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Countless Jobs of Wild Card - Cashier
By Nox

Countless Jobs of Wild Card - Cashier

Chapter 1

"RANDY! This is unacceptable! If not for your…"

Randy Martin stood still, resisting the urge to wipe the spit off his gorgeous face. His boss was enraged at his constant disappearances over the last two weeks of his new job. The 19-years old had just graduated from high school and still trying to find his calling in life. In the meantime, he had to make ends meet by taking up this job at the local mini-mart in Cindra Metropolitan.

Not known to many people, Randy Martin had a secret life.

The tall and muscular teenager was Wild Card , a young superhero with an extraordinary ability. While not a headliner hero like True Blue, Ember Man, or Phantom, he was slowly gaining popularity.

As Wild Card, Randy gained one of his seventy-eight superpowers every day at the stroke of midnight. He could fly, conjure fire, and even slow time down. Despite how mighty it sounded, Randy could not choose which powers he got. It was simply picked randomly from an internal deck of tarot cards.

The erratic nature of his powers made it hard for him to sustain a permanent superhero career, so it was why Randy was taking up this job at this mini-mart.

"OI! YOU HEAR ME? One last time you fuck up, and you are fired," shouted his boss.

Randy gritted his jaw. He could not lose another job. Otherwise, he would not be hearing the end of it from his girlfriend. He sighed, "Yes, Mr. Smith. I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"It better not," yelled his fuming boss as the man tossed the apron onto him. "Get back to work. You are doing stocktaking after closing."

"Yes, Mr. Smith. Stocktaking. Got it."

As the boss slammed the door to his back office, Randy rolled his eyes as he put on the apron over his tight-fitting black polo tee.

Chapter 2

"Thank you for shopping with Home Mart. Have a great evening, Madam," said Randy as he handed back the old lady her change.

"Such a handsome young man. You should smile more," said the lady.

Randy flashed his stunning set of white teeth, to which the lady let out a giggle. The young hero was a gorgeous fellow, after all. Well-build, model-like good looks, and overall friendly appearance.

"There. So handsome," said the old lady chirpily as she made her way out.

Randy looked back down at his cashier counter. The store was quiet. He liked it. It gave him time to be with himself. His wild mind drifted off. Manning the cashier, refilling the stocks, and talking to the customers was fun for the first couple of days, but now it was getting a little mundane.

Big blue sea, towering mountains, windy skies. Randy was born to be out there, experiencing new adventures and making exciting discoveries. He dreamt of being a sailor at sea, fighting raging storms, or a fighter pilot, jetting through the sky. Anything really. Other than being stuck behind this counter. So what was he doing here?

His thoughts were quickly interrupted as a shiver shot down his spine. Following that, there was a loud crash. Someone had dropped a can of chips.

"Oh my god," he moaned softly as he shook off the unnerving feeling, "Today's ability got to be the most annoying one."

The High Priestess card.

A card of intuition and common sense. Heightened intuition was not the most helpful ability if it was going off at even the slightest sense of danger.

Another wave of shiver shot down his spine as the doorbell chimed. Randy looked across and saw a large bulky man dressed in filthy brown rags. A cloak covered half of his face.

"Oh no… Please don't be it," groaned Randy. His day had not been going well with the raging boss. "Not another homeless dude trying to sneak off a snack."

Randy watched closely as the strange man walked around the mart. There was almost a dark aura oozing off him. He seemed like the kind of person you would avoid in the middle of the night. Trouble.

The man was looking around, seeming to be checking out the layout of the mart.

"A burglary?"

Cautiously, Randy moved towards the hidden emergency button. Despite being a superhero, he wasn't much of a fighter without his abilities. Some days, he gets a good one that helped him out, but not today.

After making his round, the man grabbed a packet of bread off the shelves and headed towards the cashier. Randy stood guarded on his feet as he picked up and scanned the pack of Pain Au Chocolat from the famous Sugarloaf bakehouse.

"Good choice," said Randy as he maintained his composure. His fearless eyes looked into the man's. The cowled man had a rugged face with a thick unkempt beard. A strong, pungent smell wafted across, forcing the young hero to hold back his gag reflexes.

Randy tensed up instinctively when he felt something on his hand. He looked down and saw that the man had grabbed his hand and the bun.

"Delicious…" The creepy man said with a toothy smile. He grabbed the bread off Randy's hand and dropped some change on the counter.

Randy smiled nervously as he watched the bulky man close the door behind him.

"Thank you for shopping -"

Randy shivered as his ability sent a final wave of tingling sensation down his spine. That man was so weird and creepy.

"I'm so glad that's over."

Chapter 3

The clock ticked by slowly and finally hit the ten o'clock mark.

"Finally!" Randy let out a sigh of relief as he ushered the last customer out. He couldn't wait to finish tonight's shift and head back to Alicia. Grabbing the electronic tablet, he started stocktaking.

"Done with the hair products. Now, oral care," said Randy to himself as he moved along the shelves of the small store.

*Zizz Zizz*

Suddenly, the lights began to flicker. Randy jumped as he felt shivers all over his body. Something was off.

The lights flickered a couple more times before going out, making the store go dark.

"Grrr...," growled Randy as he rolled his eyes. He wondered if the High Priestess card had a side-effect of giving him bad luck, given how bad his day was. "Not a power outage tonight!"

In the back office, Randy fumbled around to find the fuse box, but the interior was too dark. So he decided to get the torch from the storage instead. All the time, his ability was screaming out loud in his head, sending tingling waves of panic down his spine.

"Damn it, High Priestess. There's nothing to panic about," muttered Randy under his breath. He failed to notice a pungent scent slowly creeping into the room in the darkness.

"There! Finally!" He heaved a sigh of relief. Switching the torch on, Randy saw a prominent dark figure. Before he could react, it grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

Ugh!” The young hunk yelled out. His hands tugged at the stranger's, but it was futile. The figure tossed the unsuspecting stud across the office with a powerful force.


Randy slammed into the metal office cabinet, leaving a dent as he collapsed onto the ground. Pain struck his entire body as the young hero gathered himself. His vision blurred slightly as he squinted at the perpetrator who was approaching him.

"No… No!" Randy yelled out as he felt the strong hands grab his ankles. He started kicking violently and crawled the floor to resist the stranger as the man towed him out of the office.

Chapter 4

The empty store was dimly lit from the streetlights. The struggling young hero thrashed about to break free from the stranger's grip. Then, he felt a stinging slap land on his face without warning. It burned!

What on earth?” Randy called out. Holding his reddened cheek, the stud could see the figure more clearly now in the dim light. The stranger was wearing the same ragged cloak from earlier.


He should have known that weirdo was up to no good. Somehow that homeless dude had managed to break into the store.

"How? Why?" wondered Randy as he propped himself up on his elbows. "Is he going to rob the store?"

The sound of pulled duct tape snapped him back to his predicament. The filthy man moved toward the strapping hunk as he tried to crawl backward.

Randy winced in pain. His ribs hurt. If only he had gotten a regenerative ability today. The alarm bells in his head continue to ring like crazy, giving him the worst possible headache.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Randy muttered as he struggled forcefully against the man. The man flipped him over to his belly and began to put restraints on his wrists and ankles.

"No! Let me go, you bastard!" yelled out Randy as he was pinned down to the ground. Despite not having combat powers, the young hero was still a well-muscled hunk.

How could this man be manhandling him so easily?


"What the fuck, dude?" yelled out Randy as he felt the back of his black polo tee being ripped apart like a piece of paper, exposing his muscular back. Next, the man stripped him down to his briefs. His jeans dangled against the duct-tape restraints on his ankles. With that, he flipped the exposed hero over.

"Bastard! Get your filthy hands off me!" screamed Randy as he kicked himself backward. This was obviously no longer a burglary.

At this point, Randy had his hands bound behind his back. His muscular body was naked with only the cover of his cashier apron as he sat on the cold ground in his underwear. In the dim light, his round bowling-ball-like shoulders and bulging triceps strained against the restraints.

"Delicious," muttered the bearded stranger as he moved closer to the hunky hero.

Randy's heroic courage quickly dissolved as he lay panting, sore from being unable to break free. The man had placed him in a spot of helplessness. Randy swallowed hard and was feeling confused.

Despite the situation, being helplessly bound, while the stranger was able to do whatever he wanted, everything was making Randy’s cock twitch.

Chapter 5

The tingling feeling of his ability was making his skin crawl. Randy tossed about in his bonds and yelled out in hopes that any pedestrians on the sidewalk might come to his rescue.

The bearded stranger placed his hand on the hunky teen's lips. Randy could feel a pill fall into his mouth. Enraged, the hero spat out the drug in defiance. However, he was in no position to resist. The man pushed the pill back into his mouth and pulled out a bottle of yellowish liquid.

Randy began to thrash about as the distinct pungent scent of piss filled the air. Fuck! Does this man carry a bottle of his own piss?!

Holding down the hero firmly, the man poured the piss into Randy's mouth and held it fast with his hands. Tears shot out from Randy's eyes as the taste made him sick. He was fighting his hardest not to swallow, but he started choking on the vile-tasting liquid.

Finally, Randy was forced to swallow it to relieve himself. Then he realized that he had swallowed the pill this man had put into his mouth.

His body felt warm. He looked around and saw a torn box of Viagra, lying beside the man. This bastard had just drugged him with stolen goods from the store.

Shit! I can’t get hard in front of this man! No! No matter what I can’t!

The man roared excitedly in laughter as he watched Randy's dick betray him and begin to grow hard. His hand pressed against the young teen's crotch and massaged the rod until it was solid and raging, forcing Randy to moan out with pleasure.

Fuck! So hard! So warm! Can’t focus… Must… Get out!

Twisting and turning, Randy tried his hardest to get loose, but the duct tape was tightly wrapped around his limbs. The disgusting taste lingered in his mouth as he watched the man pick out some items from the shelves - an electric toothbrush and a tube of minty toothpaste.

"Fucker! You'd better get away from me!" warned Randy as the man moved towards his grounded body. Darkness covered him as the stranger flipped the cashier apron over his handsome face, exposing his sculptured body underneath. "GET IT OFF! DAMN IT!"

A soft and icy-cold feeling touched his hardened nipples.

Fuck! He's putting toothpaste on my nubs?!

Randy could hear the soft buzzing sound of vibrations before he let out a loud moan of ecstasy. He could feel the rough bristles of the toothbrush violently tickling his sensitive nipples. A second toothbrush was placed on his other nipple, causing Randy to yelp in pleasure!

"Oh, God! Fuck! What are you doing? Ohhh!" said Randy with a shaking voice. Having two electric toothbrushes polishing his large round nipples, covered in tingling minty paste, was electrifying.

Shit! This feels so good!

His cock instantly jerked as the intensive pleasure forced him to stain his tight underwear in precum. The young hero was trapped in this pleasurable agony as he wriggle to get free.

After what seemed like forever, the brushes were removed from his now overly-sensitized nipples. Next, it moved down the slab of his meaty pecs, caressing the hero's lightly-haired torso. Finally, the bristles brushed against the muscled teen's sore ribs, forcing the sexy, heroic body to twist and contract from the ticklish sensations.

Randy started to burst out laughing. Tears shot from the corners of his eyes. "Ha ha ha! Please!! Ha ha ha! Please stop! Enough! Ha ha ha!"

His futile struggles made him sweat all over his muscular body. A musky scent of the helpless teenage hero filled the store. His bulging body glistened in sweat and smeared toothpaste under the dim light.

As though satisfied, the toothbrushes were removed from his muscled body. Randy finally collapsed back down onto the ground, panting exhaustedly. His cock was raging in his underwear now, almost pleading for attention. The remaining toothpaste tingled and burned on his skin.

Was it over? He sensed that things are just getting started as the shivers and alarm bells were going off like crazy in his mind.

Chapter 6

His cock twitched as a cold sensation dripped down onto it. The stranger began emptying the tube of minty toothpaste all over his erected cock. Randy yelped in protest as he felt the large rough hands molest his privates, coating his underwear with the tingling paste.

"Please! Stop this! I got a girlfriend!" pled Randy helplessly as he tugged at the duct tape. It was useless. The man continued to grope him until the hero's crotch was messily covered in the cooling tingling paste.

The sound of vibration returned. Randy's eyes shot widened opened, "NO!"

Both brushes vibrated intensely along the contours of his thick cock, sending an immeasurable amount of pleasure through his body. Randy's mind went blank as his eyes rolled up. He had never felt such intense sensations before!

"AHH! FUCK! SHIT!" He moaned out loudly, still blinded by his apron. "SHIT! So good! SO CLOSE!"

The bristles continued to go up and down his massive cock alternatively. One was going up, the other going down, sending unexpected shockwaves of pleasure.

"PLEASE! Please!" pled Randy as the urge for release overtook his resistance. "So- So close!"

One of the brushed moved to under where his cock slit was and began making small circles around that area, sending Randy into unimaginable bliss.

"Oh, GOD!! Fuck! I'm cumming!"

A blob of white cum shot from under his tight underwear, only to be mixed in with the rotating bristles. Randy's eyes showed white as he continued to jet shots after another.

"FUCK!!" The young hero yelled out, tensing his entire body before collapsing back down in post-orgasmic bliss.

Chapter 7

As Randy rested on the ground, the apron slowly slid off his face, allowing him to see what was going on. There were toothpaste stains all over his body and the floor around them. His underwear was a filthy smear of paste and cum.

Shit… I can’t believe I cummed in my underwear in the mini-mart. No one can know about this! Where’s that man?

His eyes darted around, looking for the man. The homeless dude had gone off to fetch something else from the store. This was his chance to get away.

Randy started tried twisting around and worming his way back towards the office. An emergency button located by his boss' desk could get him the desperately needed rescue.

Slowly pushing through the door, he managed to get himself toward the desk. Finally, the button came into view.

"Yes! Almost there!" Randy readied himself for a lunge. He just needed to press the button for help.

He lunged forward… only to be tugged back down to the ground.

"Shit! He got me!" despaired the hero as he felt a set of strong hands around his ankles.

Randy thrashed and struggled. He just needed to press that button. "Damn it! Let me go! You got what you wanted!"

He was flipped back on his ass to face the man. Randy swallowed hard. The man had a condom held between his lips amidst his thick dirty beard. The cloak he had on previously was now removed. The stranger had a large belly and bulging arms. Dark hair covered his plump torso and… his erected private.

"Get the hell away from me!" yelled Randy as he kicked the man's hands. He was not going to let himself get raped by this filthy bastard!

The bulky man climbed on top of the young hero, pressing down Randy with his weight. He tore off the condom and rolled it onto his thick musky cock. Randy looked on with fear. "No! Get away!"

A mouth prop was in his hands, taken from the pharmacy section. The man proceed to force it into Randy's mouth to keep it gagged and wide open. The hero screamed and shouted, but his words came out gibberish.

No, it can’t be! He cannot be thinking of it!

Randy could feel the man's cock head slide into the forced opening of his mouth. Then, without skipping a beat, the man began to thrust into his mouth. Randy teared up as his gag reflexes kicked in. He wanted to vomit.

ARGH! I can’t believe I’m giving this bastard a blowjob!

As he continued to plunge deep into the hero's throat over and over again, without an ounce of mercy, Randy could feel the head of the man’s dick swelled. The man's body shook and let out a roar as shots of cum erupted into the condom in his mouth.

Randy opened his mouth as wide as he could, in fear that his teeth could tear the condom, feeding him the man's disgusting semen. The man had released a large load in his mouth, causing the tip of the condom to bulge out significantly.

A sense of relief came over Randy as he felt the cock removed from his mouth. The mouth prop popped out with it.

Is it finally over? He got his release.

"Please. Enough. Let me go already," said Randy as he lay exhaustedly.

The man just grunted as he pulled off the filled condom. He looked at Randy's body, and his eyes moved down to his still tenting crotch. His hand reached down to the waistband of the hero's brief.

"NO!" yelled the hero. "Stop! What are you doing?"

He pulled down, revealing Randy's beautiful and proudly erected cock.

Argh! Bastard!”

The man took the used condom and stretched it out over Randy's dick.

"FUCK NO!" Randy's eyes shot wide open as he watched his own cock slowly wrapped up in the cum-filled condom. Lumps of semen were trapped along the length of his rod.

"FUCK! That's disgusting! Shit! You fucking ass!"

Randy could feel the still-warm cum over all his cock as it was wrapped in the filthy condom. The young hero wanted to cry. This was beyond humiliating and disgusting.

The bulky man just smiled at his handiwork and fetched out a tube of lube, again stolen from the store. He poured it over Randy's erection and greased rubber-wrapped cock. He squirted another handful and reached behind his own ass.

Exhausted, Randy could no longer struggle much. He laid on the ground and cursed as the man stand over him. His soiled legs were on both sides of Randy’s waist and he began to squat.

Randy realized what the man was doing and started to shake about. “Stop it! You! You can’t!”

As the man lowered his ass onto Randy's thick and veiny cock, the young hero moaned out loud. The stranger’s ass felt warm and comfortable. The hairy rim was tight and seemed to be sucking his cock in.

I seriously can’t be enjoying this!

Finally, with the entire length of Randy's eight-inch dick inside of him, he began to force the young stud to fuck him. Feeling his cock engulfed by the filthy man's ass was a mix of disgust and arousal for Randy. Each time his cock pushed into the tight hole, a wave of pleasure washed through his body.

Randy shut his eyes and gritted his teeth. He shook his head in defiance.

He can't. The hero, Wild Card, simply can't give in to this dirty stranger's ass… but it felt so good!

As the young stud was ridden hard and fast, Randy let out a howling moan. His body tensed up and his painfully erected cock reached another climax. “Oh my God! I’m… I’m cumming!”

But still, his dick was rock hard. The man continued to ride his cock, milking more and more of his hot cum from his draining balls.

"Please no more!" begged Randy as he was sapped of all his strength. Cum started to leak from the opening of the condom as the amount of semen was bursting within.

Randy let out a yelp as the man began to play with his sensitive nipples. He twisted and pulled onto the soft brown spots, causing the hero to cry out in pleasure. All the way, the man continued to force his leaking cock up his chute till the young hero had no choice but to shoot again.

Fuck shit! Please… Please get off me!” begged Randy as his muscled body panted frantically. It was too much. His cock was only this hard because of the drug.

The man simply grunted and continued the molestation. His large hand reached down to grope the hero's shrinking ball sack as he rode on the hero's rod. Then, he began stroking his own cum-coated cock with his other hand.

Randy winced in a mix of pain and pleasure. Despite cumming so much, his cock felt amazing good in the man’s ass. With the warm hands around his balls, he could feel his family jewel tensing up. It felt great.

Without warning, the man gave Randy’s hefty sack a forceful tug. He squeezed the hero’s balls, forcing the young stud to howl out in pain. That, however, forced out another orgasm from the now-dazed hero.

At the same time, the man burst a load all over the hero, staining his cashier apron with strings of thick semen. A shot splattered onto Randy's face, which caused him to shake his head in an attempt to get it off.

Panting from sheer exhaustion, Randy rested motionlessly. He was so tired and sore. There was no possible way there could be any more cum left in him. The condom was filled to the brim with a mixture of his own cum and the man's filthy semen.

Sensing that his victim was drained dry, the man pulled his ass off the thick cock with pop. The tip of the condom was so filled with cum that it started to dangle over in a droplet.

"Delicious," said the bulky man as he pulled the condom off Randy's dick. He twirled the mixture with a grin and turned towards Randy. Then, grabbing the young stud's cheeks, he forced the mouth open and poured the contents of the condom into the hero's mouth.

There was so much cum that Randy gagged as he tried desperately to fight against swallowing it. The man put his finger in and rubbed the cum all over the hero's tongue. Randy struggled and stared back weakly with anger. He was so pissed. How could this be happening to him?

After a couple of attempts to force-feed the hero, Randy inevitably swallowed a mouthful of the filthy semen. There was so much cum that he felt sick to the stomach.

This asshole… So filthy… so dirty… Randy wanted to break down in tears as he curled up in a fetal position.

Chapter 7

At that moment, his mind went clear. Randy opened his eyes. The ringing in his head had stopped. In the office, he could hear his boss's cuckoo clock chiming.

Midnight. A new day.

Knight of Swords.”

A card that is full of life and energy. There was no stopping the Knight of Swords.

"Yes. Finally," thought Randy as his hands glowed with light energy. His body was re-energized with his new ability for the day. Then, with minimal strength, he ripped through the once-restrictive duct tape.

Not giving the stranger a second of thought, he flung a light-powered fist onto the man's naked chest, sending him smashing through the store. Like dominos, the shelves collapsed one after another, sending the merchandise sprawling everywhere.

"Shit! I overestimated the power of the Knight of Sword," muttered Wild Card as he felt a wave of energy coursing through his body.

Pulling up his jeans, he scrambled to check on the unconscious man and ring up the police.




"You're FIRED!" screamed his red-faced boss. He could literally see the steam coming out of his head.

It couldn't be helped. Randy swallowed hard as he took the berating.

He had trashed half the store. Thankfully, insurance would be covering up the damages. After all, it was a break-in and brawl.

Before the police's arrival, Randy quickly cleaned up the mess and dressed both himself and the unconscious stranger. He went through the surveillance tape and thankfully, it was too dark to see anything other than some struggling and brawling.

No way he wanted anyone to know what happened in the store tonight.

Randy sighed as he left the wrecked store. He was jobless again. How was he going to explain to Alicia now?

Wild Card shrugged to himself as he walked home uncomfortably. His face blushed red as he felt the dampness of his soiled underwear in his jeans.

Now… what's the next job?