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The Squad: Rescue Mission
By Master Skrain

The Squad: Rescue Mission


Hundreds of years after Humans had made their first tentative steps off planet Earth, the rate of expansion into the Galaxy had been greatly accelerated by the discovery of the Dimensional Side-Step Drive. This allowed ships to slip into a dimension where distances and time operated with far different rules then it did in “Our” dimension. This allowed for ships to bypass Einstein and his rules about faster then light travel, opening up the Galaxy for exploration.

Of course, discovering and exploring more planets had brought Humanity into contact with more life-forms, some friendly, some definitely not. Over time, certain elements of Humanity had begun to split itself off from the main thrust of exploration, and had aligned itself with some of the more hostile Aliens. This called for a strengthening of Humanity's military and defensive readiness.

One form of the strengthening of the Military was the selective breeding of young males to create a military force that only a few centuries earlier would have been considered to be manned by super-humans. The training of the males selected for the military was begun almost at birth, when genetic profiling chose those males who showed the born characteristics that would allow them to serve the most effectively in the military. Some of the testing included their ability to endure Tortures, which even at the age of 13 or so would involve being bound outside naked in the hot sun of the training planet for up to two days with no food or water, being flogged, tortured with electricity, and other physical challenges, like enduring extreme heat or cold, to see which prospective trainees were the toughest, much like the Ancient Spartans of Old Earth. Only the best were chosen for the military. Later on, after further testing, some were chosen for their technical aptitude, some for physical strength, some for their intelligence. Among the soldiers of the Earth military forces, there were groups of elite soldiers, special squads that were selected for their exceptional abilities in multiple disciplines.

As a result of their rigorous training, and their closeness, it was not at all unusual for many of the troops to form tight relationships with other members of their units, sleeping together, and forming loving couples or even threesomes in their squads. This is the story of one such squad, nicknamed “Brand's Bastards”.

Part 1:


Several of the Earth Colonies had formed a co-operative group called “The Planetary Federation”, based on the principles of freedom of expression and democracy. That brought them into conflict with “The Coalition”, a group of renegade colonies that wanted a Dictatorial form of Government, with a single Supreme Leader. Both sides had a formidable Military force, since equality of strength was all that had kept an uneasy peace for decades, marred only by occasional conflicts.

Sargent-Major Brand Seltan, 26, 6' 2" tall and with a physique sculpted and honed by hundreds of hours of strict bodybuilding, commanded one of the most elite and successful of the infiltration and reconnaissance squads in the Planetary Federation. His 5 young men were each specialists in a different discipline of Military training, so combined, they were an almost unstoppable force. He was the perfect leader for his squad, hard muscled, experienced, tough but fair, and universally liked by “His Bastards”, as he jokingly called them. The fact that any and all of them enjoyed hard man-to-man sex with their squad leader and with each other helped to bind the group together. His handsome and sculpted face was topped by a shock of thick brown hair, worn long as was the style favored by many soldiers in the "P.F.".

His senior squad member was Gunnery Sargent Brock Sendo, 23, a 6'3” massively muscled black soldier who was as happy in the company's workout room tossing around almost inhuman amounts of weight on a daily basis as he was engaging the enemy. His knowledge of weapons, both human and alien was unsurpassed. You could hand him a totally unknown weapon from almost any civilization,and within minutes, it seemed, he understood how it worked, and exactly how to use it for the greatest effect.

Equally as important was his almost superhuman strength. Whenever he moved, his rock-hard muscles strained the seams of his uniform, seemingly ready to burst through the material with no warning, as he was by far the strongest member of the squad due to his superior genetic background. His strength had saved the squad on several occasions when he had forced open locked or apparently hopelessly jammed bulkhead doors seemly by force of sheer willpower, along with his massive muscles.

He was also rather proud of the massive 14” cock that swung between his tree-trunk thighs and his two pendulous tennis-ball sized nuts that hung down seemingly halfway to his knees.

Especially fond of Brock's endowment was Private Ty Kentell, 18, the youngest member of the squad, and Brock's regular lover, even though he was the smallest member of the squad at barely 5' 6” tall. He was whipcord thin, but as solid as a rock, with muscles that rippled and seemed to flow under his skin with his slightest movement and shaggy platnimum blonde hair. Ty had discovered during his early testing training for the Military that he had the ability to endure levels of pain and Torture that would break most any other man! Even as early as the age of 14, when he had been stretched out in a tight spread-eagle and flogged to test his levels of endurance, as were all other applicants for the Military, his immediate erection, and eventual explosive ejaculation while he was being whipped showed both his endurance for Torture, and his heretofore unknown Sado-masochistic tenancies. His levels of endurance were matched only by his innate sadism and knowledge of how to inflict the most pain on another to get them to give up any military secrets they might have! Ty was the squad's interrogation specialist, and had been vital in several of their operations, obtaining information no one else could obtain!

His inventiveness and sadistic tendencies had resulted in the creation of several new interrogation devices, the most brutal of which was the cable whip, a length of a flexible carbon fiber cable encased in a coating of thin leather. The whip could either welt a man's back, or cut deeply into the muscle, causing extreme agony depending on the skill of the hand wielding the whip.

Ty equally enjoyed the intense sensations of pleasure-pain whenever he would be bound in the squad's “Training Room” and used by Brock, his ass and mouth stretched to their limits by his massive cock! He loved to watch in the overhead mirror as his washboard ab muscles actually bulged as Brock's massive ebony shaft slid inside his body, up to the bottom of his ribcage and even under it like some sort of alien probe exploring the depths of his torso! He would beg Brock to rape him, to Torture him to his limits to toughen himself up to be able to endure any Tortures he might face if captured. Brock would then drain Ty's 9" cock of his seed, even as Ty was still bound and helpless, dripping with sweat, which Brock also loved to lick from the muscles of his young lover.

Two other members of the Squad were 5'10” Twin brothers Corporals Cutter and Carver Heltem, 20, who were the best infiltration specialists Brand had ever seen. This was because of the unusual link the twins shared. With a bit of concentration, one twin could see, feel, and hear whatever the other twin was seeing, feeling, and hearing. This made them almost unstoppable for reconnaissance use, as one could infiltrate enemy territory while the other observed from a safe distance, covering his brother's back so no enemy could sneak up on him, while also giving real-time reports of his brother's observations. Their close link also was aided by the fact that they had been lovers ever since they were able to get erect, and both had sucked the first loads of cum out of each others cocks at the age of 11. They had been inseparable ever since, and had honed their mental link to the point to where one could read the others thoughts as if he was reading a book. Their link had been tested by specialists during their Military Basic training, and it had worked at distances of over 10,000 kilometers. The twins enjoyed working out to keep their muscled bodies in shape, and they also enjoyed torturing each other to maintain their endurance to interrogation as well.

The fact that they were both breathtakingly handsome young men with long, raven black hair, and were regular users of the squad's exercise and torture equipment didn't hurt their being universally liked by the other squad members, either. And, as was usual, while they might have been lovers, they didn't shy away from sex with the other members of the squad as well, sometimes seperately, and sometimes in hot sessions of 6 way group sex.

The final member of the Squad was 6'1” tall Corporal Ricardo “Race” Ortega, 19, the Squad's Computer and Electronic Systems genius. He had never found a computer or communication system, human or alien that he had not been able to hack into for information within minutes. He had an almost supernatural affinity for electronics systems, and could almost read them instinctively. His solidly defined and muscled physique was highlighted not only by his thick 11” cock, but by the huge nipples that capped his sculpted chest. His dark brown cone-shaped tits stood out almost 1.5” from his pecs, that he had enhanced by daily sessions of vacuum pumping, and stretching with clamps and heavy weights since he was 12 or so. Working his nipples had also increased his tolerance to pain so he was able to endure almost as intense a level of Torture as Ty could take.

His favorite “recreational” activity was lying on his bed in his quarters, sometimes restrained by temporary restraints in a tight spread-eagle while the twins lay on either side of him, chewing and biting his huge nipples while Race groaned in delighted agony, and begged for them to bite him and Torture his tits harder! Then they would usually shoot their hot loads of cum across his chest, rubbing it into his nipples before swapping sides and licking each others cum from his sweaty pecs and armpits! Then they would go to work on sucking and licking his brown cock and thick balls, driving Race insane with desire before finally making him cum, sharing his load of hot sperm like they were sharing an old fashioned ice cream cone, licking and sucking the sperm off of his cock while Race writhed on the bed!

Needless to say, the squad was a well-honed group, totally compatible in every way, whether it was on an infiltration mission behind enemy lines or on a enemy starbase, as well as in their daily lives on their home base, helping each other with their training and daily physical workouts in the well-equipped exercise and weightlifting room, or Torturing each other as part of their resistance training to maintain their tolerance for pain. The fact that they also all became intensely sexually aroused during the workout sessions and Torture training didn't hurt either! Almost always, the training and Torture sessions would result in a group orgy, with couples and threesomes hooking up for more intimate sexual sessions.

One morning Sgt. Seltan received a message that his squad had been selected for a potentially dangerous mission to infiltrate the headquarters of a dangerous renegade Coalition General that had overthrown the control of several solar systems and was attempting to set himself up as a Dictator. The Squad was going to be briefed personally by General Ben Kraton, overall commander of the Planetary Federation's Ground forces in the quadrant. On the day of the briefing, the squad's quarters, common room, and exercise and torture training facilities were immaculate, as were the members of the squad, standing at attention, dressed in their workout uniforms, dark blue trousers, athletic shoes, but no shirts.

When the General arrived, all the members of the squad felt a sudden stirring in their lower gut at the very sight of the massive, handsome bearded Black General. He stood a full 6'9", over 5” taller then Brock, the largest member of the squad, and he radiated an almost visible sexual energy. None of the squad member had ever been in the presence of such overwhelming masculinity!

He was also clad in just workout pants with no shirt. His huge pecs were crossed by thick veins running under the hairless ebony skin and highlighted by thick, coal black nipples. His chest was so thickly developed that his nipples were actually on the underside of the massive muscles, pointing straight down! His abs looked like a brick wall that had been coated with glossy black paint. He made Brock, the biggest member of the squad look like a child. The squad members also couldn't help but notice the huge bulge running down the right leg of his pants that seemed to reach almost down to his knee.

The General said; “ At ease, men. I'll say this, Sargent Seltan, your squad certainly looks like they are in prime physical condition!”

He walked down the line, stopping in front of Ty. He reached out, and tweaked Ty's right nipple, drawing a grin and a slight moan of pleasure from the young soldier.

“You're the interrogation specialist that invented the cable whip, aren't you, son?”

Ty stiffened: “Sir, Yes, Sir. Private Ty Kentell, Sir!”

The General grinned again. “Relax, son. I just wanted to compliment you on your creation. Very effective, if I do say so myself!” He grinned again, and leaned down to into whisper into Ty's ear; “I've felt it myself, and really does the job!” He winked at Ty as he straightened up.

“I'd be happy to give you a demonstration, Sir!” Ty smiled. “I'm sure any of the guys would be happy to help, too!”

The General laughed. “I may take you up on that, son!”

Stepping in front of Race, the General looked rather pointedly at his huge, cone shaped tits. “Nice, son, very nice indeed” he smirked, licking his lips subtly.

“Thank you, Sir. Corporal Ricardo Ortega, Sir! My friends call me Race, Sir”, he added shyly.

“Ah, the electronics whiz. I've seen some of the reports on the enemy gear you've captured and hacked into. You've saved some lives by helping us decrypt some important messages, son!”

Race almost glowed. “Thank you, Sir!”

The General leaned into Race, just as he had done for Ty. “Nice tits, son! I bet they are pretty tasty...”

“They are all yours to try, Sir! And, I bet yours taste just as good, Sir!” Race whispered back. The General chuckled.

He then stood in front of the twins, Cutter and Carver. He was amused to see then openly and rather obviously ogling the massive bulge in his pants. His cock actually swelled and twitched a bit at the attention, and he heard the twins gasp slightly.

“So, you are the famous linked infiltration specialists” he boomed.

The twins looked up, slightly startled when he spoke to them. They had been almost mesmerized by the huge cock. The General chuckled at their reactions. They sure seemed to know what each other were thinking, all right!

“Yes, Sir! I'm Cutter, and this is Carver, Sir!” blurted out Cutter, embarrassed to have been caught staring.

The General grinned. “So, how DO people tell you apart, anyway?”

Carver smiled, and leaned in close to the General. “Well, Sir, I think that I'm a better cocksucker, but Cutter has a slightly hotter ass, or so he claims.”

General Kraton laughed. “Well, boys, I might have to find out for myself!”

The twins grinned at each other. “Any time, Sir. We're ready anytime you are!”

Finally, The General stepped in front of Brock. His face took on a slightly wistful expression. Brock noticed his sad look.

“What's wrong, Sir?” he asked.

The General smiled sadly. “You remind me so much of my own son, Ardic. He's part of the reason that I'm here, but I'll explain that in my briefing.”

“Well, anything we can do to help, we will, Sir!” said Brock. He was still getting over the fact that he actually had to look up into the General's face, since that didn't happen very often!

“Hell of a body, son” smiled the General. “I can imagine that you spend a lot of time working out!'

“Yes, Sir! I enjoy it, Sir” said Brock.

“I bet those muscles really come in handy at times” smirked The General.

Brock grinned, and leaned in close; “I'd love to give you a one-on-one demonstration whenever you want, Sir”

“I'll take you up on that sometime, son” chuckled The General.

He stepped back and addressed Brand. “Fine looking men, Sargent. They look like they could take on just about any challenge! And, I might just have that challenge for your men!”

“Yes, Sir. My guys can take on anything, and endure anything that's done to them! I trained them to be tough, and to NEVER give in! They would rather die then surrender to an enemy! Anytime you would like a demonstration, my men are ready, Sir!”

General Kraton nodded and said “That's what I was hoping to hear, Sargent. I have a crack interrogation squad ready, and if your men can endure 12 hours at their hands, then I will know that I have the right squad!

The squad members secretly blanched slightly at the mention of the feared interrogation squad, These were a group of pure sadists that were chosen for their almost sociopathic tendencies, who would stop at almost nothing to wring information from an enemy, even resorting to intense Tortures far beyond anyone's ability to endure! Most of them were considered too unstable or dangerous to put into regular military squads, so they answered to the General, and no one else.

“Yes, Sir. My men will endure, isn't that right?”

“SIR, YES, SIR!” All 5 members of the squad chorused.

At that, the General stepped to a comm panel on the wall, and spoke softly into it. Within seconds, the door to the training room burst open, and 12 hooded figures stormed in. Working swiftly, they paired off and within 30 seconds the 6 members of the squad had been stripped of their pants and boots, their hands were cuffed behind their backs and they were hooded with black cloth hoods, Then they were dragged out of the training room to an unknown destination to endure the most horrific 12 hours they could imagine!

Part 2.


The squad members were force-marched an indeterminate distance, around multiple corners and changes of direction designed to totally disorientate them. After what seemed to be a good 15 minutes, they were brought into a large, dimly lit room. All six squad members were roughly pushed backwards against a rough, cold wall, their hands were released from the cuffs only to be locked into steel shackles in front of them which were attached to chains leading into holes in the wall a good 12 feet off the floor. At a single command from the leader of the interrogation group, the chains were slowly retracted into the holes, stretching the squad member's arms over their heads tighter and tighter until their feet lifted off the floor as the rough surface of the wall scraped along their backs.

Finally the hoisting stopped, and their hoods were roughly pulled off. Blinking to clear his vision, Brand saw that he and his boys were hanging side by side in what looked to be an abandoned underground shelter of some sort. The guys were all hanging about 5 feet apart, body weight stretching their arms tightly, their chests rising and falling in anticipation of the Tortures to come!

In the center of the large room where they hung was a large collection of brutal looking Torture devices, some of which appeared to have been transported through time directly from a Medieval Torture Chamber! There were stretching racks, both horizontal and vertical, X-crosses, bondage grids and more, as well as an extensive collection of whips, floggers, and other impact devices on frames around the Torture chamber. There was even an open flame in a brazier, and Brand could see what appeared to be metal pokers and irons heating in the flame!

Among the old-fashioned Torture devices were some that Brand recognized as modern interrogation devices as well, such as directed heat projectors, electrical impulse generators, focused Laser beams, sonic tools, Electro Probes, and more, all designed to create the most pain in a person's body without damaging him beyond usefulness.

Brand heard slight moans of anticipation as the squad members took in their surroundings. Unsurprisingly, given his both Sadistic and Masochistic tendencies, Ty's cock began to swell until it stood fully erect in front of him. He knew that the anticipation of the Torture to come was almost as effective as the actual Tortures in getting some prisoners to talk!

They hung there for what seemed to be an hour or more, the strain on their shoulders slowly growing more and more intense until the door to the Torture Chamber opened and the 12 members of the interrogation squad walked into the room, accompanied by General Kraton. They had all stripped down to just boots, leather chest harnesses and, except for the General, skin tight black hoods that left just their eyes, nose and mouth exposed, hiding their identities. Every one of the torturers were amazingly fit and muscular examples of manhood, some white, some black, some various shades of brown and golden tan. Not one of them seemed to have less then a 9” cock between their thickly muscled legs, and some had considerably more. But none were as well endowed as the General himself!

The torturers paired off, two in front of each of the squad members hanging helplessly against the rough wall. They started to stroke the stretched, straining torsos of their victims, feeling their muscles, pulling their nipples and stimulating their cocks until all 6 were fully erect. The squad members mentally steeled themselves for the ordeal to come.

The torturers in front of Race reached out to start to twist and pull his huge brown nipples, making his groan softly and his cock to throb with renewed lust. Seeing this, the torturers grinned and increased their efforts. His tits were twisted and stretched until Race was writhing, his muscled body streaming with sweat. At an unseen signal, he was slowly lowered until his feet were just off the deck. His torturers then leaned in and began to chew and suck his nipples, adding to his pleasure-torture.

After about 5 minutes, Race was lowered to the deck. His hands were released from the shackles, but other restraints were immediately locked around his wrists. A tall, stiff leather collar was buckled around his throat, with an extended chin piece that severely limited the movement of his head. He was then frog-marched across the torture chamber to a tall metal frame that stood about 10 feet high, consisting of two vertical pillars with a cross-piece capping them . Hanging down from the cross-piece were two thin but strong cables. The frame was usually used to suspend a prisoner by his wrists or ankles for floggings or other tortures, but this time it was to be used for something much more painful!

When Race was positioned under the cross-piece, the torturers forced his hands behind his head, where the wrist restraints were locked to the back of the collar, leaving Race helpless, hands behind his head, torso exposed for torture. Two more of the torturers fastened a metal bar between his ankles, leaving his legs spread. The General then stepped in front of Race, and bent down to suck his tits for a few minutes.

“I was right, boy, they ARE tasty! Now, you have a choice. Either say the surrender word, or face intense torture of those tasty nipples! Which will it be?”

Race KNEW that if any of the squad members gave to surrender word, the entire squad would be disgraced! He also knew that this was a vital part of the torture testing, where standard military protocol was discarded to make the scenario as realistic as possible.

“Never! I'll NEVER surrender!” he snarled. “Torture me all you want, you bastard! I'll NEVER give in!”

“So be it, boy!” said the General. He turned to the lead torturer. “You know what to do!”

The torturer stepped in front of Race, holding a small wooden box. Opening the box, Race saw 4 metallic rods or skewers, each about 6 inches long. They were made out of a super strong steel and titanium alloy and were unbendable. One end of each rod had been laser shaped to a pinpoint sharpness.

Race groaned internally when he realized what he was about to have to endure! The lead torturer pulled on a pair of black leather gloves, then using one hand, he stretched Race's right tit out between two fingers. Using his other hand, the torturer placed the needle-point of the skewer at the base of Race's tit, and began to push! Race's muscles flexed in the grip of the two torturers holding his arms and he groaned as the skewer pierced his nipple, sliding through the flesh until it popped out the other side of his nipple! Then the procedure was repeated with a second skewer, leaving them in an X shape on his chest, pierced through the very base of his nipple. Then the torturer did the same to his left nipple! When he was finished, Race was shaking slightly at the intensity of the sensations blasting throughout his entire body from his pierced nipples.Then, to his horror, the two cables were lowered down from the cross-piece of the torture frame and looped around his tits, behind the skewers! Race KNEW what was coming next! He had often fantasized about this while the Twins were sucking and biting his tits on his bunk, but he had never thought that he might have to endure this torture for real!

With a hand signal, the motors that controlled the cables were engaged, and they began to retract into the overhead cross-piece, slowly stretching Race's tits further and further from his pecs! He arched his back, trying to relieve the pressure, but it was useless, as the cables continued to draw tighter and tighter, stretching Race's pecs more and more, until, with a groan of agony, his feet lifted from the deck, leaving him hanging from his pec muscles and his nipples!

Then, to add to his Torture, one of the torturers knelt in front of him and stretched his nuts down while a second torturer locked a thick metal ring around his nutsack, trapping his swollen balls under the ring. Small eyebolts protruded from the sides of the rings. The Torturers attached a length of chain to the eyes, leaving it looped under Race's nuts.

The sweat was already pouring down Race's straining torso, dripping on the deck under him. The pain in his chest and tits was like NOTHING he had ever endured, even while being Tortured by Cutter and Carver! Two of the torturers, their bodies gleaming and their cocks rock hard leaned in and began to lick the sweat from Race's armpits! He moaned loudly at the combination of the feelings of incredible pain from his tits and pecs and the feelings of pleasure from the hot tongues licking his muscles and the hands stroking his body and fingering his cock!

“So, boy, ready to surrender?” smirked the General.

Race groaned “Fuck you! I'll never surrender!”

“Well then, boy, I guess you'll just hang there for the full 12 hours! Oh, and by the way, every so often, one of your torturers will be sucking a load of cum from your cock, and each time you cum, he will be adding a 25 pound weight to your nuts! Remember, these guys are crazy, and they love nothing more then the taste of hot cum, especially when swallowing that cum will help them to see a strong man like you in sheer agony!!”

With that, the General turned away to supervise the torture of the next member of the squad!

Brock was the next one selected for Torture. He was lowered down, and his hands were restrained in front of him. He was then walked over to another suspension frame, but this one only had one cable hanging down from it. Two of the Torturers held his hands out in front of him, while a third wrapped a length of a synthetic leather-like thong around his thumbs, binding them together. When they were wrapped tightly, a loop of the thong was left. The cable was lowered down and the loop was attached to the end of the cable, which was then retracted, slowly raising Brock's muscled arms in front of him.

When he was stretched tightly, his feet were spread and restraints were fastened to the uprights by short lengths of chain. Brock was stretched in an inverted “Y” shape, his legs spread, and his arms together, tightly stretched over his head. At a word from one of the torturers, the cable was slowly tightened, until Brock was balanced on his toes. The pain in his thumbs, wrists and shoulders was blinding. The sweat was pouring down his body, making his ebony skin look like he had been polished! Ever muscle in his torso and back rippled with his slightest movement as he struggled to keep his balance to lessen the pulling on his thumbs.

Brock felt the hard chest of The General against his stretched back, and The General's strong arms sliding around his sides until his fingers grasped Brock's erect nipples and began to gently roll and twist them.

“Yes, boy, you DO remind me of my own son!” purred The General in his ear. “Same hard muscles, same nice tits, and I bet your ass is just as tight and hot as his is!”

Brock felt the General's cock twitch as it pressed against his butt. He suspected that before long he was going to endure having that huge shaft driven inside him. He shuddered slightly in a mixture of fear and anticipation!

“But for right now, boy, you are going to be Tortured until you break! Your back and chest will be flogged and whipped every 10 minutes or so, and if you don't talk, the line attached to your thumbs will be tightened until you are hanging by your thumbs! You can save yourself a LOT of pain if you just surrender now!”

“NEVER!” growled Brock.

The General leaned back in to murmur in Brock's ear: “Good! I was hoping you'd say that!”

Pulling back, the General looked at the Torturers waiting in front of Brock's gleaming body.

“He's all yours. Torture him!” he snarled.

As the Torturers hoisted their floggers, The General went to select his next victims.

Cutter and Carver were lowered down and seized by several of the hooded torturers. Cutter was forced over to an angled bondage frame surrounded by an arch covered with small electronic devices that resembled small cones. Strapped tightly to the frame, Cutter's chest heaved in anticipation of whatever torture he was going to be subjected to. A helmet-like device was placed over his head. It included ear coverings and a visor that covered his eyes. Carver was bound, blindfolded, to a similar bondage frame on the other side of the control console for the Torture device. The General stepped alongside Cutter's sweating body, bound tightly to the frame by metal restraints across his wrists, ankles, throat and his waist.

“ You should be honored, boy, as the first to test our newest interrogation device. It uses a combination of infrared radiation, sound waves, and transmitted electrical impulses to stimulate your nerves, along with the mental impulses fed into your brain by the helmet. Think of it as virtual reality for your entire body! Whatever we program the device to transmit will seem to be completely real to you, right down to the pain! I hope you are ready to suffer, boy. If I order this device turned on, you will be sent to Hell! Perhaps you will feel like your skin is burning and melting off in the middle of the Beta Kilmon acid ocean. Maybe you will be staked out spread-eagled in the swamps of Kalferia III, being eaten alive by the Kalferian Cannibal Beetles! Or maybe we can go back in time, and you will be tortured by being burned at the stake by the Indians of old North America back on Earth. Will you give the surrender word, or do you suffer?”

“Fuck you, do your worst! We can take anything you can dish out, you fucker!” snarled Cutter.

The General grinned an unpleasant smile, and nodded to one of the Torturers, who turned a single switch on the framework surrounding Cutter. A low electronic whine started to build from the frame and Cutter's body immediately began to writhe and strain against his restraints, his muscles rippling and flexing as the sweat burst from his skin. As the Torturer started to turn multiple dials on the console controlling the frame, Cutter's struggles became more and more frantic, until he screamed at the top of his lungs...and kept on screaming!

The General turned as he heard another scream from behind him. Carver was shrieking and writhing on his frame, his hard muscles flexing just like his brother's were. The General grinned, since this seemed to prove that Cutter and Carver WERE psychically linked together. Whatever Cutter felt, Carver felt it too!

There was a monitor on top of the console that showed a detailed representation of whatever Torture the victim was being forced to believe that he was enduring, and at the moment, it showed a figure that looked just like Cutter suspended by his arms over a fire-pit, being viciously flogged by a group of shadowy figures.

Ty was finally chosen for torture. He was lowered from his suspension and dragged over to what looked like a small hammock-like sling. Forced back onto the sling, several of the torturers secured his wrists to the chains holding the sling, while several more spread his legs and lifted them until his ankles could be restrained to the other chains, leaving his body helplessly spread in the sling, his ass totally exposed and his head hanging over the other end of the sling.

“You are a cute boy, and my Torturers LOVE cute little boys and their tight assholes and hot mouths. We are going to see just how many hard cocks and more you can take in that hot ass of yours and how good of a cocksucker you really are! 12 hours of Mouth and Ass Rape and a gallon or more of hot Sperm pumped into your body should be enough to make you surrender to me, boy!” smirked the General.

“Fuck you! I can take whatever you can do to me, and threatening me with rape is NOTHING!! Brock fucks me on a regular basis and NONE of your Torturers look like they are HALF the man he is! And even that cock of yours doesn't scare me, so do your worst!” snarled Ty.

“Oh, we will” said The General, with an unpleasant smile on his face.

That left Brand. The General stepped in front of his suspended, helpless body.

“Your torture is going to be hanging there for the next 12 hours, listening to the screams as your boys are Tortured far beyond their endurance! You will get to see them struggle, and watch them broken and then beg for mercy!”

Brand glared at the General.

“Screw you! My boys can endure whatever your goons can dish out! They will NEVER break. They would rather die first then betray each other!”

The General grinned unpleasantly before turning away. Before Brand could prepare, the General suddenly turned and drove his fist into Brand's stretched abs, knocking the wind out of him! As Brand struggled to take a breath, The General reached up and clipped a pair of vicious piercing Torture clamps on Brand's nipples! The blast of pain from his tits, combined with the lack of oxygen made Brand's head spin, and the world grayed out for a moment before he started to regain control, and was able to take a gasping breath. He looked out into the Torture chamber and saw his boys enduring the horrific tortures, and he was conflicted, his mind wanting to end their suffering just as strongly as he knew that they HAD to endure the suffering, since that was what they were bred and trained to do!

Uncounted hours passed agonizingly slowly. Brand felt like his arms were slowly being dislocated and his nipples were being torn off. Every so often, one of the masked Torturers or the General himself would walk up to Brand and drive his fists into Brand's stretched 6-pack abs multiple times as Brand struggled to breathe between punches, or pull on the chain between his nipple clamps, or simply grasp his nuts and squeeze them as hard as he could!

By now, Race's tits were stretched at least 4” from his muscled pecs, since there was now 100 pounds hanging from his swollen, purple nuts, which were stretched almost halfway to his knees!

Brock was now suspended entirely by his thumbs, his feet a good foot from the floor, his chest, abs, and back a mass of welts and whip marks. Small trickles of red ran down his chest and back and dripped on the deck as his chest heaved as he struggled to breathe against the pain.

Cutter and Carver were both drenched with sweat, and had been screaming almost constantly for the last few hours until their voices had failed, and they could now do little more then whimper as their virtual Tortures became more and more intense. Several times, the figure on the monitor had actually been Tortured almost to the point of death, but just before he died, the scene would change, and a totally different form of Torture would begin!

Ty had taken over 20 loads of cum in his ass and even more in his mouth, but his control was almost broken when the General lubed up his 16” Python, and drove it into Ty's ass with a single hard thrust! Brand could actually see the shape of the massive shaft bulging under Ty's lean, ripped washboard abs, the thick head actually sliding up under Ty's distended ribcage even as another of the Torturers, one with a full 12” cock began driving as much of it down Ty's throat as he could, actually visually stretching Ty's throat and keeping it there for almost 3 full minutes as Ty writhed on the sling, unable to breathe, or scream, or do anything due to being impaled from both ends! To add to his torture, the General reached out even as he was slamming his cock in and out of Ty's ass, and grabbed the helpless boy's nipples, stretching then as far as he could, the huge muscles in his sweat-glazed Ebony body bulging and rippling as he ravaged Ty's ass.

He drove his cock in and out until he groaned, and with a hard thrust of the entire shaft into the helpless boy's ass, filled him with what had to be a massive load of cum even as the other torturer came in Ty's mouth, causing him to choke and cough as he tried to swallow another load of cum.

Brand knew what he had to do to save his boys. He called out to one of the masked Torturers.

“Get the General. Please!” he groaned.

Within minutes General Kraton stood in front of the suspended soldier.

“You have something to say to me, Sargent?” he sneered.

“Yes, Sir. General. You win, Sir. Please, stop the Tortures. I will accept all responsibility for ending their Tortures. You can bust me down in rank, or do whatever you want, Sir, but I can't let my boys suffer any longer!”

The General glared at Brand for a few seconds before grinning widely and beeginning to laugh!

“Time”, he called out.

A voice answered “8 Hours, 36 Minutes!”

“Very good, Sargent. A new record! Your boys ARE the toughest squad I've EVER seen!”

The General called out to the Torturers “Release them and get them to medical!”

Immediately, the Tortures ended. Ty's restraints were loosened, allowing him to just lie back in the sling for several minutes. As he was moved onto a gurney for transport, Brand could see that his stomach and lower torso was literally bulging from the amount of semen that had been forced into his lean body.

Race was slowly lowered to the floor and the weights on his nuts were removed. Then the Skewers were withdrawn from his tortured nipples. Thin streams of red ran down his washboard abs from where the skewers had actually started to tear out of his nipples. He moaned as the flesh and muscles of his chest slowly returned to their original shape, even as his nipples remained distended and swollen to almost twice their normal size.

Brock screamed as his feet touched the floor and the weight on his thumbs eased. His knees buckled as he was lowered down until he was kneeling and the strain on his arms lessened until his bruised and dislocated thumbs could be released.

Cutter and Carver were released from the virtual Torture machine, and quickly loaded onto gurneys, shaking and quivering uncontrollably, seemingly close to unconsciousness. They could do nothing more then groan and whimper, having been pushed to the brink of madness by the Tortures.

Brand was relieved when all the squad members had been taken out of the Torture chamber by medical personnel. He groaned when the General himself removed the Torture clamps from his nipples. The blast of pain in his chest was the last thing he remembered, even as he was lowered down until his feet touched the floor. He was then put on a medical gurney himself, and was wheeled quickly to the med bay.

Part 3.

The Mission.

Brand awoke in the Med Center, lying on one of the medbeds, monitors surrounding him as his strained shoulder joints and deeply bruised nipples, abs, and pectoral muscles were repaired by the healing rays of the overhead physio-repair projector. Looking around, he saw that the other members of his squad were either in medbeds themselves, or in med stasis units, where more serious damage was automatically healed in a sterile, controlled environment. General Kraton stepped up alongside Brand's bed.

“I have to congratulate you and your squad, Sargent. No other squad has EVER endured for over 2 or 3 hours without breaking, and you and your boys endured more then 8 hours! Amazing! They are one tough group, Sargent, and you should be proud of them! I know that I'm going to be asking a lot of you and your men, but there is an urgent rescue mission to the planet Sadox that MUST be undertaken within the next 72 hours. Do you think you and your squad will be fit and ready for it?”

Brand nodded. “General, if the doctors say they will be fit, my squad WILL be ready for whatever we need to do, Sir!”

The General's face took on a sad expression. “My own son is being held captive on Sadox, a small planetoid, being forced to work in the mines, digging out the radioactive Pentallium Ore, a vital component in the fuel used in Coalition Starships. I barely escaped myself, and then only after I was forced to brutally Torture and rape my own son. I can only pray to the Gods that he has survived. But, the mission is not just about my son, there are hundreds of other captives being held in the mines and being worked to death. They MUST be rescued and the mines destroyed.”

Brand nodded. “You can count on us, General!”

The General looked down at Brand. "This mission will not be a normal rescue mission, though. I will tell you right now that the plan our military council came up with seems to be reckless and dangerous. I personally objected to this plan, but based on the information we have about the Renegade General, it is the only plan that seems to have a chance of succeding."

"However, it will require a major sacrifice on your part, and on your squad as well. I have to be honest and tell you that it's a dangerous plan, and it will require you and your squad to be placed in a situation where their limits and endurance will be tested to the absolute maximum. That's why I had you and your squad tortured as hard as I did, since you might be all facing even more brutal tortures as the hands of the Renegades."

Brand nodded. "I understand, General. Of course, my boys must be informed of what might happen to them, but I'm sure that they would not hesitate to sacrifice themselves if it could save the lives of hundreds!"

The General nodded somberly, and merely grasped Brand's shoulder, almost unable to speak, as if he was overcome with emotion.

In another 2 hours or so, all 6 of the squad members were out of the med beds, and sitting in a briefing room, waiting to hear what the General had to tell them.

General Kratom stood in front of them in full uniform, his masculinity an almost palpible presense in the room.

"Soldiers, this briefing is going to be a bit unusual in that after I explain the plan to you, any of you who wishes to object to it, or who wishes to not participate will be allowed to do so with no reprecussions or blemishes on your military records. Is that understood?"

A chorus of "Yes, Sirs! " came from the squad.

The General took a deep breath. "Basically, your squad are going to be used as Sacrifical sheep during the rescue mission. We know from our intelligence that The Renegade general, Antwarr Zander, is a total psychopath who relishes Torturing his captives to the point of death. He will become so focused on Torturing his captives that he will almost forget anything else. He also doesn't believe in maintaining a proper Chain of Command, insisting that he must be the only one in charge. Our plan is to send in several waves of shock troops to attack the mine guards and attempt to free the captives. If the General is occupied, there will be no clear chain of command, which will allow our troops to enter the mines in the confusion, and it should make it easier to for them to complete their mission. As for your part, we will be sending you in supposedly as a part of an advance scouting force but you will end up being captured by the General, as you will be attacking his Headquarters directly. Obviously then he will be wanting to take his prisoners and Torture them to extract any information that he can."

The squad members stirred in their seats. The General was asking them to willingly submit to hours of brutal, perhaps fatal levels of Torture. There was a moment of silence, then Ty spoke up.

"General, how many captives are there?"

The General answered: "We believe there are at least two hundred or even more being forced to work under inhuman conditions. I was there myself, but managed to escape with a few others by stealing a small mining shuttle during an Ion Storm that disrupted the Mine's security systems. Sadly, my son had to be left behind, and I fear that he might have been Tortured to death or forced to work to the point of collapse in an act of revenge."

Ty looked at the others before speaking up again. "General, there are 6 or us, and there might be 200 or more prisoners. I think that's a Hell of a bargain, the possible sacrifice of 6 to save 200. I say we go for it! What do you guys think?"

All of the Squad members nodded as one as Brand said: "General, when do we leave?"

General Kraton nodded and said: "The fleet will be heading out within 3 days, so you will have that long for any additional training you feel you might need. It will require about another 2 day's travel to get to your departure point. Once within a day's sidestep of Sadox, your squad will be transferred to a prototype shuttle with deeper step capabilities, so you will be arriving a few hours before the main fleet. I know we are asking a hell of a lot of you to basically sacrifice yourselves to be captured and Tortured for that time, but it's a vital task. There will be further briefings as we get closer to Sadox. For now, that's all."

The entire squad rose and stood at attention as The General left the briefing room.

Brand looked at the members of the Squad. "Are all of you sure about this? I want you to know that this will be the most dangerous mission that we have ever attempted and for the first time, I can't gurantee that all of us will survive. And if what the General said is accurate, some or all of us might end up being Tortured beyond anything we have ever endured!"

Brock rumbled: "Well then, I guess we better hit the gym and toughen up, and then the ship's dungeon space for some more Torture training!"

The other members of the squad nodded in agreement, and Ty gave a small grin, since he knew that HIS Torture training would involve Brock's massive shaft being embedded into his ass before it filled his mouth. Race looked forward to the twins testing the effectiveness of the healing rays on his nipples, while he sucked on Brand's cock before swallowing his hot load of sperm.

Of course their preperations included much more then sessions of Torture and hard workouts in the ship's gym and "Training" facilities. There were briefings on the layout of the Mines on Sadox, as well as General Zandar's own headquarters, as well as detailed plans for their incursion into the facility designed to make it look like a failed insertion mission, rather then a diversionary ploy. Also there were some descriptions gleaned from some of the few lucky prisoners that had managed to escape from the mines, including the General, of what forms of tortures had been used on prisoners before, so the squad members might have a better idea of what they might be forced to endure.

The wait for the mission to begin seemed to vanish as Brand and the Squad found themselves loading onto the small experimental shuttle before launching and heading to Sadox. All 6 members of the squad were dressed in standard combat gear, black lo-viz skinsuits with small utility belts for personal gear and weapons, plus Race was wearing a small backpack of the same material that contained various electronic devices that allowed him to hack into almost any known computer system.

The shuttle set them down close enough to the mine entrance that was the closest to General Zandar's headquarters to almost certainly be detected by the security system, but not SO close that it was obvious that it was a planned action.

Brand recieved a coded signal in his communications headset that the rest of the fleet was shortly to begin their atttack and troop drops. Signaling the squad forward, they cautiously entered the yawning entrance of the mine. Cutter tapped Brand on the shoulder and nodded almost invisibly to a survallience camera that he had sensed watching them. Brand winked to let Cutter know that he understood, and then more obviously motioned the squad forward.

Knowing they were being watched, Brand said: "Let's be careful, guys, we don't want any mistakes! We need to get the prisoners out!"

The others acknowledged his words just a bit louder then they should have, just to let him know what they all understood what he was doing.

As they advanced further into the mineshaft, suddenly a metal door slammed down behind them from a hidden slot in the ceiling. Almost at the same time, another door slammed shut in front of them, trapping them! Then, a sickly white gas began to flow into the small space from vents. The squad immediatly began to choke and cough as the anestethic gas filled the space, until all 6 men were lying unconscious on the rough stone floor of the mineshaft!

Part 4.


When Brand awoke, he realized that he was lying on the floor of a smallish room, naked with his hands shackled behind his back by magnetic shackles. He also realized that he was alone, which immediatly made him wonder what had happened to the other members of the squad, and if they were even still alive!

After what seemed to be hours, a door opened and General Zandar himself stepped into the room, flanked by two muscled soldiers. Brand recognized the General and his henchmen from the briefings that the squad had been given. The two soldiers were reported to be almost as sociopathic as the General himself. One was Corporal Han Kim, a lean but muscled Asian with bright blonde hair, while the other was Seargent Rand Polomolu, of South Pacific descent, with a powerful wrestler's physique, and a ponytail that flowed halfway down his back. All three of the men were stripped to the waist, just wearing combat fatigue trousers of the type favored by the Coalition. But Brand was concentrationg on General Zandar himself. The General was a tall, muscled man of close to 40, with what seemed to be a physique that could rival that of Brock, with slab-like pecs capped by thick, ringed nipples and a rock hard 8 pack of ab muscles.

"Well, Seargent Seltan, I see you are finally awake". sneered the General. "I was afraid the gas might have been too much for you."

"Fuck you!" snarled Brand. "And where the hell are my men?"

"The other members of your pitiful little assault group have already been prepared for their interrogation. We've all been waiting for you to awaken from your nap!" Said General Zandar mockingly. "I'm sure they will be glad to see you! And yes, we know who you and the other members of "Brand's Bastards" are, since we scanned your I.D. Chips and ran their names through out intelligence computers."

With that, the General's two muscled goons hauled Brand to his feet and force-marched him down a corridor to another larger room. Entering the room, Brand saw that he was now in a Torture Chamber, albeit one not as well equipped as the Torture Chambers of the P.F. Ships.

He moaned softly to himself when he saw the 5 members of the squad in the Torture Chamber, stripped of their skinsuits, and bound for their interrogation and Torture sessions.

Ty was spread-eagled vertically inside a roughly rectangular framework, seemingly floating in mid-air with looked like metal gloves and boots on his hands and feet, being held taut by a magnetic force field. Brand then saw that he also has a metallic ring around his nut sack, keeping it stretched tight. Even in his suspension bondage, Ty's cock was totally erect even as his chest rose and fell, every rib and muscle in his torso rippling with each labored breath.

Cutter and Carver were hanging suspended by their wrists face to face inside what seemed to be a tall glass box with metal frames around the edges of the panes of glass and a metal floor. Their chests were pressed together, and Brand saw that a chain was attached to metal rings that encircled their ballsacks, limiting their movement.

Brock was stretched on his back on a flat table with his legs spread wide. Brand saw that Brock had had metal hooks pierced through each of his nipples, with a third hook pierced through the head of his massive cock, which was stretched up on his washboard abs, pulled tight by a chain running to the nipple hooks. There was an evil looking device with what looked like the business end of a blaster or a Laser aimed directly down at Brock's enormous cock and balls, even as Brock struggled against his restraints.

Race was bound to an angled framework like a grate, spread-eagled with his muscled torso totally exposed for Torture. There were metal clamps attached to Race's nipples and his nuts, with leads that led to a small box on a stand next to the Torture frame.

Brand was dragged by Han and Rand to a metal chair against one wall, a chair that was equipped with multiple restraints and what looked like a foot long rubberized dildo standing up on the seat. He struggled, but to no avail as he was forced to sit on the dildo, groaning at the intrusion as it slid deeper and deeper into his body until he was fully impaled! Then the restraints were fastened across his wrists, biceps, thighs, ankles and chest, leaving him unable to move. His feet were sitting on a metal plate at the base of the chair.

Torture clamps were set on his nipples, biting deeply into his titmeat, then a band with electrodes and contacts was set on his head and strapped tight. A ring was fastened around his balls, and a metal sound was inserted into his erect cock, all with lead wires that attached to a computer console next to his bondage chair.

General Zandar stepped next to Brand, and grinned evilly. Reaching out to Brand, he pressed a small black dot onto his cheek, close to his mouth. Then he did the same to each of the other members of the squad.

"Those are very sensitive microphones each of which has been progrmmed to respond only to the person it is attached to. They will be transmitting any sounds they pick up to this central control computer, with an interesting result! ANY sound that ANY of your soldiers make will be picked up, which will result not only in their Torture being increased by 10%, but YOUR corresponding Torture will be increased as well. If the suspended boy makes any noise, your nuts will be stretched by the localized magnetic field in the base of the chair. If the Black Giant makes any sound, your cock will be cooked more intensly by the electricity running down the sound and into your ass! When the handsome Latin boy begins to scream, your nipples will be shocked and Tortured by the electricity in your tits, and if the two boys in the box begin to cry and beg, the plate under your feet and the dildo will begin to get hotter and hotter. PLUS, just to add to the fun, if YOU make any sounds, THEIR Tortures will be increased by anothr 25%, so the more they scream, the more YOU will scream, and the more YOU scream, the more THEY will suffer and scream! It will be fun to see which of you passes out first from the Torture, or which of you will break and give me all the information I need about the PF's plans against the Coalition."

Brand glared at the mad General.

"Torture us all you want. My boys will NEVER talk, They would rather die first."

"Have it your way!" smirked General Zandar.

He turned to the central control computer: "Torture sequence 5Alpha, slow climb, Authorization Zandar 2433 Red. Execute!"

Brand immediatly began to feel a slight throbbing in his nipples as a light charge of electricity began to pulse through his tits. Also, the dildo in his ass and the sound in his cock began to pulse with the same electricity. He saw Ty grit his teeth and toss his head from side to side as his body began to visibally stretch as the magnetic fields pulling him apart began to intensify, even pulling his balls down.

Brock flexed his massive muscles as an intense red ray shot out of the device over his body, focusing on his massive nuts, slowly beginning to cook his balls! The sweat burst from Brock's pores until he looked like he had been oiled. Brand could see the effort Brock was putting into remaining silent even as the torture of his massive manhood became more intense.

Cutter and Carver began to gasp for air as the floor of the box they were suspended in began to glow with intense heat, slowly beginning to roast the helpless twins. Pressed together chest to chest, hanging by their arms, it was already difficult for them to breathe, and the growing heat only made it worse.

Race began to flex as electricity began to slam into his tits and his nuts, making his pectorals and abs contract uncontrollably. Rand stood next to the grate, grinning down at the muscled Latino.

"Nice tits and muscles, boy! Once you break, I might just keep you around as my personal Sex Slave, complete with slave rings pierced through those tits!"

It was only with a great amount of self-control that Race didn't respond, remembering what would happen to Brand if he made any sounds. At the same time, Han was stroking Ty's straining, sweat glazed body, feeling his ribs and his hard abs, then bending down and sucking on Ty's throbbing cock, even as his body was slowly stretching more and more.

After ten minutes or so, with none of the 6 torture victims making a sound, General Zander began to lost his temper. "Computer, increase levels another 25%. Execute!"

With that, the Tortures became more and more intense! Finally, Ty could endure no more, and began to scream, increasing the stretch on Brand's nuts, to the point where he let out an involuntary scream. Brock shrieked as he felt his balls literally beginning to boil inside his nutsack! The plate at the base of the box under Cutter and Carver went from red hot to almost white hot, even as they both began to gasp for air, then shriek in agony as they were being cooked alive! Race's muscled chest and abs began to convulse and knot, making it almost impossible for him the draw a breath, much less scream any longer!

Brand was in sheer agony, every nerve in his body seemingly on fire from the multiple tortures. Even with his superb training at enduring Torture, he knew that he was close to breaking! His only hope was that the PF assault on the mines would be progressing quickly, perhaps allowing their rescuers to get to the Torture Chamber soon, before any of the squad actually suffered permanent damage, or even death at the hands of the insane General!

Finally, Brand could endure no more, and he let out an animalistic bellow of raw agony, even as he dimly heard General Zander laughing maniacally. After that, there was only darkness.

“Stop the Tortures” ordered General Zander. “Prepare the prisoners for the next phase!”

Han removed the torture clamps from Race's tits and cock, the floor of the oven rapidly cooled under Cutter and Carver, the lasers switched off, leaving Brock sobbing in agony, and the magnetic field stretching Ty's body and nuts slacked off, relieving the stretching of his racked body..

The five soldiers were unbound from their various Torture devices, and were dragged, moaning and barely conscious, down a dark hallway by troops summoned by Gen. Zander. He then turned his attention to the still unconscious Brand.

He stroked one hand almost lovingly across the Sergeant's face as he spoke. “Well, my friend, it appears you and your squad have been well trained to resist Torture. I do have to admit that the sight of you and your boys enduring the Tortures has been MOST pleasurable, but now the time has come to end it.”

He turned to Han and Rand.

“Take him to a cell, and revive him, then let him rest. He must be in good condition for his final Torture! Make sure his squad is bound in the proper positions to see his defeat!”

Han and Rand grinned evilly to each other as they dragged the muscled figure down the hallway. They KNEW what the General had planned and they knew that Torturing a captive to “The Final Solution” as he called it, only ignited his lust, and as his chief Torturers, they knew that they would both be feeling the touch of his lash, and the sting of his whip by the end of the night!

The five young soldiers were dragged, barely conscious outside to a small circular plaza baking in the relentless sun of the small desert planet. Around the edge of the plaza were 5 old-fashioned wooden crosses, each with a huge 16” long smooth wooden phallus that was 10” in circumference at it's base attached to a block at the proper height. One by one the prisoners were lifted by teams of Soldiers and slowly lowered onto the solid dildos, impaling them even as they screamed in agony. No matter how much they had been used by their fellow soldiers, and each other, none of them were opened up enough to take the massive intrusions without screaming in agony. As each member of the squad was impaled, his arms were stretched to the ends of the cross arms and shackled in place, and his feet were attached to chains that left then hanging on either side of the upright, so their entire weight was supported only by the thick dildos in their asses as they were crucified!

Within minutes, all five of the squad members were dripping with sweat as they baked under the small but intense red sun of the planetoid. Since the planetoid revolved at the same speed it orbited its sun, one side was in perpetual daylight, the other in perpetual dark. The helpless solders were baking in the 150* heat of a permanent noontime!

Their chests heaved as they gasped for air, from the heat and from the incredible pain in their asses. Surprisingly, though, the pain and pressure in their guts caused all of them to have massive erections. Their cocks throbbed and dripped pre-cum, veins standing out along their erect shafts.

They were left in the sun to bake for what seemed like hours before General Zander stepped into the plaza, followed by Brand. He was locked in chains, head down, his naked body dripping with sweat, as he shuffled behind the General, unable to meet the eyes of any of his squad. The five moaned when they saw the raw welts criss-crossing Brand's chest and back, and they knew that he had been whipped brutally to make him talk. General Zander, now back in uniform, stepped into the middle of the semi-circle of Torture crosses to address the five crucified soldiers.

“Your Sergeant has told me everything I needed to know. Now that his usefulness has ended, as has yours, now I have to decide what to do with you. But first, your ex-leader has a little something to give each of you!”

Grinning broadly, Han and Rand led Brand over in front of Ty's cross. They held his head, and forcing Brand to bend down in their grasp, he was made to Ty's streaming cock into his mouth. Ty groaned, and murmured; “Oh God, Sarge, how could you?”

Looking up and meeting Ty's eyes, Brand gave him a quick, almost impercaptible shake of his head as he continued to suck him until Ty groaned, and filled Brand's mouth with his load of hot sperm. Next, Han and Rand forced Brand to suck off the twins, pumping his head up and down on first Carver's cock until his abs flexed and rippled as he shot into Brand's mouth, then Cutter was sucked off the same way. He also shook his head at both of them the same way.

Ty looked over at the twins as he seemingly tossed his head from one side to the other in agony. Meeting Carver's eyes, Ty quirked a quick smile that let Carver know that he KNEW what the message was that Brand had given them. He had LIED to Zander! Brand had NOT broken under the Tortures!

Brand was being forced to suck Race's thick Latino cock, his head being forced down onto the shaft until he was choking again and again until Race howled and filled Brand's mouth with his hot cum.

Finally, Brand was led over in front of Brock. His huge 14” cock was throbbing as his glistening black muscles rippled under the brutally hot sun with each labored breath. Brand had to open his mouth as wide as he could to take the plum-sized head of the huge shaft into his mouth. Brock groaned as Brand began to suck and lick the head of his cock as he couldn't take much more of the massive shaft into his mouth!

It only took a minute or two before Brock groaned “Oh Fuck” and pumped one of his huge loads of cum into the hot mouth worshiping his cockhead. Every muscle in his gleaming ebony torso flexed and bulged as he pumped nearly a pint of cum into Brand's mouth and down his throat! Brand choked even as he swallowed the sperm as quickly as he could.

.When Brand had swallowed the last of Brock's cum, Han and Rand pulled him away, and towards a low platform in the center of the half circle formed by the crosses. Removing Brock's chains, they forced him to lie on his back on the platform while his arms and legs were stretched and shackled to the four corners. He was stretched in a tight spread-eagle position, his naked body fully exposed to the blistering heat of the sun baking this side of the planetoid.

General Zander stepped alongside the platform and sneered down at his captive. “I hope you like the view, Sergeant. Your last sight will be of the members of your squad slowly succumbing to the heat. That is, of course, if you don't go first! Enjoy your last few hours! Now I have to go and inform the Coalition to expect your pathetic fleet to arrive. Thank you for giving me the information that I have a full 48 hours to prepare the trap!"

The five squad members understood immediatly what Brand had done. He had fed false information to the General, diverting him from the fact that the assault on the mines had begun hours ago!

Turning to Rand and Han, General Zander barked; “You two, to the Torture chamber. I feel the need for some “Sport” with you!”

Rand and Han grinned at each other, since they knew that they were both going to be brutalized and Tortured to their limits, and beyond! Even though they were Master Torturers themselves, they both enjoyed being made to scream in agony at the hands of the General. The threesome turned and walked back down the corridor towards Zander's headquarters and Torture Chambers. The last sound the squad members heard was the heavy metal door closing and sealing.

Brand lay on the platform, his welted back, chest and legs already feeling the effects of the intense heat baking his body. He could see the squad members were in agony, struggling to stay conscious in the midst of their brutal crucifixion and impalement Tortures. Ty seemed to be struggling the worst, but Carver and Cutter didn't look much better!

Brand snapped; “Soldiers, Attention! Look alive!"

Instinctively, the 5 members of his squad lifted their heads, responding to their intense training.

Brand continued; “I don't know how long we will have to endure, but we WILL endure, do you understand me? That is an order!"

“Yes, sarge. We'll hang on.” gasped Brock. The others murmured their assent as well.

Another hour passed, but it felt like a day to the Tortured soldiers, roasting in the intense heat. Even Brand was struggling to breathe and he feared that Ty and Cutter had passed out! Just when he was on the verge of admitting to himself that there was no way out, he felt a slight tremor in the ground, followed by another, stronger shake. Then he heard a low rumbling noise. It sounded like an explosion, then another, and another, and they seemed to be getting closer! Suddenly there was a burst of light in the sky that momentary outshone the sun as first one, then a second and then a third Planetary Federation Battle-cruiser Side-Stepped out of hyperspace, dragging a storm of faster-then-light particles with them that died in a burst of rainbow light.

Brand grinned up at the familiar semi-circular shapes as each seemly disgorged a shower of small black shapes, like dark snow. But these “snowflakes” were attack drop-ships, each one carrying 100 shock troops assigned to mop up any remaining resistance from any of the mine guards, as well as ensuring that all of the surviving prisoners were freed. Within minutes, the door leading into The General's headquarters burst open, and a squad of 20 or so Planetary Federation troops charged into the crucifixion plaza.

“My God, Seltan, what has that bastard done to you?” groaned the lieutenant leading the troops. “Don't worry, we'll get you out of here. There's a medical shuttle on it's way.”

Within minutes, Brand had been released from the platform, and the 5 members of his squad had been gently lifted off the impalement dildos, and all 6 were lying on stretchers, ready to be transported to the Medical cruiser in orbit.

“Don't worry, Sarge, they are all right. They are just suffering from sunburns and extreme dehydration. My scans show no permanent damage, just some stretching and minor tearing of their rectums and lower guts, but they sure look like they endured a lot, and so do you, by the way!” said the medic that had arrived on the shuttle.

Brand smiled, even as the sedative the medic had given him took hold. He had endured, and the members of the squad had endured, and that's what mattered the most to him!

Part 5.


Two days later, Sergeant Brand Seltan strode into the center of General Zander's headquarters accompanied by his squad, recovered, refreshed, and clad in the Blue Uniforms of Planetary Federation troops. The base had been searched, all the former prisoners working in the mines had been freed and taken to quarters on the Battle-Cruisers to be returned home, and almost all of the General's troops had been either captured and transported to the Battle Cruisers to be taken to Prison Facilities, or killed in the battle to capture the headquarters. The only exceptions were General Zander himself, and his two Torturers, Han Kim and Rand Polomu. They were locked in cells in the General's own Torture Chamber, waiting for their former prisoners to arrive to decide their fates!

Brand stepped in front of the cells holding the General, Han and Rand.

“Well, Sergeant, what is to become of us?” sneered the General. “Are we to be interrogated until we tell you all our secrets? Is there to be a public trial with lurid accounts of our despicable acts designed to create disgust and outrage?”

Brand smiled coldly at the General. “Nope. You couldn't tell us any more then you already have. We have scanned your brains while you were sleeping, and we know every secret you had. We've also dumped and copied all your computer files, as well!”

Brand turned to the squad. “Take those two out. You know what to do with them!”

The force fields on the cells holding Han and Rand were deactivated, and the two helpless Torturers were force stripped of their prisoner's garb, then dragged off, down the corridor by the squad.

“Now, General, it's just us. You will not be put on trial. Actually, you will never leave this place again. Your computers are drained and smashed, all of the shuttles have been taken aboard our ships, and your communications equipment is wrecked. There are no other life-forms on the entire planet. You, and your two thugs are all that's left.”

“So, what are you going to do to us, Sergeant? I doubt you are just going to leave us here!”

“Wanna bet?” Brand sneered. He turned to the two guards that were standing outside the portal of the cell. “Strip him, and bring him along!”

He turned off the force field. The guards rushed in the cell, and within seconds, Zander's prisoner jumpsuit was torn from his body, and he was held firmly by the guards as Brand led them down the corridor towards the outside Crucifixion plaza. Zander began to struggle when he realized what was about to happen to him!

His worst fears were realized when they entered the plaza. Han and Rand had already been impaled and chained to the two end crosses in the semi-circle. Unsurprisingly, their cocks were rock hard, even as they writhed in agony from the thick dildos impaled in their asses.

“Well, General, it looks like you get one last meal!” sneered Brand, with an unpleasant smile on his face. “Squad, you know what to do!”

Brock and Race, the two physically strongest members of the squad grabbed the General, and forced him down in front of Rand. He was forced to take Rand's thick cock into his mouth, and to start to suck him off. As General Zander was sucking Rand's cock, Cutter and Carver reached out and began to twist and pull Rand's thick brown nipples as hard as they could! Rand groaned, his brown body already dripping with sweat in the intense heat.Within another minute, Rand's abs flexed as he groaned and filled Gen. Zander's mouth with his load of sperm! Zander had no choice but to swallow the load of cum. Then, the General was dragged over in front of Han, and he was forced to suck Han's cock as well. Han groaned, his muscles writhing and rippling under his golden skin, which was already beginning to turn pink under the intense rays of the sun. This time, Race tortured Han's tits with his strong hands as Cutter and Carver held General Zander in place until Han flexed, groaned, and shot into the hot mouth sucking him!

Then General Zander was pulled over in front of the center cross. Realizing what was about to happen, he began to struggle and fight to get loose, but Brock and Race were far too strong. He was bodily hoisted up in the air enough for his ass to be positioned over the thick dildo on the cross.

“NO, Oh God, NO! FUCK, Oh GOD! FUCK, THAT HURTS! FFUUCCKKK!” He shrieked as he was impaled by the dildo before his arms were stretched and shackled to the ends of the crossbar, and his feet were chained. Amazingly, his cock fairly leaped to a full erection from the pressure on his prostate.

Brand reached into a pocket of his pants and pulled out a couple of objects that the General immediately recognized.

“GOD, NO!! Oh, fuck no! You can't do that, PLEASE!!!” Zander screamed.

Without saying a word, Brand took a rubberized cock-ring and stretched open enough for him to slip over the General's cock and nuts. Then he took the medical injector he held, pressed it to the base of the General's already erect cock, and triggered it. General Zander screamed as the injector discharged it's contents into his cock and balls. Brand turned and smiled coldly up at the General.

“As you know, we have developed a treatment for the few members of our civilization that still suffer from erectile dysfunction. A single dose of our treatment will keep a man hard for two to four hours depending on how stimulated he is. I just gave you a full 10 doses! Another effect of the drug is that it increases your body's production of sperm cells by about ten-fold. If you don't cum, the sperm will just build up in your nuts becoming more and more painful, until they can't contain any more, and they explode from the pressure. Normally, with a single dose, that won't happen, but in your case, it WILL!”

Even as he spoke, General Zander's cock seemed to actually grow even thicker, and slightly longer! The skin on the now purple head was stretched tight, and veins popped out along the entire length of the now throbbing shaft. The next object he held in front of the General actually made the General begin to scream and beg for mercy!

“NO!! GOD, NO!!! I'll tell you everything! PLEASE!!! You can Torture and kill those two, but DON'T DO THIS TO ME, PLEASE!!!”

Rand and Han glared at the General at his verbal betrayal, and his final act of cowardice. That didn't deter Brand, though. He held up the thin rod with a thick metallic ball on one end of the rod. Smiling wickedly, he held the smaller end of the rod up to the piss-hole on The General's swollen cock, and with a single quick thrust, slid the entire length of the rod into Zander's cock! Zander shrieked at the intrusion of this final Torture device into his body! Then Brand pushed down on the ball on the end of the rod. Multiple sharp needles sprang out from their retracted positions on the rod, piercing into the inside of The General's urethra.

“That's right, General, You get to feel the one-way sound. It goes in easily enough, but if it's removed, the needles will shred the tissues inside your cock, and you will bleed to death! Of course, you don't need to worry about that, since your cock will never get soft again, and there's no one here to remove the sound anyway! Enjoy the last few hours of your miserable life, General. You, and both of your thugs, that is!”

General Zander moaned as he stared down at his now grotesquely swollen cock which was now turning black, the veins standing out under the skin harder and harder as more and more blood was forced into the shaft, the head swelling and the skin shiny like it was about to burst like an over-inflated balloon, the metal ball shining at the tip of the still growing shaft! He could also feel the pressure starting to grow in his nuts, like a hand slowly grasping his balls and squeezing. With the sound in his cock he knew that the only release for the sperm building up in his balls was going to be when his scrotum burst!

With that, Brand turned to the members of his squad and the remaining guards. “O.K. Guys, that ought to do it! Let's head back to the ship. General Kratom has promised us a full month's leave before our next assignment!”

As they turned to leave, General Zander began to scream; “NO, God No, you can't just leave us here like this! NO! PLEASE!!”

Brand turned back to him.

He snarled coldly; “And how many of the dozens of prisoners that have perished on these crosses begged you for mercy? How many cried and pleaded for their lives before they died? Yes, we went through your computer records, General, and we KNOW how many! Don't you DARE beg for mercy now! But, who knows, maybe a Coalition ship will happen along before you all bake in the heat. Still, I wouldn't count on it, General!”

With that, he turned and followed the guards and the rest of the squad to the waiting shuttlecraft. The sounds of General Zander, Rand and Han screaming and begging floated in through the open door.

“Sargent Seltan, Please... Brand, BRAND! Come back here! You can't do this to me! Come back here, you bast...”

Zander's voice was cut off as the door slid shut, and the thrusters engaged, taking Brand and the boys, no, The MEN of The Squad back to the ship.


One Month later.

Brand and the men of the squad were finishing up their month of rest and recovery time, although how much actual rest any of the squad members had actually gotten was questionable!

Ty and Brock seemed to have formed a very personal attachment to Ardic, General Kratom's son who was among the survivors from the mine. The fact that Ardic was very nearly the match for both Brock's musculature and also for the size of his cock, must have had a lot to do with Ty's attraction to the huge Black youngster. It was not uncommon to see Brock lying on his back on one of the low benches in the training dungeon, with Ty straddling him, Brock's cock fully impaled in Ty's ass, while Ardic either drove as much of his cock into Ty's mouth as he could, or even sometimes leaning over Ty's gleaming back to slide his massive shaft into Ty's stretched ass alongside Brock's cock! Ty screamed with pleasure/pain as his hole was stretched almost as wide as General Zandar's torture cross had stretched him.

Cutter and Carver got to spend several days with the General himself, making love to his ebony physique and seemingly trying to prove to General Kratom which of them really WAS the better cocksucker, and which had the hotter ass!

Of course Race and Brand had their share of hot "Training" with The General, his son, and some of the other soldiers as well, especially as word of their heroic feats of endurance in the face of the sheer brutality they had been subjected to spread.

Race got to find out exactly how tasty the General's coal black nipples and pecs were as he licked the sweat from the rock-like muscles, and suckled on the hard knobs multiple times as they made love. And Brand had the sheer pleasure of having General Kratom's cock in his ass up to the hilt, while he was also sucking on Ardic's massive shaft at the same time.

Also, during the month, there were multiple training sessions in the workout facility which almost always ended up with 6 or even 8 man orgies of sweaty muscles, hard cocks, stretched asses and mouths, and more!

One morning General Kratom called Brand to his office.

"Sit down, Brand. This is an unofficial visit, as I recieved a dispatch you and your men should be interested in! We intercepted a message from a couple of Coalition ships a few days ago. They were concerned about the sudden sessation of shipments of the Pentallium Ore from Sadox, and sent a scout ship to investigate. Their report was quite interesting!"

The General grinned wickedly.

"It seems that not only was the mine abandoned, with all of it's machinery wrecked and it's computers smashed, but demolition charges had been set that were timed to go off 6 hours after the mine was entered! The scout ship lost almost half of it's crew in the resulting explosions. The few survivors reported that one of the things they found before the mines were destroyed were the bodies of three men on crosses. All three of them were totally dessicated, meaning that they had actually dehydrated in the heat until they died. I imagine that it must have been very painful for them! Also, as a side note, they reported that one of the bodies had additional signs of abuse. It seems that on one of the bodies, it looked like it's cock and balls had somehow been destroyed, and had basically fallen off before the victim died!"

Brsnd shook his head: "Well, imagine that. I wonder how THAT could have happened?"

The General smiled even more broadly at Brand. "Well, I'm sure we'll never know, since none of OUR people could do anything to cause that to happen, am I correct, Sargent?"

"Yes, Sir. I bet it was just a mis-translation, or maybe just propaganda being spread by the Coalition!"

The General smiled. "That's what I have been telling PF Headquarters as well, and they seem to be willing to let it go at that!"

Brand was satisfied that The General would let his frankly illegal as well as brutally sadistic treatment of General Zandar remain their little secret, since both of them knew that almost no one deserved that form of horrific Torture and execution more then the Psychotic General.

"There is one more thing, Sargent, if I may..."

"Please, Sir, go right ahead."

"My son, Ardic. He has been fully trained as a PF Soldier, as an assault infantryman with some of the highest shooting accuracy marks in the history of the Academy, but he was captured before he was ever assigned to a particular group. He seems to have formed a pretty serious attachment to you, and the men in your squad, and I was wondering if you could consider the addition of a fully trained assault trooper to your squad. You never know when the addition of more muscle and firepower might come in handy!"

Brand grinned widely. "Sir, we would welcome the addition of Private Ardic Kratom to 'Brand's Bastards'! Speaking for the members of the squad, he'll be a great asset!"

"General Kratom smiled. "That's great to hear. And now, Sargent, maybe we could discuss the plans for your next mission..."