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Glace Valor
Part 3 - Part Three
By Nox

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Glace´ Valor – Part 3

Fall X039

Chapter 9

"So much talking," Sugarloaf grunted at the hero's protest. He scooped out a fresh load of the honey-cum mixture with his finger.

"Let me put some more… in you," said Sugarloaf as he moved his finger into the White Ranger's lips.

"Stop… UGH! Don't put that… UGH! In my mouth!" Valor White arched his head back but was grabbed by Sugarloaf's large hands. With the villain’s finger forcefully thrust between his lips, an overwhelming musk of sweet honey and salty semen flooded the Ranger’s nasal cavity.

Valor White’s entire muscled body tensed up and shuddered as the aphrodisiac drug rolled around his mouth, feeding the White Ranger his brothers’ cum and jolting his mind into a lust-filled frenzy.

Fuck! I feel my face creeping out. Oh my god! It's like my head is going numb.

As the taste slowly faded, the White Ranger knew he couldn't receive any more of it. It will be too dangerous for his dwindling willpower. But as another finger coated with the sweet-salty mixture presented itself, Valor White could not deny it, allowing it to slip back his lip with minimal resistance.

Shit! What's this!? My head… My head is boiling! Damn it! I can’t think! I-I can't think!

I'm going to be an idiot!

Taking a deep breath of the blueberry-scented air, the mighty Valor White collapsed onto his knees. His striking blue eyes lost their defiant glare as he panted heavily. His mind felt like a nuclear bomb of ecstasy was set off in it. There was no way he could think clearly.

The White Ranger struggled weakly, unsure how to fight back against the overpowering sensations forced on him. He watched as the villain unzipped the pink trousers and pulled out one of the most magnificent cocks he had ever seen.

Thick and beautifully veined, the gorgeous member sat in a nest of silvery fur, waiting to be served.

What a manly dick. What’s that smell? It smells so good. It makes my head go blank.

Valor White was a straight hero who never thought he would admire another man's cock in such a way. The drugged honey mixture and scented air had wrecked the hero's unwary mind in ways he could never fathom.

The handsome White Ranger licked his lips unconsciously as the villain's cock moved closer to his face. Instead of flinching in disgust, his blue eyes were transfixed on the thick member.

"Let go of everything, Valor White. Stop thinking about being a hero. Throw away your pride. Just enjoy the feeling of being a productive cow for me."

Valor White's lips trembled as he opened his mouth. His tongue was shaking as it slowly touched the veiny rod.

I am a hero, but I can't control my desire. I’m… I can’t call myself a hero if… I can’t…

The tip of the cock pulsed a drop of precum into his mouth. As the superhero swallowed the first of the master villain's sweetened manly juices, his own cock was spewing pre-cum like no tomorrow.

Ohh… What is this taste? So sweet! So good… I'm going to cum while licking this man's dick.

The White Ranger felt a hand balling around his perfect golden hair, pulling his head down the thick rod and penetrating deep into the hero's vulnerable throat.

I can’t believe I'm sucking a villain's dick! This is not possible. Val- Valor White is not this kind of hero!

As the villain thrust his cock into the opened mouth, the White Ranger tensed his whole body. His veins popped out from his muscular neck and over his honey-cum-covered pectorals. His biceps strained against his uniform as he tugged weakly against the caramel chains.

My dick. My dick is going to explode!

Chapter 10

Sugarloaf looked down at the near-defeated Valor White. The hero's face was a mess. His once pristine and perfectly combed blonde hair was all over the place. Red flustered all over his cheeks as his glassy blue eyes stared back eagerly.

I… I don't know if I can keep resisting this man.

Valor White gazed up at the man before him. At that moment, the villain looked like the sexiest and most beautiful man the Ranger had ever seen. Bulging arms underneath the tight-fitting hot-pink shirt. A mat of silvery musky hair peeked out of the muscular pecs. But, most of all, the majestic thick love rod was just inches away, leaking the most delicious pre-cum ever.

In a booming voice, the villain asked, "Are there any other areas that itch, Valor White?"

No! Nothing! Nothing itches, you perverted fiend! I'll endure this and get my brothers out of here. Stop all this madness!

Thoughts of defiance ran through the hero's mind. But as soon as he opened his mouth, he uttered otherwise, "Below… My asshole. M-my hole itches. My dick too. P-Please…"

"Good boy. Good cow," Sugarloaf praised the White Ranger. At that moment, the chocolate around his groin tore off Valor White's pants and jockstrap, exposing the hero's rock-hard cock and bubble-butt ass.

"Let's scratch that itch, shall we?"

"Oooooh!" The White Ranger hollered as the chocolate shell extended a probe and poked at his rear end. Then, another appendage of chocolate grew just in front of the hero's cock. As thick as a straw, it drove at the entrance of Valor White's piss-hole.

"Oh god!" moaned the squad leader as the chocolate rods penetrated him from both ends. His hips jerked and squirmed as the sounding chocolate pushed out the insides of his urethra, slowly entering the length of his hard cock, while pushing back his leaking pre-cum into his balls.

Meanwhile, the chocolate dildo breached his virgin hole and wormed its way into the White Ranger's most private insides. Warm and comfortable, it brushed the sensitive canals of the mighty Valor White.

"Valor White, you're the real man among the Valors. Doing so well so far," laughed Sugarloaf. Then, with a pink glow around his hands, the master villain grinned as he watched both ends start slow-thrusting in and out of the hero's piss-slit and asshole.

"But you have reached your limits, haven't you?"

Shutting his eyes tight, Valor White gritted his jaw to resist the sensations inflicted on his body. It was mind-numbing. His breath was heavy, taking in the blueberry-scented air in large gasps. His head was overwhelmed with pleasure. Despite seeking distraction in his mind, there was nothing else he could think of except the intense pleasure in his loins and ass.

"Admit it. You can't take it anymore. You want to cum."

No… It-it's too good! I-I'm getting brainwashed by this villain's evil power! M-must f-fight on! This is too dangerous! I must power up now!

At that critical moment, Valor White activated his light powers. His body started to glow with powerful light energy as he was getting ready to retaliate and power his way through.

But just before his potent elemental powers could burst open the sugary trap, the White Ranger felt the villain's dick slap onto his face with such force. Instantly, the musk of pre-cum, combined with the warmth of a throbbing rod, knocked the hero's senses out and his power build-up.

"Foolish hero! Don’t even think about breaking out now! Take in a huge whiff of my cock. You know your dick is experiencing the feeling of eternal bliss. Let my sweetness burrow deeper into your urethra and asshole."

No! NO! What is happening to me? I can't… I can't stop it. I can't fight back these feelings! UGH! My powers! My cock! My hole! Stop doing this! Stop talking! STOP!

Seeing the hero's blue eyes rolled up in his sockets, Sugarloaf grinned wickedly, "Do you see it now? Your life as a superhero is soon over. You will start new as my super-cow, never able to escape my sweet clutches. Only used as a product for my delicious treats."

Seriously! STOP! I'm going to ejaculate! I need! I need to cum!

"Take a deep breath of my sweet blueberries. Be my obedient and loyal super-cow. Join my supply of creamy white hero juices."

I am not a hero. I am not a man. I am… I am… Am I a s-super-cow?

Opening his blue eyes, the White Ranger stared back at the villain's silver eyes with a look of conflict. His crimson cheeks and quivering lips showed starting signs of his mental breakdown.

NO! I feel uncomfortable. My penis is in danger. My dick is on fire!

Valor White uttered to his enemy in a shaking voice, "I don't… I don’t want to feel this way. My dick… It's so itchy. My brain feels numb… ah… inside… numb inside…."

Please! Let me out! I can't take it anymore!

"Breathe deeply, Valor White. The sweet aphrodisiac is plentiful for you," coo-ed Sugarloaf as he released an even more lethal dose of the Blueberry Brain Blast into the air around the trapped hero.

"My mind! What are you doing? You are turning me into… into a super-cow!?"

Too thick… The air is too thick, my god! I can't. M-my will! My powers!! They are leaving me!

Grinning widely at the sight of tears streaming down the hero's eyes, the sadistic villain laughed, "Hahaha. What a pathetic hero. Tearing up from the pleasure of chocolates? You said you would do anything for me to spare your comrades. Your brothers."

Help! N-no more! GUAHH! I can't take it anymore!


"Open your mouth wide and breathe. You need nothing more than the sweetest of pleasure."

Unconsciously, the White Ranger opened his mouth, following the villain's order, and took in a large gulp of blueberry air. His mind was instantly shocked with electrifying ecstasy. Likewise, his cock and ass felt an intense burning pleasure as the chocolate rods thrust into the White Ranger’s holes.


"Yes. Let go of yourself, mighty Valor White. Take in the sweet world of pleasure. Open your mind. Enjoy the berries. Offer your body to me as a super-cow."

"Share your cream with me."

"Ohh! Noo!"

"Enjoy your final cumming."

"Ahhh! S-stop!"

"Remember this feeling as you shoot as thickly as you want."

Sugarloaf grinned evilly as his hands glowed pink. At that moment, the chocolate dildo pushed itself into the hero's deepest canal while the sounding chocolate ripped out of the hero's urethra in one smooth and sensational motion.

"AAAAHHHHHHH!!!" screamed Valor White at the top of his lungs from the most intense experience in his twenty-two years of life.

As though a floodgate had been opened, the White Ranger erupted uncontrollably as soon as the sounding rod popped out of his pulsing cockhead.

The first shot of the creamy cum burst out in a thick glob, causing his mental defense to crumple entirely.

The second jet of stringy cream forced his mind to be wiped clean and ready for the takeover.

The third eruption of sweet bliss replaced his mind with the overwhelming need to serve his new master.

And finally, the fourth powerful blast of ecstasy ensured that the White Ranger's fate was sealed forever as the confectioner's super-cow.


Sugarloaf watched as the mighty squad leader's eyes showed white. His mouth opened wide in a frozen position as mind-numbing pleasure burst continuously within his muscular body. The superhero's cock was spewing jets after jets of thick hero cream, with almost no end in sight. A sight that was common due to the effects of Paradise Honey.

"Oh, Gumballs. Valor White! The game to save your brother was to resist me. I never told you to spew all your hot manly cream everywhere! You really are wailing quite a bit back there."

Having no response from Squad Valor's leader but the incessant moaning of his mind-wiping ejaculations, Sugarloaf said, "Well, you must be too busy creaming to hear me, I suppose."


Chapter 11

Sugarloaf grinned widely as he admired his latest collection of super-cows.

"You look pleased, sir," Pierce said, patching his bruised eye with a warm towel.

Sugarloaf said, "You should have told me he beat you up for the information about the safe house. Why didn't you just tell him that?"

"Sir, it's not part of my task to give information freely. I would never betray you," said Pierce with conviction.

"Foolish...," Sugarloaf grunted as he turned his gaze away. The villain couldn't appreciate his most loyal henchman more.


"Yes, Master Sugarloaf?"

"Take a break. Thank you for tonight. I feel much better."

"It pleases my heart to hear that, Sir. It's only my duty," the butler replied with a bow before leaving the villain to admire his latest superhero collection.

Held suspended in the air by thick cables of licorice, four muscular figures were fitted in a skin-tight black chocolate suit. Their handsome faces and elemental visors were covered by a full-faced mask connected to a feeding tube of Paradise Honey and Blueberry Brain Blast.

Their limbs hung limply from their defeated forms. Suction caps were placed over their overly sensitive nipples while a silicon masturbator pumped away on their permanently erected cocks.

With their new black Valor suits and their mind broken, it was hard to tell what their former selves were like. The four new docile super-cows let out muffled moans as they creamed into the villain's milking machines at regular intervals. Their cum quickly siphoned into the collection tanks and processed into refined heroic creams for the Master Confectioner.

Inspecting one of the canisters of fresh hero cream, Sugarloaf frowned deeply. What was he going to do with Bastion standing him up tonight? Start a fight? Rape him silly? Or… perhaps forgive him?

"Ughh..." growled the Candy Daddy as he placed his hands on his forehead. His gaze landed back on the new heroic products before him.

"Hmmm…," the villain uttered as an evil thought came to his sugary-sweet mind. "Valor, huh?"

With that, a sly smile crept onto his handsome bearded face.

Chapter 12



"Omhpf!" Bastion let out as he tossed his duffle bag of old clothes onto the maple flooring after a long night.

Even with his self-replenishing constitute, the mighty hero could get drained mentally from the constant tedious hero work. After all, he had been out on back-to-back missions all week.


The light of his communicator lit up his living room. Reading it, Bastion's striking emerald eyes widened. Squad Valor had been reported missing - three rookie heroes and a full-fledged one.

Damn... Who is this villain wreaking havoc out there? I need to get going.

Before he could reply, a follow-up message came. A specialized squad of scouts had been sent to investigate. Orders informed all other heroes to stand down to avoid disrupting the investigation.

"Ugh... Missing heroes again...?" Bastion uttered as he sank deeper into his couch.

In the twilight, he glanced across his well-organized room. Despite his hectic hero schedule, Bastion had kept his place spanking clean.

Still wrapped in his sweaty blue-white heroic suit, Bastion took a deep breath of his musk. The only thing filthy here was the superhero himself.

"I need to take a shower."

Bastion made a mental note before unzipping the top of his suit. But suddenly, the half-suited hero noticed something out of place in his living room.

"What's that?"

A small hot-pink box sat in the middle of his kitchen counter. A creeping mixed feeling of guilt and distress gripped his throat at the sudden realization.

Oh, shit… S-Sugarloaf! I forgot!

Bastion swallowed hard, knowing that the villain would be furious. They made plans since their last meetup a while back. He remembered the voice of the grumbling Candy Daddy as the villain tried to hide his nervousness and asked him out. The sight of a slightly blushing hot man like Sugarloaf asking him out... how could he resist?

Rationalizing to himself, Bastion murmured, "Sugarloaf should understand. Protecting the people and keeping the peace is my life work and a part of who I am. There are more important things than... Argh..."

Frustrated, Bastion placed his gloved hand over his eyes and took a deep breath before opening the box.

A beautifully crafted pink card is presented at the top with the letter "B" handwritten in gold paint. Picking it up, Bastion turned to read the calligraphic content on the back.

"Bastion boy,

Hero work never stops but remember to keep yourself energized.

Don't worry about tonight. I had something to keep me busy. So here are my latest treats. I named them in the spirit of your never-dying courage - Glacé Valor.

After all, you are my muse for this masterpiece.


"Glacé Valor…," Bastion repeated to himself.



He looked at the contents. Sure enough, there were four petit jars of colorful glazed fruits. All are beautifully coated in a transparent layer of hardened sugar.

A jar of glazed green kiwi.

A jar of glazed blueberries.

A jar of glazed red cherries.

And finally, a jar of glazed white pears.

"Grr… Sugarloaf! Damn it! What have you done this time?" the mighty Top-Five growled deeply.

Pulling back the zip of his suit once again, the powerful superhero of Cindra Alliance took off to confront his petty and jealous villainous lover.