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Work Farm
Part 1 - The Barn
By Master Skrain

Work Farm.

1. The Barn.

Vic leaned up against one of the hay bales in the county work farm field, watching the inmates of the farm working. His 29 year old, lean body rippled with muscle, honed from years of manual labor, his skin tanned a deep bronze from working shirtless in the hot sun. He enjoyed his position as supervisor and foreman of the work crew, since it not only gave him the chance to see young, hard-bodied guys performing manual labor, lots of them shirtless, but it also gave him the opportunity to pick out his favorites for some extra “Private Disciplinary Training” in The Barn, an older building that stood near the field.

He had his eyes on a fairly new addition to the farm, Max, a well built kid of 24 who had been arrested and charged with several counts of burglary. His defense had been an interesting one, to say the least. His lawyer had claimed that Max was suffering from an addiction, and he had stolen to feed his habit. Oddly, he wasn't addicted to drugs in the regular sense, but he was addicted to Steroids! He had become so obsessed with building his body up to it's peak that he had developed a mental need for the 'roids!

Since it was “a first offense with extenuating circumstances”, the Judge had sentenced Max to a year on the work farm, and 5 years probation afterwards. Vic appreciated it, since Max had developed a hell of a physique from his obsessive need to work out, rippling with rock-hard muscles that flexed and flowed under his tan skin with his every movement.

Vic was watching as Max was using a maul to split firewood for the farm's cookstove. He was stripped to the waist, his deeply tanned muscled body glistening with sweat. Vic couldn't help but to start to get a hard-on watching the rock-hard physique working in front of his eyes, every inch of the body sheer sculpted perfection! Vic decided that Max was going to be his next “guest” in The Barn, his own private Torture and discipline building!

Vic had become pretty good at spotting “infractions” of the strict rules of conduct at the Farm to give him an excuse to pick an inmate for his enjoyment. He also knew that none of them would rat him out since there were never any witnesses, and the Warden would back up Vic in any case! Now, all he had to do was to find something he could call out Max for doing wrong!

Vic stood for a while enjoying the sight of Max swinging the maul, his muscles working under his skin as he split the logs with a single stroke of the maul. He would then split the halves into perfect quarters, just the right size for the stove. He worked almost like a machine, his discipline developed during his obsessive bodybuilding obviously carrying over into other parts of his life. Max was a little taller then Vic, and maybe 10 pounds heavier, but both were just about as well built. Also, both wore short, neatly trimmed beards, while Max's hair was just a bit longer then Vic's.

After about a half hour, Vic finally got his chance! Max misjudged a swing, missed the log he was trying to split, and smashed the handle of the maul into the top of the log, breaking it! The head of the maul bounced off the ground, and came to rest midway between Max, and the bale Vic was leaning on!

“HEY, what the fuck do you think you're doing, boy?” Snarled Vic, acting the part of a hard-ass. “You think we can afford to have fuck-ups like you busting our equipment? That shit costs money, you know! Get your sorry ass over here, NOW, boy!”

“Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir. It was a mistake, Sir!” said Max, contrite.

“Sorry doesn't cut it, boy!” raged Vic. “Look at you! Busting our equipment, screwing up your job, and you should have had twice this much wood split by now! What the hell have you been doing, boy? Sitting around with your thumb up your ass? Jerking off? You think you are here for a vacation, so you can just lie around and screw off? Well, you're NOT on vacation, boy! You're here to work! And, since you've busted your equipment, we'll have to find another way for you to work off your debt to society! Is that clear, boy??”

“Yes, Sir. I'll do whatever you think I need to do, Sir!' said Max, seeming to be thoroughly cowed by Vic's “Tough guy” routine!

Vic grinned to himself. He had him! Max's muscled body was going to be his to put in tight bondage and subject to hours of hot Tortures before Vic filled his mouth with his cock, and a load of cum, and then sucked a load of cum from Max's hard cock while he was helpless to do anything about it! He was already thinking about which Torture devices to use on Max that night. The overhead chains and hoist to suspend him naked for a whipping, for sure, as well as the rack to stretch him out for chest, ab and nipple Tortures, and the St. Andrew's cross for flogging Max's broad back and shoulders, and tight looking ass. Then maybe the kneeling bench for some fucking, and shooting a hot load of cum down Max's throat. Yeah, it was looking like it was going to be a good night!

“All right, boy! I will see you after chow tonight, and we will go to The Barn and discuss your punishment! As for right now, get that wood stacked and stack it neatly, do you hear me??”

“Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir!” said Max, sounding thoroughly dispirited.

Vic suspected that some of the other inmates at the farm had already told Max about “The Barn”, and what to expect if he had to go there. Oddly enough, though, as Max turned to start to stack the wood, Vic was sure that he saw Max smile, almost as if he was anticipating whatever might happen tonight! Well, it wouldn't be the first time that Vic had ended up Torturing a willing victim in The Barn. Several guys over the years that Vic had been working at the farm had actually asked to be used! If Max was another masochist that actually enjoyed the sessions of Torture, well then, all the better for Vic!

That evening, after the inmates had eaten and gone through nightly roll call, Vic stalked into the dorm where Max was assigned a bunk.

“Come with me, boy. We have something to talk about!” he snarled.

The other guys in the dorm looked at each other. They KNEW that Max was on his way to be Tortured in The Barn, so they kept quiet, so they wouldn't be next! Max stood up, and followed Vic out of the dorm, and down the pathway to The Barn. Vic unlocked the door, and ordered Max inside. When they were in, Vic locked the door behind them, and flipped on the lights.

Max looked around The Barn in amazement. It was set up as a fully equipped, almost Medieval looking Torture Chamber! There were several sets of stocks, a pair of racks, one horizontal and one vertical, an overhead hoist, cages, bondage benches and frames, whipping posts, and more.

Vic turned to Max and snarled; “You know why you're here, don't you boy?”

Max answered “Yes, Sir. I'm to be punished for breaking my equipment, Sir!”

“And do you know HOW you're gonna be punished, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. You're going to Torture me, Sir! I've heard about The Barn, Sir!”

“Does that scare you, boy?”

“Yes, Sir, A little, Sir. But...” Max tapered off.

“Well?” Demanded Vic.

“Well, Sir, it also turns me on, Sir! A Lot, Sir! I've played with whips and chains and dildos, and that kind of shit before, Sir, and I liked it.”

“So, what does that mean, boy? What do you want?” grinned Vic.

Max dropped to his knees, bowed his head, and crossed his wrists behind his back, in a classic posture of submission.

“Please, Sir, please Torture me! Hurt me, sir! Make me scream in pain! Whip me, flog me, use any of the Torture gear here on my body, Sir. Hurt my nipples, hurt my cock and balls, make me suck your cock, feed me your cum and piss, Sir. I need it, Sir. You are SO HOT, with your muscles and all! You have turned me on since the first day I arrived here, Sir, and I want to serve you. Make me your muscle slave, sir! My body, my muscles, my ass, my mouth, my tits, my cock and nuts, they are all yours to use however you want, sir! I love and crave pain, Sir. That's one of the reasons that I got so heavily into bodybuilding, to hurt myself in the gym in a way that no one noticed what I was doing! I like the pain and the self torture of pushing myself past my limits, Sir, and I hope you will do the same!”

Vic grinned. “Stand up, boy, and strip. NOW! Then put your clothes on that shelf, since you won't be wearing them again for quite a while!”

“Sir, Yes, Sir!” Max shot to his feet, peeled off his tee -shirt, took off his shoes and socks and dropped his jeans, leaving him naked in front of Vic. He did as ordered, putting his clothes on the shelf, then returned and stood at attention. Vic took the opportunity to appreciate the sculpted physique that he was going to have the pleasure of Torturing for the next few hours. He also suspected that it wouldn't be the ONLY time he got to work Max's hard body to the limit, either!

Vic peeled off his own tee-shirt, reached out and grasped Max's head, and pulled it to his chest.

“Suck my nipples, boy!” he growled.

Max immediately began to suck and tongue Vic's right tit, nipping at it gently with his teeth, flicking his tongue across the erect knob of dark brown flesh. Vic groaned with pleasure and pulled Max's head tighter against his chest while he flexed his pecs. Max expertly worked Vic's tits with his tongue, his teeth and his fingers until both of them were totally turned on, their muscled bodies shining with sweat in the heat of The Barn.

Vic finally ordered Max to pull back, and to stand under the overhead hoist. He then fastened a pair of grip type restraints around Max's wrists, and lowered the hook using the electric motor of the hoist. Fastening the restraints to the hook, Vic slowly raised the hoist until Max was standing on his toes, his arms stretched tightly over his head, wrists together, torso stretched tight. Vic leaned in, and began to lick out Max's sweat drenched armpits, running his tongue through the hair in his pits, and burying his face as deeply in the musky depressions as he could!

“Oohhhh ffuucckkk!” groaned Max. “Oh yeah! God that feels good, Sir. Use me, Sir, use me for your pleasure, Sir!”

Vic pulled back for just a moment, reached into his pocket and pulled out a bottle of Poppers! He took several deep hits himself before holding the bottle up to Max's nose. Max inhaled deeply himself, filling his lungs. Then, moaning with pleasure, Vic leaned back in, and began to bite Max's erect nipples!

“Oh SHIT, YES,SIR! Fuck yes, Sir! HURT ME, SIR! HURT ME!!” howled Max.

Vic pulled back, reached out, and twisted Max's tits just as hard as he could! He stretched the knobs of flesh away from Max's hard pecs, and yanked and twisted them as if he was trying to bodily tear them from Max's chest! Max howled and strained, his body writhing in agony from the tit torture. Seemingly half crazed with lust, Vic buried his face in Max's left armpit again, and began to bite at the skin, drawing another scream from his helpless but willing Torture subject!

“FUCK YES, SIR! HURT MY PITS, SIR!! TORTURE ME, SIR!” screamed the hanging muscleman. Vic reached in, grasped the tuft of hair in each pit between two fingers, and yanked!

Max shrieked as the hairs were bodily ripped out of his armpits! He screamed again and again, turning Vic on more and more with each scream! Vic saw that Max really was turned on as well, since his dripping 7' cock was standing out straight in front of him, hard as a rock! Vic's cock was fully hard inside his jeans as well. He couldn't remember when he had had a hotter, sexier and more willing Torture victim in The Barn!

Vic hit the control for the hoist, and Max's feet lifted off the floor, leaving him suspended by his arms, his body stretched tight. Max swung gently from the cable as Vic went to the rack that held his whips and floggers. Selecting a 6' whip, he stepped back in front of Max. He held the poppers up to Max's nose again and Max took another deep hit. When he started to pant from the rush, Vic swung the whip, and curled it around Max's chest and upper back!


“You want more, boy?” snarled Vic.

“HELL YES, SIR! Whip me, sir! Whip me hard! I need it, Sir. I deserve it for breaking my tools, Sir! Punish me, please, Sir!”

Swish... CRACK!! Swish...CRACK!! Again and again the whip curled around Max's muscled torso, leaving angry looking welts wherever it hit his taut skin! Swish...CRACK!! Swish...CRACK!!!

The whipping lasted for a good 10 minutes before Vic curled the whip up, and returned it to the rack. Max's torso was striped with multiple angry looking red welts, across his chest and abs, and his broad back and shoulders. Some even trailed down to his hard ass cheeks. He was moaning, and gasping for air, hanging by his arms. Both of their muscled bodies were dripping with sweat.

Max lifted his head and gasped out “Thank you, Sir. Please, Sir, do whatever you want to me, Sir! I will be your sex and torture slave if you desire that, Sir! And Sir, I have a confession to make, Sir.”

“What is it, boy?”

Max dropped his head, then raised it again and looked at Vic. “Sir, it wasn't an accident that the maul handle broke. I saw you watching me, so I did it on purpose to give you a reason to punish and Torture me here in The Barn, Sir!”

Vic glared at Max for a second before he stepped to the shelves with his Torture gear. He put on a pair of special weighted gloves with hard leather protectors across the knuckles, then stepped back in front of Max's gently swinging body.

Vic balled up his right fist, pulled back, and buried his fist in the middle of the washboard abs stretched in front of him! Max grunted, his body swinging from the impact. When he swung back, Vic pounded his left fist into Max's guts! WHAM...WHAM...WHAM... the beating continued for a good 5 minutes! At the end of it, Max's abs were bright red from the impacts, and he was almost choking, gasping for air, trying desperately to draw a deep breath!

“Dumb-ass fucker! That's gonna cost you extra time in here, boy, and even harder and more painful Tortures then normal, boy! You're gonna regret doing something that FUCKING STUPID by the time I'm done with you, you dumb shit!” raged Vic! “And then for the rest of the time you're here, you are gonna be assigned the hardest, dirtiest, filthiest, and WORST job assignments I can think of! You're gonna be shoveling pig shit, mucking out the barns, busting rocks, and cutting down trees by hand! We're gonna see just how strong all those big muscles really are, boy!”

Max lifted his head and gasped out “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir! Make me your pig slave, Sir! I'll do whatever you order, Sir.”

Vic turned back towards the Torture gear on the shelves mostly so Max wouldn't see him grinning! He finally had found the perfect muscle slave to serve him while he was working here on the County Farm! He'd had a few boys to serve him before, but none had been as flat-out hot and sexy and as easy on the eyes as Max!

Vic peeled off the gloves, picked up the Alligator clamps he had modified and turned back to Max's suspended body. Reaching out, he clamped one of the biting steel Alligator clamps on Max's right nipple, the sharpened steel teeth biting deeply into the flesh! As Max screamed in agony, Vic set the other clamp on Max's left tit. Max's screams intensified, then got even louder when Vic started adding weights to the hooks hanging from the clamps!

Max's chest heaved as he struggled to breathe through the blinding, burning pain ripping through his entire body from his tits. It felt to the helpless muscleman like they had been injected with acid! Some guys at the gym where he had worked out had sucked and chewed on his tits while making out with him before, but the pain had NEVER been anything like this!

Seeing him in sheer agony, Vic couldn't control himself any longer! He HAD to have that hot muscleman's cock in his mouth! Taking the bottle of poppers from his pocket, he took several deep hits, then gave some to Max. As the fumes hit his lungs, Vic dropped to his knees and took Max's semi-hard cock into his mouth! Almost instantly the shaft began to swell and enlarge in his mouth, getting bigger and bigger until it was fully erect.

Max groaned at the combination of agony from his whipped, beaten body, the pain in his shoulder joints, and the burning agony of his tits, and the pleasure of the hot mouth sucking his cock, and the strong hands stroking his abs, and ribcage as he swung gently from the hoist. Vic's head pumped back and forth as he deep-throated the hard shaft, licking and tonguing the veins standing out on the surface of Max's dick.

It only took a couple of minutes before Max began to groan and gasp; “Oh shit, I'm gonna cum. Oh fuck, oh fuck OH FUCK!”

His cock erupted with a thick load of hot, salty sperm filling Vic's mouth, even as he swallowed the rich, protein laden cum. Jet after jet of cum shot onto Vic's tongue, allowing him to taste the salty, bittersweet fluid, hot and thick in his mouth! As Max shot, Vic stroked the rock hard sweat glazed abs rippling and convulsing in front of his eyes. He had NEVER seen more beautiful muscles then the ones directly in front of him at this very moment! Vic KNEW that Max was going to be his slave from now on!

When Max's orgasm was finally spent, he began to scream again, as the intense Torture of his tits seemed to suddenly double! His nipples had always become more sensitive just after cumming, but they had NEVER been subjected to this level of sheer Torture! As he shrieked in agony, Vic stood up and buried his face in Max's right armpit once again, desperate to lick up ALL the hot sweat trickling down over Max's heaving ribcage. He licked and tongued Max's muscled torso for a good half hour, while Max screamed, groaned and cried in sheer agony the entire time.

Vic finally pulled back from Max's tortured body, looked at him and said “Do you want me to stop, boy?”

Max lifted his head, looked at him through bloodshot eyes, and whispered “No, Sir! Please Torture me more, Sir! Break me, Sir! Make me your slave, Sir! It's what I deserve, Sir, to be punished and used on a daily basis, to be your sex and Torture slave for as long as I'm at the farm,Sir.”

Vic stepped over to the hoist controls, and started to lower Max back to the ground. As his feet touched the floor, Max's knees buckled, and he slowly sank down as the hoist lowered him. Eventually he ended up on his knees with his hands still stretched over his head, Torture clamps STILL biting deeply into his swollen tits. Vic grinned and reached out, and unclamped both of Max's tits at the same time! As Max screamed in sheet agony, Vic pulled out his totally hard cock, and stuffed it into Max's wide open mouth! He grabbed Max's shaggy hair and held his head still while driving his cock all the way in! Vic continued to rape Max's mouth until with a groan, he shot a load of his hot sperm into the helpless boy's mouth. Max gulped it down as quickly as he could, not wanting to miss a drop of the hot cum.

When his load was spent, Vic pulled out of Max's mouth. Max gasped “Thank you, Sir!”

Vic grinned; “I'm not done yet, boy. Open your mouth again!”

When Max did as he was ordered, Vic slid his cock in, grabbed two hand-fulls of hair, pulled Max's face close, and began to piss in the sucking mouth! He heard Max groan briefly before starting to swallow again, taking the hot piss into his belly. Vic moaned as his bladder emptied into the mouth of his new muscleslave.

“Yeah, slave. That's it. Drink your Master's piss, slave! You're nothing more then a pig-slave from now on, boy! You'll get the dirtiest, filthiest, nastiest chores on the farm, and the hardest physical labor as well! I'm gonna make sure those big muscles are worked to their limits, boy!”

When Vic finally pulled his cock from Max's mouth, Max actually began to cry, tears streaming down his face!

“Yes, Master! Thank you, Master. Your slave will serve you however you order, Sir! Whatever chores or jobs You order this slave to do, your slave will do them, Sir!”

Vic leered; “Of course you know that I will have to work you harder then anyone else on the farm, because if the other inmates think you are getting special treatment simply because you are my private slave and sex toy, you'll get the shit beaten out of you on a regular basis! And I can't have that, since I'M the only one who will be allowed to beat you! You got that, boy?”

“Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

Vic used the hoist controls to lower Max's arms down until he could release his restraints from the hook. When he did, Max more or less flopped forward onto his knees and elbows, seemingly too tired and exhausted from the Tortures to stay upright. Vic stuffed his cock back into his jeans, walked over to a chair off to one side of the room, and sat down.

“Crawl your ass over here, slave” he snarled.

Max slowly crawled towards Vic on his hands and knees. When he made it to where Vic was sitting, Vic looked down at him, planted his work-boots in front of Max, looked down at his slave and said “Lick!”

Max bent down and began to run his tongue over the rough cowhide of Vic's right boot. Vic just grinned down at his new slave and thought; “Oh yeah, he's gonna be fun! And his muscleman ass is ALL mine!”

Vic sat back in the chair and let Max lick his boots for a good fifteen minutes or so, cleaning off the dust and dirt and God only knew what else that was on them. Max didn't miss an inch of the boots, either, no matter what he was licking off of them, which impressed Vic. Max seemed to truly be completely submissive to Vic's desires, and he really wanted to be the Work Farm foreman's personal slave! Of course Vic knew that Max had to stay in the general population of the farm, sleeping most of the time in his own bunk in his dorm, but Vic would make sure that he still got lots of one on one time in The Barn with Max!

Also, there were other forms of punishment on The Farm that Vic was eager to see Max subjected to, like The Box, but those would all come in good time! As for tonight, Vic decided it was time for Max to endure one more intense Torture before he wrapped up the session, since they both had to get up in the morning, and go back to work on the daily tasks involved in keeping a 250 Acre farm running efficiently!

“Get up, boy, and get you ass over to the cross! It's time to warm up those back muscles and your ass again, boy!” snapped Vic.

“Sir. Yes, Sir” said Max, rising to his feet and stepping in front of the St. Andrew's cross.

It only took Vic a couple of minutes to have Max securely spread-eagled on the cross, facing it, his broad, bronzed back and shoulders stretched and totally exposed for Vic's pleasure, as well as his tight bubble butt, and the muscled tree-trunk legs. Vic ran his hands over the rock hard muscles, already welted from the whipping, glistening with sweat from his Tortures and the humid warmth of The Barn.

“Beautiful, just fucking beautiful, boy! That's a beautiful back! I'm gonna have SO MUCH fun flogging you, boy. I can't wait to see those muscles nicely striped from my floggers and my tawse. And, as an example of what happens if you screw up, you are gonna be showing those marks for days, boy, since I'm not gonna allow you to wear a shirt except for meals, and a few other times. Everyone here on the farm is gonna KNOW what happened to you. It's a great way of keeping them in line, Boy!”

“Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir! I'll be proud to wear your marks, Sir!” groaned Max.

Giving Max's back one last feel, Vic turned to the shelves of Torture gear. He selected one of the floggers that was arranged neatly side by side, and dragged the tails across Max's back. Max just groaned softly again, anticipating the Torture he was about to endure.

“How many lashes do you want, boy? When I'm done, you will be taken back to your bunk, since your hard work starts extra early tomorrow!” grinned Vic.

“Please, Sir, may your slave have 50 lashes, Sir?”

“That sounds good, slave!” Vic chuckled, swinging the flogger!

The flogging took a good 10 minutes, as Vic paced himself, so Max would feel the maximum amount of pain! When he was done, Max's back and ass were a mass of angry looking red and purple welts, some of which were even weeping slightly. Turning to the shelves, Vic picked up a small spray bottle, and sprayed a mist of clear liquid over the welted flesh. Max's muscles immediately convulsed, he threw his head back and screamed at the top of his lungs as the alcohol and water mist hit his skin!

It was fully another half hour before Max was coherent enough to be released from the cross, and get dressed. Vic led him out of the barn, locking the door behind them, and back to Max's sleeping dorm.

“I will see you in the morning, slave. I have some special chores for you to do tomorrow.”

As Vic headed to his private cabin, he grinned at what lie ahead for him and Max, his muscleslave!

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