The Telemachus Story Archive

Vignette 4, The Audition
By Master Skrain

The Audition.

Andrei was excited! The 23 year old athlete had received a letter telling him that he had been chosen for a small, but important role in the popular “Sword and Sorcery” cable television series that was filming near his home town in Northern Europe. This might be his first step towards fulfilling his dream of someday traveling to America and becoming a stuntman, or even a real actor in Hollywood!

He knew that the role he had auditioned for was going to be very physically demanding, so he had been working out extra hard in the weightlifting gym in his home town, and he had also been growing his hair and beard so he could look the part. He had even sent in a picture of his muscles and his new long hair and his beard.


His role was going to be that of a soldier captured by the soldiers of a rival family and tortured for information. He knew that his body was going to be on display, so he wanted to look his best in case any big-time casting directors happened to see his role! Andrei was sure that he could become a sex symbol if he could just get his first big break, and he would end up lounging around a pool in Hollywood with bikini clad actresses clinging to him, feeling his muscles, running their fingers through his long, thick black hair, and begging him for sex! Or so he thought in his daydreams...


About a week before his filming, he got a call from someone who said that they were the stunt coordinator for the show. He told Andrei that he wanted to meet him at the studio on a Sunday so they could have plenty of time to set up his action sequences without anyone else around to interrupt them and also for Andrei to get a taste of what he was going to have to do during his Torture scenes. When Andrei got to the studio, the stuntman was there, waiting for him.

“Let's go to the set so we can walk out the scene, shall we?”

Andrei agreed, and followed the stuntman to the soundstage. As they walked, they chatted.


“I'm going to be playing the part of the Dungeon Master torturing you for information. I like to do that type of work myself because that way I can control what happens a lot closer then having one of my other stuntmen doing it!”

Andrei agreed. “Yes, sounds good. Is good idea. Makes it better for you and actors!”

When they got to the soundstage, the stuntman unlocked the door and they went in. Andrei looked at the complete Dungeon set-up that was in there. “Looks very real! Could be used as real torture chamber!'

He didn't see the stuntman grin slightly. “Yeah, it sure could. I like things to be as real as possible.”

He led Andrei to an X shaped cross that was equipped with thick leather restraints on the ends of the arms. “This is what you will be bound to for your Torture. You will be flogged and questioned, but you can't give out any information. Yes, it might hurt a bit, but I'll be careful. Let's go ahead and try it out, what do you say? Take off your shirt and back up to the cross.”


Andrei did as the stuntman suggested. When he was secured to the Torture cross in a tight Spread-Eagle position, he was surprised to see the stuntman take his own shirt off, exposing a solidly muscled physique, every bit as ripped and hard as his own. Surprisingly, he seemed to be wearing a bit of his show costume under his shirt, a studded black leather harness that crossed his chest and emphasized his thick pecs. The stuntman picked up a leather flogger from a selection that was laid out on a table next to the cross.

“These flogger props are made by a friend of mine. He has been doing leather-work for a number of years, and his work is excellent! These tails are flexible enough to wrap around your body, but thick enough to really sting!”

He stroked his hand across Andrei's sweaty chest, tweaking and squeezing his nipples and feeling his hard muscles as he did. He then reached down and squeezed Andrei's crotch, feeling his cock and nuts through his trousers as Andrei struggled on the cross.

“What you doing? This is not right! No, no, let me go! I no want the part now!”

The Stuntman grinned at him.

“Too late now, boy!” he smirked... and it was, as he swung the flogger, landing the tails across Andrei's muscled torso.


At first, Andrei struggled on the cross, straining and flexing his muscles against his restraints because he had never been Tortured before, and he had never really had any erotic thoughts towards other men, but gradually a hot glow spread through his muscled torso not only because of the expertly controlled flogging the stuntman was giving his bare chest and ab muscles, but because of the stunt-man's own ripped physique, soon shining with sweat from the exertion, and his handsome face.


Andrei began to warm to the idea of taking this role, not only to show off his body but also his manly strength in enduring the painful flogging. The young actor decided to enhance his reactions, writhing harder on the X cross, struggling, flexing his chest and biceps, and contracting his 6-pack abs, giving the stuntman plenty of anguished facial expressions that would look fantastic on camera. Andrei still believed that his muscles and his acting would attract many women to him once he got to Hollywood, which was still a part of his dream.

He did not have to go far to convincingly portray the stalwart pain of a real warrior-soldier suffering Torture at the hands of the enemy–and the bulge in the front of the stunt-man's trousers showed Andrei’s strategy was working. Then Andrei began to slowly feel an attraction towards the handsome, muscled man Torturing him. He realized that he was actually enjoying the feel of the flogger slashing across his sculpted muscles, and that perhaps he needed to follow up on the feelings that the flogging was bring forward in his mind.

He really was conflicted when the stunt-man set the flogger down, and leaned in to begin to suck on Andrei's nipples, and lick the sweat from his welted pecs and his spread armpits! Andrei protested weakly at first, then he found himself surrendering to the erotic pleasure of the hot mouth licking and nibbling on his tits and licking his sweat-glazed chest and pits, and slowly working down his torso to his washboard abs. Then the Stunt-man unbuckled Andrei's trousers, and opened them, allowing his fat 8” cock to spring out. His unexpected Torturer dropped to his knees and took Andrei's cock into his mouth, making the helpless muscleman groan with pleasure.

Andrei had never had his cock sucked before, and the feeling was almost more then he could process in his mind! Part of him thought that it was evil, as he had been raised in a strict religious household, but an even bigger part of his mind was enjoying the intense feelings of pleasure that were spreading throughout his entire body! The warmth of the hot mouth sucking on his cock was something that he had never even dreamed of, as were the feelings of the Stuntman's strong hands stroking and feeling his rippling, sweaty muscles Finally, when his cock exploded with a huge load of his sperm, Andrei howled with pleasure even as the stunt-man was twisting his nipples as he came, the pleasure-pain adding to his orgasm!

Of course, Andrei got the part, and soon his powerfully erotic, nearly nude Torture scenes made his episodes of the series a hit and Andrei a breakout star. He made such an impression on the producers of the series that his part was expanded from just one episode to having him appear in several episodes, each time as the prisoner being tortured and locked up in the dungeons until he was rescued by his fellow soldiers.

Andrei got to fulfill his wish to be seen and photographed lying aroud the pools of various Hollywood estates with young starlets clinging to him, feeling his muscles, and sometimes he was pictured escorting the starlet of the month to some big Hollywood event, or movie premiere. Of course, those pictures and public events were just a facade for who Andrei really was in his new life.

The television Torture scenes, however, were nothing to the scenes of REAL Torture he and the stunt-man filmed privately for their own amusement, sold at hefty prices to connoisseurs of masculine, heroic Torture scenes once Andrei had moved to America, and began living with the stunt-man in his home in the hills above Hollywood. A home, which was equipped with a full Torture Chamber and full filming equipment, that was utilized often by the two of them, and even more often by selected friends of the stunt-man, who was now Andrei's Master and secret lover...