arched in curiosity. But as Oscar was too engrossed in his devices, the handsome barista returned to tend his coffee counter, wiping off the wet mugs.

Lost in his thoughts, a slight annoyance brewed within Herbert. He still can't figure out how to get what he came to Kant City for.


Seated by the café window, Oscar Ramzan was busy working on his laptop. He was a handsome and well-toned man. Often dressed in executive wear, the bearded 25 years old salaryman often visited the café depressed and stressed out from his taxing auditing work.

With his rolled-up sleeves, his toned hairy forearms tensed periodically as his fingers ran across the laptop's keyboard. The top of his open collar revealed a nice furry chest.

His phone lit up and began to vibrate. His boss was calling… again.

"It's fucking Christmas Eve, for god's sake," thought the auditor as he picked up the call.

"Yes… Uh… Yes… Yes, Boss. I'll get it out soon. Yes. Thank you. Have a good one."

After ending the call, the man flicked a finger at his mobile, in stark contrast to his usual polite demeanor.

"It's still early. I can get this out before heading down to the Christmas Market," thought Oscar as he refocused his attention to the screen.

He looked at the corner of his screen. A gorgeous photo of a young muscular hero. His body shifted slightly as he tried to shake off the stirring in his pants.

Chapter 1

Despite being in the middle of winter, the city was experiencing a sudden heatwave. The sun was blazing down on Kant City's Christmas Market, thawing the snow from last night. The world-famous destination was filled with countless homely wooden booths decorated with festive lights and beautiful green garland.

The place was buzzing with people enjoying the occasional mulled wine imported from the famous Burnt Vinery or the sweet treats from the gourmet SugarLoaf Confectionary. There was a wide selection of homemade crafts and carnival games to entertain visitors of all ages.

But all the action for this afternoon was on the central stage of the Christmas Market.

Over the PA system, the host proudly announced, "Ladies and gentlemen. Children of all ages. Today, we have a special guest performance. His appearance today raises education funds for our city's youth, so take this chance to give during this festive season."

The crowd cheered with anticipation.

"Treat yourself today with a jaw-dropping display of raw power and astounding moves that took down countless villains and kept our streets safe."

He paused dramatically as the suspense music rolled in.

"It is our honor and pleasure to have the ever-so-popular rising star right here in our city. The sidekick of the fearsome Guardian, Jaguar. None other than Renegade !"

Bursting from behind the curtains, the gorgeous 21 years old hero greeted his audience with a wide smile. Screams and cheers erupted from the crowd. The hero gave a cheeky wink that solicited more screams from his fans.

Renegade was dressed in a black short-sleeved suit with blue highlights. His suit wrapped tightly around his incredibly shredded body but exposed his torso. His large muscular pecs peeked under his suit and revealed a set of luscious dark nipples. The individual mounds of his washboard abs are highly defined. He wore a black domino mask that hid his secret identity. There were two stun lasers on his sides that he often used on his missions.

Practice targets were rolled onto the stage for his stunt performance. The master martial artist showcased his powerful punches, perfect kicking techniques, and an array of gymnastics. He even fired off his stun lasers to show his precise marksmanship and quickly switched them into close combat tasers and tackled the dummy targets. With the blue electrified shocks lighting up the stage, the crowd went insane.

To spice things up, padded stunt performers were called onto the stage for the skilled hero to display his moves against live opponents. Skillfully, he tackled, wrestled, and took down each one of them in quick succession. All of which led to even more cheers, blowing up the vain hero's ego.

The demonstration went on for close to an hour, and towards the end, the athletic hero was panting heavily and drenched in his sweat. His black hair rested charmingly unkempt upon his handsome face. His muscular physique looked even more pumped than before as it glistered in a thin layer of perspiration.

"Thank you, everyone!" shouted Renegade as he raised his bulging arms in appreciation. Applause and screams continued even after the hero went behind the curtains.

Resting in the performer’s room, he took a towel to wipe off the sweat on his muscular body while hydrating himself. With the large mirror in front of him, the vain hero flashed a smile to himself and admired the details of his perfect physique. “Looking fine today,” he grinned narcissistically, ignoring the background of staff preparing for the next performance.

He was excited for the rest of the day. Diana was coming over to meet him after her last-minute Christmas shopping. The thought of his beautiful girlfriend made him smile. He did prepare a little surprise for her this evening.

Putting on his heroic black-blue jacket, he glanced back down to his side. The towel was missing. Did someone take it just now?

He shrugged to himself and left the room. The young hero had some time to kill around the market before this evening.

Chapter 2

Strolling around the market, Renegade took in the festive sights and heard the excitement around the day’s upcoming highlights - the mind-blowing magic show, the spectacular fireworks over the Tree of Joy, the highly anticipated Kant City's massive Christmas Tree and so much more.

The thought of experiencing everything with his girlfriend this evening excited the romantic hero. Renegade was an upright and faithful man, loyal to his partner despite his playboy looks and hordes of cute fangirls.

As he continued his exploration of the market, something caught his eye. There was a booth heavily decorated with rainbow garland and brightly colored decorations. A rainbow flag hung at the window of the booth.

A couple of muscular gym hunks was flirting with the booth owner. He was much more petite but well-built, dressed in a green-red polo tee with a leafy green mask. He looked like an attractive guy, so it was no surprise that the hunks were teasing him, leaning in for a kiss.

Renegade looked up at the booth's name - Mistletoe's Kissing Booth.

"What an odd booth." He thought as he noticed one of the hunks looking in his direction.

"Oh my God! Is that Renegade?" The hunk's eyes widened as he called out in a high-pitch voice. "Renegade, sir! Would you like to take part in this kissing booth too? Each kiss by this cutie Mistletoe here costs $5, and it goes to support the kids too."

Renegade laughed bashfully and politely declined, "I'm all good, but I'm happy to donate."

"Is the mighty hero afraid of a little kiss?" the hunk teased with a smirk. "Too straight to take a kiss from another guy?"

"What? No… It's not like that," stuttered the egoistic hero.

A crowd slowly gathered, and chatter began to erupt, wondering if the hero would do it.

“Oh, my! Is that Renegade?” “Is he going to kiss?”

“Wow, that would be so hot!” "Kiss, kiss, kiss!"

Pressured to please his fans, Renegade rolled his eyes and raised his muscular arms in concede. "Okay. Fine, just one kiss on the cheek."

The crowd roared with approval as the hero popped in a fiver into the jar. He leaned into the masked man slowly, with his eyes trained on the man's bearded chin and thin lips. The audience held their breaths in anticipation.

"Augh!" yelped out the hero in surprise. While he was distracted by the man's lips, one of the gym hunks grabbed the back of his head and forced the hero's lips to land right on the masked man's. How ballsy of that gym rat!

Renegade struggled forcefully as the warm lips touched his own. An electrifying tingle of sheer pleasure exploded in his unexpecting mouth. It felt as though millions of extra nerves had suddenly grown on his lips, and each one of them was firing off sensations of pleasure he had never felt before.

He could feel a wet tongue slipping into his mouth and caressing his own. He could taste the saliva of the masked man. His eyes fluttered slightly as his lips wanted to press as hard as possible into the wonderful mouth in front of him. He almost never wanted the kiss to end, not when it felt this amazing!

When the masked man finally broke the kiss, the panting hero crouched forward onto the booth counter with his elbows supporting his muscular frame. His body shuddered slightly as he tried to recover from the intense exchange of pheromones.

"Looks like our hero likes it, boys," laughed the gym hunk with his friends. "And liked it… a lot!"

However, still seeing that the hero was weak in his knees, the gym hunk's face changed to a look of concern. "Uhh… Renegade? Are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine," panted Renegade. Something was wrong… What was going on?

His mind could hardly focus. A strange feeling filled his heart. Desire?

The masked man looked at the exhausted hero stud in front of him. "Hey guys, maybe Renegade's tired from the performance just now. If you don't mind, could you help him get into the back of the booth for a quick rest?"

"No… I'm fine."

"I don't think so," said the gym hunk as he supported Renegade's limp body and helped him into the booth.

The masked man turned towards the hunks and the rest of the crowd as he handed Renegade a packet of water.

"Nothing to see here. Renegade is all in good hands. Be on your way and have a fantastic Christmas Eve." Glancing back at the exhausted hero, he muttered under his breath and smiled slyly, "Well… I know I will be having a good one."

Chapter 3

Renegade rested on the chair, dazed out slightly. His breath was getting steadier from the mind-numbing experience.

"What… What happened? Why did that… that kiss feel so good?" The hero wondered as he struggled to put his thoughts together.

He looked around. It was a small place, with streaks of light shining through the slits of the wooden booth. The owner had rolled down the canvas curtain to shred off the sunlight. It was comfortably dim.

Renegade watched the masked man grab another packet of water from the shelf. There was a strange smell lingering in the booth, pleasant but musky.

As the stranger handed him another packet of water, he leaned in close to the hero and placed his hand gently on the hero's forehead. "You feel a little feverish."

Renegade shifted uncomfortably. He could smell the bearded man's musky scent. His flustered cheeks felt like they were burning. He quickly gulped down the packet of drugged water.

The man leaned in even closer. His luscious lips were inches away from his face. They seemed to have captured the hero's complete attention, as if by magic.

Renegade tried to shake off that thought. He was straight, had a girlfriend, and was deeply committed. As he struggled to hold that thought, his eyes felt heavier by the second. Something was wrong here. He needed to get out.

Grabbing the arms of the chair, he stumbled onto his feet. His head felt funny, and his vision blurred. "Ugh… I need to leave."

As the remaining of his strength sapped away from his muscular legs, the hero collapsed onto the stranger, with his head resting on the man's shoulder.

The last words he heard before the darkness took over. "There, there… I got you now. Renegade."

Chapter 4

With the unconscious hero resting on his shoulders, Oscar gleamed with pride. He finally did it! His first-ever hero and an extremely hot one to boot.

The salaryman placed the limp muscular body back onto the chair. Gently slapping the hero's handsome face, he was sure that Renegade would be out cold for at least the next 30 minutes. He didn't use a strong sedative after all.

Oscar checked himself out in the mirror and adjusted his leafy mask and polo tee. Today, he was not the goody-two-shoes, mild-mannered salaryman he was all year. On Christmas, he will be the naughty, confident, and sexy villain - Mistletoe . With that thought, he giggled geekily before resuming into his villain persona.

He fetched a black glass bottle of cologne from his bag. It was decorated elegantly with golden-crafted monkeys. A fine engraving read - Primal Cologne.

Mistletoe carefully sprayed the cologne onto his forearms, neck, and under his armpits. A gentle sense of warmth enveloped his body. His eyes turn slightly bloodshot from the application. "Yes… the source of my powers," he uttered as a strange sensation coursed through his body.

In his hands, he had prepared thick red ropes. Expertly, he put together a tight handcuff knot around the hero's wrists and looped the thick ropes through a wall hook above the chair. Renegade's heavy muscular arms were pulled upwards, spreading his armpits wide open.

He looked at the unconscious hero's masked face. The apprentice hero had a sharp nose, high cheekbones, and beautiful lips. Everything about his face was stunning. Mistletoe placed his hands on the black mask. The desire to remove it was strong. He wanted to see his hero's handsome face, but then his hero would no longer be Renegade, just a random muscular stud once the mask is off. Hesitantly, his fingers left the mask on the hero's face.

Renegade's black suit had a short-sleeved top. The villain could see a tiny bit of hair poking under his skin-tight sleeves. Curious, Mistletoe leaned into the spandex-covered pits and stretched the elastic material open slightly. A robust musky scent filled his nose. "Ahh… that's the stuff. It was just right that he had that sweaty workout earlier on stage."

Mistletoe gleamed in delight as he brought out a metal leg spreader. It had two leather shackles far apart from each other. There was also a stand to hold the spreader up. Quickly, Mistletoe bolted the contraption to the ground, just in front of the hero's resting body. Then, he lifted the hero's massive thighs over and secured the ankles into the shackles.

Noticing the stun lasers on the side of his unconscious captive's hips, Mistletoe remarked, "Oh goodness, can't let the mighty hero have his toys." He carefully unhinged the hero's signature weapons and admired the Rustmore craftsmanship before putting it aside.

Taking a couple of steps back, he admired his work. He had been lusting over this young hero for ages, spending every night on the internet stalking and admiring every photo of the muscular hero. Now, he had the heroic stud right in front of him.

Renegade laid bounded in the chair. His muscular arms were tied together and raised high above his head, leaving his sexy pits vulnerable. His legs were spread wide open in the contraption in front of him, bounded by thick leather shackles. His groin was left undefended, free for the villain to explore.

"What a perfect Christmas present for myself," chuckled Mistletoe excitedly

Chapter 5

"Ugh… Where am I?"

A thin streak of light shone on his handsome face. Renegade tried to shake off the cobwebs in his head. He tugged his arms, only to find them bound above his head. His legs were spread open in front of his body.

"What the…?"

In front of him was the booth owner, still dressed in his leafy mask and green polo.

"You! What is this? Release me!" Renegade yelled out loud. "Do you know who I am?"

The man looked visibly shocked at the outburst.

Quickly, he grabbed a ball of cloth and stuffed it into the struggling hero's mouth. Renegade's eyes shot wide open. The stink was overpowering. There was a strong scent of sweat in that ball of cloth. Making sure that Renegade was properly gagged up, the man sealed the hero's mouth and nose with duct tape.

"Goodness. I can't believe that I forgot about keeping you gagged up. We are still in the market. Don't want any interruptions, do we?"

Renegade let out a muffled scream. The pungent smell was intoxicating and made him choke on its musky scent.

Despite the overpowering smell, the trained hero quickly assessed his situation. They were still in the booth. His captor seemed to be in his late twenties. He was smaller at around 5ft7, compared to the towering 6ft2 hero.

His binds were amateurish knots that he could easily get out with time. But his stun lasers were taken off and out of his reach. Renegade gritted his teeth. How could he be so careless?

"Hello Renegade, you can call me Mistletoe," introduced the villain. "And I hope you are enjoying the little treat I prepare for you. I wore that underwear for the last two weeks, unwashed. It is fermented with my scent now."

Fuck! No way! He was being forced to smell this sick man's soiled underwear! Renegade's eyes teared up from the stench as he groaned and growled in his binds. He twisted his head about, struggling to shake off the indignity he was facing.

Mistletoe carefully cut open the hero's sleeves with a sharp pair of scissors, exposing only the hero's hairy pits. The sight was so alluring. "Oh, I simply can't resist anymore," moaned the villain lustfully.

His face dived right into the unsuspecting hero's musky pits. Oh, how much he wanted to lick the sweat of this hero, to see what his armpits taste like. His tongue caressed the muscular contours of the pits. The manly musk filled his nose as his lips tugged the black hairs.

The ticklish sensation sent shockwaves of pleasure across the hero's body. Renegade pulled against the rope and let out a series of muffled moans. No one had ever licked him in his sensitive pits before, not even his girlfriend. He could feel the warm tongue slurping up his manly sweat and bristles of the villain's beard brushing against his vulnerable cavities. "God! Why the fuck! This fucking pervert?! Shit! Why does it feel… feel so good?"

The smell on his face was beginning to turn oddly arousing. It was hard to focus. The taste of the moist underwear filled his mouth. In the heat of the moment, Renegade swallowed hard and instantly regretted it. He could taste the scent of his captor flowing down his throat. He wanted to puke, but at the same time, he could feel his cock getting hard.

"So… so… so delicious." Mistletoe looked up at his hero gleefully. His mouth and chin were wet with his saliva.

Renegade tried glaring back at the villain, but a growing feeling of helplessness filled him. The soiled underwear and pit-licking were so utterly humiliating to the proud hero, but somehow, it caused a strange sensation within him to stir.

"No, no, no! It's not possible," screamed Renegade in his thoughts as he shook his head in denial. He was growing hard, and the villain knew it. The contours of his tenting cock could be seen from under his suit. Something was really wrong. He’s straight and he should not be so turned on!

Chapter 6

"I always wondered why your suit is the most revealing among all the heroes," said Mistletoe as he wiped his chin. "A hero suit that exposed your muscular chest, nipples, and abs?"

His fingers walked up the hero's washboard abs. "You must be a kinky man," teased the villain. "No one would ever dress like that."

Without warning, the villain crossed over the hero's body. In his green tights, his butt cheeks rested on top of the hero's growing crotch, and his legs wrapped around the muscular well-trained abs. Like a cat, he leaned into the hero's thick muscular neck and licked the sweat off.

Renegade pulled hard against his binds but to no avail. This perverted villain began consuming his salty sweat vigorously. The hero let out soft muffled moans as the thick beard tickled his neck.

"So sweet. So salty," whispered Mistletoe as he enjoyed his manly meal from the extremely aroused hero. "The musk, the pheromones. Need to consume everything."

His hands rubbed against his captive hero's rippled abs, and his butt stroked the hardening cock below him. "So sexy…" moaned the villain as he felt the rod below him pressed against his ass.

Renegade could hardly focus anymore. The smell of the underwear in his face was driving him crazy. It smelled so good. It tasted so good. Unconsciously, he bit down on the soiled underwear and savored the musky taste.

"Yes… take it all in,” laughed Mistletoe. His powers are working. "My hero. You are falling deeper and deeper into my powers."

Renegade struggled to listen as Mistletoe explained, "After consuming the sweat from your used towel, my body had re-engineered brainwashing pheromones specifically to overwrite yours."

Mistletoe caressed the entranced hero's face with his hand. "Each time you taste and smell me, you will be beginning to desire me more."

Renegade's eyes glassed slightly. Despite being aware of the brainwashing element in the super villain's scent, it was too late. They had already released desires that he didn’t even know existed. It was getting harder to think and fight with each breath.

"Mmpff!!" Renegade moaned shamelessly in his gag. He was feeling so hot and hard below. He knew his groin was bulging through his spandex tights, but he didn't care anymore. He wanted this person sitting on him. He didn't care if another man was turning him on, making him so aroused, or that he was sinking deeper into the brainwashing.

"My scent should be intoxicating to you right now. You will be drunk with lust for me. Soon you will be lost to them. You will do anything I say."

Renegade glared back with teary eyes. He knew this was not a battle he could fight for long.

Mistletoe grinned savagely. In one quick movement, he ripped off the gag from the hero's mouth and dove in to kiss the hero. His tongue wrapped around the Renegade's, savoring the taste of the hero's saliva and his own musk. The pheromones in his saliva sent the muscular stud's senses into a wild frenzy.

Renegade's eyes rolled up in shock. He never even imagined that a kiss could feel this good, even better than the first one. He felt Mistletoe moan into his mouth, feeling the man's breath mixing in his. As their tongues continued to intertwine, tremors of pleasure washed through his whole body, eroding his will and resistance. His dick was raging with lust and swelled to its full length underneath his suit.

As Mistletoe broke off the mind-blowing kiss, Renegade was shaking and sweating, shocked and confused. "I-I can't," his voice droned out. He was panting with effort to keep from begging the villain for more.

Seeing the handsome stud dazed out from his stupor, Mistletoe wiped off the drool of the corner of the hero's mouth. "Your sense of taste, sense of smell. Carrying my lusty pheromones to your brain. What are they telling you?"


He leaned down and kissed the hero's exposed nipple. The muscular form trembled beneath with a loud gasp. He cannot admit it! He's Renegade! Prodigy sidekick of Jaguar.

"Telling you that you want more?"

"Please… N-no"

He licked the hero's sweat off his sweet and sensitive nubs, moistening them with his saliva. The ensnarled hero twitched and wriggled weakly in his binds, moaning softly. God! Why? This feels too good! Even better than with Diana?! Is this wrong?

"Telling you that you want all of this?"

"Oooh... fuck!"

Mistletoe's hand reached back to stroke the hero's thick erected member. It was long, hard, and painfully erected in the tight suit. "So big…" he whispered a warm breath over Renegade's exposed nipple. The hero stuttered with pleasure.

"Telling you that all you want this Christmas is Mistletoe?"

Renegade looked at the man in front of him with conflicted emotions. Who was this man? Why? Why do I... want him?

The villain cupped his hands over the hero's member and could feel that large organ pulsing and trembling with desire. The lust and heat from his hero were exhilarating. Mistletoe's chest heaved heavily with the intensity reflective of his captive's. He could feel the hips below him thrusting into his stroking palm, desperate for release.

Then Mistletoe wrapped his lips around Renegade's nipple and began to suck and roll his tongue all around the erotic spot.


That made the hero aroused beyond his understanding. His entire body tensed up, his powerful muscular torso twisted and turned, displaying the pure and raw masculinity of the superhero. His legs tightened with the impending release. Oh god! How much he wanted this man. Needed this man.

Mistletoe could feel the hot dick throbbing like crazy in his hand. He watched lustfully as his captive's face turned red, and his body trembled. Veins on his neck popped out as the young hero experienced one of the most intense orgasms in his life.

"ARGH!! Ohh! Muf! Oh, God!" Renegade let out a stifled moan of pleasure. His entire body tensed up and held rigid for a long pleasurable ten seconds before sagging back into his chair, with his arms strained and spread out.

Mistletoe smiled as his hand felt the sticky wet release seeped out from his suit.

"Tell me, my hero. What are the voices in your head telling you?"

"AlI I want," Exhausted from his ejaculation, his glazed eyes looked up at the man who was resting on top of his muscular body. No… Renegade… no! You can’t!

Renegade panted back softly, drowned in his lust. "All I… w-want… want is..."

He bit down on his lips as he threw his head back behind his tied-up arms. The humiliation had destroyed whatever self-confidence the straight hero had of himself previously. A shaky whisper could be heard, "… you."

"Good hero," chuckled Mistletoe.

Chapter 7

Mistletoe got off the hero's panting body. The young man lying on the chair was so tall and sexy. His long arms stretched up above his head, showing off his hairy pits through the slits of his suit. His muscular legs were spread open. Renegade was drained from his first mind-blowing orgasm despite his developed endurance. His muscular chest heaved heavily in post-orgasmic bliss, breathing in the brainwashing pheromones in the musky air.

"This feels exactly like Christmas morning," laughed Mistletoe.

He slowly pulled the dark blue trunks along the black leggings, revealing a fly below. The hero was still dazed out from his bliss and struggled slightly. His heroic ego briefly returned after the intense experience. "No… W-what are you doing?"

"Time to open the present!" smiled Mistletoe as he slowly pulled down the zipper.

"No… please… Mistletoe…" the hero protested weakly, despite knowing that his body already belonged to the man in front of him.

"My… my… my…" said the astonished villain as he saw what the hero was hiding. "Someone's really kinky."

Renegade blushed red with shame. Underneath his suit, he was wearing a sexy blue-black G-string. A large letter “R” was printed on the front pouch symbolizing his hero's name. It was the surprise for his girlfriend this evening. The piece of skimpy undergarment now stank of the hero's thick and musky cum. "T-that's… That's not for… you!"

"Oh! Thank you, my love!" Mistletoe's eyes glistered as he admired the skimpy underwear and the thick sexy glutes it failed to conceal. "This is so hot! I love it!"

Renegade wanted to dig a hole and hide his face from sheer embarrassment. He groaned in shame again, "No…"

"Wow, it even comes off easily with a hook," said the villain, as he pulled the G-string off the hero's waist.

"No! Fuck!" Renegade turned back quickly and pulled his bounds again. His cum-covered dick bounced out free into the cold air. His large balls hung low at the edge of the chair. With his privates exposed, his heroic ego struggled against the induced lust. "You… You won't get away with this."

Mistletoe ignored the hero's threats as he put the soiled garment near his nose. "Oh… you smell so good." With a flicker of his tongue, he tasted the hero's salty semen. "So delicious." With that, his eyes fell back down the hero's thick veiny cock.

The hero watched as the villain peeled off his green polo tee. He knew he should be staring in horror, but instead, a sense of eager anticipation grew within him. His proud, heroic ego quickly dissipated. He wanted to see how this beautiful man looked like.

The villain had a well-muscled body with a clearly defined torso. A thick mat of black fur covered his chest and abs, beautifully distributed across the villain's body. An alluring treasure trail traced down his belly button.

Renegade swallowed hard. Although not as muscled as a bodybuilder or a superhero, Mistletoe was a very attractive and hot man.

As the villain removed his green tights, his penis stood proudly erected in the pheromone-filled booth. "Let's have some fun, my hero."

Renegade felt his cock begin to spring alive, growing into its full length of over 9 inches. It was not only the sight of the naked sexy villain but the erotic musk in the room. Whatever musk that was previously kept under Mistletoe's tight-fitting shirt and tights was permeating the air, filling it thick with lust and desire. With each breath, Renegade could feel his body heat rising.

His mind began to lose focus again. He could yell for help, but why wasn't he? He couldn't help it. It smelled too good. The man looked too good. Everything was too good to stop!

As the naked villain leaned in again, Renegade pushed his body against the back of the chair, away from the villain's brainwashing scent, "P-Please…" The lustful musk was overwhelming the hero's mind. "God… No…"

Mistletoe smiled as he hopped back onto the hero's washboard torso. His toned bare glutes rested on the hero's navel. His dick slapped against the hero's rippled abs, leaking a thin strand of pre-cum. Renegade's eyelids quivered as the smell of his captor got even closer to him.

Not giving his hero any chance to acclimatize, Mistletoe leaned in close to the captive stud and lifted his toned arms into the air. Two thick bushes of black hair were revealed, just inches from the hero's face.

An explosion of sweet manly musk invaded the struggling hero's nose. Renegade's mind instantly went blank from the pheromone overdose. His eyes rolled up as he let out a contented moan with a dopey smile, "Aah…"

"You know you want it." tempted Mistletoe.

The villain felt the first contact on his pit. Warm and wet.

Oh yes… Oh yes! he finally got the man he lusted for, right where he wanted.

The worship intensified as the hero fell deeper into a mindless trance. Nothing else mattered. He felt that he should be disgusted licking and tasting the thick black hair, but he could only feel satisfaction and comfort.

The intoxicating taste of the sweat excited the hero so much that his own cock stood painfully erect again, dying for the villain's touch. All Renegade wanted was to savor the musky sweat of his captor... His captor? How could this man be his captor if his mind and body desire him so much? His scent, his taste, his body.

Mistletoe let out an intense moan at the handsome masked face was practically buried into his hairy pits, slurping up his intoxicating pheromones. He felt the hero's thick and long dick slapping against the crack of his naked butt again and again with each throbbing.

This was so hot! So hot to have one of the sexist heroes in the city lusting for him so badly.

While Renegade was devouring his pit, he took the hero's soiled G-string and started stroking his own cock with it. The wet and smooth material felt like heaven on his dick. His pre-cum seeped into the moist underwear, mixing their musk.

Heaving with pleasure, Mistletoe looked down on the dazed stud worshipping his body. His other hand reached down behind the hero's head and firmly guided the moaning mouth across his furry chest.

Renegade felt the comfort of the warm manly fur as it brushed against his face roughly yet erotically. His tongue was licking greedily, leaving a trail of saliva along the hairy chest.

His lips soon found the soft spot on the villain's chest. The sweet nipples. Oh, how he dug in and suckled the tits of man he desired so much. He heard a deep moan in response. The taste, the sweat, the approval! His dick throbbed with contentment.

The hand slowly guided his face across the villain's sexy chest and into an untouched musky pit, much to the hero's whimpering delight.

"Ohh...," moaned Mistletoe with his eyes closed. The incredible sensation of a hero’s tongue licking his nipples and pits felt too amazing for the villain.

On the other hand, the overload of musk was driving the hero insane. The villain's sweaty pits and nipples tasted sweeter than honey. Renegade jolted as he felt a hand caressing his smooth, muscular pecs. The fingers fondled around to find his soft sensitive nipples.

"Mmmpf," he let out sensually as his dark luscious nubs were plucked and twisted. It felt like a thousand fireworks exploded in his chest. He moaned loudly in the villain's bushy pit. "O-oh, mmphf, g-god! M-more!"

Mistletoe slowly lifted his arms away from the hero. "No... noo...," whimpered Renegade as he leaned as far forward as he could toward the pits. A look of disappointment washed across the hero's face.

"Oh, my love. You look so cute," Mistletoe smiled. "Here, you can suckle on this."

The villain shoved the cum-stained G-string into the hero's mouth. A sharp pungent wave of cum flooded his mouth and nose. He was seeing white as he was dosed with a potent amount of brainwashing pheromones mixed with his own cum. Gagged up, the zonked-out hero let out a muffled slur, "Mmmmm..."

Mistletoe knew Renegade was too drunken in his aphrodisiac musk now. He could feel the hero's large twitching cock slapping against his lower back rhythmically as the hero raced towards his next release. "Oh yes, my hero. You know you can't resist the taste."

With that, the villain pinched and twisted the hero's dark nipples violently, sending an intense pain and pleasure rocketing into the hero's pleasure centers. The sudden attack on his body caused Renegade's eyes shot wide open and his teeth to clutch down on the gag. A burst of the musk filled his entire nasal cavity, causing the hero to see an array of rainbow colors.

"MMMMMPFF!" screamed the gagged hero as his powerful hips flexed intensely and into the air, lifting the villain atop his muscular frame. His cock throbbed hard as it burst a second load upwards onto the villain's naked back. Mistletoe grinned with ecstasy as he felt the hero's warm semen spray onto his hairy back.

Exhausted, the hero slumped back down onto his chair, eyes completely glassed from the intense experience and panting profusely.

Mistletoe admired the beautiful man resting between his hairy thighs as he removed the soaking wet G-string from the hero's mouth. This was erotic beyond his wildest expectations, and it's going to be more erotic.

Chapter 8

Renegade closed his eyes as he rested exhausted in his binds. His jaws were sore from the licking and clutching on the gag. In his mind, all he could see was Mistletoe's charming, bearded face. He could feel the villain rubbing their sweaty bodies together, his own smooth muscular body against the villain's furry and toned body. He could feel the comfort and warmth of the man.

The manly smell. The musky scent. So overwhelming.

Renegade felt something slapped against his chin. He opened his eyes and felt the warm hair-covered skin just right in his face. His eyes shot widened open with renewed lust.

His warm breath caressed the wrinkled skin in front of his mouth. The villain's hairy balls slapped against his chin again as he inched closer to the hero's face. The smell was overpowering.

"Yes!" Renegade dove in instantly with the realization. He needed this so badly. His tongue caressed the hairy ring around the villain's wrinkled pucker. The lustful musk reflooded all his senses.

He heard his villain let out a series of moans. He felt a surge of excitement from the approval. His eager tongue licked and rolled and probed the hole. The taste of his villain's ass was sweeter than wine.

"Yes, my love, eat my ass." Mistletoe moaned uncontrollably. "Oh, suck my balls."

Heeding his villain's demands, Renegade hungrily took the villain's balls into his mouth carefully, running his tongue around each hairy globe, savoring the sweaty taste of his master's sack. His sharp nose pressed against the moist entrance, flooding his senses with the masculine scent.

His master's hairy body rested against his sweaty smooth muscular body. He could feel the man's warmth, sweat, and pheromones permeating his skin. The hero moaned intensely as he felt his own cock being engulfed. "Mmmhh! God… Ohh…"

In the 69-position, the villain's mouth sensually wrapped around the superhero's cock, swallowing every inch of it, while the young stud worshipped his musky hole.

Renegade wanted to watch his new master sucking him off, but his blurry vision could only see the hairy and delicious ass in front of him. He could only imagine his master rising up and down on his thick shaft as he gave in to his lust and his newfound homosexual desires. With that, his tongue stroked against the musky hole again, making his cock twitch uncontrollably in his master's mouth.

Mistletoe moaned as the nerves around his hole sent intense pleasure across his body. Without warning, the hero's cock erupted in his mouth. His eyes gleamed tears of joy as he drew out loads after loads of his delicious man-cream, savoring the sweaty taste of his hero's precious seeds.

Drunk on his hero's taste, he continued to slurp and swallow the thick member. Within seconds, he felt another orgasm hit. Was this the fourth or the fifth? Mistletoe did not care as he gobbled down the delicious cream. His hero was moaning in desperate heat. The villain could feel the warm body heaving heavily below him. He heard the sweet words leaving the once-straight egoistic hero's mouth, "Yes… P-please… I'm all yours."

Chapter 9

As he wiped off the stray cum from the corner of his lips, Mistletoe's leaking dick throbbed between his hero's deep cleavage. Despite the incredible hot experience till now, Mistletoe had been keeping his load for the finale with his hero.

With his balls now pumped to the brim, he raised off from Renegade's sweat body and stood up in the cold musky air. He glanced through the slits of the booth. The sun had set. They were at it for hours.

Mistletoe turned to his hero and stood behind the leg spreader. His hands rested on the man's hips. His hero's eyes were totally glassed and zoned out. He probably had almost no recollection of his former being now and began to accept his new life as Mistletoe's toy.

A wave of sadness gripped Mistletoe's heart as he knew the night would be short and he will have to return to his desk-slaving life again. Nevertheless, he will enjoy tonight to the best.

He guided his slicked cock to Renegade's hole, feeling the warm pucker quiver at the first contact of his leaking head. He leaned in over the hero, pressing his sweaty hairy chest on the hero's body, and licked the salty sweat off his neck before pushing it in. A soft moan slipped out of his hero’s lips.

As he slowly pushed, Renegade tensed up, pulled at his binds, and grunted weakly. His arms were numbed and sore from the prolonged hanging.

"There, there, my boy," cooed Mistletoe. "Just relax."

Renegade's body slowly slackened, so did his hole, allowing Mistletoe to push in the whole of his eight inches. The villain let out a long and satisfying moan when he was fully lodged in the zonked-out hero. He could feel the ring of muscle wrapped tightly around his shack, seeming to draw him deeper. "Oh… yes… Renegade. How I longed for this."

"P-please fuck me," begged the intoxicated hero as the last vestiges of his resistance fleeted and forgotten. It was the most intense and most incredible experience he had ever felt. His eyes were completely focused on Mistletoe's manly body and treasure trail. "Please…"

The villain began to pump back and forth slowly before hastening his pace. Renegade's eyes rolled up from the unimaginable bliss. His tongue hung out from his mouth as his head rocked back and forth mindlessly from the fucking.

Mistletoe grunted with contentment, "Yes, my hero, my love! Yes, that's it. Take my dick. Take it all in… Feel me! You know you want it."

There was no other thought left in the hero's pheromone-filled mind. "Yes… Y-yes… I want it… More!"

Hearing his hero’s pleading, the villain intensified his thrusts. His slams began to get harder, savaging the hero's virgin hole. Pure bliss filled his hero's eyes as his sensitive prostate was bombarding his mind with electrifying pleasure.

"Cum for me."

Renegade saw rainbows as he felt every last nerve in his body explode with pleasure. He felt his cum shooting upwards, splattered over his sweat muscular pec, and dripping down his washboard abs. His limbs felt so weak from the pleasure.

"You will always remember this, my love. Fuck! You are mine!" Mistletoe let out a loud moan at the top of his lungs. He let loose his pent-up load of hot, creamy, white seeds into his willing hero's ass, flooding his canals with his brainwashing love seeds. It was a dose that would make the hero truly dependent on him, forever craving him.

As he continued to unload into the hero, he moaned like he had never moaned before. He didn't care if the passers-by could hear him. He secretly wished they did and peeked in to see how he dominated one of the city's favorite heroes.

"Yes… filled me. Filled me up!" lusted Renegade. His eyes begged for more; gone were remnants of a proud hero.

Panting heavily but deeply satisfied, Mistletoe looked at his entranced hero. "That's a good hero boy," he said, caressing Renegade's weary face. The hero began to pass out in pleasure as the villain slowly stroked his face with his thumb, mumbling, "good hero boy" over and over.

Seeing that his hero had passed out, Oscar sighed heavily. His night of fantasy would be over soon. His pheromone powers would not last forever. He held the bottle of cologne in his hand and felt the cold metal and glass casing.

Primal Cologne. It gave him the powers to induce his victims into a drugged-like state, temporarily brainwashing them with special pheromones.

But there was a flip side. He could not keep reapplying the highly toxic cologne. It will be fatal. Renegade will return to his former self by tomorrow, but the memories will linger. He could just hope that, by some wild chance, his hero will seek him out again.

"Well…" muttered Mistletoe as his villainy persona took over again. He reached out for the hero's signature stun lasers. He had to end the special night spectacularly. "Time for the Christmas finale."

Chapter 10

Black boots hit the ground as Jaguar got off his black hero cycle - Prowler. A look of worry hung on his cowled face. His communicator went off signaling a code five on Renegade, which meant the highest emergency and required immediate attention.

The location was the local Christmas Market. He recalled that his apprentice had a charity performance that afternoon. What could possibly go wrong at such a crowded place?

As he approached the heart of the market, he saw a large crowd around the towering Christmas Tree, the famous Tree of Joy. Amidst the public, the perceptive hero quickly noticed Diana, Renegade's girlfriend, crouching in tears. Her shoulders slackened, and her handbag rested on the ground. The crowd was looking upwards. Quickly, his gaze followed.

"God…" was all the veteran hero could say when he saw the sight.

His prodigy sidekick, Renegade, was at the tip of the Tree of Joy. His hands bounded into a Y-frame while his legs hung open below. His half-lidded eyes were glazed with lust.

Over his masked face, a G-string with the letter "R" wrapped around his nose and mouth. Drool could be seen dripping down from beneath the garment. Just below his muscular neck was a yellow collar with a stalk of Mistletoe.

The obscenest part was seeing the hero’s ass impaled on top of the tree. The handles of both of his signature stun lasers stuck out from his raw gaping hole. His thick cock was leaking strings of pre-cum for all to see.

Panting heavily with lust, Renegade was definitely not his usual self.

"SHIT! Who could have done this?!" Jaguar stared frozen in horror. In his years of experience, this was the most gruesome sight he had ever seen. In his state of shock, the Kant Guardian failed to notice a suspicious figure in green slipping away in the crowd.


The sound of a distant church bell brought Jaguar back. The clock had struck twelve.

At the same time, the stun lasers lighted up in a display of blue electricity, shocking the young hero's prostate. The hero let up a loud bellow of pain and pleasure as his cock squirted thick jets of white cum, shots after another, snowing down from the towering tree.

Completely drunk in his lust, the fallen hero yelled at the top of his voice, "Oh God! Fuck, yes! M-merry Christmas, everyone!"




Dimmed lit by the fireplace, the room was heavily decorated in an elaborated Victorian fashion. The brass goblet rolled across the expensive marble floor in the pool of splashed wine. A robot butler slowly cruised over, picked up the goblet, wiped the ground.

On the top of the table, the headlines of an international newspaper could be read, "Naked, Raped and Displayed. Apprentice Hero Renegade found defiled at Kant City's Christmas Market. Culprit yet to be identified." Alongside was a prominent photo of Renegade impaled upon the Christmas Tree, appropriately censored.

The gigantic man's eyes blazed with anger. His loud voice shook the room. "Get my son back here now from that disgusting city! This instant!"

He was a large older man, appearing in his 50s. The man had a head of white hair and a full beard. Dressed in his decorated shirt and coat, he wore a golden leather belt below his ample belly. The most bizarre feature was his pair of dark yellow eyes. When he became emotional, his black pupils unconsciously changed their shape from circular to horizontal, making his eyes look almost like a goat's. Most people find that gaze creepy and outright unsettling.

The highly influential man roared again and slammed his fist on the table, rattling the rest of the cutlery.

"Contact Lt. Maverick, Jaguar, and the fucking government of Kant. I demand to know exactly what the fuck is going on. How dare they let the Prince of Rustmore get defiled like that!"

In the shadow, a slender figure appeared silently. Dressed in a dark purple high-collar coat, his piercing lilac eyes glowed in the dim room.

"Yes, King Mikhail."

The fat-bellied King looked at the striking and well-muscled teen. Despite fuming with anger, his hand caressed the young assassin's face. His goat-like eyes gleamed with lust.

"Good, Ambrose. My dear boy... The disgrace to the Royal Family of Rustmore is far too great this time. Someone has to pay!"

"Yes, King Mikhail."

End of Mistletoe and the Christmas Star

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