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Work Farm
Part 2 - The Box
By Master Skrain

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Work Farm 2

The Box.

True to his word, Vic made sure that Max had the worst, dirtiest and most physically demanding jobs at the farm for the next three weeks or so. Max was ordered to shovel out as much of the shit from the pig pens as possible for fertilizer for some of the crops, he had to muck out the horse stalls, clean the chicken houses, and more. He was also given tasks like chopping down an old oak tree that had been struck by lightning some years earlier by hand, then hand sawing the branches and the trunk into the right size for firewood, and THEN having to split the firewood using a new maul that the county had bought. For the majority of the time he was working, Max didn't wear a shirt, at the order of his Master, as Vic enjoyed watching Max's muscles rippling under his bronzed, glistening sweaty skin.

Each night, he would return to his bunk exhausted, with even his strength pushed to the limits. He was so tired that he could barely find the strength to eat, but he also knew that he had to keep his clothes washed, and his bunk area clean, otherwise Vic would force him to endure even harder and nastier chores and more intense Tortures then he had already endured.

Still, he knew that it was all part of his service to his new Master, and, since Vic usually managed at least once a day get Max off by himself while roaming the farm supervising the inmates, and order Max to his knees to give him a blow job, Max was happy. He did the jobs he was ordered to do, knowing that at least one night each week, Vic would take him back into The Barn for more Bondage, Torture, and rough sex, and Max truly looked forward to the sessions with his Master.

Max was happy that the sessions in The Barn would leave him with fresh welts across his back and chest, welts he was proud to show off while working shirtless, knowing that the other inmates would know where they came from. As far as Max knew, they didn't know that he was Vic's private slave, but rather they thought that he was just an incurable fuck-up that had to be constantly disciplined in The Barn!

Finally, though, Max made a mistake that he would regret for quite some time to come! Some nights, Vic, as the foreman of the Work Farm would make a surprise visit to the dorm areas, just to be sure everything was in shape. One night, when he walked into the 4 bunk room where Max's bunk was, he saw a sight that made his blood boil! There, on his knees in the middle of the room, was Max, with another inmate's cock in his mouth, and his hands jacking the cocks of the two other occupants of the room! The 4 of them were so intent on their sex party that it was a couple of seconds before any of them realized that they were being observed!

“What the fuck do you think you're doing?” thundered Vic.

The inmate that Max was sucking said “Oh, Shit!” when he realized that they had been caught.

Max pulled back from his cock, and looked up at Vic. His face turned bright red when he realized that he was in a world of hurt! He was torn between kneeling down and licking Vic's boots in supplication, and staying where he was, as to not let the others know that he was supposed to be Vic's private property!

“O.K., which one of you perverts thought of this?” snarled Vic. “You know that it's totally against the rules for you to be fucking with each other!”

There was silence in the room for a few seconds before Max softly said ”Sir, it was my idea. I was just so horny, and I couldn't help myself! It was all my idea, Sir. Please don't blame them, Sir.”

Vic glared at him for a few seconds before speaking.

“O.K., Inmate. Since you started it, you're going in The Box tomorrow, and the three of you will be taken to The Barn for punishment later! Do you all understand? You broke the rules and you all have to pay!”

Max blanched when he heard that he was going in The Box! He had been told stories of how brutal a day in The Box could be, and he wasn't sure he could endure it, even after three sessions in The Barn!

Max then looked at Vic and said; “Sir, since it was MY fault, and mine alone, may I ask that I be allowed to endure their punishment sessions for them? You may use me 4 times as hard and as long as usual, since I will endure my punishment, as well as their punishment sessions as well!”

Vic looked down at Max for a moment, then said; “All right, inmate. Since that is what you want, that is what you will get. You WILL endure 4 full sessions in The Barn as punishment, as well as a full day in the Box. To make sure you will NEVER forget the rules here, your session in the Box will be tomorrow, and then you will be taken to The Barn as soon as you have recovered, for 4 full sessions in a row over 4 nights! BUT, you will still have to complete your assigned work duties as well! Is that understood, inmate?”

“Yes, Sir. I understand, Sir, and thank you!”

Vic turned and stalked out of the room, both upset that his slave would mess around behind his back, and turned on not only by the thought of Torturing Max multiple times in The Barn, but also making him endure the agonies and humiliation of The Box as well! Vic truly was a sadist, and just the thought of the agony Max would be enduring was enough for him to have to go back to his room and jack off before going to sleep!

The next morning at roll call, Vic announced; “There was a severe violation of the rules of conduct here at the farm last night. The guilty person has confessed, and has been sentenced to The Box for the day. Let this be a lesson to all of you! Don't fuck around, or you'll end up in there as well! I don't give a damn how horny any of you are, don't fuck with each other! If you gotta get your rocks off, go find a tree and beat off behind it. Of course, anytime someone is in The Box, they are fair game as well. I don't give a shit how many times you do it as long as you get your assigned jobs finished first! Is that clear?”

When the other inmates had murmured their assent, Vic told them to check their assignment sheet for the day and to get their asses to work! He then told Max to follow him. They walked to a space behind The Barn, in an open field where The Box was located. It was a corrugated metal box, maybe 3 feet by 3 feet by about 4 feet high, painted dull black. The top of the box was removable in 2 pieces, with a hole about 6” in diameter in the center, divided between the two halves of the top. The hole was lined with thin padding covered in leather.

Vic told Max to kneel next to The Box, and wait for him, as he had to get something from The Barn. Max did as he was ordered, of course, and waited for Vic to return, his head bowed and his hands crossed behind his back. When Vic returned, he told Max to strip. When he was naked, Vic ordered him to remove the two halves of the top, and set them to one side. Then, Vic buckled a collar with a strap hanging down the back around Max's throat. Then Max's arms were pulled tightly up behind his back and his wrists were buckled into two cuffs attached to the strap, leaving him helpless. He was ordered to step into the box, and drop to his knees in the center. Then, a steel spreader bar was fastened between Max's ankles, leaving him almost immobile on his knees. When he was bound and helpless, Vic grinned evilly at him!

“Here's something a little special for you, Slave! You screwed up big time, and you gotta pay!”

Saying that, he pulled a small plastic bag from his pocket, as well as a pair of the alligator nipple Torture clamps! He set the clamps on Max's tits, which were forced forward by the position of his arms, forcing a groan from Max. Then, to Max's horror, Vic pulled a length of wet rawhide from the small plastic bag he was carrying. Tying one end of the rawhide to the middle of the chain between the tit clamps, Vic pulled it tight, and tied the other end to a hook on the inside of The Box! He then strapped a ball gag around Max's head. Then Vic put the two halves of the top of The Box back on, leaving Max's head sticking out of the hole, which fitted around his throat, just above the collar.

“Here's what's gonna happen, boy. You are gonna spend ALL DAY in The Box. When it starts to get hot later this morning, you're gonna cook inside there, since I've been told that is gets over 140* in there on a really hot day! Also, that rawhide is gonna shrink, so your tits are gonna be stretched further from your chest then they have ever been stretched! I sure hope that cock you sucked last night was worth it, slave!”

Saying that, Vic turned and walked away, leaving Max totally helpless and facing an entire day of brutal torture and abject humiliation! He knew that he was gonna roast in The Box, and he hated the thought of having all the other inmates be able to make fun of him, or worse! Already, he could feel the stretching of his tits, and Max knew that it was only gonna get worse! The sweat was already running down his face, and into his eyes. Without his usual Bass Pro Shop baseball cap, Max's head was unprotected. The heat radiating up from the black surface was brutal, and it was only going to get worse the higher the sun climbed into the totally cloudless sky!

Within an hour, Max was in sheer agony! He thought it had to be at least 120* in The Box already, he was suffering from a raging thirst, his face felt like it was on fire, his shoulders were cramping from the awkward position his arms were bound in, and worst of all, he thought his tits were about to be bodily torn from his pecs! He was gasping for air around the ball gag, dreading the moment when some of the other inmates would come to humiliate him by laughing at him and the predicament he had gotten himself into!

As the heat grew more and more intense, Max began to think that this was what one of the chickens his grandma liked to roast for Sunday dinner might have felt like in the oven! The heat was unbearable! He could feel the sweat running down his naked body, dehydrating him. Since Max only had about 5% body fat because of his bodybuilding, he had little excess fluid in his body that he could afford to lose. This was going to be the most extreme Torture he had EVER had to endure! The pain in his tits was almost enough to make him scream, or at least try to around the ball gag in his mouth.

Finally, he saw what he had been dreading. Two of the inmates were heading towards The Box. When they arrived, they just looked down at Max for a few seconds, then grinned, and unzipped their pants!

“Here's a little something for you, Faggot!” one of then sneered as he pulled out his cock and began to stroke it! “I know you Faggots like to eat cum while you are sucking each others dicks, so here's some for you to enjoy!” His friend just laughed at the helpless prisoner in the box.

Max knew that he had no choice but to watch as the inmate began to jack his cock harder and harder. He was almost mesmerized by the sight of the thick shaft in front of him, and not being able to lick it, or do ANYTHING was driving him nuts. Finally, the inmate groaned, his abs flexing, as he shot a thick stream of cum across Max's head! When the first guy was done, the second guy stepped up and began to do the same thing! Within minutes, he shot a load of cum into Max's face as well. Max could feel the sperm running down his cheeks and even feel some of it in his hair! Then, to add to his humiliation, both of the guys leaned in, and spit in Max's face!

“Hope you liked that, Faggot!” sneered one of the guys as they walked away, laughing!

The tears began to run down Max's face. Tears of shame and humiliation, and tears of pain, as the rawhide tied to his tit torture clamps continued to shrink, stretching then tighter and tighter! His mind was conflicted with two emotions, both hating Vic for making him endure this horrific Torture and humiliation, and love for him, for pretty much the exact same reason! He decided that he HAD to tough it out, to prove to Vic that he was the right choice to be his sex and Torture slave for as long as he was at the farm, and maybe even afterward!

The blazing sun slowly rose higher and higher in the still totally cloudless sky as the hours crept slowly by in what had to be the longest day that Max had ever lived through. Max had to endure more loads of cum being shot on his face and into his hair! He felt it drying across his head, adding to his humiliation. Vic came to check on him after a while, and even added a load of his own sperm to the loads coating Max's head. Yes, Vic wanted Max to suffer, but he didn't want him to get too dehydrated, or otherwise suffer anything that could endanger his health in the long term.

Max was sure his tits were about to be totally torn from his pecs, and he even had to try to control his breathing, since even the rise and fall of his chest was adding to the agony of his nipples. Max also felt that his head was close to being cooked in both the intense sunlight, and from the reflected heat coming off the black surface of The Box. He thought that it had to be every bit of 150* inside The Box by now, and that he was slowly being baked alive!

He knew that he had to endure the Torture, since it HAD to end sooner or later! He also knew that he would NEVER do anything that could cause him to be put into The Box ever again! Max thought he could endure it once, but never twice! A second time would drive him nuts! As it was, sometimes Max seemed to drift off into a mild delirium from the heat, the dehydration, and the sheer level of pain he was enduring. His muscles were cramping from the dehydration and the hours of almost total immobility that Max was being forced to endure.

He groaned to himself when he saw another group of five of the inmates heading towards him, including two of the Black inmates. Max had never had any attraction to Black men, and being a rural southerner, always looked down on them a little bit. He groaned again when one of them unzipped his pants and pulled out a huge, thick black cock, and began to jack it, having to use both hands to do so!

Max dreaded what was going to happen, since he had never sucked a black cock, and he wasn't sure he ever would. Still, he was strangely attracted to the huge shaft being worked in front of his eyes, and the hard muscles rippling under the glistening, sweaty black skin. Finally, the guy groaned as a huge load of sperm pumped out of his cock and onto Max's face. He shot 7 or 8 hard jets of thick sperm on Max's head and across his face. Then, the other guys in the group began to jack their cocks as well, until all four of them came within a couple of seconds of each other, coating Max's head with even more sperm that would dry in the heat.

He desperately hoped that his time in The Box was almost finished, since he knew that he couldn't take much more! He would endure as long as he could, but he was close to the end of his physical strength, and he was almost totally emotionally broken down from the pain in his tits and shoulders, the clouds of flies attracted by the cum buzzing around his head and sometimes landing and crawling across his face, the sheer humiliation of being a public cum-dump, his total helplessness, not to mention the damned blistering, overwhelming, unbearable, incredible, agonizing, never-ending, mind-numbing, MOTHERFUCKING HEAT!

Max swore to himself right then and there that he would NEVER suck another cock at the farm without getting permission from his Master, since he never wanted to be put into a position of having to endure this brutal and humiliating Torture ever again! His mind began to wander even more, as if he was totally losing his grip on reality from the heat, the excruciating pain in his chest and shoulders, and his dehydration.

Max was sure that he saw a bubbling spring of cool water materialize in front of The Box, and Vic scooping up some of the cold, clear water in a crystal mug and holding it out to Max, offering him a drink! Max realized that he was close to delirious from the heat and the pain, and that he had to keep concentrating and to keep his grip until Vic came to release him from his Torture! He vowed that he WOULD endure. The heat was so intense by now that whenever sweat or cum would drop from his face down onto the black metal surrounding his head, Max could hear it actually sizzle as it boiled away!

Max thought that he would gladly endure a full non-stop week in The Barn, chained up and constantly being Tortured by Vic then rather have to take another day in The Box. Being whipped, flogged, electro Tortured, stretched on the rack until he was screaming, being raped by Vic's cock, enduring intense cock and ball Tortures and even hanging by his arms for hours, enduring nipple Tortures was MUCH preferable to slowly being cooked alive in The Box!

Finally, to Max's almost overwhelming relief, he saw Vic coming towards him, accompanied by one of the inmates that worked in the medical office on the farm and carrying a 5 gallon bucket. The weight of the bucket made Vic's shiny muscles ripple and flex with each step he took.

Vic stood in front of Max and grinned down at his helpless slave. “Gotta clean you up a little before I release you, boy! Your head looks like a glazed Doughnut with that crap all over it! Close your eyes, boy.”

When Max did so, Vic picked up the bucket and dumped a full 5 gallons of cold water over Max's head! The shock of the water splashing down over his overheated head, with some of it running down his body was almost as bad of a Torture to Max as the incredible heat he had been enduring!

When Vic unbuckled the ball gag from Max's head and pulled it from his mouth, Max thought that he was going to cry from sheer relief, since this meant that his session of Torture in The Box was almost finished! Vic then unlocked the halves of the top, and removed the rear half. Max groaned at the inrush of cooler air as the heated air finally escaped. Then the restraints around Max's wrists were released, and the inmate helping Vic slowly lowered Max's arms down to his side, since he really couldn't move them himself.

Then, to Max's everlasting relief, Vic slid the front half of the top off, allowing Max to lean forward and relieve the agonizing stretching of his tits! Vic reached in and untied the now totally dry rawhide thong, unlocked the shackles from the ends of the spreader bar between Max's ankles, and helped the other inmate to get Max to his feet. When Max looked down, he saw two thin red streaks of blood down his abs where the teeth on the nipple Torture clamps had actually torn the skin slightly. They weren't badly torn or anything, but they would be sore, and scabbed up for a week or two. Vic told the inmate to stand behind Max, and wrap his arms around him to hold him up. When he did so, Vic reached out, and with a grin, unclamped Max's tits!

Max shrieked; “MOTHERFUCKER, THAT HURTS! SHITSHITSHIT! FUCK!!” before his knees buckled from the sheer agony, and everything went black!

The next thing Max knew, he was lying in a bed in the medical office on the farm. He had passed out from a combination of dehydration and the brutal pain as his nipples were unclamped. He had an I.V. tube in his arm, slowly releasing a saline solution to help re-hydrate his parched body. Vic was standing next to the bed, looking down at him.

“Welcome back, boy! Bet you're never gonna fuck up like that again, are you, boy?” sneered Vic.

“No, Sir! I'm SO SORRY, SIR! It was all my fault, but I'll never do it again! I never want to disappoint you again, Sir!” Max was close to crying.

“Well, I'm glad to hear that, boy, since you seemed to be close to the ideal slave for me to own here, and I'd hate to have to break in a new one!” said Vic. “I'll be able to keep you on light duties for another day or two, but then it's back to the grunt work for you, boy! We gotta keep those big muscles and that hot body of yours in shape so you can endure your 4 Torture sessions in The Barn, right boy?”

“Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!” said Max, relieved.

Vic still wanted him to be his sex and Torture slave! He would willingly submit to Vic's use and tortures, since had the thought in his mind that perhaps, just perhaps, after his time on the Work Farm was finished, that he and Vic, his Master, could continue to have a close relationship! But, for the rest of his sentence on the Work Farm, he would be the best slave he could be, the hardest worker, and the most obedient inmate ever!