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Brother against Brother
Chapter 8 - Brotherly 'Love'
By Michael Randall

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Johnny and Alec arrived at the private airport in Damascus at 7:00 am ready for their trip to the states. According to the research that Johnny had done, Butch had a new home in San Diego. Johnny figured that he settled in there due to the opportunity of all those young, hot Marines and Navy sailors who were a constant line of discharged hunks. He was sure that many of them “disappeared” never to be heard from again and that Butch was auctioning off those hot bodies to the highest bidder.

The pilot was in the cockpit when the two boarded the jet. “Hi” He called out “You must be the new owners of this craft.” He reached out to shake their hands.

“Yes, that is right” Johnny answered in his accented voice. “I am Abdul Maalik and this is Alec Caldwell” Both Johnny and Alec shook the offered hand of the pilot.

“Nice to meet you, bosses!” The pilot joked. “I’m Travis, your pilot and standing behind you is Colin, your personal flight attendant.”

Johnny and Alec both turned to see a tall, tan, dark-haired god standing behind them. Colin gave a toothy grin and shook their hands as both men looked him up and down taking in every detail of the ultra-tight uniform Colin was wearing. His clothing left nothing to the imagination; everything on him was muscular and huge, especially the huge bulge between his thighs. Colin smiled as he watched the two of them check him out.

Travis was no slouch either. Standing about 6’ 2” he had an extremely muscular physique and he also had a nice looking package. Johnny laughed “Your photos don’t do you guys justice!” They all chuckled.

Travis spoke “Well, we’re ready to take off as soon as you’re all set.”

Alec answered “Then let’s get going, Travis, Abdul and I have some urgent business in the states and the sooner we get there, the better.” He winked at Travis who smiled as his eyes swept over Alec’s muscular body. That was not wasted on Alec whose cock firmed up as he pictured the hunky pilot naked.

“OK” Travis announced “You go back and get yourselves comfortable and Colin and I will get this trip under way.

The cabin was very well appointed and they found the passenger seats to be very luxurious as they seated themselves. Johnny was having a bit of trouble buckling his seatbelt when Colin came forward from the galley. He noticed that Johnny was struggling. “Let me assist you, Mr. Maalik.” “No, that’s ok, I’m sure I can get it.”

But Colin insisted and found the ends of the belt and pulled it around Johnny’s lap. As he clicked the two pieces together, his hand moved lower and he cupped Johnny’s package. “Um, sorry, sir!” he apologized smiling down at Johnny. Johnny looked up at him and replied “No problem, Colin, and you can call me Abdul, Mr. Maalik is my father.” They both laughed and Johnny could feel tightness in his briefs.

At that moment, Travis’ voice came over the speaker. “We’ve been cleared for takeoff.”

The jet began to taxi to the runway and soon they were airborne heading away from Damascus to the United States. Johnny sighed with relief knowing that the nightmare was over. Then he began to plot the demise of Butch and his minions. The jet climbed to the appointed altitude and settled into a smooth ride.

Colin appeared from the back of the jet. “I know it’s early, but would you like a drink?” he asked. They both nodded and Colin took their orders.

Following the cocktails, Colin proceeded to serve them the best American breakfast they had ever had since their incarceration. Both devoured the eggs benedict which was accompanied by juicy strips of crisp bacon and fat sausages. Rich, hot coffee topped off their first meal which they enjoyed immensely.

Johnny couldn’t help but stare at Colin’s bulge each time he served him. It looked like Colin’s cock was half hard inside that uniform. Johnny wanted to rip the uniform right off of him and fuck him on the cabin floor. He looked over at Alec who was laughing uproariously. “See something you like, eh?” Johnny blushed and said “Fuck off!” Alec continued to enjoy the scene at Johnny’s expense.

When everything had been cleared from the table Johnny said “I have a plan to get us into the mansion” Alec smiled and said “OK, let’s have it, how are we going to gain access?”

Johnny explained his plan which consisted of calling Butch’s security service to report an outage and then replacing the repairmen. They discussed the details and Alec said he thought it would work just fine. They both then stretched out in the soft leather seats and fell asleep.

Colin walked through the cabin to the cockpit. He sat in the co-pilot’s seat. “God, Travis, how lucky could we get to be working for those two; great pay and fantastic scenery. Fuck I’ve been walking around in the cabin with a very hard dick checking out Abdul’s package. He must have 10 inches in there.” Travis chuckled “Well don’t feel alone. I’d give my left nut to fuck Alec, that ass of his is fantastic!” They both laughed, but each was very serious.

“Well, I don’t suppose we stand a chance, it seems that they are a couple.” Travis smiled “Well, how many gay couples do you know who are not ready to get it on with a hot guy regardless of their relationship? Couple or no couple, I’m willing to bet we could have some good times, if we play our cards right!” Colin got up and clapped Travis on the shoulder, “I hope you’re right, stud. I hope you’re right.” He left the cockpit and walked through the cabin noticing that Johnny must be having a wild dream as his cock was now fully hard and his tight jeans displayed it well. He went to the galley to get things ready for dinner.

A few hours later, Johnny woke up and stretched his arms lifting his butt up off of the seat. Looking to his right, he noticed that Alec was not in his seat. Suddenly, he heard voices coming from the cockpit, stretching his neck, he saw Travis and Alec. He couldn’t make out what they were saying but he could see them talking and laughing.

At that moment Colin walked by. “Ah, I see you are awake, Mr. M….I mean Abdul. Did you have a refreshing rest?” Johnny looked up at him and smiled “Yeah, thanks, Colin, I feel much better now.” His eyes strayed to Colin’s swollen package. Realizing suddenly what he was doing, he looked over at Alec’s empty seat.

“Where’s Alec?” he asked. “Oh he’s in the cockpit with Travis” Colin replied. Johnny laughed, “It’s awfully quiet in there, what do you think they’re doing?” Colin laughed “Well, maybe Travis is teaching Alec how to handle the stick.” He winked at Johnny. “Yeah and I’ll bet that Alec is doing a good job of polishing the knob!” They both laughed.

“Um, you know, there’s a small sleeping room in the tail section of the craft, if you’re interested.” Colin told Johnny. “Ah, well I’m not really tired anymore, but thanks.” Colin grabbed the bulge in his uniform, smiled and said “Who said anything about sleeping?” Johnny’s cock reacted instantly and he quickly unbuckled his seat belt. Standing up, he whispered “Lead on, MacDuff!” Chortling, Colin took his hand and pulled Johnny toward the back of the plane.

Colin grabbed two champagne flutes and a bottle of Krug Clos Du Mesnil, vintage 2000, that he had prepared, chilled perfectly and ready to pour. He poured a glass and handed it to Johnny. “May I?” he asked before pouring one for himself. “You’d better” Johnny complained “I don’t drink alone.”

They touched the rims of their glasses in a toast to their meeting. Colin nearly melted as he looked in Johnny’s eyes.

After two glasses each, Colin stared into Johnny’s eyes and touched his jaw with his hand. “You are beautiful, Abdul, like a striking painting.” Johnny leaned in and pressed his lips to Colin’s. Colin surrendered and opened his mouth as Johnny’s tongue forced it’s way through Colin’s lips and began to wrestle with the attendant’s tongue. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm” he moaned tasting the champagne in Colin’s mouth. “You taste great, man.”

Johnny gazed up at the hot attendant. “Uh, from the moans I heard coming from the cockpit, I wonder who’s flying this jet.” Colin laughed “Oh, not to worry. When we are at cruising altitude the computer flies the jet. The pilot only takes over for takeoffs and landings. The computer on this jet is very sophisticated and could probably even land it itself.” He reached down and began to unbuckle Johnny’s belt. “Let’s get going, I want to see what’s hiding in there.”

He opened Johnny’s jeans and then lifted his shirt, rubbing his hands over Johnny’s taut nipples. “Mmmmmm, Abdul, I want to see the whole thing.” “He slowly and deliberately stripped all of Johnny’s clothing off until the handsome young man was completely naked. He leaned over him and began to lick Johnny’s chest, gently biting his nipples. Johnny lay there moaning. Colin worked down Johnny’s chest with his tongue until he arrived at his cock. He took it into his mouth and pushed until it entered his throat. Johnny gasped and thrust his cock in and out of Colin’s throat, as he did, he reached down and cupped the attendant’s sizable bulge.

Johnny pushed Colin off of him saying “take that uniform off, stud, I wanna fuck that hot ass”. He got up, smiling, and as he stood in front of Johnny’s face, he stripped all of his clothes off. Johnny grabbed the hard cock as it sprung out of Colin’s briefs. Then he placed his hands on Colin ass cheeks and pulled him close enough that he could slide that big dick in his mouth. Colin’s body tensed as Johnny sucked and then he pushed Johnny’s mouth off his cock.

Johnny reached up, grabbed Colin’s cock and pulled him into the bed. Johnny smiled and covered Colin’s mouth with his own and reaching around, slid his finger down the crack of Colin’s ass.

About an hour later,they lay sweaty and exhausted in the bed. Colin looking at his employer/lover, whispered “O my God, you are the most perfect man and lover I’ve ever met”. Colin and Johnny both laughed and Johnny sat down across from Alec while Colin went to fetch their drinks.

Alec looked at Johnny and asked “Did you have some fun?” Johnny blushed a bit and then replied “I think we both did, eh?” Alec cracked up and they both laughed as Colin returned with martinis for both of them prepared just the way they liked them. Colin returned to the galley and began to prepare dinner.

A few hours later, they arrived in San Diego. Trevor landed the jet flawlessly and taxied to a private hangar. Attendants came out to unload the baggage as the four of them walked from the plane. Trevor spoke first looking at Johnny and Alec “Well, I have to go do some paperwork and make sure the crew knows to properly store the jet. It’s been great, guys and I hope we meet again.” Colin smiled and spoke up then “Yeah, I really enjoyed being with both of you, hope you think of me for your next trip!” They both started to walk away.

Johnny elbowed Alec “What do you say we take in some borders, partner?” Alec saw the bulge in Johnny’s pants and chuckled “Suits me just fine!”

“Hey, wait you guys!” Alec hollered after Trevor and Colin. They caught up to them. “Do either of you have any immediate plans?” Johnny probed. They looked at each other, shrugged and answered at the same time “no”.

“Well, Johnny and I thought maybe you guys could stay with us for a few days so we can show our gratitude.” Trvor laughed “the salary you insisted on paying us does that.” “I know” continued Alec, but we are new here and don’t know anyone. We want to relax and have some fun and we can’t think of two guys we’d rather do it with.”

“Yeah” Johnny interrupted “We are renting this huge house and it would be great if the two of you would be our guests for a while. All expenses paid.

They both eagerly accepted the invitation. Johnny motioned to a waiting limo. “Trevor, go do what is needed and the three of us will wait for you in the limo”. “I’ll only be about five minutes” Trevor answered and jogged to the office. Alec licked his lips as he watched Trevor’s ass bounce up and down as he ran. “Damn, that is one fine ass, I want more of that” he chuckled to himself and joined Johnny and Colin in the limo as he adjusted his hardening cock in his briefs.

Over the next two weeks the four of them had lots of fun taking in the sights of San Diego. Johnny and Alec continued planning their revenge against Buck, Vince, Charlie, Hank and Pete. At one such meeting the subject of strength in numbers came up. “You know it would make it easier if our numbers were a bit more equal.” Johnny remarked. “What do you mean?” Johnny looked serious “well, there are five of them and only two of us and if we had two more partners, it would certainly help, don’t you think?” Alec’s eyes widened. “You mean…” Johnny cut him off and reached over and grabbed his hand “um, you know, I don’t want to be ungrateful or want you to get the idea I don’t like you, because I do, but I have to confess that I have come to think of you more as a brother than a lover and I think I am falling for Colin and I don’t want him to leave.” Johnny saw Alec’s face drop and became nervous, but then relaxed as he saw a big smile. “Don’t worry about it, babe, I’m feeling the same about Trevor and I think it’s a great idea.”

They called the two into the den. Johnny took the lead. “Uh, guys we need to come clean with you and explain a lot of things. They spent the next two hours revealing the entire story along with their plans for revenge against Buck and his gang to an incredulous Colin and Trevor. When they finished, Colin asked “Why are you telling us this?” Alec spoke up “Trevor, I believe I have fallen in love with you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Then Johnny looked at Colin “the same goes for me, Colin, I love you and want to share my life with you.”

“So we want you to help us, if you are up to it.” Both Trevor and Colin agreed and each went to their respective partner and embraced them. Johnny opened a bottle of champagne, filled four glasses and passed them around. “A toast” he announced as he raised his glass, “to the four of us”.

Over a period of the next two weeks, the four new friends strategically planned their assault on Buck’s compound. They worked out every detail.

Revenge was soon to be theirs.

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