The Telemachus Story Archive

By Master Skrain


Dominick knelt in his Master's basement Torture Chamber, his arms stretched out tightly to each side, secured by thick leather restraints around his wrists that were attached to chains stretched tightly to two of the support beams for the ceiling. His ankles were locked to a spreader bar, while he had restraints fastened around his legs just above the knees which were attached to bolts in the floor, as well as the chains running from the metal ball rings locked around his nuts which were also bolted to the floor, rendering him totally helpless and unable to move.

He looked up at his Master, standing across the Torture Chamber, marveling at the size and the development of his huge black muscles. Dominick's Master, a well known Pro Football Running Back stood almost 6'5” and weighed close to 280, all of it solid, sculpted muscle! Dominick was only 5'7” and about 145 pounds himself, but being a professional physique model himself, he was also pure lean muscle!

The one thing Dominick loved the most about his Master was undoubtedly the 12” long, vein covered cock that hung down between his thick legs. It was a full 8” around when hard, with a thick knob of a head that seemed to be almost as big as a lemon when pounding in and out of Dominick's ass or being forced down his throat, cutting off his air for Torture! Dominick also loved the fact that his Master would pump out huge loads of sperm whenever he came, flooding Dominick's mouth and forcing him to swallow the hot, salty cum to keep from choking.

Dominick's black Master stepped up to him and looked down at his helpless white slaveboy.

“O.K. Slave, here's what's gonna happen! I have to leave for the game in a couple of minutes, but while I'm gone, you are gonna stay right here, waiting. If we win this game today, I'll be back with a surprise for you. If we lose, I'll be in a HELL of a bad mood, and you WILL be Tortured when I get home! Either way, you are gonna suffer, white boy!”

“Yes, Master! Your inferior white boy slave will be anticipating your return, Sir!”

Dominick's Master then stuffed a ball gag into Dominick's mouth, strapping it tightly around his head, silencing him. Then he took two vicious alligator clamps, and clipped them to Dominick's already sore, pumped tits, making him howl into the gag, and writhe in agony! Then, he turned and walked up the stairs leading out of the Torture Chamber, leaving Dominick to suffer for hours, helpless on his knees. When he got to the top of the stairs, he turned off the light, plunging the Torture Chamber into total darkness. Then Dominick heard the door slam, and the sound of the lock being turned, sealing him in!

He was totally alone, completely helpless, with the agonizing Torture Clamps biting deeply into his tits! He knew from experience that he was going to be there for 4 or 5 hours at a minimum, maybe even more. Still, this was what he craved from his Master more then anything, extreme Torture, and intense pain! He lived to be Tortured and used, to be fucked by Master's huge black cock, and to have it driven deeply into his throat, cutting off his air, and making him choke and struggle until Master flooded his mouth with his sperm.

Dominick felt the sweat beading up on his skin, and running down his sides, his chest and his back muscles. Master kept the Torture Chamber warm, since he liked the look and feel of a sweaty slave as he Tortured him to his limits. Sometimes Dominick was stretched on the rack until he was sure his arms were going to be torn out of their sockets before Master would start to flog and whip his ripped pecs and hard abs. Other times he would be suspended by his arms, spread wide to increase the strain on his shoulders and his back muscles while he was being flogged, sometimes with as much as 50 pounds of weight hanging from his nuts!

Now, however, being chained on his knees, and almost totally immobilized was what he had to endure. The clamps biting into his tits seemed to be getting tighter and tighter, even though Dominick knew that they weren't. It was just his nipples becoming more and more sensitive to the torture of the metal teeth biting into the tender flesh. The pain seemed to double, then double again! He knew that he was going to be in absolute agony by the time Master returned home, and then the agony would get even worse when the clamps were removed and Master Tortured his nipples with his thick fingers and sometimes his teeth, until Dominick was shrieking in sheer agony!

It seemed to Dominick that he had been kneeling, bound and enduring the tit Torture for days before he heard the door to the house opening, followed by the sound of voices. Then the door to the Torture Chamber was unlocked, and he heard multiple footsteps on the stairs. When the light was turned on, Dominick saw Master coming down the stairs, followed by about 9 or 10 other huge naked black men!

“O.K. Slave, I promised you a surprise! We won, and as a reward for the guys on the team, I invited as many of them, and some of our friends that wanted to, to come over here to fuck your mouth! I hope you're ready to swallow some cum, since I told them that your ass was mine, and mine alone, but they could use your mouth as a cum dump! And I know some of these guys will be coming 2 or 3 times before we're done!”

Dominick looked at the other guys standing around him. Not a single one seemed to have less then a 10” cock between their legs, and some seemed to be even bigger then Master's 12”! He knew that his stomach was going to be pumped full of a quart or more of mixed muscleman cum by the time the night was done, and he was looking forward to swallowing every hot, bittersweet and salty drop of protein-rich sperm that was shot into his mouth! He also was hoping that Master would let his friends Torture Dominick's helpless, lean, hard physique to his very limits and beyond, pushing him into the realm of sheer agony! With any luck they would Torture his nipples, and his cock and balls until he was trying to scream around the fat black cock that would be in his mouth, choking him as he suffered. Maybe some of them would want to flog his hard back and shoulder muscles as well, while he was sucking cock.

Dominick's mouth involuntarily watered at the thought of having at least 10 different thick Black cocks in his mouth, which was one of his favorite things, He had loved sucking Black dick for as long as he could remember, even fantasizing about it when he was jacking off at 12 or 13, before he had even started weightlifting for High School Football. He remembered that the very first Black cock that he had ever sucked was another guy on the football team, which was why he had always been sexually attracted to Massive N.F.L. Type Black football players, and why he was so happy to be the property of his Master!

There had been several times before when Dominick had served as a group cum-dump for Master and his teammates, and at times he had swallowed so much sperm that his stomach muscles had actually bulged slightly from the amount of Semen that he had taken down his throat! He was hoping that this was going to happen again tonight!

Master stepped to him, unbuckled the ball gag from around Dominick's head, and ordered him to open his mouth wide. When he did, it was immediately filled by the huge head of Master's cock, driving in between his lips, and sliding in until the huge head hit the back of Dominick's throat. He felt two huge hands holding his head still while the cock began to piston in and out of his mouth, raping it! Dominick could feel some of the other guys crowding close to him, their cocks against the sides of his face and even against the back of his head.

When he heard Master groan “Fuck, yeah, suck those tits”, he looked up as best as he could.

He saw two of the other Black giants leaning in, their mouths sucking on Master's thick, coal black nipples. Master let go of Dominick's head to press the faces of the two guys sucking his tits tightly against his bulging pec muscles, but immediately Dominick felt other hands grasp his head and hold it still while Master continued to fuck his mouth.

“Yeah, man! Fuck that white boy's mouth! Fuck that boy! Give him your nut, man!”

Within another minute or so, Master groaned, and flooded Dominick's mouth with one of his huge loads of hot sperm! Dominick swallowed his Master's cum as fast as he could as 6, 7, then 8 and more hot jets of cum pumped into his mouth. Master thrust his enormous cock as deeply into Dominick's mouth as he could take, the head slamming into the back of his throat! Dominick loved the feel and the taste of Master's hot, bittersweet cum sliding down his throat.

Finally, Master's load was spent, and he pulled his cock out of the hot mouth. Almost immediately it was replaced by another huge Black cock, thrusting in and out of Dominick's suck hole. Dominick knew that his mouth was going to be well used by the end of the orgy, and that his stomach was going to be filled with thick, hot Black muscleman sperm, which he loved! The second cock fucked his mouth for a good 10 minutes before filling it with another load of hot, salty man cum. Dominick swallowed this load down as fast as he could, getting ready for the third cock to fuck his mouth.

The orgy went on for several hours, each of the massive Black cocks fucking Dominick's white boy mouth at least twice and cumming down his throat. His stomach began to ache slightly from the amount of sperm that he had swallowed, which Dominick loved! The sight of all the Black musclemen standing in the Torture Chamber, their ebony bodies shining with sweat turned him on even more then the cum in his gut. He wanted to spend hours licking the sweat from their muscles, eating out their armpits, suckling their nipples, and making love to them until each one shot another load of cum in his mouth! Then, if he was lucky, they would take turns Torturing his muscled body, hurting him, making him writhe in agony and scream in pain.

Maybe they would put him on the rack, and take turns working the winch that stretched his body to its absolute limits, and then beyond, into the realm of true Torture, where he had to use every bit of his strength to keep his arms from being dislocated from the stretching of his body. Then while he was straining every muscle, his nipples would be Tortured with needles being slowly pushed through them!

Or he could be hung by his arms for hours and flogged front and rear at the same time by 4 of the Ebony musclemen taking turns, until his naked young white-boy body was a mass of welts and his pale skin was striped red and purple!

He could only hope.