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Tomas And Burek
By Master Skrain

Tomas and Burek

By Master Skrain, in collaboration with Ragnar 1963

Tomas hung face down, roped to the spit over the glowing fire-pit, the chains attached to the cruel metal clamps biting into his tender nipples slowly being heated by the red-hot coals. His moans quickly turned to gasps and to begging screams while the muscled wrestler's body of Burek, his fellow captive and best friend was spread-eagled on the Torture cross mere feet away. Burek struggled helplessly, unable to do anything to save his friend on the spit.

"Don't talk, Burek! No matter what this animal does, we DON'T TALK!" Tomas shouted in anguish, even as the burning of his nipples grew more intense and drops of his sweat sizzled on the coals below.

Colonel Torstein, the sadistic Nazi that had captured the two young Czech Resistance couriers as they crossed the German border stroked the hard muscles of his bound prisoner on the cross, as they watched Tomas struggle.

"Give me the knout," he muttered evilly to one of the guards, and he laid a hideous stroke across Burek's bared young pecs. Burek shrieked in sheer agony, as he had never been forced to endure pain like this before, even at the hands of the cruel farmer that he and Tomas had been forced to work for after they both were orphaned at a young age.

Torstein pounded Burek's pecs again and again, but he still wouldn't talk, even as Tomas writhed in agony over the coals. Frustrated, Torstein turned a handle on the spit mechanism, and as he did, Tomas' body slowly got closer and closer to the glowing coals, increasing his Torture!


Tomas's moans and screams grew as his tied body was lowered ever closer to the searing coals, threatening to cook him alive! Burek his muscled young lover writhed spread-eagled on the cross when Torstein turned back to him, and swung the knotted tails of the flogger, lashing him across his bare chest, marking his smooth skin with angry-looking welts!

"No! Please! Spare him! Put me in his place! Make ME suffer from the hot coals, but spare Tomas!" Burek begged even as he was cruelly flogged.

The flogger slammed into his hard young muscles again and again...wshhhhhhhCRACK!! Torstein continued his torture.

"So you wish to suffer in your friend's place, eh?" growled Torstein. "I have a Torture device that will make you scream just as pitiably as your handsome young friend!”

Torstein turned to one of the two bare-chested, muscled guards watching the two teenage lovers being Tortured, and snarled; “Prepare the arch rack for this muscled boy!"

Within minutes, Burek was unchained from the X cross and dragged to the cruel device. This Torture rack stretched its victims not along a flat bed, but over a wheel, bending his body agonizingly backwards! Burek's ankles were shackled to the stone floor at one end while his back was bent over the wheel and his wrists chained to the windlass, which was turned slowly to tighten his young body into an upside-down U shape, his hips thrust up almost obscenely into the air!

"Rack him slowly! Stretch him while his lover roasts over the coals! Which boy will weaken and

break first? Let's find out, shall we?" Torstein mocked the two helpless Torture victims.

The cruel Torstein knelt down by Burek's head where it hung down draped over the arch of the wheel rack between his two stretched arms. The manly musk from the boy's exposed armpits was intoxicating. Torstein breathed in the scent from his delicately blond-haired pits, then he leaned in and licked out the open armpits, savoring the taste of the young boy's salty sweat. He then almost gently kissed each of Burek's brown nipples.

He then looked into Burek's anguished eyes, even as he stroked the lad's cheek, almost lovingly. "You and your young lover will perish quickly if you speak," he murmured. "Tell me everything you know about the Resistance movement, and this agony will cease. I promise your deaths will be quick and merciful. But, the longer you hold out, the longer the Torture will continue."

Burek glared at Torstein through his obvious agony, and groaned out “Fuck you, you Nazi bastard!”

With a gesture, Torstein commanded the muscled, bare-chested guard that was helping with the Torture, to turn the windlass--only an inch, but the additional stretch to the lad's body tore an anguished shriek from his throat! Click.... "AAAAIIIEEEE!!!!" The young wrestler's taut glistening torso, bulging ribcage, flattened abs and large tender oval nipples were vulnerable and inviting.

"NO! Leave him alone! I'll take his pain... Torture me!"

Tomas groaned out the words as his body lay bound to the spit just a foot and a half over the searing red coals. Torstein could hardly decide which young man's Torture was more arousing to watch.

"No..." Burek whispered. "No more Torture for Tomas... spare him the pain... I can suffer for him..." Click! "AAAAGHHHHIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!"

His cock thick and rock-hard in his tight trousers, Torstein rose and strode over to the spit. Tomas' tightly roped body was sweating as if oiled, his handsome young face twisted with the agony of the red-hot chains rapidly heating the iron clips on the tender nips crowning his well-developed pecs.

Torstein picked up another chain--more slender, with finer links of iron. Deftly he grasped the dangling boy's warm cock and balls and began to wind the chain around them... first the nutsack, then around and around the shaft... the other end of the chain he lay among the hot coals.

"No... no, please, no..." the athletic young lad began to moan as he realized that the heat from the sizzling coals would travel up the chain to his tender cock, just as it had on the chains dangling from the Torture clamps on his nipples. The clamps were getting hotter and hotter by the minute, burning into his thick nipples!

Then with two pairs of tongs Torstein grasped two red-hot coals. Driven nearly mad with lust, he strode back to Burek and knelt again by the horribly stretched boy.

"You MUST talk!" he growled.

"NEVER!--AAAAGHHHH!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!" Burek's shrieks rang off the torture chamber's

stone walls as Torstein plunged the hot coals into the hollows of the lad's helpless stretched armpits!

Burek shrieked again and again as Torstein inhaled the bitter but intoxicating smell of the hair burning out of his armpits, his shrieks echoing in the Torture Chamber. Nearly insane with desire, Torstein actually dropped the coals into the helpless boy's armpits and left them there, listening to them sizzle as he grabbed two more coals, and pressed them against Burek's erect nipples!


Burek screamed again and again as his thick, brown nipples started to blister and char! The sweat shining on Burek's tightly muscled physique emphasized every bulge and ripple of muscle and every rib on the boy's masculine body, driving Torstein to more and more desperate measures in his quest to not only mentally break the two muscled resistance fighters, but to take them physically as well.

Finally, Burek shrieked once more, and went limp, his body unable to endure any more pain. Torstein removed the coals from Burek's nipples and armpits, knowing that he would have to revive him before continuing the Torture.

Tomas screamed; "Leave him alone, you bastard! Torture me, but leave him alone!! He can't take any more!!"

Torstein turned towards Tomas, his face twisted in a sinister, sadistic grin. The sweat on Tomas' body dripped in a constant shower, like a light rainfall into the glowing bed of coals as his body was slowly lowered closer and closer to the fire-pit, and the chain wrapped around his cock and balls began to heat up, rapidly changing from warmth, to heat, and then to sheer agony! Tomas was sure that his nipples and his cock and nuts were going to be burned completely off his body, even as his torturer turned the crank on the mechanism that lowered the spit even closer to the glowing coals!

His muscles writhed against his restraints, but to no avail. He was helpless to do anything other then to try to endure the agony of his burning tits and cock and balls, and to listen helplessly as his lover was brutalized until he passed out from the pain!

Torstein growled to Tomas; "Talk, boy, or your lover dies in front of you, his back snapped on the rack! He may be unconscious, but you will still be able to hear his spine snap!”

Tomas began to sob in sheer agony.

"You MONSTER!" Tomas sobbed. "Let him live, please! Take me, Torture me if you must, I will gladly give my body to you for suffering if you will spare Burek! You can fuck me, I'll suck your cock, anything! I'll be your sex slave! Just spare Burek! PLEASE!!”

"How touching!" taunted Torstein, stroking the boy's glistening muscles, though they were almost too hot to touch as he hung now only a foot above the smoldering red-hot embers!

"How it would arouse me to see you succumb slowly to my Tortures! To fuck your tight young ass, and to feel your hot mouth sucking my cock, and swallowing my sperm! But you are too valuable to sacrifice! And, you have information that I need! You must TALK! Talk, or he dies!”

The cruel madman gazed lustfully at the young prisoner's rippling muscles as he writhed and flexed in his bonds, struggling uselessly to escape! He placed his hand on the mechanism that lowered the spit, and turned it, and turned it again! Inch by inch Tomas' nude muscled body crept nearer and nearer the coals! His screams rose in pitch and volume as it seemed his entire body would be pressed directly into the blazing red-hot wood! 11...10...9 inches....!

Then, blissfully Tomas fainted! His body hung limp, as was Burek's on the torturous wheel rack. Just then a third guard came in from an adjoining chamber and stepped up to Torstein.

"Herr Commandant, I am afraid Sgt. Craddock also has passed out."

"The American? You fool! What Torture were you using?"

"Electrodes on his genitals and nipples, Mein Herr."

"You must learn to apply the current more SLOWLY!" Torstein barked as he lashed across the guard's face with his riding crop. "Very well. I shall supervise his interrogation directly. Place these two lads in the hanging cage."

"Yes, master."

As Torstein strode from the room, the limp bodies of the two Czech boys were unbound. Guards carried them to a hanging cage, basically cylindrical but contoured to fit a male body. Built to fit one man, two athletic young men could be pressed in uncomfortably close. Tomas and Burek's wrists were chained to the ceiling of the cage; it was just tall enough that as they hung from their wrists, their bare feet barely rested on the cage's floor. But most cruel about this cage was that it was lined with small but sharp iron spikes that pointed inward from the bars, pressing into the muscled backs of the two lads now crammed in face to face, their fronts pressed against each other, and spikes on the cage's floor on which they stood tortured their bare feet. As a heavy chain connected to a pulley lifted the cage from the dungeon floor until it rose two feet in the air and swayed gently, the two unconscious captives inside dangled with their foreheads collapsed again each other...until a bucket of freezing water revived the tortured prisoners!

Both tortured prisoners gasped with the shock of the bitterly cold water washing across their overheated bodies. The both involuntarily flinched from the shock, which only drove their tender flesh against the sharp spiked lining the bars of the Torture cage. Crying out in pain, they pressed closer together, their nude, muscled bodies crammed together in the cage. As the shock of the freezing water faded, they were both able to realize where they were.

"Tomas, are you all right?" moaned Burek. "I was afraid that you were going to die, burned alive on the spit!'

"I'm still alive, Burek. I was more afraid your back was going to break!"

The two boys looked into each others eyes briefly, their mutual relief at having survived this long overriding the agony from their burned nipples and bodies, and the stretching of their shoulder joints. Their mouths found each other, their tongues exploring the insides of each other' s mouth as they kissed passionately, relieved that they were both alive.

Burek moaned as the pain in his tortured back and charred nipples and armpits finally fully registered in his brain. He tried to move, to do anything to relieve the agony shooting up and down his body, but even the slightest movement caused him to cry out as the spikes scraped his muscled back, threatening to pierce his skin.

Tomas was in just as much agony, his blistered nipples pushed tightly against his lover's pectorals and burned tits. His entire torso felt like it was still on fire. He tried to relieve the strain on his stretched arms, but the pain shooting into his feet from the spikes on the bottom of the cage made him writhe in agony as he tried to lift himself up. Any movement from either of the boys caused then both to suffer more Tortures, from their burns, the spikes lining the cage, and the rapidly fading strength in their arms and shoulder muscles created more agony in their bodies as they vainly tried to keep their feet lifted up above the cruel spikes. Even breathing was Torture in itself, as the rise and fall of their muscled chests caused their burned tits to rub against each other.

Despite the agony, though, the closeness of their bodies created a response in both boys, and within a couple of minutes, their cocks were starting to swell. Their erections were pressed against each other, and both boys moaned as their cocks were trapped together and were starting to hurt as they grew, with nowhere to go. They actually started to press against each others nuts, causing the boys to moan again at this new source of discomfort.

The two muscled lovers were forced to endure hours of agony in the cage, hanging by their arms, their muscles shaking and quivering with the strain of trying to keep their feet above the razor sharp spikes, listening to the screams and shrieks from the next room as Torstein tortured the captured American Army sergeant. They could only imaging what horrific Tortures he was enduring, but judging by his screams, it was at least as bad, if not more agonizing then what they had endured!

Finally, the screams from the next room ended, and the only sounds were soft whimpers and moans! Either the American had broken, or he had passed out from the Tortures. Within a few more minutes, Torstein walked back into the room where the two Czech boys were imprisoned.

He was now stripped to the waist, his muscles gleaming with sweat under the blonde hair covering his thick pectorals, and the thin line running down his rippled stomach muscles.

"Well, gentlemen, I'm glad to see that you are enjoying each others company!" He smirked, seeing their erections. "But, back to the business at hand. You will tell me what I need to know about your pathetic underground resistance movement, or what you have endured so far will seem like a relaxing day in the country!"

Tomas looked at Torstein, his heart sinking. He KNEW that neither he nor Burek could endure much more, but he couldn't let Torstein know that!

"Go to Hell, you bastard! We'll never talk!"

Torstein smiled. "A challenge. I like a challenge. Which between the two of you will be the first to beg for my cock in your ass, or mouth? Let's see, shall we?"

With a cruel smile on his lips, Torstein stepped up to the hanging cage and gave in a mighty push. The young captives trapped inside began to moan and yell in pain as the cage swung like a pendulum back and forth above the stone floor of Torstein's nightmarish Torture Chamber! The shifting weight as the cage swung slowly pressed the boys' bodies into the tiny sharp spikes lining the cage, drawing howls of pain and drops of blood as Tomas and Burek's flesh and muscle were pierced!

Another shove and the cage swung wildly in sweeping arcs, the lads inside, their wrists shackled to the cage's ceiling and their nude bodies pressed together, cried out in pain. It became nearly impossible for the boys to bend their knees enough to keep their bare feet off the cage floor, and the tiny spikes there tortured their tender soles as they were forced to step on them. Even though it was 1944, the two captives felt as though they had been transported back in time to be Tortured in a Medieval dungeon!

Tears trickled down Burek's cheeks. "Tomas, you must save yourself.. I can't bear to see you suffer Tortures like this.... please... perhaps if you offer yourself for his pleasure, he will spare your life and...."

"And take yours?!? No, NO, Burek!" Tomas lovingly licked and kissed the tears off his lover's cheek. "I love you, my friend, more than life itself, and I would happily be Tortured to death if I knew you could survive!"

Despite the hideous agonies from their burns and from the spiked cage, the sensation of their sweating bodies pressed together aroused the lads. Their cocks, now fully, even painfully, stiffened, pressed and rubbed against each other as the torture cage swung back and forth, and they drank deep of each others soft boyish mouths and pledged their love and loyalty, punctuated by moans and grimaces of agony, even as they faced hideous deaths by Torture in the ancient dungeons of Castle Torstein.

"I tire of this game!" Torstein barked. "Remove them from the cage. For the wrestler, the fuck-bench! And strap the handsome one into the Torture Chair so that he can suffer in pain as he watches his friend take my cock!" The renewed screams of the Tortured American soldier in the next chamber provided chilling background sounds as the young men were prepared for their next ordeal.

The cage was dropped to the floor with a "Clang", causing both helpless boys to cry out in agony at the sharp pain in their shoulders and in their feet as they were cruelly jolted by the impact. Two of Torstein's torturers opened the cage and released Burek from his bondage, dragging him roughly across the Torture Chamber to where a fiendish looking fuck bench waited. He was forced to lie face down on the inclined bench, with his knees resting on smaller platforms to each side while his legs were fastened down with thick leather straps.. When his arms were strapped to similar platforms on the front of the fuck stool, he was left face down, his young tender ass exposed for whatever Torstein wanted to do to him. Another wide leather strap was pulled across his lower back, totally immobilizing him. To finish his bondage, a strap was run across his head, attached to a movable section of the bench, that held his head in a perfect position for his mouth to be fucked as well.

When Burek was helplessly bound, the two muscled torturers turned back to the cage, and released Tomas. He was dragged, struggling to where a heavy metal chair sat bolted to the Torture Chamber floor in front of the fuck bench. Tomas gasped at the sight of a thick black rubber phallus standing up on the seat of the chair. As one of the torturers held the struggling boy, the other poured some thick oil on the hard rubber cock, and spread it around. Then, Tomas was turned and backed towards the chair. The Torturers made sure he was in position before starting to push him down onto the chair.

"NO, OH God, NOOOO!!" He shrieked as he felt the thick rubber cock start to slide inside his young ass! He had NEVER taken anything so large inside him! Burek's cock was not nearly as large as the rubber phallus, and Tomas sometimes had trouble taking his lover. The rubber cock felt as if it was going to tear him wide open!


Finally he was forced totally down on the huge cock, which was at least 10" long and as thick as his wrist! Tomas felt as if he was going to pass out from the searing, burning pain tearing through his entire torso from his violated ass! Thick restraints were strapped across Tomas' wrists, biceps, chest, throat, thighs, calves, and ankles, completely and totally immobilizing him. He was looking directly at Burek, strapped to the fuck bench a mere 3 feet in front of him.

Torstein stepped in front of him, an evil leer on his handsome face.

"Comfortable? I just want to make sure that you have a good view as your lover is raped, and used until he reveals all the information that I need to know. I am sure you know all about how his ass feels when you are fucking him, but I can assure you that when I, and my men are finished with him, his ass will be quite a bit looser! And, I am sure his throat will be, as well! Of course, you COULD spare him the humiliation and pain, by talking to me!"

Burek yelled; "NO. Tomas, Don't talk! I can take whatever this animal has planned!"

Torstein turned to Burek. "Are you sure, boy? I have a surprise waiting for you...”

He grabbed the knotted flogger from a nearby table and swung it viciously across Burek's exposed ass and lower back!


"NNOOO!! BUREK!!!" screamed Tomas.

Torstein merely laughed... wssshCRACK!...wssshhhhhCRACK!...wsssshhhhhCRAAAACK!!!!

A few more hideous strokes from the knotted cat, meant to weaken Burek, brought screams from both captive boys. Gazing lustfully at the young wrestler's freshly welted back, Torstein barked "Bring in this young man's surprise!"

Barely able to walk, Sgt. Joe Craddock was dragged into he room by two Aryan guards. Tomas's jaw dropped at seeing the mountain of a man: 25 years old, 6'8", 275 pounds of massively sculpted coal black muscle--the Sgt, had been a champion bodybuilder back in America. Tomas was most shocked of all at seeing the huge black cock that swung between the prisoner's legs, nine inches long when soft and already at least as thick as the torture phallus he now sat on. Craddock was dragged behind the strapped, struggling Burek.

Torstein uttered but one command: "Take the boy if you want to live."

Tomas could see scorch marks on the ebony muscle-beast's nips, biceps, and nutsack, showing that he must have been tortured by electricity, over and over, on his most sensitive areas, to unconsciousness and back several times by the sadistic Torstein.

Obediently the Sgt spat in his hand and began to stroke and milk his monster organ to hardness while Burek trembled and whispered "No.... please... oh God, no, you'll split me open!"

Joe poised his lime-sized head at the entrance to Burek's asshole: "I'm Sorry, son... I have to... " he muttered in a defeated voice as he pressed his cock in.


The immobilized wrestler's screams rose to a shriek as the black American bull-stud thrust his huge erection to the hilt inside his young victim and began to fuck his tight ass. Getting up his rhythm, Joe soon was pounding away relentlessly, ignoring Burek's pitiful screams. Tomas too was writhing and sobbing, struggling at his bonds in agony from his own cruel violation. Both captives were even more shocked to see Torstein undo his trousers and drop them--his own cock sprang out fully hard and dripping after watching hours of suffering from the two handsome boys.

As he strode up to the horrified Burek, tears streaming down his cheeks at his agonizing torturous rape, a guard wrapped a thick leather thong around Tomas' neck and twisted it around a short dowel, trapping his neck in a tourniquet."If you displease me in any way as you suck my cock," Torstein growled to Burek, "you will watch your lover strangled slowly. I will not hesitate to end his life before your eyes unless you pleasure me with that sweet mouth of yours...."

Burek knew that any attempt at resistance was only going to end in Tomas being strangled, so he obediently opened his mouth. Almost immediately he felt the thick head of Torstein's cock slip in between his lips. He was now impaled at both ends, his young ass being stretched and violated by the huge black cock pounding him mercilessly, while Torstein's cock was driving deeper and deeper into his throat, cutting off his air!

Neither of the two boys had actually ever seen a black man before in real life, only in pictures, and Tomas was actually frightened to think of what he might do to his lover. Tomas was horrified to see the Torture and rape his lover was being forced to endure, but he was even more horrified to realize that as he watched the massive coal black ab muscles of the Sergeant flexing and rippling, and Torstein's broad back and shoulders flexing as he raped Burek's mouth, that he himself was getting hard! Perhaps it was the pressure of the Torture phallus in his ass, or the feel of the thong around his neck, or just the spectacle in front of him, but whatever it was, within a minute, Tomas' thick 7" cock was fully erect again. Torstein began to taunt the two young captives when one of the guards told him about Thomas' erection.!

"See there...boy! Your...lover is getting...excited watching you...suffer!" he panted, while still fucking Burek's mouth. "Perhaps...he likes the...idea of being tortured...and raped!" He sneered sarcastically. “What a true...lover! Enjoying suffer while...he watches!"

Tomas shouted; “No, that's not true, you bastar...aahrrgghhh." He gasped as the thong was tightened around his throat, cutting off his breathing.

The guards began to chuckle at Tomas' erection, apparently excited by the spectacle in front of them as well. Sgt. Craddock's massive black body was now glistening with sweat, every thick muscle flexing and rippling in his massive physique as he raped Burek's tight boy ass harder and harder, each thrust of his now fully erect 11" cock into Burek's body drawing a muffled grunt from the prisoner, while Torstein's Aryan body was coated with sweat as well, the blonde hair covering his thick, sculpted pecs matted down, so his erect nipples stuck out.

Burek's body was dripping with sweat as well, as he was forced to endure the incredible pain ripping through his entire being from his cruelly violated asshole and his stretched throat. The muscles in his back flexed and writhed under his skin with each thrust of the cocks torturing him. Tomas was in tears from the agony of watching his lover being Torture raped in front of him, the burning pain in his own ass from the Torture phallus, and his breathing being restricted by the thong around his neck. The guard holding the dowel was playing a cruel game with him, alternately tightening the thong, cutting off his breathing and his circulation until Tomas' vision began to Grey out, then he would release it just long enough to let him recover before tightening it again!

In just a few more minutes, Sgt. Craddock began to gasp and moan, and he started to drive his huge cock into Burek's ass harder and harder, slamming his thickly muscled thighs and hips against the boy's spread ass, before giving out a loud "FUCK", and slamming his cock deeply into Burek one last time, and howling, quivering with lust as he pumped his load of sperm deeply into the violated hole!

The sight apparently caused Torstein's lust to rise as well, since just a moment later, he groaned, and grabbed the sides of Burek's head as he filled the boy's hot, sucking mouth with his own load of sperm! Then, to add to the humiliation the two captives were enduring, as the two rapists filled Burek's body with their sperm loads, the guard tightened the thong around Thomas' throat again! As his breathing was cut off, to his horror, he felt his own cock explode with a huge orgasm! Then, he passed out completely! Torstein saw it, and began to scream at the guard!

"FOOL! I wanted him conscious so he would talk! Now what good is he to me? Take him, and lock him in a cell with the American. I will have to deal with his lover on my own! Take him away!"

Burek moaned; "Tomas...NNOOO!!!"

Torstein looked down at him. "It's just me and you now, boy!"

Each holding one massive arm, the guards half-dropped, half-threw Craddock into the cell--a medieval-style dungeon cell, stone, with straw on the floor and an iron-barred door. A huge iron shackle chained to the stone wall, was locked around the black giant's neck, and he slumped to the floor. It seemed that his explosive orgasm in Burek's ass had finally depleted the last reserves of his strength. Tomas was dragged in after him, his neck--bruised and raw from the tightening leather thong-- also shackled and chained to the wall.

Torstein glared after the guards as they dragged Tomas down the hallway towards the cell occupied by the Black American giant. Then his lips curled in a cruel smile as he imagined what the huge Black muscleman would do to the helpless Tomas. He looked down at Burek, his hard young back muscles glistening with sweat as he recovered from his double rape and his humiliation. Torstein couldn't help the feelings of lust that were rising in him again! He HAD to possess the hard young Czech wrestler's body, to break him for the information he needed, and then to make the muscled boy his personal sex slave and property!

"That's right, boy. It's just you and me now! I imagine that the huge savage your lover is now locked in a cell with will take him, and use him until your lover is nothing but a piece of meat for his pleasure! Imagine the Torture he will endure as that huge cock is pushed down his throat, or imagine HIS hole being opened up like yours was! He will scream for hours, boy." Torstein taunted Burek, even as his fingers were stroking the rippling muscles of the wrestler's body.

"Tomas...oh God, Tomas..." moaned Burek. "Please, what can I do to save him? Please...tell me. I love him so much..."

"It's simple, boy. Just tell me what I need to know about the Resistance movement, and I'll save him."

Burek sobbed; "I can't. Oh God, I promised that I wouldn't...anything but that. Please! I'll do whatever else you want, but I can't betray my friends! Please, you are a soldier. You understand!"

Torstein found that his lust for the boy was almost overpowering his need to interrogate and torture him for information! His mind was conflicted, as he seemed to be putting his own desires first! Almost as if hypnotized by the boy's overpowering beauty and masculinity, Torstein started to release the straps holding Burek to the fuck stool. When he was released, he grabbed Burek's hair and dragged him to his feet. Burek moaned and swayed on his feet, but then had to follow Torstein across the Torture Chamber to where several chains hung down from the ceiling. Within minutes, Burek stood, his arms stretched tightly over his head, his feet spread wide, shackled to bolts in the floor.

He fully expected Torstein to grab a whip, or flogger, to continue the Torture, but to Burek's surprise, Torstein just gently stroked his hand down the muscled chest in front of him, exploring each ripple of muscle, tracing the contours of his ribcage, and his taut stomach muscles.

"How beautiful. So young, and so muscular. Such a picture of masculine perfection" Torstein whispered, as if talking to himself. He seemed to be totally entranced by the body in front of him, as if he had forgotten his primary mission, to break the young Resistance couriers. He leaned in, and gently grasped Burek's head, and then kissed him gently on the lips! His tongue slipped inside Burek's mouth, tentatively exploring, tasting the boys, mouth. His hands began to slip down Burek's broad back as he gathered the helpless boy in an embrace, his hard muscled chest pressed tightly against Burek's rock hard pectorals and scorched nipples!

Burek resisted at first, but he was totally exhausted by the Tortures, and the feel of the totally masculine body and strong arms holding him was too much, and he started to return the kiss, his tongue finding Torstein's and pushing into his mouth. Also, he felt his cock begin to swell and rise again almost as by it's own volition. Burek knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help himself! Torstein's physique was so magnificently developed, every muscle honed by hours of exercise, and he was truly handsome. God forgive him, but Burek thought that Torstein was even handsomer then Tomas!

Torstein broke the kiss, and as if captivated by the taste and feel of the hard body spread-eagled in front of him, slowly sank to his knees, kissing and licking the sweat from each ripple of hard, corded muscle in Burek's abs, and then gently took Burek's thick cock into his mouth, eager to swallow the boy's essence, to have a part of him inside his own body!

Burek moaned loudly as the moist warmth engulfed his swollen member, Torstein's hands exploring his muscled legs, ass, and back, his head slowly pumping back and forth on Burek's cock, his tongue feeling each vein standing out on the thick shaft, licking the head, and even flickering across his piss hole. Torstein seemed totally lost in desire, in his overwhelming need to posses the boy's body, to drain him of his sperm.

Burek moaned again, then started to groan with desire. He felt his long pent up orgasm coming, and he was helpless to stop it. He groaned again, then started to gasp faster and faster as Thorstein's expert blow job continued. The mouth sucking him, and the feel of the strong hands exploring his muscles was finally too much! Burek threw his head back, and with a howl of release, filled Torstein's mouth with what felt like a pint of hot sperm!

The explosive orgasm seemed to go on and on, Thorstein swallowing his discharge as each fresh stream shot into his mouth! Finally, Burek's orgasm was spent, and he gasped, slumping down in his chains, exhausted. Thorstein reluctantly released Burek's now softening cock, and stood up in front of him. He lifted Burek's head, and kissed him once again.

Then, the cold light seemed to glow once again in his eyes. "That was very enjoyable, boy, but now it's time to talk!"

Burek moaned: "You Nazi Bastard!", as he realized that he had been fooled by Torstein's acting. He knew the Tortures were going to continue, and he didn't have the strength to resist much more. And, Burek was almost sick with worry for Tomas, and what might be happening to him at the hands of the giant Black American Muscleman


The only light in the cell came from the corridor, but it was enough to illuminate Craddock's sweat-glazed muscles, which shone and glistened. Tomas was transfixed by his handsome, masculine beauty--and by the python resting on his tree-trunk thigh, recently drained into his lover, Burek.

"I'm sorry..." a deep voice uttered in the darkness. "I'm Joe. Joe Craddock, U.S. Army. I did not mean to hurt your friend,"

Tomas crawled closer... and couldn't help reaching out and stroking the black demigod's chest as Joe reached out an arm to draw him closer to comfort the distraught boy.

Joe reached up a huge hand and placed one fingertip lightly on Tomas's reddened nipple... "Oh God, That bastard must have roasted you on the spit...just like they did to me before you were captured..." he whispered. "Roasted your muscular young body over the coals..." His massive arm curled around Tomas, pulling him in, his football-sized bicep bulging as he pulled the handsome young Czech lad to his chest, and even though both men had just shot a huge load, even though they were pushed to the edge of exhaustion by Torstein's sadistic Tortures, their cocks stirred again as their lips met.

An eternity later, as black American and white Czech pulled out of their deep kiss, Tomas noticed the swollen, angry bruises on Joe's thumbs.

“What did they do to you?” he asked,

"They hung me by my thumbs," Joe said softly, as tears began to run down his face. "Naked. My bare feet dangled two feet off the floor. They clipped wires on my body. Everywhere... toes, fingers, tits... two big clamps like jumper cables for my balls... Then they turned on the juice. Electro-torture. Sent current through my muscles. Every inch of me. I thrashed like a madman. I had no control over my body. I thought my thumbs were going to be ripped off... Oh, God, it lasted for Hours. Days, I don't know. Just pure Torture to my nude body. I even begged them to take my nuts so I wouldn't have to feel that Torture anymore... they just laughed.... But I never talked... until I passed out. When I woke up they were dragging me into the other chamber. I knew what they could do to us if I didn't cooperate... So I had to fuck him... He's so sexy... "

But before Joe could repeat his apology, Tomas again kissed him, and their hands found each others swelling cocks. Being neck-shackled in the stone cell did not prevent Tomas and Joe from kissing

passionately, driven by lust even to tender careful pecks on each others burned, tortured nipples, and then moving down to kiss and lick rippled six-pack abs before reaching each others cock. Tomas' cock, though impressive, fit easily inside the mouth of the American soldier, known as the most expert and eager cocksucker in his platoon, but there was no way Tomas could take more than the head and couple inches of Joe's astonishing monster manhood in his mouth! Even so, Joe moaned and throbbed with pleasure as the young man revitalized the cock so recently drained into the unwilling ass of his lover, Burek.

Lost in the embrace of the black giant, Tomas thought back to his own early encounters with Burek. Both orphaned very young, they were given to a farmer for field work, and grew up together as close as brothers. Working for hours seven days a week under a hot sun, barefoot and shirtless, they soon developed beautiful, sculpted, muscular bodies, and spent many moonlit nights exploring each others muscles, and discovering all the ways men can give each other pleasure led to a deep and powerful

love. When they finally were allowed to go to school, Tomas developed a love of reading, and learned about the history of his country, which is why the two boys joined the Underground, to save it if possible from the Nazi oppression.

Burek, on the other hand, had more trouble learning to read, and was almost constantly teased by the other boys for being “A Stupid Farmer”. He would constantly be involved in fights, which led indirectly to his being trained in wrestling techniques by a local coach. Burek became quite proficient in his wrestling, winning a large number of his matches before the start of the war put an end to all organized sports. The two remained friends and lovers throughout their school years, and they both had decided to try to help the underground resistance movement any way they could.

They had to lie about their close bond to the Resistance, who would not have let them join as such an intense friendship can be exploited under Torture should they fall into enemy hands, as the two innocent lads were now discovering most cruelly.

In the main dungeon, Torstein was taunting the chained, spread-eagled Burek. "After I break you, if you survive, I will take you as my sex slave. I will fuck both of your holes every day, and of course Torture you for my pleasure. Your entire life will be chains, Torture, and rape. No doubt a young man of your athletic stamina will last years under slavery. That is, unless this interrogation ends in tragedy." As he spoke, he unfurled a brutal-looking bullwhip, a six-foot black leather braid on a stout handle. To break Burek, he would submit the boy to a hideous head-to-toe lashing.

As he raised the lash, he had an even crueler thought... "No, your handsome young friend must be here to witness this. Though I hate to interrupt the ass-ripping he is suffering atop the huge cock of that black savage. Or perhaps they are making sweet love to each other? As I stroked and pleasured your body just now?"

The double mental Torture of Burek's guilt and Tomas's pleasure in another man's arms was agony for the young wrestler.

"Oho!" said one of the guards when they burst into Joe and Tomas's cell. "The Master has sent us

to fetch you back to the Torture chamber, and as we suspected, you could not keep your lustful hands off each other!"

Guards pulled Tomas off Joe's cock by his thick hair, unshackled their necks, and dragged the two naked men back to the dungeon where Burek hung awaiting the lash.

"As you predicted, Master, this beast was choking the young one with his cock!" smirked the guard.

Torstein walked over to Tomas, who had been dumped on the stone floor. "Oh, how sad. Perhaps

these two are not as devoted as they pretend. For I too have given Burek much pleasure, and he responded most eagerly! Such a tasty load of sperm he gave me! And, he is an expert kisser, as well!”

The two boys were in anguish as Torstein ordered Tomas chained from the ceiling too, spread-eagled like his lover, facing each other about six feet apart.

"Now you both will have an excellent view as the other is lashed to unconsciousness--or worse.... unless of course you choose to give me the details of the Resistance." Snarled Torstein.

Both boys, racked with guilt and fear, tears rolling down their cheeks, shook their heads defiantly but could no more than whisper "Never..."

"And to punish you for enjoying this boy without permission, you shall do the honors." Torstein handed the cruel lash to Joe. "As I'm sure you know, failure to follow my orders will result in a most hideous death for all three of you."

The sadistic Master Torturer stepped back to watch the black giant whip the two chained dangling lads.

"We shall start with 50 each," he sneered cruelly. "Whip the boys! MAKE THEM SCREAM!!!"

Joe uncoiled the bullwhip. Summers working on a small cattle ranch in his native Southern California had given him opportunities to learn how to throw a whip with some accuracy. He stepped behind Burek, and prepared to begin to whip the helpless boy's muscled back.

"NO, not him" cried Tomas. "Whip me! I'm the one who betrayed our love, and I'm the one that deserves to be punished!"

"No, Tomas, I betrayed our love as well! I was actually beginning to believe the lies this animal was spreading!" Burek glared at Torstein.

"ENOUGH!" shouted Torstein. He looked at Joe. "Whip the wrestler, or you will find yourself in chains with your skin being stripped off yourself!"

Joe murmured; "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..." as he swung the whip, and laid it across Burek's back.

Burek shrieked in sheer agony as the whip left a livid red welt across his hard muscles, and curled around to his ribcage. Joe swung the whip again and again, drawing louder and louder screams of agony from Burek, and shrieks of horror from Tomas, as he watched his lover enduring the cruelest Torture yet!

Torstein watched the spectacle with what seemed to be an almost manic smile on his handsome, but cruel face!

"22"..."23"..."24"... he counted out the strokes as Burek's body was welted and striped, each stroke of the whip tearing the skin a little more. Burek's back and sides began to bleed as the whip cut into his flesh.

"46"..."47"..."48"..."49"..."50"! Very well done, Sergeant, very well done!" applauded Torstein, mockingly.

Joe glared at the insane Nazi, and seemed on the verge of attacking him! The two guards lifted their guns as Joe took a step towards Torstein.

"I really don't think that's a good idea, Sergeant! You would be dead before you took two more steps! Besides, your job is only half finished! There is another guest of mine who needs your tender ministrations!"

Joe glared at Torstein, his hate almost a physical thing! He stepped behind Tomas, his ebony body dripping with sweat, and glistening like he had been oiled.

“Forgive me, my young friend...” Joe moaned.

He swung the whip again, and lashed Tomas' spread-eagled body. Tomas shrieked at the feel of the whip! It felt like someone had set his skin on fire! Being suspended over the bed of coals had been bad, but that pain was nothing compared to the sheer agony ripping through his muscled physique with each stroke of the bullwhip! He didn't think he could endure the full 50 lashes! Tomas vaguely heard Torstein counting off the strokes through the roaring in his ears from the blood pounding through his veins.

"42"..."43"..."44"..."45" ...

"HHHUUUURRRRREEEEEAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Tomas shrieked as loud as he could, then went limp in his chains, unconscious!

"Oh dear, I guess he wasn't as strong as his friend" mocked Torstein. "Since he couldn't go the full 50, I guess we will have to find someone else to take his place! Or should I just let him hang there until he bleeds to death?"

"TOMAS, Oh God, TOMAS! TOMAS! wake up, please, wake up!" Screamed Burek. There was no response from Tomas, who still hung limp.

Burek screamed at Joe; "YOU BASTARD!! YOU FUCKING ANIMAL!! You've killed him!! Oh God, He's DEAD!!"

Joe risked everything, dropped the whip, stepped up to Burek, and put his hands on either side of his face.

"Burek...BUREK...look at me! Look at me! He's NOT dead, he's still breathing! Look!"

Burek was almost hysterical and seemed to be beyond hearing. The two guards grabbed Joe, and pulled him away from the shrieking boy.

"That was very stupid, Sergeant. Now I know who will finish his punishment, as well as enduring his own!" Snarled Torstein.

“Fuck you, you Nazi Bastard! You want to whip me? Fine! Go ahead! I'll show you what happens when you try to Torture a real man, instead of only Torturing young boys like the sick perverted animal that you are!” sneered Joe.

Torstein ordered the guards to take Tomas and Burek to the cell, and chain them up. He had unfinished business with the huge American Muscleman! When the guards released Tomas, he collapsed into a pile on the floor, groaning softly. When he was released, Burek stepped unsteadily to help his lover. While Torstein held a gun on Joe to keep him at bay, the two guards dragged the helpless boys down the corridor, and chained them in the cell that Joe and Tomas had been locked in. There were multiple neck shackles fastened to the wall so multiple prisoners could be locked up together.

When they returned to the Torture Chamber, they forced Joe under a set of the chains, and stretched his muscular body up tight. The chains drew tighter and tighter from the overhead hoist until Joe's feet lifted off the floor, his entire 275 pounds supported by his wrists. Torstein set the whip down so he could run both hands down Joe's massive physique, stroking his fingers through his open armpits, feeling his pecs and abs, and even twisting Joe's burned nipples! He even hefted Joe's huge cock and low hanging nuts in one hand, as if weighting a melon at the market. Joe just hung in the chains, and glared at Torstein, silently, his hate written on his face.

"What a shame that you Black men are well known as being less then fully human! If you were an equal, I would consider keeping you as a sex slave as well as the other two! You do have incredible muscles, but I do not share myself with inferior animals like you!"

“Fuck you, you Nazi prick!” Snarled Joe.

Hearing that, Torstein stepped back, picked up and swung the whip! It sliced across Joe's pecs, leaving a livid welt!

“1...2...3...4...5” Counted Torstein, pacing his strokes with the whip to about one every 5 seconds or so.

Joe hissed in pain, his huge biceps knotting and his abs flexing! Again and again Torstein swung the whip, while slowly walking around Joe's stretched, helpless body, counting each stroke of the bullwhip with a methodical regularity.

25, 30, 35 strokes, and still the whip sliced across the Ebony muscle-man's body! 40, 45, 50, 55 and more! Joe's vision began to cloud with a reddish haze! 60, 65, 70 strokes. Now, finally, Joe began to scream in sheer agony! 80, 85, 90! Finally, Torstein laid stroke 100 across Joe's abs. Joe shrieked, and sagged down, his strength gone after what seemed to his overloaded mind to be hours of horrific torture!

Torstein threw down the whip, angry that the Black American muscleman had not broken.

"My patience is gone! Bring the boys back in. And prepare them for the final interrogation!"

"Nooooo..." Craddock moaned, barely audible, as he hung from his wrist chains, his muscles torn and bleeding. He knew what was coming, and he feared the boys could not endure it.

Again the two young men were dragged back into the chamber of Torture, and over to a large iron grille, attached to the wall at a 60-degree angle. Swiftly the two were handcuffed side by side to the top of the iron bars, their arms spread wide. Their ankles were also spread and cuffed to the bars. The two heroic lads hung into two X shapes next to each other on the cold iron bars--lying on their lashed, welted, bleeding backs was agony for them.

"Now, my young friends. I promise you this will be your last chance to speak. Even boys as strong as you are will be unable to withstand this Torture. You will suffer as you have never suffered before."

Methodically Torstein began to attach electrodes to their stretched helpless bodies... iron clips on their toes and thumbs, their sharp tiny metal teeth biting painfully. Larger iron clips on their biceps. Since their nipples were burned and blistered, Torstein pressed sticky pads directly onto their pecs, as well as their abs and even the heads of their cocks. Clamps were placed directly on the iron grill itself, to electrify it all at once. And finally, the sadistic Torturer placed clamps on their young tender ballsacks.

"You can see all these clips and pads are connected by wires to this control panel," Torstein taunted. "Perhaps you have heard of the effects of electrical current on the male body. Perhaps you have heard tales of men who begged for death rather than suffer this Torture. Perhaps The Sergeant here has told you of his own ordeal--how the current found his manhood and his muscles until his very reason was threatened.

"Yes, my brave young friends, you are about to suffer the most hideous Torture of all. And your new friend--assuming he survives his whipping--will watch as his two new fuckboys perish in agony before his eyes!"

Even under these threats, Tomas and Burek were adamant! They were just close enough that they could stretch out their arms and touch each others fingertips, and this last desperate gesture of their love for each other gave them the strength to resist and face this nightmarish ordeal.

The two boys looked at each other, eyes blazing with love and determination,then they turned and glared at Torstein.

"FUCK YOU!!!!!" Burek shouted.

“Do your worst, you bastard! We will NEVER talk!” Tomas sneered, defiant to the lasdt

Torstein's face grew red with rage. "FOOLS! Very well--you have chosen your fate! Believe me, I will relish making the pain LAST! From this control panel I can regulate the intensity and duration of the flow of current through each one of these wires independently. Slowly, slowly, the voltage will enter your bodies. It will course through your hard young muscles, roasting them from within. Your bodies will thrash and twitch out of control, your bones will snap. TALK!"


Torstein turned a dial and the defiant Burek's torso began to throb and convulse...

Tomas looked in horror and screamed "NO!" as Burek's abs took the juice. His taut six-pack was etched in agony as he thrashed on the grille!

Torstein dialed down the current, leaving his young Torture victim gasping for breath, as he turned another dial and sent voltage into Tomas's biceps! Convulsed into a cruel, almost grotesque parody of a double-bicep bodybuilder pose, Tomas thrashed and yanked at his handcuffs as his arm muscles bulged and throbbed in agony, the veins standing out across his baseball sized biceps and forearms.

"Spare him! SPARE HIM!" Burek screamed--and Torstein switched the current to the clips on the boy's bare toes! His thickly muscled wrestler's legs jerked and twitched uncontrollably as his head was thrown back and his handsome face contorted in agony!

"Torture me! Oh, God, please TORTURE ME INSTEAD!" Tomas shouted as he watched his

lover's agony from mere feet away.

Torstein obliged--and sent agonizing current directly into the lad's cockhead!!!

"AAAAAGHHH!!! AAAAIIIIEEEE!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!' Tomas shrieked in unbearable pain as the electricity Tortured his tender shaft!

Joe, more awake now, watched frozen in horror at the young men's Torture. Torstein of course did not confine himself to alternating between his two victims--no, he would sometimes shock them both at once, drooling over the sight of their muscular, sweat-soaked bodies writhing in mind-melting agony, their muscles flexing and rippling, as they thrashed like animals spread-eagled on the grille. Their body parts were attacked at random; Tomas and Burek had no idea where the pain would come, or for how long! They only knew that Death was coming closer at every moment at the hands of this madman! They tried as hard as they could to touch their fingers together, but as the beautiful boys thrashed

in utter agony, faces twisted and grimacing, this was not always possible.

Tears rolled down Joe's chiseled cheeks again as, his powerful body dangling naked, he watched the Torture of the brave young men, every inch of their bodies suffering.

"NOOOOO... no, more torture. I'm begging you..." the black giant sobbed. Torstein turned in his rage, and slammed a fist deeply into Joe's stomach. Unprepared for the blow, Joe grunted loudly then passed out from the sheer pain!

Finally, Torstein sent a huge jolt to both lads' nut-sacks.... Eyes bulging, bodies immobilized by the pain, the five seconds felt like a lifetime until they collapsed.

The youngest guard, hardly older then Tomas and Burek himself, listened to the boys' chests with a stethoscope. "Fainted," he said officiously. "You will get nothing more from them tonight."

Torstein turned to his two muscular dungeon guards, both of which were standing, watching, stripped to the waist, with obvious bulges in the front of their uniform pants, and sneered; "Take these two back to their cell, and shackle them up. Then get this stinking animal out of here, and chain him up with his friends. Let them see that he WILL NOT be saving them!"“Tomorrow! Tomorrow they would ALL break, or die”, Torstein vowed to himself! “Tomorrow! You, come with me!” he ordered the young guard.

Torstein stormed out of the Torture Chamber in a rage, totally frustrated at his failure to break the two young boys OR the giant American Muscleman, and to get any useful information from them!

The two muscled guards released Tomas and Burek, then each of the guards hefted one of the boys, and threw their limp, naked bodies over a shoulder, and carried them to the cell. They roughly dumped the two barely coherent boys on the straw covered floor, leaned them up against the wall while taking the opportunity to grope and feel their young strong bodies, and locked the steel collars around their throats once again.

When Joe was released from his wrist suspension, he totally collapsed, unable to walk, or even stand on his own. The guards actually dragged his naked body down the corridor to the cell. It took them almost 10 minutes to drag the giant muscleman to the cell.

Tomas and Burek groaned at the sight of Joe being dragged into the cell by the guards, and having the thick steel collar locked around his throat, just as they were locked up in their collars as well. They had barely recovered from the agony of the electric Tortures themselves. The cell door clanged shut, as they struggled to help Joe into a sitting position, leaning against the wall, with one of the boys on each side of him, helping to keep him sitting upright. After almost an hour, Joe started to stir.

Joe moaned; "Oh God...Oh God...Burek, Tomas, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I had to whip you. I...I just couldn't take.....I had to do it. I'm so, so sorry..." He began to sob almost uncontrollably, even as the two Tortured boys comforted him, and held him.

Tomas whispered; "It's all right. We understand! We all have to do whatever we can to stay alive, so we can get out of here, and get back to the Resistance!"

Burek added; "Yes, we all must endure. I know what happened between you. Tomas told me, but it doesn't matter, I love him, and he loves me! Besides, he does have a nice cock, so I don't blame you for wanting to suck it"!

Tomas chuckled and even Joe managed a weak smile.

Joe then groaned; "Do you really think we can get out of here?"

Burek smiled; "I have a plan..."

An hour or so later when the two bare-chested guards sauntered by the cell, smelling of sex and Schnapps, and loudly making crude jokes about the Black savage, and what he would be doing to the two white boys, Burek weakly called out; "Please, help us! I think he's dead!"

They looked in and saw Joe sitting propped against the wall, his eyes closed and his tongue hanging out. He didn't seem to be breathing! The guards knew that Torstein would be furious if one of the prisoners died before giving out the information he wanted. Hurriedly, one of the guards produced his keys and unlocked the cell door. They stepped in, unconcerned by the two teenage boys, as they seemed to be able to barely move themselves after their electrical torture. As they bent down to check on Joe, one stepped to either side of his outstretched legs, roughly kicking at the boys to get them to move. They weakly slid over, away from Joe's limp body.

As soon as they bent down, looking to see if he was truly dead, suddenly a massive black arm shot out, and wrapped around each of the guards throats! The guards tried to cry out for help, but they found that their air was cut off as Joe's huge biceps began to swell and expand, constricting around their throats! Joe began to tighten his massive arms more and more, and the guards found themselves slowly being strangled as his muscles pressed against their throats! Their struggles got weaker and weaker as their eyes began to glaze over. Finally, with one more sudden convulsive heave of Joe's massive physique, there were two muffled *snaps*, as their necks broke!

Joe kept his muscles tightly flexed, a look of pure rage and fury on his face until Tomas said; "They're dead! Joe, they're dead! You can let go! JOE!!"

It took a moment or two for Tomas' words to register in Joe's brain, his fury and hate was so strong! Finally, his eyes cleared, and he let the two guards go. They both collapsed like sacks of potatoes, their necks bent at an impossible angle. Joe gasped for air, seemingly shocked at what he had done. His chest heaved for a few more seconds before he started to calm down.

"O.K., let's find the keys, and get out of here" Burek said, giving Joe an encouraging squeeze on his arm. They searched the guards pockets until Tomas found the keys. It only took a few seconds to find the right key to unlock their neck collars. Once free of the shackles, Tomas and Burek stripped the guards and put on their pants and shoes, as they had no idea where the clothes they had been wearing when captured would be. They weren't a perfect fit, but it was better then being naked. They didn't know what to do for Joe, as he was so huge. Working their way down the corridor, they wondered about the lack of other guards.

Joe said; "Thorstein bragged to me after I was captured that since this was his own ancestral home, and it was so secure, that he didn't need many guards! He claimed that no one could get away, so it was just him, a few guards he chose himself in bed, and a small household staff that stays in the living quarters at the far end of the castle, away from the dungeons. 'Fewer witnesses' he bragged, since he knew that what he was doing was against all the Geneva conventions."

Burek shook his head. "Arrogant bastard, just like all Nazis. He will find out that he was mistaken, though!"

The three headed towards the main doors, since it was the only way they remembered to get out. On the way, they heard muffled voices coming from a side room. Cautiously looking in they saw a terrible spectacle. Torstein had the youngest guard strapped to a fuck bench like the one he had used to rape Burek. He was thrusting his cock in and out of the tightly bound and gagged boy's ass, moaning with pleasure, his back muscles rippling and flexing under his sweaty skin. He was apparently working off his frustration at not being able to break the prisoners by Torturing and raping his own guard!

Torstein was so engrossed in raping the young man's ass that he didn't hear Joe walking up behind him, and he had no idea that he was there until Joe's huge right arm wrapped around his throat! His cry of alarm was choked off as he was bodily dragged away from the fuck bench. He struggled in Joe's grasp, but the arm wrapped around his throat, constricting it, might as well have been made out of steel!

"Bastard! Now, you're MINE" hissed Joe in his ear.

"What are we going to do with him?" asked Tomas.

"Oh, I know EXACTLY what I'm going to do!" growled Joe, in a voice that send ice down the spines of the two boys.

Torstein's struggles grew weaker and weaker, until he passed out. Joe tossed the limp body over one massive shoulder, and then headed back towards the Torture Dungeon! The two boys followed him, having a pretty good idea what he was planning! On the way, they passed a small room full of piles of what looked like rags, Burek recognized some of the clothes as being what he was wearing when they were captured. He told the others to go ahead, and found not only his clothes, but Tomas' shirt, pants and vest, as well as an army uniform marked "Craddock". Gathering up the clothes, he hurried after the others.

When he entered the Torture dungeon, Joe had already spread-eagled Torstein's limp body on the grill, and was holding him there with one meaty hand around his throat while Tomas used the handcuffs to secure Torstein to his own Torture rack. Finally, the muscled, nude body of their captor was bound tightly to the grille. Joe slapped him a few times before Torstein finally began to stir.

"Wha.. what's going on?" muttered the still stunned Colonel. "What do you think you are doing? I demand that you release me at once!"

Joe slapped the still groggy Torstein. "You are IN NO position to demand anything, you fucker!" he snarled!

Torstein's eyes finally cleared and he began to flex his muscles, trying to get away! He caught sight of Joe's face, and was stunned into immobility for a couple of seconds. He had never seen such raw hate and fury on one man's face before! He finally realized that he was in real trouble, and he started to cry out for help! His cries were cut off when a meaty fist slammed into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him!

When he could breathe again, Torstein saw that Tomas had brought over the cart containing the electrical torture gear! Joe stuffed a ball gag into Torstein's mouth, and strapped it tightly around his head as the two boys clipped the leads to Torstein's biceps, nipples, toes, fingers, and even to his nut sack, as well as several to the thick head of his cock itself! Torstein screamed into the gag at the feel of the cruel clamps biting into his cock and nuts as well as his nipples. Then several adhesive pads were stuck to the skin of his abs, and the largest clamp was attached to the steel grille itself!

"That's right, Torstein, you are now going to endure what you yourself called the worst Torture of them all! I hope you enjoy feeling your muscles flexing on their own and you like the feeling of your cock and nuts boiling from the power shooting through them! Then, enjoy it, as your bones snap from the muscles contracting, and enjoy slowly strangling as you can't even breathe, you bastard!" Joe snarled, powering up the electrical torture gear.

“And don't worry about trying to call for your guards, since they are dead! I broke their necks myself, you bastard, and the ONLY thing that's keeping me from breaking yours as well is knowing that you are going to suffer the Tortures of the Damned before you die screaming on your own Torture rack!”

Torstein began to scream into the gag, his eyes wild, as his muscles began to flex and twitch. His biceps bulged as the power hit them, and his abs flexed, showing off their spectacular definition! Normally, Tomas, Burek, and even Joe would be impressed, and sexually aroused by the muscularity of the body flexing in front of them, but Torstein was so evil that they could feel nothing but hate for him!

Burek looked at Torstein, and snarled; "This is for raping me, you fucker!" as he turned the power to Torstein's cock and balls up full!

Torstein screamed into the gag, every muscle on his entire body straining as his cock and nuts cooked from the intense power pounding through them! The intensity of the Torture actually caused Torstein to start to get hard! His cock rose again as the power slammed through it and through his nuts. The three saw the skin around the clamps begin to turn red, then start to blacken as it was burned! Tomas turned another control, shooting full power into Torstein's nipples! His body convulsed on the torture grille, His pectorals flexed and expanded to their full size!

Then, amazingly enough, the combination of the power shooting through his genitals, and the intense torture of his nipples made Torstein shoot a huge load of his sperm! It arced into the air in front of him, splattering on the dungeon floor a good 8 feet in front of him!

Torstein thrashed on the grille for a full 30 minutes, enduring horrific tortures at the hands of his former captives before Burek told the others; "We need to get out of here! Leave this bastard to die on his own torture machine!"

Joe gave Torstein one final look of sheer contempt before coldly turning all the electrical power to all the leads up full! Torstein's body convulsed, every muscle in his body flexed to it's maximum, with no way for him to stop them! A thin stream of blood began to run down from his nose as his blood vessels began to burst from the strain. He could barely breathe and was starting to turn blue from lack of air. Finally, there was a muffled *crack* as one of his arms broke from the incredible strain from his flexed muscles! He twitched and heaved, in sheer agony.

Joe, Tomas and Burek, gave him one last look of pure hate before leaving the Torture Dungeon, with Torstein still struggling to survive the Torture. When they exited the dungeon, Joe closed the heavy door, and found the key for the lock, Inserting the key in the lock, he locked the door, then, his arm muscles writhing and bulging, he began to bend the key! He bent the key over in one direction, then in the other until with a sharp “snap” the key broke off in the lock, making it almost impossible for anyone to open it to rescue Torstein, even if there had been anyone left to raise the alarm.

The three escapees, slowly, and cautiously worked their way towards the front of the house, noticing that the young guard was still helplessly strapped to the fuck bench as they went past the room where he was being raped. They finally made it outside the doors of Castle Torstein, and melted into the thick woods surrounding the estate!

Burek and Tomas told Joe; "Come with us. We will take you to the Resistance. They can help you get back to your unit."

Joe sadly looked at the two young resistance couriers, and told them; "They were wiped out! There's no one left for me to go back to. I'd like to stay with you, if I could. I can help the Resistance fight the Nazis. I'm pretty well trained in explosives, and I'm a damn good shot as well!"

Tomas looked at Burek, and realized that they both thinking the same thing. Yes, Joe could help the Resistance, but they both had a much more personal reason for wanting him to stay!

Burek finally said; "Yes, Joe, you can stay with us. We will take you to them."

The three of them headed through the woods, silently making their way towards the nearby town to find the Resistance cell to keep on the fight against the enemy, but with a more intimate and personal reason for the three of them to stay together as well. They now shared a bond that could never be broken, the three of them, and it would keep them all together for as long as the war lasted...and for the long years beyond.