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Glace Valor
Part 2 - Part Two
By Nox

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Glace Valor – Part 2

Fall X039

Chapter 5

Sugarloaf left the Blue Ranger hanging unconsciously in the green Jell-O prison and moved toward his next superhero victim – Valor Red.

“Well, Little Red,” the Candy Daddy smiled at the muscular Red Ranger, who strained against the viscous jelly in vain.

With his hand coated in cum, Sugarloaf smeared the fire hero’s gorgeous face with his brother’s warm seed. Valor Red flinched in disgust, but he couldn’t help but feel the thickness of his brother’s potent semen rubbing over his cheeks, lips, and nose.

“AUGH! You disgusting vill-!”

Before Valor Red could continue his protest, he could feel a giant blob of the Blue Ranger’s cum pushed into his mouth, forcing the Red Ranger to taste his brother’s cream. Fuck! It tasted nasty! He was not a gay man so were his brothers. Tasting his brother’s cum tonight was not on his heroic agenda.

“BLEH! AUGH! UGH!” Valor Red spat out in sheer disgust, but it was too late. His mouth was coated with the musky bitter-salty taste of Valor Blue’s semen. No matter what he did, he could not eliminate the smell in his current trapped state.

It was then that the Red Ranger’s hips trembled. The Jell-O tentacles morphed into a small cup and covered his cock. Then, slowly, it began working on Red’s growing dick, massaging the young superhero’s rod into his entire length inside his suit.

Valor Red could not help but release a moan, “Aughh….”

His hardening dick was visible over the translucent green jelly through his spandex. A small spot of pre-cum appeared on the tip of his groin.

Before he could protest again, the Red Ranger felt a spray of sweet mist all over his face. From just a short whiff, his mind instantly went tingly and numb. A wave of pleasure flooded his mind. To add on, the smell of his brother’s cum on his face was wrecking him mentally.

God… was this what Blue was feeling? It… feels so good.

His red scarlet eyes glassed out for a second from the initial dose of the brainwashing treat.

This feeling… I must resist! But I just can’t! It’s just… too good!

Feeling what his brother was experiencing just a moment ago, Valor Red quickly realized how dangerous it was to fall into this evil confectioner’s trap. He quickly shook his head, trying to regain his senses. But the overwhelming musk of semen and sweet mist lingered around.

The Red Ranger looked up at the villain’s silvery eyes. Something tingled in him.

This man. This sweet sugary villain. Why do I feel so compelled to… provide?

“Ohh…” Valor Red moaned as he felt the tentacle stroking his bulge and started to suckle on it through his red spandex tights. It felt comfortable and warm. Erotic and sensual. How could he possibly resist?

Another spray of the sweet blue mist hit him, sparking excitement in his pants. This time, the jelly tentacles on his exposed nipples pinched and teased the stiff peaks of his colossal chest.

“P-please…” uttered Valor Red as his vision blurred from the pleasure assaulting him from his huge sensitive nipples.

“Yes, Little Red one?”

“Please… let me cum,” pleaded Valor Red. His scarlet-red eyes were glassy and teary from the anticipation. He was so close to releasing his load in his suit. Yet, despite knowing the severe danger of cumming from his brother, he was utterly helpless in the Candy Daddy’s clutches.

Sugarloaf lifted a brow. “That was quick, Little Red. I was not expecting such a ferocious and hot-headed hero like you to give in so quickly.”

“If that’s what you wish, Little Red,” smiled Sugarloaf as he dosed the hero with another mist of his brainwashing treat.

Valor Red threw his cum-covered face into the air as his body burst into flames. “OHH! SHIT! I… I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!”

His red eyes stared blankly as his vision turned white from the pleasure. His dick humped and jerked under his thin red spandex costume, and a large wet spot appeared over his loins.

His face flushed scarlet as the Red Ranger moaned, grimaced, and gritted his jaw. His creamy load pumped out from under his suit in copious amounts. Each load shot from his cock into his hero jockstrap sent a wave of mind-numbing pleasure. The hero continued to moan as it seemed he could not stop cumming. His hard cock kept pumping until nothing was left in his heroic balls.

The Jell-O started to pump and suck the cum through Valor Red’s costume, capturing and storing it for Sugarloaf’s experiments later.

Valor Red moaned as the feeling of extreme pleasure kept tormenting his body for the next few minutes. Finally, his mind started to get dizzy. His burst of flame sizzled out. His vision turned dark from the post-orgasmic bliss.

Instead of falling unconscious like this brother, he stared at Sugarloaf with his scarlet lust-filled eyes.

“M-m… more, please.”

Chapter 6

"Great! Another two more to my collection," Sugarloaf smiled as he put the two heroes into their own contraptions beside their brother in Green.

Metal straps held their muscle-bound bodies. A feeding tube was secured firmly in their mouths, feeding them with a mixture of Paradise Honey and Blueberry Brain Blast. Two glass suction caps latched onto their nipples, sucking and teasing their erotic spots. Finally, a masturbation tube connected to their heroic rods, pumping and milking their super-powered essences.

With glassed eyes and wiped minds, Valor Red, Valor Blue, and Valor Green let out muffled moans together as their hard cocks started shooting out strings of hot youthful seeds into the collection tube. These highly potent creams would make some of the finest candy Sugarloaf could think of.

This time, he heard the soft padded footstep approaching the safe house.

Has the strongest of the Valor arrived?

"It's about time," uttered the Master of Confectionary. "10:14 pm… It isn't like Pierce to be late."

The door swung open again with a loud thud. A sky-scraping figure stepped through the door frame. As tall as the Master of Confectionary himself, the heroic man stood with crossed arms as he pushed out his powerful bulging chest. Two round melons of pure pectoral muscle were wrapped in the tight white uniform and framed by thick muscular biceps.

The full-fledged superhero was a real looker. With his perfect blonde hair combed neatly, the man had a sharp jawline and a pair of striking blue eyes under the clear visor. Needless to say, upon the mighty superhero's frame was a dead-gorgeous face.

The moment his eyes landed on the set of machinery behind Sugarloaf, the handsome hunk released a gasp. The mere sight of his superhero comrades captured and violated shocked the squad leader initially but quickly transformed into simmering rage.

"My god! What the hell is going on in here?" Valor White boomed fiercely. His gorgeous blue eyes locked onto Sugarloaf intensely.

"What have you done to my hero squad, villain?"

"What heroes? These boys are not even superheroes anymore. They are just living super-cows now, desperate to give up their cream for me," Sugarloaf said, smiling at the handsome stud in front of him. What a lucky catch today. Valor White, leader of Squad Valor, one of Cindra's top few heroes, was before the Candy Daddy.

"I did brainwash them to be used as entertainment, yet their slutty cocks were constantly twitching and begging to be emptied.”

"OHHHHH…" The three trapped heroes moaned as their hard cocks creamed into the milking machines. The transparent tanks above their head were already halfway full — a good amount of hero spunk.

Who on earth is this villain? A new one in town? He can’t possibly be strong if I have never seen him in the hero database.

Valor White furrowed his brow as he tried to profile the Candy Daddy. Unconsciously, he bit his lips nervously at the perversion before him. Despite being the oldest and most powerful of the Valors, Valor White was a virtuous man with high moral standards and avoided sexual temptations. Presented with such a situation, even the leader of Squad Valor was at a loss as to what to do.

"Why so surprised? I never thought you would be the prudish type, Valor White." Sugarloaf taunted as he noticed the powerful hero hesitated for that split second.

Valor White assumed a battle stance as his fist glowed bright yellow, filling up with powerful light energy, getting ready to engage the evil villain.

"You better let them go now. Facing me is a mistake. You should know that my powers are much stronger than my brothers combined."

SugarLoaf smiled slyly at the White Ranger and flashed a remote, "And you don't try anything funny yourself. I can make these machines enter overdrive and obliterate the three Valor's minds."

"Do you really want to risk having three sex-crazed and brain-dead fools for my capture?" nudged Sugarloaf cunningly, knowing that if Valor White goes all out with his powerful light energy, even the Candy Daddy might not stand a chance.

Valor White growled, "What do you want then?"

Sugarloaf raised his large hands in mock defeat, saying, "Right then. Of course, if you do as I say, I might be swayed to revert these young pathetic super-cows to their former selves. But should you choose otherwise, well… I'm sure I don't need to explain the consequences."

Valor White shifted uncomfortably. The usually proud hero was not happy about making any negotiations with a villain like Sugarloaf, but the situation seemed to call for it. Especially with the threat on his brothers' minds.

"What do you want from me, villain?"

"If you can endure whatever "fun" plans I have for you," proposed Sugarloaf, making air quotes with his hands. Then, nudging on the proud light hero, he added smirkingly, "After all, you are the strongest of the Valors… right?"

"You got a lot of guts to challenge me, Valor White, like that. What an arrogant villain!" The White Ranger replied, pounding his colossal chest with his fist arrogantly. "I'm going to get the Valors out of here and take you in after all of this. Mark my words, Villain."

"Is that a yes or a no?" Sugarloaf taunted, “All this talk makes me want to push this button on the remote.”

Valor White growled, "Damn you! Fine. Whatever, you creep. Just let them go already!"

Chapter 8

"What is this?" Valor White uttered as he stood proudly, looking at the translucent orange chains that bound his muscular arms to the ground. Then, sniffing the sweetness in the air, he answered his question, "Caramel…? Villain, you are deeply mistaken if you think this will hold me down."

The White Ranger stared furiously as the Candy Daddy's hands turned bright pink. Then, suddenly, he noticed that the ground around him had turned black.

"No, it's not…," Valor White looked around. His white boots stepped onto the thick dark brown mixture that oozed from the ground. "Chocolate?"

Turning to Sugarloaf, the White Ranger said confidently, "So, your powers are sweets-related? Don't you know that sugar is bad for you?"

"Isn't it? But I'm not the one having all the sweet treats," laughed Sugarloaf as he watched the dark chocolate rise from the ground. "And it looks like you are getting more than a toothache tonight."

Valor White growled, "What a weak and rotten move! Expected of a small-time villain like you. If you think I'm going to cave, you will be disappointed."

"The mighty Big White agreed to this, remember?" mocked Sugarloaf as his hands turned brighter pink. "Now enjoy my sugary treat. Let's see what an admirable hero like Valor White can do. Less talk and more show."

At that moment, the dark chocolate formed into a hard hollow case, almost like a shell, encapsulating the superhero's body and leaving his handsome face and muscular arms exposed.

"What the hell is this? Is this some deranged torture device?" Valor White demanded to know, gritting his jaws. But, no matter what this villain's plan was, there was no way he would give in to it. After all, his brothers' lives and minds were in his hands.

Valor White jerked slightly. Something moved inside this chocolate shell.

Wait a second. Is this thing… alive?

He could feel thick cable-like structures brushing against his muscular body. Wet and wide, he could feel his pristine white costume getting tainted by the evil dark chocolate.

His face twisted in confusion as he glanced at Sugarloaf for answers. The villain grinned back without a word.

The thick chocolate cables started caressing his broad, muscular back and colossal chest. Then, moving down, they tickled along his ribs and ass as they massaged the dark chocolate into the Ranger's white suit.

"Damn you. Such filthy tricks. You won't get away with this." The White Ranger retorted, "This attack, or whatever this is. It won't work. My mind is stronger than whatever tricks you perverted villain can pull out of your sleeves."




As the chocolate massage continued, Valor White started to sweat. The heated chocolate on his body felt good. The constant kneading of his muscles caused the superhero to relax his body in front of the villain subconsciously.

The air smelled good. Sweet.

"Was that… blueberries now?" Valor White whispered to himself as he took a deep breath. The sweet scent of the berries was light and slightly refreshing.

The hero could feel his groin stirring from the sensual chocolate massage. Staring at Sugarloaf's handsome smile, Valor White frowned in defiance.

This perverted villain… Does he intend to molest me for my brothers' release? I'm not giving in to him. I'm breaking out of here if he lays a hand on me.

The erotic chocolate massage continued. Now, Valor White was sure that his cock was hard in his white suit. How can he, Valor White, leader of Squad Valor, get hard in front of a villain? He tried to calm the growing erection in his pants using his super-willpower, unknown to him that the air was laced with a powerful brainwashing aphrodisiac.

It's no wonder the other Valors don't stand a chance… It's taking so much effort for me, Valor White, to fight back against his perverted tactics.

At that moment, the front of the hard chocolate case wrapped tightly around his mighty chest and framed the two powerful pectoral muscles as if lewdly presenting the two globes for the approaching villain.

"What do you have in your hand?" asked Valor White as he noticed the villain came over with a jar of white-yellow goo and a basting brush.

"Don't worry now. I'm not going to harm you with this little brush. You are the strongest of the Valors. So, you can break out of this easily… right? But remember, it will be at the cost of your three comrades' lives."

"B-bastard! You better keep your word, or I will bash your head in after this."

"Relax. I want to make you a bit more… pliable. Your chest is huge and rather inviting. Just perfect to test my combination of Paradise Honey and Valor's Cream."

"Valor's Cream?" The White Ranger asked with a raised brow.

Sugarloaf glanced back at the three trapped Valors and smiled, "You know what it is. I'll put this on your sensitive areas. You should experience heightened sensitivity and an intense amount of pleasure. I look forward to your resistance to save your cute superhero squad."

"That's disgusting!"

With the brush covered in the white-yellow mixture, Sugarloaf tickled the drugged candied solution onto the White Ranger's suit, leaving a thick layer on spots where his nipples rested underneath.

"N-no… cut it out! Fuck!"

"Soon, your hard nipples will become unbearable." Sugarloaf promised, "Tell me. Are those lewd nipples of yours itchy, White? Begging to be touched?"

Valor White's muscled body shuddered. The drugged honey seeped into his white suit and tainted his manly tits. A shock of pleasure rocketed through his entire body as the effects of the honey tackled his nipples.

What the hell is that? It feels like m-my nipples are gonna melt.

Sugarloaf dipped his brush in for another round before applying it to the tainted hero costume that the White Ranger was so proud of.

Oh my god, it’s like my nipples are burning. It… It's like I'm cumming from my chest! Noo… I need to resist. Ohhh, it feels too good!

Each time the soaked bristles stroked over the hero's nipples, the White Ranger tensed up and took a deep breath of the blueberry-scented air to calm himself. It was getting hard to breathe with all that sensation. His cock grew rock-hard in the chocolate shell.

"Oh? Is it too much for the Big White? It's time to declare defeat and become my new super-cow." Sugarloaf taunted as he continued to tease the muscular stud's nipples.

The proud White Ranger said with a slightly trembling voice, "N-no way, I would never make such a declaration. I am Valor White, Leader of the Squad Valor -"

"Oh, all that talk! Just pipe down," interrupted Sugarloaf, pinching the hero's nipples.

"Augh! Ohhhhhhh…," Valor White moaned out, with his blue eyes wide open. "Ngh, stop!! My nipples! My nipples feel like…."

Sugarloaf laughed at the hero's reaction. But finally, he had where he needed the squad leader to be. Mockingly, the villain teased the White Ranger, "Well, you agree to it with great enthusiasm. But in front of my powers, you are nothing but "pudding" in my hands."

“D-don’t get too cocky, villain!” uttered the White Ranger. “You are dealing with Valor White here. I will not give in to your parlor tricks.”

Dipping the basting brush back into the honey mixture, the villain stroked the aphrodisiac cream onto the White Ranger's bulging abs. In that instant, Valor White howled immediately, "Whoa! What the- oh?! Ohhhh shit!"

It's all over me now! What on earth is that? How… how is it so good?

"Careful, Valor White. My candy will make you a cum-crazed hero cow like your poor brothers if you are not careful."

It might feel so good right now, but I'm not going to lose to this pervert of a villain.

Panting and trying to stay in control with his solid willpower, Valor White lowered his head and growled at the villain, "I swear I am going to kick your ass after this!"

His cock twitched violently in his stained white suit as each second the honey made his body hypersensitive to whatever the villain had in plan for him.

Fuck! Can't think clearly. My dick is about to explode. But, I-I won't be defeated by this villain!

This air… the blueberries… Something about it is calming.

Tugging at his bounds, the White Ranger focused his razor-sharp willpower to keep himself relaxed. His hard cock pressed against the tight suit, showing an outline on the chocolate shell.

"Such heroic words, Valor White." The evil confectionary laughed, noticing the hero's obscene hard-on, "But what's the matter? Oh? I can see you trying to get out. Someone appears to be erected!"

Valor White glared at the villain hatefully as he felt a large hand cupped against his crouch. A wave of pleasure shot through his body from the villain's touch.

Ahhh. So warm… So good.

"Get your hands off! Wait till I get out of here!! I will arrest you! You will pay the price for messing with Squad Valor!"

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