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Glace Valor
Part 1 - Part One
By Nox

Glace Valor – Part 1

Fall X039


"Bastion saves the day again with his young protégé Boy Azure," the reporter announced through the television.

Lifting his head from the mixing bowl, Harrison Fox was engrossed in the magnificent figure featured on his large screen. In his iconic blue-white costume highlighted with streaks of gold, Bastion was one of Cindra Alliance's most powerful superheroes. With a god-like physique and a gorgeous face, the superhero stood proudly in front of the camera with his sidekick.

Harrison tried to hide his smile at the sight of the beautiful man.

"Bastion boy…," the silver-bearded man uttered with a hint of sweetness in his deep voice.

His stirring was disrupted by the sight of the emerald-eyed hunk on the TV. Oh, how he looked forward to their secret rendezvous tonight at his luxurious apartment in Cindra Metropolitan.

"Mr. Bastion," the news reporter started asking. "How did -"


Bastion held his hand up and pulled out his communicator. The reporter went silent in the presence of the mighty hero. A brief moment later, Bastion's face frowned slightly but quickly flashed a smile at the camera.

"Sorry, Miss Reporter. Duty calls again tonight," said Bastion as he turned to his young protégé. "We are needed at Myrtle Coves now."

Harrison's eyes widened at the screen as he watched the sexy superhero bolt off with his young mentee to the far end of the Republic. His stirring stopped abruptly as his heart sank.

Myrtle Coves? What?!

What about tonight?!

"FUCK!" The large muscular man cursed, slamming his giant fist on the marbled kitchen table. He looked at the blue-white cake mixture in his bowl and the glittering gold sprinkles in front of him.

Enraged, he threw the mixing bowl against the kitchen wall, splattering its content everywhere and causing a loud commotion.

At the outburst, a handsome butler rushed into the kitchen with a look of concern, "Master Sugarloaf?"

"Tonight’s dinner is off. Clean all this up, Pierce," growled the villain angrily as he tossed a dish towel toward the manager. Pierce looked around, saw a dining table with a scrumptious spread, and swallowed hard.

The Master was pissed. Completely pissed.

"Yes, of course, Master Sugarloaf," Pierce replied quickly, trying to relinquish his master’s anger. "But… wait a moment, sir."


Smiling at the Villain of Confectionery boldly, the butler handed him a slip of paper. Pierce intended to share this with Sugarloaf until the night was over, but it seemed that this was what the villain needed now.

Printed on the paper were four young men, each dressed in a different colored suit and visor.

"This might cheer you, sir. I have more details on their activities for tonight."

Sugarloaf snatched the document and studied it before announcing to Pierce in a booming voice, "Change of plans. We are going out tonight."

A sly smile cracked over Candy Daddy's handsome face.

"If this won't get his attention, nothing will."

Chapter 1

"Quick! Green's missing. He needs us now!"

The red-haired rookie hero said, dressed in a tight red spandex suit. The iconic "V" symbol was printed over a flame across his right breast. A transparent red visor rested over his scarlet eyes. Standing six feet tall, the towering twenty-year-old Valor Red sported a muscular bull-like build. His round shoulder and robust rack of pectoral muscles gave his hot body the V-shape that every bodybuilder desired.

Beside him was another equally handsome rookie hero, dressed in the same costume but blue with a water droplet under the "V" symbol. His hair was a shade of midnight blue. Valor Blue, on the other hand, had a slender and toned swimmer body. Slightly shorter at 5 ft 7, the nineteen-year-old Blue Ranger was a sexy hunk with well-defined abs, showing off prominently under his skin-tight suit.

Uncertainty in his voice, Valor Blue turned to his second brother and said, "Valor Red, take a second. We have to -"

"You can't be serious!" Valor Red exclaimed to his brother. "If we wait for White, we might lose Valor Green!"

The Blue Ranger frowned. Something told him it was wrong to trust this stranger.

It was just another cool autumn night when the Cindra Alliance's Squad Valor was on their usual patrol. Consisted of four well-muscled and striking hunks, the squad was a collective of siblings who gained their elemental powers from a set of colored visors found in their late father's old laboratory.

But their youngest brother, Valor Green, had gone missing just an hour into their patrol. A distress signal had been sent to the rest of the Valor Rangers.

Out of the blue, a well-dressed man in a suit approached them. With a head full of sweat and clues to their missing brother’s whereabouts, his frantic demeanor urged the two young and inexperienced Rangers to follow him. Apparently, he had seen where Valor Green went and informed the hero was in a dire situation.

Seeing that the two rookie heroes were in debate, the man again urged, "Aren’t the two of you heroes? Your friend is in danger now. So you should stop talking and hurry after me. Make haste!"

Ignoring the stranger, the Blue Ranger told his brother sternly, "Red! We need to wait for Valor White. He said not to do anything rash!"

"If you're not coming, I will. You can catch up with Valor White later," Valor Red rolled his eyes before bolting after the stranger, leaving wisps of flames in his wake.

Valor Blue shook his head and sighed, "Valor White will be so pissed."

With that, he took off after the hot-headed superhero.

Chapter 2

Hidden away in one of his safe houses, Sugarloaf looked at the scattered foliage on the granite ground. Torn-up vegetation rolled as a light breeze picked them up. Small pools of honey and syrup formed amidst the green chaos, reflecting the aftermath of a super-powered battle.

He turned back to the beaten superhero in green, resting unconscious over the Candy Daddy’s broad and muscular shoulder. Sugarloaf lightly caressed his silvery beard before slapping the tight ass of his spoils of war.

At the end of tonight, he would have a few new super-cows for his sweet treats. That would make him happy, right...?

"What would Bastion think?" Sugarloaf whispered to himself as he placed the gorgeous young eighteen-year-old stud into his milking contraption. His large hand lightly stroked the rookie hero's dark green hair and the side of his face.

"Does that cocky hero know what kind of man he stood up on?" Grumbling unhappily to himself, the Candy Daddy wiped the sweat off his forehead and unbuttoned the top of his hot-pink shirt, revealing a silvery mat of hair under it.

The clattering of hard heels, followed by a soft pitter-pattering of padded feet, came from outside the room.

"8:44 pm," said Sugarloaf, rubbing his bearded chin. "A little early, huh?"

The door of his safe house burst open as two young muscular heroes stepped in, arms akimbo. Sugarloaf glanced behind and saw Pierce smiling back from their behinds.

"What in the world?!" Both Valor Blue and Red exclaimed at the same time. "What have you done to Valor Green, you sick villain!"

Their eyes stared in disbelief as they watched the milking machine start its assault on Valor Green's tight body. A metallic arm tore off a piece of suit from the youngest Valor's groin and zeroed in on the meaty package within.

Valor Green's emerald eyes were glassy and dazed as the machine sprayed a puff of blue smoke onto his gorgeous face, causing the young hero to let out a long moan. A long tube fed into his mouth, filling it with Paradise Honey, Sugarloaf’s signature aphrodisiac to keep his victims horny.

"S-stop! STOP!" Valor Red uttered in shock as he watched his brother's erect cock leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. "Why? Why is he hard?!"

"I think it's whatever he's feeding him." Valor Blue pointed at the feeding tube between the Green Ranger's lips. A constant feed of highly aphroditic Paradise Honey was forced into the young Valor’s body, stimulating his cock and balls and augmenting his heroic loads.

Sugarloaf grinned, "How nice of you two to join us today. I'm on a supply run today, picking up some new hot and cocky heroes for my business."

Shifting his eye contact behind them, Sugarloaf smirked confidently, "I'm sure Pierce had played a good host to you two."

"Pierce?" Valor Blue uttered before turning back to the well-dressed informant. To which Pierce smiled cheekily behind the door, closing and locking the two rookie heroes with the master villain, Sugarloaf.

"Shit… It's a trap all along," said Valor Blue. "Red, we got to be care-"

Before he could warn his brother, the hot-headed Valor Red let out a roar and threw a ball of flame toward the Candy Daddy. "LET GREEN GO! You twisted creep!"

Blocking the fireball quickly with a green blob of Jell-O, Sugarloaf laughed, "Fudge Cakes. Taking you two hero studs down will be so sweet."

Chapter 3

“Look out, Red!”

Valor Blue stared in shock as a vicious blob of Jell-O spawned in front of Candy Daddy. The villain’s hands were glowing bright pink, indicating that this strange candy wall was his doing.

His brother Valor Red continued to throw fireballs from his fists, attempting to burn down the evil confectioner’s creation. It is evident that Sugarloaf was blocking their path to retrieve Valor Green.

“Just what kind of power is this?!” uttered Valor Blue. The gelatinous blob, translucent green with fruity bits suspended, grew far beyond what he imagined, filling the room almost completely.

The sweet intoxicating scent of jelly from the sugary wall was starting to become overwhelming.

“Blue, what are you doing? We need to strike him down now!” Valor Red exclaimed at his flabbergasted brother. His fist punched into the firm yet bouncy Jell-O, only to sink into the treat.

Surprised at how vicious it was, Valor Red tried to tug his hand free, only to find it stuck in the Jell-O. Finally, with a powerful blast of fire from his fist, the Red Ranger managed to yank himself free.

Valor Red called out to his brother, “Be careful, Blue. This thing is dangerous. Don’t let it catch you.”

The Blue Ranger launched sharp and powerful water strikes to cut through the Jell-O, but it kept growing back. Slowly the quivering blob expanded, pushing the two young heroes back, leaving them a small space between the walls.

Desperate, Valor Red tried to open the door they entered from, but it was held shut. The villain’s safehouse door was rock-solid, designed to keep heroes like them out usually, but instead kept them trapped now.

“Fuck this shit,” cursed the Red Ranger as he threw more scorching flames at the incoming jelly. Unfortunately, it was regenerating faster than he could burn it. Taking a step back, the Red Ranger was cornered away from his brother. The jelly had sealed the space between him and Valor Blue.

The living Jell-O sprouted a long tentacle and whipped about his thin waist. Valor Red blazed in flames over his muscular body, burning it off. But quickly, the gelatinous tentacle was joined by another, then a third, and a fourth. They were quickly overpowering the fire hero.

Before Valor Red knew it, four of the Jell-O tentacles grabbed his wrists and ankles and reeled him in. His limbs blazed up in flames, but it was no longer effective on the sweet treat. It was growing far too fast. The scent of burnt sugar filled the small, confined space, causing the hero to cough for air.

Valor Blue saw the immediate danger of his brother’s situation and shot out a barrage of water slashes, trying to cut through the Jell-O wall between them.

But it was too late. The Red Ranger was sucked into Jell-O’s gelatinous form. His entire body was wriggling helplessly and squirming in the vicious treat. Yet, at the same time, the living Jell-O pulsed all over Valor Red’s robust and muscular body.

“What the hell is this jelly?! I can’t get free!”

The fire hero was now trapped and could hardly move. Tiny jelly-like tentacles started touching his body-builder body all over. Starting from his red translucent visor, it slithered across his tight red suit, touching his round shoulders and under his colossal pecs.

“Augh!! Fuck! Stop this.”

Valor Red grunted as the Jell-O disintegrated part of his costume, exposing his huge right nipple. The tear around it extended as more of the Red Ranger’s costume peeled away, showing off his massive, muscled chest coated with the sheen of sweat and exertion.

“Oh…,” Valor Red moaned as one of the jelly tentacles attached itself to his muscles, sucking and letting it go again. Then, it moved to explore other parts of his firm and rigid body.

When it landed on his exposed nipple, the Red Ranger gasped from the pleasure. Then, another tentacle moved to connect to his other nipple and started stroking and working the soft manly tips.

The hero’s eyes rolled up behind his red visor. No one had ever worked on his nipples like that before. He could feel how his cock was reacting to these intensely sweet pleasures. All of this, the capture and the teasing, was done in mere seconds.

Seeing that his brother’s costume was vulnerable to the Jell-O’s strange dissolving touch, Valor Blue tried his best to reach his brother. The Blue Ranger let out a battle cry and switched to cannoning powerful water jets. A pair of Jell-O tentacles swiftly struck Valor Blue suddenly before he could launch another attack.

Throwing the water hero against the wall, that moment of stun was what the villain needed to get him. As Valor Blue tried to get up, the Jell-O grew in length and size, circling the Blue Ranger’s hard swimmer body. The hero struggled and grabbed one of the Jell-O. From the palms of his hands, he shot a jet of powerful water to tear it off. But soon, more tentacles joined and wrapped themselves against the ensnared blue hero.

Despite his struggles, the Blue Ranger could not break the Jell-O’s powerful grip. Slowly, the thrashing body of Valor Blue was dragged on the floor towards the monstrous blob of green jelly while the tentacles squeezed his body tighter and tighter.

At the same time, Valor Red’s nipples were stimulated even more. A large slab of jelly slapped around his midsection as it sucked onto his well-cut six-packs under his tattered red costume. Slowly the jelly started to seep into his suit, going down to his underbelly.

Furious, Valor Red glanced toward the villain behind the green wall of jelly. Sugarloaf smiled back wickedly at their unfortunate predicament. The pleasure of the nipple teasing blurred his mind. Valor Red gritted his jaw.

“C-can’t breathe….” Valor Red managed to get out as his body was transported through the thick blob of Jell-O toward the villain.

The Red Ranger glanced over at his brother and saw that Valor Blue was in an equally bad situation. His handsome face was distressed as the blue hero struggled to break free.

Valor Red could see the vague outline of a green Jell-O tentacle as it morphed into an enormous phallus. It dived around Valor Blue’s slender waist, aiming for the back of him and the fabric of the blue briefs. But, unfortunately, the back of his blue costume’s pants had dissolved, revealing the Blue Ranger’s bubble butt. Confidently, the jelly dove in, causing Valor Blue to gasp and writhe in pain as the giant blob penetrated his virgin hole.

Valor Red turned his attention to his trapped sibling, Valor Green. The Green Ranger’s eyes stared blankly at the ceiling. His mouth was open wide, taking in the drugged honey mixture willingly. A thick string of his super-powered jizz was sucked out from his cock into a transparent tank above him.

Was this going to be their fate?

No! That’s not possible for Squad Valor.

We will get free like we always do. Valor White will come soon.

Chapter 4

Sugarloaf walked towards the translucent wall of Jell-O, where the trapped heroes were presented to him. Their tight muscular bodies were encased in the thick gelatinous treat, rendering them immobile.

Only their heads were exposed out of the jelly. Their arms and legs were utterly cemented in the quivering translucent green.

Sugarloaf grinned as he thought to himself.

These young rookies were fine-looking men. They could easily be hot sexy models if they choose to. The red one is a bit fiery-tempered, while the blue one seems calmer and more tactful. But no matter their personalities, they will be my mindless super-cows after tonight.

“Let us go! What do you want to do with us? You sick villain.”

“Stop talking, Red!” His brother cut in, trying to avoid giving the Master Villain more information than they should.

“So Little Blue is the sensible one, I see,” Sugarloaf turned to Valor Blue. His large hand caressed the young Blue Ranger’s handsome face. In that instant, Valor Blue twisted his face in disgust at the villain’s touch.

“I guess taking you first will be much more fun.”

From the palm of the villain’s hand, a blue mist sprayed into the air onto Valor Blue’s face. Immediately after taking in a whiff, Valor Blue crunched up his face. His mind was bombarded with mind-numbing sensations, making it hard to think.

Seeing his brother’s reaction, Valor Red yelled out, “Villain! What the hell did you do to Valor Blue!?”

Sugarloaf shot Valor Red a cunning smile that sent shivers down his spine, “Nothing much. I gave him a dose of my latest sweet creation – Blueberry Brain Blast. From what I know, its mind-numbing lethal effects can really wreck up someone’s brain.”

Blueberry Brain Blast.

So many of the captured heroes were defiant to the end. Even with powerful Paradise Honey, some heroes were still about to endure the never-ending sex and lust bombarding them. But by introducing this potent blue spray, even the strongest-willed mind will be wiped clean, making them a docile and cum-happy super-cow for Candy Daddy.

Valor Blue shook his head vigorously as he panted heavily. It was clear that the first dose took a toll on his mind. He was struggling to get his senses back. He could feel something strange in his loins. He was getting hard.

“Get yourself together, Blue! Don’t let this villain win.”

“Ugh… C-can’t think…”

Sugarloaf proceeded to grab the loins of the dazed blue hero. The Jell-O dissolved the remaining pieces of his suit covering his groin, revealing that Valor Blue was wearing a dark-blue thong under his costume. His manly bulge was already visible, pushing against the fabric.

“Fuck you!! Get your hands off, Blue!” Valor Red roared as he tried to thrash out of his Jell-O trap, exploding in fiery flames. But the regenerating jelly quickly smothered his fire.

Another puff of the blue mist relaxed the trapped Blue Ranger. Valor Blue tried to get his head up, but it was heavy. All of his thoughts seemed to be leaving his mind. A soft protest escaped his lips as the villain massaged his cock from within his thongs. He felt the cool gel-like substance around his balls, caressing them sensually.

It felt so good.

Sugarloaf grinned. Without uttering another word, he pulled the Blue Ranger’s partly swollen dick out of his thong and began stroking it.

Still lodged from earlier, the Jell-O tentacle in his hole started to thrust the Blue Ranger, pummeling his prostate with its slimy gelatinous body. It wasn’t long before Valor Blue’s dick reached its full 6.5 inches.

“This… can’t be happening,” muttered Valor Blue before another hit of the sweet brainwashing mist flooded his nose. His mind was shocked haywire with pleasure as he slurred out incoherently.

The Blue Ranger started to moan as the morphed tentacle drove in and out of his tight asshole.

“Oh… no… Oh… yes…”

Slowly, more of the thick tentacle entered his bubble butt, giving the water hero a good fuck with all twelve inches inside of him. Valor Blue’s eyes rolled up with a mix of pleasure and pain. Sugarloaf continued to stroke and pump his cock while dosing him with a constant spray of Blueberry Brain Blast.

Soon, Valor Blue had his tongue hanging out of his mouth droopily, giving the villain the silliest look on his face. His cock was rock-hard and leaking pre-cum furiously as the Jell-O raped his ass.

Zonked out, the Blue Ranger moaned loudly as the penetrating tentacle went as far in as it could, completely immersed in the experience and ignoring his brother’s protests.

The blue hero was eagerly pushing his hips into the master confectioner’s hand, wanting more of his warm embrace to stroke his piece of hot hero meat.

“Stop… Stop doing that to Blue,” Valor Red protested at the sight of his younger brother molested by the villain. He felt helpless that he could not do anything to protect him.

“Blue! Valor Blue, snap out of it!”

Sugarloaf tilted his head and laughed at the red hero while stroking Valor Blue’s thick and hard member. His large hand cupped around the hero’s dangling balls, feeling the warmth and potency of his family jewels.

“It’s too late. Your brother is already my super-cow!” laughed Sugarloaf, turning to a wide-eyed Valor Red. “I will make sure his cream will be put to good use.”

“Y-you fiend! What have we done to you?” Valor Red cursed, thinking about which villain they had offended in their heroic work.

“Nothing, young hero. Collecting and milking heroes is part of my business.” Sugarloaf replied, half-lying, knowing that tonight’s run was to vent some frustration.

Dosing the blue hero another spray of his Blueberry Brain Blast, Valor Blue began to slur uncontrollably, moaning and grunting sounds of pleasure. His cock twitched violently in the villain’s palm, eager to shoot his creamy wad.

“Sick old man! Release Valor Blue now! When I get out of here, I will show you!” yelled Valor Red as his muscular body burst into flames before the Jell-O snuffed him out again. Sweat poured from his forehead as he exerted the use of his powers.

It wasn’t long that Sugarloaf’s stroking and the jelly-fucking brought Valor Blue close to the edge.

With the final puff of Blueberry Brain Blast, the Blue Ranger broke. His breathing became shallow, almost hyperventilating. His body started spasming. His arms and legs tensed up as he threw his hips forward in Sugarloaf’s hand.

“OHHH! AHH!” The defeated Valor Blue moaned as he pumped out five thick shots of tasty jism all over the villain’s hand. Sugarloaf smiled as he felt the youthful seeds creamed out from the tip of the heroic rod. The high-quality superhero load was thick, warm, and vicious.

With that powerful orgasm, Valor Blue rolled his head onto his chest and let out a long slur before passing out – still in his suit and trapped in the Jell-O prison.

“You fiend! You fiend! How dare you do that to Blue! Wait till I get out of here!” Valor Red yelled. His face was red with fury at the sight of his brother’s forced orgasm.

Sugarloaf turned to Valor Red and said calmly, “Don’t fret over Little Blue. You will join him soon. Docile and happily cumming with some dose of my Blueberry Brain Blast.”

“No! That’s impossible! I won’t succumb to your little tricks!”

“We will see, young Little Red,” Sugarloaf said sinisterly.

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