The Telemachus Story Archive

The Warehouse
By Master Skrain

The Warehouse.

He got the phone call in the middle of the afternoon.

“Be at the usual location at 9 this Friday. The usual fee will be paid.”

That was all the recorded message said, but he knew what it was going to involve. He needed the money so the short-term pain he was going to have to endure was worth it to him. After he had moved to America from his native Taiwan, he had made some money from advertising endorsements and modeling, but now the money was going to the younger, more popular bodybuilders, and his income had dropped off. Still, at 32, he was in much better shape then most other men, so offering his muscles, his tits, and his cock and ass for men to worship and Torture was easy money for him.

He drove to the alleyway in the industrial part of the city and parked next to an unmarked door on the side of an anonymous warehouse just like any of a dozen others in the industrial park. Entering the door, which was unlocked, he found himself in the usual small room that might have been a reception area at one time. The room was empty except for a small table with several items on it, and a small armchair. There were also a pair of high boots in black leather sitting under the table.

Stripping, he folded his clothes neatly on the table, and put on the boots and laced them up tightly. Then as he had done several times before, he sat in the chair and picked up the first of the items from the table. It was a padded leather blindfold that he strapped tightly around his head, cutting off his vision completely. Next, working by feel and from memory, he picked up the muzzle gag with the attached collar and strapped it on his head, the padded gag in his mouth, the straps going up over his head on either side of his nose to meet in the middle of his forehead to continue over his head to be attached to the collar piece at the back of his neck.

Once he was totally blindfolded and gagged, as well as collared, he sat back in the chair, waiting. Within a few minutes, he heard the inner door open, and someone stepped into the room where he was sitting. Several pairs of hands guided him to his feet, through the door, and into a much larger room, judging by the echoes their footsteps made.

Walking forward for another minute or so, he reached his destination. He was ordered into position by soft commands, and told to spread his feet wide. When he did, he felt the heavy steel shackles being locked around his boots, immobilizing his feet and legs. Then his arms were lifted by the unseen hands, and similar steel restraints were locked around his wrists, which were then pulled tightly, leaving him standing spread-eagled, naked except for the boots and headgear, immobilized, and totally helpless.

Without his thinking about it, he felt his cock begin to stiffen and rise, knowing what was in store for him over the next few hours. His naked, muscled physique was going to be Tortured, perhaps by flogging and whipping, perhaps he would be raped, perhaps he would have to endure extreme cock and ball Tortures and maybe extreme nipple Tortures. On previous occasions, he had endured all of these, and more.

He stood helpless for a while before he heard the doors to the space open, and voices from the “guests” that were going to be using him. It was hard to tell how many there were, as sometimes there seemed to only be 2 or 3, but at other times there had been over a dozen. Within a minute or so, he felt the first hands stroking his broad back and shoulders, as well as running up and down his hard abs, and stroking his erect cock. Then fingers began to pull and twist his erect nipples, causing him to flex his muscles with the pleasure-pain.

He heard soft voices murmuring things like “Hot Muscles”, and “Wow, nice back! Can't wait to watch him being flogged!” and “Gotta see how much those tits can endure!”, so he KNEW that this time it was going to be a hard Torture session!

He groaned softly as two hot mouths began to nuzzle and lick out his stretched, open armpits and lats, and unseen hands began to feel his muscles. He moaned again as two more hands spread his tight ass, and a finger flickered across his asshole before slowly sliding inside him. As the finger began to slide in and out, the mouths worked their way from his armpits across to his nipples where they started to nip and bite his tits, gently at first, but then harder and harder. He groaned and strained his muscles at the growing pain from his tits as it was balanced by the pleasure of the finger stimulating his ass. Then a second finger slipped inside him, making his writhe even harder against his restraints!

He groaned into his muzzle gag as a hot mouth suddenly engulfed his erect cock, sucking and licking the shaft. His chest heaved as hands began to stroke his rock hard abs, joining the hands feeling his torso front and rear, the mouths sucking his tits, and the fingers inside his ass. He groaned again and again, his muscles straining and flexing, sweat running down his body until, with an inarticulate yell into the muzzle, his cock exploded with a shuddering orgasm, pumping what felt like a pint of sperm into the mouth sucking him! His abs flexed as jet after jet of cum shot into the unseen mouth, until, with a final moan, his orgasm was spent, and he sagged down in his bondage, his chest heaving as he struggled to breathe.

He hung there in the chains for a few minutes before he heard a voice in one ear growl: “Did you have permission to cum, slave?”

He shook his head.

“Do you know what happens to slaves that cum without permission?”

He knew where this was going, but he shook his head again anyway.

“You have to be punished, slave! You know what that means, don't you, slave?”

He shook his head again.

“Well, slave, you are going to be Tortured for punishment, that's what it means! You came once, but there are four of us, so you will be Tortured until you cum three more times! Each one of us will get a load of your Muscle Sperm, but you will be Tortured between each load, so the sooner you can cum, the shorter your Tortures will be! Understand, boy?”

He nodded his head. This was going to be an intense session, he could tell, as well as a long one, since it took him a while to recover between orgasms. He knew that it was going to take at least an hour or so before he could cum again, and then even longer between the next two loads. His Torture could go on for over 6 hours or more!

He wondered what kind of Torture he was going to have to endure, until he felt the gentle touch of a flogger being dragged across his thick back muscles. Even as the flogger teased his back, he heard a soft whirring sound as he felt his arms being stretched tighter. They drew tighter and tighter, straining his joints and muscles, until his feet actually lifted off the floor, leaving him hanging by his wide-spread arms, his shoulder muscles stretching and straining and his lats spread like wings.

“Oh fuck yes, look at those muscles! That's so fucking hot!” he heard one of the voices say, just before the flogger slammed into his rock hard back muscles for the first time!

His entire body jerked and strained as the flogger slashed across his back and shoulders again and again, the pain building with each burning impact! He could feel the welts raising on his golden brown skin as the flogging continued, the multiple tails hitting his back again and again, and again.

Just when he thought that he couldn't endure one more hit, the Torture stopped. He slumped down in relief, but this was just a short respite, Suddenly, without warning, he felt the flogger slap across his pecs, the tails curling down into one spread armpit! He threw his head back, exposing his entire chest and abs to the flogger, both hating, and fervently desiring the burning pain of his Torture!

The chest and ab flogging seemed to be even more intense then his back flogging had been, each impact of the flogger causing every muscle in his sculpted physique to flex to it's limit. He was sure that the welts were already raising across his pecs and over his ribcage, to match the ones on his back.

The flogging went on and on, growing in intensity until it suddenly stopped. The cessation of the impacts was almost as startling as the flogging itself. He then felt something being sprayed across his chest, sending a short cooling wash across his skin before the coolness exploded into a searing, agonizing burning! Shit, he was being sprayed with alcohol across his chest and back!

He started writhing in sheer agony as it felt like his skin was literally being burned off his body. The pain from the spray landing on the raw welts criss-crossing his body was blinding. Tears actually started welling from his eyes even as he howled in agony into his muzzle. As the fiery pain grew and grew, he felt a hot mouth suddenly engulf his throbbing cock as an unseen hand grasped his hanging nuts, and squeezed. HARD!

As the pain exploded in his head, he felt another load of his sperm gushing into the mouth that was sucking his cock. But even as his cum flooded into the mouth, the hand holding his nuts squeezed tighter and tighter, until he was shrieking with sheer agony into the muzzle! Just as he was sure that his balls were going to pop like a pair of eggs being crushed, the pressure was released. He shrieked again as the cessation of the ball Torture was almost as agonizing as the Torture itself!

He gasped in his suspension as his head swam, the room seeming to spin around him. He had to take several deep, calming breaths before his vertigo eased. He was left to hang for a while, as his unseen Torturers seemed to know that he had to be allowed to recover before his next two Torture sessions. His chest rose and fell with each breath even as he felt drops of sweat trickling down his suspended body.

After a while, he had no idea how long, he felt something like a cloth being wiped across his abs, then a pressure as something was stuck to his skin, not unlike a band-aid. After the 4th piece was stuck to his abs, he realized that they were the adhesive electro pads used for electro stimulation and Torture of his muscles! As he hung in his chains, more and more of the pads were stuck to his body, on his back and shoulders, on his thighs, his biceps, and his ass. Then a thick rubber plug was slowly but firmly pushed into his ass, and tight clamps were attached to his nipples. Then a ring was clamped around the base of his cock, and several smaller pads were stuck to his nuts. He writhed in his chains, anticipating the intense Torture that was to come. He had been Electro-Tortured on several occasions before, and it was excruciating! Then, after all the pads and other torture devices were in place, and attached to the Torture boxes, judging by the movement of the wires that he could sense, a hard shaft was slowly inserted into the head of his erect cock, sliding deeper and deeper inside him! He moaned into his muzzle, even as the first light tickles of sensations started to flow into his abs, and the clamps on his tits felt like they were tightening from the electricity flowing through his flesh.

Within a minute or two, he was jerking and writhing in his chains like a marionette controlled by a mad puppeteer as his muscles were stimulated by harder and harder jolts of electricity! The tingling sensations in his nipples were being replaced by harder and sharper jolts of intense pain, even as his butt cheeks began to clench tighter and tighter. His nuts felt like they were being whacked with a rubber mallet and the sound inside his cock felt like it was a red-hot piece of metal! To add to his Torture, his biceps flexed uncontrollably, making him slam against the tight chains, and his shoulders knotted and released, as did his thighs! His washboard abs flexed, trying to bend his torso even as it was held stretched tightly by the chains.

His uncontrollable spasming, flexing and writhing went on until he was quivering in agony, his muscles drenched with sweat. The current pounding into his nipples made then feel like they were sparking, and his cock felt like it was being cooked from the inside out! The plug in his ass was jerking in and out as his sphincter muscles contracted whenever a jolt of electro hit them, so he was helpless to keep from fucking himself with the plug, even as his butt cheeks clenched and relaxed!

He had no idea how long the electrical Torture lasted, but he felt like he was being forced to do one of the hardest bodybuilding workouts of his life! Finally, one of his Torturers slowly slid the sound out of his dick, which just added to his agony, since as the amount of metal inside of his cock diminished, the sensations of the electricity pounding into his shaft increased as it became more and more concentrated at the head of his cock. He began to scream into his muzzle as the sound was fully withdrawn, then dragged around the head of his swollen cock! It felt like a red-hot poker was being run across his cockhead, and he shrieked again, as a hot mouth surrounded his cock just before a third load of cum erupted from his tortured shaft. His head swam, and everything went black!

When he finally became aware of his surroundings, he realized that he was no longer hanging by his arms, but rather he was lying flat on his back. He tried to move his arms, but they were now stretched out tightly over his head. His ankles were restrained as well. As his head cleared, he realized that he was stretched out tightly on the Torture Rack for his final Torture session. He had been racked before, and it was excruciating, as his muscles and joints were pulled and stretched to their very limits!

As he lifted his head, his torturers became aware of the fact that he was now awake.

“Well, it's about time, slave! You have made us wait to torture you, so you will have to be punished and Tortured even harder! I guess we are just going to have to see just how much pain that hot body of yours can endure!”

He groaned into his muzzle even as he felt hands beginning to stroke his muscles, twist his nipples and fondle and squeeze his still tender nuts. Despite the pain, he felt his cock thickening and swelling. Finally came the sound he had been fearing, the sound of the electric motor on the rack starting. This rack was built to stretch it's victim at the rate of about an inch every 3 minutes or so, so the stretching was gradual, but also inexorable. The pain slowly started to build in his shoulders and back muscles after a couple of minutes.

As he was stretched, there was a sudden burst of agony in his tits as a pair of painful nipple clamps were attached to the tender knobs of flesh. He moaned in his pain as the burning sensation spread through his pecs. The hands started to dig into his straining armpits, poking into the pressure points, making him struggle and flex harder. They were also feeling his flexing abs and stroking his now totally erect cock.

Then the hands left his body, leaving him just enduring the nipple Torture clamps, and the slow stretching of his torso. Suddenly, a burning pain slashed across his stomach as what felt like a leather belt or strap was slammed into his abs! He screamed into the muzzle as the belt tore across his abs again and again, each blow seemingly harder then the one before! He strained and flexed his muscles as hard as he could in a vain effort to escape the Torture, but it was useless. He knew that he just had to lie there and endure the incredible pain! The beating seemed to go on forever before he came to the realization that it had actually stopped. He was so disorientated by the pain and the Tortures that it hadn't even registered.

Within 10 minutes, he felt as if his arms were on the edge of being dislocated. He had been pulled tight before the Torture even started, so every additional fraction of an inch was sheer agony. The clamps biting into his battered tits felt like they were red hot and burning into his nipples, and as far as he knew, they might actually have BEEN heated before being put on his tits.

He felt hands beginning to stroke and fondle his sweating, straining muscles, poking unto his armpits, tracing his 6-pack abs, and cupping his nuts. Then, the pain in his right nipple grew as the clamp was slowly pulled away from his chest, stretching his tit to the limit. Suddenly, an explosion of pain blasted through his chest from his tit as a needle was slowly pierced into the tender flesh, slowly sliding through the nipple until it popped out the other side!

He shrieked into his muzzle at this new Torture, but to no avail. He then felt his left tit being stretched, and he had just moments to steel himself before another blast of pain shot through his muscles as his other tit was pierced. He couldn't control it now, and he screamed constantly at the sheer agony in his nipples and the pain in his shoulders and his back from the stretching.

Almost coming as a relief, he felt a hot mouth go down on his swollen cock, and hands stroking his abs, ribs, and armpits, as well as his thighs. The sensations of the mouth and fingers was too much, and as he shrieked again, a fourth load of muscleman sperm blasted out of his cock and into a sucking mouth! As he was shooting, the clamps were suddenly removed from his nipples, blasting another explosion of sheer agony through his chest. He screamed once more into the muzzle, and then everything went black again as he passed out from the pain.

When consciousness returned to him, he realized that he was still lying on the rack, but his arms and legs had been released from their restraints. When he tried to sit up, a voice softly said; “Stay there. Don't move.”

He remained still until he felt a slight pressure on his right nipple. Suddenly, there was a stinging sensation in his tit as the needle was removed, then he had the feeling of an adhesive bandage being pressed to his pec. The procedure was repeated on his left pec before the voice told him “Sit Up.”

He was grateful for the hands that helped to steady him for the few minutes it took for his head to clear and the room to stop spinning. Then we was led slowly across the floor, and back into the smaller reception office. His unseen and unknown guide led him to the chair and guided him down into it.

“You know the procedure. Wait 10 minutes before dressing.”

He heard the footsteps and the door into the warehouse close before he began to silently count to himself “1...2...3...4...” all the way up to 600.

When he reached 600, he finally reached up and unbuckled the muzzle strap that ran over his head, the undid the collar. Removing the muzzle, and sitting it on the table, he finally removed the padded blindfold, allowing him to see for the first time in several hours. He really had no idea how much time had passed. Waiting for a few minutes for his eyes to become acclimated to the light, he slowly dressed.

In the pocket of his jeans, he found a white envelope. Opening it, he counted out the usual 30 $100 bills, his pay for allowing himself to be Tortured and used. Opening the outer door, he stepped into the pre-dawn mist of an early Saturday morning in the city. Getting into his car, he headed back to his apartment, to sleep and to recover, and continue his bodybuilding training while he waited for his next mysterious phone call summoning him back to The Warehouse!